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 Tioga County, Pensylvania Death Records 1897 - 1899
Transcribed from Court House ledgers by Linda C. Reese, Published by Joyce M. Tice 10/19/2017
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Surname First Name Death Date Sex Age Born Place of Death Cause Duration Buried Parents
Macher Peter A. 3/8/1897 M 11m20d Westfield Boro Westfield Boro Lungs 3w Westfield Peter: Anna Amacher
Mack Clifton 11/3/1898 M 4m26d Westfield Westfield Twp. Howland Cem. James: Merth Mack
Mack Laura 8/22/1898 F 2y5m8d Nelson Nelson Boro Measles 4w Nelson Mack, William: Mary
Mack Myra 2/18/1899 F 4y3m Chatham  Chatham  Tremain Ester Mack 
Maine George D 5/19/1897 M 7770Y9MM Mainesburg Mainesburg Cancer `1y Mainesburg John:Nancy Maine
Maneval Jennie 5/5/1897 F 33y6m23dM Hughesville Liberty Boro Confinement 6d Jackson Center
Mann Ida B. 2/11/1897 F 40y  S Knoxville Pneumonia  1w Riverside Cemetery
Mann Sophrone 11/4/1898 F 1y7m28d Westfield Westfield Potter Brook Jacob:Lena Mann
Marble Anna 5/2/1898 F 1y11m5d Richmond Covington Twp. Bowels 2d W. Covington Cordie:Lula Marble
Martin Elizabeth 4/3/1897 F 2y 1m 9d Morris Run Morris Run Pneumonia  2w Blossburg Charels: Christina Martin
Marvin Matilda 8/29/1898 F 32y10m18dM Denmark Covington Boro Paralysis 1w Old Cemetery Rosmers: Kate Anderson
Marvin Noah F. 9/26/1898 M 9y49m11sdM Pennsylvania Wellsboro Cancer 8w
Mascho Ruth 8/4/1898 F 1d Sylvester Brookfield 3h Plank Cemetery Mascho, Edwin: Alaina
Mason Maud 3/26/1897 F 2y 9m 9d Cumming Mills Morris Run Pneumonia  2w Mainesburg George: Addie Mason
Mason Sanford 3/18/1897 M 8m Cumming Mills Morris Run Pneumonia  9d Mainesburg George: Addie Mason
Masten Joe 4/23/1898 F 31y4m21dM Bowling Green,OH Austin Potter Co. Consumption 1w Champlin Cem.
Masten Joe 4/23/1898 F 31y4m21dM Bowling Green Ohio Austin Potter Co. Consumption 1w Champlin Cemetery
Masters Sarah 12/26/1896 F 81y  M Somersetshire, England Union Twp.. Old Age 8w Ogdensburg
Matson James H. 9/2/1897 M 1y11d Connecticut Wellsboro Cholera 5d Wellsboro
Mattison Sarah 11/10/1898 F 52yM Deerfield Deerfield Twp Pneumonia  Riverside Cemetery
Mattsaoicz Anna 11/23/1897 F 18y4mM Poland Morris Run Childbirth 1w Blossburg
Matuzak Ida 2/1/1898 F 2y4m Morris Run Morris Run Blossburg Michael:Fora Matuzak
Maxwell Mrs. David 9/30/1898 F 65y  M Ireland Blossburg Dropsy 2w Odd Fellows Cemetery
May Margaret Jane 9/12/1897 F 56y4m6dM Charleston Township Covington Twp. Liver 2 y Cherry Flats
Maynard Philena 12/12/1898 F 94y1m2dM Otsego ,N.Y. Farmington Nelson
Mays  Arthur 4/21/1898 M 20yS Liberty Blossburg Killed by tree limb  Blossburg Mays, Samuel: Lucie
McCabe Henry 9/17/1897 M 3m13d Arnot Arnot Cholera 4d Blossburg E.S: Sadie McCabe
McCallum Joshua 2/19/1898 M 65y2mM Farmington Pneumonia  Nelson
McCarty Kenneth 12/13/1897 M 21d Arnot Arnot Inflamation  7d Blossburg Wm. McCarty: Jennie
McConnell Justus 8/17/1897 M 77y2m6dM Union Sullivan Heart 1d Mansfield
McConnell Lewis 4/17/1898 M 53yM Co. in N.Y. Brownlee Duncan Consumption 5w Shumway Cemetery
McConnell Lytta 2/17/1897 F 68y 10m 14d Columbia Twp Bradford Co Mansfield Bowels 3y Mainesburg
McCormick Ann 9/12/1897 F 82y3m2dM Longford Co. Ireland Union Twp Old Age Cascade W:Mary Skelly
McDonnell Peter 2/14/1897 M 47y Queens Co., Ireland Fallbrook Pneumonia  1w Blossburg
McDowell James Asher 6/5/1898 M 74yM Schulyler, N.Y. Lawrence Paralysis 10d Powers Cemetery
McGory Elizabeth M 1/19/1897 F 82y3m9dM  Reading, PA Nelson Old Age 6w Nelson
McIntyre Loenzo D. 2/9/1899 M Farmington Peters
McKay Thomas M. 9/26/1898 M 72y11m23dS Wellsboro Bath, N.Y.
McKinney Rena 12/5/1897 F 64yM Wellsboro Rd. Tioga Twp Convulsions Evergreen Cemetery Samuel :Sallie Pettingal
McLauchlan Arch 3/16/1897 M 9m 5d Morris Run Morris Run LaGrippe 1w Blossburg William: Janet McLauchlan
McNeal Alan 6/9/1897 M 13Y7M22D Newelltown, Pa. Carpenter Pneumonia  7d Newell Cemetery Edward:Lavina McNeal
McSoley May 8/17/1897 F 24y2m24dM Millerton Jackson Consumption 6 m Millerton
Mead Albert 3/5/1898 M 18y5m9dS Osceola Addison, Steuben Co,NY Taylor Cemetery Eali:Betsey Mead
Mead Eli 3/12/1898 M 74Y3M14Ds Deckertown,N.J Orange Co. Osceola Taylor Cemetery Abraham: Susan Mead
Mead Lewis Adelbert 3/6/1898 M  24y10m25dM Osceola Addison, Steuben Co,NY Taylor Cemetery Eali:Betsey Mead
Mead Slba? 2/25/1898 M 8m Sylvester Brookfield Lungs 3d Plank Cemetery W. D. Mead: Libbie
Meeker Edwin 1/10/1897 M 66y Addesin, NY Covington Boro Prostration 6m Glass Factory Cem
Menchin George H. 2/16/1897 M 2y 5m 8d Morris Run Morris Run Pneumonia  2w Morris Run George H.: Eliza Menchin
Merrell Ellis 2/6/18898 M 62y11m2dM Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp. Heart 2y Union Cemetery James Merrell: Rachel Harris
Merrill Nancy 10/22/1897 F 26y7m27dM Lycoming Co. Liberty Twp. Consumption  10m Union Cemetery
Merritt John P. 9/19/1898 M 67y2m14dS York State Farmington Farmington Cem.
Messner Ernest 3/14/1898 M 15y8m24s Liberty Twp Liberty Twp Lagrippe 5d East Point Ellis Messner:Charlotte Schanbacher
Messnes Catherine 3/9/1897 F 74y 2m 22d Liberty Twp Liberty Twp Brain Sebring Cem
Miller James H. 3/18/1898 M 63y6m16dM Millerton Millerton Apoplexy Sudden Millerton
Miner Maude C. 05/26/1897 F 30y2m10dM Nelson Elkland Heart 5w Nelson
Mintonye Ray 6/28/1898 M 30y        S Westfield Clymer Westfield John: Emily Mintonye
Mitchell Elizabeth 2/1/1897 F 1y 3m Blossburg Blossburg Cholera 3d Maple Hill J.W: Emma Mitchell
Mitchell Elmer 10/23/1898 M 1y Jackson, Pa. Jackson Twp. Scalded 2d Alder Run Mitchell, Edward: Mary
Mitchell J.S 3/30/1897 M 77y 2m 18d Lincolnshire Co England Blossburg Drapsy 2m I.O.O.F Cem
Monroe H.T. 11/14/1898 M 10m Sylvania,Brad.Co. Roseville Roseville Eldridge:Lida Monroe
Monroe Nathan 7/6/1898 M 72y    M Delmar Delmar Stones Farm Garner Monroe
Mooney Francis K 4/14/1897 M 6m1d Pattison Ave. Elkland Croup 1w Owego Kein A. Mooney
Mooney James 10/15/1897 M 85yM Ireland Morris Run Old Age Blossburg
Moore Elias 7/25/1897 M 13d Gaines Gaines Meningitis Knowlton Cemetery Willard:Hattie Mattison
Moore John 3/28/1898 M 82y5m12dM New Jersey Covington Twp. Heart 1m Gray Cemetery 
Moore Mary E. 11/19/1898 F 16y2dS Roaring Branch Roaring Branch  Appenticitis 2m Williamsport Moore, George: Mrs. George
Moore Richard  1/5/1898 M 84y9m4dM Delmar Delmar Accident 2m Wellsboro
Moore Susie 11/12/1896 F 48yM Westfield Westfield Boro Bright Dis. 9m Champlin Cem.
Moore Susie 11/12/1896 F 48yM Westfield, Pa. Westfield Boro Brights 9m Champlin Cemetery
Morris Sarah E. 1/4/1898 F 83yM Mansfield Apoplexy Sudden Mansfield Joseph Morris
Morrow Mabel 12/15/1898 F 18y10m15dS Shippen Shippen West Branch John: Alta Morrow
Morse Matilda 6/1/1898 F 73y6m6dw Mansfield Westfield Boro Westfield
Morton Robert 3/23/1897 M 61y7m21dM Ireland Clymer Heart Sudden Sabinsville
Mosher Hattie 10/21/1897 F 27y11m29dM Chatham  Chatham Twp Fever 5w Middlebury
Mosher Ruth Ann 1/1/1899 F 15y8m21d S Tioga Boro Tioga Twp. Tioga    Charles:Nancy Mosher
Mosier Lewis L. 3/25/1897 M 8m4d Coates St. Elkland Congestion 2w Highland Cemetery L.W.: L. Mosier
Mowrey Martha Eliza 9/18/1898 F 83y7m8dM Connecticut Farmington Mowrey Cem.
Moxley Thomas 8/21/1897 M m5Y Wales Arnot Burned 1d Blossburg Richard:Elizabeth Moxley
Moyer Frank 5/17/1898 M 19y2m15dS Liberty Twp Liberty Twp. Typhoid Fever 2w Hart Cemetery Jacob Moyer: Elizabeth
Moyer Rosina 1/5/1898 M 92yM S. Delmar Delmar Old Age 1y Brill Cemetery
Mudge Amos 11/29/1897 M 82y8m28dM Sullivan Sullivan Old Age 8d Ames Hill
Mudge Amos 11/29/1897 M 82y8m28dS Sullivan,Pa Sullivan Old Age 1w Ames Hill
Mulford B.F. 7/13/1898 M 55y9m17dM Hector,Potter Co. Potter Brook Paralysis 2h Potter Brook
Mulford Bery F. 3/13/1898 M 55y    M Hector, Potter Co. Westfield Twp. Potter Brook
Munderville V.A. 12/8/1897 M 59y5m13dM Luzerne Co. Ward Heart Instant Canton
Murphy Catherine 9/23/1897 F 24y1mS Morris Run Morris Run Consumption 3m Blossburg William:Mary Murphy
Murray B.A. 8/9/1898 M 58y  M Massachusetts Philadelphia Hospital Arnot
Murray Henry 4/26/1897 M 4m Arnot Arnot Congestion 2d Blossburg Joseph: Mary Murray
Murray Joseph 11/9/1897 M           M Blossburg Arnot Asthma 1y Blossburg
Murray Thomas 6/18/1897 M 54y3mS Scotland Fallbrook Heart 9w Blossburg
Murray William 6/16/1897 M 14d Charleston Township Charleston Township Mansfield Samuel: Lydia Murray
Murrey Sarah 7/6/1897 F 73y9m4dM Clinton, NY Oneida Co. Brookfield Paralysis 6d Brookfield Rufus: Rachel Stanton
Myers Mrs. Elizabeth M. 12/26/1897 F 83yS Ireland Blossburg Old Age 1d Lawrenceville
Nash Sarah 3/20/1898 F 90y Wellsboro Wellsboro
Neering Angeline 12/14/1898 F 35y  M Italy Westfield Twp. Wellsboro Cem.
Nelson John F 9/11/1897 M 20y4m19dS Covington Twp. Covington Twp. Fever 3w Blossburg John: Mary Nelson
Nestor John 10/8/1897 M 33y6mM Union Union Twp Accident Cascade Mike:Mary Nestor
Neupert Albertina 7/30/1898 F 62y5m23dM Saxton Germany Covington Twp. Paralysis 7m Blossburg
Nicholson Michael 9/26/1897 M 26y11m15dS Liberty Sullivan Co.  Hoytville Accident Liberty Cemetery
Nickerson Mable 6/30/1897 F 10d Charleston Township Charleston Township Fever 5h Sweet Cem Fred R: Lou C Nickerson
Nicklos Emma 3/10/1897 F 9m 13d Leetonia Leetonia Convulsions 3w Germania Albert: Bertha Nicklas
Nobles Loren 7/14/1897 M 85y5mM Westfield,Mass Delmar Fractured 1d Wellsboro Cem. Elija Nobles: Marshea Drake
Nobles Sarah E. 4/4/1898 F 17d Delmar Delmar Nerves 5d Wellsboro Fred E:Lida Nobles
Noetski Frances H. 8/28/1898 F 8m18d Morris Run Morris Run Blossburg Martin:Josephine Noetski
Noetski Jennie    7/27/1898 F 6m16d Morris RUn Morris Run Blossburg Martin:Josephine Noetski
Northrop Clella 12/1/1898 F 6y8m9d Brace Hollow Brookfield Diarrhea 3w Potter Brook Northrop, F.L.: Ida
Norton Bridget 11/15/1897 F 78ywd Co.Athlone Ireland Tioga Boro Old Age 4w Tioga Twp.
Nowakoski Rosie 11/13/1898 F 19yS Poland Blossburg Consumption  2w Poland Cemetery Nowakoski,Jacob: Rosie
Nyland Erick Elmer 9/2/1897 M 6m17d Covington Covington    Diaarrhea 4w Morris Run Charles: Lena Nyland
Ogden Raymond 9/28/1897 M 39y5m18dM Leetonia Leetonia Colic Leetonia M.S.: Hannah Ogden
Ogden 9/27/1897 M 2H South Elk South Elk Leetonia Marshall:Hannah Ogden
O'Heron Francis 1/26/1897 M 2y 7m Elmira Arnot Pneumonia  1w Blossburg John: Ellen O'Heron
O'Heron Raymond 2/8/1897 M 1y Elmira Arnot Pneumonia  8d Blossburg John: Ellen O'Heron
O'Keefe Mary 4/23/1897 F 5y Arnot Arnot Spasms 1d Blossburg Daniel: Margaret O'Keefe
O'Neil Mary Agnes 5/5/1897 F 38y6m5dS Brooklyn Tioga Twp Heart short South Port,N.Y. John: Bridget O'Neil
Orton Emma 10/22/1897 F 25d Morris Run Morris Run Cough 8d Morris Run Charles:Emma Orton
Osborne Packard 6/11/1899 F 19y4m2d M Tioga Tioga Twp. Tioga Ed: Sarah Osborne
Osgood Elizabeth 2/20/1898 F 39yM Richmond Richmond Heart 2w Mansfield
Ostrom Leda May 5/25/1897 F 27d Liberty Boro Liberty Eupipelas 7d Liberty Boro W.A.: Dora Ostrom
Outman Inez 4/14/1898 F 1y1m3d Westfield Westfield Fever 10d Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Ralph C.: Ada Outman
Outman Mildred 4/4/1898 F 3y1dn24d Westfield Westfield Croup 3 d Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Ralph C.: Ada Outman
Owens Frank 8/25/1898 M Sweden Antrim Cholera Antrim William: Bessie
Packard Mary 9/25/1898 F 52y3m12dM Monroeville, Ohio Covington Paralysis 14h Mainesburg
Packard Ralph Waldo 9/16/1898 M 3m16d Mansfield Philadelphia Hospital Mansfield Packard, Truman: Mattie Hyde
Paggett William 10/1/1897 M 2m20d Mann Hill Tioga Twp cholera short Tioga Wm: Mrs. Paggett
Parker A.D. 3/21/1899  M Thurston,Steuben Co.,NY Westfield Sabinsville
Parker Blanche 11/8/1897 F 22y10m17dS Brookfield Westfield Boro Typhoid Fever 4w Brookfield
Parshall Mary 7/17/1897 F 56y4m3dM Clymer Sabinsville Cancer 3w Sabinsville
Parsons Owens 3/2/1897 M 11m 23d Richmond Richmond Croup 7d Maple Ridgela Fred: France L Parsons
Patterson Freddie 2/28/1897 M 9y 7m 3d Morris Run Ward Dropsy 3m Sullivan Twp
Patterson James 3/7/1897 M 68y Scotland Arnot Heart 2m Blossburg
Payne Mary Ann 10/28/1897 F 8m17d Morris Run Morris Run Cough 4w Morris Run Alfred:Charlotte Payne
Pearson Jennie P. 1/28/1897 F 6y6m Fall Brook Fallbrook Croup 1d Fall Brook James:Q. Pearson
Peck Harriet Eveline 2/21/1898 F 44y1m26dM Charleston Twp Tioga Boro Pneumonia  2w Tioga Twp.
Perigo Stella M. 9/15/1897 F 2y5M Westfield Westfield Boro Spinal 1w  Westfield Porter:Frances Perigo
Perry Thomas 2/4/1898 M 75y8mM Chatham Twp Pneumonia  3m Kenneyville
Persing Izora 3/1/1898 F 25y7m24dM Westfield Farmington Knoxville
Persing Mrs. Izora L. 3/1/1898 F 25y7m22dM Westfield Twp Westfield Twp Pneumonia  17d Knoxville
Peters Fred   12/11/1898 M 19y Crooked Creek Crooked Creek Crooked Creek Clara Peters 
Petrie Henry 4/14/1898 M 75y26dM N.Y. State Charleston Cancer 7m Wellsboro
Pheonix Calvin 10/30/1898 M 71y5m24dM Steuben, N.Y. Tioga Mansfield
Philbrick Seth 9/4/1898 M 4y1m Rutland Roseville Roseville Ed:Maud Philbrick
Phillips Erastus B. 4/4/1897 M 54yM Addison, N.Y. Lawrence Twp. Apoplexy 3d English Potter Co.
Phillips Lena 1/17/1897 F 11m Westfield Boro Wellsbofro Pneumonia  12d Elmira NY Joseph: Anna Phillips
Pick Jessie K 12/23/1897 F 9y10m6dS Tioga Boro Tioga Boro Croup 2d Tioga Twp. John M: Hattie Pick
Pitts Clyde D. 11/25/1898 M 2y1m  S Mansfield Manila, Phillipine Is. Phillipines Pitts: D.H.
Pitts  Willard 9/18;/1898 M 8m Middlebury  Mansfield Keeneyville Pitts, Wayne A. : Estella Thomas
Plank John 11/4/1898 M 84y2m29dM Northumberland Co, Pa Morris Twp Hart Cemetery
Playfoot George 1/7/1899 M Ansonia Westfield Bortles George J: Lilin Playfoot
Plumley Bird 3/2/1897 M 8m Delmar Delmar West Branch George Plumley: Mary Yessey
Plumley Luman 4/19/1897 M New Hampshire Westfield West Branch Israil:Han'h Plumley
Pope Mary A 2/25/1899 F 73y2m25dS Middlefield,N.Y. Brownlee    Wormer
Porter Mary 5/11/1897 F 36y 6m 3d Charleston Township Charleston Township Heart 2w Welsh Settlement
Pratt Rebecca 4/13/1897 F 80y 11m 14d Leroy, PA Newelltown Lungs 4d Newell Cem
Prutsman Katie E 8/8/1898 F 2y1m14d Rutland  Rutland Roseville D.D.: Amanda Prutsman
Pruyne Abagail 4/5/1897 F 72y   M Smithfield Bradford Co. Richmond Twp Inflamation  1w Mansfield
Pudluski Martha J 9/4/1898 F 1y20d Morris RUn Morris Run Blossburg John: Catherine Pudluski
Purple Elisha 7/18/1897 M 72y21dM N,.Y. State Wellsboro Injury  3d Wellsboro
Purvis John T. 7/23/1897 M 75y7m13dM W.Cumberland,Md. Niles Valley Heart 18d Wellsboro
Putnam Elizabeth 3/13/1897 F 56y Blossburg Blossburg Consumption 9w I.O.O.F Cem
Putnam Ida 7/8/1897 F 29y  Blossburg Blossburg Consumption 2w I.O.O.F Cem
Putticrew Richard 9/27/1898 M 63y9m  M Scotland Farmington Farmington Cem.
Radaker Jay L. 5/1/1897 M 36yM Pennsylvania Wellsboro Consumption 8h Wellsboro
Radeker Alfred P. 8/3/1897 M 74y8mM Colchester Delaware Co NY Lawrenceville Brights 5w Lawrenceville
Rager? Stena 11/2/1897 F 67yM Germany Tioga on Wellsboro Rd Heart long Tioga 
Redfield Bertha L. 11/21/1897 F 15y10mS Keeneyville Keeneyville Apoplexy 2d Keeneyville Burt A Redfield:Mary
Redfield Betsey 11/4/1898 F 71y11m17dM Hume Covington Boro Old Age 6w Gray Cemetery,Covington  Doud, Electo:  Aleva
Reep Edward 6/9/1898 M 1y8M Lawrence Lawrence Meningitis 2d Powers Cemetery
Reese James H. 1/17/1898 M 1y5m7d Charleston Penna. Purple Brook Infantum 4d Catlin Hollow J.C. Reese: Amanda
Reese Maria A 4/18/1897 F 44y 8m 18d Blossburg Charleston Township Consumption 2y Welsh Settlement
Reppard Walter 3/22/1897 M 4m 2d Mansfield Mansfield Indigestion  1d Mansfield William: Nettie Reppard
Reynolds John 10/4/1897 M 83y`m22dS Vermont Chatham Twp Brights 2m Middlebury
Reynolds  S.W. 12/12/1897 M 74yM Burlington, N.J. Daggett Old Age Months Daggett
Rice Fidelia 1/25/1899 F Middlebury  Galeton Keeneyville
Rice Louise 4/23/1897 F 32y9mS Chatham  Knoxville Liver 4w Middlebury
Rice Louise 4/29/1897 F 32y  S Chatham  Knoxville Fever 3w Middlebury,Keeneyville
Richmond Albert 10/12/1897 M 71y7m3dM Hector,N.Y. Sullivan Consumption 18m Ames Hill
Richmond Hannah 8/24/1898 F New England Mansfield Stomach
Ripley Myra L 10/21/1897 F 19y9m27dM Gaines Gaines Child Bed Fever 1w Knowlton Cemetery Hoyt: Sylvania
Ritman Mary 4/10/1897 F 6m 4d Morris Run Morris Run Pneumonia  10d Blossburg Stan: Susan Ritman
Ritter Carrie E. 12/19/1897 F 4y7m7d Westfield Westfield Boro Croup 14h Mt. Pleasant Cemetery J.J.Ritter: Ardell
Roach Mrs. Redmond 5/3/1898 F 67yM Ireland Blossburg Old Age 2w Towanda BradfordCo
Robbins Gertie 7/15/1898 F 2y7m30d Richmond Richmond Frost Settlement Amos: Ella Robbins
Robbins Rose M. 5/18/1897 F 42y8m20dS Sullivan Sullivan Cancer 18m Mainesburg
Robbins William E. 5/14/1898 M 79y10m11dS Plainfield,Mass Sullivan Palsy 6m Ames Hill
Roberts Jacob 7/22/1897 M 33y1m21dM Wayland,Steuben Co,N.Y. Knoxville Kidney 2w Riverside Cemetery
Roberts Minnie Bell 11/20/1898 F 4y3m20d Wellsboro Wellsboro
Robinson Charles 9/29/1897 M 64y8mM Redwood,N.Y. Redwood,N.Y.  9w I.O.O.F Cem
Robinson Kate 3/11/1897 F 39ym Tonawanda, Erie Co. NY Lawrence Twp. Blood Poison 24 hr Alder Run
Rocko  Mary 1/3/1897 F 58y Co Tyrone Ireland Blossburg Pneumonia  1w Catholic Cem
Roe Hannah 4/30/1898 F 61y3m4dS Farmington Keeneyville Keeneyville
Rogers Ada 5/4/1897 F 24y 5m 29d Charleston Township Charleston Township Worms 2d Welsh Settlement WMJ: Maria Rogers
Rogers Harry McKinley 10/8/1898 M 6m8d Covington Twp. Covington Congestion 2d West Covington Rogers, Fred: Frankie
Rogers Rosan 6/25/1898 F 72Y11mM  Sullivan Sullivan State Road
Romelo John 4/3/1897 M 5m Morris Run Morris Run Croup 3d Blossburg Joseph: Lena Romelo
Rosengrant Adilaide 4/13/1897 F 6m 7d Mansfield Mansfield Cough 2w Webbs Mills E.Y: Eveline Rosengrant
Ross Rufus Harvey 11/4/1897 M 23y4m7dS Cammal,Lycoming County South Elk Killed by tree 13 hr Brotten Hollow
Roswell Charles 8/23/1897 M 41y1m22dM East Burlington, Pa. Sabinsville Fever  4w Sabinsville
Roswell Eliza 10/6/1897 F 45y7m27dM Tioga Township Sabinsville Fever 3w Sabinsville
Roupp Frederick   4/26/1898 M 69y2m   Liberty Twp. Liberty Twp Spinal Disease 1y Union Cemetery Solomon Roupp: Catherine Shibily
Rouse Joshua 3/16/1898 M 69yS Cayuga Co.,N.Y. Charleston Blood Poision 2m Catlin Hollow
Rozell Carrie 10/15/1898 F 18y9mS Lawrenceville Crooked Creek Keeneyville George:Katherine Rozell
Rozell George H. 7/27/1898 M 72y M Jackson Crooked Creek Keeneyville
Rumsey Albert L 11/2/1897 M 33y4m21dM Susquehanna Co Jackson Fever 5w Alder Run
Rumsey Albert L. 11/2/1897 M 33y4n22dM Lycoming Co. Jackson Typhoid Fever 28d Alder Run
Rumsey Burt 4/16/1898 M 21y5m28dS Sullivan,Pa Sullivan Pneumonia  6d Ames Hill
Rutty L. Nelson 4/12/1897 M 84y 6m 3d Towanda Carpenter Old Age 3d Rutty Cem Carpenter
Ryan Edward 12/7/1897 M 1m Arnot Arnot Congestion 3w Blossburg Edward Ryan: Maggie
Ryngwalski Joseph 1/6/1898 M 2m Morris Run Morris Run Blossburg Theodore:Catherine Ryngwalski
Ryon George L 4/21/1897 M 84yM Elkland Lawrence Twp. Pneumonia  7d Powers Cemetery
Sanstrom Albert 12/13/1898 M 35y  M Sweden Mansfield Mansfield
Saxe Mary 12/7/1898 F 47y3mM Fall Brook Fall Brook Blossburg Junk, Jno: Lizzie
Saybuck Stafen 10/4/1897 M 8mS Wellsboro       Gaines Measles 9d Wellsboro Victor Saybuck: Decleverte
Sayles Luther 4/29/1897 M 43 4m Granville, PA Joe Hill Pneumonia  10d Granville Center, PA
Schieffelin Jacob 5/12/1897 M 59y 24d Charleston Township Tioga Boro Paralysis 3d Tioga Township
Schmouder Casper 8/8/1897 M 67y10m17dM Liberty Liberty Twp. Paralysis 2d Salem Cemetery
Schock Rosina 3/13/1898 F 85y1m16dwd Germany Tioga Boro Old Age 10d Tioga Twp.
Schofield Edward  5/19/1898 M 32yM Blossburg Blossburg Paralysis 7w Blossburg
Schoonover Mary J 1/17/1898 F 50y   M Addison, N.Y Clymer Beech Woods Carpenter:  L. Smith
Schoonover Richard 11/2/1898 M 72y2m28dM Brookfield Brookfield 3w
Schoonover Wallace   10/20/1897 M 33y5m8dM Deerfield Twp Westfield Twp Typhoid Fever 10d Austinburg
Schoonover Wallace B. 10/20/1897 M 33y7mM Deerfield Westfield Twp Fever  10d Austinburg
Scollins Kate 10/11/1898 F 66y  M Ireland Arnot Asthma 8w Blossburg Marony, Thomas
Scudder Emeline S 9/18/1897 F 76y10m28dM Clifton Springs, NY Covington Twp. Paralysis 5m Mainesburg
Seagers Eliazer 4/26/1897 M 87yM Charleston Township Tioga Twp Old Age Tioga
Seamana Minnie 1/23/1898 F 32yM Deerfield Twp Pneumonia  28d Butler Cemetery
Sears Isaac 8/23/1898 M 72y10m13dM Groton, N.Y.Saratoga Co. Chatham Twp Dropsy 7w Wellsboro
Seeley Hannah 5/29/1898 F 82y6m4dM Albany Co., N.Y. Osceola Butler Cemetery Walter:Betsey Vandusen
Seelye Charles E. 3/20/1898 M 48yM Richmond Pneumonia  2w Sullivan Twp
Selleck Susan 7/18/1897 F 77y10mM Philadelphia Westfield Boro Heart 2m Westfield
Sexton,  Benjamin P. 4/13/1898 M 38y6m2dS Big Flats, N.Y. Blossburg Brights 1y Blossburg
Shaff George N.  9/21/1897 M 31y3mM Middlebury  Princeton,Ga Typhoid Fever 2m Keeneyville
Shaff James Wellington 10/15/1898 M 72y1m17dM Scoharie, N.Y. Farmington Farmington Cem.
Shaw Nillie L. 7/21/1897 F 20y11m15dS Mansfield Mansfield Pleurisy  4 m Mansfield H.B.:Martha S. Shaw
Shearer John H. 12/12/1898 M 71y10m27dM Wellsboro Wellsboro
Sheehan James 8/3/1897 M 76y M Ireland Arnot Heart 1h Blossburg
Sheffer Jennie C. 9/19/1898 F 58y11m27dM White Deer Valley Liberty Boro Diabetes 1w Lutheran Cemetery Sameul: Sara Achenback
Sheffer Mrs. Eliza   8/27/1898 F 70yM Penna. Blossburg Dropsy 2w Blossburg
Sheive Jacob 7/29/1897 M 79y7m24dM Berks Co, Penna. Jackson Paralysis 10 w Jobs Corners
Sheive Jacob 7/29/1897 M 79y4m6dM Montgomery Co. Jackson Paralysis 6w Jobs Corners
Sherman Grant 10/18/1897 M 23yS Deerfield Twp. Charleston Typhoid Fever Catlin Hollow
Sherman James E. 8/27/1898 M 11y2m7d Moravia N.Y. Cayuga County Osceola Osceola Fairview Charles S:Mary E.Sherman
Sherman William 10/5/1897 M 79y5dM Albany, N.Y. Ward Consumption 5w Webbs Mills,N.Y.
Shirley Sidney W. 4/14/1899 M Boucksville,N.Y Madison Co. Westfield Woodhull, N.Y.
Simmons Anna 10/20/1897 F 73YSM m Kingston,Pa Brookfield Erysipilas 10d Krusen Cemetery Ethel Baker: Unknown
Sission Carrie 4/8/1898 F 37y1mM Sullivan Summit Typhoid Fever 7w Maple Ridge  
Skelley Mary 3/2/1897 F 78y 6m 4d Ireland Irish Settlement Old Age 2w Blossburg
Skinner Mary  10/29/1897 F 77y5m29dM Clymer Sabinsville Old Age 1w Lovell Cemetery
Skuski Joseph 8/14/1897 M 38yS Poland Antrim Suicide Antrim
Slavin Mrs. Ellen 2/27/1897 F 50y England Arnot Peritonnitis 6w Blossburg
Slingerland Susan 2/26/1897 F 62y 10m Tompkins Co., NY Mansfield Cancer 3m Mansfield
Slocum Carrie 3/2/1897 F 19yN Chatham  B Blood Poison 2 w Middlebury G.W.: Levina Short
Slocum Ford 3/19/1897 M 2m2d Chatham  Chatham Twp Pneumonia  1 w  Middlebury Herman: Carrie Slocum
Slocum Phoebe 11/21/1898 F 95y5m29dS New Field, N.Y. Chatham Twp Old Age Boom Cemetery
Sly Floyd Ransom 8/23/1898 M 2y6m11d Tioga Boro Tioga Boro Tioga Twp. Eugene:Nellie D.Sly
Smith A.J. 11/5/1898 M 62y1mM Osceola Twp Keeneyville Suicide Keeneyville
Smith Alice Wood 1/28/1897 F 24y  M Sullivan Twp Richmond Twp Child Birth 28d Lawrence Corners Andrew: Sarah Ann Word
Smith Bernice W. 10/12/1898 F 5m28d Sullivan Sullivan Mainesburg Dennis U: Mary Smith
Smith Dora E 7/20/1897 F 20y7m12dM Charleston Charleston 4d Shumway Hill
Smith Garrett 1/30/1898 M 84M Southport,  Chemung Co NY Jakcson Old Age weeks Alder Run
Smith Henry 4/26/1897 M 39yS N.Y. State Phoenix Creek Bt dis.
Smith Henry  8/13/1897 M 20y1mS Gaines Gaines Measles 4w Ansonia John: Elizabeth Smith 
Smith Lyman H. 5/6/1897 M 10m10dM Tioga Twp Old Age Long Tioga Button:Sally Smith
Smith Maria 7/18/1897 F 46y7dM Sullivan Sullivan Brain 8d Smith Cemetery
Smith Mary A. 7/5/1897 F 69y2m8dS Bristol,R.I. Sullivan Paralysis 4m Card Cemetery Sylvania
Smith Sherman P. 8/14/1898 M 30y10m21dM Chatham  Chatham Twp Appenticitis 3d Knoxville
Smith Stella F 12/22/1897 F 67Y11M8DWD Bainbridge,Chenango Co NY Tioga Boro Nervous 2w Tioga Twp.
Smith Tristan 11/19/1898 M 82y4m27dM Rutland Sullivan Wood Hill Cem.
Smith  Morris   8/9/1898 M 88y Rutland Rutland Briar Hill Jesse: Mary Smith
Snover Nancy 11/24/1897 F 56y4dM Sullivan Sullivan Liver 3m State Road
Soper Elizabeth 10/18/1898 F 60y3m10dM Warren Co.,New Jersey Covington Bowels 11d West Covington
Soranson Albert 4/3/1898 M 20y1m6dS Stokesdale,Tioga Pa. Westfield Boro Heart Suddenly Champlin Cemetery Randolph:Mary Soranson
Sours Napoleon 6/18/1897 M 63y Gettysburg, PA Richmond twp Brights 6m Mansfield
Sours Napoleon 1/14/1897 M 64yM Richmond Kidney 8m Mansfield
Soxbuty Albert   5/5/1897 M 52y9m1dM Chatham  Chatham Twp Heart Middlebury
Spaulding Simeon 7/22/1898 M 1m2dM Chatham  Chatham Twp Paralysis 1y Keeneyville
Spencer Alonzo M 10/10/1898 M 78y5m6dM Canoe Camp Richmond Mansfield
Spencer Frank 11/30/1898 M 62y7n5dM Otsego Co., N.Y. Chatham Twp Dropsy 3m Beach Cemetery
Spencer Mary E 5/29/1898 F 48y   M Pennsylvania Wellsboro Consumption 3m Wellsboro
Spencerr T.S. 1/28/1897 M 69yS Conn. Lawrenceville Heart 10m Lawrenceville
Spercher Howard M 9/23/1897 M 28y5m29dM Guilesboro Leetonia Heart Adar Run A.B. Spercher
Spicer Lina Bell 10/25/1898 F 30y10m  M Westfield Westfield Twp. Holand Cemetery J.M.:Janet Howland
Stage Isaac 3/5/1899 M 90y11m M New Jersey Tioga Twp. Lawrenceville
Stage 1/16/1897 M 1y6m Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Lawrenceville
Starkey Amelia    5/11/1898 F 70y1m3dM Cattaraugus,N.Y. Richmond Pneumonia  1m Mansfield
Statt Nimrod 8/8/1897 M 60y3mM Yorkshire England Westfield Twp Heart 6h Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Stauffer George E. 2/17/1897 M 62Y6M18DM Frederick  Co., Va. Mainesburg Bladder 18m Mainesburg Elias:Magdalena Stauffer
Stebbins Herold J. 2/12/1897 M 12d Knoxville,Pa Knoxville 3d Westfield
Stephenson John P. 8/12/1897 M 70yM Dumfrieshire,Scotland Westfield Twp Paralysis 4d Mt. Pleasant
Stevens  Charles A. 3/7/1897 M 87yM Pennsylvania Wellsboro Old Age 3m Niles Valley
Stevenson Robert 7/3/1897 M 25y2m6dS Morris Run Sparrows Pt.Md. Burned 1d Blossburg John:Janet Stevenson
Stewart John R. 11/4/1897 M 48y11m22dM Canada Warren Asylum Insane 4 m Warren   
Stewart Permelia A. 1/28/1897 F 75y5mM Lawrence Town. Lawrenceville Heart 4m Lawrenceville
Stickler George 10/19/1897 M  18y2m13dS Thurston,N.Y. Gaines Blood Poison 2w Knowlton Cemetery L. Carrie Stickler
Stickler George W. 3/3/1897 M 53y8m3dM Caton,N.Y. Blossburg Diseases 2w I.O.O.F Cem
Sticklin Caroline 4/20/1897 F 6Y7M Fall Brook Fallbrook Bowels 4w Wellsboro F.S.: Ellen Sticklin
Stiwell Ervin G. 4/12/1897 M 4m Jacksom Twp Jackson Summit Cough 14d Maple Ridgela Frank: Flora Stiwell
Stocum Martha F 1/18/1898 F 81y6m24dM Brookfield Westfield Champlin Cem.
Stone Lewis J. 6/71897 M 68Y1m20sM Sabinsville Paralysis 6d Sabinsville
Stout Caroline F             M Rutland Roseville Rose, William: Jane
Strait M.B. 11/26/1898 M 47y   M Sylvania Mansfield Sylvania
Stratton M. Eliza 9/4/1898 F 87y Penna. Blosburg Old Age 2w Blossburg
Stratton Martin    7/26/1897 M 89y6mM Bradford Co Blossburg Brights 1w I.O.O.F Cem
Sturrock Andrew G. 10/11/1897 M 63yM Delmar Wellsboro 4m Wellsboro Cem.
Sullivan Con 4/5/1897 M 54yM Blossburg Arnot Paralysis 1y9m Blossburg
Sullivan Mary 5/5/1898 F 90y  M Ireland Morris Run Blossburg
Sunday Hy 5/1/1897 M 56yM Germany Arnot Heart 4w Blossburg
Sunderlin Elizabeth 11/21/1897 F 68y6m22dM Knoxville Tioga Boro Dropsy 3w Tioga Twp.
Sutton Arozina 9/11/1898 F 85y2mM Scotland Farmington Farmington Cem.
Swan   Angeline 4/16/1898 F 67y7m4dS Canada Sullivan Old Age 2w State Road
Swan    Hannah M. 11/11/1898 F 68y  M Jasper, Steuben Co.N.Y. Osceola Addison Hill Ephraim: Mrs. Woodward 
Swanson Clara 8/23/1897 F 2y9m4d Morris Run Morris Run Cough 3w Morris Run Arion:Anne Swanson
Swanson Maria 10/2/1898 F. Arnot Arnot Hives Blossburg Swanson, John: Elma
Sweet Alta 2/5/1897 F 45y 4m Wellsboro Twp Bradford Co Mansfield Cancer 6m Mansfield Benjamin: Susan Sweet
Sweet Willie 12/4/1898 M 15y7m   Niles Valley Middlebury  Keeneyville Charles:Lillian Sweet
Swenson Earon 4/11/1897 M 1m 8d Morris Run Morris Run Morris Run Aron: Anna Swenson
Symonds J.W. 9/5/1898 M 73y  M Chenango CO.Greene,N.Y Delmar West Branch Aaron Symonds
Tacka William 3/19/1898 M 35YM Germany Blossburg Blood Poison 3d Blossburg
Tanner Dorcas Maria 1/18/1897 F 80y10m10dM Unknown Westfield Boro Heart 3d Potter Brook
Tanner George 7/9/1897 M 75y3m9dM Rutland Rutland Heart Wood Hill Cemetery J. Tanner: B. Tanner
Taylor Permelia 3/26/1898 F 71y1m12dS Elkland Osceola Taylor Cemetery Benjamin:Polly Tubbs
Teachman Frank 4/29/1899 M Farmington Butler
Terry Aness J. 12/9/1898 F 79y11m2dM Susquehanna Co Union Old Age 30d Swamp Cemetery
Thomas Francis McMahon 3/24/1897 M 1y 2m 28d Landrus Landrus Pneumonia  5w Blossburg
Thomas Solomon 3/13/1897 M 73y3m10dM Addison, N.Y.Steuben Co Brookfield Paralysis 7d Brookfield Ezekiel: Anny Thomas
Thomeski Agnes 10/16/1897 F 65yM Poland Morris Run A Fall 2y Blossburg
Thompson Alonzo 9/27/1898 M 45y   M Charleston Delmar Ansonia Alanson Thompson, Amy Duryea
Thompson Alonzo   9/27/1898 M 379m19dM Charleston Delmar Ansonia Alenson: Amy Thompson
Thompson Charles 5/15/1898 M 27yM Ward Ward Fever 3m Sullivan Twp
Thompson Charles 5/15/1898 M 27y3m6dM Ward Ward State Road
Thompson Mary 3/10/1897 F 85y 2m 21d Shamokin, PA Ogdensbury Old Age 1w Ogdensbury 
Thompson Mrs. William 12/5/1898 F 73y    M Liberty Blossburg Dropsy 1w Odd Fellows Cemetery
Tinder Joseph 4/21/1897 M 6y 12d Tioga Township Tioga Boro Accident Tioga Township Andrew: Barbra Tinder
Tinder Martha 1/24/1897 F 11m Tioga Township Tioga Boro Whooping Cough 2w Tioga Township Andrew: Barbra Tinder
Tomb L.D. 7/21/1897 M 47y3mM Brown Twp.Lycoming Co. Delmar Cancer 1y Slate Run Philip Tomb: Caroline Ross
Tompkins Orvilla 2/5/1898 F 40y1m1dM New York Delmar Appenticitis 1y2m Niles Valley
Treat Gladys 3/13/1897 F 4m 15d Morris Run Morris Run Grip 1w Blossburg Homer: Ettie Treat
Tremain Arthur 5/2/1898 M 70y8m7dM Lindley,N.Y. Chatham Twp Abscess 7m Wormer
Tripp Mahala 12/9/1897 F 74y11m27dM Cambridge Washington Ogdensburg Old Age 1m Ogdensburg
Tubbs ? 3/28/1898 M Osceola Osceola Osceola Cemetery Henry:Myra Tubbs
Tubbs Phoebe 4/2/1898 F 82y8m8dS Osceola Osceola Osceola Cemetery Robert Tubbs, Clara Hoyt
Tubbs Samuel 3/27/1898 M 77y5m21dM Elkland Westfield Twp Pneumonia  3w Mt. Pleasant
Tubbs William L. 12/11/1898 M 22y3m12dS Woodhull, Steuben Co.,NY Osceola Osceola Fairview Samuel: Eunice Peet Tubbs
Tuberty John 1/4/1897 M 79y Co Claire Ireland Carpenter Old Age 21d Catholic Cem
Tucker Esther M 3/11/1898 F 59y5m17dM Woodhull,N Y SteubenCo Westfield Boro Cancer 4y Krusen Cemetery
Tuckey Mary 3/17/1897 F 80y  Ireland Morris Run Old Age 1w Blossburg
Turner Catherine 4/9/1898 F 39y5m18dM Leetonia Leetonia Pneumonia  1w Galeton John: Kate Clark
Turner Katherine 4/9/1898 F 39y14d Town of Rocklin,Sullivan C Leetonia Pneumonia  4w Galeton Clark, John: Ellen
Tuttle Cyrus 10/15/1898 M 83y  S Westfield Westfield Twp. Champlin Cem.
Van Horn Emeline 1/8/1899 F 72y4mM Delmar Delmar Wellsboro Angus Grifen
Vanderson John H. 7/15/1897 M 67y 3m  Marvin Wayne Co. NY Blossburg Embalaeas 6y Newark Wayne Co. Ny
VanDyke Myra E. 3/28/1898 F 39y2m19dS Nichols,N.Y. Nelson Boro Consumption 5y Nelson Vandyke, Aaron: Laura
VanHart Charles B. 4/12/1898 M 74y2m10dM Trenton , N.J. Jackson LaGrippe 3d Jackson Center
VanHorn Benjamin T 3/28/1897 M 82y8m13dM Pennsylvania Wellsboro Paralysis 3w Wellsboro
VanValkner Nora 6/7/1898 F         S Wellsboro Keeneyville
Vanzile Daniel 6/27/1898 M 88y     S Vermont Rutland Roseville Henry:Ruth Vanzile
Vickers  Margaret 10/15/1898 F 78y7dM England Jackson Twp. Apoplexy 2w Maple Ridge   Postal, Attawell
Wales Blake 5/19/1898 M 48yM N. Norwich,N.Y. Lawrence Murdered Alder Run
Walker Abram 3/22/1897 M 81yM Lawrence Lawrence Twp. Old Age 2m Powers Cemetery
Walker Frank 3/ /1898 M 55yM Lawrence Lawrence Heart 1h Powers Cemetery
Walker John P. 4/29/1898 M 65y  M Potter Co.. Lawrence Heart 24h Tioga Twp.
Walker Mary 5/17/1897 F 26y Scotland Arnot Catarrh 16m Blossburg
Walker Robert 5/16/1898 M 53y8m3dM Elmira N.Y. South Road Consumption 6m Mt. Pleasant Robert Walker: Bessie
Wall Lettie M. 7/16/1897 F 6m Erie Pa Westfield TWP Brights 6m Champlain M.E:Lettie Wall
Wall Lettie M. 1/16/1897 F 27y11m22dM Westfield Twp Erie Child Birth 1w Champlain Morgan:Philinda Huyler
Walters Clara C 8/4/1898 F Canton Arnot E. Canton
Ward Thomas 11/1/1897 M 55y 6m 13d Coxhoc England English Hill Wound 1y Newell Cem
Ward, Alfred   6/9/1897 M 74ym Dansville, N.Y. Lawrence Twp. Heart 5m Powers Cemetery
Waring Ira 3/30/1899 M Wayland,Steuben Co,N.Y. Westfield Mt. Pleasant
Warriner Adline 8/30/1898 F 76y  M Morison Hampden,Mass Delmar West Branch Stephen Sabine, Lucinda Butler
Warters Samuel 3/10/1897 M 74y Sheffield, England Richmond Twp Paralysis 4w Mansfield
Wash Rachel 3/29/1897 F 70y 9m 3d Rutland Blossburg Heart Covington Cem
Washington George 2/22/1899 M 77y3m10dM Vermont Little Marsh Keeneryville
Wass George 7/23/1898 M 78y11m14dS Painted Post, N.Y. Chatham Twp Cancer 5m Carpenter Cemetery
Waters John 12/3/1898 M 74y  S Wales Blossburg Brights 3m Old Cemetery
Watkins Clara 8/17/1897 F 59y 11m 17d Filmore, NY Covington Boro Liver 4d Gray Cem
Watkins James 2/23/1897 M 10m 26d Morris Run Morris Run LaGrippe 9d Morris Run James: None Watkins
Watterson Oscar A. 12/9/1897 M 39y10mM Redwood,N.Y.Jefferson Co., Blossburg Blood Poison 10d Gray Cemetery,Covington
Watts Mary F. 11/10/1898 F          M Gaines Wellsboro
Weaver Mrs. Martin 9/25/1896 F 72y M Germany Tioga Twp heart short Tioga
Webb Lucy M 1/11/1897 F 54y Towanda Bradford Co Charleston Township Paralysis 1y Wellsboro
Webster Ellsworth A. 10/3/1897 M 4m11d Sullivan Sullivan Cholera 7d State Road Q.A.: Mary Webster
Webster Lue J. 3/26/1897 M Shippen Westfield West Branch J.L.: Clara Webster
Weeks Frances Ann 8/14/1898 F 58y2m16dM Chatham  Farmington Pleasant Valley
Weeks,  Amelia H. 10/28/1897 F 54Y5m3dM Laceyville Bradford Co.NY Clymer Twp Paralysis 4 y Potter Brook
Weeks,  Frederick D 10/11/1897 M 25y5m2dS Clymer West Pike Potter Co Fall of tree 5 hr Swimlar Cemetery
Weibchen Esther 8/14/1897 F 3m 6d Hoytville 2d Mt. Pleasant Frank: Mary Weibchen
Weibchen  Otto 4/21/1898 M 67y4mM Germany Blossburg Old Age 1w Blossburg
Welch Hiram 8/10/1897 M 81y10m24dM Tioga Sullivan Old Age 2m State Road
Wells H.N 3/5/1898 F 75y9mS Cincinnati , Ohio Lawrenceville Old Age 18m Lawrence
Werline H.E. 6/11/1897 M 32y2m26d M Liberty Liberty Boro Consumption 6m Liberty Boro J.J:Eve Werline
Westbrook Cora Ellen 6/19/1898 F 47y27dM Tioga Boro Tioga Boro Tioga Twp.
Wezoski Edmond 4/16/1898 M 1y7m Morris Run Morris Run Blossburg John: Anthonea Wezoski
Whalen Margaret 1/5/1898 F 30y  M Watkins, N.Y. Morris Run Blossburg Mary Whalen
Wheat Gertaude 3/22/1897 F 7m Roaring Branch Roaring Branch  Pneumonia  6d Odd Fellow R. Branch Bemjamin: Martha Wheat
Wheaton Sylvia 9/1/1897 F 62Y3mM Academy Corners Farmington Paralysis 9m Butler Cemetery
Wheeland Wm. E. 6/3/1897 M 17y10m23d Warrenville,Pa. Liberty    Endocarditis 15d Warrenville, Pa. B.F.: Harriet Wheeland
Wheeler Helen 3/26/1899 F 9m5d Tioga Boro Tioga Twp. Tioga Frank:Cora Wheeler
Wheeler Mrs.William 6/13/1987 F 58y3m8dM Tioga twp Heart long Tioga
Wheelis Martha 5/22/1897 F 41y 2m 15d Rutland Twp Morris Run Consumption 6m Blossburg
White Bertha 7/1/1897 F 1y 4m Arnot Arnot Bronchitis 10d Blossburg Herbert: Caroline White
White C. Edward 7/9/1898 M 36y4m7dS Farmington Farmington Farmington Cem.
White Daniel 4/6/1897 M 1m 3d MiddleburyTownship MiddleburyTownship Fever Niles Valley William: Stella B White
White Daniel A 12/19/1897 M 83y3mM 4/3/1898 Brookfield Old Age 10d Champlin Cemetery
White Nettie E. 1/3/1898 F 30yS Crooked Creek Crooked Creek Heart 5d Crooked Creek
White Sidney 2/19/1898 M 76yM Tompkins Co., NY Jackson Old Age 1w Alder Run
White  Maud E 7/10/1897 F 18y11mS Mansfield Consumption 2 y Mansfield B.W. White
Whitney Leon 10/21/1897 M 2d Crooked Creek Crooked Creek 2d Tioga Geo.D.:Fannie Whitney
Whitteker Seth 3/30/1898 M 79y5m5dM Richmond Richmond LaGrippe 2w Whitteker
Whittle John 9/8/1897 M 13Y    M England Arnot Dropsy 6m Blossburg
Wilber Benjamin 3/29/1897 M 83y 4m 22d Dutches Co, NY Westfield Twp Old Age Champlain Cem
Wilber Margaret 11/6/1897 F 60y2m1dM England Union Twp Heart 8y Swamp Cemetery
Wilcox C.A. 5/2/1898 M 44y    M Delmar Delmar West Branch  J.D. Wilcox, Orelia Dimmick
Wilcox Clarence 5/21/1898 M 44yM S. Delmar Delmar Brights 5y Ridge Cemetery
Wilcox Frank 6/17/1897 M 50y1d Luzerne Co. Ward Heart Instant Canton
Wilcox George F 2/8/1898 M 64yM Shippen Delmar Rheumatism 2y Stony Fork Cemetery
Wilcox Harold 11/12/1897 M Olmsville Westfield West Branch Ed:Olive Wilcox
Wilcox Hezekiah 7/15/1898 M 70yM Leroy,Bradford Co. Ward Dropsy 6w Canton
Wilcox John Dennis 8/20/1897 M 71y8mM PrestonTwp.Chenango,NY Delmar Dropsy 1d West Branch Simon G. Wilcox:Pheba Cortright
Wilcox Olivia 4/29/1898 F 33yM Shippen Delmar Consumption 4m Ridge Cemetery
Wilcox   Charles L 8/23/1897 M 12y3m20d Ward Ward Accident 6d Canton Henry Frank Wilcox
Wilhelm Mary E 10/4/1897 F 63y1m25dS Knoxville,Pa Knoxville Pneumonia  12d Riverside Cemetery
Willard Alpheus 8/13/1897 M 85y Charleston Charleston Paralysis Austin
Willard Anna 8/26/1898 F 58y5m15d Wellsboro Wellsboro
Williams Catherine 7/1/1897 F 80yM Mansfield Old Age Tioga    Herman: Sarah Gifford
Williams Isabel 5/26/1897 F 1m15d Mainesburg Mainesburg Bowels 18 hr Troy J.N:Kate Williams
Williams Mary 7/8/1898 F 84y Vermont Covington Boro Old Age 2w Gray Cemetery,Covington Cochran, Alner: Olive
Williams Sarah J. 10/4/1897 F 73YSM m Groton, N.Y.Saratoga Co. Balston,Saratoga NY Old Age 3w Wellsboro Cem.
Williams William H. 6/29/1898 M 52y  M Wales Arnot 1w Blossburg
Wilson Archie D. 4/21/1898 M 29y4m14dS Sullivan Co.,N.Y. Charleston Typhoid Fever 10d Catlin Hollow
Wilson Ernest Lewis 9/12/1898 M 8m Richmond Richmond Mansfield J.D.:Ella Wilson
Wilson Hannah 9/10/1896 F 82y Charleston Township Charleston Township Old Age Dartt Settlement
Wilson Henry Dorence 2/16/1897 M Shippen Shippen West Branch R.N.:Fannie R.. Wilson
Wilson Marinda 7/22/1897 F 55y6mM Edmeston, N.Y. Richmond Apoplexy 1w Mansfield
Wilson Silas 8/10/1897 M 41yM Rutland Rutland Fever Roseville Sammy: Sallie Wilson
Winder Franklin Leroy 3/18/1897 M 13d Liberty Boro Liberty Boro Grippe 2d Liberty Boro William: Laura Winder
Wood Aaron 8/  /1898 M 74y M Alder Run Diabetes 2w Ludlowville
Wood Alice 4/17/1897 F 3m Sullivan Sullivan Cough 2w Woods Cemetery
Wood Burr 8/9/1897 M 37y7m13dM Chemung Co.,N.Y. Sullivan Consumption 3m Woods Cemetery
Wood Elizabeth 10/26/1898 F 91y3m12dS Rockland, N.J. Sullivan Wood Hill Cem.
Wood Helen J. 2/23/1897 F 12y2m3d Brookfield Brookfield Diptheria 4d Brookfield Horton:Emma Wood
Wood Sarah L. 12/10/1898 F 73y Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Pneumonia  3w Woodlawn Cemetery
Wood    Leonard W. 1 0/22/1898 M 3m Marshfield, Pa. Marshfield Catarrh Knowlton Cemetery Wood, Richard:Emma
Woodford William 6/12/1897 M 75y5m21dN Mercer Co., N.J. Jackson Paraqlysis  3 1/2 yr Jackson Center
Woodford William 6/10/1897 M 74y5m20dM Mercer Co., New Jersey Jackson Center Paralysis 3y5m Jackson Center
Worden George 1/3/1899 M 78y4mM Yates County,N.Y. Roseville Roseville
Worden Mary J. 8/17/1897 F S Knoxville,Pa Knoxville Dropsy 10d Riverside Cemetery
Worth John 2/19/1897 M 53y 22d Reading, PA Roaring Branch  Heart 2w Odd Fellow R. Branch
Yale Katharine A. 5/3/1898 F 71y   M New York State Wellsboro Heart 2w Wellsboro

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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 OCT 2017
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice
Thanks to Linda C Reese for transcribing these and 
Donna Bentley Davey for typing them