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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Tioga County Agitator 1866-1872

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ONE . Thank you Diane Bender for retyping these.
1871 21 FEB M Soper, Kate m in Rutland 2nd Feb by the Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. F.W. Argetsinger & Miss Kate Soper.
1872 15 OCT M Soper, Rubie m by Rev. M. Rockwell in Jackson 7th Oct, Mr. James Argetsinger & Miss Rubie Soper, both of Rutland.
1871 15 MAR M Sorenson, Randolph m in Tioga 25th Feb by Rev. A.B. Chase, Mr. Randolph Sorenson of Stavenger, Norway, Europe, to Miss Mary E. Baker, of Middlebury, Tioga Co. PA.
1872 17 JAN M Soule, Delia m in Farmington PA 4th Dec 1871 by Rev. T. Leslie Weaver, Mr. H. Weltroe of Liberty & Miss Delia Soule of Farmington, Tioga Co. PA.
1871 19 APR D Soule, Elisha d in Farmington 5th Apr Mr. Elisha Soule, aged 68 yrs.
1870 23 FEB M Spalding, John m in Tioga 10th Feb by Rev. A.B. Chase, Mr. John Spalding of Chatham to Miss C.M. Baker of Columbia, Bradford Co. PA.
1870 30 MAR M Sparling, David m 20th Mar by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. David Sparling & Miss Adelaide Winfield, all of Blossburg.
1871 7 JUN D Spaulding, Chastina d in Winehenden MA 13th Apr Chastina, wife of Seth B. Spaulding, aged @47 yrs, dau in law of Mrs. Polly Spaulding of Chatham.
1871 16 AUG M Spaulding, Mary J. m at the residence of Theodore Colegrove in Hornellsville NY 2nd Aug by Rev. Milton Waldo, Mr. William H. Colegrove of Arkport NY to Mary J. Spaulding of Chatham Valley, Tioga Co. PA.
1870 23 NOV M Spaulding, S. T. m in Knoxville 17th Nov by Rev. Isaiah Everitt, Mr. S.T. Spaulding of Chatham to Miss Lydia Plank of Westfield.
1870 15 JUN M Spencer, A. J. m in Jackson on the 8th Jun by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. A.J. Spencer & Miss Hattie Spencer.
1869 20 JAN M Spencer, A. M. m in Wellsboro 5th Jan by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. A.M. Spencer of Richmond & Miss Mary Fellows of this village.
1868 9 DEC M Spencer, Alonzo m in Nelson 27th Nov by Rev S.A. Rawson, Mr. Alonzo Spencer of Nelson PA & Miss Matilda Orser of Addison NY.
1872 29 MAY M Spencer, Alphonzo S. m 23rd inst. by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Alphonzo S. Spencer & Miss Mary E. Blair, both of Wellsboro.
1870 12 JAN M Spencer, Anthony m in Mansfield 25th Dec 1869 by Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. Anthony Spencer of Union to Miss Clara Andrus of Alba, Bradford Co. PA.
1871 8 NOV M Spencer, Carrie E. m at Wellsboro 5th Nov by the Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Joseph Nelson of Montrose PA to Miss Carrie E. Spencer of Wellsboro.
1869 19 MAY M Spencer, Clark B. m in Tioga 9th May by Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. Clark B. Spencer & Miss Loretta E. Pope both of Chatham.
1871 8 NOV M Spencer, Dell E. m at Canoe Camp 25th Oct by Elder I.R. Spencer, E.A. Goodall to Miss Dell E. Spencer, all of Canoe Camp PA.
1872 10 JAN M Spencer, F. M. m at the residence of the bride's father in Corning NY 21st Dec 1871 by Rev. M.M. Aldrich, Mr. F.M. Spencer & Mrs. Maggie M. Brown, all of Mansfield PA.
1870 15 JUN M Spencer, Hattie m in Jackson on the 8th Jun by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. A.J. Spencer & Miss Hattie Spencer.
1872 31 DEC M Spencer, Ida May m on Christmas Eve at the Rectory of St. Paul's Parish, Wellsboro by the Rev. Charles Breck, D.D., Edward Leslie Burke & Miss Ida May, dau of Mr. L.D. Spencer.
1870 5 JAN D Spencer, Lovina d in Richmond on 20th Dec 1869 Mrs. Lovina Spencer, aged 68 yrs.
1868 25 NOV M Spencer, Maranda m at the hosue of the Justice 8th Nov by N.E. Hastings, Esq, Mr. Chauncey Rice of Chatham & Miss Maranda Spencer of Owego, NY.
1869 6 JAN M Spicer, Helen A. m at the house of the bride's father in Delmar 31st Dec 1868 by the Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Marshall B. Warren of Wellsboro & Miss Helen A. Spicer, dau of Martin Spicer, Esq.
1872 24 APR D Spring, Willis d at Knoxville PA 19th Feb, Willis, eldest son of G.W. & Martha Spring in the 30th yr of his age.
1871 10 MAY M Squires, Charlotte L. m in Mansfield 19th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Herman Updike & Miss Charlotte L. Squires, both of Sullivan.
1871 10 MAY M Squires, Lucy F. m in Mansfield 19th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Silas B. Wilson of Rutland & Miss Lucy F. Squires of Sullivan.
1872 7 AUG M St. Barnard, M. m at the M.E. Parsonage in Charleston 28th Jul by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. P.A. Potter of Charleston & Miss M. St. Barnard of St. Clair MI.
1869 9 JAN M Staples, Emeline M. m in Keeneyville 23rd Dec 1868 by Rev. W.M. Haskell, Mr. Wallace E. Jackson to Miss Emeline M. Staples.
1870 20 JUL M Staples, S. m in Middlebury 2nd Jul by Rev. J.W. Taylor, Mr. S. Staples & Mrs. Martha J. Conley, both of Middlebury.
1872 10 JAN M Starkey, Ellen E. m at the residence of the bride's father in Middlebury 13st Dec 1871 by Rev. C.K. Bunnell, Mr. John N. Reese of Charleston & Miss Ellen E. Starkey.
1869 23 JUN M Starkey, Levi A. m in Corning NY 15th Jun by Rev. C.P. Hard, Mr. Levi A. Starkey & Miss Amelia A. White of Mansfield.
1867 26 JUN M Starkweather, Harriet m in Richmond PA 16th Jun by J.C. Howe, Esq, George Wilson & Miss Harriet Starkweather, all of Richmond.
1869 1 DEC M Steadman, L. m in Brookfield 26th Sep by John G. Holmes, Esq, Mr. L. Steadman of Potter Co. PA to Miss Helen Nudd of Brookfield.
1870 6 APR A Stearns, Horton Letter from Plainfield, Waushara Co. WI 20th Mar. Nearly 2/3 of the inhabitants of this town were formerly residents of Tioga Co. PA.
1868 1 JUL M Steele, Gurdon m 25th Jun by Rev. J.f. Caulkins, Mr. Gurdon Steele & Miss Jeanette Carr, both of Delmar.
1867 1 MAY A Steele, James Article by James Steele about moving into Delmar Twp. May 1809. Mentions James Boatman, Josiah Furman, Sam & George Campbell. Mary Furman was Levi Furman's mother. Killed 365 rattlesnakes in one summer (see article)
1869 10 NOV D Steele, James Perry d at Port Allegheny PA 26th Oct of pneumonia, James Perry Steele, in his 44th yr, son of Mr. James Steele of Delmar.
1867 3 JUL M Steele, Jennie E. m at Wellsboro at the Fellow's Hotel by Rev. W. Statham, Mr. Lowell L. Leillibridge of Port Allegheny & Miss Jennie E. Steele of Delmar (see also Sarah E. Steele & Robert H. Steele)
1868 7 OCT M Steele, Kate m in Delmar 4th Oct by Rev. S. Butler, Mr. Burt Oleson of Potter Co. to Miss Kate Steele of Delmar.
1868 21 OCT M Steele, Mary m in Delmar 15th at residence of the bride's father by Rev. Wm. A. Smith, Peter D. Walbridge & Miss Mary Steele both of Delmar.
1867 17 JUL D Steele, Mary Alice d in Delmar 12th Jul Mary Alice, dau of James & Hanna Steele, aged 14 yrs 11 mos 22 das.
1869 7 JUL M Steele, Nathan m at the M.E. Parsonage in Wellsboro 26th Jun by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Nathan Steele & Miss Lois A. Bartle, all of Delmar.
1867 22 MAY M Steele, Robert E. m in Delmar 7th May at the residence of Mr. Andrew Bartle by Rev. W. Stham, Mr. Robert E. Steele & Miss Polly A. Bartle, all of Delmar.
1867 3 JUL M Steele, Robert H. m at Wellsboro at the Fellow's Hotel by Rev. W. Statham, Mr. Robert H. Steele & Miss Lenore Foss of Delmar (see also Sarah E. Steele & Robert H. Steele)
1867 3 JUL M Steele, Sarah E. m in Delmar at the home of Mr. & Mrs. James Steele by Rev. Mr. Smith 1st Jul, 3 children of Mr. & Mrs. Steele: Mr. Eli Love of Morris & Miss Sarah E. Steele of Delmar (see Jennie E. Steele & Robert H. Steele).
1870 19 JAN M Steinman, Charles L. m in Germania, Potter Co. PA 1st Jan by John M. Kilborn, Esq, Mr. Charles L. Steinman of Wellsboro & Miss Louise Sakmann of Germania.
1868 16 DEC M Stephens, James m at the residence of Joseph Wilbur, in Union Twp., 29th Nov by Justin Bothwell, Esq, Mr. James Stephens & Miss Julia McArty all of Blossburg.
1872 7 AUG M Stephenson, Andrew m at the bride's house in Arnot 25th Jul by the Rev. J. Ludlow Kendall, Mr. Andrew Stephenson & Miss Ellen Nelson, all of Arnot.
1872 22 OCT M Stevens, Anna m at the Keystone Hotel in Elkland Boro 11th Oct by Rev. E.B. Benedict, Mr. George W. Lloyd & Miss Anna Stevens both of Niles Valley PA.
1872 10 JUL M Stevens, Charles m at the Keystone House in Elkland PA 4th Jul by Rev. E.B. Benedict, Mr. Charles Stevens & Miss Ella Mahon both of Niles Valley.
1872 28 FEB D Stevens, David d at Nelson PA 7th Feb, David Stevens, aged 61 yrs.
1870 21 SEP M Stevens, Ellen F. m at the home of the bride's mother in Middlebury 13th Sep William A. Stone, Esq, of Wellsboro & Miss Ellen F. Stevens of Middlebury.
1872 21 AUG M Stevens, Mett m at the M.E. Parsonage in East Charleston 13th Aug by the Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. Albert Love of Chatham & Miss Mett Stevens of Farmington.
1870 29 JUN M Stevens, Rosella m in Farmington 17th inst by Rev. Comfort Beebe, Mr. Alfred Goodwin & Miss Rosella Stevens, both of Middlebury.
1870 31 AUG M Stevens, Susan m in Osceola 14th Aug by N. Strait, Esq, Mr. Edwin McPhee to Miss Susan Stevens, all of Osceola PA.
1870 28 SEP M Stewart, A. A. m in Keeneyville 2nd Sep by G.D. Kenney, Esq, Mr. C.H. Loop to Miss A.A. Stewart both of Nelson.
1869 8 DEC M Stewart, Alice m 27th Nov by the Rev. M.S. Kymer, Mr. Charles Andrews of Lawrenceville to Miss Alice Stewart of Jackson.
1871 22 NOV M Stewart, Jennie E. m in Mansfield 22nd Oct by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. W.V. Powers to Miss Jennie E. Stewart, both of Richmond.
1870 2 MAR M Stewart, Theodore m in Keeneyville 6th Feb by G.D. Kennedy, Esq, Mr. Theodore Stewart to Miss Adeline Primmer, both of Farmington.
1872 22 MAY M Stickley, Henry m in Wellsboro 19th May by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Henry Stickley & Miss Ella Blance Kelsey, both of Wellsboro.
1871 5 APR M Sticklin, Juliette m in Wellsboro 24th Mar by rev. J.K. Karcher, Mr. Frederick Muller of Middlebury to Miss Juliette Sticklin of Wellsboro. The ceremony was performed in German in the presence of 100 German guests.
1872 3 JUL M Sticklin, Rosena m 19th Jun by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Frank R. Fischler & Miss Rosena Sticklin, both of Wellsboro.
1871 4 JAN D Stickney, Isaac d at Morris Run 30th Nov 1870 Isaac M. Stickney aged 31 yrs, resident for 5 yrs, buried West Addison NY near the residence of his parents, leaves a wife & 2 daus.
1869 24 MAR D Stillwell, Elnora M. see Morley, Elnora A. (married name)
1872 21 FEB D Stine, Jacob d at the County House in Wellsboro 3rd Feb, Jacob Stine of Clymer, aged 82 yrs.
1871 15 NOV M Stoddard, Flora m in this village 8th Nov by Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. Daniel H. Naremore to Miss Flora Stoddard.
1870 6 JUL M Stone, B. G., Jr. m at Tioga Hotel 30th Jun by Rev. A.B. Chase, Mr. B.G. Stone, Jr, of Port Allegheny to Mary Reddington of Hollidaytown.
1866 25 JUL M Stone, Emma A. m in Jackson 19th Jul by Rev. Levi Stone, Mr. Calvin Hammond of Middlebury & Miss Emma A. Stone, dau of Rev. Levi Stone.
1870 21 SEP M Stone, William A. m at the home of the bride's mother in Middlebury 13th Sep William A. Stone, Esq, of Wellsboro & Miss Ellen F. Stevens of Middlebury.
1872 15 OCT M Stout, D. W. m in Jackson 1st Sep by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. D.W. Stout & Miss Adrian Thorpe, all of Rutland.
1869 19 MAY M Strait, Clarinda m in Clymer 25th Apr at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. Francis Strang, David W. Dickins of Hector, Potter Co. PA & Clarinda Strait.
1870 2 FEB M Strait, Didie C. m at the residence of the bride's parents in Canton Twp 4th Jan by Rev. J.L. Watson, Mr. D.J. Moran to Miss Didie C. Strait both of Canton PA.
1866 21 MAR N Strait, James Estate of James Strait of Westfield.
1870 9 MAR M Strait, James m in Osceola 27th Feb by N. Strait, Esq, Mr. James Strait of Troupsburg [Steuben Co. NY] to Miss Huldah Bronson of Farmington, Tioga Co. PA.
1869 22 DEC M Strait, Sarah J. m by Francis Strang 29th Nov, Mr. James L. Whittaker & Sarah J. Strait.
1869 13 JAN M Stratton, George W. m in Union Twp 25th Dec 1868 by the Rev. I.B. Reynolds, Mr. George W. Stratton of Union & Miss S.S. Foder of Ralston, Lyc. Co. PA.
1872 28 AUG M Streeter, Braziller m in this village 22nd Aug by Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. Braziller Streeter & Miss Alice L. Kimball, both of Wellsboro.
1870 4 MAY D Streeter, Jesse d in Tioga Mar 29th Jesse Streeter, aged 69 yrs.
1869 29 SEP M Streeter, William W. m in Chessaning, Saginaw Co. MI at the home of the bride's mother by Rev. A.B. Clough, Mr. William W. Streeter & Miss Diantha Brown. Mr. Streeter was formerly from Tioga Co. PA.
1869 13 JAN M Sturdevant, Amelia m at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. H.W. Garrison & Miss Amelia Sturdevant, all of Jackson.
1869 22 DEC M Sturruck, Barbara m 14th Dec by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. D.L. Deane, Recorder of Tioga Co., & Barbara Starruck, both of Wellsboro.
1872 21 FEB D Sumner, Wyatt d at the County House in Wellsboro 17th Feb, Wyatt Sumner, of Richmond, aged 63 yrs.
1872 31 JUL M Suton, Olive A. m on the 28th Jul by Rev. C.K. Bunnell, Mr. Henry Hathaway of Tioga PA & Miss Olive A. Suton of Middlebury.
1870 9 MAR M Sutton, Sarah m 13th Feb in Chatham by Rev. S. Butler, Mr. Norman Benn of Clymer & Miss Sarah Sutton of Chatham.
1869 31 MAR D Swartward, J. J. d in Tioga 9th Mar J.J. Swartward aged 23 yrs 2 mos 17 das.
1872 17 JUL M Swartwood, Warren m in Troy 4th Jul by Rev. T.S. Sheardown, Mr. Warren Swartwood of Tioga & Miss Phebe Payne of Jackson.
1872 10 DEC M Sweet, Dort Laura m at the residence of Mr. Philip P. Sweet 4th Dec by Rev. W.H. Rumsey, Mr. Edwin D. Downs of Downsville NY & Miss Dort Laure Sweet of Ulster.
1870 23 NOV M Sweet, Judge m in Keeneyville 6th Nov by G.D. Keeney, Esq, Mr. Judge Sweet to Miss Mary Adams, both of Middlebury.
1872 10 JAN M Sweete, David D. m on the 30th Dec 1871 by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. David D. Sweete & Miss Mary Peterson all of Mansfield.
1870 6 JUL M Swetland, M. W. m at the Baptist Church in Harrison, Potter Co. PA 26th Jun by Rev. Benjamin Thomas, Mr. P.E. Rexford of Westfield PA & Miss M. W. Swetland of Harrison PA.
1871 11 JAN M Sylvia, Isaac m in Charleston at the residence of H. Bailey, Esq, 31st Dec 1870 by Rev. A.S. Stone, Mr. Isaac Sylvia of Covington to Miss Martha Davis of Charleston PA.
1872 3 JAN M Symonds, Mary A. m in this village 15th Dec 1871 by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. Charles Orr of Stony Fork PA & Miss Mary A. Symonds of Stony Fork PA.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/21/98
By Joyce M. Tice