Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituary sections.
Surname Name Status Date of Death Age Parents Birth Place Residents Occupation Cemetery
Lewinsohn Wolf married Oct 16, 1873 56y Samuel & Rachel Poland 22 Water St. Peddlar Hebrew Cem.
Lewis Stephen single Oct 25, 1868 56y Stephen & Hannah US Factory St. Farmer Steuben County, NY
Lewis Christina married Nov 6, 1870 23y 1m Joseph & Mary Jane Arnold Southport 25 Washington Ave.   Woodlawn
Lewis Violet single Sep 19, 1873 21y Illinois Church St.   Illinois
Lewis Eugene   Jan 23, 1876 1y 7d John & Winerfried   713 Walnut St.   Woodlawn
Lewis Charles   July 16, 1874 2y 4m 20d A.M. & Sarah E. Lewis US 5 Magee St.   Bighamton
Lewis John black Sep 5, 1874 5m 15d John T. & Mary S. Lewis US East Hill   Woodlawn
Lewis Betsey   Feb 5, 1876 6m Isaac & Dora Elmira, NY 551 E. Second St.   5th Ward
Lewis Infant female Sep 6, 1876 1d Frank Poulie & Cathrine Lewis   41 Davis St.   Woodlawn
Lewis Liddy L. married Feb 11, 1877 76y Unknown US 714 Oak St.   Woodlawn
Lewis Susan   July 22, 1878 2y 9m 28d Horace & Eveline Elmira, NY     Woodlawn
Lewis Grace Louise   July 26, 1878 2y 8m 20d Alfred L. & Sarah E. Elmira, NY 501 Davis St.   Binghamton
Lewis Harriet married July 16, 1881 29y Gilbert D. & Hannah E. Colman South Creek, PA 540 Tuttle Ave. Housekeeper South Creek, PA
Libolt Henry married Aug 5, 1880 50y 10m Abram & Anna US 357 W. Fourth St. Carpenter Taken out of city
Liddy William   Feb 3, 1872 15y 9m 26d Jerry & Catharine Southport Pennsylvania Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Liddy J.H. male Apr 9, 1876 1y 3m 8d Michael & Cathrine Elmira, NY 238 Henry St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Liddy Jeremiah married July 22, 1879 60y 5m 20d James & Ann Liddy Ireland 521 Pennsylvania Ave. Shoe Manufacturing S.S. Peter & Paul
Liddy Rosa   Oct 28, 1879 11d John & Ruth U. Chemung Co., NY Chemung St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Liddy Catherine widow May 18, 1881 60y Grady Ireland 727 Lake St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Liendart Ann widow Jan 7, 1880 59y Tuberty Ireland Railroad Ave. Hotel Keeper S.S. Peter & Paul
Liesheas Phillip   July 13, 1881 11m Francis N. & Emma E. Elmira, NY 316 South Ave.   Gillets, Bradford Co., PA
Liesner Catherine widow Apr 17, 1881 80y 11m Pautz Germany 718 Oak St. Housewife Woodlawn
Lillis Thomas J.   Dec. 8, 1878 2y 4m John & Mary Addison, NY 808 Magee St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lillis John   Feb 4, 1881 2y 20d John & Mary Elmira, NY 13 W. Fifth St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lindsey Effie B.   May 9, 1873 13y 4m 8d Ebenezer & Elizabeth Elmira, NY 33 Fifth St. School Girl Woodlawn
Lingle Frank A. single Jan 11, 1872 19y John & Ellen Fieldsboro, NJ 14 S. Main St.   Bordentown, NJ
Linneen Michael   May 28, 1869 3d Patrick & Bridget Elmira 81 Fourth St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lippen Willie   Dec 19, 1878 3y 8m 5d Mapes & Johnanna Elmira, NY 356 W. Third St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lipuski Rosa   Jan 13, 1880 8m Martin & Julia Elmira, NY 82 Canal St.   Jewish Cem.
Lisner John   June 9, 1868 10y 6m Carl & Agusta Lisner Germany Fifth St.   Woodlawn
Litch Henry   July 17, 1874 3m John Litch US Orphans' Home   Southport Cem.
Litke William single Dec 16, 1872 25y Carl & Fredricka Germany E. Oak St. Laborer Woodlawn
Little Mary G.   Nov 19, 1867 49y 1m 11d   New Jersey Hudson St.   Woodlawn
Lobdell Isaac married Jan 21, 1875 80y 10m 1d Ebenezer & Chole Lobdell US 313 Orchard St. Mason 2nd St. Cem.
Lobdell Elizabeth widow Nov 16, 1880 81y 10m 18d Phillip Weaver New York State 313 Orchard St. Housewife 2nd St. Cem.
Locke Hannah widow Apr 3, 1873 95y Unknown Connecticut 68 Second St. Housekeeper 2nd St. Cem.
Lockwood Eli N.   Sep 2, 1871 1y 1m Geo. E. & Oramel N. Cauga Co., NY Hudson & Fulton St.   5th Ward
Lockwood James, Jr.   July 1, 1874 6m 16d Lawrence E. & Lavinia US 20 Standish St.   2nd St. Cem.
Logan Annie married Aug 19, 1873 22y Thomas & Biddie Fallon Ireland Hatch St. Housewife Catholic Cem.
Logee Stephen F. married Mar 6, 1868 27y 7m Stephen F. & Arenn Logee Rhode Island 5 Park Place Bookkeeper Woodlawn
Lombard Henry Silsby married Aug 5, 1875 46y 1m 29d Caleb & MaryAnn US 103 W. Third St. Physician Woodlawn
Londgragon Mary married May 18, 1880 54y Denis &? Crowley Ireland Jones St. Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Long Mary Jane   Dec 28, 1870 1y 10m Patrick & Mary Elmira, NY Harper St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Long Patsey   July 18, 1873 5y 6m Patrick & Mary Elmira, NY Harper St. School Boy Catholic Cem.
Long Frankie   July 22, 1876 2y 10m 15d F. & D. Long Elmira, NY 214 Harriet St.   Beechwoods, NY
Long Thomas   Jan 3, 1880 5y 8m Walter & Bridget US John St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Longshore Sarah E. married Jan 29, 1872 28y Thomas America 38 Carroll   Woodlawn
Longshore Maud   Aug 30, 1879           Woodlawn
Loony John single Feb 5, 1872 25y Unknown Ireland Fifth St. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Loop Catharine W.  married May 27, 1869 28y Michael & Catharine Ireland 83 High St. Serving woman Woodlawn
Loop Harriet married Apr 26, 1871 67y 9m Smith Yates Co., NY Basin St. Housekeeper Woodlawn
Loop Horace W. widower July 5, 1872 47y Christian & Hannah Elmira, NY 1 High St. Peddlar Woodlawn
Loop Ruth single July 6, 1873 31y 5d Christian & Laura Elmira, NY Main St.   Woodlawn
Loop Charlotte married Aug 16, 1873 47y John & Polly Clark New York  56 High St. Housewife Woodlawn
Loop Kate married Apr 6, 1881 38y 1d William & Clarrisa Wisner Elmira, NY 316 High St. Housewife Woodlawn
Lorden Infant female b.& d. Jun 30, 1870   Michael & Ellen   S. Water St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lorden Infant male b. & d. May 9, 1871   Michael & Ellen   2 Chestnut St.   Bradford Co., PA
Lorden Ellen married May 9, 1871 28y 6m James & Joanna Carrol Wellsburg, NY 2 Chestnut St. Housewife Bradford Co., PA
Loring James H. married Oct 11, 1874 49y John Loring & ? Parker US 318 Water St. Wholesale Merchant Woodlawn
Lormore T.J. male/married Apr 11, 1876   Robert & Elen Ireland 510 Church St. Merchant Woodlawn
Losie Norman A.   Dec 12, 1862 4m 13d Thos. M. & Janette Elmira, NY 90 Church St.   2nd St. Cem, removed to Woodlawn Jul 15, 1870
Losie Abraham   July 16, 1870 11m 18d Thos. M. & Janette Elmira, NY 90 Church St.   Woodlawn
Losie Nett. D.   Jan 20, 1876 4y 5m 4d Thomas M. & Janette W. Elmira, NY 319 Orchard St.   Woodlawn
Losie Ettie May   Jan 11, 1880 4y 2m 18d Thomas M. & Jenette W. Elmira, NY 319 Orchard St.   Woodlawn
Lougher Margret married May 14, 1873 26y 9m Rus. & Mary Davis Wales North Benjamin St. Housewife Woodlawn
Lougher Risey married Aug 1, 1873 3m 13d W. & Margret Elmira, NY Washington Ave.   Woodlawn
Loughhead Jane widow May 13, 1872 67y James Oran Ireland Alba, PA   Not recorded
Louise George married Jun 25, 1877 47y Fiane Italy Railroad Ave. Street Huckster S.S. Peter & Paul
Louner Emma L.   Mar 8, 1877 1y 3m 18d William L. & Cathrine J. Elmira, NY High St.   Elmira, NY
Lounsbury Frederick   July 17, 1877   Andrew & Lida Elmira, NY 713 Benjamin St.   Woodlawn
Lounsbury Harry   July 17, 1877   Andrew & Lida Elmira, NY 713 Benjamin St.   Woodlawn
Love Philine D. married Mar 10, 1878 38y 7m 21d Levi Wisner & Jerusha Brockway US 561 Coburn St. Housewife 5th Ward Cem.
Lovell Jessey Bell   Mar 23, 1876 7m 9d Amos B. & Sarah J. Elmira, NY 410 Elm St.   Woodlawn
Lovell Florence Bell   Apr 28, 1879 6m Harrison & Mary E. Elmira, NY 307 E. Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Lovell Japhet married Dec 29, 1879 78y 4m 14d Ashel & Hannah Lovell US 710 E. Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Lowe Anna single Dec 26, 1880 23y Lowe US 637 W. Josephine St.   Near Williamsport, PA
Lowman Clementine J. widow Apr 18, 1866 29y 7m 7d William R. & Elizabeth Judson Elmira, NY Elmira   2nd St. Cem., removed to Woodlawn
Luce Almira married Jun 27, 1867 70y 23d Samuel Griffen Otsego Co., NY Cooperstown, NY   2nd St. Cem.
Luce Mary   Feb 8, 1868 2m Jas. B. & Mary Luce Elmira, NY Clinton St.   Woodlawn
Luce Fanny married Mar 19, 1876 69y 3m 17d James & Sophia Dumars Pennsylvania 203 E. Gray St. Housewife Woodlawn
Luce Ella married Dec 30, 1877 33y 2m Owen & Mary Dunn Lowell, MA 752 Perry St. Housewife Woodlawn
Luce Harvey widower July 6, 1878 84y 3m 15d Unknown Berkshier, MA 122 Market St. Miller Nurseryman Woodlawn
Luce Ella D.   July 18, 1878 6m 18d Joseph D. & Ellen D. Elmira, NY Diven Ave.   Woodlawn
Luce Stephen L. widower Apr 19, 1879 67y 3m 23d James & Mary New Jersey 202 E. Gray St. Grocer Woodlawn
Luce Geo. J.   Jan 9, 1881 12y 5m 5d J.D. & Ella Luce Elmira, NY 508 Sullivan St. School Boy Woodlawn
Lucey Selida widow Jun 19, 1869 53y Waldron Ireland Town of Big Flats Housewife S.S. Peter & Paul
Ludwig Elida married Jan 2, 1881 32y Oakley & Betsey Gregory US 627 W. Gray St.   Buried Corning, NY
Lumbard Mary Ann   Sep 20, 1871 4m 1d Azso & Lydia M. Elmira, NY 1 Standish St.   Woodlawn
Lumbard Margatta married Mar 25, 1876 25y 1m 25d James & Francis Wilkie Painted Post, NY 816 Market St. Factory Hand Southport Cem.
Lundergan Michael   Mar 7, 1877 12y 7m John & Margrett Elmira, NY 217 Park St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lundergan Willie   Dec 23, 1877 3y 5m Daniel & Johanna Elmira, NY 420 Fulton St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Luney Jerry   Aug 12, 1873 2y 2m 1d Jerry & Fannie Elmira, NY Lake St.   Catholic Cem.
Lunner Sarah Jane   May 1, 1879 7m 6d William G. & Cathrine M. Erin, Chemung Co., NY 520 DeWitt St.   Woodlawn
Lush Henry married Feb 15, 1881 37y 11m 19d Peter & Dartha A. US Southport Mason Fulton St. Cem.
Lushay Maud   Apr 22, 1879 2y 5m 22d Henry & Julia A. US 707 Casey   Spencer, Tioga Co., NY
Lyden Elizabeth   July 18, 1872 16m Michael & Margret Elmira, NY 49 Magee St.   Catholic Cem.
Lydon Mary E.   July 22, 1871 11m Daniel & Margaret Elmira, NY 9 Water St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lydon Daniel married May 28, 1872 33y Michael & Margeret Ireland Water & Orchard St. Shoemaker S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Margaret   Sep 8, 1871 1m 8d Patrick & Ann Elmira, NY 59 Railroad Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Mary Tharesa   Aug 14, 1875 15m Thomas & Mary US 164 Orchard St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Maggie   July 28, 1874 3m 17d Pat. & Ann C. Lynch US 406 Sixth St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Mary   Mar 6, 1876 9m Patrick & Ann Elmira, NY Sixth St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Peter   July 19, 1876 13y John & Hanorah US Town of Horseheads   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Michael   July 12, 1877 2y 1m 18d Denis & Bridget Elmira, NY McDonald St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Mary   Nov 26, 1878 2y 5m Patrick & Mary Elmira, NY 803 Railroad Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Mary married Nov 6, 1878 63y Wilby Ireland     S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch John   Mar 3, 1880 8y Patrick Lynch Elmira, NY Railroad Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch Thomas married May 12, 1880 58y Walter & Bridget Ireland Town of Elmira Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Lynch John   Nov 18, 1880 9y Patrick & Mary US 803 Railroad Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Lyon Emily widow Sep 21, 1869 37y 8m 7d Burbank Ithaca, NY Church St.   Woodlawn
Lyon Caroline married Oct 16, 1871 62y 7m 29d Isaac & Polly Fish New York State 17 Sullivan St   Woodlawn
Lyon Edward single Aug 11, 1873 74y Isaac & Rachael Connecticut 1 Water St. Tanner Schuyler Co., NY
Lyon Hiram J. single Mar 26, 1874 21y John & Julia Jackson Lyons Elmira, NY Willard Asylum, Seneca Co., NY Farmer Woodlawn
Lyons John E. married Sept 29, 1867 31y Reubin & Caroline Lyon Elmira, NY Church St. Traveling Agent Woodlawn
Lyons Mary C. black Jun 26, 1874 7y 5m 6d Wm. & Francis Lyons US 457 Benjamin St.   Woodlawn
Lyons John married Mar 7, 1880 54y Lyons Ireland Town of Southport Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Lytle Katie   Aug 12, 1873 2y 4m 4d Henry & Jennie Pennsylvania 71 Pennsylvania Ave.   Mosherville, PA


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/24/2001
By Joyce M. Tice