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Reprinted on this site with permission of Victor Charles Detty, Jr.

History of the Presbyterian Church of
Rome, Pennsylvnia



Victor Charles Detty, Pastor

Author of
History of the Presbyterian Church of Wysox, Pennsylvania (1791-1938)
P.P. Bliss, A Centennial Sketch (1838-1938)
A History of the Churches of Orwell, Pennsylvania (1803-1951)

Published by the Author 1942, Wysox, PA
Printed by Barber-Doane-Mosher, Inc., Elmira NY

Table of Contents

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Rev. Victor C. Detty began service as stated supply in October, 1930, and was installed pastor May 6, 1931. On February 1, 1931 Mrs. Mary Evelyn (Mace), Efie of John Woodburn (daughter of Harvey and Catherine (white) Mace of Herrick, Pa.), Silas Fred Frederick, Miss Margaret Elizabeth Frederick, and Mrs. Hattie (Bull) Frederick joined the church by confession of faith, and the last three named were baptized. Margaret Frederick married June 16, 1932, Mr. Wurt E. Brown, son of Orlando W. Brown of Myersburg, Wysox township. Mrs. W. G. Funk was received by letter form the church at Nicholson, Pa. In April a letter was granted Mrs. Margaret Louise (Greene) Schwartz (wife of Dr. Philip H.) to the Christ Episcopal Church of Towanda. Mrs. Elizabeth Waldo Glenn, Miss Ethel Marie Bagley (since married Paul Emerson Harbst of LeRaysville), John William Gabley and Edward Manley Cook were admitted to membership on confession of faith, and the first three were baptized April 5. The Bagley’s are children of Boyd Oscar and Kathryn (Woodburn) Bagley and grandchildren of John and Mary (Mace) Woodburn of Rome.

John William Bagley enlisted in 1941, in the United State Army, and was stationed at the Recruit Training Center, Paine Field, Everett, Washington. He was transferred to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

On Easter Sunday, April 5, 1931, William Lyons Rice, and his mother Nina Margaret (Allis) Rice, wife of William Rice; also George Edward Rice, brother of William Lyons Rice; Maxine Vivian Bagley, sister of Marie, and married since to Arthur Goodrich of Conklin, R. D., No. 1, New York; Reuben William Brimmer (son of John), Walter Buttles Abell (son of Guy and Grace Abell), Robert Howard Cook, Donald Charles Miller and his mother Blanche Julia, wife of Lee Miller, were received on confession of faith and baptized, with the exception of Robert H. Cook and Mrs. Blanche Miller, who had been baptized. Also, Marian Louise, and Mavis Pearl Wilbur, daughters of Manville Wilbur; (Marian married Lester Harvey* of Rome, August 12, 1933, Mavis married May 29, 1935, Carlton Allis of Athens), Susan Marie Daughtery (married Francis Cass, who died July 4, 1939), daughter of Mr. Francis and Ethel (Drake) Daugherty, Edward Allen Woodburn (son of John Wattles and Mamie Kilmer Woodburn); and Marjorie Ellis (married Dec. 12, 1932 Vosburg Kinter, Tunkhannock), sister of Mrs. Clinton Dimon, were admitted to membership on confession of faith. Mary Jane Moore, (granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Woodburn, daughter of Mrs. Eva (Woodburn) Moore of Athens and Frank Edward ("Buddie") McGovern, son of Edward McGovern of Binghamton, nephew of Mrs. William A. Tyrrell, were baptized. Two infant children were baptized: Julius Dan and Julia Ann, twins of Manville and Myra (Brake) Wilbur. The twins were born March 27, 1930.

Mrs. Nina Alice Rice, mentioned above, has in her possession an iron fork which is thought to have been used in the breaking open tea chests at the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Her uncle was a blacksmith and one day a man by the name of John Kneeland of Orwell township brought this fork to have it mended. Being in a hurry he took in place of this another one for temporary use which the blacksmith had. The fork was never reclaimed. It is believe that John Kneeland used this fork on the night of Dec. 6, 1773, when he was one of a party of fifty men and boys who, dressed like Indians, dumped 340 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. (Heverly, C. F., Pioneer and Patriot families of Bradford County). John Kneeland died Aug. 21, 1851 in the 87th year of his age, and his wife Miriam Sept. 9, 1836 aged 70, according to their gravestones in Rome cemetery.

Rev. Victor Charles Detty was installed pastor Wednesday evening, May 6, 1931. Scripture was read by Rev. Milton Lewis Cook, who had been born and baptized in Rome while his father was pastor in 1851. Rev. S. Turner Foster of Carbondale made the invocation; Rev. J. L. Weaver of Towanda preached; Rev. Thomas L. Baxter of Wyalusing gave the charge to the pastor; Rev. George Gensemer of Sayre the charge to the people; Rev. A. G. Cameron of Sylvania led in prayer, and Rev. William G. Funk took part in the service.

A vacation church school was held jointly with local Methodist church during the summer. The church windows were repaired at a cost of $100, provided by the Ladies’ Aid Society. Mrs. Marie Woodburn Johnson (wife of Richard) was given a letter of dismission in February, 1932, to the West Presbyterian church of Binghamton, N.Y. Mrs. Emma V. Case was received by letter from the Ardina Baptist Church, Ardina, N.J. She died June 3, 1935. The church reported to presbytery 19 new members, and a loss of two. The net total of members was 72; $604 was the total amount given for congregational expenses, with $60 for missions and benevolences. Barbara Ann, daughter of Clinton M. and Edna (Ellis) Dimon, born Sept. 29, 1927, was baptized June 27, 1932. Also Frances Alene, born Feb. 19, 1929, daughter of Charles and Mary (Barnes) Green, and their son George Henry Green, born June 6, 1930.

On August 13, 1932, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Cook, Miss Clarice Annette Cook was married to Glenn Edward Daugherty, son of Glenn of North Orwell.

In cooperation with the Wysox Presbyterian Church and the Orwell Federated Church a series of Biblical addresses was given at the Rome Church by the Rev. Robert Wells Veach, D.D., of Ridgewood, New Jersey in the fall of 1932. As a result of these meetings the following joined the church on Christmas day: G. Harold Frederick, Harriette E. (wife of G. Harold Frederick), Frances E., and William B. Frederick (their children); Mrs. Pauline B. (Frederick) Van Sice (wife of Samuel); Wurt E. Brown; and T. Gerould Rice, son of D.S. and Bertina H. Rice. Charlene V. Frederick, infant daughter of G. Harold and Harriette Frederick, was baptized with her parents, sister and brother. Mrs. Frederick died Jan. 24, 1934. she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Baker of Ithaca, N.Y. Mrs. M. Grace Whitney, widow of Andrew Jackson Whitney, died in May, 1932. Her maiden name was Hoover. She was a faithful attendance and supporter. Mrs. Lizzie powers, mother of elder F. R. Powers, died August 15, 1932. Mrs. Elizabeth (Goff) Whitney died on April 26 of the same year. Mrs. Della (Wattles) Woodburn (widow of Allen), mother of Dr. Wilton Woodburn, died at the age of 82 on Sept. 2, 1932. Dr. Wilton Woodburn died in Pittsburgh, Pa., March 20, 1938. His wife, Mrs. Georgia (Guepner) Woodburn, who is a talented singer, has often sung in the Rome Presbyterian Church. She lives in Pittsburgh with her two children, Marjorie and Wilton Woodburn, and spends a portion of each summer in Rome.

On July 23, 1933, Mr. William Rice, whose wife, Nina (Allis) Rice, had recently recovered from a severe operation, her life having been despaired of at the hospital, came in gratitude to god before the session of elders and united with the church. At the same time, Margaret Elizabeth, infant daughter of Edward Allen and Ida Lillian (Chaffee) Woodburn, born June 9, 1932, was baptized.

For the year closing March 31, 1934, the church suffered loss by the death of Mrs. Charlotte Hicks, widow of Fred M., and mother of George Hicks, daughter of Samuel Mann. She died Nov. 16, 1933. On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1934, Lois Anne, born June 6, 1933, daughter of Glenn and Clarice (Cook) Daugherty, was baptized.

The pastor married June 2, 1934, George E. Conrad of Endicott, N.Y., and Cora B. Barnes, at the home of Mrs. Rhoda Lent Barnes, mother of the bridge.

On children’s day, June 17, 1934, William Manley Lentz, born Nov. 19, 1932, son of William Benjamin and Leree (Conklin) Lentz of Elmira, was baptized. On July 7, at their home at North Rome, Eleanor Louise (19), LaVerne (16), and Ruby Frances (11), children of Ray L. and Hazel (Platt) Nichols were baptized by the pastor, and Eleanor Louise was united in marriage to George A. Crain. Francis Wilbur Cook, son of Robert and Edna Wilbur Cook, was married Nov. 19, 1934, to Clara Josephine Finch, daughter of Walter and Hala (Ellsworth) Finch, of Windham township. On July 21, 1935, Ruth Ann, infant daughter of Edward A. and Lillian (Chaffee) Woodburn, born Feb. 27, 1935, was baptized at the Sunday morning service. At this service Mrs. Georgia Woodburn sang a solo, "Suffer the Little Children," an original composition by her friend, Helen Roessing, organist of the Waverly Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh. Mrs. Milton Daugherty, nee Ruth Barnes (daughter of William and Rhoda Lent Barnes), was given a letter to the Rome Methodist Episcopal Church July 26. Elder De Leon Abell was dismissed to the Warren Center Methodist Church.

LaVerne Nichols graduated from the Bliss Electrical School, Washington, D. C. in 1941. Ruby F. Nichols married Sept. 6, 1941 Mr. Reed Hensel, and lives at East Rochester, N.Y. (210 West Commercial Street). LaVerne entered the United States Army, Oct. 16, 1941. In 1942 he was in Ireland, with this address: Private E. Laverne Nichols, 33101950, Co. C., 135t Infantry, care of Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

On August 2, 1935, E. Wesley Hayward and Miss Gladys D. Nichols (daughter of Floyd and Ethel [Strope] Nichols) were married by the pastor at Wysox; and two days later William Lyons Rice, son of William and Nina (Allis) Rice, was united in marriage to Miss Elsie May Baxter, daughter of William Lindly Baxter and his wife Norah L. Payne, of Orwell township. They live in Towanda at 37 Locust Street. He has a position with the Patterson Screen Company.

Sanda Lucile, born Sept. 4, 1934 infant daughter of G. Edward and Clarice (Cook) Daugherty, was baptized August, 1935.

On Sunday, June 21, 1936, two children of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Green were baptized: Mary Louise, born Aug. 4, 1933, and James Allen, born June 8, 1935. (Two other children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Green: Walter Edward, Oct. 31, 1937; and Cora, Aug. 2, 1939).

Early in 1936 a committee, Mrs. U. M. Holmes, Miss Mary W. Rice and Miss Ruth M. Whitney, was appointed to arrange for a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the erection of the present brick church. The session cooperated and the week of November 8 to 15 was the period of five special days with services. The complete program is here given:






NOVEMBER 8-15, 1936
Sunday, Nov. 8, 1936
10:00 A.M. Sunday School. Mr. Wm. Funk, Supt. Reading of Records of Sunday School of 1867.
7:15 P.M. Christian Endeavor Meeting. Reminiscences.
7:45 P.M. Neighbor Church Night. Historical Sermon by Pastor, Rev. V. C. Detty, "The Rome Church, 1844-1886."
Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 7:30 P.M.
Bliss Music Night. Tableau of 1886. Address by Rev. Montague White, Troy, Pa.
Wednesday, Nov. 11, 7:30 P.M.
Harvest Home Cantata. Address by Rev. H.L. Somers, Tunkhannock Pa. "From Now On."
Thursday, Nov. 12th, 6:30 P.M.
Fellowship Supper, with greetings from former and neighbor ministers. Sunday, Nov. 15th, 1936
10: A.M. Sunday School. Mr. Wm. Funk, Supt. Reading of Records of Sunday School of 1867.
11:00 A.M. Communion Services
2:30 P.M. Rededication Service, duplicate of 1886.
Sermon by Rev. Geo. B. Gensemer, Sayre, Pa. Rededication Prayer by Rev. P.H. Hazlett, Towanda, Pa
SUNDAY, NOV. 8th, 1936, 7:45 P.M.
Minister: ?How amiable are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts! My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord.
People: ?Even Thine alters, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God.
Minister: ?Blessed are They that dwell in thy house; they will be still praising Thee.
People: ?Blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee; in whose heart are the highways of Zion.
Minister: ?Passing through the valley of Weeping they make it a place of springs.
People: ?Year, the early rain covereth it with blessings.
Minister: ?They go from strength to strength; every one of them appeareth before God in Zion.
People: ?O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer; give ear O God of Jacob.
Minister: ?Behold O God our shield, and look upon the face of Thine anointed.
People: ?For a day in Thy courts is better than a thousand.
Minister: ?I had rather be a door-keeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
People: ?For the Lord God is a sun and a shield.
Minister: ?The Lord will give grace and glory.
People: ?No good thing will be withhold from them that walk uprightly.
Minister: ?O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in Thee.
HYMN 301,
Presbyterian Hymnal; 247 Church School Hymnal for Youth. 1. Glorious things of Thee are spoken, Zion, City of our God; He whose word cannot be broken formed Thee for His own abode; On the Rock of Ages founded, what can shake Thy sure repose? With salvation’s wall surrounded, Thou mayst smile at all Thy foes. 2. See, the streams of living waters, springing from eternal love, well supply Thy sons and daughters, and all fear of want remove; who can faint while such a river ever flows their thirst to assuage; Grace, which like the Lord, the Giver, never fails from age to age. 4. Savior, if on Zion’s City I, thro grace a member am, let the world deride or pity, I will glory in Thy name; fading in the worldling’s pleasure; all his boasted pomp and show; solid joys and lasting treasurers none but Zion’s children know. Amen.
?Deut. 4:32; “For ask now of the days that are past; which were before thee…” Rome Presbyterian Church. 1844-1886; by the Pastor, rev. V. C. Detty.
HYMN: ?”Blest be the Tie That Binds.” (Tune?Dennis).
"JESUS LOVES EVEN ME" written by Mr. Philip P. Bliss, sung by Howard Acla, Charles Beers, Blanche Bennett, Charlotte Billings, Carol Bixby, Ruth Cook, Ethel Deats, Frances Green, Juanita Green, Geo. Green, Esther Russell, Bobby Stoll, Julia Wilbur, Julius Wilbur. (Trained and directed by Miss Gertrude Barnes).
Sung by Mary Russell, Irma Kier, William Nesbitt.
"LET THE LOWER LIGHTS BE BURNING", words and music by P.O. Bliss, sung by Lester Barnes, Carl Bennett, Leon Edsell, Huston Morley, Frederick Rice, with congregation joining in the refrain:
"Let the lower lights be burning;

Send a glean across the wave.

Some poor fainting, struggling seaman

You may rescue, you may save."

Written by Mrs. P.P. Bliss, sung by Ethel Boardman, Margaret Joyce, Irma Keir, Esthel Morley, Mary Russell, Edna Wilbur.
Written by P.O. Bliss; sung my Mary Russell.
Written by P. P. Bliss; sung by Irma Keir and Mary Russell.
"God Having Provided Some Better Things for Us, That They Without Us Should Not Be Made Perfect," Heb. 11:40, by Rev. Montague White, Pastor Troy Presbyterian Church.
By P.P. Bliss, stanzas sung by Thomas Sink, Browning Smith, William Nesbitt, with congregation singing refrain:
"Beautiful words, wonderful words of life:
Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life."
XI. TABLEAU OF THE PERIOD OF 1886, showing costumes.
A number of antique articles will be on exhibit, including the old communion set used in the old church. The communion table was made by Fred M. Hicks, father of George Hicks.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11TH, 7:30 p>m>
I. PRELUDE?Mrs. John Raffensperger.
By Wm. Baines, directed by Mr. Frank Barlett, with singers from the Rome, Orwell and Wysox churches, assisted by soloists, Mrs. Estelle Cranmer of Monroeton, , Mrs. P.H. Hazlett, Mr. Leo Williams, Mrs. A. K. Sundberg of Rome, and accompanied by Mrs. John Raffensperger, Towanda.
By Rev. H. L. Somers, Executive, Lackawanna presbytery, Tunhannock, Pa., "FROM NOW ON."
NO. 374 Presbyterian Hymnal.
1. Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching as to War. With the cross of Jesus going on before; Christ, the Royal Master, leads against the foe, Forward into battle, see His banners go.
Refrain: Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before.
3. Like a mighty army moves the Church of God; Brothers we are treading where the saints have trod; We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, One is charity. Refrain.
4. Crows and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane, But the Church of Jesus constant will remain; Gates of hell can never "Gainst the Church prevail; We have Christ’s own promise, and that cannot fail. Refrain.
5. Onward, then ye people, join our happy throng; Blend with ours your voices, in the triumph song; Glory, laud and honor, unto Christ the King; this through countless ages, men and angels sing. Refrain.
THRUSDAY, NOV. 12TH, 6:30 P.M.
The women of the church will serve a family supper, each family bringing sandwiches and a covered dish. Former ministers and neighbor pastors guests of the church, and expected to bring words of reminiscences and greeting.
HYMN OF FELLOWSHIP (Tune NO. 374 Presbyterian Hymnal. ?Dennis, No. 408, Pres. Hymnal).
  1. Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.
  • Before our Father’s throne, we pour our ardent prayers; Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one; our comforts and our cares;
  • We share our mutual woes, our mutual burdens bear, And often for each other flows the sympathizing tear.
  • When we are called to part from those we hold in love; We shall be with them still in heart, and hope to meet above.
  • From sorrow, toil and pain, and sin we shall be free; And perfect love and friendship reign thru all eternity.
  • SUNDAY, NOV. 15th, 1936
    10 A.M. ?SUNDAY SCHOOL?Mr. Wm Funk, Supt. Reading Records
    1. ?DOXOLOGY.
  • ?HYMN?Tune-Ste.Anne.
      1. Arise O King of grace! arise and enter to thy rest; Lo! Thy church waits with longing eyes, thus to be owned and blest.
  • Enter with all Thy glorious train, They spirit and Thy word; all that the ark did once contain could no such grace afford.
  • Here, mighty God, accept our vows; here let Thy praise be spread; Bless the provisions of Thy house, and fill Thy poor with bread.
  • Here let the son of David reign, let God’s anointed shine; Justice and truth His court maintain with love and power divine.
  • Here let Him hold a lasting throne; and as His kingdom grows, fresh honors shall adorn His crown, and shame confound his foes. Amen.
    1. PRAYER.
  • SOLO.
  • Rev. Geo. B. Gensemer, Sayre. (Rev. S. C. Logan, 1886).
    1. Psalm 84 read responsively (see program of Sunday night, Nov. 8th).
  • Act of Dedication.
  • "BELOVED" We learn from the Holy Scriptures that houses erected for the public worship of God are to be specially set apart for that purpose. With gratitude to Him who hath put in into our hearts to undertake this work, and who has enabled us to complete it, we are now ready to dedicate this house to the worship of God, according to the usages of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America."
    PASTOR AND CONGREATION: "now therefore arise, O Lord God, into Thy resting place, Thou and the ark of Thy strength; let Thy priests, O Lord God, be clothed with salvation, and let Thy saints rejoice in goodness."
      1. Re-dedicatory Prayer, Rev. P. H. Hazlett (Rev. J. S. Stewart, 1886).
    1. No. 956 in the old Presbyterian Hymnal without music, copyrighted 1874, to the Long Meter Tune, DUKE STREET.
      1. "An earthly temple here we raise, Lord God our Savior to Thy praise; Oh, make thy gracious presence known, while now we lay its cornerstone.
  • Within Thy house Thy servants dear deign by Thy spirit to appear; On all its walls salvation write, from corner-stone to topmost height.
  • And when this temple "made with hands" upon its firm foundation stands, Oh may we all with loving hearts in nobler building bear a part.
  • Where every polished stone shall be a human soul won back to Thee; All resting upon Christ alone, the chief and precious cornerstone.
  • So, when our toils is o’er at last, all labor in both temples past, Oh, may it then by works be shown that faith hath laid this cornerstone."
  • BENEDICTION (and photographing of congregation).
    Rome Methodist Church
     Built by George W. Eastman
    Home bought by P.P. Bliss, now owned by Mr. D. S. Rice.

    On Easter Sunday night, March 28, 1937, Adam Russell and his wife, Elizabeth (Philips) Russell, became members by certificate from the Plains Church. Miss Sarah Irene McCabe, and her sister, Miss Dorothy Elizabeth McCabe, daughters of John and Mabel (Parks) McCabe of Towner Hill; Mr. Leonard Jason Abell and his sister Miss Marguerite Abell, joined the church by confession of faith and baptism. Frederick Woodburn Rice, son of Davis S. and Bertina (Haney) rice joined by confession. A church letter was granted to Mrs. Cora (Barnes) Conrad, wife of George, to the First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City, N.Y.

    Mr. Leonard J. Abell graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 1939 with the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Surgery. He is stationed at Fort Reno, El Reno, Okla. Having accepted a commission in the United States army at graduation, he began service in 1941, after 2 years of teaching in the University of Pennsylvania. His brother, Guy Abell, D.V.S., was stationed at the same fort. Marguerite graduated in 1941 from Mansfield State Teacher’s college, and teaches in the high school at South Waverly, Pa.

    At the annual congregational meeting held April 8, 1937, the pastor reported 52 church services held; local community meetings attended, 15; cantata rehearsals, 12; young people’s meetings attended, 17; pastoral calls, 115; presbytery meetings attended, 7; total communicant members, 71. The church treasurer, Miss Mary W. Rice, reported receipts from Ladies’ Auxiliary, $173.22, from subscriptions $221.71; collections, $64.10; interest, $7.50; Mother’s day offering, $25.11; Rigsbee concert, $2.15; assessments, $10.75; balance on hand from 1936-1937, $4.58. Expenditures reported were: minister’s salary (13 months) $298.85; pension payments, $28.08; benevolences, $25; wood, $31.75; electric lights, $34.20; repairs, $9.18; insurance, $7.20; janitor, $21.75; Newville Home, $25.00; flowers for Rev. W. G. Funk, $2; miscellaneous, $20.01; Presbytery Assessment, $20, ?a total of $499.02, and leaving a balance of $10.10. The Sunday School reported $65.28 received. Mr. A. K. Sundberg, principal of Rome High School was superintendent. Gerould Rice and Walter Abell were elected ushers; Miss Beatrice McNitt (High School Music Instructor), choir director; Mrs. U.M. Holmes, pianist; Mrs. F. R. powers, Mrs. P.M. Barnes, and Miss Caroline Lent, flower committee; Mrs. A. K. Sundberg, Christian Endeavor Society superintendent. For the Ladies’ auxiliary, Mrs. P.M. Barnes was elected president; Mrs. D. S. Rice, vice-president. Both the church treasurer and the Ladies’ Auxiliary were given a vote of appreciation for their excellent work; also the Sunday School committee. After a six weeks’ course in preparation for church membership, the following joined the church April 17, 1938: Howard Arthur Cook, his brother, Ralph Marshall Cook, William Russell and his sister Mary, children of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Russell; Lester Forbes Barnes and Frank Edward McGovern, Jr., nephew of Mrs. Irene Tyrell.

    William Russell left for the arm training camp Nov. 25, 1941. Mary Russell entered the training school of Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital, Elmira, N.Y., Sept. 23, 1940. William was assigned to regimental headquarters battery, 85th Coast Art., A.A., Camp Davis, N.C.

    In the first quarter of 1938 the session voted to have a church survey made of the families in the district served by the Rome Presbyterian Church in accordance w with blanks furnished by the National Missions Committee of Lackawanna Presbytery. Sixty-eight families having 198 persons were either connected in some way with the church or had no connection with any other church, and were considered the responsibility of the Rome Presbyterian Church.

    There were received by letter from the Juniata Presbyterian church, Jan. 9, 1938, Mr. George W. Chase and his wife Viola (Taylor) Chase, daughter of Mortimer K. and Martha Hala (Maynard) Taylor, granddaughter of Edwin and great-granddaughter of Benjamin Taylor, the latter first settler on Taylor Hill. Benjamin was born in Groton, Conn. Benjamin’s wife was Bathesheba Janes, a native of Springfield, Mass. Bathesheba was a sister of Bishop Edmund S. Janes, one of the founders of Drew Theological seminary in New Jersey, where Rev. Whitney Truesdale, a great-great-grandson of Bathesheba Janes, sister of the bishop, received his education in Theology. The Rev. Mr. Truesdale is a son of Mrs. Minnie Truesdale, sister of Mrs. Chase, and is pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Olean, N.Y. Mr. Chase, who was elected an elder of the Rome Presbyterian Church, is the son of Barlow Chase of Otego, N.Y., and his wife, Jane Hutchinson, who moved to Scranton, Pa., before the day of railroads. Elder George Chase and his wife live on Taylor Hill, and have a daughter, Miss Leree Stella Chase, in missionary service in Teheran, Iran (Persia), a part of whose support has been assumed by the Rome Church.

    Page 176:
     (Standing) Federick, Gerould, Alvin, James, Elizabeth Rice.
     (Seated) Davis S. Rice, David, Mrs. Bertina Rice 

    On Jun 12, 1938 the following children of Guy and Julia (Browning) Cass were baptized: Shirley June, daughter, born June 3, 1926; Montague Odell, son, born Aug. 10, 1928; and Carol Joice, daughter, born March 27, 1933. Mr. Cass died Dec. 2, 1937. He was the son of Seneca J. and Elizabeth (Dimmick) Cass, the later the daughter of Rev. Francis Dimmick of Orwell.

    Mr. Elizabeth Maynard (widow of M.L.), a member of the church, died at the home of her sister, Miss Caroline Lent, Dec. 13, 1938, at the age of 91, having been born June 29, 1847, the daughter of Lewis Thatcher Lent and his wife, Caroline Wattles, who was the daughter of Arunah and Elizabeth (Allen) Wattles.

    In May, 1938, a number of men and women of the county organized themselves into a P.O. Bliss Centennial Committee, at the suggestion of Mr. Raymond B. Arnold of Milan, Pa. The pastor of the Rome Presbyterian church was elected chairman, and committee meetings were held frequently until arrangements were completed for the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of P.O. Bliss. At Rome on July 17 at two o’clock in the afternoon a large assemblage of people estimated to number twelve thousand, gathered in a field near the Bliss cenotaph. Services lasting two hours were conducted with the program including singing by a large choir and the congregation under the direct of Mr. Homer Rodeheaver of favorite Bliss gospel hymns, with accompaniment by Mr. B. D. Ackley, a native of Spring Hill, Bradford County; a solo, "That Will be Heaven for Me," by Mr. Paul Milburn, Y.M.C.A. worker of South Amboy, N.J.; a message from George C. Stebbins, Catskill, N.Y.; prayer by Rev. J. R. Pennell, Methodist District Superintendent, Binghamton, N.Y.; recognition of those present who were at the unveiling of the monument in 1877; a statement by Mrs. Paul Bliss, widow of the son of P.O. Bliss, on behalf of herself and her sister-in-law, Mrs. George Bliss, who was also present; and an address by the rev. Dr. Will H. Houghton, president of the Moddy Bible Institute of Chicago. (Mrs. George Bliss died Jan. 12, 1940. Burial was at Candor, N.Y. Mrs. Paul Bliss died at Owego, N.Y., August 9, 1940.)

    In his address Dr. Houghton said, "it was Christ in his life that made Bliss different; otherwise he would have been just like the other composers. If Bliss were alive today, his message would be, ‘Only Christ gives value to life.’" Further, Dr. Houghton said, "We have better-equipped houses than in Bliss’ day, but we have more broken homes. We travel faster and know less what to do when we get there. We can talk around the world, but haven’t anything to talk about. But Bliss did have something to talk about—Christ, the Redeemer."

    In connection with this memorial service the pastor published for the occasion A centennial Sketch of P.O. Bliss, 1838-1938. 2300 copies of which were sold.

    On Aug. 31, 1938, in the Manse at Wysox, the pastor performed the ceremony uniting in marriage Mr. Leroy H. Rosencrance of Binghamton, and Miss Hilda B. Ellis of Laceyville, Pa., sister of Mrs. C. M. Dimon of Rome.

    At the annual meeting for election of trustees, held January 2, 1939, Mr. R. F. Powers was re-elected for a term of five years (to 1944). Other trustees in office at that time were Robert R. Cook (term expiring 1943); Mr. D. S. Rice (1942); Mr. William Kerr Fund (1941); Mr. William Rice (1940). Mr. Funk joined the church in 1937 by re-affirmation of faith, married Sept. 9, 1938, Mrs. Ruth E. Bennison of Illinois.

    Page 178:
     Seated, left to right: Franics, Manville, Robert R., Mrs. Robert R., [apologies from JMT - No place in this work am I able to find the real first or last name of this woman] Carleton, Robert Cook.
     Standing, in front: Ruth.  Standing, left to right: Harold, Lawrence, Raymond, Clarice, Edward, Marshall Cook.

    On Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939, Guy Edward, infant son of Edward Manley and Mary Elizabeth (Cass) Cook, born Sept. 30, 1938, was baptized. His cousin, Nancy Louise Cook, born Aug. 29, 1938, infant daughter or Robert Howard and Cidney Louise (McCabe) Cook was baptized at the same time. Mrs. Robert H. Cook is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John McCabe of Towner Hill. Mr. Lawrence Newcomb Cook, son of Elder Robert Cook, joined the church on this Easter Sunday. He graduated 1940 at Cornell University. His sister, Clarice (Cook) Daugherty, wife of Edward, was given a letter of dismissal to the Methodist Church at North Orwell.*

    Lawrence N. Cook entered Oct. 5, 1941, training at the U.S. Army Air Corps training Detachment, Chickasha, Oklahoma. He was transferred to Enid Army Flying School, Enid Oklahoma. He married July 10, 1942 at Harlingen, Texas, Miss Marie McKee, Afton, N.Y., daughter of George F. McKee.

    At the annual congregational meeting held April 10, 1939, the church treasurer, Miss Mary Woodburn Rice, reported a total of $570.49 received during the year just passed of which total of $570.49 received during the year just passed of which the Ladies’ Auxiliary raised $208.48. $54.35 was given for missions. A budget of $545 was adopted for the ensuing year. The superintendent of the Sunday School reported an enrollment of 54. Walter Abell and Frederick Rice were elected ushers. Mrs. Lillian Woodburn was elected president of the auxiliary; Mrs. Bertina Rice, vice-president Mrs. Kathryn Barnes, secretary. The pastor reported the approximate completion of the manuscript of the History of the Presbyterian Church of Rome, Pa. Elder P. M. Barnes was authorized to have the furnace overhauled. The session report showed a net total church membership of 72.

    In July the second pilgrimage to the cenotaph of Mr. and Mrs. P.O. Bliss was observed. Over 600 participated in a program of music and speaking, led by the Reverend Douglas Davies, gospel baritone.

    On august 7, 1939, the pastor read the vows for the marriage of Miss Betty Grace Whitney, eldest daughter of Mr. R. B. and Alberta (Bennett) Hhitney, at their home, to Mr. Robert Mahlon Thorpe of Orwell township. They went to live at Herrick, Pa. A son, Robert Mahlon, Jr., was born April 25, 1940; and a daughter, Joanne Marie, was born March 13, 1942.

    The pastor united in marriage Sept. 16, 1939, D. Thomas Sink, son of Dana and Fannie (Cook) Sink, of Rome township and Lulu I. Bradley, daughter of Leslie L. and Jennie (Harris) Bradley of Rome township at the home of Mr. Dana Sink. He joined in marriage Oct. 3, 1939, Guy Forbes Abell, D.V.S., son of Guy and Grace (Forbes) Abell, and Miss Ruth Frances Gillette, daughter of Paul D. and Florence Ruby (Till) Gillette of Rome township. Dr. Guy Abell has a lieutenant’s commission in the United States Army, and is stationed at Langley Field, Va.

    A memorial service was held Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 27, 1939, for Rev. David M. Davies. The following was read by the pastor:

    The Reverend David Marthen Davies, who entered into the higher life Wednesday, August 16, 1939, was born October 28, 1859, in South Wales, Great Britain, almost eighty years ago. He was educated at Cardiff University, and Brecon College, South Wales, was ordained at Wolfesdale, Pembrokeshire, in 1889, and came to the United States in 1892. His departure from Wales was a matter of deep regret to many friends, as is evidenced by several testimonials received at that time, one of which was from an organized chorus which the Rev. Mr. Davies.

    He was united in marriage to Winifred, second daughter of Captain Thomas James and his wife Elizabeth. Mrs. Davies was born June 21, 1868, at Revine, Pembrokeshire, England, came to United States February 17, 1893, and was married on the same day to Mr. Davies by Rev. R. Sharon Jones, D.D., at the home of the latter at Providence, Scranton, Pa. Dr. Jones was an old friend of the Davies family. Mr. and Mrs. Davies returned to the old country for at least two visits while they were living at Rome or Wysox.

    Beginning at Neath, Mr. Davies spend a period of eighteen years in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, serving the churches at Neath, West Warren, Orwell, Rome, and Wysox. He lived in Rome for a few years, during which he and his wife lost their first born child, Byron Myrddin, who was born at Neath March 15, 1894 and died at Rome August 1, 1896. His remains are at rest near the P.O. Bliss monument.

    Other children are, Ivor James, Isla Victoria and Thomas Lipton Pembroke. Ivor James was born at Neath, Pa., March 17, 1895, attended the Towanda High School, graduated from the Evanston, Wyoming High School, spent three and one-half years at Leland Stanford Junior University. In 1917 he joined the arm air service, and was discharged at the end of the war as sergeant major. He married in June, 1921, Winifred, daughter of Supt. J. H. Humphries of Towanda, (Late of Salinas, California), and resides in San Raphael, California, engaged in the real estate and insurance business.

    Isla Victoria Davies was born in the Wysox manse January 7, 1901. She graduated from Evanston High School and attended Boston University Law School, where she graduated. She became a member of the California State Bar, and is now employed by the Pineapple Producers Cooperative Association of San Francisco.

    Thomas Davies, born Nov. 19, 1902, at the Wysox manse, graduated from Evanston High School and attended Laramie University, Wyoming. He married in 1921 Helen Jarvie, and they have two children, Byron Pembroke and Barbara Jane. They live in San Francisco and he is a lithographer.

    The Davies family left Wysox in 1910, moving to Evanston, Wyoming, where he served seven years. He was missions superintendent two years. Then they moved to Aberdeen, Idaho, where Mr. Davies served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. After seven years he was placed on the Honorably Retired roll of Kendall Presbytery, and took the retired relation, which began June 1, 1927, with a comfortable pension. They retired to make a little home which they named "The Ivy Arch," at No. 21596 Meekland Avenue, Hayward, California, with the esteem of many friends in their treasure house of happy memories, and their children near them.

    The sermons of Mr. Davies made lasting impressions on the minds of his hearers. Some still tell of one from the text, "In the year that King Uzziah died.". His sermons were well planned, using much of Scripture, and geared to a knowledge of history and philosophy, "marking the culture and grace of a Christian gentleman."

    A number of persons from Bradford county visited the Davies family in the summer of 1939, including Dr. Charles Reed, Mr. Donald Shoemaker and family, Mr. James Eastman and his son, Wesley, and Miss Emma Martin. Mr. Davies had been under medical treatment for a number of months, and submitted to a minor operation in the latter part of July. He seemed to have recovered, when a blood clot developed, which was cleared up, only to be followed by another which caused his death. His two sons had given him blood transfusions. His death occurred at St. Luke’ Hospital, San Francisco, Wednesday, August 16, after he had risen and dressed.

    The funeral was held at the Hayward Presbyterian Church Saturday afternoon, August 19, when the pastor, Rev. William A. Pankey officiated, and Rev. Ezra Alan Van Nuys of San Francisco spoke, from the text, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith," saying, "This is not a day of sorrow but of rejoicing." Fifteen Presbyterian ministers took part in or were present at the service, and committal services were conducted by the officers and members of the Eucalyptus Masonic lodge at Mountain view Cemetery. The rev. Mr. Davies was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Towanda, and the I.O.O.F. lodge at Wysox. The people of the Hayward church, in which Mr. Davies had rendered much volunteer service in connection with a men’s Bible class, have been very kind to the bereaved family, and the profusion of flowers and large attendance at the funeral services attested the tribute of the people of Hayward among whom he had lived not in an active but a retired relation. The sympathy of these new friends has been a source of immediate cheer, and her interest in old friends and places had led Mrs. Davies to the decision to have the ashes interred in Rome near the remains of their little boy Bryon, at whose funeral service the Rev. S.I. Davis of LeRaysville officiated. And this decision brought her much comfort.

    After the reading of the memorial address, the Rev. S. I. Davis of Leraysville, Pa., told of Dr. Charles Reed’s interest in the Davies family and called upon him to speak. Dr. Reed told how his son, Charles Beecher Reed, used to go to Rev. David M. Davies and recite Latin and Greek to him. Dr. Reed visited the Davies family in California this summer, and found them quite well.

    The Rev. S.I. Davis spoke out of a knowledge of his friend and his family in Wales, and told of the other members of the family of Mr. Davies, naming brothers and sisters, and telling of life on the home farm, where David was born Oct. 28, 1859, the entrance of David into the schools and his progressive advance through London University and Brecon Divinity School to his ordination.

    The Rev. Mr. Davies came to the United States in 1892. He had organized a chorus and they gave him testimonial letters on his departure. While at Rome, Mr. Davies organized a club of young people playing stringed instruments. He was affectionately known to them as "Daddy," and was remembered as a tall, big-framed man, over six feet tall.

    After prayer and the poem "Crossing the Bar," by Rev. S. I. Davis, a poem, "A Comrade Rides Ahead," by Emerson Hough, was read, and the benediction pronounced. At the Rome cemetery the ashes were committed to a grave near that of the infant son Byron who died in 1896. The Rev. S.I. Davis who officiated at the burial of the son, also was in charge of the committal services for the ashes of the father.

    Mr. Frank M. Rifenburgh, formerly active as an elder of the church, died March 8, 1940, aged 90 years, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Arthur Bowers of Johnson City, N.Y., and burial was at Rome Monday, March 11. He was a singing school and public school teacher. He had served as superintendent of the Sunday School, clerk of the session, and actively in the erection of the present brick church edifice with O.F. Young, A.P. Young, Anson B. Cass, Isaac Seely and Rev. F. E. Bessey. Besides his daughter, there are his son Sumner, a teacher in Valparaiso, Indiana, and a number of grandchildren surviving.

    Mr. Frank Rifenburgh was born Sept. 9, 1849, the son of Adam and Diana (Murrey) Rifenburgh. He married May 22, 1878, Emma C. Vought, a school teacher, and "a lovely woman," daughter of Lawrence and Tamson (Ransom) Vought. To this union two children were born: Mable Elaine, Oct. 16, 1883; and Sumner Adam, March 13, 1896; and Charles Sumner Bower, born Dec. 19, 1905.

    1. Emma Elizabeth Bower married Leon Bruce Lent and had two children, (1) Leon Carlyle Lent, born April 26, 1920; and (2) Doris Maxine Lent, born Dec. 15, 1924. Her husband, Leon Bruce Lent, died and Emma married Mr. Ferris Carlin.

    Marion Victoria Bower married Charles Thomas Lester, and they had one daughter, Isabel Elizabeth Chester, born April 3, 1922.

    1. Summer Adam Rifenburgh lives at 246 Marstellar Street, West Lafayette, Indiana. He is assistant professor of zoology at Purdue University, holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Valparaiso University and a doctor’s degree in philosophy from Purdue. He married May 8, 1917, Miss Alma, daughter of H.S. and Mary (McCune) Peters. To them have been born two children: Arthur Woodrow Rifenburgh, born Jan. 19, 1919, at Dowagiac, Michigan; and Theda Eileen Rifenburgh, born June 23, 1923, at Valparaiso, Indiana. Woodrow graduated 1940 from the school of chemical engineering of Purdue University, and Eileen was a forth year student in the high school at West Lafayette, of the class of 1941.

    At the Easter service, March 24, 1940, Mrs. Susan Payne Nesbit, widow of Mr. Howard C. Nesbit, and her son William Payne Nesbit, a music student at Pennsylvania State College, were baptized. Howard C. Nesbit (1893-1936) was born in the Baillibay section of Herrick township, settled by Scotch-Irish Presbyterian "Covenanters" among whom was William great-great-grandfather of Howard C. Nesbit. They came from County Monaghan, Ireland.

    Page 184:    

     Seated—left to right, Rev. V.C. Detty, Mrs. John Woodburn, Mrs. Bert Conklin, Miss Caroline Lent, Mrs. Cora Marsh, Mrs. G.W. Chase, Carol Cass, Betty Stoll “Junior” Russell, Ruth Ann Woodburn, Miss Ruby Nichols, Wilbur Maryott, Margaret Woodburn, Miss Jean Whitney.
     Standing—first row, Amos W. Northrup, Jr. (Tommy), Mrs. Edward Woodburn, D.S. Rice, Mrs. D.S. Rice, Mrs. W.G. Funk, Miss Mollie Rice, Elder G. W. Chase, Supt. A. K. Sundberg, Mrs. Sundberg, Susan Sundberg, Elder F. N. Powers, Bobby Stoll, David Rice, Duane Maryott.
     Second row—standing, Miss Mary Russell, Mrs. I.V. Stoll, Miss Ruth Stoll, Shirley Cass, Barbara Dimon.
     Third row—standing, Mr. Walter Abell, Miss Helen Abell, Miss Leola Beck, Miss Anna Hennip.
     Fourth row—standing, Mrs. R. W. Russell, Miss Ruth Houston, Mrs. Wm. Rice, Miss Ruth Witney, Frederick Rice, Mrs. U.M. Holmes.

    Elizabeth ("Betty") Ann Stoll, born May 25, 1932, daughter of Dr. Isaac V. and Mildred (Davis) Stoll, was baptized at the Children’s Day service, Sunday, June 9, 1940.

    On May 17, 1940, Miss Grace Almyra Abell, born Jan. 31, 1909, the daughter of Guy and Grace (Forbes) Abell was married at New York City to William E. Naylor, born Aug. 10, 1896, the son of William A. and Alice S. (Chapell) Naylor. The couple reside at Elmhurst, Long Island, New York.


    Superintendent, Mr. A. K. Sundberg.

    Assistant Superintendent, Mr. G. W. Chase.

    Secretary, Walter Abell; Treasurer, Frederick Rice.

    Primary Class—Teacher, Miss Ruby Nichols; Robert Brimmer, Jr., and his brother, William; "Buster" Brown, son of Wurt; Stanley, son of Wilbur Beers; Carol, daughter of Mrs. Julia Cass; Jean, daughter of Edward Moore; Betty, daughter of Dr. I.V. Stoll; Margaret and Ruth Ann, daughters of Edward Woodburn; Wilbur Maryott, son of Mrs. Raymond Cook.

    Junior Class—Teacher, Miss Jean Whitney; Myra Jane, daughter of Paul M. Barnes; Jean, daughter of John McCabe; Bobby, son of Dr. I.V. Stoll; David, son of D. S. Rice; Montague and Shirley, children of Mrs. Julia Cass; "Junior", son of Roe W. Russell; Duane Maryott.

    Girls Class—Mrs. U.M. Holmes, teacher: Anna Hennip, daughter of Henry; Catherine and Ruth, daughters of Charles Green; Daisy Morley, daughter of Mrs. Fay Morley; Dorothy, daughter of Amos Northrup; Ethel Mae Wilbur, daughter of Manville; Ruth, daughter of Dr. I.V. Stoll; Barbara, daughter of Clinton Dimon; Shirley, daughter of Mrs. Julia Cass; Dorothy, daughter of Zern Deats.

    Boys Class—Teacher, Mr. A. K. Sundberg; Walter Abell; LaVerne Nichols, son of Mrs. Ray Nichols; Leon Edsall, son of Lyle; Amos Northrup, Jr.; Lester, son of Paul M. Barnes; Frederick, son of D. S. Rice.

    Adult Class—Teacher, Mr. George W. Chase; Mrs. G. W. Chase, Miss Caroline Lent, Mrs. D. S. Rice, Miss Mary W. Ricce, Miss Nellie Barnes, Mrs. Jane Frisbie, Mrs. Lizzie Watson, Miss Helen Abell, Mrs. Ida Funk, Mrs. R. W. Russell, Mrs. Minnie Truesdale.

    Home Department—Mrs. Cora Marsh, Mrs. Robert R. Cook, Mrs. Julia Cannan, Mrs. Rhoda Lent, Mrs. Francis Daugherty.

    At a meeting of the trustees held May 18, 1941, a contract was let to E. L. Bennington, Scranton, Pa., for the painting and cleaning of the interior walls and ceiling of the church. This work was completed June 5th at a cost of $250. This was met by special contributions and a bank loan made by the trustees. The ladies of the women’s auxiliary society, led by the president, Mrs. P. M. Barnes, took the initiative in this project. A new floor covering is planned. Mrs. John Woodburn has led a committee in making a friendship "names" quilt, the donors’ names being embroidered on the cover. She died Feb. 10, 1942.

    Grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Woodburn.

    Rupert’s children (Rupert married Mildred White of Athens, Pa.)—

      1. Alice Marie Woodburn. Born March 19, 1920. Died November 22, 1939.
      2. John Francis Woodburn. Born May 18, 1921. Now serving in the U.S. Navy.
      3. Reese Robert Woodburn. Born November 30, 1922. Now serving in the U.S. Navy.
      4. Rupert Stanley Woodburn, Jr. Born March 8, 1925.
      5. Rita Ann Woodburn. Born August 30, 1928.
      6. Nancy Ann Woodburn. October 12, 1935. Died at birth.
    Children of Mrs. Kathryn Woodburn Bagley—
      1. Maxine Vivian Bagley. Born September 6, 1912. Now Mrs. Arthur C. Goodrich.
      2. John William Bagley. Born September 26, 1914. Now serving in the U.S. Air Corps.
      3. Ethel Marie Bagley. Born January 6, 1917. Now Mrs. Paul E. Harbst.
    Child of Mrs. Evah Woodburn Moore (born 1891, married Joseph Moore who died in 1936)—
      1. Mary Jane Moore. Born June 9, 1924.
    Child of Harvey and his wife, Laura Van Sice—
      1. Harvey Albert Woodburn. Born April 7, 1941.
    Great-grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Woodburn—

    Children of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Goodrich:

      1. Kathryn Margaret Goodrich. Born January 9, 1936.
      2. William Paul Goodrich. Born August 25, 1939.
    Children of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Harbst:"
      1. Thomas Edward Harbst. Born April 12, 1934.
      2. Marian Louise Harbst. Born April 6, 1935.
      3. Mary Kathryn Harbst. Born November 10, 1936.
      4. Paul Emerson Harbst, Jr. Born April 12, 1938.
      5. Jean Marie Harbst. Born August 6, 1939.
      6. Nancy Jane Harbst. Born October 12, 1940.
      7. Daniel Peter Harbst. Born November 17, 1941.
    On June 8th, Miss Anna Hennip, born March 13, 1920, at Ferrisville, Michigan, and baptized in the Dutch Reformed church, became a member of the church upon confession of faith. She was a member of the Church School class of Mrs. U.M. Holmes.

    At the meeting of the session held this same day, Elder George W. Chase was elected clerk in the place of Paul M. Barnes, who had resigned.

    Manville Cook graduated from Rome High School. He enlisted in the United States Marines and left for service July 14, 1941. James H. Rice left for army training service in Texas July 19, 1941, serving in the 66th School squadron of the Advanced Air Corps Training School at Brooksfiled, Texas.

    Harold Arthur Cook enlisted with the U.S. marines in June, 1942. His picture appeared in the Daily Review, Towanda, Pa., July 9, 1942.

    Others from this church or Sunday School in the armed services are: William B. Frederick, Arthur Martin, William Nesbit, and Thomas W. Whitney (Navy), making a total of 15.

    Mr. Donald C. Miller, son of Lee and Blanche Miller of Rome was married July 3, 1942 to Miss Frances Yvonne Jacobs of Windham township.

    Miss Florence Compton Tyrrell, daughter of Mrs. William Allen Tyrrell, was married June 22, 1942 to Mr. John Frederick Bertram at the South Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York.

    On Easter Sunday, April 5, 1942, Thomas William, born Dec. 8, 1940, the son of William L. and Elsie (Baxte) Rice was baptized.

    *Two children have been born to them: Richard Duane, July 24, 1940, and Anna Lucile, June 3, 1942.

    *Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Cook had born to them Aug. 25, 1940 an infant daughter, Sherry Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Cook had an infant daughter, Bonnie Marie, born to them Nov. 30, 1941.

    *On August 8, 1942 Corporal James H. Rice entered the Army Air Forces’ Officers’ Candidate School, Sq. H. Group II, Wing I, Miami Beach, Florida, for twelve weeks training leading to the rank of second lieutenant.

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    Chemung County NY
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