Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Deaths Recorded 1867 - 1881 Elmira, Chemung County NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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Submitted to Tri-Counties by Sherry Nichols
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Death records were recorded for Elmira, NY for the years 1867-1881. The records are being typed by Sherry Nichols, Sharon Archer and Sharon Newman.
The original death records can be found in a ledger located at Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY.  They are all written in long hand and some of the writing is hard to read. Also in the ledger you will find the cause of death and the physician's names. In 1975 Joseph and Doris Boyd copied the records and typed them up. Their records  are at the Chemung Co. Historical Soc. They were microfilmed and the film can be found at Steele Memorial Library.
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituary sections.
Last name Surname Status Death date Age Parents Birth place Place of Death Occupation Burial Place
Robertson Alex L. widower Oct. 21, 1872 83y 16d Archibald New York 31 Fulton St. Physician Woodlawn
Robinson Gertrude   Sept. 11, 1867 10m 12d Wm. H. & Gertrude Robinson Albany, N.Y. South Main St.   Woodlawn
Robinson Grace   March 26, 1870 17y 7m 21d John & Nancy Springfield, Pa. 3 Canal St.   Springfield, Pa.
Robinson Wm. R. black April 11, 1870 5y 1m 11d George & Almira Elmira, N.Y. 26 Perry St.   Woodlawn
Robinson Fanny married May 29, 1870 64y 4m 18d Caleb Hitchcock Green Co., N.Y. Southport Housewife 2nd St. Cem.
Robinson Richard W. married Aug. 19, 1871 26y 4m 2d Noah H. & Abby W. Elmira, N.Y. 17 East Union St. Druggist 2nd St. Cem.
Robinson Ellen married Oct. 20, 1872 47y 2m 23d Jonas & Sarah White Connecticut Town of Southport Housewife Woodlawn
Robinson Bertha   Feb. 7, 1875 5m 25d W.H. & Gertrude M. U.S. 458 E. Church St.   Woodlawn
Robinson William   Aug. 7, 1877 28d William & Alice Elmira, N.Y. 214 Harriet St.   Woodlawn
Robinson Archibald married June 4, 1880 64y Alex L. & Martha Robertson Cambridge,Washington Co., N. Y. Unknown Lawyer Woodlawn
Robinson Hattie   July 8, 1880 9m 2d Frank C. & Mary E. Elmira, N.Y. 800 Magee   S.S. Peter & Paul
Robjohn Frederic F.   Aug. 30, 1867 12y 6m 29d Wm. & Harriet Robjohn England 209 Church St.   2nd St. Cem.
Roche Michael married June 21, 1881 44y 8m 18d Michael & Alice Ireland 416 E. Water St. Saloonkeeper S.S. Peter & Paul
Rockwell infant female b. & d. June 25, 1870 Abram & Isabel Elmira, N.Y. 43 Orchard   Horseheads
Rockwell Emma H.   April 27, 1875 11m Horace J. & Hattie J. U.S. 508 Columbia St.   Woodlawn
Rockwell H.H. male Nov. 30, 1876 2d H.H. & H.J. Rockwell Elmira, N.Y. 508 Columbia St.   Woodlawn
Roe Kate Weld   June 7, 1868 2y 9m 1d John M. & Laura B. Roe Elmira, N.Y. 35 Main St.   Woodlawn
Rogers Theodore single March 11, 1869 45y Thomas & Elizabeth New Jersey Brandarth House, N.Y.C.   2nd St. Cem.
Rogers Rose   Sept. 10, 1869 2y 2m Peter & Maria Elmira, N.Y. 5 Fulton St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rogers Peter married Nov. 19, 1870 47y William & Ann Ireland 5 Fulton St. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Rogers John black Jan. 31, 1872 3m 16d George & Rebecca Elmira, N.Y. Canal St.   Woodlawn
Rogers Henriette married Aug. 28, 1873 28y 3m 26d Andrew & Hannah Hulsizer Horseheads, N.Y. Columbia St. Housekeeper Horseheads, N.Y.
Rogers Lucinda widow/black Sept. 29, 1873 80y Unknown Maryland Baldwin Housekeeper Woodlawn
Rogers Rebecca married/black April 13, 1874 45y 1m 13d Williams Huntington, Pa. Lane West of Pres. Church Housewife Woodlawn
Rogers Harriet Juliett   Aug. 17, 1874 1m 5d Henry C. & Elizabeth A. U.S. 406 Madison Ave.   Saquoit, Oneida Co., N.Y.
Rogers Stephen married April 2, 1877 63y John & Mary  Macon, Ga. Sullivan St.   Southport Cem.
Rogers George W. married June 1, 1879 48y 8m 7d Thomas & Bridget U.S. Town of Elmira   2nd St. Cem.
Rogers Walter Carey   Nov. 16, 1880 1y 6m 1d Nathaniel C. & Anna L. Elmira, N.Y. 310 DeWitt St.   not recorded
Rohan Mary Ann   Jan. 13, 1871 9m  John & Mary Elmira, N.Y. Town of Southport   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rohan Patrick H.   July 25, 1874 5m John & Mary Rohan Elmira, N.Y. Southport   S.S. Peter & Paul
Roll Lillian   Aug. 21, 1868 2d M.R. & Nancy E. Elmira, N.Y. 235 Third St.   Woodlawn
Romer Anthony Jr.   Sept. 26, 1869 1y 1m 13d Anthony Romer & Mary Cunningham Elmira, N.Y. Magee St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Romer Anthony W.   Nov. 6, 1875 5y 2m Anthony & Johanna U.S. 115 College Ave.   Woodlawn
Ronan Mary   July 22, 1872 7d Roger & Ann Unknown Unknown   Catholic Cem.
Ronan Ellen   Aug. 12, 1876 3m 5d Rodger & Ann U.S. Town of Southport   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ronan Harriet Mary   Aug. 7, 1878 3m 14d Roger & Ann U.S. Town of Southport   S.S. Peter & Paul
Roody John L.   Sept. 13, 1870 1m 27d James L. & Mary E. Elmira, N.Y. 102 Church St.   Woodlawn
Roof John J. married June 21, 1877 55y 1d E.K. & J. Ann Roof U.S. 455 Water St. Express Messenger 2nd St. Cem.
Roof Lauren C. married/female April 8, 1878 34y 3m 8d Mathew & Enatine? Manchester U.S. 468 Water St.   Woodlawn
Root Margaret single July 3, 1868 30y Thomas & Sarah Ann Root U.S. Church St. Servant 2nd St. Cem.
Rorick John W. married Sept 14, 1877 36y John & Polly Newfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y. Unknown   unknown
Rorick Sylvester    Oct. 18, 1879 7d Chas. J. & Lillie Town of Elmira Town of Elmira   Southport Cem.
Rorick Polly married Feb. 14, 1880 73y John & Betsey Russell U.S. Town of Southport Housewife Southport Cem.
Rosa Peter single April 14, 1875 26y  Unknown U.S. Cor. Church St. & Tuttle Ave. Teamster Woodlawn
Rose Lola W. married Sept 3, 1872 46y 9m 22d Benjamin & Kate U.S. 53 Orchard St. Housewife 2nd St. Cem.
Rose Lena   Sept. 7, 1872 1y 7m Alpha D. & May Elmira, N.Y. 20 Henry St.   Woodlawn
Rose James Edwin   Sept. 5, 1875 10m 28d Stephen & Mary U.S. 866 Magee St.   Elmira, N.Y.
Rose J.W. male Dec. 19, 1877 5y 7m 11d Stephen & May E. Elmira, N.Y. 866 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Rose Amanda widow Aug. 31, 1879 69y 6m B._________Halsey Southampton, N.Y. 866 Magee St.   Woodlawn
Roseman Lea female June 24, 1875 2m 21d Abram & Amelia U.S. 659 Water St.   Jewish Cem.
Rosenski Varonka  female Oct. 24, 1879 7y Andrew & Mary Germany Cor. Lake & Fifth Sts.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rosenthal Mendle   Nov. 22, 1873 5m Levi Rosenthal Elmira, N.Y. 22 Water St.   Jewish Cem.
Rosenthal Meier   Jan. 10, 1874 5y  Levi & Rebecca England 20 Water St.   Southport Cem.
Rosiere J.G. married/male Oct. 2, 1870 50y Unknown England Railroad Ave. Play actor Woodlawn
Rosinski John   March 11, 1881 18y August & Mary Prussia Seventh St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ross Alpha D. married April 4, 1871 27y 1m 22d Abner C. & Jane Litchfield, N.Y. 25 South Main St. Railroadman Woodlawn
Ross Abner Chase married Dec. 18, 1871 55y 10m John & Olive Herkimer Co., N.Y. 39 Hudson St. Shoemaker Woodlawn
Ross Ella   July 1, 1872 6m Thomas & Nancy Elmira, N.Y. 46 Dickinson St.   Woodlawn
Ross Emma E.   July 8, 1872 6m 7d Thomas & Nancy Elmira, N.Y. 46 Dickinson St.   Woodlawn
Ross Mary Ann   Oct. 20, 1874 15m Thomas & Nancy Ross U.S. 710 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Ross Guy B. single May 18, 1875 21y 6m Alonzo & Abbie Ross U.S. Clinton St. Steel worker Woodlawn
Ross Maria widow March 24, 1875 84y 6m Randall U.S. Newton, Mass.   Woodlawn
Ross Ferguson single July 18, 1876 18y 2m Patrick & Bridget Ireland 109 Fulton St. Shoemaker S.S. Peter & Paul
Ross Cora    Feb. 24, 1877 6d William Tyler & R. Ross Elmira, N.Y. Benjamin St.   Woodlawn
Ross Chas. D. married Dec. 7, 1880 45y 3m 18d James & Mary Ross Horseheads, N.Y. 321 Orchard St. Salesman Woodlawn
Ross Floyd   Jan. 9, 1881 5m 11d J.W. & Ida Ross Elmira, N.Y. 318 Orchard St.   2nd St. Cem.
Rossman Dora female Aug. 17, 1876 1m 12d Abaram & Maria Elmira, N.Y. Cor. Water & Washington Sts.   Jewish Cem.
Rovigno Carlo   Jan. 31, 1876 5y Juseppa Italy Arnost St.? Arnot St.maybe   5th Ward Cem.
Rowland Agnes   June 10, 1875 8d Mike & Allice Elmira, N.Y. South Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rowland Gracie   Nov. 26, 1878 5y 3m 23d Charles & Emma Elmira, N.Y. 163 Washington   Starkey, N.Y.
Rowland Emma married Jan. 26, 1879 36y 4d John E. & Eunice Bliver U.S. 163 Washington   Dundee, N.Y.
Rowlands infants male/twins b. & d. Oct. 30, 1878 Michael & Alice Town of Southport Town of Southport   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rowley infant female/black April 8, 1869 1d Franklin & Anna Elmira, N.Y. 10 Hudson St.   Southport
Rowley Mary married Feb. 2, 1870 23y John & Elizabeth Quinn Ireland Port Jervis   S.S. Peter & Paul
Rowley Peter married March 9, 1871 82y 4m 11d Shubal & Elizabeth Orange Co., N.Y. Town of Southport Farmer 5th Ward Cem.
Rowley Elizabeth widow Dec. 30, 1871 80y John Biggs U.S. Southport Housewife 5th Ward Cem.
Rozelle Francis married Jan. 26. 1881 53y 6m 2d Peter & Mary J. Montreal, P. Q. 408 Main St. Merchant S.S. Peter & Paul
Ruch S.W. married/male April 19, 1879 40y 3m 20d Chas. & Sarah Ruch White Hall, Pa. 109 Madison Ave. Physician Lanny Station, Pa.
Ruchiskie Laddie female Dec. 16, 1872 4y 11m 20d John & Agnes Poland 77 Railroad Ave.   Catholic Cem.
Rudd Darwin A. married Dec. 11, 1876 45y 3m 16d Jabez & Sylvia Wyoming Co., N.Y. 414 E. Water St.   Woodlawn
Rudolf Susan Foster married Feb. 8, 1879 30y 8m William & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 668 Baldwin St.   Woodlawn
Rulapaugh unknown married/female Oct. 16, 1876 34y 5m 16d John Caswell Canada Baldwin Housewife Woodlawn
Rumsey Atwood H. twin Aug. 12, 1878 4m 12d O.S. & F.A. Olean, N.Y. 355 Center St.   Woodlawn
Rumsey Allie M. twin/female Aug. 12, 1878 4m 12d O.S. & F.A. Olean, N.Y. 355 Center St.   Woodlawn
Rusco Wm. H.   June 30, 1877 7y Phillip & Bell Rusco Bath, N.Y. Lake St.   Bath, N.Y.
Russell John R.   June 4, 1870 9m 14d Robinson & Mellissa Elmira, N.Y. Powell St.   5th Ward Cem.
Russell Melina married March 6, 1874 23y 6m Hugh & Harriet Hulien Chemung Co., N.Y. Powell St. Housewife Southport Cem.
Rutan Ida May   July 20, 1873 1y 5m 13d Peter B. & Lucy Rutan Elmira, N.Y. 4 Hine St.   Woodlawn
Rutan Mary Jane   May 4, 1874 1y 1m 23d Ever? W. & Nancy Elmira, N.Y. Broadway & Hine Sts.   Woodlawn
Rutan Nancy P. married July 17, 1881 40y 5m 22d John S. & Mary Sayer Steuben Co., N.Y. South Broadway Housekeeper Woodlawn
Rutter Caralonia A. married Sept. 10, 1878 47y Benjamin & Lydia Ingalls Boston, Mass. 412 Main St.   Providence, R.I.
Ryan James   Nov. 26, 1867 28y Unknown Unknown Town of Elmira Canal Driver not recorded
Ryan infant female  b. & d. May 19, 1869 Anthony Ryan & Mary Bolen Elmira, N.Y. 221 Railroad Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryan infant male b. & d. May 31, 1869 Edward & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 27 Water St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryan John married May 21, 1870 55y 6m Michael & Ellen Ireland Sixth St. Laborer S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryan Timothy single Nov. 1, 1875 30y Timothy Ryan Ireland Orchard St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryan Maggie Theda   Jan. 7, 1877 6y 9m Francis Agnolis & Amanda Elmira, N.Y. 222 Gregg St.   Woodlawn
Ryan Ellen M. married July 8, 1878 23y 4m 12d William & Martha Sanetey? Wells, Pa. Penn. Ave. Housekeeper Gillets, Pa.
Ryan infant female b. & d. Sept 1, 1878 John & Mary Elmira, N.Y. 63 Pa. Ave.   not recorded
Ryan William   Jan. 17, 1880 6y 2m 6d James & Bridget U.S. 123 E. Partridge St.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryan Michael   July 1, 1881 10y 1m 1d John & Margret Elmira, N.Y. 209 E.L. Ave.   S.S. Peter & Paul
Ryder Samuel widower May 15, 1878 80y 11m 15d Unknown Plymouth, Mass. Town of Baldwin Preacher? Woodlawn
Rymenzer Herman married Dec. 22, 1877 75y 3m Unknown Germany Town of Southport   Southport Cem.


Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/30/2001
By Joyce M. Tice