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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
6 Jan     Letters of Adm. Issued on estates of deceased:  Menzo Boom, Knoxville to Lucy Boom; Levi McClelland, Charleston to S. H. Wood; S. X. Billings, Gaines Twp., to Sarah Billings; Robert Trull, Wellsboro to Sarah Trull; Perry Nittrown, Wells to Lucia Nitrow and Chas. Ely
23 Mar D Abels, Grace age 1 yr, 11 mos, youngest dau of James and Alvira, d. Mar 10th, Farmington
16 Mar D Adams, Clayton son of Robert and Mary Adams, age 13 yrs, 8 mos, 23 das, d. Mar 2nd Jackson
20 Apr M Aldrich, Henry G. and Alice M. Culiver, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro, Apr 12th by Rev. Isaac E. Howd
24 Feb D Allen, Prof. Fordyce Almon d. Feb. 11th, age 59, b. Jul 10th 1820, Cummington, MA, came to Tioga Co. 1822 with parents and lived in a house built by Jacob Allen, Sr., Rev Soldier, Prof. Allen m. 1st 1845, Sarah Colwell had 1 child, she d. 1848, Jamestown, NY., Dec 1852 he m. Jane Martin who survives him with 3 children 1 boyd. buried in West Chester
20 Apr M Anderson, Miss Christine of Antrim and Lars Larson, m. Apr 15th, Wellsboro by Rev. A. C. Shaw
17 Feb D Angel, John age 71, died in Court House last year
6 Jan M Archer, Miss Flora A. and E. C. Deans, m. Jan 3rd, Wellsboro, res of brides parents by Rev. J. F. Calkins
2 Mar D Ardway, Mr. G. age 48, Canoe Camp, d. Feb 12th
11 May M Ayers, Permelia dau of Wm. H., Morris and Robert E. Casbeer, m,. May 13th, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas Breck, rec. of St. Pauls Church
24 Feb D Bailey, Chas. C. son of Constant and Sarah Bailey, age 4, Covington, d. Jan 10th
24 Feb D Bailey, Lucy A. youngest dau of Constant and Amy Bailey, age 9, Covington d. Jan 25th
30 Mar M Baker, Andrew Woodhull, Ny., and Miss Huldah Bonham, Osceola, m. Osceola, Mar 10th by Rev. W. H. Taylor
24 Feb M Barnes, Joseph C. and Miss Lucy J. Whipple, Mansfield, m. Mansfield Feb 10th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
20 Apr D Batterson, Jeptha age 90, Tioga, d. Apr 5th
23 Mar D Beach, Mary E. Leanard wife of Curry E. Beach, age 38, Chatham Twp., d. Mar 16th
23 Mar B Beal son to Mrs. F. E. L. Beal, Mar 14th, Ames, IO
27 Jan D Beaman, Freddie diptheria, (Lawrenceville News) Public Schools closed
3 Feb D Beaman, Maggie d. Wed. age 12, only remaining child of Ward Beaman, diptheria, her bro d. 2 wks ago (Lawrenceville News)
6 Jan M Beech, Miss Mary A. and Thos. Childs, m. Dec 24th, Morris Run by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
6 Jan D Beeman, Frank age 8, Lawrenceville, d. Dec 23rd, diptheria
24 Feb M Benn, James B. Clymer Twp., and Miss C. C. Blue, Gaines, m. Feb 14th Westfield, by Rev. H. Peck
10 Feb M Bennett, Miss Eliizabeth Morris Run and Geo. Read, m. Jan 30th by Rev. D. Savage
6 Jan M Bixby, Jennie R. Wellsboro and Fred A. Wilcox of CT., m. Dec 23rd Tioga by Rev. F. Graves
20 Apr B Blackwell  9 lb. boy to Mrs. John M. Blackwell, Apr 5th, Morris
17 Feb   Blackwell, Geo and son have gone to locate in Larned, Kan.
2 Mar M Blair, Rev. M. S. and Miss Emma J. Seymour, Sullivan Twp., m. Sullivan Twp., Feb 11th by Rev. G. Wood
24 Feb M Blue, Miss C. C. Gaines and James B. Benn, Clymer, Twp., m,. Feb 14th Westfield, by Rev. H. Peck
30 Mar M Bonham, Miss Huldah Osceola and Andrew Baker, Woodhull, NY., m. Osceola, Mar 10th by Rev. W. H. Taylor
20 Jan A Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Golden Wedding Jan 16th in vicinity of Knoxville, m. 50 yrs on Jan 14th, of 10 living children, 6 were present:  Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Higgie, Geo. Frank, and Elmer Bowen.  Son John in Dakota, Sam in Calif, Eza in Mon. and Wm. In Neb. not present.  Dr. J. C. Whitaker bro of Mrs. Bowen gave speech, a brief history is given
16 Mar D Bowers, Mary A wife of W. J. Bowers, age 30 yrs, 17 das, Horseheads, NY, d. Mar 5th, youngest dau of David Sturrock
27 Jan M Brady, Jeff and Miss Mary E. Brizzie, Liberty Twp., m. at Liberty Twp., Jan 11th by E. Fitch, Esq
10 Feb M Brahany, Wm Tioga and Miss Mary Howard, Fall Brook, m. at Fall Brook Jan 29th by Rev. Father Murphy
25 May D Braughton, Gertrude age 5 mos, dau of Richard and Alma Braughton, Mansfield
10 Feb B Bray son to Mrs. Peter Bray Feb 1st, Union Twp.
10 Feb M Brill, Anna E. Delmar Twp., and Galusha Wilccox, m. at Stoneyfork, Jan 28th by J. W. Symonds, Esq
27 Jan M Brizzie, Miss Mary E. Liberty Twp., and Jeff Brady, m. at Liberty Twp., Jan 11th by E. Fitch, Esq
23 Mar B Brown dau to Mrs. Poleman Brown, Middlebury, Mar 9th
17 Feb M Buchus, J. A. Antrim and Miss M. J. Butler, Stoneyfork, m. res of Hiram Morseman, Round Top, Feb 15th by Rev. Jennings
10 Feb M Bulkley, Miss Myra Osceola, Pa., and Henry Tubbs, m. at Osceola, Jan 28th by Rev. P. Reynolds
6 Jan B Butler dau to Mrs. C. G. Butler, Charleston, Dec 28th
17 Feb M Butler, Miss M. J. Stoneyfork and J. A. Bachus, Antrim, m. res of Hiram Morseman, Round Top, Feb 15th by Rev. Jennings
16 Mar B Butts dau to Mrs. D. J. Butts, Mansfield, Feb 27th
1 Jun B Campbell son to Mrs. Henry Campbell, May 26th, Morris
16 Mar B Campbell  son to Mrs. Albert, Mar 11th, Marsh Creek
4 May M Campbell, Erastus and Miss Mary Harris, Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., m. Apr 28th Coles House, Wellsboro by Rev. E. H. Lattimer
27 Jan D Campbell, Eva Mary diptheria, (Lawrenceville News) Public Schools closed
11 May M Casbeer, Robert E. and Permilia Ayers, dau of Wm. H., Morris, m. May 13th, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas Breck, rec. of St. Pauls Church
13 Jan M Case, Miss Alice A. Williamsport, Lycoming Co., and Moses Schiek, Liberty, m. Jan 1st, East Liberty by Rev. M. Sloat
23 Mar D Catlin, Eliza P. wife of James in Big Grove Twp., Benton Co., IO, d. Mar 19th consumption, dau of Sam Mills, Round Top, Tioga Co, age 35 yrs, 6 mos, 11 das
4 May M Champane, Geo. and Miss Sarah Schonbacker, Elk Twp., m. Apr 20th, M. E. Parsonage, Gaines, by Rev. J. W. Miller
25 May M Champlain, Mrs. Eliza Westfield and J. P. VanZile, Osceola, m. at Westfield, May 15th
6 Jan M Champlin, Miss Lizzie C. Tioga, and Willie L. Tuttle, Canoe Camp, m. Dec 10th, Canoe Camp by Rev. G. W. Headley
13 Jan M Chapman, Miss Margaret of Morris Run and Mr. William H. Williams of Blossburg, m. at Morris Run, Dec 31st by Rev. D. Savage
6 Jan M Childs, Thos. and Miss Mary A Beech, m. Dec 24th, Morris Run by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
17 Feb D Christopher, James age 66, died in Court House last year 
16 Mar B Church son to Mrs. E. I. Church, Bath, NY., Mar 12th
2 Mar M Claffin, Miss Elizabeth Grover, Pa., and H. C. Spencer, m Feb 11th by Rev. M. S. Blair, Sullivan
4 May B Clark  son to Mrs. M. L. Clark, Apr 25th, Mansfield
6 Jan M Clark, Miss Adelle of Sullivan and Sam H. Keley, Richmond Twp., m. Dec 25th, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
20 Jan D Cleveland, Mrs. Polly widow of Elisha, d. Jan 7th, age 78, Richmond Twp.
3 Feb M Cleveland, Wilbur W. and Miss Levina D. O'Dell, Mansfield, m. Jan 25th by Rev. G. M. Righter
27 Jan D Cloos, Mr. Newbury Middlebury, last Tues in Chatham
20 Apr M Close, Katie Chatham Valley and Gurden Reed, m. Apr 18th, Coles Hotel, Wellsboro by Rev. Isaac E. Hurd
10 Feb M Cole, Wilson and Miss Alfaretta Rumsey, Sylvania, m. Dec 25th at Mansfield, by Rev. H. C. Moyer
6 Jan M Conley, Miss Mollie and Michael Lynchan, Cedar Run, m. Dec 28th, Tioga by Rev. Father McDermott
6 Jan M Cook, Miss Hannah Blossburg and James Kirkwood, formerly of Arnot, m. at res of brides father
6 Jan M Cook, Miss Hannah dau of John and Jas. Kirkwood, Arnot, m. Dec 28th, Blossburg by Rev. R. N. Lead
13 Apr M Craig, Miss Anna Delmar Twp., and Thomas Rocht, m. res of birde, Apr 3rd by Rev. J. F. Calkins
17 Feb D Crawford, Warren age 27, died in Court House last year
20 Apr M Culiver, Alice M. Wellsboro and Henry G. Aldrich, m. Wellsboro, Apr 12th by Rev. Isaac E. Howd
23 Mar M Cummings, John and Miss Lucy Kirkendall of Tioga Junction, m. Tioga Junction Mar 9th by Rev. L. D. Ayers
17 Feb D Cunningham Agnes age 77, died in Court House last year
18 May D Cure, Benj. age 85, d. May 7th, Knoxville
3 Feb D Darling, Mrs. L. wife of Dr. Darling, brought to Lawrenceville for burial 2 weeks ago, her parnets are buried in Scotland, her wish was to be buried in Lawrenceville
4 May M Dartt, Miss Anna Charleston, and Paul M. Pomery, m. Apr 15th, Troy by Rev. M. Hamlin
3 Feb D Davis, Pearl S. age 7 mo, 23 das, dau of Wallace and Ida M. Davis, Chatham Twp., d. Jan 8th, diptheria
6 Jan M Davy, Miss Hester Westfield and Geo. Potter, Clymer Twp., m. Dec 24th, Sabinsville by Rev. J. S. Stocum
23 Mar M Day, Miss Carrie E. Tioga and Delmar L. Larraby, Watkins, NY., m. Tioga, Mar 16th by Rev. H. Lamkin
6 Jan M Deans, E. C. and Miss Flora A. Archer, m. Jan 3rd, Wellsboro, res of brides parents by Rev. J. F. Calkins
16 Mar B Decker son to Mrs. Ambrose Decker, Mar 8th, Mansfield
18 May M Decker, Miss Addie Rutland Twp., and E. R. Smith, m. May 9th by Rev. H. Lamkin
4 May M Dickenson, Hiram L. Chatham Twp., and Mrs. Ursula Goff, Keeneyville, m. res of Wm. Hunt, Middlebury Apr 28th by Rev. W. H. Peck
6 Apr M Dimmick, Miss Clara Middlebury and Fred J. Hymes, m. at Keeneyville, Mar 27th by C. J. Smith, Esq.
13 Apr M Dimmick, Miss Cora and J. E. Gardner, m. Feb 26th, Sullivan by Rev. G. M. Righter
24 Feb D Donaldson, John F. d. Feb 14th, a long article in his memory
13 Jan M Doud, Alva and Miss Annie Lounsberry, Sullivan, m. Dec 24th, Blossburg by Rev. F. K. Fowler
9 Mar M Doud, Miss Helen Mainsburg and Dan Rumsey, of Avon, m. Mainsburg, Feb 26th by Rev. M. S. Blair
25 May D Douglass, Mrs. C. P. age 60, d. May 17th, Sabinsville
17 Feb D Dowlin, Martin age 62, died in Court House last year
2 Mar D Drybairch, Blanche age 6 mo, dau of Joh H. and Rosina Drybrich, Arnot, d. Feb 15th
1 Jun M Dunham, Lelia M. Knoxville, and Nelson G. Roy, m. at Knoxville, May 17th by Rev. P. Reynolds
4 May M Dyke, Asa Mansfield and Miss Susan Marble, Arnot, Pa., m. res of brides, Apr 29th by David T. Evans, Esq
24 Feb D Eames, Orrin age 74 yrs, 10 mos, Covington, d. Feb 9th
11 May B Elliot son to Mrs. Fred G. Elliot, Apr 30th, Mansfield
11 May B Elliot  son to Mrs. Fred G. Elliot, Apr 30th, Mansfield
9 Mar M Elliot, Minnie E. Lambs Creek and Ward B. Lamb, m. at Lambs Creek, Mar 2nd by Rev. Geo D. Meigs
9 Mar M Elliot, Nettie J. Charleston and Seth Clark Peak, m. Mar 3rd by Rev. Isaac E. Howd, Wellsboro
27 Apr M Erwin, Miss Julia dau of H. P., and James Hill, Elmira, NY., m. res of brides father, Blossburg, Apr 20th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
1 Jun M Evans, John W. Arnot Pa., and Miss Lena Neith, Elkland, m. May 17th, Osceola, by Rev. W. D. Taylor
6 Jan M Evans, Thos. Y. and Miss Annie Rees, m. Dec 20th, Morris Run by Rev. F. Evans
3 Feb D Faulkner, Daniel age 58, Richmond Twp., d. Jan 24th
27 Jan D Faulkner, Miss Parney age 63, Richmond, d. Dec 31st
3 Feb M Field, E. M. and Miss Mina Mitchell, Tioga, m. Jan 15th Waverly, NY., by Rev. Watrous
20 Apr D Fishler, Julia Eve d. Apr 11th, diptheria, Delmar, dau of Joseph and Cornelia
20 Apr D Fishler, Nellie May age 1 yr, 10 mos, 1 da, Dalmar Twp., d. Apr 6th diptheria, dau of Joseph and Cornelia
2 Mar M Flee, Miss Mollie Sweatland, and Geo. H. Hughes, m. Wed. eve by Rev. Wm Baldwin, res of brides father, Tioga, Pa.
13 Apr M Focht, Thomas and Miss Anna Craig, Delmar Twp., m. res of bride, Apr 3rd by Rev. J. F. Calkins
6 Apr M Forer, John Jackson, Lycoming Co., and Miss Lydia A. Mase, Liberty, m. Liberty, Mar 28th by Rev. A. B. Miller
2 Mar D Franklin, Mrs. Louisa widow of Erastus, age 70 yrs, 3 mos, d. Jan 16th, Covington
6 Jan D Freeland, Mrs. James, Jr. d. last Thursday leaves wk old child
9 Mar M Freeman, Miss Maria Chatham Twp. And F. H. Smith, NYC, m. Chatham Twp., Feb 15th
17 Feb B Friends son to Mrs. Lewis Friends, Feb. 4th, Jackson
27 Jan M Frost, Benj. F. Covington and Mrs. Clara B. Wilson, Wellsboro, m. Jan 9th, Holidaytown by Rev. A. D. Finch
13 Apr D Frost, Esther Jane dau of Adaline, age 12 yrs, 2 das, d. Apr 11th, Charleston
10 Feb M Gaffney, James Antrim, and Martha A. Sheppard, dau of Isaac, Pittston, Pa., m. Feb 5th, St. Pauls Church, Wellsboro by Rev. Breck
13 Apr M Gardner, J. E. and Miss Cora Dimmick, m. Feb 26th, Sullivan by Rev. G. M. Righter
3 Feb M Geer. Joe H. Tioga, and Miss Lela E. Wellinton, Corning, m. in Tioga, Jan 24th by Rev. F. Graves
9 Mar M Geisenhof, John Niles Valley and Miss Louisa F. Riebe, Wellsboro, m. Mar 5th, M. E. Parsonage by Rev. E. H. Lattimer
1 Jun M Gile, Miss Anna J. Canoe Camp and Ransom W. Schofield, Mansfield, m. May 20th, Mansfield by Rev. G. M. Righter
4 May M Goff, Mrs. Ursula Keeneyville and Hiram L. Dickenson, Chatham Twp., m. res of Wm Hunt, Middlebury Apr 28th by Rev. W. H. Peck
27 Jan D Goodall, Elmer A. age 33, Louisville, Ky., d. Jan 13th, formerly of Canoe Camp
17 Feb D Grandy, Eliza age 79, died in Court House last year
13 Jan B Graves dau to wife of Fred Graves, Jan 1, Blossburg
25 May D Graves, Mrs. Polly age 92 yrs, 1 mo, 8 das, d. May 9th, Covington
20 Apr M Green, Miss Jackson Twp., and Clarence Hogancamp, m. in Lawrence, Apr 4th by P. Reep, Esq
17 Feb D Greenwood, Polly age 84, died in Court House last year 
4 May D Griffin, Silas S. An old pioneer gone, Silas S. Griffin, d. Apr 18th, the Twp., of Clymer lost its last pioneer., b. Georgetown, Madison Co., NY., Jun 30 1811, he remained there until 1833 when he cut his way into the forest of what was then the Twp. Of Westfield.  He remaind there until d. age 68 yrs, 9 mos, 18 das.  He came unmarried and empty handed, purchased a piece of land and cleared it.  Soon he had a log house and everything ready for a family., m. Elizabeth Thompson of Westfield, 2nd m. Susan Thomas whom  he leaves and 9 children.  Written by Isaiah A. Campbell
6 Jan M Gueren, Miss Anna Charleston, and James Root, m. Jan 1st, Wellsboro by Rev. J. F. Calkins
24 Feb D Guernsey, Wm. E. age 27, Chicago, d. Feb 16th
24 Feb M Guile, Miss Mary Westfield, and Orrin Wizzell, m. at Westfield, Feb 7th by Finkner, Esq
17 Feb D Hallock, Geo. age 2, died in Court House last year 
4 May B Hamblin, Maude dau to Mrs. Truman Hamblin, Apr 19th, Brookfield
1 Jun M Harding, Miss E. E. Wellsboro, and W. J. Suhr, m. at Wellsboro, May 24th by Rev. O. C. Hills
27 Apr D Harkness, Mrs. Elmina d. Apr 16th, Cherry Flats, Age 60, mother of Mrs. N. A. Elliot and Mrs. Oliver Elliot, Mansfield
4 May M Harris, Miss Mary Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., and Erastus Campbell, m. Apr 28th Coles House, Wellsboro by Rev. E. H. Lattimer
20 Apr M Harris, Mr. Ethel Lawrenceville and Lydia A. Houghton, Batavia, ILL, m. Apr 4th, Lawrence by P. Reep, Esq
13 Apr M Hastings, Miss Lelia Wellsboro and Geo. Hathaway, Elmira, NY., m. Mar 31st, Parkhurst House by Rev. J. F. Calkins
13 Apr M Hathaway, Geo Elmira, NY., and Miss Lelia Hastings, Wellsboro, m. Mar 31st, Parkhurst House by Rev. J. F. Calkins
24 Feb D Hickey infant son of Michael Hinkey, d. Feb 12th, Mitchells Creek
27 Apr M Hill, James Elmira, NY, and Miss Julia Erwin, dau of H. P., m. res of brides father, Blossburg, Apr 20th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
13 Jan M Hillier, S. W. Mansfield and Miss Leona Marvin, dau of Albert, Covington, m. Jan 4th by Rev G. W. Headley
20 Apr M Hogancamp, Clarence and Miss Green, Jackson Twp., m. in Lawrence, Apr 4th by P. Reep, Esq.
20 Apr M Houghton, Lydia A. Batavia, ILL and Mr. Ethel Harris, Lawrenceville, m. Apr 4th , Lawrence by P. Reep, Esq
10 Feb M Howard, Miss Mary Fall Brook and Wm. Brahany, Tioga, m. at Fall Brook Jan 29th by Rev. Father Murphy
16 Mar M Howells, Thos. and Sarah R. Rollins, Charleston, m. Charleston, Mar 8th by Rev. DeWitt T. VanDoren
13 Jan M Howland, Miss Mary A. Wellsboro and Mr. Samuel R. Smith, Paola, Kan., m. at the res of A. Howland in Winfield, Kan., Jan 8th by Rev. J. E. Platter
27 Apr B Hubbard dau to Mrs. C. Hubbard, Apr 15th, Richmond
23 Mar M Hudson, Miss Effie and Ross A. Mitchell, m. Mar 17th, res of Geo Hudson, Jackson Twp., by Rev. H. B. Troxel
2 Mar M Hughes, Geo. H. and Miss Mollie Flee, Sweatland, m. Wed. eve by Rev. Wm Baldwin, res of brides father, Tioga, Pa.
17 Feb D Hurlburt, Lyman Chatham Valley, age 62, moved here 24 years ago with family from Genoa, Cayuga Co. NY, m. 2 score years ago
27 Jan D Hurlbutt, Mr. Lyman Chatham, last Tues in Chatham
27 Apr M Husted, Miss Matie Blossburg and Milton J. Snyder, Harrisburg, Pa., m. Blossburg, Apr 20th by Rev. R. N. Leake
25 May D Huyler, Roseann age 55, Westfield, d. May 14th
1 Jun D Huyler, Rufus age 80, Westfield, d. May 15th
6 Apr M Hymer, Fred J. and Miss Clara Dimmick, Middlebury, m. at Keeneyville, Mar 27th by C. J. Smith, Esq

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 2/28/2007
By Joyce M. Tice