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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituary sections.
Surname Name Status Date of Death Age Parents Birth Place Residents 0ccupation Burial Place
Babcock Ezra married Jan. 27, 1877 36y 5m 12d James & Mary U.S. 807 First St. Carpenter  2nd St. Cem
Babcock Elizabeth   Mar. 6, 1881 11y 5d Sylvester & Carrie Auburn, NY 506 W. Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Babcock George I.   May 21, 1881 6y 10m 21d S.P. & Carie Babcock U.S. 406 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Babeack Samuel married Apr. 22, 1872 42y James & Mary Babeack U.S. DeWitt St. Carpenter N.Jersey
Backer Infant  male Nov. 29, 1870 7d Lafaette & Hellen E. Elmira 80 Gray St.   Woodlawn
Backman infant  female b.&d. Apr. 3, 1869   Theodore & Clara Elmira 1st Av.   5th Ward Southport
Backman Anna H. married July 30, 1871 20y 5m 20d Alvah S. & Mary Carter Elmira 139 Water St.   2nd St. Cem
Bacon Elmer I.   Aug. 25, 1881 3m 12d Ezra G. & Olive A. Elmira 407 Sixth St.   Elmira, NY
Baden Lucretia married Jan. 31, 1870 27y 9m 2d Nelson & Hannah Shumway Otsego Co., NY 89 Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Badger Martha L. single Dec. 14, 1867 26y 5m Harwood M. Badger Elmira Factory St.   2nd St. Cem
Badger Amasa married Aug. 17, 1873 62y Samuel & Abigal New York 48 East Hill Teacher 2nd St. Cem
Bagley Ralph L.   Mar. 26, 1874 2m  George L. & Ella C.Olsen Bagley Elmira 230 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Bagley Ella C. married June 10, 1879 25y 6d Joh & Lena Olson U.S. 112 Ferris St. Housewife Woodlawn
Bahan Infant  male Jan. 14, 1870   Martin & Bridget Elmira 180 Fifth   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bailey Martha J. widow June 4, 1869 78y 3m Higbee Orange Co., NY 72 Gray St.   Woodlawn
Bailey Benjamin W. married May 13, 1876 59y 5m Roswald Bailey U.S. 107 Main St. Merchant Mansfield, Pa
Bailey infant male Jan. 15, 1879 2d David & Delia Bailey Elmira 808 John St.   Woodlawn
Baker Isaac married July 31, 1868 63y Isaac Baker America Wilcox Hotel Miller Bath, NY
Baker William married Mar. 11, 1869 24y 6m Henry & Adeline NY Fifth St. Shoemaker (Murdered) Woodlawn
Baker Edward B. widower Dec. 20, 1858 36y 5m 27d Seneca & Phebe Southport, NY Southport Cabinet Maker Moved from 2nd Woodlawn Dec/1870
Baker Hattie   Aug. 2, 1871 3m 13d Charles & Julia E. Wellsburg, NY Washington Av.   Woodlawn
Baker Christopher married Dec. 29, 1871 49y Calvin & Betsey Rome, NY Fourth St. Laborer Woodlawn
Baker William single Oct. 24, 1873 30y Frank & Amelia Elmira Spring St.   Woodlawn
Baker Valentia Costello single Nov. 25, 1873 18y 6m Valentia & Minerva Dunkirk, NY Railroad Bridge   Woodlawn moved to Whitesville
Baker George single Sept. 27, 1873 30y 9m Richard Elmira 47 Hudson St. Farmer Woodlawn
Baker Charles Henry   Mar. 5, 1874 10m Nicholas & Ann Baker Elmira 10 Beach St.   Catholic Cem.
Baker Charles   Apr. 9, 1878 6d Abner R. & Jane Elmira 524 Win St.?   Woodlawn
Baker Sidney H.   Sept. 7, 1878 7m 21d Howard E. & Maggie C. Elmira 1004 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Baker Georgie   Jan. 3, 1880 4y 1m 24d Leroy & ? Baker Town of Southport Town of Southport   Woodlawn
Baker Leonard Avery   Mar. 27, 1880 1y 8m 1d A. L. & Nellie W. Elmira 240 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Baker Lena B.   Apr. 7, 1880 2y 6m Chas. L. & M. C. Baker Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa 423 W. Fourth St.   Jobs Corner, Jackson, Pa
Baker Mary Ellen   Oct. 16, 1880 5y 1m 5d Nicholas & Ann Baker Elmira 560 Beach St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Baker Frank L.   June 10, 1881 7y 4m Gilbert D. & Eliza Milo, Yates Co., NY 208 Madison Av.   Milo, Yates Co.,NY
Baker Jno T.   July 30, 1881 4m 22d E.F. & Minerva Baker Elmira 713 E. Market St.   Woodlawn
Baker Mable   Sept. 7, 1881 4y 9m 4d S. & Mary E. Baker Southport, NY Town of Southport   Southport Cem.
Baldwin Stephen McDonald   Sept. 1, 1869 3y 5m 9d Gordon W. & Mary Elmira First St.   2nd St. Cem
Baldwin L. Eugene   July 16, 1872 6m William R.  Elmira 292 Water St.   2nd St. Cem
Baldwin Thomas D. married Nov. 8, 1872 43y Isaac & Alice Elmira 70 Lake St.   2nd St. Cem
Baldwin Sarah McD.   Dec. 19, 1873 2y 3m 22d Gordon & Mary Elmira 26 First St.   2nd St. Cem
Baldwin Zerriah R.   Mar. 26, 1874 51y 10m 7d Jonathan & Nancy Jenkins Southport, NY Jamestown, NY Housewife Woodlawn
Baldwin Horace L.   Dec. 3, 1877 4y 3m 13d James L. & Lucy A. Elmira 570 Perry St.   Woodlawn
Baldwin George C. married Dec. 6, 1877 34y 6m Harry & Lucy Elmira 212 W. Water St. Carpenter  Town of Elmira
Baldwin Horace Loyal   Aug.7, 1878 11d James L. & Lucy Abigail Elmira Broadway    Woodlawn
Baldwin Francis single/female Feb. 14, 1879 45y 3m 14d Isaac & Alice D. Elmira 236 Lake St.   2nd St. Cem
Baldwin Alice widow Dec. 25, 1879 82y 1m 22d William & Mercy Dunn Bath, NY 236 Lake St. Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem
Bales George   Apr. 4, 1870 11y 23d Wm. S. & Mellissa Elmira Clinton St.   Moved from 2nd Woodlawn Oct/1870
Ball Jonaston married Aug. 15, 1868 71y 2m 23d Joseph & Lucretia Mass. 27 Park Place  Manufacturer Woodlawn
Ball Annie   June 28, 1874 5y 9m Joseph & Alice J. Ball Elmira 122 West Henry St.   Woodlawn
Ballard Marion Augusta married/female Jan. 28, 1881 59y 9m 17d Henry & Mana Howard Chenango Co.,NY 272 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Bancroft Rulandus married Sept. 10, 1874 90y  Oliver Bancroft U.S. Town of Elmira Physician Woodlawn
Bane Bridget married Oct. 10, 1871 33y John & Bridget Curley Ireland McDonald St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bane infant  female b & d.Oct. 10, 1871   Patrick & Bridget Elmira McDonald St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Banks infant  female Oct. 9, 1869 14d Samuel & Cora F. Elmira Market St.   Woodlawn
Banks infant  female Dec. 30, 1870   Samuel & Cora  Elmira 18 Sullivan   Woodlawn
Banks Harry   Apr. 19, 1874 2d Samuel & Cora F. New York 2 Harriet St.   Woodlawn
Bany Lizzie B.   Feb. 2, 1881 3y 8m 20d U.J. & Anna Randolph, NY 955 College Av.   Woodlawn
Banyar? Mary E. married/ black Apr. 7, 1878 33y 1m 5d Unknown & Mary Wilson Willimgton, Del 24 Madison Av.   Woodlawn
Barber Flood A.   July 21, 1870 8m 17d Abbott & Henrietta T. Elmira 233 Church St.   Woodlawn
Barber Henreitta S. married July 4, 1874 37y 3m 18d Elihu & Hannah Chapman U.S. 233 Church St. Housewife Woodlawn
Barchet John Martin   May 5, 1877 1y 22d Mathews & Anna Town of Elmira Town of Elmira   Woodlawn
Bardwell Mary H. widow Oct. 19, 1868 74y 7m John & Sybi Hastings Hartford, Mass 24 Oak St. Housekeeper Whately, Mass
Bardwell Ransom P.   Feb. 9, 1874 2y 11m  Ransom & Sophia Elmira 8 Oak St.   Woodlawn
Barlow Lewis single/black June 9, 1867 19y Unknown Virginia Town of Ashland Laborer Woodlawn
Barlow Mertie May   Dec. 18, 1878 2y James E. & Mary J. Elmira 1314 Pratt St.   Woodlawn
Barlow Lillian M.   Jan. 7, 1881 6m  James E. & Mary J. Elmira 114 Partridge St.   Woodlawn
Barnes Augustus T.   July 7, 1870 3m 23d Gilbert H. & Mercy Kansas City Kansas City   Woodlawn
Barnes Susan J. married Mar. 7, 1874 26y 10m Leonard & Catharine Davis U.S. Walnut St.   Troy, Pa.
Barnet Cornelius M.   July 30, 1870 5d Jerry & Ellen Elmira South Water St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Barney Henry married Dec. 3, 1870 90y 7d Benjamin & Annie C. Sussex Co.,NJ 33 South Water Farmer 2nd St. Cem
Barney Sarah E. married Jan. 18, 1879 43y 15d Wm. & ? Freeman Deposit, NY Watercure Clinic   Woodlawn
Barnhardt infant  female Apr. 18, 1873 2d Alvin & Melissa Elmira Oak St.   Pine Woods
Barnhart Alzamora   July 26, 1868 6m Alvin Barnhart Elmira West First St.   Pine Woods
Baron Infant male Nov.22, 1868   Joseph & Rhetta Elmira 50 Main St.   Woodlawn
Barrett Mary A. married June 11, 1871 47y 6m 15d John F. & Elizabeth Delany New Jersey 32 Market St.   Big Flats
Barrett Warren  widower Apr. 14, 1873 47y 11m 13d Silas & Esther Newfield, NY Judson St.crn John St Farmer 2nd St. Cem
Barrett Thomas   Nov. 27, 1873 2d John & Mary Barrett Elmira DeWitt & Market   Catholic Cem.
Barrie Clara Isadore   Dec. 28, 1868 3m 18d James C. & Rachel Elmira Fox St.   Woodlawn
Barron Joseph A.   July 28, 1873 9m 13d Joseph & Pelchie? Elmira Bush St.   Big Flats, NY
Barry Thomas W.   Jan. 2, 1870 13d James & Rachel Ann Elmira 51 Water St.   Woodlawn
Barry Ellen widow Jan. 8, 1878 69y 2m 10d Daniel & Mary Connoly Ireland 104 S. Walnut St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Barry Lizzie   Aug. 1, 1879           Woodlawn
Bartholf Etta May   Aug. 9, 1880 1y 7m 29d William H. & Ella S. Elmira 379 W. Gray St.   Woodlawn
Bartholomew Josiah married June 7, 1875 69y 4d Jessie & Marmra? U.S. 310 Baldwin St. Carpenter  2nd St. Cem
Bartholomew Joseph married Sept. 22, 1875 64y 7m 8d Abraham & Esther U.S. 115 Columbia St. Millwright Woodlawn
Bartholomew Uriah married Nov. 8, 1878 39y 6m 4d Joseph & Elmire Ulster Co., NY? Cor 3rd & Railroad Av. Landlord Woodlawn
Bartlett Charlotte Emma married Aug. 3, 1870 27y  Thomas & Rhoda Minerva Briggs Chenango Co., NY 66 Main   Woodlawn
Barton Janeta widow Jan. 28, 1879 69y 10m Unknown Pokeepsie, NY 305 William St. Housewife Woodlawn
Bassette Maggie married Apr. 16, 1876 21y 6m Theodore & Anadane Canada 5th & Columbia St. Housewife Canada
Batter Anna black July 19, 1880 3m 15d Littitton Travis? & Anna Batter Elmira 600 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Batter  Chas. W. widower May 24, 1880 70y Unknown Germany City Hospital Piano maker Woodlawn
Battersby William single Apr. 16, 1872 19y Cathrin & ? Battersby Ireland Broadway  Cigar maker Southport
Battersby John married Aug. 11, 1875 70y Robert & Mary Ireland Broadway Av. Laborer S.S.Peter & Paul
Battersby Wm.   Apr. 4, 1876 6m  Patrick & Marian Elmira 219 Broadway   S.S.Peter & Paul
Battersby Mary Ann   Aug. 1, 1881 1y 2m Patrick & Mary Ann Elmira 219 Broadway    S.S.Peter & Paul
Batterson Minny   Apr. 13, 1871 4y 4m Edmund & Jane Southport, NY South Main   5th Ward
Batterson Jeptha widower Apr. 5, 1880 89y Joseph & Rebecca New Jersey Tioga, Pa   Woodlawn
Batty Clarance Eugene   July 26, 1874 5m 6d Jahiel A. & Frances A. Batty U.S. Southport, NY   Southport Cem.
Batty Bessie May   Oct. 13,1879 7m 28d John E. & Florance A. Elmira 424 W. Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Baty John  widower Feb. 17, 1872 65y John & Hannah Ireland Canton, Pa Farmer S.S.Peter & Paul
Baty infant  female Dec. 30, 1875 4m Unknown U.S.  Orphans Home Fulton St.   5th Ward Cem
Bauber Peter Charles   Aug. 31, 1872 4m 20d Nicholas & Mary Elmira 12 Harriet St.   Catholic Cem.
Bauer George  widower Feb. 3, 1872 87y 11m Charles & Rosina Germany 121 Lake St.   2nd St. Cem
Baxter Francis Y. married Apr. 14, 1881 21y 8m Jno.C. & Sarah E.Youngs U.S 641 Josephine St. Housewife Woodlawn


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice