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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituary sections.
Surname Name Status Date of Death Age Parents Birth Place Residents 0ccupation Burial Place
Beach William Hurd single Nov. 16, 1878 21y 3m 3d Chas. Henry & Caroline Michigan 331 South Broadway Farmer Woodlawn
Beach Carl H. married Aug. 7, 1880 21y 7m 17d Unknown U.S. 708 E. Second St. Stone Cutter Woodlawn
Beadle Nettie D. married June 20, 1871 29y 5m 12d Jacob & Harriet E. DeGroff Poughkeepsie, NY 88 Lake St.   2nd St. Cem
Beadle Tracy married Mar. 22, 1877 68y 5m 1d Henry & Susan Beadle Otsego Co., NY 400 Lake St. Banker Woodlawn
Bean Willie H. S.   July 20, 1870 5m 6d W.H.S. & Eliza H. Elmira 8 East 2nd   Owego
Bean Arthur C.   Feb. 25, 1872 5m 5d Wm H. & Eliza H. Elmira 8 East 2nd St.   Owego
Beardsley B.P. male July 23, 1876 75y 8m James & Margrett Connecticut 124 W. Second St.   2nd St. Cem
Beardsley Josephine single Mar. 16, 1879 18y 1m 4d Marcus & Drusilla Sussex Co., NY 111 East Hudson St. School-girl Sparta, NJ
Bebee Ferdinand male Sept. 22, 1869 64y 11m 17d Nathan & Feeny Delaware Co.,NY Broadway Laborer 5th Ward Southport
Bechle Zarie widower Jan. 2, 1869 80y 5m John & Eva Germany Railroad Av. Blacksmith St. Paul
Beck  Amanda Theodosia married Oct. 4, 1869 25y 13d William & Ann Wilcox Chemung Co., NY 2 Gray St. Housewife Woodlawn
Becker George W.   July 19, 1870 10m John & Lois Germany 2 Monroe   Woodlawn
Beckwith George  married May 3, 1868 60y 10m 21d Richard & Sarah Beckwith Southport, NY Boiling Springs, N.J Farmer Woodlawn
Beckwith Hannah widow Sept. 24, 1870 81y 8m Joseph & Jane Young Cherry Valley, NY 8 Columbia St.   2nd St. Cem
Beckwith Leroy Wood   June 29, 1874 5y 8m 21d Jeff.T Beckwith U.S. New Jersey   Woodlawn
Beckwith John married Aug. 17, 1877 59y 9m Daniel & Ann Sly Beckwith Chemung Co.,NY Town of Southport Farmer Woodlawn
Beckwith Eelwin R.or Edwin R.   Aug. 21, 1877 54y 11m 7d Albert A. & Hannah Southport, NY Ridgebury, Pa.   Woodlawn
Beckwith Howard R.   July 23, 1881 7y 7m 9d Milton & Eugena L. Southport Town of Southport   Woodlawn
Bede Peter   July 13, 1870 50y Richard & Nancy Ireland High & Market Catholic Priest Catholic Church yard
Bedient Frank D.N. married May 9, 1871 26y 7m D.N. & Sarah Millport, NY Water St. Bookkeeper Woodlawn
Beebe Susan widow Sept. 3, 1870 62y Bradley & Ellen Bradshaw NY Southport   5th Ward
Beebe Caleb married Dec. 26, 1876 70y Unknown Madison Co.,NY Town of Elmira Laborer Woodlawn
Beebe Marian widow Dec. 31, 1876 49y 10m  George & Adaline Chapin NY state 414 E. Washington Av. Tailoress Ashland, NY
Beebe George A.   Aug. 23, 1881 7m 2d Oscar K. & Meary A. Schuyler Co., NY 364 Third St.   Cautaville, NY
Beecher Cathrine E. single May 12, 1878 78y Lyman & Roseana Beecher East Hampton, L.I. East Hill Author & Teacher Woodlawn
Beecher Chas. M. single Feb. 16, 1880 25y  Chas. M. & Amelie E. U.S. 123 Harriet St. Printer Woodlawn
Beecher Chas. M. married July 8, 1881 52y 5m Mose & Lydia Beecher U.S. 551 E. Water St. Editor Woodlawn
Beegie F. female Feb. 27, 1881 1y 5m L. H. & Carrie A. Elmira 110 Hudson St.   Woodlawn
Beemer Fredrick   Oct. 16, 1879 3y 1m 4d Henry & Kate Elmira 1321 Benton St.   Woodlawn
Beerhalter Thecla married/ female Oct. 26, 1871 28y 6m Conrad & Apolana Schornsteimer Germany Henry St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Beers Smith widower Dec. 29, 1871 63y John & Keziah U.S. 51 Water St. Carpenter 2nd St. Cem
Beganski Hellen married Oct. 14, 1879 29y 11m 10d Conrad & Annie Schornstimer Drumstadt, Germany 128 W. Hudson St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Behrle Matilda   Sept. 11, 1873 5y 3m Hammond & Lina New York High & Church St.   Franklin St.
Beker Catharine married Feb. 27, 1869 37y Cornelius Kane Ireland Beach St. Housekeeper S.S.Peter & Paul
Bele Bridget  married June 26, 1880 66y  John Sherer Ireland 107 W. First St. Housekeeper S.S.Peter & Paul
Bell Joseph W. married Sept. 18, 1876 42y 2m 4d John & Elizabeth England 653 Baldwin St. Planing Mill Woodlawn
Bell  James   Jan. 22, 1872 6y 7m James & Johanna Ireland Walnut St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bellis infant  male b & d.Aug 9, 1871   R. H. & Amy M.  Elmira 47 Henry St.   Woodlawn
Beman Carrie   Apr. 9, 1877 3y 5m 9d John B. & Mariette Elmira 450 Roe Av.   Woodlawn
Bemans Margette married June 19, 1878 34y  Richard K. & Dorcas Wallis Elmira 105 Lincoln St. Housewife Woodlawn
Bement William married Aug. 1876 70y Unknown U.S. found in woods of convent of Sacred Heart in NJ  Woodlawn
Bement Susan Ames single June 11, 1881 40y 10m 7d Rev. William & Sarah P. East Hampton, Mass 109 Columbia St. Sales Women Woodlawn
Benedict Polly widow June 2, 1871 74y 10m 17d Matthias & Anna Benedict Waldron, NY Market St.   Woodlawn
Benedict Ezra married May 22, 1846 56y 7m 20d Ezra & Mary New Canaan, CT Springfield, Pa Farmer moved from Springfield to Woodlawn Nov. 1871
Benedict Deborah widow Dec. 19, 1871 69y  Lindle & Elizabeth Fitch Delaware Co.,NY Ashland, NY Housewife Woodlawn
Benedict Eva N.   Jan. 7, 1872 2m 7d Natham S. & Elizabeth Ashland, NY Ashland, NY   Woodlawn
Benedict Luke W. married July 27, 1875 66y Abil & Elizabeth U.S. 363 Division St. Farmer Woodlawn
Benjamin Simeon widower Sept. 1, 1868 76y 4m Richard & Nancy Northville, NY Riverhead, Long Island General Businessman Woodlawn
Benjamin William F. married June 9, 1879 62y 3m 12d William & Amelia Benjamin Northville,Suffolk Co,NY 714 Main St. Clerk 2nd St. Cem
Bennett Thomas single Jan. 27, 1869 26y 11m 11d John & Ellen Ireland McGee St. Laborer Corning, NY
Bennett Patrick married Sept. 23, 1870 35y 10m John & Ellen Ireland Railroad Av. Track Foreman Corning, NY
Bennett Solomon married Oct. 21, 1870 66y 3d Jacob & Unknown Montgomery Co.,NY College Av. Lumber Dealer Woodlawn
Bennett Sophia Scudder   Aug. 2, 1865 3m 6d Solomon & Mary E. Elmira Main St.  
Bennett Patrick   Aug. 18, 1871 1m 21d Thomas & Mary Elmira Fifth St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bennett Mary   Mar. 10, 1873 2y 11m 1d Thomas & Mary New York 56 Columbia St.   Catholic Cem.
Bennett Annie   Feb. 8, 1879 5y 18d Thomas & Mary Elmira 711 Davis St.   Catholic Cem.
Bennett Hannah married Dec. 26, 1879 55y John & Mary Reardy Ireland 308 Washington    S.S.Peter & Paul
Bennitt Anna E.   May 15, 1874 5y Thomas & Mary Bennitt Elmira 83 High St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bensbach Louisa married Mar. 6, 1871 59y 2m 20d H. & Louisa Gettinger Germany 8 Water St.   Woodlawn
Benson Infant male b&d Oct. 17, 1867   A.T. & Mary Benson Elmira 57 First St.   2nd St. Cem
Benson Frederick   Jan. 26, 1868 3m A.T. & Mary Benson Elmira Water St.   2nd St. Cem
Benson Della single Mar. 11, 1871 24y  Benjamin & Johanna Pennsylvania 86 Clinton St. Servant Girl Wellsburg, NY
Benton Chas. H. single Apr. 20, 1874 22y O.C. Benton & Sarah Gooding Cortland Co., NY Hudson St. Clerk Groton, NY
Beothe Paula J.   Oct. 9, 1880 3m 15d John E. & Nitte Beothe Starkey, Yates Co.,NY 416 Herrick St.   Southport Cem.
Berger Infant  female b& d Apr. 27, 1869   George & Henrietta Elmira Fifth St.   York, Pa
Berger Henrietta married Apr. 29, 1869 34y Fred & Julia King Germany Fifth St. Housewife York, Pa
Berger Agesty married Apr. 25, 1874 51y 6m Bachli Hans & Abeloni Switzerland 135 Railroad Av. Housewife Catholic Cem.
Berhalters Rosa   July 6, 1869 7m Jacob & Hecla Elmira Town of Elmira   S.S.Peter & Paul
Berman Leonard W. single May 2, 1875 35y Unknown U.S. Canandaigua, NY Shoemaker Woodlawn
Berman Abraham married Oct. 1, 1880 24y Kayser Berman Poland 219 High St. Pedlar Southport Cem.
Berner George William   Dec. 16, 1870 5y 8m Adam & Mary Elmira 30 Water St.   Woodlawn
Berner Kate single Jan. 28, 1877 20y Adam & Mary U.S. 601 East Water St.   Woodlawn
Berry John Brown black Dec. 18, 1870 25d Chas. S. & Margaret Elmira Perry & Third this may be same Woodlawn
Berry George W.   Nov. 23, 1874 6y 5d Hiram B. & Fanny H. Berry U.S. 214 Washington    Woodlawn
Berry Fannie married Apr. 9, 1875 31y 27d Wakeman & Rebecca Merwin U.S. Middletown, NY   Woodlawn
Berry John married Jan. 11, 1879 59y Wm. & Mary Ireland 102 W. Henry St. Car Inspector S.S.Peter & Paul
Berry Thomas J. married June 28, 1879 not recorded Thomas & ? Berry Tioga, Penn Water St. Farmer Tioga, Tioga Co.,Pa
Bertet Charles  single June 4, 1877 28y Peter & Maria Oswego Co.,NY South Main St. Cooper Pine Woods
Best Magrete A. single Mar. 1, 1879 18y 11m 4d Fooley Buffalo, NY 513 East Third St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Betsan William N. married Feb. 28, 1874 33y 10m Peter & Sarah L. U.S. East Fifth St.   2nd St. Cem
Betties Leila   Oct. 8, 1867 1y 3m 14d Dan'l & Juliette Betties Corning, NY Standish St.   Woodlawn
Bettridge Elizabeth married Apr. 1, 1871 35y 17d Thomas & Kesiah Gibbons Horseheads, NY 21 McGee   Horseheads, NY
Betts William Wallace married Sept. 1, 1874 35y John & Eliza Betts U.S. 106 Gray St. Painter Penn Yan, NY
Betts Asa married Aug. 20, 1878 58y Unknown Unknown 369 West Gray St. Shoemaker New Brunswick
Betzea Harry married May 17, 1879 29y Unknown Germany South Main St. Fresco Painter Lewisburg, Pa
Bevier Nettie W.   Aug. 17, 1881 11m 23d Silas W. & Addie Elmira 117 Caldwell St.   Chemung, NY
Bibanans Samuel married Apr. 22, 1875 87y Unknown U.S. Town of Elmira Physician Woodlawn
Bickle Fairavena   Sept. 30, 1874 19d James & Sarah Bickle U.S. 418 East Water   Woodlawn
Bidwill Marshall S. married Nov. 21, 1877 42y 4m 25d Marshall S. & Clara Toronto, Canada 209 S. Water St. Druggist Woodlawn
Bien Katharine married Mar. 11, 1868 47y Andrus Baker Germany Town of Big Flats Housewife Woodlawn
Bien Magdalena single June 30, 1868 53y John Bein Germany Big Flatts, NY Housewife Woodlawn
Bier George  married Apr. 22, 1877 57y 7m Yoran? & Anne Germany 709 Oak St. Laborer Woodlawn
Bierbum? Jacob   Nov. 4, 1872 5m Moses & Elkie Elmira 66 DeWitt St.   S.S.Peter & Paul
Bigg Doty   May 17, 1874 23d Edward & Laura Elmira 20 Broadway   Southport Cem.
Bigg Laura A. married Oct. 24, 1879 33y 3m 10d Luke & Jane Osborn Alexandria Co., Va 422 South Broadway   Southport Cem.
Billett  Jane L. married Mar. 18, 1877 42y 10m 11d Pete & Bell Brewer Binghamton, NY 424 W. Clinton St. Housewife Woodlawn
Billette Mary Ann married Nov. 29, 1874 24y John & Margaret O'Hern Ireland 720 Walnut St.   Woodlawn
Billings John L. married Aug. 3, 1874 40y 1d Alvin & Elizabeth Billings U.S. 422 East Water St. Saloon Keeper Woodlawn
Bird Maud D. black Apr. 2, 1878 1y 2m 26d Isaac & Susan Elmira Baldwin St.   Woodlawn


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice