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1928 Eugene Crippen of Rutland & Canton
Diary of Eugene Crippen
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
and Canton Borough, Bradford County PA
Year: 1928
Transcribed by Creig Crippen
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Photo of Eugene Crippen in 1912 sent in by Creig Crippen
Eugene M. Crippen lived 1880 to 1967, 
son of Ada Ann Redfield and Osmer Crippen of Rutland.
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Note:Until Jun.1st 1928 Eugene Crippen managed Grand Union Grocery Store in Canton,Pa.- Following copied from calendar pad he kept on his desk.

Jan.1st Sun.- Cold and windy.Went to S.S.and church.In PM took Florence to Troy to meet Orey.She is going to stay with Orey a while. John Frost,Martha's father,died yesterday.(Aunt Martha,Uncle Orey's wife.)

Jan.2nd Mon.- Cold.Store open all day.

Jan.3rd Tue.- Went to John Frost's funeral in Roseville with Mr.Terry and Mr.and Mrs.Tom Boughton of Troy.Minnie Rinebold helped Cecil in store.

Jan.5th Thu.- Took Cecil to Sayre in evening to see about her going to train for nurse in Packer Hospital.Class will start Feb.1st 1928.Vivian Creig and Osmer went with us.Cold but a fine moonlight evening.

Jan.7th Sat.- Mr.Walker came while Cecil and I were at dinner.He seemed to find nothing to his liking. Poor boy.(Walker was Grand Union Supt.)

Jan.8th Sun.- Went back to store to finish up reports in AM.A lonesome, blue day. Too wet to go anywhere. Cecil and I went to church in evening.

Jan.9th Mon.- Orey,Martha,Phyllis,Florence and Mertie Frost came to Canton for supper. A very enjoyable evening.

Jan.10th Tue.- Business not good. Country roads bad. Paid light bills.

Jan.12th Thu.- Warm,cloudy.40 cases eggs rec.from warehouse.Came back to store in evening about 1 1/2 hours.Cecil and Vivian with me.

Jan.13th Fri.- Vivian and Cecil went to S.S.class meeting in evening. Vivian's class. Cecil is her teacher.

Jan.14th Sat.- Warm as April.Mud deep. A poor day for business.

Jan.15th Sun.- Cecil,Creig and I went to church.Cecil away all PM. Little Orey and I came down town for a walk about noon.

Jan.16th Mon.- Went to P.O.S.of A.meeting in evening.Installed as Recording Secy.for second term.N.A.Prutzman,of Towanda.installing officer.Voted to sell old hall to T.M.Bean,for $150.00.

Jan.17th Tue.- A fine spring day,pleasant.Went to Chamber of Commerce meeting in evening.

Jan.18th Wed.- Another spring day.Walker here,took inventory.First in 1928. Doubts about balance.

Jan.19th Thu.- Wet in AM.Rain and snow in PM and evening.Little Orey came to store in morning about 9:30 and stayed till I went to dinner.Worked at windows all day.

Jan.20th Fri.- The S.S.class,of which Cecil is a member,held a meeting at our house in evening.Cold and windy.Streets and walks icy.Couldn't get car started.Left it in front of store all night.

Jan.21st Sat.- 4 above this morning.Cold,blustry day.Got car fixed,but it wouldn't take me to supper.Took me home after applying hot water aplenty.Cecil fell from a chair last night and hurt her knee so couldn't work today.Helen worked in AM.Wallace and I alone in PM and evening.

Jan.22nd Sun.- Cold but bright and sunny.Home all day.Went back to store to finish up work.Helen,Creig and I went to church in evening.

Jan.23rd Mon.- A beautiful day.Warmer.Business not so bad.Helen came to store in AM.I went up and got Cecil,Orey and Wayne at noon.Later took Helen and babies home.

Jan.25th Wed.- High wind all day.Cold.Car balked going home.Cecil at home in PM fixing to go to Sayre. Came back to store in evening alone.

Jan.26th Thu.- Cold and blustry all day.Walker and Lodman here for a few minutes.Car out of commission.Little Orey came down with Cecil late and stayed all day.Zelma came after school.

Jan.27th Fri.- 2 above this morning,but still.Car in garage again today couldn't get it home last night.Florence came home in PM by train. Down to store in evening.Florence and Creig with me.

Jan.28th Sat.- Snowed a little all day. Had car in garage again today to have front axle straightened. Business poor for Sat.

Jan.29th Sun.- Cold but pleasant.A little snow.We all,except Cecil,went to Tioga in PM.Called on Orey's folks.Children all went to morning.

Jan.30th Mon.- Beautiful morning.8 below zero.Mrs.Minnie Rinebold began working in store to take Cecil's place.Cecil worked all day.

Jan.31st Tue.- Another beautiful day.Cold.Cecil in store till noon.Her last day here.Cecil started at 6:00 PM for Sayre,where she stayed to enter training at the nurses school Packer Hosp. Beautiful evening.Home10:30. Car stopped in front of house,broken.

Feb.1st Wed.- Beautiful till late PM. Snowed a little.A very lonesome day. Mrs.Rinebold came at 1:00 PM. About sick with headache all day.

Feb.2nd.Thu.- Zero this morning.Bright,beautiful day.Another hard day.Still under the weather.Back to store in evening.Creig and Osmer with me.

Feb.3rd Fri.- Cold,blustry day.Warmer in evening.Business fair. Sent Cecil's dress she left at cleaners.A lonesome day,this makes three in a row.Back to store in evening.

Feb.4th Sat.- Warmer this morning.Business poor. Cecil phoned twice,she is home sick.So am I.

Feb.5th Sun.- Colder.A beautiful day.Back to store a while about noon. Zelma with me.Vivian,Creig,Osmer,Zelma and I went to Sayre to see Cecil.Took her for a ride,she is a homesick kid alright.Helen,Florence, Orey and baby stopped in Elmira.

Feb.6th Mon.- Cold morning.A bright,beautiful day.Business slow at store. Went to P.O.S.of A.meeting in evening.

Feb.7th Tue.- Cloudy,a little warmer.Went home for dinner about 1:00 PM.Icy at night.Florence planning to leave tomorrow.

Feb.8th Wed.- Cloudy,stormy day.Not so cold.One of the poorest business days the store ever saw.

Feb.10th Fri.- A little colder.The third day in a row business slow at store.New clerk not too good.Back to store in evening,Osmer with me.Cecil called in evening,coming home tomorrow.

Feb.11th Sat.- Snowed all AM.Warmer in PM.Business not good.Seemed good in evening to have Cecil home. Glenn Spencer and Creig and Osmer went after her.

Feb.12th Sun.- Snowy AM.Beautiful PM. Took Cecil back to Sayre.Reached there 12:15.Came back by way of Wellsburg and Elmira.Stopped and called on Asa Bement.

Feb.13th Mon.- About zero this morning. Business about so-so.New clerk about average. Paid E.J.Preston bal.

Feb.29th Wed.- Went on a trip this evening.Left store about 5:30.Wallace Gray closed the store for me.

Mar.3rd Sat.- Cecil came home about noon.Lewis Williams,Creig and Osmer went to get her.Florence left on the 5:30 train for the Green Home Roaring Branch,Pa.,where she is the matron.

Mar.4th Sun.- Vivian,Zelma,Orey and I took Cecil back to Sayre.Reached Sayre 12:00 noon,left Cecil.Then the rest of us went up to Elmira and had dinner with Helen's father.Home about 4 PM.

Mar.5th Mon.- Clerk couldn't work,worked alone.

Mar.6th Tue.- Worked alone.

Mar.7th Wed- Minnie quit.Hired Mrs.Furman.

Mar.14th Wed.- Mrs.Furman's little boy sick. Laura Smith worked balance of week.

Mar.18th Sun.- Largest snow storm of season.

Mar.24th Sat.- Cecil came home.Lewis Williams,Creig and Osmer went after her.Cecil was at the store with me all evening.

Mar.25th Sun.- Took Cecil back to Sayre.All the folks went to Bement's in Elmira and stayed.Vivian and I took Cecil to Sayre.

Apr.14th Sat.- Mr.Allis went after Cecil.She worked in store most of PM and evening.Was glad to see her and have her here.

Apr.15th Sun.- Took Cecil back.Went by way of Wellsburg.Helen and children stopped at Asa's.

Apr.27th Fri.- Rained most all day.Turned to snow at night and snowed all night.

Apr.28th Sat.- About two foot of snow this morning.No business.Roads all blocked.Snowed all day.

Apr.29th Sun.- Bright.Snow went fast.

Apr.30th Mon.- Some snow left.Hills covered.

May 11th Fri.- Florence came up this.AM. In PM about 4 she,Helen and I went to Tioga where brother Orey was ordained a Baptist preacher.

May 12th Sat.- Cecil came home for her last visit.She will have no more weekend leaves.

May 13th Sun.- The children,Vivian Creig,Zelma,Orey and I took Cecil back to Sayre in AM.Reached home about 2 PM.In evening we all took Florence back to Roaring Branch.

May 20th Sun.- Went to Elmira.

May 21st Mon.- Mr.Walker took inventory.He and I had several differences during the day.

May 26th Sat.- Cecil came home on the Towanda bus this PM.A surprise,didn't look for her again. She didn't expect another weekend.Glad to see her,I will say.

May.27th Sun.- We all went to take Cecil back to Sayre.Took our lunch.Stopped just before we reached Athens,had a picnic lunch,then on to Sayre.Left Cecil,then we went on to Elmira,Roseville and Tioga to Orey's.Then back home.Drove 136 miles.

Jun.4th Mon.- Got out of the Grand Union Grocery Stores. Rain.

Jun.5th Tue.- Went to Elmira in PM.Home about 1:00. Rain.

Jun.6th Wed.- At home all day. Rain.

Jun.7th Thu.- Little Orey and I went to Tioga to stay overnight with Orey. But didn't find anyone at home,so came back.

Jun.30th Sat.- Took my first order for groceries for our store at 198 E.Union St. and maybe my last.Helen doesn't approve of my putting in my time here. Rained most all day.

Jul.1st Sun.- A beautiful day.At home all day.Wrote to Cecil.

Jul.7th Sat.- Worked in the A & P store in Canton,Pa.

Jul.10th Tue.- Worked for Wenz Bakery Co.of Troy,Pa.

Dec.11th Tue.- Tonight brought last load of goods from Canton to Orey's farm in Rutland.Just 4 years in Canton.

Dec.19th Wed.- Leon Reynolds plowed 2 small pieces of ground for me to use as a garden next year.

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