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1892 Autograph book of Mertie Wayman of New Albany

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Attached is a transcription of the autograph book which belonged to Mertie Wayman of New Albany ca. 1892.
John Bond, Jacksonville, FL.

Mertie Wayman’s Autograph Book

An autograph book that belonged to Mertie Wayman was found among the possessions of her daughter, Violet Hakes "MacNeal" of Sayre, in 1990. The book was probably given to Mertie as a Christmas gift in 1892. Mertie was fifteen years of age and was probably living with her mother and grandparents in Albany Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The earliest entry is dated December 25, 1892 and was made by David Wayman, Mertie’s grand-father.

The book measures 6 x 9 inches and is maroon in color. A profile view of a young woman is mounted on the cover left of center in a filigree frame. A church surrounded by mountains fills the upper right corner. A sailing vessel on a stretch of water is positioned near the lower left corner. The words "Autographs" and "Made in Germany" are engraved thereon and all remaining space is taken up by gold filigree.

The book contains 19 pages which appears about right for the binding that remains but the binding is broken and some pages may have been lost. The entries have been copied as they appear in the book and the spelling has not been changed.

The book now belongs to the Bradford County Historical Society museum.


Mertie B. Wayman Christmas

(Mertie, b. 4 Feb. 1877 Albany Twp.; d. 25 Oct 1925 Towanda)

To Mertie Wayman

When you get old and cannot see

Put on your specks and think of me

Yours truly

Jan. 16 1893 Addie Ellis

(Aunt Addie. Susan Wayman’s mother was Fanny (Ellis) Wayman.)

Mertie Wayman March 5 1893

May it be in the storm of life

Whe(n) you hafto cary any umberla

And may it always be carted by

A nice young fellow

Your Cousin

Arthur J. Ellis

Durell Brad. Co.

New Albany Jan 31, 1904

Remember me dear Mertie when on these

Lines you look remember it was Matie

Who wrote this in your book

Your Sister

Matie Hakes

(Mertie married Thomas G. Hakes 17 Sep 1902. Matie was her sister-in-law.)

To Mertie Hatch Hill January the 16, 1893

Let your books and trusted friends be

Ever well selected and few.

Be virtuous while thou art young, so

Shall thine age be honoured.

Written by Mrs Fanny Wayman

(Fanny (Ellis) Wayman (1832-1903), Mertie’s grandmother.)

David Wayman Dec. 25 1892

(David Wayman (1831-1914), Mertie’s grandfather.)

To Mertie (undated)

Sum write for pleasure

Sum write for fame

But I write simply

To sine my name

Matie Hakes

Hatch Hill Jan 31, 1904

May your friends never spread

Like graybacks on my shirt

I wonder why -

Hiram Campbell

Dec the 27 1892

With this book so pure and white

Let none but friends presume

To write and may each line

With friendship given direct

The readers thoughts A heaven

Mrs L. McClure

To Mertie July 30, 1893

The Happiest life

I ever saw led

Was to coart a week

And then to wead

From C. A. Voorhis

10,000 xxxxxx

To Mertie

Edwin Ellis

Jan16/93 Durell Pa

To Mertie

A line is sufficient for memory

Wilmot Ellis

2.12.1893 Durell Pa.

(Mertie’s great grandmother Ellis was also named Wilmot.)

To Mertie B Wayman February 3th 1895

Long may you Live

Happy may you be

When you get married

Come and see me.

From your friend

Mrs Eliza A. Wayman

Hatch Hill Pa.

(Eliza Wayman, b. May 1873, wife of Moses Wayman, Mertie’s uncle.)

Friend Mertie

Here I ask for a little

Spot just to write

For get me not

Mrs Sillman Ferriton

May 31 1896 Durell Pa.

Aug = the 10 = 1895

To Mertie

A good name is

Far better than


Yours truly

G. J. Larabee

Mertie Waymand Feb12 1893

Remember I say when

You look on

This page that writing

In albums is like

Working for wages

James McClure

To Mertie July 27 1893

May the angels of Heaven

Twine for thee

A wreath of immortality

Mattie Voorhis

Jamison City Penna

Miss Mertie B Wayman Hatch Hill Dec 26 1892

Be good do good and you will be Happy

Susie G Wayman

(Susan Wayman (1855-1929) Mertie’s mother.)

To Mertie April the 15

May you be Happy

Each day of your life

Get a good Husband

And make a good Wife

Your Friend

Maud Chilson

Miss Mertie Wayman February 2th 1895

Around goes the ring

That has no end

True goes the Love

To you my friend

When you are far

Away and friends

Are few remember

Me and I

Will you

Mrs Eliza Wayman

(Mertie’s aunt.)

New Albany Jan the 1st 1894

Honor thy Father

And Mother

That thy days may

Be Lengthend on earth

Orlando Wayman

(Orlando Wayman (1837-1900) Mertie’s great-uncle.)

Dec the 27 1892

I am the last in your album

And the last in your thoughts

And the (first) to be remembered

And the first to be forgot

Mrs A A Ketchem

Complements of Transcribed by John R. Bond

T A Campbell Jacksonville, Florida

June 21 1896 May, 1990

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice
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