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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
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Last name
given name
death date
Birth place
Last residence
burial place
Dahon Thomas married July 15, 1876 51y Dominick Dahon France 208 Harriet Merchant Woodlawn
Dailey Alice   Aug 6, 1867 1 y 5m John & Bridget Dailey Elmira, N.Y. Hudson St.   Catholic Cem.
Dailey Margaret E.   July 24, 1870 10m 4d Patrick C. & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 58 Hudson St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Dailey Isaac   March 8 1873 1m 14d Isaac & Ellen Elmira, N.Y. 75 Water St.   E. Elmira
Dailey Jane   Aug. 7, 1873 5m John & Ann Elmira, N.Y. 148 Second St.   Catholic Cem.
Daily Annie married March 28 1873 21y 9m Michael & Jane Fenney New York 148 Second St. Housewife Southport
Daily John J.   Jan. 21, 1875 1y 1m 2d Dennis & Mary F. U.S. Pratt St.   S. S. Peter & Paul
Daily Fletcher   Oct. 2, 1880 3m 24d Michael Dailey Town of Chemung, N.Y. Orphans' Home   Southport Cem.
Dale John D. married May 28, 1874 66y 6m 1d David & Eve New York State 72 Fifth St. Patentee Woodlawn
Dale William Wey   Aug. 18, 1877 9m 14d George W. & Julie Elmira, N.Y. 306 orchard St.   Woodlawn
Daley Catherine   Dec 23, 1868 1y 6m 6d Patrick C. & Amia Elmira, N.Y. 38 Hudson St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Daley Cathrin married Dec. 11, 1878 89y Cornelius & Ellen Roanan Ireland     S.S. Peter & Paul
Daley Mary E.   Sept. 2, 1879 1y 27d Daniel T. & Kate S. Elmira, N.Y. 103 Church St.   S. S. Peter & Paul
Dalton Mary widow May 28, 1875 74y 2m Wm. & Mary Nagle Ireland 659 Magee St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Dalton Wm. married Dec. 21, 1875 88y 6m Thomas & Bridget U.S. Clinton St. Mason S.S. Peter & Paul
Dalton Alfred single Sept. 23, 1876 50y   England 157 Baldwin St. Gunsmith Woodlawn
Dalton Ellen married March 14, 1878 44y Michael & Alice Kennedy Ireland 659 Magee St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Daly Timothy widower Nov 8, 1868 65y   Ireland Horseheads Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Daly Mary single April 15, 1880 35y Tim & Bridget Desmond Daly Ireland Horseheads, N.Y. Housework S.S. Peter & Paul
Daly Hannah single Sept. 20, 1880 35y Patrick & Margret Mahony Ireland, County Cork 208 W. Hudson St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Darby Lizzie infant Oct. 2, 1871 3d Frederick & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 119 Second St   Woodlawn
Darby Elizabeth Anna   May 30, 1875 2m 7d F.T. & Elizabeth U.S. cor. Henry &Harmon Sts.   Woodlawn
Darby Fredrick   July 17, 1876 2m 7d Fredrick & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 248 Water St.   Taken from city
Darby H. Wheadon   Dec. 22, 1878 5y 3m Frank B. & Mary Owego, N.Y. 418 W. Church St.   Woodlawn
Darin William H. single Dec. 30, 1876 37y   Yates Co. N.Y. Corning, N.Y.   Woodlawn
Darling Margret J. married Nov. 1, 1880 37y 8m 24d John & Elizabeth Allington Elmira, N.Y. 400 High St. Housewife Woodlawn
Darmstedt Adam E.   May 4, 1870 2m Adam & Mary Caton Caton   S.S. Peter & Paul
Darrin Mary married July 25, 1874 40y Noble Hellar U.S. Cor. Gray & Elm Sts. Housewife Woodlawn
Darwin Ira married June 20, 1872 75y Daniel & Pattie Columbia Co. 343 Water St. Farmer Woodlawn
Davage Presilla married April 13, 1879 50y ? & Presilla Grey Maryland 215 Sullivan St.   Woodlawn
Davenport Scott married March 7, 1871 40y 5m 27d John A. & Elmira Wayne Co, N.Y. 36 Water St. Machinest Woodlawn
Davenport E.P. married/male April 10, 1873 64y Ephriaham & Louisa U.S. 44 Washington St. Merchant Woodlawn
Davenport Louisa widow April 21, 1873 54y 1m 14d Spencer U.S. 44 Washington St. Housewife Woodlawn
Davenport Sarah P.   Oct. 18, 1873 4y 8m D.R. & Sarah L. Elmira, N.Y. 5 Madison Ave.   Woodlawn
Davenport Susan B.   July 31, 1878 3d D.R. & Sarah P. Elmira, N.Y. 111 Madison Ave.   Woodlawn
Davidson John C. married May 10, 1874 81 y   Mass. 320 Water St. Machinest Woodlawn
Davidson Elizabeth widow Sept 1, 1880 79y 4m 18d John & Mary VanStyck Sharon, Schorie Co., N.Y. 466 W. Water St.   Woodlawn
Davis Frances E. married July 26, 1867 35y 15d Benjamin & Esther Gray Chemung Co. N.Y. Luce St.   Woodlawn
Davis Sarah J. widow March 15, 1868 52y 10m 6d Abram Brockaway Newburgh, Orange Co.,NY 86 Church St. Housewife Woodlawn
Davis infant female b.&d Feb.19,1870 Geo. W. & Martha   86 church St.   Woodlawn
Davis Mary Alice   Dec. 20, 1870 3m 6d Wm. & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 11 partridge St.   5th Ward
Davis Henry E. married March 31 1871 61y 1m 13d James & Susan New York 147 Second St Drayman Woodlawn
Davis Margaret   July 16, 1871 6m 18d Robert & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 77 Harriet St   Woodlawn
Davis Chauncey married Oct. 11, 1871 35y Girwood & Harriet   Southport, N.Y. Blacksmith Woodlawn
Davis John   Aug 29, 1872 1m 7d Robert & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. Harriet St.   Woodlawn 
Davis William   Oct. 3, 1872 1y 1m John S. & Sarah Elmira, N.Y. Hatch St.   Woodlawn
Davis William   Oct. 13, 1872 7m ? & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Main St.   Woodlawn
Davis infant male May 14, 1873 5d John & Elizabeth U.S. Stowell St.   Woodlawn
Davis William H. married March 30 1874 29y 4m Henry E. & Maria E. Davis Orange Co., N.Y. 147 Second St Grocer Woodlawn
Davis Mary J.   March 3, 1874 10m 10d David R. & Mary Ann Davis Elmira, N.Y. 7th St bet.Hatch & Canal   Woodlawn
Davis William widower/black April 22, 1874 64y 10m Charles H. & Elizabeth England 7 Sullivan St. Mason Woodlawn
Davis Charles single/black April 20, 1874 15y 6m William & Polly Davis Elmira, N.Y. Day St.   Woodlawn
Davis Esther   July 6, 1874 5m 11d Robt. & Elizabeth Davis U.S. 127 Harriet St.   Woodlawn
Davis Jennie   Sept 5, 1874 6m   U.S. 255 South Ave   Southport Cem.
Davis Ann married Apr 28, 1875 60y Benjamin John & Diana Wales 110 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Davis Thomas single/black Dec. 9, 1876 75y   Pa. Jones Lane   Elmira
Davis Sarah married March 14, 1877 61y 8m William & Sarah Donnelly Ireland 757 Market St. Housewife Woodlawn
Davis Aldine female Aug. 25, 1877 9m 23d Levi & Aldine Elmira, N.Y. 110 Broadway St.   Woodlawn
Davis Laura black Jan. 1, 1878 15y 2m 11d ? & Sarah Lumer Elmira, N.Y. Orphans' Home   Woodlawn
Davis Jennie Bell   Jan. 23, 1879 2d David & Alice Davis Elmira, N.Y. 655 College Ave.   Woodlawn
Davis G. male March 28, 1879 3d John L. & Elizabeth Jane Elmira, N.Y. Grant St.   Woodlawn
Davis Margret Jane   April 9, 1879 8y 5m 16d John L. & Elizabeth Wales Grant St.   Woodlawn
Davis Catherine Jane   April 19, 1879 1y 6m J. L. & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. Grant St.   Woodlawn
Davis infant male May 30, 1879 5d Harry F. & Elizabeth A. Elmira, N.Y. 955 N. Main St.   2nd St. Cem.
Davis Sarah Ann   Sept 28, 1879 4y 10m 24d Thomas and Margrett Elmira, N.Y. 833 Canall St.   Woodlawn
Davis Estella Ann   Dec. 12, 1880 3y Levi M. & Charlotte Elmira, N.Y. 966 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Davis Belle P. married March 24, 1881 26y Geo. W. & Margret French Elmira, N.Y. 509 Elm St.   Woodlawn
Davis  James married Aug 6, 1871 87y 5m 21d Adaliah & Elizabeth Rensselaer Co. N.Y. 103 Second St. Teamster 2nd St Cem.
Dawson William married Jan. 28, 1871 44y 10m 28d   England Walnut St. Cartman 2nd St. Cem.
Day Harry L.   Sept. 19, 1877 2y 6m Stephen & Hannah Penn. 208 First St.   Woodlawn
De Forrest F.E. married Sept. 29, 1881 35y   U.S. 7th St. Brakeman Waverly, N.Y.
De Groff Hannah widow April 9, 1878 53y ? & Eliza Smith Middletown, N.Y. 417 Davis St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
De Lan Harriet J. married May 14, 1881 44y 21d   Cooperstown, N.Y. 107 Partridge St. Housewife Woodlawn
De Lanney Fanny married Oct 10, 1878 84y Shomder Phillipsburg, Orange Co.,NY 364 W. 4th St.   Woodlawn
De Roach infant female b & d Dec.23,1878 infant Louis & Josephine   704 John St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
De Voe Julia married Jan. 12 1877 64y W.J. & H. C. Stewart New York 315 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
De Voe Franklin married Nov. 3, 1877 23y 11m 15d Benjamin & Ursola U.S. 206 Hudson St. Shoemaker S.S. Peter & Paul
De Voe Russell   March 6, 1878 6y Franklin & Margret Elmira, N.Y. 132 W. Henry St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
De Witt Eliza Ann married Jan. 20 1876 41y Thomas & Ann May Canada 608 Water St. Housewife Woodlawn
De Witt Anna B. single July 31, 1880 21y 22d Sutherland & Eliza A. Elmira, N.Y. Lake Pleasant H. Coty School girl Woodlawn
Dean Polly Lewis widow Sept. 23, 1868 70y 2m 8d James & Lydia Lewis Orange Co., N.Y. William St Housekeeper Woodlawn
Dean Joseph Henry   Dec. 9, 1878 8y 1m 22d Lansing & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 556 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Dean Malven Jesse   Dec. 11, 1878 5y 1m 2d Lansing & Elizabeth Elmira, N.Y. 556 Lake St.   Woodlawn
Dean Sarah married July 20, 1881 48y 17d Jno. & Nancy Appalton Montrose, Pa. 754 Day St.   Woodlawn
Debilla Maria widow Feb. 12, 1874 50y   U. S. Lake St. Nurse Woodlawn
Decker Anna Mary married April 15, 1868 34y Green M.& Elsie Tuthill Owego, N.Y. Carts Rock, Pa Housewife 2nd St. Cem
Decker Anna S. married Jan. 29, 1870 77y 9m Caspar & Anna Schermahorn Green Co. N.Y. 341 Water St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Decker Albert   June 24, 1870 3m 29d Albert & Sarah Southport, N.Y. 101 Second St   South Creek
Decker Jeremiah widower Aug 25, 1871 69y   New Jersey Big Flatts Laborer Woodlawn 
Decker Hester Ann widow Jan.1, 1875 52y 7m 18d Samuel & Lydia Lewis U.S. cor. Day & Pratt Sts.   Woodlawn
Decker Gilbert widower Aug. 11, 1875 87y 3m 22d Lawrence & Cornelia U.S. 507 W. Water St.   Woodlawn
Decker L. C. married/female Aug. 18, 1876 42 y 9m 18d John & Pheil Orange Co. N.Y. 575 Third St.   Woodlawn
Decker Eliza Jane single Sept. 2, 1876 20y Phillip & Rebecca New Jersey 265 Washington Ave   Woodlawn
Decker Willie   Sept 9, 1876 4y 5m William & Hulda Conn. 439 Fulton St.   5th Ward Cem.
Decker George   Jan. 9, 1977 7m 12d George Decker & E. Apleton Elmira, N.Y. 50 High St.   Woodlawn
Decker Keturah married Aug. 21, 1878 81y 4m Nathaniel & Phebe Beeves U.S. 656 Main St. Housekeeper Orange Co. N.Y.
Decker William B.   Aug. 29, 1878 10y 6m 20d Phillip & Rebecca Ann New Jersey Washington Ave.   Woodlawn
Degroff Elizabeth widow March 3, 1851 74y William Tillow Dutchess Co. N.Y. Horseheads   Moved from Horseheads to Woodlawn Oct. 1870
Degroff. David A. married May 23, 1868 69y 1m Abram & Elizabeth DeGroff Dutchess Co. N.Y. 17 East Union St. Merchant Woodlawn


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice