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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1880 21-Apr D Ackley, Henry C. d. Henry C. Ackley, Westfield twp, Fri., prominent citizen
1881 25-May D Acornly, Mrs. d. Mrs. Acornly, Morris Run, May 16th. Widowed mother of Rev. D.
1880 28-Jan D Adams d. daughter of Robert Adams of Jackson twp., last Thur, age 4 yrs of diptheria
1880 17-Nov D Adams, Lyman d. Lyman Adams of Tioga, last Sat, an old resident, brother of Wm. Of Mansfield
1882 18-Apr D Adams, Mary d. Miss Mary Adams, Charleston, Wed, age 90; broken hip
1880 23-Jun M Adams, Samuel L. m. Samuel L. Adams & Miss Emma Wheeler of Tioga
1881 10-Aug M Agney, Jennie m. F. R. Moore & Miss Jennie Agney, Canoe Camp, Jul 29th by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1880 03-Nov D Ahern, Thomas d. Thomas Ahern of Arnot, Sat, on railroad near Wells
1880 13-Oct M Alford, Horatio m. Horatio Alford & Miss Mary Doane of Tioga, Sept 29th by Rev. H. Lamkin
1881 09-Feb D Alice, Albert (Allis) d. Albert (Allis) Alice, Lambs Creek. Buried Monday, son of Geo. & Pauline, scarlet fever
1880 28-Apr B Allen b. daughter to Fred M. & Mrs. Allen of Mansfield, born Leroy, N.Y.
1880 04-Aug D Allen,  d. son of George Allen of Arnot, diptheria
1880 18-Feb D Allen, Fordyce Almon d. Prof. Fordyce Almon Allen, Feb 11th Mansfield. Born Cummington, Mass. Jul 10th 1820, came here age 2 yrs, son of Almon, grandson of Jacob. Married Sarah Colwell, 1 child; wife died 1838. Married Dec 1852 Jane Martin, 4 children. Principal Mansfield Normal 1864-1869, 1877-1880, also principal Soldiers Orphan School 1867-1880, widely known for teachers institutes. (First M. 1845)
1881 05-Oct M Allen, Freddie B. m. Geo Clark & Miss Freddie B. Allen, Mansfield, at residence of Lyman Beach, Sept 30th, Rev. E. Morris
1881 02-Feb D Allen, Margaret d. Margaret Allen, Tioga, Jan 23rd age 86
1882 05-Apr D Allen, Mrs. Harrison d. Mrs. Harrison Allen, East Smithfield, Pa., former resident of Mansfield, sister-in-law of Henry Allen, Esq. Pneumonia
1881 16-Feb D Allen, Seth d. Seth Allen, Millerton, last Thur. Age 33, suicide
1880 27-Oct D Alvord, Lyman d. Lyman Alvord of Brookfield, ast Sun, age 87
1881 16-Nov D Ames, Mrs. Gordon d. Mrs. Gordon Ames, Middlebury, Tues, heart ailment
1880 06-Oct M Andrews, F. M. m. F. M. Andrews of Io., & Miss Ella Chamberlain of Chatham twp at same, Sept 15th by Rev. W. Beach
1880 26-May M Archibald, ______ m. James Steel & ______Archibald by Rev. J. Daisley
1880 25-Feb D Ardway, G. d. G. Ardway, Canoe Camp, Feb 12th, age 48 yrs
1882 08-Mar D Ashley, Forest d. Forest Ashley, Mainesburg, Mar 1st, 77 yrs
1882 26-Jul M Ashley, Phebe m. Elbert O. Connelly & Miss Phebe L. Ashley, Sullivan twp. At Mainesburg, Jul 9th by Rev. A. Finch
1881 28-Dec D Austin, Alva d. Alva Austin, Mainesburg, buried last Fri., age 82. Father Leander Austin, one of early settlers
1881 30-Nov M Austin, Martha C. m. J. B. Dyke, Richmond twp & Martha C. Austin at Mansfield, Nov 27th by Wm. Adams, Esq.
1880 24-Nov M Austin, Robert G. m. Robert G. Austin of Wellsboro & Miss Ada Coles, last week Tuesday, daughter of James Coles of Wellsboro
1880 27-Oct M Avery, Waldo m. Waldo Avery of Roseville & Miss Ella J. Hakes of Marden at Mansfield Oct 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 07-Dec M Ayers, A. C. m. A. C. Ayers of Covington twp. & Miss Jennie E. Sweet of Mansfield at Covington Nov 27th by Elder G. Headley
1880 31-Mar D Babcock, Daniel d. Daniel Babcock of Elkland, Mar 15th
1881 02-Feb M Babcock, Robert m. Robert Babcock of Chatham twp., remarried his wife last week, had been divorced
1881 11-May M Bache, Nellie m. Frederick Graves & Miss Nellie Bache at Wellsboro Wed. She a daughter of J. W. Bache Esq. He son of Rev. Graves, Corning, nephew of Hon. S. T. Hayt
1882 05-Apr M Bacon, Lucy M. m. John W. Slingerland, Richmond twp. & Miss Lucy M. Bacon, Mansfield at Cov., Apr 2nd by Rev. H. Lamkin
1882 10-May D Bacon, Oliver d. Oliver Bacon, Delmar twp., 81 yrs, last Sat. Came here from Tioga Co., NY
1880 17-Nov D Bagley, Mrs. Joe d. Mrs. Joe Bagley of Tioga last week Wed.
1880 28-Jan D Bailey d. 2 children of Constance Bailey of Cov., 1 Wed., 1 Sun of diptheria
1880 07-Jul B Bailey b. son to Ben C. Bailey of Mansfield
1880 07-Jul B Bailey b. girl to R. W. Bailey at E. Charleston
1882 29-Mar M Bailey, C. B. m. C. B. Bailey, Mansfield & Miss Bixby, Sylvania at Penn Yan, NY, Mar 6th
1881 28-Dec D Bailey, Clark W. d. Clark W. Bailey of Mansfield last Thurs., at home of son Julius. Married in Charleston. Age 76 yrs. Father of T. H. & C. B. of Mansfield. Fun. At E. Charleston Church
1880 06-Oct D Bailey, Dell d. Dell bailey, Mansfield, Sept 29th, age 30 wife of Burr R.
1881 16-Feb D Bailey, Della Cook d. Mrs. Della Cook Bailey, Sept 29, 1880, age 30 yrs 6 mos 16 das. Wife of B. R. Bailey of Mansfield. She was born Mar 13, 1851 at Mansfield, a memorial published
1880 25-Aug D Bailey, Justus d. Justus Bailey, Eldorado, Kan., Sun., (was husband to Lida - see above) left 1 child, brother Thomas H of Mans.
1880 22-Dec D Bailey, Lotta d. Lotta Bailey, Mansfield, Dec 17th, age 25 wife of Clark B.
1882 04-Oct D Bailey, Mrs. Clark d. Mrs. Clark Bailey, Mansfield, Monday, 72 yrs at her daughters Mrs. O. H. Langdon. Funeral held at Charleston
1880 18-Aug D Bailey, Mrs. J. M. d. Mrs. J. M. Bailey (Lida) Aug 14th at Eldorado, Kans, daughter of S. W. Hillyer of Mansfield (also 3 sisters here) went to Kans. Only recently
1882 17-May M Bailey, Mrs. Susan m. Horatio Lamb, Lambs Creek & Mrs. Susan Bailey, Elmira at Elmira, May 15th Rev. M. S. Hard
1882 23-Aug D Bailey, William D. d. William D. Bailey, Bellefonte, Pa., a few days ago, 54 yrs. Buried Williamsport. Founder of Wellsboro Agitator.
1881 02-Nov D Baird, Mrs. Martha d. Mrs. Martha Baird, Chatham twp., kicked by horse
1882 20-Dec D Baker, Jessie d. Jessie Baker, Central City, Neb., recently. Daughter of Ferris Baker, former resident Mansfield. Diptheria
1880 28-Jul D Baker, John d. John Baker, Rutland twp., Jul 23rd
1880 20-Oct M Baker, Mr. m. Mr. Baker & Miss Anna Hall of Tioga at same, Oct 10th by Rev. J. London
1881 08-Jun D Baker, Willie d. Willie Baker, Somers Lane, May 23rd, age 11 yrs., son of Levi & Amy, brain fever
1881 22-Jun D Baldwin, Aaron d. Aaron Baldwin, Mansfield, June 18th, age 81 yrs. Sons Dr. Aaron, Washington, D.C.; Lasson, East Troy; daughter from Kansas, 3 others in the West. Mrs. Mary Heimer (Kans)
1881 25-May M Baldwin, Dr. W. W. m. Dr. W. W. Baldwin, formerly of Tioga & Miss Ruby Colburn, May 11th, at Ansonia, Conn.
1880 15-Dec D Baldwin, Lelia d. Miss Lelia Baldwin of Cherry Flats, buried at North Union Cem last Fri.
1881 02-Nov D Baldwin, Moses d. Moses Baldwin of Lawrenceville recently
1882 08-Feb D Baldwin, Mrs. Sally d. Mrs. Sally Baldwin, 72 yrs, Mansfield this morning. Born Sylvania May 9th 1819, here 38 yrs. Husband Aaron D. last June. 4 children & 4 step-children. Daughters Mrs Smith of Moscow, Mich., Mrs. Cady West, Olive, Mich., son or step-son Dr. A. Baldwin, Washington DC
1881 26-Jan D Ballard d. Ballard child of Leroy, Newton Rd., Richmond twp., scarlet fever
1882 15-Nov D Ballard, John T. d. John T. Ballard, Clarmont, Va., Oct 26th about 42 yrs., formerly of Mansfield. Malaria
1882 11-Oct D Ballard, Joseph d. Joseph Ballard, Mansfield, Mon., 74 yrs at son Leroy's. Buried Columbia Flats, Bradford Co., Pa.
1882 29-Nov M Ballard, M.M. m. Mr. M. M. Ballard, Troy & Miss Alice Smith Wellsboro at same Nov 21st Rev. J. Moss
1881 16-Feb D Bannerman d. Bannerman child of James H., Arnot, Feb 6th, 2 yrs, scalded
1880 04-Aug D Barber, Henrietta d. Henrietta Barber, Mitchell Creek, Jul 25th, age 23. Daughter of John Barber, consumption (2 sisters already died of it)
1881 16-Nov M Barber, Robert M. m. Robert M. Barber & Laura E. More of Painter Run, Nov 6th at Aspinwall
1882 24-Oct D Barkwell, John d. John Barkwell, Mansfield, last Sat. Left children; pneumonia
1881 11-May B Barnes b. Barnes son to A. F. of Wellsboro
1880 18-Feb M Barnes, Joseph C. m. Joseph C. Barnes & Miss Lucy J. Whipple of Mans at Mansfield Feb 10th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 29-Nov M Barnharb, Mrs. Lavina E. m. Geo. Heysham & Mrs. Lavina E. Barnharb, Osceola, last week Sun., Rev. W. Taylor
1881 14-Dec D Barnhart, Jasper d. Jasper Barnhart, Fort Wayne, Ind., son of D. K. Barnes of Gaines?? Suicide
1882 08-Mar D Barrow, William d. William Barrow, Union twp., last Sun., 86 yrs. One of the oldest settlers
1880 18-Aug M Bartlett, Effie M. m. Augustus A. Case & Effie M. Bartlett of Mansfield at same, Aug 4th, Rev. H. Moyer
1882 19-Apr D Bates, Asa d. Asa Bates, County House, last Sun, brain ailment
1880 14-Jul D Baxter d. child of Joseph Baxter of Tioga last week diptheria
1880 29-Dec M Baxter, Mrs. m. John Maloy & Mrs. Baxter, Arnot Dec 23rd
1880 24-Mar D Baynes, Geo. m. Geo. Baynes, Sat, Richmond twp., Pickle Hill, age 23, son of late Wallace Baynes
1882 30-Aug B Beach b. son to J. W. Beach, Mansfield, grandson of Rev. Whiting Beach 
1880 29-Dec M Beach Jennie M. m. Harry S. Pitts of Corning & Miss Jennie M. Beach of Mansfield at her home, Dec 23rd, Rev. H. Moyer
1880 18-Aug M Beach, Charles A. m. Prof. Charles A. Beach of Mansfield & Miss R. Belle Smith of Sullivan twp at home. Daughter of Northrup Smith, Esq., Aug 12th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 01-Nov M Beach, Hattie m. John L. Brown & Miss Hattie Beach of Mansfield at same, Oct 28th by Rev. W. Beach
1880 08-Dec D Beach, Mehitable d. Mehitable Beach, Mansfield, age 64, wife of Rev. Whiting Beach Dec 6th. Born Dec 11th 1816
1880 18-Feb D Beach, Rev. Lyman d. Rev. Lyman Beach, Knoxboro, N.Y., last Fri, age 87. Born Wallingfod, Conn Dec 25th 1792, married 1811 Polly Dolittle.Served war 1812. 9 children; Rev. Whiting, Lyman, Charles, Mrs. Voorhees all of Mansfield, Chauncey & Mrs Spaulding of Fort Atkinson, Wis., Mrs. Dann of Verona, N.Y., John of Knoxboro & Mrs. Wm. York of Stockbridge, N.Y.
1880 24-Mar B Beachey b. son to Edwin & Mrs. Beachey, Morris Run, Mar 21st
1882 26-Apr M Beardsley, Phida m. James H. Reading, Gaines & Miss Phida Beardsley, Mansfield at Bloss, last week Tues.
1882 20-Sep M Beaty, Lizzie M. m. Ulysses G. Johnson, Buffalo & Miss Lizzie M. Beaty, Corning at Covington, Sept 12th by Rev. S. Mathews
1880 11-Feb D Beeman, Maggie d. Maggie Beeman, Lawrenceville, recently age 12, of diptheria. Last remaining child of Ward Beeman
1880 27-Oct M Belknap, Geo. Edwin m. Geo. Edwin Belknap formerly of Mansfield & Miss Helen Rae last week in Elmira
1882 29-Mar M Bell, Mary m. H. F. Shattuck, Bloss & Miss Mary Bell, Morris Run, at Bloss last Thur. By Rev. R. B. Freeman, Esq.
1882 08-Nov M Bellinger, Lydia B. m. Harley Hoffman, Cov., & Miss Lydia B. Bellinger, Wellsboro at Canoe Camp, Nov 5th by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1880 14-Apr D Benauer d. son of Sam Benauer of Delmar recently of diptheria
1880 21-Jan D Benedict d. Mr. Benedict Jan 10th at Bloss, father-in-law of L. A. Wing. Buried Campbell, N.Y., age 88, seven children including late Dr. H. S.
1882 18-Oct D Benedict d. son of O. Benedict, Richmond twp.,last Sat., age 13
1881 15-Jun D Benjamin, Mrs. d. Mrs. Benjamin of Antrim, mother of Gaylord , burned
1882 06-Dec D Benjamin, Warren d. Warren Benjamin, Mainesbur4g, last week, neuralgia
1882 17-May D Benjamin, Wm.  d. Wm. Benjamin, Dushore, last week, formerly Lawrenceville
1880 25-Feb M Benn, James B. m. James B. Benn of Clymer twp married Miss C. C. Blue of Gaines, Feb 14th
1881 11-May D Benn, Mrs. John d. Mrs. John Benn, Clymer twp., Apr, age 99
1880 28-Apr B Bennett b. son to Al & Mrs. Bennett of Cov.
1880 08-Dec M Benson, Geo. m. Geo. Benson & Sarah Hibbard at Roseville recently
1882 06-Dec M Bentley, G. W. m. G. W. Bentley, Mansfield & Miss Luella Gillett, Canoe Camp, at Lawrenceville, Nov 29th Rev Dr. Purdy
1881 01-Jun D Berry d. Berry, child of Mr. Berry, Arnot, May 28th, age 3 yrs (second one he has lost)
1881 20-Apr D Berry Infant d. Infant son of Marcus Berry, Arnot, recently poison
1882 22-Nov M Bidlack, Mrs. C. A. m. L. A. Ridgway, Mansfield & Mrs. C. A. Bidlack, same at Brooklyn resident her father Naaman Davis Nov 21st Rev. Turner
1881 27-Apr D Bigelow, Mrs. L. d. Mrs. L. Bigelow, Chicago. Buried Covington. Daughter of L. B. Smith, Esq. & sister of Mrs. A. M. Bennett, Covington. Rheumatism (last Thurs)
1880 27-Oct D Birchard, Herert H.  d. Herert H. Birchard at Orphans school Mansfield, Oct 24th, age 6 yrs 11 mos 18 days. Came from Williamsport, buried Mansfield.
1882 22-Feb D Bixby d. child of the editor of Tioga Express, name Bixby
1882 08-Feb D Bixby, Daniel d. Daniel Bixby, Sullivan twp., Feb 7th. Born Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa. 1813, moved to Sullivan 1843. Left 3 sons, 6 daughters, one son is J. H. Bixby, Mansfield
1881 21-Sep M Bixby, Frank D. m. Frank D. Bixby, Mansfield & Miss Mary S. Palmer, Tioga, at Mansfield, Sept 1st by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 29-Mar M Bixby, Miss m. C. B. Bailey, Mansfield & Miss Bixby, Sylvania at Penn Yan, NY, Mar 6th
1881 20-Apr D Bixby, Mrs. Lydia G. d. Mrs. Lydia G. Bixby, Mansfield, Apr 14th, age 77 yrs 7 mos 22 days. Widow of Amos,pneumonia
1881 06-Apr B Black b. Black, son to Robert of Arnot
1882 25-Oct D Blair, John d. John Blair, Arnot, last Tues.
1881 03-Aug D Blair, Leverett d. Leverett Blair, Tioga at residence of daughter, Mrs. W. W. Hathaway. Age about 60 yrs, last Thurs.
1880 18-Feb M Blair, M. S.  m. Elder M. S. Blair & Miss Emma Seymour of Mainesburg, Feb 11th at her home by Elder G. A. Wood
1882 01-Nov D Blair, Mary B. d. Mary B. Blair, Knoxville, NY, Oct 11, age 8. Daughter of Edward, formerly of Cov.; lung ailment
1882 03-May M Blanchard, Minnie m. Dr. Arthur Forsyth & Miss Minnie Blanchard at her home in Farmington, Apr 13th by Rev. C. Gillette
1882 04-Oct D Bloss, Everett d. Everett Bloss, Covington twp., at Bloss Sept 29th at granddaughters Mrs. J. Burr. Age 82 yrs 9 days. Came to Tioga Co. with father about 1801. Left widow Lydia, daughter Mrs. Isaac Walker & 5 children
1880 25-Feb M Blue, C. C. m. James B. Benn of Clymer twp married Miss C. C. Blue of Gaines, Feb 14th
1881 20-Mar D Bolam d. Bolam, child of William of Arnot
1881 16-Nov D Boom, Mrs. Sylvester d. Mrs. Sylvester Boom, Knoxville, Nov 4th
1881 09-Nov D Borden, Benjamin B. d. Benjamin B. Borden, Delmar twp., Oct 22nd, age 86 yrs. Been resident there 63 yrs
1880 21-Jan M Bosard, Addie m. E. E. Bosworth & Miss Addie Bosard of Osceola on Jan 7th
1882 26-Jul D Bosard, Mrs. Ann d. Mrs. Ann Bosard, Farmington, Jul 14th. Widow of A. K. of Osceola
1880 21-Jan M Bosworth, E. E. m. E. E. Bosworth & Miss Addie Bosard of Osceola on Jan 7th
1882 20-Dec D Bowen, Leforrest d. Leforrest Bowen, Delmar twp., last week, hurt in fall.
1880 21-Jul D Boyd, John d. John Boyd of Tioga last Monday, age 67 yrs.
1881 14-Dec D Boyden, John d. John Boyden, Blossburg, at county house, age 70 yrs
1882 14-Jun D Boynton, James d. James Boynton, Millerton, an old resident
1881 19-Oct D Bradt, James d. James Bradt, Whitneyville, last week
1880 25-Aug D Brady Infant d. infant child of Thomas Brady Fri of Arnot
1880 22-Dec D Bragg, Charles d. Charles Bragg, Wed last on R. R. near Corning, son of Fred of Fall Brook
1881 07-Sep M Brant, Augustue m. Augustue Brant of Dundee, N.Y. & Miss E. M. Works of Osceola, Aug 29th
1881 16-Nov M Brant, B. N. m. B. N. Brant & Ida Losey, Lawrenceville, last Wed.
1882 15-Nov D Brant, Mrs. Melville d. Mrs. Melville Brant, Lawrenceville. Funeral last Wed.; fell from a wagon.
1882 26-Jul M Breese, Philetta m. David Roblyer, Rutland, age 67 & Miss Philetta Breese, Bloss, age 61, recently by Esq. Freeman
1882 24-May D Breese, Pierson C. d. Pierson C. Breese, Fall brook, last Fri, age 86
1881 14-Sep D Brewer, Mrs. Lyman d. Mrs. Lyman Brewer at Wellsboro Thur. Last
1882 26-Apr D Brewster, Cora May d. Cora May Brewster, Charleston, Apr 10th, age 8 yrs 4 mos. Daughter of Fred E. & Ella; spinal disease
1880 23-Jun M Brewster, E. S. m. E. S. Brewster & Miss Rose A. Davis at Mansfield June 9 by Rev. G. Righter both of Tioga
1882 08-Nov M Brewster, Mary S. m. Charles Roberts & Miss Mary S. Brewster, Wellsboro, last week Sun, Wellsboro
1882 13-Sep D Brewster, Mrs. Olive P. d. Mrs. Olive P. Brewster, Hornby NY, Sept 10th, age 67 yrs 4 wks 30 das. Born Rhode Island, married Dec 7th 1843 L. H. Brewster. 12 children, 6 left. Funeral at Mansfield
1881 05-Jan M Briggs, Elmer m. Elmer Briggs of Holidaytown & Miss Lettie Rose of Richmond twp. At home, Dec 20th., 1880, Rev. G. Righter
1881 27-Jul D Briggs, Walter d. Walter Briggs, Farmington, age 48 yrs, heart ailment
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