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 1868  Diary of Rosina Smith (1840 - 1918) of Sullivan Township 
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice December 2006
Diary Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
Copyright 2007
Preface and More Rosina Diaries
This is a 2006 version of the view Rosina had from her house in 1868. Her house looked down on the neighboring Robbins farm with no doubt different and smaller buildings than exist there now. Route 6, which cuts through the picture horizontally, was not built until the 1920s. It was after Route 6 was built that the extension to Ames Hill on which Rosina lived and which cut over to Chandlersburg (Elk Run) was abandoned. 
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I will link people to biographical detail on first mention in each year's diary. I will also include photos where available

Rosina SMITH “Smith”
January 1, 1868 – Wednesday
This is the first day of January 1868. A four horse team went from here.  R. Woodard called here when we was eating our breakfast. Will, Julia, Orrin & I went to Orrin’s to eat Turkey. Lyman & Nancy came home with us and stayed all night. R. W. came back here to eat supper. Jule went to Mudge’s to a party.

January 2 – Thursday
Will & Lyman are drawing wood. Uncle Ahaz called here today. Will & Lyman went to Bill E.’s also to Joseph’s to  get watter

January 3 – Friday
Jule & I put quilt on [perhaps on frame for quilting or tieing?] Will & Lyman worked in forenoon. Rosel [Roswell] Webster’s folks here make a visit. Bill Johnson eat dinner here. Lyman & Nancy Stayed all night.

January 4- Saturday
Will & Lyman worked in forenoon. Will took Nancy & Lyman home in afternoon. Jule & I quilted some.

January 5 –Sunday
Will & I went to Rileys. Will went to meeting in evening. Also to Mr. Shaws

January 6- Monday
Will drawed saw logs to Douds Mill, also drawed sugar bush wood and afternoon he went to Joseph’s.  Jule & I finished the quilt in evening.

January 7- Tuesday
Will went to Chandlersburg to get the horses shod. He drawed wood in the afternoon. Olive & Amelia was here in the afternoon. Will got a dog today.

Early photo of Elk Run, earlier called Chandlersburg
I live on the other side of the hill in background. The round top of the hill and woods on right side is my property. 

In 1868 it was owned by Will's brother and his wife - D. T. Smith and Lucretia Welch

January 8 – Wednesday
Will went to Mill. I went to Cyrus Douds a visiting, called to Fathers. Will drawed Sawlog & come after me.  Bige & Daniel called here also Gid Youngs. Will got $50 off Peleg, $70 off Laff D.  Julia washed today.

January 9 – Thursday
Will drawed sawlog. A very cold windy day. Today we churned. Today Jule fixed her dress.

10-11 pages missing

January 12 – Sunday
Asa Slingerland & wife were here today. Will went to Joe’s to get watter.

January 13 – Monday
Will drawed Saw logs to Mill.  Jule & I put on quilt. Vaugan & Ermina come here. Vaughn went to the burgh. Will got some Madder to colar with.[I think this has to do with fabric dye – see January 21 entry]

January 14 – Tuesday
Jule, Orin & I rode on Sawlog down to Ephs. Olive washed for Louise. Mrs.  Howe was there a visiting. Will drawed logs.

January 15 - Wednseday
Will drawed logs. Chauncy & Ellen come here for me to go see Frank. He got hurt with the colt. Melinda & Adiline was there also Mrs. Bill E. Jule, Will & I went to State Road to Singing School.

January 16 – Thursday
Will took Jule down to Ephraim. He went to the burgh got some molasses [0116].Martha Robbins was here, also Lida come here & stayed all night. Will took log to Mill, brought Jule home.

January 17 – Friday
I went to Eph’s. Will got Twenty dollars of Eph. Will broke his Sled, went to the burgh to get it fixed. Got Frank some candy. Orrin & Lyman was there. Jule went with Charity to Mr. Soper’s. Will went to Joe W after watter. Father came here in evening to see Will.

January 18 – Saturday
Will went to Fathers to Skin the yearlin. I went to Eph’s. Will went to Mansfield with the hide.

January 19 – Sunday
Will, Jule & I went over to Lyman’s. Orrin’s folks come down a little while. Jule give Orrin Pa’s picture. Ellin & Bige Robbins come here & got four lbs. & quarter of butter.

January 20 – Monday
Will drawed logs to Douds Mill. Manford come here got some tea & ten dollars in cash. Will went with two logs in afternoon & stayed in evening to Corkers(?) Meeting. Vaughan & Cornelius Smith called here.

January 21 – Tuesday
Snow this morning. Will drawed watter from Joe W for me to colar with. Will went to ..

January 22 – Wednesday
Will went to Mill. Jule Washed. Mr.Ames called here & eat dinner.

January 23 – Thursday
Will, Jule & I went to the burgh. We called to Eph’s. Will went to Mr. Robbins in evening.

January 24 – Friday
Will has gone to the burgh to Election.[0124]Calvin Robbins come here. Stayed the evening. Will got home at 12 o’clock. Vaughan was elected constable. Lyman Soper had two dollars & twenty five cents today.

January25 – Saturday
Will took us up to Olive’s. Gid come down & got some flour.12 ½. Vaughan & Louise come over & Will come after Jule & I. Jule went home with Vaughan & went to Singing School. Will went to the burgh.

January 26 – Sunday
Will & I come over after Jule. We called to Mr. Fish, got a deed for V.W.S. to carry to the Borough. Jule went to Meeting in the evening.

January 27 – Monday
Gid come here this morning. Will, Jule & I went to Troy

January 28 – Tuesday
Mr. Gardner come here & Will went home with him & bought a heifer. George G come home with him & helped Shell corn. George & Will went to Mansfield with some corn at night. George stayed here all night

January 29 – Wednesday
Will & George Shelled corn in forenoon went after the heifer in afternoon. George stayed here all night to night.

January 30 – Thursday
Will, George & I went to T. Welch.  Jule stayed at home. George stayed here all night.

January 31 – Friday
George went home this morning. Will took some corn to Mansfield. Jule rode down to Eph’s

February 1, 1868 – Saturday
Will went to Bill E. He Chopped rails here at the door.

February 2, 1868 – Sunday
Vaughan & Uncle Josiah come here. Bige and Clay (Clary) come here with the dog.

February 3 – Monday
Will worked for Riley. I washed

February 4 – Tuesday
Will & I come up to Bloss. We called to Ephs, also to Mr. Miller’s. We come to Mansfield from there to Tomas (Thomas) Graves, called & warmed. Come up to Uncle Sighs (Rosina’s Uncle Josiah Harding in Covington). Stayed all night. Amy & I went to town in evening.

February 5 – Wednesday
Will, Uncle Sigh, Amy & I went to the glass factory also up town to the store. We came home after dinner,  called to Eph’s.

February 6 – Thursday
Will worked for Riley. Ludington, Lyman come here. Tonight is a Donation at E. Deweys. A very cold windy day.

February 7 – Friday
Riley come to work. It is so cold he went home. Eli come here &Will drawed him some wood.

February 8 – Saturday – Myron Pierce Riley & Perley worked here cutting wood. Calvin called here.

February 9 – Sunday
Will has gone up home

February 10 – Monday
Will is twenty five years old today. Jule, Will & I went to the burg today. I called to Eph’s. I sent some letters.

February 11 – Tuesday
Will & I went to Asa Slingerlands stayed all night. Mr. Palmer’s folks were there in evening. We  went up to Mr. Palmer’s in morning made a visit.

February 12- Wednesday
Will & I went to Anson Palmer’s

February 13 – Thursday
Will, Julia & I went to see Eliza- made a visit to Uncle John Smith

February 14- Friday
Lyman come up here eat breakfast. He took Will’s horse went after Nancy. Uncle George & wife, George Soper & wife, Jule went to the burg. Lyman went away. Nancy stayed all night, also Lucy & husband.

February 15 – Saturday
Lyman come back. Will, Jule & I went took them home. We called to Mrs. Orvis eat supper. George & Elisha went out to Singing  with us. Lyman had 55 lbs. Wheat flour.

February 16 – Monday
Will & I went to Omar Douds. Will took Sarah R (or A) over to Seth Rumsey’s. Charley was here.

17-18 missing

February 19 – Wednesday
Lyman come here today. He came here at night- Stayed all night. Will drawed some watter for us. Also some wood.

February 20 – Thursday
Calvin called here got Saw. Bill Johnson  worked here with team. Lyman worked here in the woods. Lida come here. Stayed all night. Manford come here got some milk.  Bill Johnson had bushel & half of potatoes

February 21 – Friday
Father come down here this morning. Will & Lyman is fixing to tap trees. Lyman worked.

February 22 – Saturday
Lyman worked in the woods drawing out wood. Eph brought Louisa & the children up here this morning. George brought Eliza over here. She stayed all night. Eph eat Supper here. Will went to the burg. Lyman went home. Ed Youngs was here today.

February 23 – Sunday
Eliza Washed today. Lida & Chauncy come up here in evening. Stayed all night

February 24 – Monday
Lida went to School. Will went to Saw Mill got lumber. Eliza Stayed here today and all night.

February 25 – Tuesday
Will went to get lumber. Uncle Ahaz was here today. Calvin called here, also Ellen & Lydia. Eliza Stayed here all night. Crisia Wedding Day

February 26 – Wednesday
Eliza, Jule & came over to Jim  Welch’s today.  Cresia come home with us stayed all night. Lida came here. Stayed all night. Lyman came here, stayed all night.

February 27 – Thursday
Bill Johnson & wife were here today. He got eleven lbs of lard. Wesley& Ell V Come here. Eliza & Crescia went with them. Lyman worked today also Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson Dr. To 11 lbs of lard.

February 28 – Friday
Will went after load of lumber. Jule & I went to Edward Kniffen. Leander Gardner called here. Will went to his Father’s. Mr. Furman called here in morning and rode with us to the burgh. Will went with him to Father’s. Also to Old antt (?) Benjamins.Lyman $2.43. Lida went to Geroge Smiths. Stayed all night.

February 29 – Saturday
Will chopped wood. Borrowed Saw & made wood bot (boat). Lida came here at night. Bill E. Robbins came here &  got nine lbs. of lard.

March 1 – Sunday
Father was here today – eat dinner. Will went to Guinea Pig Hotel. Charlie was here in evening,

March 2 – Monday
Will found a calf this morning. Will went to Joe W. to take saw home.

March 3 – Tuesday
Will chopped wood. Lida came down here at night

March 4 -  Wednesday
Will found lamb. E--- Sheep. Manford come over here. Will went away with him  Lida went to school. She stayed at Philetus all night.

March 5 – Thursday
Bill Johnson & G. Gardner worked. here today. Mr. Gardner went with us to the burg. Came back, stayed here all night. Snowed. Welch stayed here all night.

March 6 – Friday
Mr. Gardner got nineteen lbs of wheat flour. He went home in forenoon. Manda L. Was here a visiting. We all went to Exhibition. Trisam Stayed all night tonight

March 7 – Saturday
Lyman came here got two dollars in cash. Mr. Knapp was here. Walter came here took Susan Home. Will & I went to the burgh. Allie Hall come home with us., Milton’s folks were here in evening.

March 8 – Sunday
Will stopped some. I slept some .Orrin was sick last night.

March 9 – Monday
I washed. Mr. Gardener & George worked here also Bill Johnson. Lyman came over this afternoon, stayed all night. Peleg Doud came over & paid what he owed us. Uncle Ananais called here ,also Mr. Robbins.

March 10 – Tuesday
Lyman & Will are tapping trees. Nehemiah & Addison Smith were here today.   Bill Johnson had ten hundred of hay today

March 11 – Wednesday
Will & Lyman went up home to get pans [for] the taped [tapped] trees.  The Wood boys came here after hay. Eli called here. Thadeus Welch & wife were here. He paid Will his note. Lyman went home. Will went to the burgh.

March 12 – Thursday
Will went to Mill. I went over to Joseph’s. Martha came over home with me. Ellen & Rose was here today. Lyman came back today.  E---s got home tonight.

March 13 – Friday
Enos & Amanda come over here – Will went to Mansfield for him. Lyman boiled sap

March 14 – Saturday
Will Lyman & I  went after Nancy.  Lyman boiled Sap in afternoon. Clara & Bige come here.

March 15 – Sunday
Enos & Amanda come here today. Lyman went to Vaughans. Charlie was here in evening.

March 16 – Monday
Uncle Hobby called here also Martha Robbins. She brought me some vinegar. Vaughan was here. Will paid him all he owed him. Enos come here in evening.

March 17 – Tuesday
Will & Lyman went to the burgh. Jule & I went to Ep—s. I went to the burgh.

March 18 – Wednesday
Lyman & Will went after lumber. Nancy went to Joseph’s

March 19 – Thursday
Will & Lyman went after Nancy’s things. They moved to Robbins house. Mr. Jones Called here.

20-21 missing

March 22 - Sunday
Lyman & Nancy come over here. Lyman went to Vaughans. Nancy & Lyman went home at night.

March 23 – Monday
Jule washed. Will worked up home. Lyman worked up there in forenoon. In afternoon he boiled sap. Ben Frost called to see Lyman. George got a drag for Will. Bill Johnson came & got more hay.

March 24 – Tuesday
Lyman is boiling sap. Will & Father are drawing stone. Enos called here for Will to go to Troy. Father & Will worked on Robbins lot in afternoon. Lyman had eight dollars in cash to pay for apple trees.

March 25 – Wednesday
Lyman helped make fence in forenoon. Boiled sap in afternoon. Will worked on Robbins lot in forenoon. Drawed sugar bush wood in afternoon, Martha Robbins & Lydia Smith called here.

March 26 – Thursday
Will & I went to Nancy’s.The men drawed wood & fixed the spring in the forenoon. Will worked up home. Lyman Boiled sap. Joseph made a gate. Eat dinner here.

March 27 – Friday
Will worked up home in forenoon. Lyman went to the burg. He dragged in afternoon. Will sowed wheat in afternoon. Reynolds girls went past today.

March 28 – Saturday
Will Sowed wheat here on the corn ground. Lyman washed the wheat in forenoon, boiled sap in afternoon.  Jule went to Father’s after Mr. Furman. I Sowed Cabbage. Peleg called here. Vaughan came here. Will went to the burgh at night.

March 29 – Sunday
Will went to Rumsey Hill to get his dog. I went to meeting. Lyman was here, also Dr. Maine. Charley was here.

March 30 –Monday
Will & Lyman worked  up home sowing oats. Will come home to do the milking. Nancy come over. Jule went home with her & stayed all night.

March 31 – Tuesday
Will & Lyman is to work up to Father’s Sowing & dragging. Ellen, Lida & Dennis come up here today. Lyman went to Vaughans in afternoon. Jule went to Bill E. Bill E. got ten dollars here.

April 1 – Wednesday
Lyman worked in forenoon up to Father’s. He boiled sap. I went to Amanda’s. Jule washed. Lyman come & meet me & brought Orrin.

April 2- Thursday
Nancy come here also Sarah & Phebe & Orrin’s folks. Will & Lyman worked up home all day. Will went to the burgh.

April 3 – Friday
Mr. Dug Johns called here & sold me four oz of Black oil. I paid in eggs for one ounce. Lyman went after his books & went around with them. Jule washed windas. We moved beds. Jule went to Ephs Stayed all night. Lyman give back six & half dollars borrowed money.

April 4 – Saturday
Lyman paid back ten dollars in cash. Rich Ashley brought Jule home. Will worked up home. Lyman peddled books. We all went to Chandlersburg to a concert. Lyman had some buckwheat flour.

April 5- Sunday
Lyman come over. Lyman, Nancy, Will & I went to Uncle George Smith. Charley was here.

April 6 – Monday
Mr. Gardener come here this morning.  Will & Lyman went to get his potatoes. Jule & I went to Mr. Orvis. Jule stayed over there. Will has gone to get his horses shod. Harrison Smith come here.

April 7 – Tuesday
Lyman went with his books today. Will went to bed. Elder How came here & got some Hay. Isaac Woodburn come here & got eight dollars in money on saw deal. Will went to Bill E. to get Saw fixed. Snow today. Gid brought flour home.

April 8 – Wednesday
Will & Lyman have gone up home. It snows & blows very hard. Lizzie’s wedding day [0408].  Will & Lyman drawed wood for Father.

April 9 -  Thursday
Will & Lyman are up home to work today drawing wood & sowing chaff.

April 10 – Friday
Will & Lyman went to Bill E. & to the burg. Walter come here to get some hay. Lyman done the chores. Will got Uncle Ahaz gun & went Hunting

April 11-Saturday
Will & Lyman drawed some wood for Lyman in four noon. In afternoon they went to the Sale. Aunt Lovina & the children come home with them & stayed all night. Enos come here & got some turnips.

April 12 –Sunday
Nancy & Lyman came here. Will took Uncle George’s folks to Edwards. I went to Eph’s with them.

April13- Monday
I washed. Lyman chopped for sugar bush & boiled sap. Will worked up home in afternoon. Orrin brought Jule home today.

April 14 – Tuesday
Will plowed up home. Lyman boiled Sap in four noon. He chopped here at the house in afternoon. Uncle George called here today.

April 15 – Wednesday
Lyman went away today to peddle books. Walter come here to get some hay. Elder How & wifewere here a visiting. Will plowed up home. I went to Joe W.

April 16 – Thursday
Lyman boiled Sap. Will worked up home. Uncle Jim come & got five hundred of hay. Martha R. called here.

April 17 – Friday
Will is up home plowing. Lyman is over on Robbins lot to work in fournoon. He made gates in afternoon.

April 18 – Saturday
Will worked up home. I went to Pelegs. Lyman worked here in fournoon. He went to the burg in afternoon for to carry some butter.

April 19 – Sunday
Lyman come here. Charlie was here

April 20 –Monday
Will  worked up home in fournoon. He went to the burg & come home. Vaughan was here. Lyman come here & eat breakfast then went home to chopp for himself.

April 21 – Tuesday
Will worked up home. Lyman boiled sap for vinegar. Jule, Orrin & I went to Nancys.

April 22 – Wednesday
Bill Johnson got eleven hundred & twenty nine lbs of hay today. Olive called here. Jule washed. Will is up home plowing. Lyman helped weigh hay & filled the leech. made fence, worked in the garden, Sowed carrots.

April 23 – Thursday
Will is plowing up home. Lyman worked in garden & around the house.  Split some wood. Jule went to the burg.  Planted potatoes, onions & e

April 24 – Friday
Walter come & got more hay. Also Mr. Mudge got hay. Will & Lyman worked up home.


April 27 – Monday
Will worked up home. Lyman worked up  there. They went around by the burg. Henry got hay $7.60. Charlie Rumsey got hay.

April 28 –Tuesday
Will & Lyman worked up home. Ellen Robbins come here & got my dress. Noah Grandy called here.

April 29 – Wednesday
Will & Lyman worked up home. Jule washed. I made soup. Uncle Sigh [Silas] was here in evening.

April 30 – Thursday
Will & Lyman is up home to work. I comedown to Ephs. Called to Bill E.  Louisa & I went to the burgh. I rode home with Nais Richmond.

May 1 – Friday
Lyman & Will work here & on Robbins lot. Nancy come over here & went to the burgh. Lyman had twelve lbs.& quarter of wheat flour.

May 2 – Saturday
Uncle Ahaz called here this morning. Will went to  Bill E. Lyman made fence. Will & Lyman went to the burgh.

May 3 – Sunday
Will & I come over to Milton today. Went to Fathers & got some oats & some money. Charlie was here.

May 4 – Monday
Will, Jule & I went to Troy. Lyman worked on Robbins lot. We got Lyman half lb. tea, seven shillings.

May 5- Tuesday
Ellen & May Cease called here. The men worked on Robbins lot. Father eat dinner here.

May 6- Wednesday
Orrin & I went to Bill E. Nancy come here & left Burt then went to the burgh. The men  worked on Robbins lot & up to Fathers.

May 7 – Thursday
Lyman & Will worked on the cellar. Will went up home & moved the cattle & got the horses. Lyman went to Dexters & Bill E. Will went to Bill E. & got his hoe & axle.

May  8 – Friday
Jule washed. Will & Lyman plowed out here by the wood.

May 9 – Saturday
Lyman  drove his Mothers cow home & worked his garden. Will worked up home in fournoon. He dragged down here in afternoon. Vaughan came here & brought Lewie. She stayed all night. Martha Robbins called here.

May 10 – Saturday
Lyman come over here & brought Burt. Will is to work planting potatoes. Charlie was here.

May 11 – Monday
Lyman & Will worked up home. Martha Robbins called here.

May 12  - Tuesday
Lyman worked in garden little while then went to Fathers to work. Louisa & Dennis came here, also Vaughan & Ermina, Nancy & Burt.  Lewie went home with Vaughan.

May 13 – Will & Lyman went after lumber & made a milk rack. Olive & Lucy G. was here. The ? drawed load wood for Lyman. Lucy stayed all night.

May 14 – Thursday
Will & I went to the burg. Lucy rode with us. Lyman worked over home & went to the burgh. Will drawed fence post went up to Fathers took Orrin made fence tie.

May 15 – Friday
Lyman chopped wood for himself. Will went to Troy to get plaster. Uncle Ahaz come here. Jule went to Miltons. Lyman, Will & Orrin went to Fathers after oats for the horses.

May 16 – Saturday
Will went to Troy. Lyman chopped wood for himself at home. Enos called here to look at cows. Will took his plaster rip home.

May 17 – Sunday
It rains. Quarterly Meeting. Will, Orrin & I, Nancy & Lyman went to Vaughans. Charlie was here.

May 18 –Monday
Will & Lyman Sowed plaster. Uncle Ahaz called here. [I wonder if she refers to putting lime on the fields ??]

May 19 – Tuesday
Lyman & Will Sowked [soaked] plaster (Whitewash?]  Father was here to eat dinner. Lyman had nine lbs five oz. of wheat flour.  Jule washed & went down to Eph’s. Martha Robbins was here. Adelbert’s wedding day tonight. Stormy day.

May 20- Wednesday
Will & Lyman have gone to Troy & got load of plaster to take up home. Charlie &Jule went to Troy in evening. Storms in fournoon.

May 21 – Thursday
Will & Lyman is sowing plaster up home. Rains today.  [erasure] today he got five dollars. Will took it and got some flour for Lyman $3.75. Will kept the rest.

May 22 – Friday
Will has gone to Troy after plaster. Lyman is chopping. Uncle John come here to graft trees. Lida come here & stayed all night.

July 24 – Friday
Will went up home this morning. Lyman took Nancy shoes to Warren & then went home. Will went after a cheese for Father to Longwells. Lyman did not work today. Will mowed some to his Fathers.

July 25 – Saturday
Will & Lyman worked on garden in fournoon. ??up hay in afternoon. I went berrying.

July 26 – Sunday
Will & I went over to salt the cattle. Asa & Frank were here today also Peleg & Mary, Nancy & Lyman. Lyman had  the horses to Rosels. [Roswel’s]

July 27 -  Monday
Will & Lyman are up to Fathers to work

July 28 – Tuesday
Will & Lyman worked to Fathers. Orrin & I went to Olive’s..

July 29 – Wednesday
Jule went to see Sarah.  Will & Lyman worked up  home a little while then come here & cradled our wheat and cradled some on Robbins lot. It rained. Nancy come over and eat dinner.

July 30 – Thursday
Will & Lyman worked on Robbins lot & up to Fathers. Will come home & eat dinner. Orrin, Ellen, Nerva & Margaret come here today.

July 31 – Friday
Will & Lyman worked up home. Joseph & Manford worked in the wheat also uncle Ahaz a while. Olive was here to get pickles. Jule come home tonight.

Aug 1 – Saturday
Uncle Ahaz called here. Jule has gone to Olive’s. Will is up home to work. Jule, Will & I went to Troy. Took firkin butter – got 37 cts per lb.

Aug 2 – Sunday
Lon Rumsey eat breakfast here. Will went up home to cradle oats. Jule & I went to meeting.

Aug. 3 – Monday
Lyman Soper Dr. To eleven lbs of wheat flour.  Nancy come over & got some flour & soap. I went & help her carry her things. Lyman came here & went up to rake oats. Will worked up home.

Aug. 4-Tuesday
Will worked up home. They (?) come down & drawed our wheat. Olive & I went to Nancys.

Aug. 5-Wednesday
Will & Lyman worked up home. Martha, Mary & Vina come over, fetched us a stool.

Aug. 6. – Thursday
Will worked up home. Lyman, Nancy & I went to the burgh. A. Ballard died this morning. [Angeline, wife of Joseph – buried Mainesburg]  We called when we come back. I stayed to sew. I eat dinner to Georges.  Jule sit up to Mr. Ludington.  [It was the custom for young people of the community  to sit up all night with the corpse. That was throughout the country, not just locally]

Aug. 7 – Friday
Two men to breakfast this morning. Will & Lyman worked up home. I went to Mrs. Ludingtons helped sew.

Aug. 8 - Saturday
Jule & I went up to Ludingtons. I went to the funeral. Jule went up to A. Deweys. Stayed all night. Mrs. Ballard was buried today. Will & Lyman worked up to Father Smiths.

Aug. 9 – Sunday
Will worked up home today. Lyman & Nancy went to Ephs. Jule & I come home at night. Orrin & I went up to the burying ground (probably Ames Hill)

Aug 10 –Monday
Will & Lyman worked for Father today. I went berrying also to Mr. Robbins. Martha come here. I paid Milton Shaw thirty seven dollars this morning for calves.

Aug. 11 – Tuesday
Will & Lyman worked for Father. Joseph Robbins come here & got three lbs. Of Sugar 16 ct. Per lb. Drove short tail [written up side of page]

Aug. 12 – Wednesday
Will worked up to Fathers. Lyman went to the burgh & over to cut his hay.  I went down to Ephs got some vinegar. Jule stayed with Nancy. Bryan [?]  stayed all night.

Aug. 13 – Thursday
Lyman is over cutting his hay. Jule stayed with Nancy all night. Will worked up home. He drawed some oats down here. Bryan stayed here all night. Mr. Sperry & wife were here today also Vaughan. Layment come here. I paid him $2 [page truncated]

Aug. 14 – Friday
Riley come here & got 13 lbs of wheat flour. Will is to work for Father.

Aug. 15 – Saturday
Will worked up home. Bryan come down & stayed all night. Nana got thirteen lbs. of wheat flour  13 lbs.

Aug. 16 – Sunday
Bill E. called here. Father drove some cows down here. Will took him home. Will, Jule & I went to Mrs. Orvis to get her to Spin. We called to Meeting & to Vaughans.

Aug. 17 –Monday
Will went & got his calves to Miltons. Lyman & will worked up home. They cut a bee tree. Nancy come over here.

Aug. 18 – Tuesday
 Will bought a yearling of Warren Rumsey. Will went to Saw Mill to get boards. I came down to Ephs, got a cheese. Lon Rumsey borrowed five dollars tonight.

Aug. 19 – Wednesday
Will went to Mansfield – took Orrin & Warren Rumsey. Lyman helped Will fix his stable floor in fournoon. He did not work in afternoon. He went down to Ephs to get me some butter.

Aug. 20 – Thursday
Lyman, Nancy, Jule, Will & I went to Troy. Took firkin butter. Got 38 cts lb. Lyman had ten dollars in cash today.

Aug 21 – Friday
Will, Orrin & I went to Mansfield. Took some apples.  Lyman worked half day today.

Aug. 22 – Saturday
Lyman & Nancy went to the burg to a picnic. Will laid wall. Father come down here to eat dinner, also Vaughan was here. Will went  to Walters to get some wheat. He got a stone boat.

Aug. 23 – Sunday
Will picked some berrys. He went to Lymans. Nancy was over here. Ephraim & Calvin was here today. Eph got firkin. Will got some corn to plant of Eph. I got a cheese

Aug. 24 – Monday
Nancy come over here. I washed, churned, baked & Father, Will & Lyman went over to Ballards & got some calves. Father eat dinner here. Will & Lyman are laying Stone wall.(0824)  Jule is not very ????

Aug. 25- Tuesday
Will & Lyman  drawed stone & laid wall. Nancy come over & went berrying. Burt stayed with me. Father helped Will draw stone.

Aug. 26 -  Wednesday
Sarah Rumsey called here. Father, Will & Lyman are drawing stone. Esther come over here. Orrin & I come home with her. Stayed all night to Mr. Orvis.

Aug. 27 – Thursday
Orr’s folks had company. Esther went to Mansfield to start for Harford. I came to Uncle Jim’s in afternoon. Stayed to Orrin’s all night. Will & Lyman drawed stone. Father helped. (0827)

Aug. 28 – Friday
Ellen & I went to Mark’s. They were gone. I went home with Ellen. Orrin went to Troy.  Orrin went down to Mr. Orvis with me. Will & Jule came over after me.

Aug. 29 – Saturday
Rich & Jane, [Richard Franklin Ashley & Lydia Jane Dewey] Sophie & baby come over here today. Will & Lyman drawed stone. Father helped. Will & I went to the burgh. Got me some Shoes.

Aug. 30 – Sunday
Lyman come over here. Nancy, Will & I went to Rich Ashleys got some plums. Will took Jule over to Vaughns. We got Louisa half bushel of plums, Nancy a peck. Lyman had four lbs & three quarters wheat flour.

Aug. 31 – Monday
Father, Gardner & Lyman worked here today.  They cut buckwheat. Mrs. Robbins & Nancy was here to supper.

Bill E. Dr to ten lbs corn meal four lbs. Salt By Bige & Clare (? Clary) Will & Lyman are to work for Father. Mrs. Robbins was here a visiting. Ellen & Lara come here also. Frank,Chauncey, & Allie Hall

Sept.2- Wednesday
Father & Gardener boy worked, also Lyman Soper. Will is plowing. Martha called here. Will & I went to Vaughans after Jule.

Sept. 3 – Thursday
Jule washed. Lyman & Gardener boy worked. Will plowed.

Sept. 4 – Friday
Nancy was here. Lyman & Gardener boy worked. Will & Orrin went to Tom’s. Will sowed his wheat. Louisa, Chauncey, Dennis, & Hannah were here today. Sarah Rumsey, Ellen & Rose called here.

Sept. 5- Saturday
Will went to mill this morning. Lyman and Gardener in forenoon up to Father’s in afternoon the Thrasher, eat dinner here. Will, Jule, & I went to a picnic at Gray Valley. We went to the burgh in evening.

Sept.6- Sunday
Will went to salt cattle. Lyman come over & got the horses. Will went to Eli’s. C. Was here.

Sept. 7 – Monday
We had our grain thrashed. Riley & team., Gardener boy & Lyman, Manford, a little while. Martha borrowed some flour. Ellen got some plums.

Sept. 8 – Tuesday
Will worked up home. They had thrasher. Riley & team, Lyman & ??  We washed. Vaughan & Ermina & the children was here.

Sept.9 – Wednesday
It rained. Lyman, Orrin & I come over to Mrs. Orvis’s to get our yarn. Will cradled buckwheat. Lyman did not work today.  Jule went berrying.

Sept. 10 – Thursday
Vaughan came here & took Jule to Troy. Will & Lyman worked for Father.  Mrs Lucy Robbins was here a visiting today. Ellen Robbins come here for us to go to Mrs. Ludingtons to cut apples.

Sept. 11 – Friday
Will went up home this morning. Come back & went away again. Lyman did not work today. Jule came home, brought a machine. [sewing machine?]

This ad from the 1868 Chemung County Directory 
would be similar to the one Jule bought in Troy.

Sept.12- Saturday
Will worked up home. Lyman did not work today. He went over to Orrin’s. Jule went to Bill E. W. Dodge eat supper here. Will went to the burgh.

Sept. 13 – Sunday
It rained. Omar & Charlotte come here, also Billy H. Eph called here. Lyman got borrowed 5 lbs. & three quarters flour.

Sept 14 – Monday
Will went up a little while then come down here to cut corn. Lyman went to Orrins to cut his buckwheat. Mrs. Anson Palmer come here a visiting.  Will & Mr. Robbins kill some sheep. Bill E. had twenty two & half lbs. Mutton. Eph come after Jule.

Sept. 15- Tuesday
Lyman, Will & Gardener cut up corn. Eliza & Miranda come here. Nancy a little while.  Will went to Gray Valley to Mass meeting.

Sept. 16-Wednesday
Will went to Mill. Lyman, Gardener helped cut corn. Will got Lyman flour & Nancy some thread.  Orrin went with him.

Sept. 17 – Thursday
Will is Sick. Calvin called here. Lyman worked for George. Vaughan come here & helped Will kill two sheep. Will & I went to the burgh. Brought Jule home from Eph’s.

Sept. 18 –Friday
Will, Orrin & I went to Vaughans to sow his wheat for him. Lyman worked up to Father’s.

Sept. 19 – Saturday
Will, Father and Gardener drawed our buckwheat in fournoon. They worked up home in afternoon. Louisa come up here. Will & I went & took her home. We all went to the burgh to mass meeting. Lyman raked his buckwheat for himself.

Sept. 20 – Sunday
Nancy & Lyman took the team & went to Orrin’s. Will, Jule & I went to Robbins lot & got some apples. Mr. Ames eat here. Lyman had pig [?]  Will owes Lyman one dollar for calf.  C. was here.

Sept. 21 – Monday
Father husked corn. Will & Lyman drawed pumpkins & corn.  Joseph & Manford come here & got two boards. Nancy & Burt was here. Will went to PGT in eve. [not sure of initials]

Sept. 22 – Tuesday
Nancy & Lyman went to Troy with Ephraim. Father & Will husked corn. Jule washed. We churned & etc. Nancy & Lyman stayed here all night.

Sept. 23 – Wednesday
Nancy stayed here today & doubled my yarn [wound two ply together?] Vaughn and Ermina come here. Gid was here. Father, Will and Lyman husked corn.

Sept. 24 – Thursday
Lyman, Will & Father husked corn. Will & I went to the burgh. Got some sugar of Louisa, seventeen lbs.

Sept. 25 – Friday
It rained. Will & Lyman went up home to work. Joseph, Bill E & Will killed three Sheep. Bill E. had one sheep.

Sept. 26 – Saturday
Father tended to the calves. Will plowed. Lyman & Father husked corn. Nancy come over here. We got her some spoons. Two dollars. Will went to the burg & paid Doud & Parkhurst. [Saw Mill & --] Uncle Isaac paid Father.    Fourteen weeks and three days.

Sept. 27 – Sunday
Will went up home. Frank R. called here for Will to skin a calf. Lyman went over on his place. Will, Jule and I went over on State Road to meeting.

Sept. 28 – Monday
Will went to get horse shod. G. Gardner called here. Father drove the oxen down here. Lyman husked corn. Also Father did. Will plowed.

Sept. 29 – Tuesday
Father husked corn. Lyman husked corn. Will plowed. Jule went to Josephs &got a frame to make tidys. Matilda & Rosetta were here a visiting. Mrs. Bill E. called here. I collared [??]

Sept. 30 – Wednesday
 Father & Lyman husked corn. I went to Nancys. Orrin’s birthday- three years old.

Oct. 1- Thursday
Father, Will & Lyman husked corn. Vaughan was here today. Amanda come & got Dozen Pumpkins.

Oct 2 – Friday
Bill E. Dr. To eight lbs. & half wheat flour. Bige & Clare.  Father husked corn also Will & Lyman. Vaughan & Ermina went to Nancy’s. Uncle Ahaz called here this morning.

Oct. 3 – Saturday
Father, Will & Lyman husked corn in fournoon. They finished the corn & took a load up to father. The men worked up there in afternoon. Martha & Lydia called here. Nancy was here. Eph come here & we rode to the burgh with him.

Oct. 4- Sunday
Lyman come & filled a bed & took home. Will, Orrin & Lyman went away some where. Will went to Ephs. I went to Dexter’s.

Oct. 5 – Monday
Jule washed. Orrin & I went to Eph’s. Mrs. Robbins went with us. Lyman & Will worked up to Father’s. Josephine & Adelaide come & fetched Orrin.

Oct. 6 – Tuesday
Jule made bed ticks, colonial cushioned. I went to Bill E. Jule went to Eph to take her work home.  Lyman & Will worked up to Father’s.

Oct. 7 – Wednesday
Lyman plowed up to Father’s. Will went to Mr. Peter Huld [probably Hulslander] & to the burgh. He dug Potatoes. Ellen Robbins called here.

Oct. 8 – Thursday
Will & Lyman gathered apples on Robbins lot. Nancy & Adaline was here today. Ellen & Rose come here & stay all night.  Lyman went to a speech at Grays Valley.  Mr. Hulslander eat dinner here

Oct. 9 – Friday
Jule went home with Ellen R. Lyman in up home plowing. Will is digging potatoes. Vaughan & Ermina was here.

Oct. 10 - Saturday
Will & Lyman worked up home. Will went to Mill for Father. He took some new corn for us.  Jule went to George Smiths. Lyman & Nancy. Will & I went to the burgh. Five months and ten days.

Oct. 11- Sunday
Nancy & Lyman have gone to Orrins. Delia D.& Billy was here. (1011)  Will & I went on the Robbins lot to salt cattle. Mr. Hulslander eat dinner here.

Oct. 12- Monday
Will plowed up home. Lyman did not work. He went to pick up his apples. Nancy went to Ephs.

Oct. 13 – Tuesday
Election day. Will worked up home. Lyman did not work. Mr. Hulslander called here.

Oct. 14 – Wednesday – Lyman & Nancy come from Ephs & eat breakfast here & moved one load today. They stayed here all night.

Oct. 15- Thursday
Will helped them move today. Jule washed & went to Mr. Orvis’s with Will & Lyman.

Oct. 16 – Friday
Will plowed up home. Rumsey called & brought our tea. Hosmer came for Will to go to raising. I went to J.W.R. in afternoon.

Oct. 17 – Saturday
Uncle Annanais Smith called here this morning. Father came here & Will went to help him turn the cattle out.  Will plowed here at home. Damaris came here with Billy H.

Oct. 18 – Sunday
Uncle Ahaz come here & helped skin an ox. Thomas & Ben eat dinner here. Will went home with them.

Oct. 19 – Monday
Will has gone to Fathers & to Mansfield to take ox hide.

Oct. 20 – Tuesday
Will took apples to cider mill. Mr. & Mrs. Wood eat dinner here. [Probably Solomon Wood & Lydia Gates]

Oct. 21 – Wednesday
Will worked up home.  Louise come up here. I washed.  Uncle Ahaz worked for Will up to Father’s.  Emeline & Jenny come here, also Jule & Sarah. Will took Emiline home.

Oct. 22 – Thursday
Uncle Ahaz worked to Father’s with Will. Will went to the burgh & got some boots & clothes. Red head pedler. Sarah is here.

Oct. 23 –Friday
Will dug beets. Will & I went to the burgh. Got some shoes for Orrin. Sarah is here today.

Oct. 24- Saturday
Will is up home to work. Sarah is here today. Will went to the burgh tonight.

Oct. 25 – Sunday
Will, Orrin & I went & took Sarah home. We went to Orrin’s to eat dinner. C. was here.

Oct. 26 – Monday
Will is up home to work. Will went to Josephs in evening.

Oct. 27 – Tuesday
Manford & Will worked to Father’s digging potatoes. I went to Bill E.

Oct. 28 – Wednesday
Father come & helped Will dig carrots

Oct. 29 – Thursday
Lyman come over to dig his potatoes. Father helped Will draw corn stalks in fournoon. They had thrashers in afternoon. Lyman helped thrash. Manford worked in fournoon. Jule went to Ephs.

Oct. 30 – Friday
Lon eat dinner breakfast here & helped thrash. Riley worked.  Orrin come & brought barrel home.

Oct. 31 – Saturday
Uncle Ahaz eat dinner here. Vaughan & L???    Sarah Rumsey borrowed five dollars of me today.

Nov. 1 – Sunday
Will, Jule & I went to quarterly meeting. Will went  to Miltons. Joe Austin’s girl was drowned today, found her at eight o’clock in evening.

Nov. 2 – Monday
Will plowed here in fournoon. He went to make cider in afternoon. Carried apples down cellar in evening. Jule washed today.

Nov. 3- Tuesday
We sewed today. Martha came over to see Jule sew    Will made cider & went to election today in evening. Will got Orrin a doll.

Nov. 4- Wednesday
Will plowed here at home. Martha got some soda. Clara got some buttermilk.  Louise called here.

Nov. 5- Thursday
Will plowed & went to Vaughan to get a heifer. Jule & I went to Amander’s today.  Manford got some tobacco this morning.

Nov. 6 – Friday
Will worked up home. I went down to Eph’s to help Louisa. Eph brought me home. Will went to Bill E. Orrin stayed with Jule.

Nov. 7- Saturday
Will went to Mill. I went to Cyrus Douds a visiting. Called to father’s. Will drawed Sawlogs & come after me. Bige & Daniel called here, also Gid Young. Will got $ 50 of Peleg. $ 70 of Laffe D.  Jule washed today.

Nov. 8 – Sunday
Will, Orrin & I went over to State Road to meeting. Jule stayed at home Father comedown here. C. was here.

Nov. 9 – Monday
Will is to work up home. We sewed some. Rose & Clara come here & brought Jules cloth & got some Soap.

Nov.10 – Tuesday
Jule & I went to Dexters. Will worked up home.

Nov. 11 – Wednesday
Will worked up home. Lyman come & gotthe horses & took potatoes home. Orrin, Ellen & Nerva was here.

Nov. 12 – Thursday
Will worked up home. Jule & I went to the burgh, eat dinner to Rileys.

Nov. 13 -  Friday
Will & Father worked down here in pasture. Jule & I Sewed some. Vaughan called here.

Nov. 14 - Saturday
Father worked down here.  Will & I went to the burgh in evening.

Nov. 15 - Sunday
Will, Orrin & I went to Ben Jones. Jule stayed at home, C. was here.

Nov. 16 – Monday
Will & Father worked down here. We sewed. Clara come here & got some bee comb.

Nov. 17 – Tuesday
Will’s Father drawed  stumps today. Edd was here. Will went up home to skin a calf. Will went to Joseph’s last night.

Nov. 18 – Wednesday
Father & Will drawed stone. Cyrus Rumsey got the old cow & some sheep. Also Amander come & got his sheep. Martha called here.

Nov. 19 – Thursday
Father & Will drawed stone. Warren  Rumsey brought some lether here. Will, Jule & I went to the burgh, called to  Bill E.

Nov. 20 – Friday
Father & George Gardner worked here. It snows.

Nov. 21 – Saturday
Joseph fixed our doors. Martha come over & got her scarf made. Father & Will drawed stone in afternoon. Lyman come over & stayed all night & got his hens. Will & Lyman went to George & got some money.

Nov. 22 – Sunday
Will went to Lansons. Lyman went home

Nov. 23 – Monday
Joseph Fixed our doors. Amander come & hired $50 {?} Mr. Mudge called here also. Jule washed. Father & Will drawed stone.

Nov. 24 – Tuesday
Jule sewed to Mr. Robbins. Father, Perly & Will drawed stone. Mr. Ames called here. Lyman come over & stayed all night.

Nov. 25 – Wednesday
Mr. Gardener helped kill hogs. Orrin came over & took Lyman’s hog home. The men went up & kill Father’s hog.

Nov. 26 – Thursday
Will went to Chandlersburgh. Father come down & got bbl Salt. Olive & Belviette, Lois, & Nette was here. Nette & Lois stayed all night.

Nov. 27- Friday
Father worked here. Augusta & Josephine were here. Also Louisa & Rosa. Will & I went to the burgh.

Nov. 28 – Saturday
Eli & Ami called here, eat dinner, also Vaughan.  Father & Perley worked here. Joseph called here & got twenty one dollars for tea & wheat. Will went to the burg in evening. Alzina Smith stayed here all night.

Nov. 29 – Sunday
Will went to Lansons today. Vaughan come here & took Jule home with him. Mrs. Bill E. come & got some buttermilk & a rib. Alzina went home at night.

Nov. 30 – Monday
Will & Father drawed stone. Will went to the burgh & to Joseph’s in evening to get the machine fixed on a board.

Dec. 1 – Tuesday
Will went to ??????? & after his heifer. I knit mittens. Will went away in evening to Bill E. . Chauncey & Billy come here.

Dec. 2 - Wednesday
Will has gone away today. I washed. German Dutchman eat dinner with Will & I. Jule come home to day.

Dec. 3 - Thursday
Lon come after Jule to go to Ephs. Will went  to the burgh. Perly called here.  Will went to P.P.S.  to get his yearling

Dec. 4 – Friday
Father & Will went to buy cattle. Orrin & I went to Uncle Isaac & Lyman & Will come after us. Eph let Will have $ 50 dollars. Ellen come up here & stayed all night.

Dec. 5 – Saturday
Will & Father went to Squires & bought some cattle. Father & Charly Rumsy eat dinner here. Will & I took Ellen home & went  to the burg. Jule come home with us.

Dec. 6 – Sunday
Will, Jule & I went on State Road to Meeting. Called to Vaughans.

Dec. 7 – Monday
Eph called here and told Aunt Katurah  was dead. Jule & I put down carpet & moved beds, stove, etc.

Dec. 8 – Tuesday
Will, Jule  & I went to Aunts funeral at Gray Valley  at 11 O’clock. Jule went to Ephs.

Dec. 9 – Wednesday
Will went to Bill E. & got Eph’s Sausage machine. Milton called here.

Dec. 10 – Thursday
Uncle Ahaz called here. Will & I made sausage today.

Dec. 11 – Friday
Will  went up home to draw wood for father. I went to Ephs. Gid & Warrens boys were here in evening.

Dec. 12 – Saturday
Will has gone up home to draw wood. Jule come home with Will.

Dec. 13 – Sunday
Will went to Bill E. & got paper to see what he could get for Tom Turkeys.  C. was here.

Dec 14. Monday
Will, Jule & I went to Troy, got a table.

Dec. 15 – Tuesday
Will went to Warrens in morning. Jule went to Ephs. Will picked turkeys. Vaughan come here, also the Wadkins.

Dec. 16- Wednesday
Will went to Troy with his turkeys. Bill E. called here. I washed today.

Dec. 17 – Thursday
Will drawed oats to Mansfield

Dec. 18 –Friday
Will has gone today with load oats. Allie Hall come here, also Mr.Ames & Clara R. for apples. Jule come home with Will. We went to E. Deweys to a donation.

Dec. 19 – Saturday
Jule fixed the carpet. I churned, mopped, etc. Will drawed load of oats to Mansfield to Spencer’s Mills. Ellen R, Sarah & her children stayed here all night.

Dec. 20 – Sunday
Will, Jule & I went to Vaughan. It blows so hard we could not go to meeting. Sarah & Ellen rode to the corners.

Dec. 21- Monday
Will has gone to Mansfield today. Jule went to Ephs. Will went to Ludingtons in evening.

Dec. 22 – Tuesday
Will has gone with more oats today.

Dec. 23 – Wednesday
Rosa come & got four lbs & half lard. Will has gone with oats.

Dec. 24 – Thursday
Will drawed load of oats today
Dec. 25- Friday
Will drawed load of oats today. Uncle Ahaz come over & eat supper with us. Will let him have five dollars. Manford brought me some vinegar. I let him have some cucumbers.

Dec. 26- Saturday
Jule come home this morning. Will, Orrin & I went to the burgh got N a dress. Billy H come home with us. Will went to PP to find his sheep.

Dec. 27 – Sunday
Will went to look for his sheep. Lyman & Nancy come over here. Lyman went to Rosel Websters.

Dec. 28 – Monday
Will went to Troy to get load of plaster. Jule went with him. I made pies.  Will went to the Burgh in evening.

Dec. 29 – Tuesday
Will, Jule & I went to Granpa Smiths.  We called to Uncle Morris’s.

Dec. 30 – Wednesday
Will chopped wood here at the door. Uncle Ahaz called. Warren brought Will four dollars for Eli Mc. Vaughan come here. Will went to Bill E. in evening.

Dec. 31 – Thursday
Will went to Mill. Got Jule & dishes. Lydia brought Will $35 that George borrowed of him. Will Jule I went to Mansfield. The last day of 1868.

Memoranda [See notes about dye]
Rince cloth in Sope sudc [ Soap Suds]
1 lb Madder
½ Alum
2 oz. Cream tartar
put cloth in Alum & cream tartar
Boil 3 Hours.
Then cloth and Madder Simmer togather 2 Hours.
Boil 5 minutes.Rince 7 times.

End Notes: Just click your back arrow to return to text from footnote.
0116 - Molases referred to Maple syrup and not to cane sugar molasses as we now use the term.
0124 - Only white men could vote at this time. Rosina could not vote.
0408 Possibly Eliza Orvis and Wesley reynolds who arried before 1869.
0801 - Firkin is a small cask used for wine, ale, butter, soap. In the case od butter it is 56 pounds of butter.
0824 - The 1875 map shows a stone quarry just up the road from Rosina & Will near the Milton Shaw place.
0827 - Dec 2006. Checked on stone walls Will and Lyman built. Road has been closed, and stone walls disintegrated and demolished. House foundations also entirely gone. Area has been plowed and farmed continuously so no remains can be found.
1011 - Cordelia Doty and Reuben Smith had daughter Grace in 1867.  Divorced 1871. Was Billy a nickname for Reuben? If not, who was that? Unusual in that time to refer to her by her own initial if she was married at the time. Needs investigation.
  Maybe five year old daughter Luella?
  Ellen Austin age 7
  This would be on the machine Jule brought home from Troy recently.
  These may be the ingredients for Buttermilk Pop and I have not been able to find a recipe that would have been in use in that era.
  Philetus P. Smith
  Keturah Hodges, wife of George Smith
  Gray Valley Baptist Church was one of earliest in the area.
  Checking prices in newspaper
  Both of Rosina’s paternal grandparents were living in 1868 although she only mentioned the male per the custom of her day. Annis Worden died in 1874 and Jesse Smith died in 1871. They lived just north of the Rutland-Sullivan boundary on the Rutland side. Both of her parents, Loretta Harding and Isaac Worden Smith, were dead by that time. Both died in 1861 and in subsequent diaries Rosina mentions it every anniversary of their deaths.
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933   histcent83@gmail.com

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By Joyce M. Tice
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Diary Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
Copyright 2007

Dear Joyce,
    First since I know you always like to know more than what is on the surface.  The memorandum at the end of the year of 1868 is a dye recipe.  Alum and Cream of Tartar are mordants (a mordant helps to absorb a dye and make it fast ie. keeps it from washing out and fading).  Madder is a dye plant that gives a red dye.  Rinsing the cloth in soap suds first makes the cloth more absorbant to the mordant .  So the first 3 hours of boiling were to set the mordant and then the next 2 hours of boiling with the madder is to set the dye.  Do you know if Rosina spun or wove?  Is there mention of that in her diaries?  I'd be really interested in that part!  Flax was the main thing spun in this area and the cloth could very well have been linen (which is woven flax).  It would be a great find to many of us craft people to have an early record of local spinning or weaving - this is a great find of a documented dye recipe from the time! Louise JOHNS Neu
Madder is an herb that could be grown in gardens locally. It is used fresh, both leaves and root.