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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
The Words & Stories They Left Behind
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Home Page Guide Disclaimer Copyright More Diaries & Letters Sullivan Township  Joyce New & Search
(1868 to 1911) Diaries of Rosina Smith (1840 - 1918) of Sullivan Township
Say Hello to Joyce
Rosina Visits the 1876 Centennial in Philadelphia in October
Diary Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
Copyright 2007
Preface and More Rosina Diaries
Joyce's Search Tip - December 2010
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Diaries and Letters
on this site  by using the Diaries button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? But diaries and letters are wonderful sources to understand the culture of time and place. Read them and enjoy them slowly.
This is a very eventful year for Rosina et al. with lots of activity. I have been working on these diaries now, taking them in sequence, for about a month and a half. I have become very “involved” in this time so long ago. It seems very immediate to me, and as I pass through this diary, each event seems to be happening in the present. It’s long ago, but it’s news to me. To put it in perspective I have to remind myself that the grandchildren of the grandchildren Charles got so annoyed with late in this year of 1876, have died of old age. The years move along just like a James Michener novel.

How do I know who is who when they walk across our pages? I am very familiar with the nineteenth century population of Sullivan township, and I have a database of over 82,000 individuals to support that when my own memory fails me. I can recognize most of the people by their first or last name. There was such a variety of names in use then that often there is only one person in the area with that name. For example, there is only one Philetus (a.k.a. P.P.) and only one Abijah (a.k.a. "Bige") Sometimes there are duplicate names and I can't be certain which one it is. Then it helps to look at who they "walk in" with. If Cal comes with Josephine, it is Calvin DeWitt who is married to Josephine Smith. If Cal or Calvin comes with Manford, then it is Calvin Robbins, Manford's brother. Mary was a common name then, as it is now. If Mary comes with Vina, she's Mary Robbins. If Mary comes with Frances or Art, she's Will's sister Mary Smith, alias Rumsey. If Mary is called Mate, she's Mary Strange a.k.a. Mate. I also check to be sure that the person I think it is actually is alive on that date and in the area of Sullivan Township. I link a person to the biographical information about them on their first appearance each year, but after that I assume that you, too, know who they are. If they are identified by a different name, I link them again as in the case of Ephraim Smith who is called Ephraim or Eph most of the time. If he is referred to as E. C.  I link that, too, to help you know it is the same person. When Rosina refers to a person by the formal Mr. or Mrs. title I know that she is talking about a person a generation or so older than she was and can determine who by that information even though only a surname is given. Rosina's naming of her brother-in-law Andrew Jackson Smith seems to have a little bit to do with how she is feeling about him at a particular time. He may be Jack or Jackson, or when she is distant to him, he is A. J. Smith. I have learned to read between Rosina's lines as I grow more familiar with her. In the year following this one, 1877, she struggles with what to call her father-in-law's new wife. I can identify with that as I never did come to terms with what to call my very Russian parents-in-law whose naming conventions are so very different from our own.

Both Rosina and Will have brothers or uncles named George and Isaac. Once again, it is necessary to consider the environment and companionship to determine who is who. Sometimes it can only be determined a couple of days later when someone identifiable comes after them. It took until the third diary to identify Billy H., but I finally did it.

I will link people to biographical detail on first mention in each year's diary. I will also include photos where available

Rosina Smith Diary

Mainesburg, PA


Jan 1 – Saturday
Florence & I went down home. Will went a hunting and to the burg in evening.  Florence & I went down to Ephraim’s. Florence went home with Jule. Dennis come up the Hill with me. Uncle Cline come here in the night.

Jan 2 – Sunday
The first sabbath day of 1876. Quartely meeting at Mainesburg. Will went down home & to the burg. Little Orrin come from his Uncle Orrin.

Jan 3 – Monday
Will went to Fellows’ [Could be Fellows Family or Odd Fellws, probably the former] We all went down home & killed beef. Mr. Clark helped us. Albert went away.

Jan 4 – Tuesday
 Will went to Clark’s. Porter called. Florence went down home. Albert come up got our wagon. Went get horse Shod. Albert & I went Bloss. Will went to the burg.

Jan 5 – Wednesday
Will, Orrin went down home to Salt beef. Orrin come up home at night. Will went to the burg with John Harvy. I tried out tallow

Jan 6 – Thursday
Will work in woods. Florence & I went down home. Varnish man stayed here.

Jan 7 – Friday
Arad come give his note for hay. Will worked in woods. Mary called to get quilt frames. Nancy come up here.

Jan 8 – Saturday
Will work in woods. Mrs. Clark come down here. Nancy was here. Will took butter to the burg, got Sugar &c.

Jan 9 – Sunday
Will Florence & I went down home. John was here when I got home.

Jan 10 – Monday
Florence & I went down home, also Mrs. Clark. Mr. Porter & Will worked in woods. Orrin come up home with us.

Jan 11 – Tuesday
Orrin went down to go to School. Will went to the burgh. George come here Paid one Hundred dollars he borrowed of us. Father went to Johns stayed all night.

Jan 12 – Wednesday
Albert come up got the wagon to draw wood. Father come home. Will went to the woods down home.

Jan 13 – Thursday
Father went to A. J. Smiths got Shaved. Will went to the burg got his pay of Mr. Rose & for Josiah Welch debt. I washed fournoon.

Jan 14 – Friday
Will went down home Split wood. Florence & I went down home. Joe & Martha called there.  Mr. Austin come here stayed all night. Sent for trees.

Jan 15 – Saturday
Mr. Gardener called here he dug a grave for Martha Jones [SRGP 07926 - Ten year of daughter of Margaret Smith & Benjamin Jones] Mr. Austin went away to the burg. Will Orrin went to meeting.

Jan 16 – Sunday
Father Will I went to Martha Jones Funeral. Rev. Blaine called to supper.

Jan 17 – Monday
Will I went to Troy. Jule & Florence went with us took tub from here, two from down home. Uncle Hobby stayed all night. Albert Smith paid interest on note. Mr. Clark called in evening.

Jan 18 – Tuesday
Will is helping Clark thrash

Jan 19 – Wednesday
Will helped thrash to Clarks. I went to the burg to Vaughn. They brought me up home went over to Jules.

Jan 20 – Thursday
Will went to Clarks. George come home with him. Florence & I went to Joe Dewitts.

Jan 21 – Friday
Will work to Clarks. Will Orrin went to meeting in evening with Rix. Ermina come up here, also Jule.

Jan 22 – Saturday
Charlie Hall come to get Barley. Will went down home. Orrin went to meeting with Charlie Shaw. Will Orrin went down home.

Jan 23 –  Sunday
Will went down home. Orrin come up home with him.

Jan 24 – Monday
Father went to Isaac Smiths. Will went down home. Orrin came up with him. I dipped candles.

Jan 25 – Tuesday
Will went down home. Mr. Clark & Rix called here. Mrs. Wheeler called also Mr. Spencer & Seth Rumsey. Father went to Georges, Stayed all night. Will Orrin went to meeting.

Jan 26 – Wednesday
Father come home. Ermina & Hiram come up here. Will went down home.

Jan 27 – Thursday
Florence & I went down home. Will went away rakeing around. Albert brought us up home.

Jan 28 – Thursday
Will went to Warren Rumsey. I baked some.

Jan 29 – Friday
Will took Florence & I down home, went to Mansfield. Orrin went with him.

Jan 30 – Saturday
Will Orrin Florence went to the burg to meeting. Father went away to John’s. I stayed alone. Will & I went to meeting in evening.

Jan 31 – Monday
I washed. Will & Porter cut wood. Albert, Gene King, and Welch come here after apples. Florence & I went to Clark’s got some sewing done.

Feb 01 – Tuesday
Porter come over went back. Will & I went to Jane Ashley’s funeral

Feb 02 – Wednesday
I sewed some. Albert & Rix called here. Will has gone down home.

Feb 03 – Thursday
Will went to the burg & up home. Florence & I went to Ephraim’s. Nancy come to Ephraim’s. Washington Doud come to get hay. Sanford smith called here also Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Dodge. Will went to the burg in Evening.

Feb 04 – Friday
Porter come & worked in woods. Albert worked. Washington Doud got load of hay today. Will went to the woods in afternoon.

Feb 05 – Saturday
Will Porter Albert worked in woods. Mrs. Porter come here got buttermilk, brought some tomatoes. Her girl & boy come over. Orrin Will & I went to meeting in evening.

Feb 06 – Sunday
Will Children & I went down home.

Feb 07 – Monday
Will Porter Albert worked in woods. Rix worked in fournoon. Uncle Jasper And Labon [Tabon] was here today. Rix called here in evening. He went to meeting.

Feb 08 – Tuesday
Will & U went to the burg got Flour, went up to Jules. Will Porter worked in woods. Albert went to Mansfield. Dell come down to get Pattern [?] we come up home with her.

Feb 09 – Wednesday
Will & Porter worked this fournoon, it rained. Hettie & Essa called here. John Harvey called to see Wm.

Feb 10 – Thursday
Will took some things down. Jule come up here helped take up carpets. Will Albert Ephraim worked in woods. Porter boy got 2 lbs butter. Wm. Smiths birth day 33 years old.

Feb 11 – Friday
Will Orrin have gone to Mainesburg

Feb 12 – Saturday
Wm. Children went to Orrins. Mrs Hill was there & Hellen Welch.

Feb 13 – Sunday
Will Children & I went to Clarks. George was there also Wood.

Feb 14 – Monday
Will went to the burg tonight. Ermina up here. I was sick some. She done the work for me. Will & Florence took her home.

Feb 15 – Tuesday
Snows this morning. Election Day. Will went to the burg. Mr. Austin come here Stayed all night.

Feb 16 – Wednesday
Wm went to Ephraim’s. Mr. Austin is here. I washed some.

Feb 17 – Thursday
Will & I went down home. Lyman Smith come there. Jule come up home with us. Uncle Jasper & Wife. Lyman, Charlotte, &c. Albert drawed wood. Fifteen years today since Pa died 15 years. Oh Dear.

Feb 18 – Friday
Will & I went down home fixed carpet &c Nancy went to Ephraims on saw log. John Harvey called in evening.

Feb 19 – Saturday
Will & I took Some paper, rags to Mainesburg. Mr. Clark came got apples. Will went to the burg.

Feb. 20 – Sunday
John was here to day to look at some cattle.

Feb 21 – Monday
We moved our things down to the other place. Father went down with the Second load we did, Stayed all night.

Feb 22 – Tuesday
Albert, Manford & Will went up took load for Manford. Manford & Wife moved in our House on the Hill.

Feb 23 – Wednesday
Manford come after Wm. Dogs killed Sheep for us. Albert, Will & Manford tracked dogs to Phillips & Skimerhorn [Schermerhorn]

Feb 24 – Thursday
Will wet up home & to the burg. Albert & Jule went to Rutland. Bige & Fird [?] N. called here.

Feb 25 – Friday
Mr. Clark called. Father went to see Uncle Ahaz. Mrs. Dodge come here. Will went to get Horses shod.

Feb 26 – Saturday
Father went away. Will went to Troy after coal. Ellen, Lida, Ella Smith come here. Vaughn, Ermina, Hiram come up here. Jule Albert come home.

Feb 27 – Sunday
The first Sabbath after we moved home. Jule Albert went to Joe DeWitts. Stayed all night.

Feb. 28 – Monday
Will went down to Ephs up home horseback. Bateman & wife [Susan Besley in 1875] come here visiting. Jule Albert come home. Father went visiting to Uncle Obadiah, Uncle Isaac Richman [Richmond].

Feb 29 – Tuesday
Albert drawed logs. Ezekiel Strange called here give his note. Father come home. Nancy come up here.

Mar 1 – Wednesday’
Albert  drawed logs to mill. Jule went to Ephraims. Mr. Dewitt wife Jule & baby come here. Will went after Jule.  Will went after the Hens.

Mar 2 – Thursday
Albert went to Troy. Jule went to Joseph Robbins. Will went got sleds to [illegible] of Peleg

Mar 3 – Friday
Albert Ephraim drawed logs. Will helped load logs.

Mar 4 – Saturday
Will & I took Nancy to Orrins. Vaughn come up got some Chairs to Paint. Mr. Porter called. Jule  Albert went to Dewitts. Wm. Wilson & Hobby stayed all night. Fifteen years Since My Mother died. Oh My Dear Dear Mother.

Mar 5 – Sunday
A very plesant Sabbath morning this. Mr. Austin went away. Jule Albert come back in afernoon. Will went after medacine for Father.

Mar 6 – Monday
I washed. Mrs. Dodge come here, also Mr. Taylor. Jule Albert went away. Will went to the burg, day time and evening. Clarks folks moved today.  Will Paid Jule forty five dollars.

Mar 7 – Tuesday
Mary come after milk. Vina come over and Ironed for me. Will went to Robbins woods. Bill E. come after Salt. Rix come got stoneboat.

Stoneboat used to move large stones. Example from an 1898 Farm Manual that was my grandfather's. The stoneboat can take many forms. This is a very simple one. 

Mar 8 – Wednesday
A Stormy day. Will went up to Manford’s. Will went to Bill E.’s. Ezekiael come here.

Mar 9 – Thursday
E. Strange come & got one hundred pans [for maple sap collecting] Albert Jule come home.

Mar 10 – Friday
Will & I went to the burg. Vaughn come up to get pans, got forty five sap pans. Milton got fifty milk pans.

Mar 11 – Saturday
Will & I went to the burg to change Shoes. Got me [a] dress, Jule one. Jule Albert went to Orrins. Stayed all night.

Mar 12 – Sunday
Vina come got milk. Florence went over there. Will Orrin went on the hill. Bell Nettie come here. Mrs. Hill died today [Alpha G. Palmer SRGP 09125]

Mar 13 – Monday
Bell come here Sewed for me. Harvey boys got milk. Albert Jule come home.

Mar 14 – Tuesday
Albert went to Bateman’s this morning. Washington Doud got load of hay. Will went to the burg. Bell is here today, stayed all night.

Mar 15 – Wednesday
Will took Buckwheat to mill. Bell Sewed on Florence dress. Mr. Clark come after Bell.

Mar 16 – Thursday
Stormy day. Albert come home at night. Had some pigs.

Mar 17 – Friday
Albert Jule have gone to Troy after Stove. Will Paid Jule 37 dollars. Thirty dollars to get Stove. Seven for getting chair & coal. Will went to Mill. Lida come up after Buttermilk. Peleg was here.

Mar 18 – Saturday
Will went to Miltons. Albert Jule come home from Bateman’s. Frank Clark drawed load hay.

Mar 19 – Sunday
Albert went away horseback to Ephraims. Will I went to Miltons.

Mar 20 – Monday
Will, Albert, Frank Clark drawed hay from the Hill. Jule was sick. Joseph come got milk, fixed table leaf.

Mar 21 – Tuesday
Albert had Bill E. cutter to go to Bloss. Jule was sick. Mr. Porter come after hay. Will went up to help weigh it. Atlas man called.  Orrin went to the last day of school. Elder Blain, L. E. Palmer was here, stayed all night.

Mar 22 – Wednesday
Jule was sick. Palmer went to Ayers.

Mar 23 – Thursday
L. E. Palmer come here stayed all night. Will went to take his horse to Ayers’s. Dr. Maine was here. Louisa come up. Stayed all night. Miller Clark called got tub butter 35 cts.

Mar 24 – Friday
Albert took Palmer to Bloss. Father went to Isaac Squires. Will went to the burg. Florence Orrin went took Louisa home. Bateman & wife were  here. Dr. Main was here.

Mar 25 – Saturday
Will went to Troy Orin went with him. Vaughn come up. Ellen come with him. Vina helped me. Mrs. Seymour was here.

Mar 26 – Sunday
Will & Orrin went on the Hill. Mrs. Monroe & girl called here. Dr. Main come here. Mar Mrs. Dewitt , E. C. Smith called here.

Mar 27 – Monday
Wina & I washed, churned. Vaughn come up horseback. Will went to Bill E., Joseph’s. Albert went to Batemans, took some corn & Buckwheat, eight bushels corn, eight bushels Buckwheat.

Mar 28 – Tuesday
Will went to the burg. Albert went to Batemans, stayed all night. Hannah come up, stayed all night. Dr. Main was here to see Jule.

Mar 29 – Wednesday
Manford borrowed ten dollars. Manford called here and Cora Porter. Will Orrin went after Puppy. Ellen come up Stayed all night. Albert come home. Elder Blane called.

Mar 30 – Thursday
Albert went to Sale. Ellen went home. Vina ironed. Bige Elmer Fred called here.

Mar 31 – Friday
Will & I went to the burg took tub butter 35 cts /lb. Nette Shaw called here.

Apr 01 – Saturday
Louisa come up here. Frank & Till was here.[pr Frank Clark & Tillie Fox] Orrin was here today

Apr 02 – Sunday
Will Orrin went up to Manfords. Vina went home. Albert & Bateman come here

Apr 03 – Monday
Bige commenced work. Will Bige made pig trough.

Apr 04 – Tuesday
We washed. Mary was over a little while. Mr. Longwell called here. Orrin went to Ephs.

Apr 05 – Wednesday
Will made Pig pen. Bige drawed manure. Wesley come here.

Apr 06 – Thursday
Vina went home. Joseph & Martha was here. Vaughn Shaved Father. Nancy & Margaret come over Stayed all night.

Apr 07 -  Friday
Nancy & I packed up her things. Will & I went to the burg. Got Sugar for Nancy & Jule to Ephs. Margaret went down to Ephs. Mary, Art called here.

Apr 08 – Saturday
Will Nancy & Orrin went over to take a load to Mrs. Sopers. Mrs. Robbins come to get milk.  Nancy come back with will, stayed all night. Frank, Vira come, stayed all night. Barn was burnt in night.

Apr 09 – Sunday
Frank Vira went away. Charlie Shaw come to tell us our Barn was burnt. Will John Orrin Charlie went up to See found some tracks. Will took Nancy home. Margaret went over to get her trunk. Uncle Cline was here. Albert come over. Father went away.

Apr 10 – Monday
Albert come over & moved a load. Margaret went over. Father went to Johns. Will went to Mansfield. Uncle Jasper called here. Will Orrin & I went to Manford’s, drove some heifers down.

Apr 11 – Tuesday
Albert moved a load today. Mrs. Dodge come here. Will went to Taylors, Porters, Bartletts.

Apr 12 – Wednesday
Albert come over. Jule went over with him first load. Orrin drove team. Albert drove Jule's Cow. John come here. Will went up home with him got white Bull. Harvey boys got milk. Martha Crandle called to see Jule [Martha Robbins]

Apr 13 – Thursday
Will Bige drawed down some potatoes. Will went to John & Ben Jones, Johns &c to hear from Barn burners.

Apr 14 – Friday
Bige made fence. Will went to Uncle George F. to hear from M. Henry Hart was here. Alice come after him. Will went to the burg.

Apr 15 – Saturday
Bige chopping. Will has gone to Mansfield. Orrin went to Josephs. Mrs. Dodge called . She went to Isaac Smiths. Artemus Rumsey called here to see Wm.

Apr 16 – Sunday
Will went to Johns. They went on Pickle Hill. Mrs. Dodge come back stayed all night. Bige Henry come down at noon.

Apr 17 – Monday
Will Orrin went to the burg tool tub Butter 35 cts. Three tubs we have sold. Father went to Isaacs, Georges today. Mrs. Dodge washed, went home.

Apr 18 – Tuesday
Will went to Wellsboro this morning. Uncle Jasper come here. Father came home. Bige worked here.

Apr 19 – Wednesday
Father went to George F. Smith. Will & I went to Nancy’s took Some hens. Vina came over to stay with Florence. Mrs. Dodge come here, ironed. Orrin Ellen drove down here.

Apr 20 – Thursday
Father come home form Johns. Bige plowed up on Hill. Hoard & Bartlett were here to dinner. Wm. Went to the burgh with them. Vina helped me.

Apr 21 – Friday
Vina Stayed here. B. Parkhurst come after willows. I rode to Ephraim with him. Ellen I called to see Bart. Vaughn come. Mr. Austin come here. Vaughn got bushel corn, some potatoes. Art called here.

Apr 22 – Saturday
Will Sowed oats on hill. Mr. Austin come here Stayed all night. Will & I went to the burg.

Apr 23 – Sunday
Ellen come up here we went to See Jule. She come home with us.

Apr 24 – Monday
I Sewed on Jule dress. Will Sowed oats back the house. Bige Orrin dragged.

Apr 25 – Tuesday
Jule Sewed. Will Bige drawed hay, Sowed oats &c. Taylor called here

Apr 26 - Wednesday
Will went to Mill, made fence. Albert come after Jule. I washed. Florence went to Josephs.

Apr 27 – Thursday
Will Orrin went after trees. Dress Pedler called.

Apr 28 – Friday
Will Children I went to Troy got Orrin suit clothes. Took tub got 28 cts. Four tubs to hire. Bige worked here 7 up on Hill. Hannah come here.

Apr 29 – Saturday
Will Bige worked up on the hill. Will dragged Some, made garden, went to the burgh at night, got letter . F. Elliott. Chauncey was here.

Apr 30 – Sunday
Father went to John. Orrin went to Sabbath School. Will Florence & I went to Vaughns little while.

May 1 – Monday
Will Bige went to Manford got Salt vinegar. Manford come got pig. Will went to the burg.

May 2 – Tuesday
Father went to A. J. Smiths. Uncle Jasper come here. Will Orrin Florence went on the Hill. Bige plowed Will went to the burg.

May 3 – Wednesday
Bige Will went on the hill to work. Will & I went to Sanfords got Sheep. Florence went to Josephs.

May 4 – Thursday
Will Sowed oats. Bige Dragged. Orin went after Mr. Gardner. Mrs. Dodge stayed all night. Mr. Gardner stayed all night.

May 5 – Friday
Will is Sowing Barley. He went to Manford’s got his horse. Mrs. Dodge went home. Florence went after Soda to Robbins. Will Bige Orrin worked on Robbins lot. Nancy come here.

May 6 – Saturday
Will Bige Manford & horse worked on Robbins lot. Laura come & got milk. Harvey boys got Butter milk. Orrin went to the burgh got letter from Hoard.[Insurance]

May 7 – Sunday
Will turned cattle on Robbins lot. Orrin went to Sabbath School. Will & I went to Warren Rumsey. Jule Albert called here a few moments. Will & I went to Josephs.

May 8 – Monday
Manford & horse worked today.  Sowed oats &c for Wm. Will went to Mansfield to get his money [Insurance] Nancy went home. Orrin went to School, Lois Robbins teaches.

May 9 – Tuesday
Will Manford & horse Bige worked on Robbins lot. I washed. Florence took Soda to Robbins.

May 10 – Wednesday
Will Manford & horse worked half day on Robbins lot. Rained in afternoon. Joseph Robbins borrowed ten dollars. Will went after Milton to hay [hog] a little

May 11 – Thursday
Will went to Troy with Manfords horse. Took tub of butter 26 cts. Bige drawed manure. Florence went to Josephs.

May 12 – Friday
Manford had our horses to plow to his Fathers. Bige helped in afternoon. Will & I went to the burg with Manfords horse.

May 13 – Saturday
Will Bige made fence, Manford had horses in fournoon. Bige plowed up on the Hill in the afternoon. Will Manford made fence on Robbins lot in afternoon. L. Squires come after Bull. Albert Richman [Richmond] come got money. Will & I went to the burg.

May 14 – Sunday
Orrin went to Sabbath School. Ellen come up. She & I went over to see Nancy. Father went to Johns.

May 15 – Monday
Will Sowed oats. Bige dragged plowed for Potatoes. Will went got Horses Shod. Loyed [Lloyd] Squires got pig.

May 16 – Tuesday
Will went away. It rained all day. Charles Seeley called here. L Squires got a pig.

May 17 – Wednesday
Mrs. Dodge come got milk. Bige plowed on the Hill. Lucian Doud come and paid Father ten dollars.

May 18 – Thursday
Bige plowed on Hill. Father went away. Will Florence & I went up to Manfords. George. Mr. Ruggles was here when I got home. Mrs. Dodge come stayed all night. G. Gardner was here to see the hog.

May 19 – Friday
Bige Dragged. Will & I went to the burg. Bateman brought Jule over to get her Machine. George & Milton was here. Hog died. Took the Butter – 8 tubs to here.

May 20 – Saturday
Will Manford Bige planted potatoes. Father went to Johns. We all went to the burg. Took crib up to Manfords.

May 21 – Sunday
Uncle Hobby called here & Shaved. Will Children Father & I went to Orrins. Albert & Jule was there.

May 22 – Monday
Mrs. Dodge washed. Harry boy come with her & get milk. Bige & Will worked at corn ground.

May 23 – Tuesday
Will went to the burg & to Miltons after pan. Father went to Johns. Mrs. Robbins & Jane’s girl come here. Mary brought Sugar home. Orrin went to Mr. Porters.

May 24 – Wednesday
Mr. Porter, Manford, David Lovell planted corn. Bige dragged to Josephs. Phebe called here. Pedler stayed all night. Father come home.

May 25 – Thursday
Phebe rode up with Bige. Will went to L. Richman [Richmond] & up on the Hill to drag. Mrs. Dodge called here.

 May 26 – Friday
Will worked on the hill. Bige plowed up there. Father went to Uncle Isaac. Will & I took tub to Clark. Seven tubs to here.

May 27 – Saturday
Will worked on the hill in fournoon. Father went to Uncle Jaspers. Bige plowed on side hill. Will went to the burg. I went to Ephs. I went to Bill E. in fournoon.

May 28 – Sunday
Will Children & I went to Vaughns took pig. Called to Ephraims. See Vaughn. Lydia Seaman come here to work for me. Mary & Vina called.

May 29 – Monday
Will Bige worked on hill. I rode up to Manfords, went to the burgh. Ellen come piece with me.  Joseph come here, put on door latch. Paid Will ten dollars he borrowed

May 30 – Tuesday
Bige Will worked on hill. We cleaned buttery. Art Rumsey called here. Manford plowed in afternoon.

May 31 – Wednesday
Will Bige went to the burg, up on hill to work. Manford plowed I fournoon, had measles.

June 01 – Thursday
Art Rumsey called here this morning. Will Bige worked on hill. Mr. Jacqses [Jaquish] called. Charly Seeley called here.

June 02 – Friday
Will Bige worked on hill. Will Charles Seeley come down here. Charlie got money. Lydia washed.

June 03 – Saturday
Will Bige ashed corn  in fournoon. Will & I went to Troy in afternoon.

June 04 – Sunday
Bige Lydia went to Clara Wilson’s. [07145]. Will Orrin went to Warren Rumsey’s. Albert Jule come over she took her Organ away. Will Florence went on the hill.

June 05 – Monday
Mrs. Dodge called. Laura Phelps  &c Will Bige worked on hill. We washed. Bradford Edgeton called paid some money. Julia birthday 28.

June 06 – Tuesday
Will Bige work on Hill. Florence Orrin I went to Ephraims.

June 07 – Wednesday
Will Bige worked up on the hill. I went over to Josephs in afternoon. Charles Rumsey brought Wm. The road warrent.

Jun 08 – Thursday
Will Bige worked on the Hill. We went to the burg. Lydia got her a trunk. We got the cultivator to Ephraims.

June 09 – Friday
Father went away this morning. Will went after plank for road. Wm. Children & I went on the Hill to get plow. Will went to the burg. Florence went to Ephraims. Father went away. Stayed all night.

June 10 – Saturday
Will plowed up here in pasture. Bige cultivated corn. Father come home from G. F. Smith’s. Will I went to Lyman Richman [Richmond]

June 11 – Sunday
Bige Lydia went to Bill E. Manford & Levi called here this morning. Will father went to Vaughns to get Shaved.

June 12 – Monday
Mrs. Dodge called here. Lydia washed. Bige worked on Hill.

June 13 – Tuesday
Will plowed up here. Bige worked on the Hill. Will drove hog to Ephraims in afternoon. I went to the burg to see Dr. Main.

June 14 – Wednesday
Will went away after Scraper [Road Work] Bige plowed up on Hill. Will plowed a little on Road.  Bige Lydia went to Bill E.

June 15 – Thursday
Will Bige worked on Hill come home to dinner. Jones called here, got five dollars.  Joseph called here this morning.

June 16 – Friday
Will Bige Manford Joseph worked on Road, two teams [of horses]  Phebe MaryVina was here. Laura come after Bige & Lydia

June 17 – Saturday
Will & Bige plowed out corn. Fred Harvy come for Buttermilk. Manford plowed up on Hill.

June 18 – Sunday
Lydia went away to Bill E. Will Orrin went to Warrens. Will Children & I went to Jules.

June 19 – Monday
 Manford plowed for Wm. O Hill. Bige Will pulled weeds fournoon. Will went to the burg.

June 20 – Tuesday
Manford plowed up on Hill. Bige worked up there. Orrin went over got Vina to help me.

June 21 – Wednesday
Manford come down here with team. Will Manford went to the burg work on borough road.  I went up to Manfords went to the burg with Will.

June 22 – Thursday
Will Manford Bige worked up on Hill somewhere.

June 23 – Friday
Will Manford Bige worked up on Hill. Bill E come got Lydia’s trunk. Orrin went up there & to Ephraims.

June 24 – Saturday
Will Manford Bige worked up on Hill Sowing dragging in Buckwheat. Orrin Florence & I went Strawberrying.  Will took Manford five dollars give his note

June 25 – Sunday
Mrs. Dodge called here. J. H. Dewitt come here got money. Will Children & I went after the Cows. Mrs. Dodge stayed all night.

June 26 – Monday
Mrs. Dodge washed. Will Bige worked o Hill. Bill E. called here, Vina come over to work. Manford worked half day.

June 27 – Tuesday
Will drawed Lumber. I went to Ephraims. Jule come over here with Tom Monroe. I rode home with him.

June 28 – Wednesday
Will drawed Lumber. Vaughn come up Shaved Father. Florence & I went up to Manfords.

June 29 – Thursday
Manford come here. Will & I went to troy. I got hat. Florence Stayed with Vina. Mr. & Mrs. Blain called here.

June 30 – Friday
Bige plowed. Will plastered his cabbage  Will went to the burg. I went up to Manfords. She [Phebe] Sewed some for me. Vina Florence & I went berrying.

July 01 – Saturday
Mrs. Dodge coe got corn. Will & I went Strawberrying. Went to the burg in afternoon. Called to Louisa. She Sewed my Sleeves.

July 02 – Sunday
Vina went hoe. Will Orrin went to Lyman Richmons.

July 03 – Monday
Will went to the burg got horses shod. Father went to uncle Jasper’s. will & I went to the burg, got Florence a hat.

July 04 – Tuesday
Will Children & I Mary Vina went to troy today. Celebration at Tioga today. Jule Albert went.

July 05 – Wednesday
Will went to Mansfield after Mowing machine. Father come hoe from John’s. Manford worked here in corn. Mrs. Dodge Stayed here. Drover stayed all night.

July 06 – Thursday
Case Jones Bige come back this morning. Mrs. Dodge washed. Albert Jule come over here. Manford had Kit & Fan  to plow out corn at Josephs.  Will & I went to the burg. Joseph went, Mary was here. Cline come here.

July 07 – Friday
Will Bige Cline worked at the hay.

July 08 – Saturday
Will Bige Cline worked at potatoes killing bugs.  Orrin Ellen May come here killed veal.. Cal Josephine come here. Will Bige Drawed in hay.  Vina went home.

July 09 – Sunday
 Will Children & I went to Manford. Bill E., Levi called here. Bill E. got bag oats. Vina come back to night.

July 10 – Monday
Will went on the hill to mow. Manford worked here. David worked up on the Hill. Will & I went to the burg got flour &c. It rained. Manford went up on Hill with us. Dress Pedler called.

July 11 – Tuesday
Will Bige went on Hill to work. Cline went away. Charles Pierce called. Borrowed one dollar & half of Joseph to pay Cline. Orrin Florence & I went over to Jules. Manford David quarter of day each.

July 12 – Wednesday
Manford David laid wall in fournoon on the Eli place. Will Bige & I went on Hill. Manford David worked in afternoon. Mrs. Dodge Stayed all night.

July 13 - Thursday
Will Bige Manford David worked up on Hill. I went up with their Suppers.

July 14 – Friday
We worked on Hill. Will Manford Bige David Father worked up there on Hill. Jule come over. I went with her to Pick cherries.

July 15 – Saturday
Vina went on hill to get dinner & supper. Manford, Bige, David worked. Will & I went to the burg. Vina went home. I paid her 5 dollars.

July 16 – Sunday
Will & I picked Cherries. Mary & Miss Horton come here. Will & I went after Nancy

July 17 – Monday
Will Manford Bige David worked on Hill. Nancy went up to get victuals. Art Rumsey called. Vina called here to get pattern. I canned cherries. Mary & Vina come after collar pattern.

July 18 – Tuesday
Will Manford Bige David Father Nancy went on Hill. It rained just right when they come home. Churned baked.

July 19 – Wednesday
Wil worked in Begga pach [Rutabega Patch] in fournoon. Bige killed potato bugs. G. Gardner called here to see about cutting hay. Will Children & I went to the burg. Ellen come home with us. Will went up on Hill. Manford David quarter days work.

July 20 – Thursday
Manford David Bige worked on hill. Mrs. Dodge washed, Stayed all night.

July 21 – Friday
Manford David Bige Will Father went on Hill. I went up with Mrs. Dodge got dinner &c.

July 22 – Saturday
Manford Bige David worked on Hill. Nancy went up with them to get victuals.

July 23 – Sunday
Nancy went to Ephraims to go to meeting. Will Father Orrin went to Vaughns. Frank, Vira was here today. Will Florence & I went to Miltons. Nancy Dewey  [07063] was there. Mrs. Dodge called here.

July 24 – Monday
Will Bige worked on the Hill in fournoon. Manford cut his grass with our team & Machine. Father went away. Phebe came here. We went berrying. Manford took team up home.

July 25 – Tuesday
Will Bige worked for Manford over to J. W. Robbins. It rained some. Will Bige Orrin Florence & I went up to the Begga patch. Will Bird come here got some oats.

July 26 – Wednesday
Will Bige worked over for Manford. They drawed in our Barley. Lida come up here. Will & I went to the burg. Took some butter for Joseph.

July 27 – Thursday
Will Orrin & I Manford Phebe David went Huckleberrying on Mill Creek. Nancy stayed here at home.

July 28 – Friday
Will Bige cut oats. Will & I went to Troy. Nancy went over home. Margaret & Thomas Monroe took Margarets things up to Nancy.  Nancy come back over here. Will Joseph & I went to the burg.

July 29 – Saturday
Will & Orrin went to Troy, took our butter 25 cts /lb. Five firkins. 8 tubs to here. Bige went home sick today. Vina borrowed 4 cups Sugar.

July 30 – Sunday
Nancy & Orrin went to meeting & to Ephraims. Frankie N. come home with them stayed all night. Will Florence went up on the Hill. Will & I went after Cows. Cline come over.

July 31 – Monday
Will Bige Cline worked in oats. Father went away to find a woman. Went to Ben Jones.

Aug 01 – Tuesday
Will Bige Cline went up on Hill in fournoon. Manford David worked, Wilber in afternooon. Mary borrowed 2 cups Sugar.

Aug 02 – Wednesday
Will Bige Cline Manford David worked up on Hill in fournoon. Drawed in oats here in afternoon. Joseph called here.

Aug 03 – Thursday
Will & David cradled here in fournoon. Manford Bige drawed in oats over to Josephs. I went up to Manfords to get supper. Cline worked here. Wilber worked here.

Aug 04 – Friday
Manford Bige Wilber Will Cline drawed in oats on hill. They drawed in oats over to Josephs in afternoon. Joseph called here in morning.

Aug 05 – Saturday
Will Cline Bige cradled oats. Children & I went to see Jule. Father went to See his woman. Will & I went to Troy

Aug 06 – Sunday
Father went away this morning. Will & I went after the Cows & to Ephraims. Father come back. Baldwin stayed all night.

Aug 07 – Monday
Baldwin Warren Wilber Bige Cline Manford worked half day. Frank went away. Harry Dewey & wife called here got oats. Father went away – stayed all night.

Aug 08 – Tuesday
Manford half day. Baldwin Wilber Cline Bige worked. Mr. Fish eat dinner with us.

Aug 09 – Wednesday
Baldwin Manford Bige Wilber Cline worked. Father come home. Will & I went to the burg got flour. Frank & Morgan come got oats.

Aug 10 – Thursday
Baldwin Bige Cline Manford Wilber worked on Robbins. Jule come over. I took her home. Rev Blain called here to tea.

Aug 11 – Friday
Baldwin Manford Cline Bige Wilber worked on Robbins lot in oats. Uncle Jasper called here a while. A Man called.

Aug 12 – Saturday
Will Manford Baldwin Bige Wilber worked part fournoon. Sarah Rumsey Funeral. [05805]   Father went away with horses.

Aug 13 – Sunday
Will Children & I went to Uncle Morris Smith’s. Jule Albert come here. Billy was here. Frank Clark was here.

Aug 14 – Monday
Baldwin Manford Bige Wilber Cline worked up on hill. I went to get victuals.

Aug 15 – Tuesday
Manford Bige Wilber Cline Will worked on hill in fournoon. On Robbins lot in afternoon. It rained. Last day that Cline & Baldwin worked.

Aug 16 – Wednesday
Father went away to Johns. Will Nancy Children & I went to Dedication.Uncle Morris & wife called to supper. Bige cut some oats & helped Manford draw in oats over to Josephs. We went to meeting in evening.

Aug 17 – Thursday
Bige Manford worked in oats. Wilber three quarters of day. Bateman called here. Will children & I went to Troy got some Peaches. Father come home.

Aug 18 - Friday
Will went to Ephraims. Bige Manford drawed in oats, finished oats. Bige went home.

Aug 19 – Saturday
Will Joseph went on Robbins lot. Manford went in afternoon. Mr. Porter called also Uncle Jasper. Father went to Isaacs, stayed all night We went to the burg.

Aug 20 – Sunday
Father come home. Manford Calvin called here. Will & Orrin went away with them.

Aug 21 – Monday
Will Children went to Georges after bags. Bill E., Bige, Sanford & Walker come & thrashed. Manford, Porter, Tommy Hulslander, Joseph &c helped. Elder Blain called. Chauncey & Herman come here, also Diantha & Jason. Will let them have money.

Aug 22 – Tuesday
A pleasant evening. Thrashing to Mr. Robbins barn today. Sanford Walker Manford Porter Tommy & Bradford. Chauncey worked. Orrin & Ellen come over here. Photograph man called. Everetts preached to Mainesburg.

Aug 23 – Wednesday
Manford Porter Tommy David Chauncey Sanford Walker thrashed at Robbins barn. Joseph got salt. Thrashers went to George Squires.

Aug 24 – Thursday
Will went to Mainesburg. I went to Eph’s.  Manford & Will made fence around garden. Father went to Johns. Manford & Phebe stayed all night.

Aug 25 – Friday
Manford & Phebe Will & I Children went fishing on Mill Creek. Ben’s boy called here.

Aug 26 – Saturday
Will dragged wheat ground. Manford had horses to go to the burg. Clive come here.

27-28 Missing

Aug 29 – Tuesday
Orrin & Florence stayed alone. I went to the burg. Manford Bart David Cline  Will cut Buckwheat.

Aug 30 – Wednesday
 Will Manford Bart Cline cut Buckwheat. Pedler called here. Rosina Smith birth day 36 years old.

Aug 31 – Thursday
Manford work half day. Nancy Father Florence & I went to see Jule. Margaret come home with me. Clive work.

Sept 01 Friday
Will Orrin & I went to Troy to Firemen’s Parade. Took two Firkins butter. Father went to Johns. Manford worked here. Clive was here.

Sept 02 – Saturday
Will went to Uncle Warrens got wheat to sow. Manford worked here. Cline cut corn. Frank & Vira come got tub of butter. Seven firkins & nine tubs to here.

Sept 03 – Sunday
Will Nancy & I went to Mansfield to see Sammy.

Sept 04 – Monday
Will dragged in wheat. Frank & Chauncey come to work in afternoon. It rained. Will & I went to the burg got flour. Nancy come up with us from E.C.

Sept 05 – Tuesday
Will Frank chauncey cut corn in fournoon. I took Nancy over home. I called to Orrins got tomatoes. The men worked on the hill in afternoon. Manford quarter of day.

Sept 06 – Wednesday
Will Chauncey was here in fournoon up on Hill in afternoon. Father went on hill. Frank plowed on hill. Mrs. Dodge called. Manford worked on Hill.

Sept 07 – Thursday
Will Chauncey Frank Manford worked on Hill. Margaret went – to get dinner. Sanford walker thrashed I afternoon. Mr. Porter worked in afternoon.

Sept 08 – Friday
Will Manford Frank Chauncey Margaret & thrashers worked on Hill. Sanford moved Machine.

Sept 09 – Saturday
Manford Chauncey Frank Porter worked on Hill. Election Day. I went up got dinner. Will Charlie Frank went to the burg. Frank went home.

Sept 10 – Sunday
Will Margaret Children & I gathered onions. Albert come got Margaret. Orrin went over there. Chauncey come up Stayed all night.

Sept 11 – Monday
Will Chauncey worked at wheat ground. Will went after wheat to sow. Frank come back at night.

Sept 12 – Tuesday
Chauncey went away.  Father went to John’s. Will Frank worked on Hill.

Sept 13 – Wednesday
Will frank worked on Hill. Ephraim put in wheat with drill.

Sept 14 – Thursday
Will Frank Orrin went after Vira & moved down here. Jule Albert was here. Mr. Austin come here Stayed all night.

Sept 15 – Friday
Frank Moved up on hill. Manford David come here look over acct. Isaac Harding come here also Darwin & Josiah. Father went to Ike.

Sept 16 – Saturday
Frank husked corn. Will & I went to Troy. Took tub .30 Father come back. Orrin went home with Frank.

Sept 17 – Sunday
It is a rainy day. Orrin came home.

Sept 18 – Monday
Albert brought Margaret home. Rosel [Roswell] Webster come here to tell us Sammy is dead.  Will & I went to get Nancy & to have the grave dug. Father went away.

Sept 19 – Tuesday
We all went to Little Sammy’s funeral. Nancy Stayed to Orvis’s.

Sept 20 – Wednesday
Frank worked at corn. Florence M birthday 6 years old six years.

Sept 21 – Thursday
Will plowed. Margaret Washed. Dug potatoes.

Sept 22 – Friday
Uncle Jasper was here to dinner. Will plowed. Mary Robbins Called here.

Sept 23 – Saturday
It rained. Father went away. Will Frank brought down Some grass seed. Frank Vira went away to her folks.

Sept 24 – Sunday
We stayed at home. Father come home in afternoon.

Sept 25 – Monday
Will & I went to the burg. Ellen come home with us. Frank Will went up raked buckwheat in afternoon. Nancy come over here. One tub to Clark.

Sept 26 – Tuesday
Frank gathered apples. Orrin went with him. Nancy & I went to Wellsboro after Burt. Stayed with Ermina. Will plowed. Father went to Johns & Jaspers.

Sept 27 – Wednesday
Nancy & I come home this morning. I called to Orrins, got dinner. Orrin took Frank horse home. Frank gathered apples. Will plowed.

Sept 28 – Thursday
Will plowed in fournoon. Frank & Will worked at Buckwheat in afternoon. Manford called left papers. Isaac Whitingcalled here to see Cattle.

Sept 29 – Friday
Will Margaret Children & I went to Troy to Circus. Took tub butter. Mudge come here got ten dollars. 7 firkins 12 tubs to here.

Sept 30 – Saturday
Frank gathered apples in fournoon. He went with Democrat to Cherry Flatts. I went to the burg to see Margaret Rhinevault. Frank had 2.00 two dollars. Orrin H. Smith birth day 11 years.

Oct 01 – Sunday
Margaret & I went after Orrin. Father went to Josephs.

Oct 02 – Monday
Will Frank drawed Buckwheat. Father went to Isaacs Stayed all night. Vina called here. Pedler & Lon stayed all night. Peleg called here. Uncle Joseph Harding [08000] died today.

Oct 03 – Tuesday
Will Frank Manford drawed buckwheat come down to dinner. Father went up with them. Hannah come up to tell me Uncle Joseph H was dead.

Oct 04 – Wednesday
Louisa Dennis come up here. Will plowed Frank gathered apples. Mrs. Dodge was here.

Oct 05 – Thursday
Father went to Johns. It rained. Will went up on Hill plowed in afternoon. Margaret sewed on shirt. Frank made cider

Oct 06 – Friday
Will plowed. Frank gathered apples. I boiled cider.  Father come home. Margaret washed.

Oct 07 – Saturday
Will plowed. Frank gathered apples. Emery Dewey & wife & little boy come here. We went to Ephraims in evening with them.

Oct 08 – Sunday
Will & I took Emery & folks over to Uncle James. We called to see Burtie. We went on Hill got Peaches.

Oct 09 – Monday
Will plowed. Frank drawed wood in fournoon, dug potatoes in afternoon. Will & I went to the burg. Orrin went to Lawsuit.

Oct 10 – Tuesday
 I rode up on Hill went down to Ephraims a little while. Manford Frank Will drawed Buckwheat. Vina got Butermilk

Oct 11 – Wednesday
Will plowed. Manford dug potatoes for Frank. Margaret bought some tablecloths.

Oct 12 – Thursday
Will plowed. Frank husked corn. Florence & I come over to Jule’s Stayed all night.

Oct 13 – Friday
Albert & Jule brought us over home. Joe Dewitt come paid his note. Hannah come up here.

Oct 14 – Saturday
Will plowed on the hill in fournoon. Killed pig in afternoon. Frank gathered apples.

 Oct 15 – Sunday
Will took horses up for Manford to plow. Got some beggas [rutabegas]

Oct 16 – Monday
Manford plowed. Frank worked for Manford. Orrin & I went to Manford got Hillyard. Nancy Burt come here. Warren Will killed hog. We went to the burg. Sim Harding & wife stayed all night.

Oct 17 – Tuesday
Nancy went to Eph with Simeon folks. Lida come up here. Will plowed on Hill. Frank Husked corn.

Oct 18 – Wednesday
Will & Warren killed two hogs. Will & I went to the burg & to the Stone quirie [quarry]. Frank Orrin Burt gathered apples. Father got mad at Orrin, Burt. Manford plowed half day.

Oct 19 – Thursday
Father went away to Isaac. Children & I pulled Beggas. Will plowed. Father come over with Isaac’s team after his things, Bed, &c. Manford plowed for Will. Frank husked corn. Nancy went down to Ephs with Hannah.

Oct 20 – Friday
Will Manford plowed. Florence & I went up to Manfords. Fred Fellows wife was to Franks [Charlotte Lunn sister of Frank’s wife Elvira Lunn]

Oct 21 – Saturday
Will plowed some. Vira Lott & I went to Asa Slingerland’s to See the. Burt got killed.   Will & I went to Troy, we got Chairs to Welch’s. Frank husked corn. Manford plowed.

Oct 22 – Sunday
Will Margaret Children & I went to Slingerland’s funeral. Nancy & Burt come home with us. We took her to Ephraims. Eph come up here.

Oct 23 – Monday
Will plowed. Manford plowed. Frank husked corn. I worked on my dress. Will went to the burg, Frank had one dollar.

Oct 24 – Tuesday
Will plowed I fournoon. We went to the burg in afternoon. Manford plowed. He had five dollars.

Oct 25 – Wednesday
Will plowed on hill. Orrin went to Julias & got Sack  for me. Frank Clark come after Will to go to Eph’s. Will & Joe Dewitt went to Elmira after tickets.

Oct 26 – Thursday
Manford took us to Troy. We come to Philadelphia. Stayed to G. Jerolman (Joralemon) all night. Manford moved some.

Oct 27 – Friday
We all went on the Centennial ground this morning. Joseph Dewitt & Martha, Ellen, Albert & Ephraims folks. Will Orrin & I stayed to Jeroleman. We went to the Theater evening.

Oct 28 – Saturday
Albert come home this morning. We all went on Centennial ground. Then we went to the theater in evening.

Oct 29 – Sunday
We went to Catholics meeting & to the Delaware River. Sailed out to the Man of War.

Oct 30 – Monday
We all went to the river, from there to the zoological garden to see the animals. Went home of Friendless [?] We went to the Walnut Street Theater. Dennis got lost from us. Frank Manford drawed corn stalks.

Oct 31 – Tuesday
We all went on Steamer Perry but Lida. Went down to Salem N. J. & back . Stayed to J. Jerolemans. Frank plowed here at home.

Nov 1 – Wednesday
Eph’s folks, Ellen went on Centennial grounds. Joe, Martha, Wm. & I went around the City. Frank plowed. We started for home tonight.

Nov 2 – Thursday
We got to Troy about twelve o’clock. Frank come after us. Louisa, Lida & Hannah come home with us. Will took them home.

Nov 3 – Friday
Frank drawed wood. Burt come here. Margaret went to Ephraims with him. Jule come here. I took her to Mansfield. She stayed here all night.

Nov 4 – Saturday
Frank drawed wood up on hill. I took Jule over home. Sanford come here with Thrash Machine. Will went to the burg.

Nov 5 – Sunday
 Orrin went to Sabbath School.  Billy come here took Margaret out riding. Will went away.

Nov 6 – Monday
Sanford Walker, Manford Frank Wilber David half day. Will went to the burg got flour. Mr. Austin Stayed all night.

Nov 7 – Tuesday
Election Day. Manford Wilber Myron Henry David Frank worked. Will went to Election.

Nov 8 - Wednesday
Thrashers, Manford, Wilber, David, Frank plowed on hill Margaret went up to get dinner.

Nov 9 – Thursday
Thrashed. Manford David (Wilber half day) Frank plowed. Florence & I went up took some milk. Florence went to Phebes. Laura come down home with her.

Nov 10 – Friday
Thrashed. Manford David worked. Frank plowed. Margaret went up to get dinner. They finished thrashing today.

Nov 11 – Saturday
Will  Margaret Florence & I went to Troy. Orrin stayed at home. We took one tub .30 Frank plowed.

Nov 12 – Sunday
Albert & Jule come over here. Fred come with them. Billy & Chauncey come here.

Nov 13 – Monday
Marinda Orvis come here. Frank plowed called here. Will went to the burg.

Nov 14 – Tuesday
Will & I took Mrs. Orvis home, went up to Nancy’s. Jaquish bought out cows.

Nov 15 – Wednesday
Jaquish come got the cattle & two Sheep. Will went to Otis Robbins, paid him some tax money. Margaret washed. Philetus got 50 dollars, paid Otis 40 dollars, 30 in money note ten dollars.

Nov 16 – Thursday
Will Orrin took Nancy load of wood, got some ducks to Geo Fletchers. Thad Welch stayed here all night.

Nov 17 – Friday
Will went away to buy yearlings. Will heard Becca was dead. [06370- church window]

Nov 18 – Saturday
Will Orrin & I went to Mansfield and to Pickle Hill after cattle 13 yearlings. Margaret & I made Florence  a Sack.

Nov 19 – Sunday
We all went to Becca Austin’s funeral.

Rebecca Brown a.k.a.. Rebecca Austin was memorialized by this window in the Maineburg Methodist Church
Nov 20 – Monday.
We all went to the burg. Margaret & I quilted. Finished the quilt.

Nov 21 – Tuesday
We drawed wood. Father went over to Ben’s. Laura was here.

Nov 22 – Wednesday
Will went to the burg to see Dr. Main. Jaquish come after calf.

Nov 23 – Thursday
Will & I went to the burg, got some thread. Margaret washed. Will Orrin drawed wood. Father was married to Mrs. Scofield.

Nov 24 – Friday
Will & I went on the Hill, we met Father. Frank went to Isaac Smith’s & moved a load of goods for Father.

Nov 25 – Saturday
Father come down & took the horses & went after his wife. Will & Orrin drove the cows up home. Will went to the burg got them some things.

Nov 26 – Sunday
Will & Florence went up to Father’s. Margaret & Billy went on Mountain. We all went to Ephs got corn Sheller.

Nov 27 – Monday
Will went to Mill for Father. Margaret Sewed for herself.

Nov 28 – Tuesday
Frak & Milton helped kill hogs. Wllen Lida & Kelly come here in Eve. Father had one hog One Hundred Sixty five lbs iot weighed. Frank had one fourteen dollars.

Nov 29 – Wednesday
Mary Taylor come here. Jule come over also. Phebe was here today. Will went to the burg, up to Fathers, took the boiler.

Nov 30 – Thursday
We made sausage, tried lard &c. Nancy & Burt come here.

Dec 01 – Friday
We done chores. Will was sick. Frank come got Sausage Cutter. First day of winter- a cold day.

Dec 02 – Saturday
Frank & Chauncey come here. Will & Frank settled his work. I went to the burg & to Joe Dewitts.

Dec 03 – Sunday
Will Margaret Children & I went to Fathers, Stayed a little while. Will Children & I went up to Manfords.

Dec 04 – Monday
Frank come got his corn. Manford called here. Albert come brought us some corn. I went over to see Jule, stayed all night. Joseph & Manford fixed barn doors.

Dec 05 – Tuesday
I worked for Jule some. Come after us in afternoon. Albert come got Margaret. Nancy & Burt stopped here.

Dec. 06 – Wednesday
Bertha Shaw come after Wm to help thrash. I went to fathers took them 2 doz. Eggs. Got tub to Frank’s to salt. Nancy’s Pork. Florence Stayed with Joseph R. I took Nancy home. Called to Marinda got irons & jar for Margaret.

Dec 07 – Thursday
I Cleaned some, washed windows, ceiling. Will helped thrash some today. Milton killed sheep. Riley Hawkins come here, aslo Pedler & boy. Will & I went to the burg. Orrin & Ellen called here.

Dec 08 – Friday
Manford come here. We give him some mutton. I sewed on Florence drawers.

Dec 09 – Saturday
Will went on Hill, took some mutton.

Dec 10 – Sunday
We Stayed at home today. Will Orrin went in the woods.

Dec 11 – Monday
Will went up on the Hill. Killed three sheep. Mother  went to the burg with him. Florence went to school.

Dec 12 – Tuesday
Orrin & Florence went to School. Will went to the burg. I wen tot Ephraims. Levi Robbins paid his note.

Dec 13 – Wednesday
Chauncey come here. We went to the burg got me black dress. Chauncey went away at night.

Dec 14 – Thursday
Frank come got team to draw wood for Father. Mr. Porter called here, also Taylor brought my quilt home. Pedler, Bige called. I. Mainard [Ing Maynard] come here chopped wood. Will went to the burg. Ingham went to the burg in eve.

Dec 15 – Friday
Ingham chopped wood. Bige come brought corn. Will went away to buy Cattle. Children & I Stayed at home today

Dec 16 – Saturday
A Stormy day. Bige come got his cow this morning. Will Ingham went to the burg got Father & new Stove. Drawed load of wood.

Dec 17 – Sunday
Ingham went away. Manford come here. Billy Hawkins was here in Evening.

Dec 18 – Monday
Will went to the burg/ Ingham come up here. Chopped some wood.

Dec 19 – Tuesday
Will & I went to the burg. Ingham chopped some, husked corn, filled bed &c.

Dec 20 – Wednesday
Eugene Parkhurst come bought some cattle, give his note. Will went to the burg. Ingham drawed wood, went to the burg at night. Stayed all night.

Dec 21 – Thursday
Ingham come up here. We went over to Nancy’s. Mr. Sperry drawed her a load of wood. Will went to Mansfield.

Dec 22 – Friday
Ingham went in Robbins woods to chopp. Will Children & I went to Cal Dewitts. Jule & Albert went to Mr. Dewitts. Chauncey come here, Stayed all night.

Dec 23 – Saturday
Ingham & Chauncey chopped in fournoon. Will & Orrin went to the burg.  Ingham & Chauncey went to the burg to meeting.

Dec 24 – Sunday
Ing went to meeting. Orrin & Chauncey went. Manford & Levi come here. Billy H. come here. Jule come up here, stayed all night.

Dec 25 – Monday
Chauncey & Ingham went to Christmas. Albert brought Margaret over here. Ephraim & Louisa, Hannah come up here. We all went to Christmas tree. Ingham had five dollars in cash.

Dec 26 – Tuesday
Sanford Smith come here. Will paid him twenty dollars in money for Thrashing. Ingham come up here brought Saw. Chauncey come here. Stayed all night.

Dec 27 – Wednesday
Ingham & Chauncey Sawed wood. Will Margaret Orrin went to Troy. Florence & I Stayed alone. Will went up on Hill to see Mother Martha.

Dec 28 – Thursday
Will & Orrin went on Mill Creek. Chauncey & Ingham went in woods.

Dec 29 – Friday
Will Florence & I went to Mr. Dewitts. Will went bought 4 head yearlings. Ingham & Chauncey cleaned Buckwheat up on Hill. Orrin & Ing, Chauncey went to meeting.

Dec 30 – Saturday
Margaret & Florence went up on Hill. The men got load of Buckwheat, drove cattle on Robbins lot. Boys went to meeting in evening.

Dec 31 – Sunday
Chauncey & Ingham went to meeting. Manford come here. Will went to the Robbins lot. Will Margaret Children & I went to meeting at Mainesburg . M. E. church.  Last day of 1864 twelve years to day since we were Married . 1876.

Fried cakes
3 eggs
1 cup Sugar
1 butterilk
½ lard
1 tea spoon Soda

0105 - Heating tallow out of the fat for candles
0321 - The 1875 atlas is still a great resource to us to this day.
0506 - Hoard was insurance agent in Mansfield. The day after the barn burned, Will went to Mansfield assumedly to see Hoard. A few days later Hoard was present at lunch. May 6 he got a letter from Hoard and two days later went to get his insurance money.
0614 - Farmers worked on their own roads and got a reduction in their taxes for doing so. They could use township equipment
0706 - Kit & Fan - Horses
0812 -Sarah Rumsey, married Benjamin Franklin Doud in 1869. Rosina refers to her here by her own name rather than a married alias.
0816 - Probably dedication  of Mainesburg Church that was built 1875 or of one of the Stained glass windows.
1002 - Borther of Rosina's mother, Loretta Harding
1025 - It comes as a surprise to me, but it is true, that even at this early date there were travel agents in Elmira who managed excursions and planned travel routes and agendas. They were listed in the directory as Ticket Agents.
1126 - Armenia Mountian in southern part of Sullivan
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Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice
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Transcribed by Joyce M Tice
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Bedding plants available in 1868. For 1878 diary