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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
Diaries & Letters of the Tri-Counties
Emerson SMITH of Rutland & Sullivan

This map of the North Road area of Sullivan
is excerpted from the 1875 Atlas
Emerson was working for Dr. Bradford this year.
Sister Jennie (Wife of J. W. Styres) was down the road.
1888 - Emerson Smith Diary

Age 27

Diary transcribed and annotated with genealogical and historical notes by Joyce M. Tice

This is part of the Diary collection of Joyce M. Tice
For her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project

Tri-County Genealogy Sites of Joyce M. Tice

Thanks also to Harlo Smith f
or sharing the diaries of his grandfather.

Rutland Township Page Sullivan Township Page Diary Collection
See Also - Family Photos of Emerson SMITH and Addie MAKELEY
Joyce's Search Tip - December 2010
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce. Note: To View the footnotes, just click on the blue number by the word. Once you have read the footnote, click your Back button to return to the same place in the document where you were when you clicked.  See other photos and Map in document below. 
1888 - Emerson SMITH

of Rutland Hill

Age 27

Sun. Jan. 1, 1888 - Stayed at Home Rained and thawed

Monday 2 - Hauled up a Load of Poles and Cut them up Cold and fey Mr. Howard and Searles Commenced cutting Wood by the Cord Cut 4 Cords

Tues. Jan. 3, 1888 - Hauled up a Load of Poles and Cut them up Cold and Slippery the boys cut 4 1/2 Cords

Wednesday 4 - Hauled a Load of Straw up to the Horse Barn 2 loads of Wood from the lower woods Mild and Pleasant but Slippery

Thurs. Jan 5, 1888 - Cut some wood Bradford went to troy Mild and Pleasant

Friday 6 - A Stormy day Short storm

Sat. Jan. 7, 1888 - Went to Mansfield after a Fire proof safe Bought four Caps 1 Pair Shirts and Drawers 1 Pair Bucks Mittens

Sunday 8 - Stayed at Home all day Cool and Breezy

Mon. Jan. 9, 1888 - Cut some Wood at the door Derius Soper(1) got His Head Hurt team Ran away with him

Tuesday 10 - Hauled some Wood from the lower wood Cool and Pleasant

Wed. Jan 11, 1888 - Split Wood Cold and Windy

Thursday 12 - Split some wood Hauled a jag of straw up to the Horse Barn Cold and windy

Fri. Jan 13, 1888 - Split Wood Mild thawy

Saturday 14 - Hauled wood from the lower Woods Mild thawed a little

Monday 16 - Went down to Sylvania to Charlie Cards with the Wood

Tues. Jan 17, 1888 - Cut wood cold

Wednesday 18 - Hauled up Some Pole wood from the lower woods Cold and Windy

Thurs. Jan 19, 1888 - Cut wood Cold and windy

Sunday 22 - Went down to Johns Sharp

Mon. Jan 23, 1888 - Went over to the Stevens Place after a load of Buckwheat Straw

Tuesday 24 - Hauled up some Pole wood to Butcher with

Wed. Jan. 25, 1888 - Helped Butcher the Hogs Tom Monroe Delos Rockwell and John Styres Helped

Thursday 26 - Cold and Windy Tom Monroe came up after the Pork they weighed 424 356 311 282 leonard(2) got 6 1/2 cents Per Pound

Friday Jan. 27, 1888 - Severe cold and Windy

Saturday 28 - Severe Cold and Windy

Sun. Jan. 29, 1888 - Stayed at Home all day Cold and Windy

Monday 30 - Weather Warmer

Mon. Feb. 6, 1888 - Went after a jag of Straw over at the Stevens Place

Tuesday 7 - Went to troy with the Butter Had 11 Tubs at 23 for Bliss and Willow (3)

Wed. Feb. 8, 1888 - cold

Thursday 9 - cold

Fri. Feb. 10, 1888 - Cut wood cold

Saturday 11 - Went over to Roy Kilgores after a load of Corn

Sun. Feb. 12, 1888 - Stayed at Home

Sat. Feb. 18, 1888 - Split wood

Sunday 19 - Went down to Johns

Mon. Feb. 20, 1888 - Sawed wood with the buck saw

Tuesday 21 - Went to Mainesburg to Election with Leonard Warm and muddy

Wed. Feb. 22, 1888 - Hauled Manure in the big Meadow Warm and Pleasant thawy and muddy

Thursday 23 - Hauled Manure on the garden Warm and Pleasant

Fri, Feb. 24, 1888 - Hauled Manure on the garden

Saturday 25 - Split wood

Sun. Feb. 26, 1888 - Stayed at Home all Day

Monday 27 - threshed beans Cool and Windy

Tues. Feb. 28, 1888 - Cleaned over the beans and done the chores Cool and windy

Wednesday 29 - Went over to Kilgores after a Load of Corn a litle Warmer

Thurs. Mar. 1, 1888 - Cut a few Poles in the woods

Friday 2 - Hauled up a Load of Poles Rainy

Sat. Mar. 3, 1888 - Hauled a Load of Poles and Cut them up

Sunday 4 - Stayed at Home Cool and Pleasant

Sat. Mar. 31, 1888 - Went to Troy after a Load of feed Warm and Pleasant got 500 Meal 10 bushels Corn 100 lbs flour

Sunday April 1 - S. S. Opened Went to b-g S. S. ...the Marriage Supper Ma..

Mon. April 2, 1888 - Split wood at the door fitted up the Cross Cut saw and helped myres Saw wood on the hill Warm and Plesant Myres sold his horse to mr york

Tuesday 3 - Sawed Wood on the Hill Hemlock

Wed. April 4, 1888 - Sawed Hemlock in the field by the Lower woods and beyond Warm a good Sap day Leonard and family went to troy

Thursday 5 - A Rainy day gathered and Boiled a little Sap

Fri. April 6, 1888 - Helped the boys gather sap and Split wood at the door

Saturday 7 - Went to Chand(4)l after some Barrels to Pack apples in and Helped Pack apples

Sunday, April 8, 1888 - Went over to troy to S. S. and Meeting

Monday 9 - Went to troy after a Load feed and got 10 bushel Corn and 500 of Meal 2 bushels timothy Seed 1 bushel Clover 1 Roll Building Paper for G. A. Myres

Tues. April 19, 1888 - Sawed Hemlock wood in the little lot beyond the wood

Wednesday 11 - Sawed wood two Maples trees blown down by the wind

Thurs. April 12, 1888 - Hauled 2 Loads hay from Menzo Richmonds Sawed on the 2 Maples

Sunday 29 - Stayed at Home

Mon. April 30, 1888 - Brushed the oat ground

Tuesday May 1, - Hauled Stone in the Creek Lot George(5) finished Rolling the Oat ground Rolled the field below and a Part of the wheat

Wed. May 2, 1888 - Hauled stone in the Creek lot George Rolled in the meadow below the oat lot worked the bay Colt to day

Thursday 3 - finished Hauling stone in the Creek lot finished Plowing corn ground and dragged a Part of same George finished Rolling the field below the Oat ground and the wheat and Rolled a Part of the Creek Meadow

Fri. May 4, 1888 - dragged on the Corn ground George Rolled the Creek lot and the Corner lot below the Road

Saturday 5 - Hauled Manure on the Corn Ground George Helped Haul

Sun. May 6, 1888 - Went over Home

Monday 7 - Hauled Manure in the Corn ground George went to troy in the P.M. after his wife did not find her

Tues. May 8, 1888 - Hauled Manure on the Corn ground George Went to Greenwood after Annie

Wednesday 9 - Hauled Manure ion the Corn ground Went to troy After George and Annie but did not find them

Thurs. May 10, 1888 - Hauled Manure on the Corn ground and dragged on the corn ground Had a Shower of Rain in the afternoon

Friday 11 - Plowed on the Corn ground George and Annie got home from greenwood

Sat. May 12, 1888 - Plowed on the Corn ground Had a Shower in the forenoon and afternoon George worked in the cellar

Sunday 13 - Went over to S. S.

Mon. May 14, 1888 - Plowed in the big meadow George Hauled Stone in the big meadow

Tuesday 15 - Plowed in the big Meadow

Wed. May 16, 1888 - Plowed in the big Meadow

Thursday 17 - Plowed in the big Meadow

Fri. May 18, 1888 - I dragged on the Corn ground George Hauled stone Rained the afternoon

Saturday 19 - Plowed in the big Meadow with the ... George went to the X Roads with 6 veal calves

Sun. May 20, 1888 - Went over to S. S. and Preaching with the boys

Monday 21 - finished dragging the corn ground and Marked in one way George and Leonard Hauled stone on top of the Hill in the big Meadow

Tues. May 22, 1888 - Marked a Part of the field the last way and Helped Plant Will Hapman and Bird york Helped us plant

Wednesday 23 - finished Marking and Planting Bird york Helped in the A.M.

Thurs. 24, 1888 - Hauled wood George Hauled stone in the big Meadow

Friday 25 - Hauled Manure in the big Meadow George and Leonard Hauled stone on top of the HIll in the big Meadow

Sat. May 26, 1888 - Hauled Manure in the big Meadow George drove 7 yearlings and 2 Cows down to yorks Hedge lot to Pasture and Plowed His garden and went a fishing at night

Sunday 27- Went over to S.S. and Preaching

Mon. May 28, 1888 - Hauled Manure and Stone George went to troy after a load of hardware for the Grange

Tuesday 29 - Helped fix fence and Haul Stone George Hauled stone off the Potatoe ground

Wed. May 30, 1888 - Plowed in the big Meadow on top of the hill George Helped me Plow Went with George down to his Place after his bus and Plow

Thursday 31 - I Plowed on the Hill George Helped Plow and went up to dodges after half a ton of Hay John Sherman Blasted Rocks

Fri. June 1, 1888 - Finished Plowing the top end of the big field John C. Blasted Rocks

Saturday 2 - dragged on the Hill Rained in the afternoon

Sun. June 3, 1888 - Stayed at Home

Monday 4 - dragged on the Hill George Hauled stone in the forenoon and plowed in the field west of the lane

Tues. June 5,1888 - finished dragging the Potatoe Patch and Plowed west of the lane george Hauled Stone and Helped me Plow

Wednesday 6 - Went up to dodges after a Load of Hay finished Plowing West of the lane dragged sown the same and Marked a Part of the Hill top George Hauled Manure West of the Lane

Thurs. June 7, 1888 - Finished Marking and Helped Leonard Plant a Part of it to Potatoes George Hauled Manure west of the lane

Friday 8 - Helped Leonard Plant Beans on the Hill George Hauled Manure in the Big field

Sat. June 9,1988 - dragged and Rolled a piece of Hungarian Grass west of the Lane and went over to Daniel Bradfords after 16 bu oats 10 bu corn George hauled Manure in the big field

Sunday 10- Went over to S.S. and Preaching

Mon. June 11, 1888 - Plowed in the big field for sowed Corn George Plowed finished Covering with Manure George Hauled some Stone

Tuesday 12 - Plowed for Sowed [corn] George Plowed

Wed. June 13, 1888 - dragged the Piece for sowed Corn George finished Plowing the same

Thursday 14- finished dragging and sowed a Part of the Piece to Corn with the Drill George Went to Mansfield

Fri. June 15, 1888 - finished drilling in the Corn and Rolled the same and dragged the Piece for Buckwheat

Saturday 16 - Planted Potatoes on the Hill and Helped fix fence along the Creek Meadow George drilled in the Buckwheat and Rolled the same

Sun. June 17, 1888 - Went over to Elk Run to S.S. Childrens day George went along

Monday 18 - Cultivated Corn George and Leonard finished Planting Potatoes and Planted some corn

Tues. June 19,1888 - Cultivated Corn George Cultivated corn

Sat. June 23, 1888 - Worked over back of the Hill digging around Rocks George Went to troy After some Plaster

Sunday 24 - Went down to Johns

Mon. June 25, 1888 - Sowed Plaster on the Corn Potatoes Buckwheat Hungary Grass and the lower Part of the big field below the Corn and Buckwheat

Tuesday 26 - dug around and Hauled off Rocks

Wed. June 27, 1888 - Hauled off Rocks John C. Sherman(6) Blasted George Helped Blast

Thursday 28 - A Rainy day Helped Clean out the Hay Bays in the big Barn

Fri. June 29, 1888 - Split wood and Helped Blast and Pry out Rock George and Leonard took the yearlings up to Dick (7) Smiths to Pasture.

Saturday 30 - Hauled stone off the Buckwheat Ground

Sun. July 1, 1888 - Went over to S.S. and Preaching

Monday 2 - Hauled Stone and Plowed for Buckwehat George Helped

Tues. July 3, 1888 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground George Helped Plow

Wednesday 4 - Plowed on the Buckwheat ground George helped Plow

Thurs. - July 5, 1888 - finished Plowing the Buckwheat ground George Helped Plow

Friday 6 - Dragged the Buckwheat ground George Helped

Sat.July 7, 1888 - Hauled stone off the Buckwheat ground and Hauled some stone in the Lane Hoed on the Garden George drilled the Buckwheat and Rolled the ground

Sunday 8 - Went down to Johns

Mon. July 9, 1888 - Cultivated Corn and Potatoes George Helped

Tuesday 10 - Cultivated Corn and Potatoes George Helped Shear Sheep. G. Gunners from troy sheared them

Wed. July 11, 1888 - Cultivated Corn George Helped L. J. dip the lambs and Cultivated Corn

Thursday 12 - Hoed the Potatoes in the Garden Rain Helped George and Leonard Build fence along the Buckwheat

Fri. July 13, 1888 - Cultivated Corn George Helped

Saturday 14 - Cultivated Corn George Helped

Sun.July 15, 1888 - Stayed at Home

Monday 16 - Cultivated Corn George Went to Spencers to mill

Tues. July 17, 1888 - Cultivated Corn George went to troy to get the lumber wagon fixed

Wednesday 18 - Helped Mow the 3 Acre Corner lot and Cock it up Rained

Thurs. July 19, 1888 -Helped Pull a couple of Hemlock trees and Mow west of the lane

Friday 20 - Helped Stir and Haul hay out of the 3 Acre Lot on the corner by the barn and Haul out west of the Lane

Sat. July 21, 1888 - Helped Mow and Haul Hay west of the lane

Sunday 22 - Went down to Johns and with them over to S.S. and Preaching by Elder Scudder of Mansfield

No further entries in 1888

1. Darius Soper built the house I grew up in that my parents had bought from the Rumseys in 1953. The house was built after the time of this diary in the 1890s. Sopers Corners was named for Darius.

2. Monro, Rockwell, and styres are all on the North Road of Sullivan. Apparently Emerson was still working for someone in that area for this year. Leonard is probably Dr. Leonard Bradford. It may even be that Emerson was working for Dr. Bradford at this time as his name is mentioned frequently.

3. Difficult to read

4. Abbreviation for Chandlersburg, later called Elk Run.

5. I can not identify George. None of the families of the North Road area had a George of the right age to be working, so he may have been hired from out of the immediate neighborhood. .

6. Ralph York tells of John C. Sherman's big voice. He would sing all the way walking back from Elk Run and could be heard all over the area. John C. was a well digger and hand dug the well still in use at the house I own in Sullivan Township.

7. Check for a Dick Smith in area. He may mean Deke Smith who lived on the lower part of Sanitarium Hill. Richard Matthew Smith a.k.a. Deke was my great great grandfather.
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