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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall
Date   Name   Notice
1864 1-Jul Pound / Vernoy M In this city, on the 30th inst., by Rev. P. Olney of Horseheads, Mr. William H. Pound of Horseheads and Miss Frances R. Vernoy, of this city.
1864 6-Jul Scott / Jones M In this city, July 3d, by Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Mr. Thomas Scott to Miss Christiana Jones, both of Southport.
1864 6-Jul Kraukward D In this city, July 2d, of consumption, Mrs. Mary Kraukward (?), wife of W. Kraukward, in the 33d year of her age.
1864 7-Jul Breese D In Horseheads, on Wednesday, July 6th, Lewis Breese, aged 85 years and ten months. The funeral ceremonies will take place at his late residence on Friday, July 8th, at two o'clock p.m. The friends of the family are invited to attend. Rev. P. Olney will officiate
1864 8-Jul Owen / DuBois M On the 7th inst., at Big Flats, by Rev. C.C. Carr, assisted by Rev. Mr. Dawson. Mr. George H. Owen and Mrs. M.L. DuBois
1864 8-Jul Taggert D IN Addison, May 27th of consumption, Lieut.. George D. Taggert, Quartermaster of the 64th Regt., N.Y.S.V., aged 45 years.
1864 9-Jul Covell D In this city, at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. W.C. Wey, on the 8th inst., Mrs. Sarah Covell, widow of the late Edward Covell of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., aged 71 years.
1864 9-Jul Burt D In Laingsburgh, Mich., June 26th, Thomas J. Burt, aged 58 years. He was formerly a resident of Chemung County.
1864 13-Jul Leverich D At his late residence in Southport, on the evening of the 12th inst., Samuel Leverich, in the 73d year of his age. Notice of the funeral tomorrow.
1864 14-Jul Feeny D Death of the City Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, Michael Feeny announced. Funeral took place yesterday at the Catholic Church. Burial in the Catholic Cemetery in the Fifth Ward.
1864 14-Jul Allington D In the General Hospital at Nashville, Tenn., June 11, 1864, William H. Allington. 
1864 14-Jul Ellsworth D July 12th, S.N. Ellsworth, aged 34 years and 9 months. Funeral this afternoon at 3P.M. at the residence of D. Hatch, No. 26 Main St.
1864 15-Jul Dunn / McQuhae M July 13th, at the residence of Mrs. Wm. Maxwell, by Rev. Isaac Clark, Major Alexander Dunn and Miss Annie Z. McQuhae, both of Elmira
1864 16-Jul Stowell / Belton M At the residence of the bride's father, Tuesday, July 12th by the Rev. E.C. Brown, F.A. Stowell of this city to Miss Helen C. Belton, of Oneida, Madison Co., N.Y.
1864 18-Jul Hanyon D In this city, Sunday morning, July 18th, Minnie E., daughter of C.B. & Jennie Hanyon, aged 8 months. Funeral at the house on Wisner Street, first door above Church, at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
1864 19-Jul Mills D In this city, Monday evening, July 18th, Freddy R., son of Edward and Jenny Mills, age 9 months. Funeral at the residence No. 85 Second Street at 3 o'clock this afternoon
1864 19-Jul VanTine D In this city, July 16th, Minnie R., infant daughter of Chester W. and Emeline VanTine, aged 6 months. The funeral will take place this morning at ten o'clock at No. 68 Gray Street. The friends of the family are requested to attend.
1864 21-Jul Bennett / Scales M In Jackson, Mo., by Rev. J.C. Maple, Major Z. Bennett, Sec. Wisc. Cav., to Miss Ella C., daughter of Dr. A.W. Scales of Kentucky.
1864 23-Jul Barber D In this city, July 22d, Cora Hannah, daughter of Abbott and Henrietta Barber, aged three years and six months. The funeral service at the house to-day at two o'clock p.m. Friends of the family are invited to attend
1864 26-Jul Vanderbilt D In this city, July 25, Minnie E., daughter of William & Jane Vanderbilt, aged eleven mos. And twenty-six days. Funeral from the residence third door west of the Railroad on Water Street, this afternoon at three o'clock. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 27-Jul Beadle D In this city, on the evening of the 26th inst., in the 2d year of her age, Mary Worthington, only daughter of Henry W. and Nettie D. Beadle. Funeral Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.
1864 28-Jul French / Allison M In Elmira, July 26th, by Rev. S.M. Bainbridge, at his residence, Mr. John B. French, and Miss Sarah Allison, all of this city.
1864 28-Jul Wells D In this city, July 27th, Frank J., son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Wells, aged nine months and three days. Funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from No. 85 Second Street.
1864 28-Jul Middaugh D At Chattanooga, Tenn., July 17th, Vincent Middaugh, of Chemung, N.Y.
1864 29-Jul Havens D On the 27th inst., at Bridgeport, Conn., Eugene F. Havens, of Leavenworth, Kansas, aged 31 years. His friends are invited to attend the funeral service at the residence of Mr. S.L. Gillett, on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
1864 29-Jul Laidlaw D In this city, July 28th, James Frankie, son of John F. and Martha E. Laidlaw, aged 1 year and 3 months. Funeral at the residence of the parents, No. 6 Hudson Street, 5th Ward, to-day at 11 o'clock.
1864 29-Jul Wykoff D In this city, July 27th, Peter Wykoff, aged 79 years, father of Arcalous Wykoff of this city.
1864 2-Aug Griswold / Simcoe M In Baldwin, July 31st, by the Rev. M. Cranmore, at the residence of the bride's mother, George W. Griswold, and Miss Mary S. Simcoe, both of Chemung.
1864 2-Aug Winton D At Havana, August 28th, Dr. Nelson Winton, aged 64 years and 23 days. The funeral will take place at Havana to-day. (Death Date?)
1864 4-Aug Elmendorf D In this city, August 2d, Fred, infant son of William and Clarrissa Elmendorf, aged sixteen months. Funeral to-day at two o'clock, from No. 80 Gray St. Friends of the family are respectfully invited.
1864 4-Aug Barbour D At Vicksburg, on the 7th ult., Capt. Charles E. Barbour of Horseheads. His disease was typhoid malarial fever. He was sick only about two weeks. He was kindly attended at the McPherson Hospital. He was a dutiful son - a warm and genial friend, and it is believed, he died with a firm trust in Christ.
1864 6-Aug Foster D At Elmira, on the 5th inst., Col. William Foster, in the 85th year of his age. Funeral at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, the 7th inst., at his late residence, when friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 6-Aug Burt D In Alexandria, on the 24th of June, Benjamin F. Burt, aged 27 years, 3 days. His sickness was long and dangerous, and he has left an aged, blind and widowed mother and two sister to mourn his loss in early manhood. His remains were embalmed and brought home, and now rest in the quiet church yard at Wellsburg.
1864 12-Aug Jones D At the residence of his son in Southport on Wednesday, August 10th, Harvey Jones, in the 71st year of his age. Another of the pioneers gone. The funeral of Harvey Jones will take place to-day (Friday) at 10 1/2 o'clock a.m. Service at the Presbyterian Church in Southport. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 19-Aug Pennell D In this city yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Mary Pennell, wife of the late Robert Pennell, age 54 years. Funeral to-day at 3 o'clock, 87 First Street. Friends are invited to attend.
1864 23-Aug Shaffer D In this city, August 21st, Freddy C., infant son of Jacob and Fanny Shaffer, aged two months. Funeral Service at the residence of his greadparent Sanford Clark, Factory Street this afternoon at two o'clock - a three verse poem follows.
1864 29-Aug Van Wagoner D In this city, on the 28th, Peter, son of Henry & Clarissa Van Wagoner. The funeral will take place at the residence of his parents No. 94 5th Street, at half past three o'clock on Monday, August 29th.
1864 3-Sep Lockwood D In Southport on the 2nd inst., Mrs. James Lockwood, in the 66th year of her age. Funeral service will be held at her late residence, South Water Street, Saturday Sept. 3 at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
1864 5-Sep Brown D In this city, Sept. 4th Mary C., daughter of Charles & Emilene Brown, aged 13 years and 2 months. Funeral this Monday, afternoon at the residence of Mr. H.B. Locke, 66 Second St. Friends of the family invited to attend.
1864 7-Sep Gaskel D In this city, September 6th, at the residence of O. Edwards, Water Street, Miss Frances Gaskel, aged 21 years.
1864 7-Sep Pickett / Hudson M On September 6th, at Hornellsville, by the Rev. Mr. Carr, A.T. Pickett of Elmira, to Miss M. Hudson ( or Hodson ) of Hornellsville.
1864 9-Sep Wood / Graham M At Horseheads on the 31st ultimo. By Rev. P. Olney, Mr. George Wood to Miss Celia Graham, both of Veteran.
1864 9-Sep Dunn  D At Kendallville, Noble Co., Ind., August 31st, Lido Alice, infant daughter of Charles W. and Addie Dunn, aged eight months and nine days.
1864 10-Sep Cleveland / Lafrance M In Elmira, September 2d, at the bride's residence, by Rev. J.R. Jaques, James P. Cleveland of Southport and Miss Clarisa D. Lafrance of Elmira.
1864 14-Sep Orwin D At Fort Smith, Arkansas, August 14th, 1864, col. Frederick Orwin, aged 49 years, formerly of Elmira and latterly of Troy, Pa.
1864 15-Sep Gastelle / Wells M At Wellsburg, N.Y., Sept. 13th, by Rev. Thos. K. Beecher, David Willard Gastelle, of Owego, and Lottie A. Wells, daughter of B.F. Wells, Esq. Of Wellsburg.
1864 15-Sep Stiles / Marcell M At Dansville, on the 8th of September, by Rev. Geo. W. Baptis, Mr. S.S. Stiles of Elmira, and Miss Mary M. Marcell of Dansville. We suppose the above occurred on account of the draft, that is, the failure of the draft in Elmira which fact embroidered the above in the sea of matrimony. May pleasant gales and auspicious skies hover around the bark of the happy voyagers. 
1864 16-Sep Plum D In this city, September 15, George B., son of Hiram s. and Isabella E. Plum, aged 9 years, 11 months and 8 days. Funeral to-day at 9 o'clock P.M. from the residence No. 70 First Street. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 17-Sep Elwell D In this village on the 16th of September inst., John Pl Elwell, aged 74 years. Funeral at his late residence on Jacob Street, Southport to-day at 3 P.M. The friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 17-Sep Chaddock D In this city, September 17th, Mrs. Sarah A., wife of W.L. Chaddock, aged 30 years and five months. Friends are invited to attend the funeral on Sunday at 3 o'clock P.M., No. 55 First Street.
1864 20-Sep Dilmore / Halpin M At Horseheads, on the 14th inst., by Rev P. Olney, Mr. Thomas C. Dilmore of Veteran, to Miss Esther Halpin of Catlin.
1864 20-Sep Hutchinson D In this city, September 19th, Ellen, daughter of Mrs. Eliza Hutchinson, aged 19 years. Funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock at No. 16 Orchard St. Friends are invited to attend.
1864 21-Sep Barton D In Livona (sic), N.Y., September 2d, at the residence of his son Augustus, Mr. H.W. Barton, aged 56 years.
1864 21-Sep Eaiski D In this city, September 18th, 1864 Erysipolas, Clarinda, wife of Joseph Eaiski, aged 38 yeas. Peekskill and Poughkeepsi papers please copy.
1864 22-Sep Goldsmith D On the morning of the 21st inst., of Typhoid Fever, William H. (?) Goldsmith of this city. Funeral his residence…(printing illegible)
1864 23-Sep Brown / Hunt M In this city, at the First Baptist Church, on the 23 inst., by the Rev. D.B. Patterson, of Staten Island, Chaplain B.F. Brown, of the 84th U.S.V. and Miss Lizzie S. Hunt of Elmira (See next entry)
1864 24-Sep Bowen / Hunt M In this city, at the First Baptist Church, on the 23d inst., by the Rev. D.B. Patterson, of Staten Island, Chaplain D.F. Bowen, of the 84th U.S.C.I., and Miss Lizzie S. Hunt of Elmira (See above entry)
1864 26-Sep Blaisdell D In this city, Saturday 22d, Wm. R. Blaisdell, in the 28th year of his age. The funeral will take place to-day at 10 o'clock at his residence No. 1 Fourth St. Friends are invited to attend.
1864 28-Sep Harris / Goodwin M In this city, Sept. 24th. By Rev. E.J. Herman, Mr. George E. Harris of Horseheads, and Miss Gertrude E. Goodwin of Chemung.
1864 28-Sep Merrill D In Southport, Sept. 26th, of Consumption, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Albert Merrill, aged 26 years, 11 months and 7 days. Funeral this A.M. at 10 o'clock.
1864 30-Sep Barbour D Died September 23d(?) in the P.M., at his residence, in this city, Elijah M. Barbour, aged 53 years.
1864 30-Sep M'Kinney D In this city, in the morning of the 29th inst., Cha's. N., son of Ersatus and Angelene M'Kinney ( McKinney ), in the 23d year of his age. Funeral service will be held at his father's residence No. 24 Henry Street, 5th ward., Saturday A.M. at 10 o'clock. Friends and relatives respectfully invited to attend.
1864 1-Oct Barbour D The funeral of the late E.N. Barbour will take place from his late residence on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock.
1864 1-Oct Carpenter / Cornish M At Horseheads, on the 26th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. John L. Carpenter, of Veteran, to Miss Matilda Cornish, of Newfield.
1864 1-Oct Smith / Rockwell M At Horseheads, on the 29th inst., by the same, Mr. Elroy C. Smith, of Republic, Seneca Co., Ohio., to Miss Hannah H. Rockwell, of Erin.
1864 1-Oct Pickering  D The funeral sermon of J. Pickering, Jr. who lost his life at the recent fire, will be preached at the First Methodist Church, on Baldwin Street, to-morrow morning at the usual hour of service, by Rev. A.C. George, the Pastor of the church.
1864 3-Oct Herrick D In Waverly, N.Y. Sept. 26th, 1864, Mrs. M.A. Herrick, wife of Hugh T. Herrick, Esq., and dau. Of Hon. G.W. Buck, of Chemung, aged 22 years.
1864 3-Oct Covell D At Newbern, North Carolina, on the 27th ult., of yellow fever, Lyman Covell, Jr., son of Lyman Covell, Esq., of this city, aged 35 years and 24 days. He was in the employ of the Government as conductor on the railroad, and for a long period had discharged his duties to the entire satisfaction of the authorities. He leaves a wife and two children---numerous relatives and friends --- remains to be sent to this city for interment as soon as the weather will allow their removal.
1864 7-Oct Hazard / Treman M At the house of the bride's father in Mecklenburg. N.Y., on the morning of October 5th, 1864, by Rev. H.E. Woodcock, Mr. Josiah Hazard of Elmira, N.Y. and Miss Sarah P. Treman, of the former place.
1864 10-Oct Holden / Beecher M At Wilkesbarre, Pa., Oct. 6th, by Thos. K. Beecher, D.L. Holden, of this city, and Annie K., daughter of Col. James C. Beecher, 25th U.S.V.
1864 10-Oct Jillson / Miller M On the 3d last, in Monroe, Orange C., N.Y., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Daniel U. Freeland, Mr. Samuel C. Jillson, of Elmira, to Miss Libbie Miller, only daughter of William Miller, Esq., of the former place.
1864 10-Oct Rice D In Newbern, North Carolina, Sept. 25th, of yellow fever, Henry S., son of Aaron and Sarah W. Rice, of this city. Funeral service will be held at the First Baptist Church in this city, on Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 11 o'clock A.M. Preaching by T.S. Sheardon, of Troy, Ps. Friends of the deceased are invited to attend.
1864 11-Oct McCann / Brown M On Monday 10th(?) inst., by Rev. Dr. Lincoln, George L. McCann, to Mrs. Crete Brown, both of Elmira
1864 12-Oct Read D Thursday evening, October 6th,at the College, Miss Elizabeth S. Read, aged 19 years; a member of the Junior Class, expecting to graduate in 1866. (A long obit.---remains were removed to Boston, Yates Co. where her parents reside)
1864 13-Oct Ingalls D Monday evening, October 10th, at Wells, Bradford Co., Pa. Of Consumption, Lucy. B., daughter of William and Catherine Ingalls, aged 31 years. "She left the world without a tear, Save for her friends she held so dear; To heal this sorrow, Lord descend And to these mourners prove a friend." 
1864 15-Oct Condal D the infant child of Mr. William Condal of Southport, who resided just out of the Corporation limits, on the Pland Road, was scalded to death Thursday evening, by the upsetting of a cup of hot tea at the supper table which burned the neck and face of the child so severely, that it died yesterday morning. The child was six or eight months old.
1864 15-Oct Carter / Sprague M In this city on the 20th inst., by Rev. A.C. George, Mr. Zeno A. Carter, to Miss Mary E. Sprague, both of Elmira.
1864 2-Nov Burt D October 23d. As his residence in the Town of Chemung, Mr. Belden Burt, aged 71 years.
1864 2-Nov Hall D On Saturday, October 29th, at his residence near Horseheads, Rev. Joshua Hall, aged 71 years.
1864 12-Nov Smith / Strader M At the Church Rooms, Ely Hall, on Monday, 9th inst., by Thos. K. Beecher, Benjamin W. Smith and Adeline Strader.
1864 12-Nov Atwater / Lewis M By the same, at the residence of Harrison Gridley, Esq., Canandaigua, on Thursday, 10th inst., Dwight Atwater and Mary H. Lewis.
1864 14-Nov Tifft D At Veteran, on the 20th ult., Mrs. Sally, wife of Reuben Tifft, Esq., age 54 years.
1864 14-Nov Briesler D Sunday, November 13, Frederick A. Briesler, late of the U.S. Navy, aged 30 years. Funeral at the house of Mr. A.J. Wood, 72 Sullivan St. at 2 o'clock Tuesday 15th.
1864 14-Nov Hoyt D The remains of Col. W.W. Hoyt reached here Saturday morning in charge of Capt. Washburn of the 189th N.Y.V. They were removed from the depot to the undertaking establishment of J.M. Robinson…later to Corning…Funeral yesterday afternoon.
1864 15-Nov Drake D In this city, November 14, Libbie, daughter of J. H. Drake, aged 22 years and three months. (Ann Elizabeth, dau of James H. & Arvilla Corwin Drake)
1864 18-Nov Roosa / Sanderson M In Washington, on the 10th inst., by Bishop Francis T. Boyle, Lieut. John H. Roosa, of Elmira 50th Engineer Corps., to Miss Maggie T. Sanderson, of Washington D.C.
1864 18-Nov Elmore / Updike M On Wednesday evening, Nov. 10th at the residence of David Post, Esq., by the Rev. Dr. Lincoln, Mr. Thaddeus W. Elmore to Miss Merina Updike.
1864 18-Nov Bechdol D In this city, Nov. 17th, John Edward Bechdol, son of Hiram and Bridget Bechdol, aged one year and seventeen days. Funeral at 2 o'clock P.M. to-day from 44 Clinton Street. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 24-Nov French / Walley M By Rev. Mr. Bainbridge on Tuesday evening, November 23d, Mr. Horace French of Susquehanna, Pa., To Mrs. Martha Walley, of this city. (See Nov. 28 entry)
1864 26-Nov Lewis / Curren M By the Rev. T.K. Beecher, at the Church Parlors, Mr. L.D. Lewis, to Miss Maggie L. Curren, all of Elmira.
1864 26-Nov Gano D In this city, November 23d, Lynn Boyd Gano, in the 18th year of his age.
1864 28-Nov French / Walley M By Rev. Mr. Bainbridge on Tuesday evening November 23d, Mr. Horace French of Susquehanna, Pa., to Mrs. Martha Walley, of this city. (See Nov. 26 entry)
1864 28-Nov McKinney D At the residence of her father in this city, Ann Libbie, daughter of Chas. C. and E.M. McKinney, aged 19 years. Funeral will take place at 11 o'clock A.M. Tuesday, November 29th at Chemung. Friends are invited to attend.
1864 2-Dec Burt / Decker M In Wellsburg, November 30th, by the Rev. Isaac Clark, Mr. Jud L. Burt of Elmira to Mrs. Hattie F. Decker of Wellsburg
1864 2-Dec Bowes / Huston M ON the 30th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, in Southport, by the Rev. T.K. Beecher, Mr. Lorenzo Bowes of this city to Miss Helen M. Huston.
1864 3-Dec McKee / Carpenter M At the Congregational Church, in this city, on the 23d ult., by the Rev. T.K. Beecher, Lieut. Ransom J. McKee, 10th N.Y. Art. To Miss Hannah E. Carpenter. No cards.
1864 5-Dec Parker / Graves M In this city, on the 30th inst., (ult?), by Rev. Geo. C. Curtis, Mr. Andrew Parker of Buffalo, to Miss Helen Graves, of Elmira.
1864 5-Dec Strachen D At his residence on Dickinson Street, on Saturday Dec.. 3d, Mr. Thomas Strachen, aged 53 years, 8 months and 12 days. Funeral service at his late residence on Monday at 10 1/2 o'clock. Relative and friends invited t attend.
1864 5-Dec Cash D In Towanda, Pa. Of membraneous croup, Henry T., only child of George P. and Amanda S. Cash, aged 1 year, 11 months and 6 days.
1864 5-Dec Leavitt D On the 3d inst., at half past ten o'clock, Emma, only child of Milton and Maggie Leavitt, aged 4 years and 12 days. She rests in peace. Funeral service at the house, corner Columbia and First Streets at two o'clock, Monday, Dec. 5th.
1864 5-Dec Stancliff D In this city Saturday morning, Lewis J. Stancliff, aged 46 years. The funeral will take place this afternoon at half past two o'clock, from his late residence, corner of Clinton and East Union Streets.
1864 6-Dec Goodall / Gardner M In Almond, N.Y., November 30th, Mr. George P. Goodall of Elmira, to Miss Josephine Gardner, of Newark, New Jersey, No cards.
1864 9-Dec Howard / Ridgeway M At the residence of the bride's father, on the 6th inst., by Rev. S.M. Bainbridge, J.H. Howard of Elmira, to Nettie A. Ridgeway, of Franklin, Bradford Co., Pa.
1864 10-Dec Mix / Skinner M Also, at Horseheads, of the 7th inst., by the same, Mr. Jasper Mix to Miss Harriet Skinner of Big Flats.
1864 10-Dec Drake D In this city, December 9th, Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of J.H. Drake, in the 25th year of her age.
1864 12-Dec Dunham D ON Sunday the 11th inst., David D. Dunham, aged 54 years. Funeral service from his late residence in Southport on Tuesday December 13th at 10 o'clock A.M.
1864 13-Dec Baldwin D At the residence of her father, Vine Baldwin, Esq., in Chemung, on the 12th inst., Miss Martha Baldwin. Funeral on Wednesday next, 14th inst., at 10 o'clock P.M. from her former residence. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
1864 16-Dec McKibbin D On the 15th inst., at 10 o'clock A.M., Martha, youngest daughter of Henry and Caroling McKibbin, aged 7 months. "We little thought, our Mattie, That you so young and fair, So soon would leave us lowly, Our love no more to share." Funeral service at the house, Mt. Zoar St., Saturday at 2 o'clock P.M. Friends of the family are invited to attend
1864 23-Dec Cowen D In this city, December 21st, at the residence of T.C. Cowen, Jennie, wife of T.A. Cowen and daughter of S.B. Denton Esq., aged 19 years & 10 months. The funeral will be attended at Trinity Church on Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M. Friends of the family without further notice, are invited to attend.
1864 24-Dec Sherry D In this city, December 23d, at 11 o'clock, P.M. at his residence 25 Baldwin Street, John Sherry, aged 41 years, 6 months.
1864 27-Dec Furman / Cedar M On Sunday, December 11, by Thos. K. Beecher, Nathan F. Furman and Rosa Ann Cedar.
1864 27-Dec White / Hison M On Monday, December 26, by the same, Charles W. White and Elizabeth H. Hison. All parties of this city.
1864 27-Dec Bartholf D At McViegh Hospital, Alexandria, December 23d of wounds received on the 19th of August, Marion Bartholf, of Elmira, aged 23 years, 9 months, 16 days. He was a member of the 14th U.S. Infantry.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/18/2003
By Joyce M. Tice