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Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
and Canton Borough, Bradford County PA
Year: 1927
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
Rutland Township Page
Canton Township Page
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
1927 Eugene Crippen of Rutland & Canton

NOTE: During 1927 Eugene Crippen was manager of a chain store in Canton, Pa. The Grand Union Grocery store.

(The following was copied from a calendar pad which he refers to as "a bunch of dates" in Apr.22nd entry.)

Apr.21st Thu.- Inventory taken. Sure it will be OK this time.

Apr.22nd Fri.- 9:00 PM. Cecil came home from her Washington trip bringing this bunch of dates for me. Just what have been wishing for.

Apr.24th Sun.- Went to S.S. and church in morning. In evening went to M.E. church to hear Mr.Hall, a friend of Orey's, and one of my customers. Pastor at E. Canton. Cold.

Apr.25th Mon.- A cold day. Snowed every few minutes and the sun shone in between.

Apr.26th Tue.- Meat received from Swift. Went to Roseville. Left Canton on 9:00 train. Began raining at 10:00 AM, rained all day. Set bushes on little Asa's grave.

Apr.27th Wed.- Stayed all night with John Frost. Orey brought me home this AM. Rained all day. Bingo shipment arrived PM.

May 6th Fri.- Bought car of Root and Newell. Overland sedan, used car. Went for ride with Ray Newell.

May 9th Mon.- Sent for title and plates for car. Rec.13 bags sugar.

May 10th Tue.- Ordered 3 cs. Good Luck. Blue Ribbon man here. Rec. Pillsbury flour. (Good Luck and Blue Ribbon were brands of oleo.)

May 11th Wed.- Took first lesson in driving.

May 12th Thu.- Make out order. Jelke oleo rec. Bingo order arrived.

May 13th Fri.- Order Malted Milk crackers.

May.14th Sat.- A rainy day, but good business. Plates came for car.

May 15th Sun.- Cold, wet, rainy day. Went to church in AM, to bed in PM.

May 16th Mon.- Cold, rainy day.

May 18th Wed.- Pocono oleo rec. N.B.C. foods rec.(Pocono House brand of G.U.)

May 19th Thu.- Order sardines.

May 24th Tue.- Cut price of eggs,.21 cts in trade, .19 cts in cash.

May 27th Fri.- Bingo order rec. Sugar ordered,gran. 2000, brown 200,case xxxx.

Jun.3rd Fri.- Mailed coats and aprons. Went to Troy in evening.

Jun.4th Sat.- Paid Ross' Market in full for all deliverys to date.

Jun.12th Sun.- Went for ride late PM. Helen not feeling well, stayed at home. Cecil's grandmother went with us. Baccalaureate sermon in evening, by the Catholic Priest. Not so bad. Helen, Cecil and her grandmother and I went for a ride after church.

Jun.14th Tue.- School out. All children passed grades. Vivian goes in 5th,Creig in 4th, Osmer in 3rd. Cecil graduated from High School

Jun.19th Sun.- Rained all day.

Jun.21st Tue.- Cecil and I went to Jane Hasling's show in evening.

Jun.26th Sun.- Cold and rainy till evening, then cold and clear.

Jun.30th Thu.- Went to Wellsboro with Mr .Hall and Orey. Got my driver's license.

Jul.4th Mon.- We all went up on Keuka Lake for the day. Stopped at Keuka Landing. Eat dinner at Keuka Park.

Jul.10th Sun.- Went to Roseville and Tioga. Took lunch and eat in cemetery in Roseville, near little Asa. Took supper with Orey's folks at Tioga.

Jul.14th Thu.- Went to Roaring Branch for ride in evening.

Jul.31st Sun.- Helen's father and mother came down. Ran into a bridge above Columbia X Roads. We went up and got them and took them home in evening.

Aug.7th Sun.- Vivian and Creig went to Elmira on a visit. Vivian to Helen's father in Elmira. Creig to Helen's brother Asa in Wellsburg.

Aug.14th Sun.- A rainy day. Cecil started for Reading to spend a week with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hanville and Mr. and Mrs. Len Rodgers spent the day at our house.

Aug.15th Mon.- Laura Smith working in the store in Cecil's place.

Aug.18th Thu.- Order sticky fly paper. Now it won't be my fault if you forget it ! NBC goods rec.

Aug.25th Thu.- Farmer's Picnic. Store closed 10 AM to 4 PM.

Aug.29th Mon.- Walker took inventory.

Sep.4th Sun.- Beautiful day. Went to S.S. then took the boys and Zelma for a ride to E. Canton and through back roads to Grover before dinner.

Sep.5th Mon.- Labor Day. Store open all day. No business. Rebuilt desk at store. Beautiful day.

Sep.9th Fri.- Went to Troy and got a tub of butter to pay for one loaned Swab Monday evening. Sugar received.

The Cecil he refers to, was Cecil Gorman, a high school girl who worked in the store after school. She also would babysit the kids and help Mother in the house. She lived with her grandmother most of the time. Cecil started nurses training in the hospital at Sayre, PA in 1928.