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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Tioga County Agitator 1866-1872

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ONE . Thank you Diane Bender for retyping these.
1868 16 DEC M McArty, Julia m at the residence of Joseph Wilbur, in Union Twp., 29th Nov by Justin Bothwell, Esq, Mr. James Stephens & Miss Julia McArty all of Blossburg.
1870 20 JUL M McCallum, J. G. m in Farmington 4th Jul by Rev. S.A.. Rawson, Mr. J. G. McCallum & Miss E. Cady, both of Farmington.
1870 13 JUL M McCarrick, Helen E. m in Wellsboro 3rd Jul by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. J.K.P. Osman of Geneva NY & Miss Helen E. McCarrick of Wellsboro.
1870 14 DEC D McCarter, Elisher d in Delmar 21st Aug Mr. Elisher McCarter, aged 73 yrs.
1869 16 JUN M McCarter, Isabella M. m at the residence of the bride's mother 9th Jun by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Edwin R. Allen & Miss Isabella M. McCarter, all of Delmar.
1869 9 JAN M McCarty, Daniel m by Rev. J.A. Houghton, Esq, at his office, Mr. Daniel McCarty & Miss Eunice Mariah Hanler, all of Delmar.
1868 20 FEB D McClean, Deborah A. See Goodrich, Deborah A. (married name)
1872 31 JUL M McClure, Charles m at the house of the bride's father in Middlebury 4th Jul by Rev. C.K. Bunnell, Mr. Charles McClure & Miss Almira M. Keeney both of Middlebury.
1870 9 FEB M McClure, Lizzie M. m in Honey Brook on the 6th Jan by Rev. W.A. Ferguson, to Mr. George M. Prutsman to Miss Lizzie M. McClure.
1871 1 NOV M McConnell, Francis m 19th Oct at the residence of the bride's parents near Elmira, by the Rev. W.M. Knox, Mr. H.K. Gilbert of this city & Miss Eugenie, oldest dau of Francis McConnell.
1871 14 JUN M McConnell, Joseph B. m on the 3rd inst, by Rev. W. Beach in Mansfield, Mr. Joseph B. McConnell of Sullivan to Miss Elizabeth Weaver of Blossburg.
1870 15 JUN M McConnell, Lewis m in Covington 5th Jun by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Lewis McConnell of Charleston & Miss Emeline Havens of Covington.
1871 10 MAY M McConnell, Rhoda m in Mansfield 8th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. William Hollenbeck of Rutland & Mrs. Rhoda McConnell of Richmond.
1869 24 NOV M McCormick, E. C. m in Blossburg 7th Nov by Rev. M.S. Kymer, Mr. E.C. McCormick & Miss Bell Gaylord, all of Blossburg PA.
1871 21 FEB A McCormick, Joseph WI Legislative Manual: Joseph McCormick of Abnepee, was b in the town of Wyoming PA 18 Apr 1787, lived at Lawrenceville, Tioga Co. PA @ 1812...elected to WI Assembly in 1870 in the 84th yr of his age (see article).
1869 9 JUN M McCoy, Benjamin N. m at the residence of the bride's parents, 2nd Jun, by Rev. M.S. Kymer, Mr. Benjamin N. McCoy & Miss Alice R. Gaylord, both of Blossburg.
1869 22 SEP M McCoy, Sarah m in Covington 12th Sep at the M.E. Church by Prof.. L.D. Watson, Mr. G.W. Thomas & Mrs. Sarah McCoy both of Covington.
1869 12 MAY M McIntosh, Andrew m in Wellsboro 2nd May by Rev. John A. Bowman, Mr. Andrew McIntosh & Miss Ida O. Jennings, both of Covington.
1872 17 SEP M McIntosh, Lewis L. m in Canoe Camp 1st Aug by Elder I.R. Spencer, Mr. Lewis L. McIntosh & Miss Rosa A. Klock, both of West Covington.
1869 20 OCT M McIntyre, Estella m at Elmira 9th Oct by Rev. C.Y. Case Mr. John C. Clark of Sullivan & Miss Estella McIntyre of Jackson.
1870 23 NOV D McIntyre, Waterman, Sr. Died, Mr. Waterman McIntyre Sr., an aged citizen, 9th of Nov.
1869 28 APR M McLane, Alexander m in Lawrenceville 13th Apr by Rev. William M. Rawson, of Nelson, Mr. Alexander McLane of Prescott to Miss Susan Butts of Lawrenceville.
1871 5 APR D McLeod, Susan I. see Bowman, Susan I. (married name)
1872 31 DEC D McMinnis, C. V. (ch of) 250 men, women & children met in the Bapt. Ch. in Newbury, Lyc. Co. PA to participate in the Christmas program, when the bldg crashed & fire spread from the oil lamps, many wounded or killed.
1870 31 AUG M McPhee, Edwin m in Osceola 14th Aug by N. Strait, Esq, Mr. Edwin McPhee to Miss Susan Stevens, all of Osceola PA.
1872 28 AUG D McVey, Daniel d at the County Poor House 20th Aug, Mr. Daniel McVey of Morris Twp., aged 79 yrs.
1869 24 NOV M Meacham, Albert L. m 8th Nov by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Albert L. Meacham of Delmar to Miss Susan T. Kimball of Charleston.
1869 9 JUN M Mead, Abner m at the residence of the bride's father, 2nd Jun by Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. Abner Mead of Tioga & Miss Mary Briggs of Middlebury, Tioga Co. PA.
1870 14 SEP M Mead, Belle m 1st Sep by Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Homer C. Hawley & Miss Belle Mead, both of Clymer.
1872 17 JUL D Mead, John M. Died, John M. Mead, aged 62 yrs, b in Lansing, Tompkins Co. NY 8th Dec 1810, moved with his family to Chatham Twp. in the year 1856.
1870 23 MAR D Mead, Viola L. Viola L. Mead, wife of W.B. Mead, dau of Hiram Freeborn at Knoxville, died 29th Jan.
1872 3 JAN M Meads, William B. m in Elkland Boro at the residence of the bride's parents 27th Dec 1871 by Rev. E.B. Benedict, Mr. William B. Meads & Miss Eva M. Benedict, dau of the officiating clergyman.
1870 26 JAN D Meek, Mary d in Delmar 12th Jan Mrs. Mary Meek in her 60th yr.
1867 31 JUL D Melville, Sophia (see Adams, Sophia Melville - Melville may be her maiden name - it is not clear)
1866 14 NOV M Merrick, Bradford W. m 30th Sep by N.E. Hastings, Esq, Mr. Bradford W. Merrick & Miss Emma Howland of Chatham.
1869 7 APR M Merrick, Fanny m at the residence of the bride's father 21st Mar by Elder J.W. Taylor, Mr. Ira Mourey of Farmington & Miss Fanny Merrick of Chatham.
1871 13 DEC A Merrick, George W. a poem for Mr. & Mrs. George W. Merrick, wedded 5 yrs. 1866 to 25th Nov 1871.
1870 19 OCT D Merrick, Mary d at the home of her son-in-law, Luther Shumway, Esq, in Charleston 28th Aug, aged 82 yrs, Mrs. Mary Merrick. 1st husb. James Dartt, 2nd husb. Israel Merrick Sr., maiden name Gillis (see obit)
1869 6 OCT M Merrick, Sarah m in Wellsboro 28th Sep at the residence of Mr. William T. Mathers by Rev. John A. Bowman, Mortimer F. Elliot, Esq, & Miss Sarah Merrick.
1872 20 MAR D Merritt, Susan d in the village of Nelson, Tioga Co. PA, Mrs. Susan Merritt, relict of Peter Merritt, deceased...b in Dutchess Co. NY in 1775 (see obit).
1867 23 OCT D Metcalf, Isaac d in Brookfield 4th Apr 1867, Mr. Isaac Metcalf, aged 82 yrs, a hardy pioneer of this Twp. [np date was 23 Oct]
1870 17 AUG M Miles, Stephen M. m in Mansfield 7th Aug by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Stephen M. Miles & Miss Hattie E. Hakes, both of Richmond.
1870 6 JUL M Miller, Angeline m in Union Twp, Floyd Co. IA 10th Jun by Rev. S. Bartlett, Mr. Orren Joseph & Miss Angeline Miller.
1869 28 JUL M Miller, Charles A. m in Liberty 15th Jul by Rev. R.H. Colburn, Mr. Charles A. Miller to Miss Clara F. Sebring, both of Liberty.
1872 1 OCT D Miller, Cloys L. d in Delmar PA 12th Sep, Cloys L. Miller, aged 43 yrs.
1869 14 APR D Miller, Delos V. d in Delmar 5th Mar, Delos V. Miller, son of Lewis Miller aged 34 yrs.
1870 28 SEP M Miller, Hiram J. m by the Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Hiram J. Miller to Miss Matilda Poul both of Troupsburg, Steuben Co. NY
1871 5 APR M Miller, Lorenzo m a the home of E.F. Knowlton in Shippen 26th Mar by Charles Houghton, Esq, Mr. Lorenzo Miller of Delmar to Miss Phebe A. Knowlton of Shippen.
1872 29 OCT M Miller, Lura J. m 20th Oct at the Sullivan State Road Baptist Church by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Edson Grey & Miss Lura J. Miller, all of Sullivan.
1871 22 NOV D Miller, Maria d at the County House 2nd Oct Maria Miller of Blossburg PA, aged 70 yrs.
1868 26 FEB M Miller, Mary E. m in Tioga 13th Feb by Rev. D.R. McDermond, Mr. John L. Imscho & Miss Mary E. Miller, both of Tioga.
1872 29 MAY M Milliken, Sarah E. m in Wellsboro 22nd May by Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. Edwin H. Watson & Miss Sarah E. Milliken.
1867 24 APR M Mills, Anna Stony Fork by James Steele: Anna Mills and James Boatman married, lived at Little Miami, Ohio in 1857.
1867 24 APR M Mills, Anna Stony Fork by James Steele: Anna Mills and James Boatman married, lived at Little Miami, Ohio in 1857.
1871 15 MAR D Mills, Daniel d 2nd Mar Daniel Mills aged 82.
1867 24 APR M Mills, Molly Stony Fork by James Steele: Molly Mills married Josiah Furman.
1871 15 MAR D Mills, Patience d in Charleston 22nd Feb Patience Mills aged 80.
1872 15 MAY M Mitchell, Ada m at the M.E. Parsonage 1st May by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. B.F. Potter & Miss Ada Mitchell, both of Charleston.
1872 1 MAY D Mitchell, Ada Bell d in Tioga 19th [Apr] of heart disease, Ada Bell, only child of Mrs. Edsal D. Mitchell of Bath NY, aged 11 yrs.
1871 18 OCT M Mitchell, Agnes E. m in Mansfield 13th Oct by Rev. G.S. Hart, Mr. John DeWitte to Miss Kate G. Maine both of Middlebury.
1870 9 MAR M Mitchell, Esther J. m at Mitchell's Creek, Tioga PA 3rd Mar by Rev. A.B. Chase, Mr. B.F. Towner of Williamsport PA & Miss Esther J. Mitchell of Tioga PA.
1870 6 APR A Mitchell, J. B. Letter from Plainfield, Waushara Co. WI 20th Mar. Nearly 2/3 of the inhabitants of this town were formerly residents of Tioga Co. PA.
1869 27 OCT A Mitchell, J. B. Plainfield Twp. WI has been settled by many from Tioga Co., among them Jesse Bentley, bro of Judge E.T. Bentley of Tioga, & J.B. Mitchell, bro of John I. Mitchell, Esq.
1870 30 MAR D Mitchell, John John Mitchell, settler of Aulder Run (Tioga Co.) was buried 20th Mar.
1870 20 APR D Mitchell, John Mr. John Mitchell died 18th Mar, one of the pioneer settlers of Jackson Twp, Tioga Co. PA.
1871 21 FEB M Mitchell, John I. m in Wellsboro 18th Feb at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. John I. Mitchell, Esq, Attorney at Law, & Miss M. Archer, all of Wellsboro.
1870 26 JAN D Mitchell, Margaret d in Delmar 26th Oct 1869 Miss Margaret Mitchell in her 77th yr.
1871 25 JAN M Mitchell, R. M. m at East Charleston 8th Jan by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Peter E. Jackson of Wellsboro & Miss R.M. Mitchell of Middlebury.
1872 8 OCT N Mitchell, William K. Administration Sale for William K. Mitchell. Adm: Jane E. Mitchell, C.H. Seymour. Dated 17 Sep.
1872 31 DEC D Moffitt, Sadie (Mrs.) 250 men, women & children met in the Bapt. Ch. in Newbury, Lyc. Co. PA to participate in the Christmas program, when the bldg crashed & fire spread from the oil lamps, many wounded or killed.
1871 31 MAY D Moore, Amos Died in Richmond 13th May, Mr. Amos Moore, aged 70 yrs 1 da.
1872 14 FEB M Moore, Ella m 1st Feb at Brooklyn NY by the Rev. N.H. Schenck, D.D., Mr. William Rumsey of Bath NY & Miss Ella Moore of Brooklyn.
1869 27 JAN M Moore, Jonathan L. m at the house of the bride's parents 14th Jan by W.C. Ripley, Esq, Jonathan L. Moore & Miss Mary E. Kelley, all of Richmond.
1871 29 MAR M Moore, Orrin A. m in this village 22nd Mar by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. Orrin A. Moore of Wellsboro & Miss Mary Alberta LeSears of Newbury NY.
1872 7 FEB M Moore, Thomas L. m in Charleston at the residence of Mr. Klock 19th Jan by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. Thomas L. Moore of Charleston PA & Miss Amanda B. Avery of Lanesbury NY.
1870 31 AUG M Moore, William H. m in Mansfield 23rd Aug by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. William H. Moore & Miss Phebe S. Marvin, both of Richmond.
1870 2 FEB M Moran, D. J. m at the residence of the bride's parents in Canton Twp 4th Jan by Rev. J.L. Watson, Mr. D.J. Moran to Miss Didie C. Strait both of Canton PA.
1871 7 JUN D Morgan, Ann Died, Mrs. Ann Morgan, wife of Samuel Morgan, in Charleston 26th May aged 66 yrs (Anna Kimball).
1869 24 MAR D Morley, Elnora M. d in Burlington, Bradford Co. PA 17th Jan, Elnora M., 3rd dau of Rev. R.L. & C.E. Stillwell, and wife of J.F. Morley, aged 21 yrs 10 mos 28 das.
1872 10 JUL M Morris, Elizabeth m at the Cone House, Wellsboro PA by Rev. J.F. Calkins 8th Jul, Mr. John J. Jones of Missouri & Miss Elizabeth Morris of Delmar.
1868 25 NOV M Morris, Katherine J. m at house of the Justice 29th Sep by N.E. Hastings, Esq, Mr. Solon Warren & Mrs. Katherine J. Morris, all of Charleston.
1870 28 SEP M Morse, Benjamin m on 13th Sep by Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Benjamin Morse to Miss Eleanor Wass, both of Chatham.
1870 28 SEP M Morse, Flora A. m 15th Sep by Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Palmineo G. Hurlburt to Miss Flora A. Morse both of Chatham.
1870 19 OCT D Morseman, Fredie d in Charleston 2nd Oct, Fredie, son of Hiram & Jane Morseman, aged 7 mos.
1869 20 JAN D Mosher, Flora Taylor d in Blossbury 26th Dec 1868 in the 21st yr of her age, Mrs. Flora Taylor, wife of Mr. E.H. Mosher, leaves a husband and an infant dau, married @ 1-1/2 yrs.
1870 5 JAN M Mosher, William m in Tioga 21st Dec 1869 by the Rev. M.S. Kymer, Mr. William Mosher to Miss Ellen Jenkins of Tioga.
1871 25 JAN D Mosier, Basha Buried 8th Jan, Mrs. Basha Mosier of Chatham.
1869 7 APR M Mourey, Ira m at the residence of the bride's father 21st Mar by Elder J.W. Taylor, Mr. Ira Mourey of Farmington & Miss Fanny Merrick of Chatham.
1872 3 JUL M Moyer, Margaret m on the 20th Jun by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. George Repart & Miss Margaret Moyer, both of Delmar.
1869 20 JAN M Mulford, Benjamin m in Westfield 25th Dec 1868 by Elder Thomas, Mr. Benjamin Mulford & Miss Sophronia Thompson, all of Westfield.
1869 20 JAN M Mulford, Mary m in Potter Co. PA by Elder Thomas 1st Jan, Mr. George Potter & Miss Mary Mulford, all of Westfield, Tioga Co. PA.
1871 5 APR M Muller, Frederick m in Wellsboro 24th Mar by rev. J.K. Karcher, Mr. Frederick Muller of Middlebury to Miss Juliette Sticklin of Wellsboro. The ceremony was performed in German in the presence of 100 German guests.
1871 5 APR M Myer, William m on 2nd Apr by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. William Myer to Miss Eliza Holden, both of Wellsboro.
1871 15 NOV M Naremore, Daniel H. m in this village 8th Nov by Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. Daniel H. Naremore to Miss Flora Stoddard.
1870 5 JAN M Narsh, Mary R. m in Covington 19th Dec by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. George Clemons to Miss Mary R. Narsh of Blossburg.
1871 3 MAY M Neal, Annie m in Charleston 26th Apr by Rev. G.S. Transu [Transue], Mr. Newell Webster & Miss Annie Neal, both of Charleston.
1872 3 DEC D Neal, Catherine d in Charleston 10th Oct Catherine Neal, widow of J. Neal, Sr., aged 88 yrs. Emigrated from Eng. with husb. & family @ 40 yrs ago (see obit).
1870 24 AUG M Neale, I. H. m at East Charleston 13th Aug by T.D.. Elliot, Esq, Mr. I.H. Neale of Charleston to Miss F.D. Comb of Middlebury.
1871 22 MAR D Neily, J. E. d at Westfield 9th Mar Rev. J.E. Neily, aged 59.
1872 24 JUL M Nelson, A. J. m near Olathe, Kansas, 14th Jul by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. E.G. Leavett, of Platte Co. MO & Miss A.J. Nelson of Olathe.
1872 31 DEC M Nelson, Dora M. m at Mansfield, Tioga Co. PA 18th Oct 1871 or 1872 by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Ambrose Decker of Smethport, MCKean Co. PA & Miss Dora M. Nelson of Hammersley Forks, Clinton Co. PA.
1872 7 AUG M Nelson, Ellen m at the bride's house in Arnot 25th Jul by the Rev. J. Ludlow Kendall, Mr. Andrew Stephenson & Miss Ellen Nelson, all of Arnot.
1871 8 NOV M Nelson, Joseph m at Wellsboro 5th Nov by the Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Joseph Nelson of Montrose PA to Miss Carrie E. Spencer of Wellsboro.
1871 26 OCT M Nettrowr, Perry m in Mansfield at the house of the officiating minister 7th ult by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. Perry Nettrowr to Miss Violet Kelsey.
1871 15 FEB D Nevins, Helen Died Helen Nevins of Blossburg in the County House 31st Jan aged 61 yrs.
1869 2 JUN M Newell, Erastus m at the residence of the bride's father, Lycoming Creek, 13th May by Rev. R.H. Colburn, Mr. Erastus Newell & Miss Thenie Mathews both of Lycoming Valley.
1870 26 OCT M Newell, O. m in Mansfield 13th Oct by Prof. L.D. Watson, Dr. O. Newell to Miss E.A. Rockwell, both of Mansfield, Tioga Co. PA.
1871 15 MAR M Newfart, J. m by Rev. J.P. Neff 12th Jan, Mr. J. Newfart of Liberty & Miss Mary Durmater of Jackson.
1870 19 OCT M Newpole, Annie m in Brown Twp, Lyc. Co. PA by the Rev. N. Hart, Mr. George Cole of Pine Creek, Brown Twp, to Miss Annie Newpole [could be Lupole] of English Center, Pine Twp, Lyc. Co. PA.
1870 30 MAR M Nichols, Julia m 23rd Mar in Wellsboro by Rev. John A. Bowman, Walter Sherwood, Esq, to Miss Julia Nichols.
1869 24 FEB M Nichols, William P. m in Lawrence 17th Feb by Rev. J.J. Turton, Mr. William P. Nichols to Mrs. Sophia Hall, both of Lawrence.
1872 6 MAR D Niles, Aaron d at Wellsboro 22nd Feb Mr. Aaron Niles, aged 87 yrs (a long obit follows).
1872 29 OCT M Niles, Florence m at Coudersport, Potter Co. PA 17th Oct by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Rev. J.L. Landis & Miss Florence Niles, both of Coudersport.
1869 17 NOV M Niles, George m in Middlebury 7th Nov by Mr. Keeney, Esq, Mr. George Niles & Miss Emily West, all of Middlebury.
1871 19 JUL M Niles, Imogene m in East Charleston 3rd Jun by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. Henry Wedge & Miss Imogene Niles of Niles Valley.
1872 1 MAY M Nobles, D. L. m by the Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. D.L. Nobles & Emma Jane Nobles, both of Delmar.
1872 1 MAY M Nobles, Emma Jane m by the Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. D.L. Nobles & Emma Jane Nobles, both of Delmar.
1870 13 JUL M Nobles, Julia E. m 4th Jul by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. George W. Balfour & Miss Julia E. Nobles, both of Delmar.
1869 13 JAN M Nobles, Rebecca m in Middlebury 3rd Jan by Thomas Keeney, Esq, Mr. Elias Bogart of Shippen & Miss Rebecca Nobles of Delmar.
1870 20 JUL M Norton, Francis m in Deerfield 3rd inst by J.G. White, Esq, Mr. Leroy Smith & Miss Francis Norton both of Deerfield.
1869 3 MAR M Nudd, David m at Knoxville 13th Feb by the Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. David Nudd of Brookfield PA to Miss Permelia Vandyn of Jasper NY.
1869 1 DEC M Nudd, Helen m in Brookfield 26th Sep by John G. Holmes, Esq, Mr. L. Steadman of Potter Co. PA to Miss Helen Nudd of Brookfield.
1869 1 DEC M Nudd, Sarah Z. m in Brookfield 20th Nov by John G. Holmes, Esq, Mr. George Seely of Knoxville PA to Miss Sarah Z. Nudd of Brookfield PA.
1872 31 JUL M Null, Daniel m on the 3rd Jul by Rev. A.D. Hawn, Mr. Daniel Null of Jacksonville, Cumberland Co. PA & Miss Annie M. Brooks, of Delmar, Tioga Co. PA.

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