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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1874

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
11 Aug D Packard, Nancy M. wife of J. M. d. Jul 2nd, Covington, age 39
21 Apr M Packer, Miss Sarah E. Wellsboro and Mr. Hulon C. Wilson m., Apr. 15th by Rev. T. Stacy
24 Mar M Page, Amaza A. and Lucinda Sawaher, Jackson, Pa, m. res of Scott Harris in Osego Feb 25th by Rev. J. O. Woodruff
12 May D Page, Mrs. Alice A. age 24 yrs, 8 mos, wife of D. C. Attorney at law, White Pigeon, Mich., d. Apr 18th. Dau of Simon H. Landis, formerly of Wellsboro
6 Jan M Palmer, Miss Hetty Mainsburg, and Mr. O. C. Horton, m. Mainsburg Jan 1st by L. M. Rumsey, Esq.
12 May M Palmer, Miss Lydia Isabella Sullivan and Allen Fowler Case, Troy, m. res. Of brides mother Apr 30 by Rev. J. S. Lemon
10 Mar M Park, Mr. Albert Lawrence, Tioga Co. and Miss Josephine Hawley, Oswayo, Potter Co. m. in Osceola Feb 27th by N. Strait
17 Mar M Parker, Andrew Mill Cr. And Miss Beiviaette Smith, Sullivan twp., m. Parsonage Tioga Mar 12th by Rev. H. Lamkin
22 Dec M Parkhurst, Eugene Aurora, NY and Miss Tilla Strong, Mainsburg, m. in Mainsburg Dec 15th by Rev. John VanKirk
9 Jun D Parsons, Mrs. Ann widow of Rev. James Parson, Canton, age 80, d. in Elmira Jun 4th
11 Aug M Peck, Geo. B and Miss Mary Broughton of Farmington, m. res of brides father, Jul 27th by Rev. C. Weeks
3 Mar M Peterson, John Wellsboro and Miss Mary E. Hoag, Delmar, m. Mar 2nd Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
27 Jan D Phenix, Mrs. Aggie wife of Joshua, age 27 yrs, 7 mo, d. at Pikes Mills Fri. Jan 16th, also twins Aggie & Bernice, Children of Joshua and Aggie age 1 day
21 Apr D Pickett, Mrs. C. dau of Joh and Mary Weiss, d. Apr 11th Blossburg, age 16yrs, 9 mos
28 Apr M Pitchford, Miss Ann A. Antrim and James J. Lewis, m. in Antrim Apr 19th by Rev. P. Reynolds
14 Jul M Plan?, Emery L. Clymer and Miss Lutherna E. Doty, Westfield, m. Gardner Hollow, Jul 2nd by I. C. Thompson, Esq.
15 Dec M Pollock, Andrew J. and Miss Mary A. Allen, Fall Brook, m. at Fall Brook Dec 10th, res of brides Uncle,
Rev. P. Camp Clergyman
1 Sep M Porter, Miss Mary Jane Charleston and Sam Rogers Covington, m. res of Bertrand Damaus by Rev. Reynolds
21 Jul M Potter, Ezra Middlebury and Miss Chloe Seely, Chatham, Pa, m. res of John Owlett Esq, Jul 8th by Rev. A. Ensign
8 Sep M Potter, Milton R. Port Jervis, NJ and Miss Fannie E. Smith, Knoxville, m. at Knoxville M. E. Parsonage Aug 30th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
30 Jun D Pritchardy, Lottie B. dau of Walter & Mary, Charleston, d. Apr 29th age 2 yrs, 20 das
19 May D Putnam, Vioal dau. Of U. A. and Mary, age 6 yrs, Blossburg, d. May 8th
10 Feb M Radeker, Mr. Henry and Mrs. Almina Briggs of Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
10 Mar M Ralston, Miss Eliza of Canda and Mr. Ralph Samson, Charleston, m. res of Robert Adams Esq. Feb 12th by Rev. H. Moyer
26 May M Raymond, Mrs. Hannah West Branch and Mr. Andrew J. Labar, Clymen, Pa, m. May 9th by A. Bisbee, Esq
10 Nov M Redfield, Albert Farmington twp. And Miss Mary L. Brown, Middlebury, m. Nov 8th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
17 Mar M Reed, Mr. Victor and Miss Sarah Simmons, Delmar, m. Mar 15th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
13 Oct M Reese, Geo. W. and Miss Minnie E. Schusler, Charleston, m. at Charleston M. E. Parsonage Sep 28th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
13 Oct M Reese, Wm. L. and Miss Charlotte Wood, Charleston, m. at Charleston M. E. Parsonage Sep 28th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
1 Sep M Rekeldifer, Miss Lucy Arnot and Nickolas Nickols, m. res of Robert Irving in Ogdensburg, Aug 11th by Rev. Reynolds
3 Nov D Retan, Mrs. Adaline wife of Levi, d. at res. Oct 25th, age 43, oldest dau of Geo. Seeley, Jackson twp. Buried Millerton
2 Jun M Rexford, Francis G. Chatauqua Co., Ny and Miss Lucinda Richmond, Sullivan, Tioga Co m. at M. E. Parsonage, Mansfield May 20th by Rev. H. S. Parkhurst
16 Jun M Rich, John Hornellsville, NY and Miss Flora Strait, Sylvania, m. Jun 7th, Mansfield res of Mr. G. Fuller by Rev. H. S. Parkhurst
18 Aug M Rich, Menzo and Miss Emma Howland, dau of Prince (Esq), Chatham, m. res of brides, Jul 4th by Rev. C. K. Bunnell
21 Apr M Richardson, Miss Amy Ridgebury, Pa. and Mr. Benj. Burgess, Howard, NY, m. Apr 8th, res of Mr. Richardson by Rev. W. W. Hunt near Wellsburg
31 Mar M Richardson, Miss Fanny E. P. Troy and Mr. S. H. Dampf, Corning, m. in Harrisburg Mar 18th by Dr. Robinson, pastor of Presb. Ch.
2 Jun M Richmond, Miss Lucinda Sullivan, Tioga Co, and Francis G. Rexford, Chatauqua Co, NY, m. at M. E. Parsonage, Mansfield May 20th by Rev. H. S. Parkhurst
3 Feb M Richmond, Oscar H. of Sullivan and Miss Florence E. VanNess of Rutland, m. at parents res. Jan. 21st by Rev. John VanKirk
27 Jan M Rikeldifer, Mr. Frederick Arnot and Miss Alta Beste of Delmar, m. at Delmar Jan 19th by Rev. R. Reynolds
16 Jun D Ripley, Sarah  wife of Wm Ripley, Lambs Cr. Age 36 yrs, 5 mos, 9 das, d. May 28th
9 Jun D Ripley, Sarah Wells wife of Wm. B. Ripley, Lambs Cr., d. May 28
14 Apr D Robbins, Lena youngest dau. Of Levi and Mary Ann, age 9 mos, d. Sullivan, Mar 24th, diptheria
24 Mar D Robbins, Sadie dau. Of Levi and Ann, age 3 yrs, 9 mos, d. Mar 15th, Sullivan, Diphtheria
31 Mar M Roberts, Mr. Byron and Mrs. Susan A. Roberts, Blossburg, m. res of brides, Mar 24th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
21 Apr M Roberts, Mr. Sam Wellsburg and Miss Evelyn Gates, Springfield, Pa, m. Jan 1st, Troy by Rev. J. S. Lorn, his res.
31 Mar M Roberts, Mrs. Susan A. Blossburg and Mr. Byron Roberts, Troy, m. res. of brides. Mar 24th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
1 Sep M Rockwell, Miss Lettie Rutland and John Baker, m. his res in Jackson by Rev. M. Rockwell, Aug 24th
24 Mar M Rockwell, Miss Mary Canton and Mr. Art Goodspeed, West Covington, m. in Canton Feb 24th by Elder R. Spencer
24 Mar M Rockwell, Mrs. Wreseville E. dau of Hon. V. W. Long, Troy, Pa. and Mr. Wm. A. Thomas, Esq., m. Mar 18th, Troy by Rev. S. Conde
1 Sep M Rogers, Sam Covington and Miss Mary Jane Porter, Charleston, m. res of Bertrand Damaux by Rev. Reynolds
31 Mar D Rosa, Mr. Cornelius age 77 yrs. d. Troy, March 23rd
7 Jul M Rose, Arnot and Miss Anna Benson, Rutland, m. Jul 2nd, res of brides parents by Rev. C. H. Crowl
14 Apr D Rowland, John d. age 36 yrs, Sar, Apr 4th Westfield
31 Mar D Ruggles, Mr. Leonard d. age 72, Dropsy, Mar 18th, Troy
24 Nov M Rumsey, Alonzo and Miss Eliza Gifford, Mainsburg, m. by I. M. Rumsey, Esq. Oct 31st
6 Jan M Rumsey, Miss Rose Sullivan, and Mr. Nathaniel Soper, m. Dec 25th, Rumsey Hill by Rev. J. Vankirk
6 Oct M Ryon, Miss Alice H. dau of Geo. L. and Clark S. Ingraham, Elmira, m. at Lawrenceville, Sep 29th by Rev. J. B. Grier
21 Apr D Sampson, Joseph D. Apr 6th Copp Hollow
10 Mar M Sampson, Mr. Ralph Charleston and Miss Eliza Ralston of Canda, m. res of Robert Adams Esq. Feb 12th by Rev. H. Moyer
10 Mar M Savage, Miss Jessie A. Covington and Mr. Geo. W. Avery, Sylvania, m. Jan 1st res. Of Mr. Howard by Rev. H. C. Moyer
24 Mar M Sawaher, Lucinda Jackson, Pa. and Amaza A. Page m. res of Scott Harris in Osego Feb 25th by Rev. J. O. Woodruff
21 Apr M Sayles, Wm. C. Lowmanville and Miss Jennie M. Sutton, Troy, m. Apr 6th, M. E. Parsonage, Troy by Rev. J. S. Lemon
29 Sep M Scheidweiler, Miss Carrie L. Wellsboro and Geo. W. Davenport, m. Sep 16th by Rev. T. Stacey
13 Oct M Schusler, Miss Minnie E. Charleston and Geo. W. Reese, m. at Charleston M. E. Parsonage Sep 28th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
28 Apr D Seeley, Geo. G. age 60, res. In Farmington, d. Apr 9th
21 Jul M Seely, Miss Chloe Chatham, Pa. and Ezra Potter, Middlebury, m. res of John Owlett Esq, Jul 8th by Rev. A. Ensign
14 Apr M Seely, Miss Fannie M. Lawrenceville and Mr. Edward G. Kolb, m. at the seely House Lawrenceville, Mar 8th by Rev. G. Gibson
1 Sep M Seely, Nathaniel H. and Miss Ida H. Woodbury, Deerfield, Pa., m. res of brides father, Aug 21st by Rev. C. Weeks
28 Apr D Shaw, Flavius J. age 32 yrs, 4 mos, Richmond twp., d. Apr 20
29 Sep M Shaw, Miss Lucy Elkland and W. Albert Brookmen, Elmira, m. in Knoxville, Sep 20th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
27 Oct Sheffer, Mr. Sam old and respected citizen of Liberty, left with wife and 2 daus for IO. Where he intends to make Garden Grove Decatur Co. his home, son-in-law Geo.
Artley and family acconppanied him.
28 Apr M Sherman, Mr. Allen P. Tioga Co and Miss Kate E. Chapman, Williamsport, m. Apr 15th, Troy by C. V. Dare, Esq.
21 Apr M Sherman, Mr. Chas Eugene and Miss Angie Cloos, Chatham twp., m. Apr 12th, Shortsville by J. W. French, Esq
31 Mar D Sherman, Mr. Earl d. wk ago last Sat, age 64 yrs, at Austinville, had lived there and Roseville
6 Jan M Short, Miss Ella E. Chatham Valley and Mr. Delancy Wass, Niles Valley, m. Dec 25th by Rev. A. Ensign, Parsonage on Chatham
3 Mar D Shumway, Geo. H. R. agg 66 yrs, d. Feb 28th, Lawrencefille, b. Chenango Co. NY
17 Mar M Simmons, Miss Sarah Delmar and Mr. Victor Reed, m. Mar 15th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
13 Oct M Sinclair, Miss Rachel Arnot and James Blair, m. Arnot by Rev. S. A. Rawson
19 May M Skelton, Manuel A. and Sarah Campbell, Delmar, m. Apr 28th, res of S. Bacon by Rev. J. D. Piqie
1 Sep M Slingerland, Miss Celestia M. Sullivan twp. And Wm Strait, Columbia, Brad Co, m. res of brides mother Aug 25th by Rev. I. D. Ayres
17 Mar M Sluyter, Mr. Wm G. Southport, NY and Miss Sarah Stone, dau of Levi in South Cr. M. By Rev. Levi Stone, Mar 10th
21 Apr M Smiley, Miss Fanny Troy and Mr. Frank Turner, Kalamazoo, Mich, m. res of brides father Mr. B. S. Smiley, Mar 31st by Rev. Thos. B. Jayne
29 Sep M Smith, Harrison and Miss Phebe Green, Peekskill, NY, m. Peekskill Jul 29th by Rev. C. S. Harrower
17 Mar M Smith, Miss Beiviaette Sullivan Twp. And Andrew Parker, Mill Cr., m. Parsonage Tioga Mar 12th by Rev. H. Lamkin
14 Apr M Smith, Miss Cordelia  Westfield and Mr. Frank A. Brown, m. Apr 3rd by Rev. Franics Strang
14 Jul M Smith, Miss Emma L. Charleston and Wm. Green, m. Meth. Parsonage Jul 4th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 Sep M Smith, Miss Fannie E. Knoxville and Milton R. Potter, Port Jervis, NJ, m. at Knoxville M. E. Parsonage Aug 30th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
14 Jul M Smith, Miss Jennie Charleston, and Thos Hollinan, Tuscarora, Steuben Co., NY, m. Charleston Jul 6th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
24 Nov M Smith, Miss Martha Sullivan and J. H. DeWitt, m. in Roseville, Nov 14th by Rev. J. VanKirk
14 Jul M Smith, Miss Mary E. and Mr. Joseph S. Churm, Antrim, m. res of brides parents, Rutland, Jul 2nd by Rev. M. Rockwell
14 Jul M Smith, Miss Mary J. Elmira and James E. Barlow, m. Jul 4th by Rev. S. Aldrick
24 Mar M Smith, Mr. Geo W. Wellsboro and Miss Louisa M. Wilson, Stoneyfork, m. Feb 20th Wellsboro by John Gibson, Esq.
24 Mar M Smith, Mr. Geo. W. Sullivan and Miss Zelpha Ingolls, West Covington, m. in Blossburg Mar 2nd by Elder I. P. Spencer
10 Feb D Smith, Mrs. Annis d. Jan 25th, age 86 yrs. In Austinville.  Mr. Smith d. May 1871.  
They were pioneers in Rutland in 1806 lived there 2 yrs. Before they had any neighbors.  
They lived in a log hut without a floor, door or chimney erected at the end of a sled road in the woods.
3 Nov D Smith, Mrs. Louisa member of Sullivan Grange No 84
6 Jan M Soper, Mr. Nathaniel and Miss Rose Rumsey, Sullivan, m. Dec 25th, Rumsey Hill by Rev. J. Vankirk
13 Oct M Southworth, Frank and Miss Nettie Garner, Chatham, m. res of Albert Baker, Esq. Oct 4th by Rev. Francis Strong
28 Apr D Spink, Jessie age 24, Blossburg, d. Apr 21st
19 May D Spink, Mrs. A. J. age 24, Blossburg, d. May 8th
18 Aug M Stacy, Mary Farmington and Horace G. Edwards, m. Jul 1st Lawrenceville by Rev. M. Gibson
11 Aug D Sterkey, Mrs. Lydia wife of Joseph, age 78 yrs, 9 mos, 14 das, Richmond, d. Jul 23rd
17 Mar M Stoddard, Miss Cynthia Lawrenceville and Mr. Lewis Green, m. Mar 14th Keeneyville by Rev. Selen Butler
17 Mar M Stone, Miss Sarah dau. Of Levi in South Cr. And Mr. Wm G. Sluyter, Southport, NY. M. by Rev. Levi Stone, Mar. 10th
16 Jun M Strait, Miss Flora Sylvania and John Rich, Hornellsville, NY, m. Jun 7th, Mansfield res of Mr. G. Fuller by Rev. H. S. Parkhurst
1 Sep M Strait, Wm Columbia, Brad Co and Miss Celestia M. Slingerland, Sullivan twp, m. res of brides mother Aug 25th by Rev. I. D. Ayres
24 Mar M Stratton, Miss Ruth A. Canoe Camp and Mr. Henry C. Edwards, Dallas Co. IO m. res of Seymour Stratton, Mar 8th by Elder R. Spencer
21 Apr D Stratton, Nina dau of Dan H. and Mary C., age 2 yrs?, d. Apr 11, Blossburg, Measles
22 Dec M Strong, Miss Tilla Mainsburg and Eugene Parkhurst, Aurora, NY, m. in Mainsburg Dec 15th by Rev. Joh VanKirk
10 Feb M Sturrock, Miss Mary A. and Mr. W. J. Bowers, Horseheads, NY, m. Feb 3rd at brides parents by Rev. J. F. Calkins. Mary is youngest dau. Of David Sturrock, Esq. of Wellsboro
21 Apr M Sutton, Miss Jennie M. Troy and Wm. C. Sayles of Lowmanville, m. Apr 6th, M. E. Parsonage, Troy by Rev. J. S. Lemon
28 Jul M Swainson, Miss Annie Fall Brook and John Anderson, m. Jul 10rh, Morris Run by Rev. John H. Acornley
14 Apr M Taylor, Mr. Henry M. Shippen twp. And Miss Julia A. Wilson, Delmar, m. res of bride by Rev. J. F. Calkins Apr 8th
31 Mar D Terry, Mrs. Margaret O. eldest dau. of Mr. Edwin Wetmore, d. age 24 yrs, 3 mos, 13 das, Mar 3rd at Sangerfield, NY
21 Apr D Theis, Henry age 53, d. Apr 3rd, res in Germania, Pa.
24 Mar M Thomas, Mr. Wm. A., Esq. and Mrs. Wrexeville E. Rockwell, dau. Of Hon. V. W. Long, Troy, Pa. m. Mar 18th, Troy by Rev. S. Conde
14 Apr D Thompson, Deacon Isaac d. res in Harrison, Mar 26th, age 80
14 Apr M Thompson, Mr. Darwin and Mrs. Ellen Kriner, Delmar, m. in Wellsboro, Jan 21st by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
13 Jan M Tillinghast, W. A. and Mrs. Marie Curren, eldest Dau. Of Daniel Friends, m. in Millerton at M. E. Parsonage by Rev. A. I. Blanchard. All of Jackson, Jan 1st
7 Jul M Tipple, David E. and Miss Lovina Bryant, Charleston, m. M. E. Parsonage, E. Charleston, Jul 3rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer
16 Jun M Tombs, Hiram Wellsboro and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Delmar, m. Jun 4th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Jun D Town, Jennie dau of O. W. Town, age 12 yrs, Blossburg, d. May 5th
21 Apr M Train, Miss Mary Addison, and Mr. Dennis McCarty, Blossburg, m. at Addison, Apr 14th by Rev. Father Ryan
28 Apr M Tubbs, Mr. Frank and Miss Kate Ouderkirk, dau of Chas. Esq. of Farmington, m. Apr 5th by Rev. J. Grier, Lawrenceville
21 Apr M Turner, Mr. Frank Kalamazoo, Mich and Miss Fanny Smiley, Troy, m. res of brides father Mr. B. S. Smiley, Mar 31st by Rev. Thos B. Jayne
28 Apr M VanDusen, Elizabeth  Neb. And J. C. Hoew, Mansfield, m. Apr 15th, Hopeville by Rev. Fellows
7 Jul M VanDyke, John Liberty and Miss Maria C. Field, Morris Run, m. Jun 25th, U. S. Hotel by H. S. Parkhurst
7 Jul M VanHorn, Benj. C. Wellsboro and Miss Aggie Morgan, Columbia, Brad Co, m. Jul 1st Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
3 Feb M VanNess, Miss Florence E. of Rutland and Oscar H. Richmond of Sullivan, m. at parents res. Jan 21st by Rev. John VanKirk
28 Jul M VanVleit, Albert and Miss Nancy S. Wilcox, Delmar, m. Jul 26th Stoneyfork by Rev. P. Reynolds
21 Apr D Wadsworth, Jason d. Joseph Fink residence in Sinnemahoning, Mar 17th, age 53 yrs.
10 Nov M Wallace, Mr. Robert Morris Run and Miss Ellen Covert, Armenia, m. at Morris Run Nov 5th by Rev. John H. Acornely
6 Jan M Was, Mr. Delancy Niles Valley and Miss Ella E. Short, Chatham Valley, m. Dec 25th by Rev. A. Ensign, Parsonage on Chatham
27 Oct D Weatherbee, Mrs. Louisa M. dau of late Ferdinand Stermer, wife of Walter, age 62 yrs, 2 mos, d. Sep 28th, Delmar
27 Oct D Weatherbee, Stella May dau. Of Walter, age 4 mo old, d. Oct 10th, Delmar
14 Jul M Webb, Clarence E. and Miss Ida Jane Hardin, Covington, m. res of brides parents, Jul 3rd by Rev. H. S. Parkhurst
15 Dec D Webster, Allen age 60, d. Nov 23rd, Sullivan
2 Jun M Webster, J. S. and Miss Fanny Faley, Rutland twp, m. May 24th, Roseville by Rev. C. H. Crowl
26 May M Weeks, Huldah L. Westfield and M. H. Hoose, m. Apr 30th by Rev. Francis Strong
15 Sep M Weeland, Wellington W.  Liberty, and Miss Lorena H. Kingsley, Elmira, m. Aug 20th, res of D. A. Werline, Esq, Liberty by Rev. A. B. Miller
28 Apr D Welch, Wm. W. age 46, Farmington, d. Feb 25th
28 Jul M Wells, J. T. and Mary Greenough, Antrim, m. Jul 22nd, Tioga by W. T. Urell, Esq.
6 Oct M Wells, Miss Alice Elmira, and Eugene Albertson, m. Sep 27th Pine Woods by J. M. Edsall
31 Mar D Westbrook, Catherine formerly of Tioga, age 62, d. Burean Co, Ill
7 Jul M Wheeler, Mr. M. J. and Miss Clara Holden, Mansfield, m. M. E. Church Parsonage, Troy by Rev J. S. Lemon, Jun 28th
8 Dec M White, Miss Jennie Jackson, Pa. and Henry F. Beckhorse, N. Chemung, NY, m. res of brides parents, Dec 2nd by Rev. Rumsey
25 Aug D Wilcox, Miss Elle age 28 yrs, Delmar, d. Aug 17th
28 Jul M Wilcox, Miss Nancy S. Delmar and Albert VanVleit, m. Jul 26th Stoneyfork by Rev. P. Reynolds
28 Apr M Wilcox, Mr. Geo. S. and Miss Ida M. Bowen, Delmar, m. Apr 19th Stoneyfork by Rev. P. Reynolds
9 Jun D Wilcox, Mr. Job age 67, Delmar, d. May 31st
17 Nov M Wilkins, Miss Mary D. Covington and Geo. Johnson, m. at Covington Nov 11th by Elder I. R. Spencer
6 Jan M Willard, Miss Lena Charleston, and Mr. Otis L. Witherbee, Delmar, m. Jan 1st by Rev. J. F. Calkins
21 Apr D Williams, Mrs. Hannah age 74, d. Troy Apr 4th typhoid fever
16 Jun M Williken, Mr. B. F. and Miss Lucy A. Navle, Wellsboro, m. Jun 15th by Rev. T. Stacey
4 Aug D Wilson, Elizabeth Hammond d. res of dau Mrs. S. M. Cooley, Middle Ridge, Jul 18th, wife of late A. J., age 77 yrs
29 Dec M Wilson, Miss Helen Delmar, and Wilber Field, m. res of brides father, Dec 23rd by Rev. O. C. Hills
14 Apr M Wilson, Miss Julia A. Delmar and Mr. Henry M. Taylor, Shippen twp., m. res of bride by Rev. J. F. Calkins Apr 8th
24 Mar M Wilson, Miss Louisa M. Stonyfork and Mr. Geo. W. Smith, Wellsboro, m. Feb 20th, Wellsboro by John Gibson, Esq.
7 Jul M Wilson, Miss Nettie E. Delmar and Mr. Coridon Hardin, Wellsboro, m. Jul 3rd, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
24 Mar M Wilson, Mr. Geo. P. and Miss Elia Griffin, m. Mar 2nd in East Charleston, res of Marcus Bededicy by Rev. J. Ingerick
21 Apr M Wilson, Mr. Hulon C. and Miss Sarah E. Packer, Wellsboro, m. Apr 15th by Rev. T. Stacy
21 Apr M Wilson, Mrs. Caroline D. Bath, NY and Lewis B. Joy, Buffalo, NY, m. Apr 14th at St. Thomas Church, Bath by Rev. O. R. Howard
3 Nov M Wingate, Geo.  and Miss Lucy Ludlow, Charleston, m. at Rev. Moses Yale res. Nov 1st
6 Jan M Witherbee, Mr. Otis Delmar and Miss Lena Willard, Charleston, m. Jan 1st by Rev. J. F. Calkins
13 Oct M Wood, Miss Charlotte Charleston, and Wm. L. Reese, m. at Charleston M. E. Parsonage Sep 28th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
6 Jan M Woodmansee, Mr. Melvin and Miss Emma Estella Bunn, Canesteo, NY, m. Dec 18th 1873, res. Of brides father by Rev. J. H. Blades
8 Sep M Wood, Mr. E. H. Wellsboro and Miss L. Wormuth, m. res of brides father Chittenango Falls, Jul 29th by Rev. A. E. Smith
1 Sep M Woodbury, Miss Ida H. Deerfield, Pa. and Nathaniel H. Seely, m. res of brides father, Aug 21st by Rev. C. Weeks
15 Dec M Woodhouse, Miss Charlotte Trout Run and James J. O'Conner, Stokesdale, m. Dec 13th by Rev. T. Stacey
24 Mar M Woods, Mr. James and Miss Nancy Bagley, Tioga, m. at Lawrenceville Mar 14th
8 Sep M Wormuth, Miss L. and E. H. Wood, Wellsboro, m. res of brides father Chittenango Falls, Jul 29th by Rev. A. E. Smith
24 Mar M Wright, Miss Mary Ann Lawrence, Pa. and Marion Demming, Jackson twp m. at hotel Tioga by Rev. H. Lamkin, Mar 15th
3 Nov D Wylie, Mr. Hoffman S. d. Oct 10th San Antonio, Tex
29 Sep M Yale, Miss Frankie J. Clymer, Pa. and James Nolan, Rathboneville, NY., m. res of brides father sep 20th by Rev. Everett
17 Feb D Yeomans, John son of John and Lizzie Yeomans d. Feb 6th age 5 yrs, 7mos, 19 das
28 Apr M Young, Mr. E. B. Wellsboro and Miss Mary A. Elheny, m. res of brides father, Ithaca, NY, Apr 16th by Rev. Dr. Bristol
20 Jan     Notice: To be sold a lot of land in Delmar Twp. 50 acres property of Robert and Elizabeth Frances, also lot of land 61 acres property of Samuel D. Frances, suit of A. L. Ensworth
14 Apr     Story of Newspaper by Wm. Adams Esq.
5 May     Story of Thomas Forster Former Minister of Presb. Church Wellsboro 1843 Rev. J. F. Calkins by T. H. Robinson
12 May     History of Phoenix and the Old Log House built 1814 by John Kilborn and Mag. John M. Kilborn was b. there it was owned also by B. B. Smith, Esq. who published the Old Tioga County Phoenix in the building
18 Aug   Wellsboro and State Line Railway
22 Sep     History of Episcopal Church, Tioga Co, Rev. Chas. Breck D. D., pioneer of Church work
22 Sep     Robbery of First National Bank, Mr. Robinson
13 Oct     More on bank robbery
10 Nov     Brief Historical Sketch of Tioga Co. by John Sexton
17 Nov     more on Tioga Co., Pa by John Sexton
17 Nov     History of William Bingham, b. Mar 8th 1753, Philadelphia, d. Feb 6th 1804. His trustees, His son-in-law's Alexander Baring, Henry Baring (Robert Gilmore, Thomas Willing, Chas. Willing Hare) 3 friends
17 Nov     1st settler of Tioga Co. by J. L. Sexton, Jessie Locey, b. Feb 5th 1780, NJ, entered Fed. Army age 16 as a waiter to Gen. Washington, served till end of war, Dec 1783, he returned to Southport, NY, m. Patty Losey who d. 1793, Tioga. 3 children Noah b. Jun 10th 1788, Southport, Isaac b. Oct 4th 1790, Phebe b. Sep 22nd 1792, Tioga, Oct 18th 1799 Jessie M. Zelpha for 2nd wife, Jessie d. Mar 12th 1845, buried Holiday, Wife d. 1857
24 Nov     History by John Sexton of the Press
8 Dec     Trial of Bank Robbers

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 1/19/2007
By Joyce M. Tice