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Royal Gould to his sister Harriet 1872
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Letters: Royal Gould
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1872
Submitted by Charolette GOULD Brown
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Date:  09/26/2001 8:49:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Chocybrown
To:  JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
      I received this letter today and I thought I would share it with you. I also received a tintype photo of Patience M BENSON GOULD born 21 Feb 1815 and died 12 Oct 1880 along with other pictures of the family. Three are not identified. I wondered, if we could put them on your site where someone might be able to recognize them. Let me know what you think.
                                                   Chocy (Charolette Gould Brown)

Original letter in possession of Charolette Gould Brown
September 26, 2001

The letter is written on stationary with the initial "R" that is embossed on the top. Royal Rose Gould's handwriting is done in a beautiful script that he has embellished with shading in a very artistic manner.

Royal Rose Gould was born 23 Feb 1848 in Rutland Twp., Tioga County, Pennsylvania and married Mary Louise Carlton on 11 May 1876 in Long Point Twp., Livingston County, Illinois. At the time of this letter, Royal was 24 years old and single.

Harriet Jane Gould was born 20 Mar 1845 in Rutland Twp., Tioga County, Pennsylvania and died on 17 Jun 1882. At the time of this letter, Harriet Jane was 27 years old and single. Harriet Jane's death came just short of ten years later.

They were the children of Philander Erwin and Patience M BENSON GOULD of Rutland Twp., Tioga Co., PA.

Leona Pa,
August 21st.,'72
Dear Sister

    Yours of the 13 was duley recd. it found me well and enjoying myself prety (sic) well and I hope these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessings. You may write and tell me what Mary Gustin said about me and I will Guarantee you it wont make me feel bad for I don't let small things trouble me Jane I am mad tonight for I was intending intending (sic) to go riding but I let the Eleter take my and and he has not got back yet and now it is halfpast (sic) nine oclock isnt that provoking but I I (sic) will go tomorrow night if nothing happens and I guess they wont I cant think of any thing to write that will be interesting for you to read.
    Jane I am going to Lack Haven this winter with Austin if we can get an establishment to go in to there I will stop for you  Cant read what I have wrote for I have wrote on a heir Canter
    It is Just ten oclock

    All I want is A little spot
where I can write forget me not

Writen by
Royal R Gould
To H. J. Gould

Write soon as

NOTE: No corrections were made to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
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