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Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituary sections.
Surname Name   Date of Death Age Parents Birth Place Residents Occupation burial place
Jackson Catharine married/black Dec. 5, 1871 74y Unknown Virginia Water St. Wash Woman 5th Ward Cem
Jackson Phoebe married Nov. 10, 1872 52y   New York Henry St. Housewife Breeseport
Jackson Luther L.   July 9, 1874 3m 4d Geo. W. & Pauline B. US 753 Washington Ave   Woodlawn
Jackson John widower July 6, 1875 64y 1m 8d Jacob & Marthy US Crn Hatch & Washington Farmer Breeseport
Jackson William H. single/black Dec. 13, 1875 8m 2d Wm. & Anna Jackson US     Woodlawn
Jackson William black Dec. 9, 1875 7m 4d Robert Jackson & Lizzia Wallice US 720 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jackson Clara Comfort   Dec. 26, 1875 20y 2m 20d Silas H. & Clarissa New Jersey Crn John & Judson St.   Woodlawn
Jackson Chas. E.   Aug. 10, 1876 1m 25d Geo. W. & Pauline Elmira 470 First St.   Woodlawn
Jackson Nathan married Apr. 30, 1878 28y 9m Jacob & Lucinda Breesport, NY Main St. Shoemaker Woodlawn
Jackson Catherine married/black Oct. 6, 1879 64y Unknown Chambersburg, PA 654 Baldwin St.   Southport
Jackson Lucinda widow Feb. 21, 1880 57y Unknown US 1213 Hall St.   Woodlawn
Jackson Infant  female Sep. 3, 1881 1m 14d C.W. & Carrie Jackson Elmira 605 E. Church   Woodlawn
Jacobs Ida black Nov. 29, 1877 9y 7m Charles & Diana Elmira 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jacobs Margaret single/black Dec. 7, 1877 14y Charles & Diana Elmira 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jacobs Robert black Dec. 10, 1877 6y Charles & Diana Elmira 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jacobs Lewis black Dec. 11, 1877 7y Charles & Diana Elmira 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jacobs Diana married/black Dec. 14, 1877 44y Charles & Rosa Smith Bradford Co., PA 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jacobs Charles widower/black Dec. 20, 1877 87y   PA 614 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
James Catharine single Oct. 2, 1869 51y 2m 14d John & Catharine Ireland 74 Church St. Nurse S.S Peter & Paul
James Charlotte married/black Apr. 4, 1870 50y 10m 5d Thomas & Charity Lokman Chambersburg, PA 14 Perry St.   Woodlawn
James Infant  female Jan. 29, 1871 still born Maria James Elmira Baldwin & Fifth St.   Woodlawn
James Adalina single May 10, 1875 17y Edwin & Susan James US Main St.   Slaterville,Tompkins Co.,NY
James Richard married Mar. 13, 1881 68y 2m 13d John & C. James Ireland Crn Oak & Harper St. Laborer S.S Peter & Paul
Janis Adolphus widower Aug. 5, 1874 79y 3m 12d Joseph Denis & Abigail Church US 212 Ann St. Carpenter Waverly
Janison Minnie M. single Mar. 28, 1881 3y 11m 2d Nathan B. & Nellie Elmira Church St.   Woodlawn
Janolersky Charles   July 19, 1874 21d John & Ann US Railroad Ave   S.S Peter & Paul
Jarvis Jane married/black Feb. 22, 1881 86y 1m 1d   Lodi, NY 664 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jenkins Henrietta   Feb. 26, 1872 2y Wilkes W. & Malvina Elmira Town of Elmira   Woodlawn
Jenkins Elvira widow Oct. 11, 1873 43y 2m 16d Christopher Stage? Elmira Davis St. Housewife Woodlawn
Jenkins Berthia married Dec. 22, 1876 79y 1m Steven & Elizabeth Luzern Co., PA Town of Elmira Housekeeper Woodlawn
Jenkins Calvin L. married Aug. 3, 1877 52y 4d George & Minerva US 210 W. Water St. Farmer Woodlawn
Jenkins Givenie   Aug. 11, 1878 8y 4m 30d John & Givenie Ohio 150 E. Washington Ave   Woodlawn
Jenkins Owen   Aug. 12, 1878 4y 7m 5d John & Givenie Ohio 150 E. Washington Ave   Woodlawn
Jennings James   Aug. 29, 1875 (no data)     death from Skull Fracture Woodlawn
Johnson John H. married June 14, 1867 84y Jeremiah & Marg't Johnson NY City Lake St. Blacksmith Woodlawn
Johnson George H. married Sep. 6, 1867 22y 5m John C. & Melissa Johnson Elmira Buffalo Boatman 2nd St. Cem
Johnson Lucretia widow Apr. 4, 1868 74y 2m David & Sarah VanHorn NY City Lake St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Johnson George   July 20, 1868 7m Wm. & Emeline Johnson Elmira 44 Third St.   2nd St. Cem
Johnson Herbert D.   July 23, 1868 8m 9d Emery & Sarah Johnson Elmira 16 Orchard St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Joseph single/black Apr. 10, 1871 35y Unknown US High St. Scavenger Woodlawn
Johnson Freddy   July 24, 1871 3m Wm. & Emeline Elmira 44 Third St.   2nd St. Cem
Johnson Marion married/black/fe June 7, 1872 25y 5m Joseph & Jerius Unknown 38 Cononague St. Domestic Woodlawn
Johnson John Henry single Mar. 22, 1873 1y 11m 30d John & Amanda Elmira Fourth St.   Woodlawn
Johnson William black Nov. 11, 1873 74y Unknown Virginia 23 Dickinson St. Day Laborer Woodlawn
Johnson William married Jan. 9, 1874 53y Unknown US 7 Gregg St. Butcher Woodlawn
Johnson Richard black July 14, 1874 age not recorded Richd. & Sarah US 716 Dickinson St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Martha Ann married July 29, 1874 60y Jodd US Elmira   Woodlawn
Johnson Sarah married Mar. 11, 1875 27y 11d Henry & Thankful US 220 W. Second St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Johnson Ella C. single Apr. 22, 1875 36y 2m 6d J.C. & C.L. Johnson US 110 Market St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Johnson Milton married/black June 5, 1875 29y Benjamin & Henreaetta US 709 Benjamin St. Mason Tender Woodlawn
Johnson Albert black Sep. 27, 1876 23y Unknown America Jay St. Laborer Woodlawn
Johnson Susan black Oct. 6, 1876 75y William & Nancy Ferris? Vermont 416 Perry St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Asco widow Feb. 18, 1877 74y Unknown Unknown 209 OrchardSt.   Not recorded
Johnson Susannah widow May 13, 1877 86y 7m 8d Joseph & Sally Whittmore MA 214 College Ave Domestic Woodlawn
Johnson James Edward black Aug. 22, 1877 4m ? & Mary E. Johnson Elmira 710 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Nancy single Oct. 5, 1877 78y 1m 3d William & Deborah Sussex Co., NJ 909 Hoffman St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Lorenzo Curtis married Nov. 14, 1878 52y 2m 3d David F. & Emily F. Rochester, NY 250 W. South Water St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Anna   Oct. 16, 1879 8y 7m 5d James & Faith Johnson Elmira Pratt St.   Woodlawn
Johnson Francis M. single/female Nov. 29, 1880 8y 7m Alonzo & Johanna Elmira 904 Magee St.   Southport
Johnson W.A. single/black/male Dec. 28, 1880 26y W.H. & Harriet Maryland 314 High St. Mason Not recorded
Johnson Carrie E.   Aug. 25, 1881 2m 23d Geo. W. & Annie Elmira W. Water   Unknown
Johnson  Richard black Oct. 14, 1875 1m 7d Richard & Sarah US 1115 Dickinson St.   Woodlawn
Jones Catharine single Mar. 12, 1868 16y John & Catharine Jones Millport, NY Town of Big Flats   S.S Peter & Paul
Jones George William married/black Sep. 20, 1868 42y 3m 13d Enock & Hannah Leesburg, VA 15 W. Third St. Mechanic 2nd St. Cem
Jones Jennie E. married Feb. 8, 1869 29y 5m John & Matilda Dick Staten Island 114 Hudson St.   5th Ward Cem
Jones Zuba single/black Nov. 17, 1869 20y William & Fidelia Elmira High St. Servant Woodlawn
Jones James F. married  Jan. 13, 1870 69y 10m 14d Caleb & Mary Orange Co., NY 22 Market St. Lawyer Woodlawn
Jones Geo. Henry black Oct. 20, 1863 3y 4m John W. & Rachel R. Elmira 185 Church St.   2nd St. Cem removed to Woodlawn Apr. 1870
Jones Charles M. black Apr. 9, 1870 19y 7m 10d Geo. W. & Priscilla M. Elmira 15 Third St. Barber 2nd St. Cem
Jones Denny single/black Jan. 3, 1872 16y Moses & Catharine Chambersburg, PA Dickinson St.   5th Ward Cem
Jones Julitte married Sep. 21, 1872 56y 25d Asa & Lucretia US Lyons House Housewife Webbs Mills
Jones Willie black July 1, 1874 1y 3m Unknown US Orphans Home   Southport
Jones Eunice widow Jan. 13, 1875 74y Samuel Buckbee; mother ? US E. Market St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Jones Floyd H. single Dec. 22, 1875 21y 8m 9d F.M. & Sarah C. Jones US Seeley Creek Clerk Woodlawn
Jones Minnie M.   July 15, 1876 2m 17d Frank & Mary Elmira 213 Madison Ave   Not recorded
Jones Ella E. single June 4, 1876 22y 2m 29d John & Catharine Millport, NY Horseheads Domestic S.S Peter & Paul
Jones Marie widow May 29, 1877 82y 4m 12d Tunis & Ellen Moon? Riker NYC 310 Baldwin St.   2nd St. Cem
Jones George Edward married Jan. 1, 1879 46y 6m 15d Joel & Mary Ward Jones Elmira 240 Lake St. Real Estate Broker & Dealer Woodlawn
Jones Firman black Dec. 21, 1879 4m Firman & Christine Elmira 616 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Jones Harry V. single Sep. 12, 1881 10y 5m Harvey E. & Rhoda Elmira 112 College Ave   Woodlawn
Jordan Clarisa   Oct. 8, 1874 1m 26d Albert & Nancy Jordan US Washington Ave   Woodlawn
Joslyn Edward P.   Aug. 9, 1881 22d Jno. R. & Mary P. Elmira 758 Church St.   Elmira
Joy John F. Jr.   Aug. 27, 1868 11m 10d John F. and Maranda Elmira 132 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Judson Aurora W. married Apr. 21, 1870 50y Joseph & Harriett Hulet? Vermont 363 Water   Woodlawn
Judson Clara B.   Sep. 27, 1848 2y 5m 4d Wm. R. & Elizabeth Elmira Elmira   2nd St. Cem removed to Woodlawn
Judson Elizabeth married Mar. 1, 1859 45y 11m 24d Chas. & Rebecca Orwan Elmira Elmira   2nd St. Cem removed to Woodlawn
Judson William E. married Nov. 9, 1874 62y ? Judson US 408 Main St. Coal Merchant Woodlawn
Judson W.R. married/male Feb. 6, 1880 69y 3m 10d Silas B. & Dianthia Otsego Co., NY Diven Ave Real Estate Agent Woodlawn
Julien John   July 16, 1881 10m 29d Unknown Elmira Franklin-Fulton - Orphans Home   Fulton St. Cem


First Published On Tri-Counties Site On 03/08/2001
By Joyce M. Tice