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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1882 20-Sep B Gillett b. son to Carson Gillett, Mansfield
1881 09-Mar D Gillett, Avery d. Avery Gillett, Cherry Flats, recently
1882 06-Dec M Gillett, Luella m. G. W. Bentley, Mansfield & Miss Luella Gillett, Canoe Camp, at Lawrenceville, Nov 29th Rev Dr. Purdy
1882 12-Jul M Gillett, Olin m. Olin Gillett, Cherry Flats & Miss Nancy Sherman, Cov., at Mansfield, Jul 14th by Rev. S. Earley
1880 28-Jan D Gillette, Mrs. Salvina d. Mrs. Salvina Gillette of Tioga twp., Jan 13th, age 79. Buried Oneida County, N.Y.
1881 12-Jan D Gilmore, William d. William Gilmore, Blossburg, last Wed. at Arnot, 74 yrs. Native of Scotland, here 34 yrs. Had 14 children; 6 left. Buried Blossburg. Father of William of Arnot
1880 08-Sep M Githler, Milly m. Frank Lyons, Wellsboro & Miss Milly Githler of Painted Post in Sullivan twp., by Nortrop Smith Esq., Sept 5
1882 01-Feb B Goodall b. daughter to S. S. Goodall, Mansfield
1880 21-Jan D Goodall, Elmer A. d. Elmer A. Goodall, Louisville, Ky., Jan 13th, age 33. Formerly of Cnaoe Camp, wife daughter of A. M. Spencer. Married 8 ys, has children, buried Canoe Camp
1881 04-May D Goodall, Mrs. Sophia d. Mrs. Sophia Goodall, Richmond twp., Spencer Rd., buried last Thurs. Widow of William, sister Mrs. A. M. Spencer of Canoe Campe
1880 21-Jul M Goodall, S. S. m. S. S. Goodall of Richmond twp & Miss Ella Close of Chatham twp recently
1881 02-Feb M Gordon, Emmett m. Emmett Gordon, Port Jervis, N.Y. & Miss Mary Haswell, Richmond twp., at Mansfield Jan 19th, Rev. G. Righter
1882 07-Jun D Gould, Jane d. Jane Gould, Rutland Twp., May 26, age 33
1881 02-Nov D Gould, Mr. d. Mr. Gould, Bailey Creek, last Sat.
1882 13-Dec M Granger, Cora m. J. H. Hitchcox, Lawrenceville & Miss Cora Granger at Lawrenceville Dec 6, dau of Dr. L.
1881 20-Jul B Graves b. child to Editor & Mrs Graves of Elkland
1881 11-May M Graves, Frederick m. Frederick Graves & Miss Nellie Bache at Wellsboro Wed. She a daughter of J. W. Bache Esq. He son of Rev. Graves, Corning, nephew of Hon. S. T. Hayt
1882 10-May D Graves, Mrs. Geo. d. Mrs. Geo. Graves, Little Marsh, apoplexy
1881 17-Aug M Gray, Mary E. m. O. S. Watterson, Jefferson Co., NY & Miss Mary E. Gray, Covington, Aug 3rd Rev G. Headley
1880 14-Jul M Gray, Phebe E. m. John L. Cochran of Richmond twp & Phebe E. Gray of Jackson twp at Mansfield, June 23rd by Rev. G. Righter
1881 02-Feb D Green d. daughter of Engineer James Green, Bloss, last week Corning
1882 06-Dec M Green, Lois A. m. Leonard A. Swan, South Addison NY & Miss Lois A Green, Osceola, last week Thur.
1882 12-Jul M Green, Mary m. Leonard Harrison & Miss Mary Green, Wellsboro last Thur.
1880 24-Mar D Green, Sarah d. Sarah Green (Colgrove) Lawrenceville yesterday. Shot by hus Sidney, daughter of Henry
1880 24-Mar D Green, Sidney d. Sidney Green of Lawrenceville, shot self yesterday
1881 09-Mar D Griffin d. son of Eugene H. Griffin, Knoxville, buried Wed.
1882 07-Jun M Griffin, John m. John Griffin, Lambs Creek & Maggie Sullivan, Charleston
1880 28-Apr D Griffin, S. A. d. S. A. Griffin, Clyner twp., buried Sabinsville, age 69
1882 20-Sep D Grover d. child of Orange Grover, Monday, Newtown Road; cholera
1881 14-Sep D Guernsey, Ella d. Miss Ella Guernsey, Bloss, Sun, daughter of B. J. Buried Mill Creek Cem. Dropsy
1882 06-Dec D Guernsey, John W. d. John W. Guernsey, Tioga, Thurs. Age 70; had served in legistlature; pneumonia
1881 06-Apr D Guernsey, Mrs. Anna d. Mrs. Anna Guernsey, Tioga, last Sat., age 78 at home of son John W. Widow of Joseph; 6 sons, 2 daughters. She daughter of late Hon. Jonah Brewster. Born Oswego Co., N.Y., husband in war of 1812
1880 25-Feb D Guernsey, Wm. d. Wm. Guernsey, Chicago, Ill, Monday. Son ex-sheriff, H. A., brother of Mrs. Frank Deane, Wellsboro. B. Tioga 1853, buried Wells
1881 15-Jun D Gulick, James d. James Gulick, Williamsport, last Thur, formerly Bloss, native of N. J.
1882 02-Aug M Gustin, Addie m. Charles E. Davis, Mansfield & Miss Addie Gustin, New Milford, Pa., Jul 26th by Rev. J. Rosseel
1882 12-Jul D Guyle, Lonson d. Lonson Guyle, Westfield, Tuesday; apoplexy
1882 03-May B Hager b. daughter to Mr. Hager, Hollow Road, Richmond twp.
1881 12-Jan D Haight, Mrs. d. Mrs. Haight, Towanda, buried New Years Day. Mother of O. T. Haight, Mainsburg
1882 29-Mar M Hakes, Alice m. Charles Hubbard & Miss Alice Hakes, Richmond twp., at Cov., Mar 5th Rev. H. Lamkin
1880 27-Oct M Hakes, Ella J. m. Waldo Avery of Roseville & Miss Ella J. Hakes of Marden at Mansfield Oct 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 26-May D Hall d. child of Stephen Hall of Mitchell Creek, scarlet fever
1880 26-May D Hall d. three daughters of James Hall of Painter Run, diptheria
1882 01-Feb D Hall d. Zachariah Hall's son, Arnot, last week; scarlet fever
1880 20-Oct M Hall, Anna m. Mr. Baker & Miss Anna Hall of Tioga at same, Oct 10th by Rev. J. London
1881 23-Feb D Hall, Emma Florence d. Emma Florence Hall, Mansfield, Feb 17th, age 1 yr 10 mos 28 das, daughter of Emmet & Florence. Buried Mansfield; scarlet fever
1882 03-May M Hall, Geo. m. Geo. Hall & Mattie Packard, Cherry Flats, Apr 16th
1881 16-Mar M Hall, Laura A. m. William McFarland, Gunnison, Col. & Laura A. Hall, Mansfield, at her home, Mar 9th, Rev. G. Meigs
1882 06-Dec D Hall, Lily d. Miss Lily Hall, Mainsburg; diptheria
1882 26-Jul M Hallen, Katie m. Michael O'Brien, Bloss & Miss Katie Hallen, Morris Run, Jul 3.
1881 19-Oct D Halt (Holt) d. son of Amos Halt (Holt), Morris Run, last week
1881 07-Dec M Hammond, Lysander m. Lysander Hammond, Jackson twp. & Alzada E. Mitchell, E. Smithfield at Aspinwall, Nov 29th, Rev. H. Armstrong
1880 17-Nov D Hansom, Nellie d. Nellie Hansom, Mansfield, Nov 12th, age 4, daughter of Fred
1882 02-Aug D Hanwell, Henry d. Henry Hanwell, Morris Run, Monday; railroad accident
1880 28-Jan D Hanyen, Mabel Edna d. Mabel Edna Hanyen, Mosherville, daughter of C. B.
1880 30-Jun B Harding b. daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Harding, Arnot June 22nd
1881 29-Jun M Harding, C. H. m. C. H. Harding & wife, Cov., newly wed
1882 08-Mar M Harington, Ida m. Ben Gerould & Ida Harington, Cov., at same, Feb 22nd.
1880 28-Apr D Harison, Mrs. H. d. Mrs. H. Harison of Lawrenceville Tuesday
1880 21-Apr D Harkness, Mrs. Elmina d. Mrs. Elmina Harkness, Cherry Flats, Apr 16th, age 80. Mother of Mrs. N. A. Elliott & Mrs Oliver Elliott, Mansfield
1880 11-Feb B Harn b. daughter to Charles & Mrs. Harn, Arnot Feb 2nd
1880 23-Jun B Harris b. daughter to Chick & Mrs. Harris, Arnot
1882 17-May D Harris, Joseph d. Joseph Harris, Arnot, last Wed; lost in woods
1880 22-Dec D Harris, Rev. David d. Rev. David Harris, Arnot, yesterday in mines. Father of Mrs. Frank P. Hart Mansfield
1882 06-Dec M Harrison, Josephine m. J. B. McCollum & Miss Josephine Harrison, Farmington, last week Tues.
1882 12-Jul M Harrison, Leonard m. Leonard Harrison & Miss Mary Green, Wellsboro last Thur.
1880 14-Feb B Hart b. son to Frank & Mrs. Hart, Mansfield
1880 08-Sep D Hartsock, Mrs. Dan d. Mrs. Dan Hartsock, Liberty, Aug 19th, age 69
1881 12-Jan d Harvey, Eugene d. Eugene Harvey, Mainsburg, Jan 3, son of John, scarlet fever & diptheria
1882 15-Feb D Harvie, Alex d. Alex Harvie, Col., in explosion. Funeral Bloss Sun last
1881 23-Mar D Hastings, Edwin d. Edwin Hastings, Stoney Fork, Mar 11th, cancer. W. Branch
1881 02-Feb M Haswell, Mary m. Emmett Gordon, Port Jervis, N.Y. & Miss Mary Haswell, Richmond twp., at Mansfield Jan 19th, Rev. G. Righter
1882 29-Nov D Havens, Clarence d. Clarence Havens, Bloss, Sun, eldest son of S. N.; diptheria
1881 27-Jul M Hawley, Lena M. m. Lincoln A. Feltwell & Miss Lena M. Hawley of Chatham twp., at home, July 3, Rev. W. Beach
1882 24-May D Hayes, E. W. d. E. W. Hayes, Knoxville, May 13th, age 31; son of J. E.
1880 04-Aug D Hazlett, Clara d. Clara Hazlett, Tioga, Jul 21st. Daughter Geo. W. Hazlett, age 4, diptheria
1882 06-Dec M Headley, Stella A. m. Azor L. Keagle, Cov. & Miss Stella A. Headley at Lake, Luzerne Co., Pa., Nov 19th by her father Elder Headley
1881 23-Mar D Heater, Nelson d. Nelson Heater, Jackson twp., one day last week
1881 05-Jan D Heggie, J. H. d. J. H. Heggie, Coudersport, age 70, father of Dr. A. J. of Osceola
1882 30-Aug D Herrington, Abe d. Uncle Abe Herrington, Cov., Sat., age 60; railroad accident
1880 25-Feb D Hewitt d. child of Isaac Hewitt, Morris Run, last week, scalded
1882 29-Nov M Heysham, Geo. m. Geo. Heysham & Mrs. Lavina E. Barnharb, Osceola, last week Sun., Rev. W. Taylor
1880 08-Dec M Hibbard, Sarah m. Geo. Benson & Sarah Hibbard at Roseville recently
1880 16-Jun D Hickey d. daughter of Michael Hickey, last Monday, scarlet fever at Mitchell Creek
1881 12-Oct M Hilfiger, O. J. m. O. J. Hilfiger, Daggetts Mill & Miss Effie E. Woodburn, Mainsburg, at her home, Sept 29, Elder Finch. Daughter or sister Isaac
1880 21-Apr M Hill, James m. James Hill of Elmira & Miss Julia Erwin of Bloss
1881 27-Jul M Hilliker, Ella F. m. Wm. B. Smith & Miss Ella F. Hilliker, Wellsboro, at Mansfield, July 14th by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 20-Oct B Hillyer b. daughter to S. W. Hillyer of Mansfield
1880 07-Jan M Hillyer, S. W. m. S. W. Hillyer of Mansfield & Miss Leona Marvin of Cov at her fathers (Albert) on Jan 4th Rev. Elder G. Headley
1882 13-Dec M Hitchcox, J. H.  m. J. H. Hitchcox, Lawrenceville & Miss Cora Granger at Lawrenceville Dec 6, dau of Dr. L.
1882 12-Apr D Hoard, Joseph d. Col. Joseph Hoard, Red Wing, Minn. In Fla. Last week, age 64, formerly Mansfield. Founder of MSNS. Born Augusta, NY, Apr 17 1818; married Miss Laura M. Robbins. 6 children; 3 left, E. H. & Mrs. Ed Foot, Red Wing & Mrs. C. A. Tenney, Winona, Minn/
1880 22-Sep B Hodges b. daughter to Hiram & Mrs., Mansfield. She is 2 wks old (Hodges)
1882 08-Nov M Hoffman, Francellin A. m. Harry W. Dike, Richmond twp. & Miss Francellin A. Hoffman, Cov., at Canoe Camp, Nov 5 by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1882 08-Nov M Hoffman, Harley m. Harley Hoffman, Cov., & Miss Lydia B. Bellinger, Wellsboro at Canoe Camp, Nov 5th by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1881 30-Mar M Hoffman, John m. John Hoffman & daughter of Asa Mann, Feb 20th 1833 Hoffman now2 1881 resident Mendota, Ill, has 11 children
1881 31-Aug D Hogaboom, Emma J. d. Mrs. Emma J. Hogaboom, Mansfield, Aug 24th, age 32, buried Jackson twp. Husband dead, left 1 son age 14; typhoid
1882 02-Aug M Hogaboom, Will S. m. Will S. Hogaboom, Elmira & Miss Clara Pierce, Troy at Millerton, June 25th
1881 20-Apr D Hogancamp d. daughter of Oliver Hogancamp, Jackson Twp., Wed, age 14; accident
1882 12-Apr M Hoig, C. W. m. C. W. Hoig, Stoney Fork & ______ at Wellsboro
1882 01-Nov B Holden b. daughter to C. A. Holden, Mansfield
1880 15-Dec D Holden, Harry d. Harry Holden, Mansfield Wed last, age 6, scarlet fever, son of Charles A.
1882 11-Oct D Hollands, Mrs. Wm. d. Mrs. Wm. Hollands, Elkland, age 35 today, Mansfield. Daughter of late Clark Bailey; left 3 small children, youngest 6 weeks; pneumonia
1882 23-Aug B Hollands, Will b. son to Will Hollands, Elkland, last week. Grandson of William of Mansfield
1882 22-Feb B Hollenbeck b. twins to Mr. Hollenbeck, Lambs Creek
1882 08-Nov M Holley, J. J. m. J. J. Holley, Webb Mills & Miss Ester A. Sharp, Cedar Cr., NY at Mansfield, Nov 1st Rev. J. Brownell
1881 25-May D Hollis, Geo. d. Geo. Hollis, Addison, last Fri., age 45. Born Butternuts, Otsego Co., N.Y. to Wm Hollis, Nelson. Left wife, 3 sisters, 1 brother; buried Nelson
1881 24-Aug M Holly, Eda m. Mart Crippen & Miss Eda Holly, Sullivan twp., residence of Geo. Horton, Mansfield, Aug 17th, Rev. J. Boyce
1881 24-Aug M Holly, Mira m. Charles Sanders, Richmond twp. & Miss Mira Holly, Sullivan twp., at residence George Horton, Mansfield, Aug 17th by Rev. J. A. Boyce
1881 12-Jan D Holton, Thomas d. Thomas Holton, Jackson twp., Jan 3rd, age 87. Born Tingwick, Buckinghamshire, England Jan 24th 1794. Came U. S. 1830 to Bainbridge, N.Y. to Jackson 1837; oldest resident Jackson
1882 12-Jul D Hopkins, Chester d. Chester Hopkins, Knoxville, Jul 2nd, age 47
1881 04-May D Horlacher, Maggie d. Maggie Horlacher at home of Uncle John Harding, Williamsport, May 2nd. Buried Montoursville; mother & sister Kate, Mansfield. Fell
1882 20-Sep D Horton, Elias d. Elias Horton, Lawrenceville, recently
1881 26-Oct D Horton, Mrs. Irene d. Mrs. Irene Horton at son M. R. , last Sat. on Bailey Creek, age 72. 8 sons
1881 13-Apr M Horton, Mrs. K. I. m. Rev. J. C. Jarman, Knoxville & Mrs. K. I. Horton, Montery, N.Y.
1882 17-May D Horton, Mrs. Walter d. Mrs. Walter Horton,, Rutland twp., Sunday, age 24. Daughter of Sam Longwell; left 2 children. Funeral Lawrence Corners church; heart
1880 03-Nov M Hoskins, Geo. m. Geo. Hoskins & Miss Maggie Danley Oct 16th Arnot
1882 15-Nov D Hotchkiss d. daughter of Seymour Hotchkiss, Tioga; diptheria
1881 13-Apr D Houk, Wm. d. Wm. Houk, Wellsboro, recently
1882 17-May D Howard, Asher d. Asher Howard, Bloss, last Thur.
1882 28-Jun B Howe b. daughter to J. Frank Howe, Mansfield, Sunday
1881 18-May M Howe, A. D. m. A. D. Howe, Bingham, Potter Co. & Miss Carrie E. Case, Sullivan, Tioga Co., May 15th, in Sullivan Rev. G. Righter
1881 12-Oct M Howe, W. H. m. W. H. Howe, Mansfield & Miss Lilian Cleveland, Cov., at Bloss, Sept 18th Rev. Ieake
1880 24-Mar D Howell Infant d. infant son of Thomas Howell, Mar 20th, Morris Run
1882 17-May D Howland, Daniel d. Daniel Howland, Westfield, last Wed., almost 90. Father of Rev. G. W. , Westfield
1880 24-Mar M Howland, Francis m. Thomas Powell, Arnot & Miss Francis Howland, Mar 13th
1881 7 Dec. D Howland, Hiram G. d. Hiram G. Howland, Morris Run, last Wed. Buried Syracuse
1881 30-Nov M Howland, Ransford m. Ransford Howland & Anna R. Marvin, Cov., at her res. Nov 24th Rev. G. Meigs
1880 21-Apr B Hubbard b. daughter to Claren & Mrs Hubbard, Richmond twp, Apr 15
1882 29-Mar M Hubbard, Charles m. Charles Hubbard & Miss Alice Hakes, Richmond twp., at Cov., Mar 5th Rev. H. Lamkin
1880 08-Sep D Hubbell, Joseph d. Joseph Hubbell, Cov., Aug 29th age 74
1880 10-Mar M Hughes, G. H. m. G. H. Hughes of Kingston Pa. & Miss Clara Doud of Mainsburg at Cov., by Elder Headley
1882 07-Jun D Hull, Simeon d. Simeon Hull, Elkland, May 30, age 91
1882 06-Sep M Hulslander, Emma A. m. Arthur Colegrove, Osceola & Miss Emma A. Hulslander, Sylvania, at same, recently
1880 28-Jan D Hurlburt, Lyman d. Lyman Hurlburt, Chatham twp., last Fri.
1880 28-Jan M Hurlbutt, Amelia m. Chancelor Dartt of Charleston & Miss Amelia Hurlbutt of Chatham twp Jan 14th
1882 03-May B Husted b. son to Will D. Husted, Mansfield
1881 14-Dec D Husted, Dale d. Dale Husted, Bloss, last week, injured railroad, Elmira
1882 29-Nov D Hutchin d. daughter of James Hutchin, Arnot; diptheria
1882 18-Oct D Hyland, Mrs. Stephen d. Mrs. Stephen Hyland, Bloss, recently
1880 28-Jul D Ide Infant d. infant daughter of Oliver Ide, Mansfield, Monday
1880 21-Jan D Ide, Dolly d. Mrs. Dolly Ide, Mansfield, Jan 18th, age 66. Mother of Mrs. John Bixby & Mrs. Wm. Murdock
1880 20-Oct M Incho, Jesse P. m. Jesse P. Incho of Tioga & Miss Clara Brown of Caton, N.Y. at her residence, Oct 14th Rev. W. Hunt
1880 31-Mar D Ingalls d. 2 sons of Wm. Ingalls, Arnot. 
1882 15-Feb B Ingalls b. daughter to John Ingalls on Valentines Day
1882 25-Oct D Ingalls, Aaron d. Aaron Ingalls, Mansfield, Sunday, age 67. Been here 40 yrs. Buried Mosherville. Left 2nd wife, 2 sons here, 1 son west from 1st wife.
1880 03-Nov D Ingalls, Charlie d. Charlie Ingalls, Mansfield, Oct 31st, age 5, son of John
1880 27-Oct M Ingalls, Erastus, Jr m. Erastus Ingalls, Jr. & Miss Eva Slocum of Cov at Mansfield, Sept 15th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 21-Sep D Ingals, Sammy d. Sammy Ingals, Mainsburg, Sept 13th, age 9, scarlet fever. Son of Jerry & Laura
1881 06-Jul D Ingam, David d. David Ingam, Bloss, June 21st, age 81. Aged & respected
1880 30-Jun M Isborn, John m. John Isborn & Martha Markeski, Bloss, June 21st
1882 05-Apr D Jackson, Barney d. Barney Jackson, Gaines, Tuesday, age 55-60. Had son; suicide

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