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Diary & Ledger of Dwight Bliss - Table of Contents
Township: Charleston Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1881-1891
Transcribed by Esther MAYS Harer
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This collection includes eleven full years of diary notations and financial information for Dwight Bliss of Charleston Township. Not everyone is interested in Nineteenth Century farm economy. There's me and maybe three other people on the planet. However, do not overlook these pages. If nothing else is of interest to you, the last column, Memorandum, includes notation on countless deaths and other events in the area. It is at the far right and you'll need to use your scrolling bar to get over to it. Also the daily financial transactions give us great insight into the lives of people operating in a barter (trade) economic sytem. Don't pay too much attention to the prices. We'd need a Consumer Price Index to convert them to a 2005 equivalent to get significant comparative information from them. Many thanks to Esther for making this available to us. Back to Table of Contents
Diary of EVENTS, &c., FOR THE MONTH OF__December ___ 1881            
Day of Week WEATHER Wind/Asp'cts Principal Occupation of the Day Sales Purchases Contracts Made & With Whom Cash Received Dollar/ Cents Cash Paid Out Dollars/ Cents Bills Receivable Dollar/Cents Bills Payable Dollar/cents Memoranda
1 Thur Cldy i am a hauling manure                        
2 Fri Clear i hauling manue 1/2 day choring around S. Kimball 1 Calf 7.00     S Kimball 1 calf 7.00              
3 Sat Clear i am to hometo day cutting props           housel shoe___ Close 1/2 ___tea .25 .25          
4 Sun Clear i am to home 1-2 went to meeting                        
5 Mon Cldy i went over to Bill cutting props                        
6 Tues Cldy i am to home to work in the ___                        
7 Wed Cldy i am to home to work cutting props                        
8 Thur Clear i am to work a thrashing Kimball           J. Evans McConnel .15 .20          
9 Fri Clear i am butchering i and Jake are a butchering           J Elliott for Goods 0.35 Hkimball 1 day labor Pd     Killed my pig and beef
10 Sat Cldy i went to Wellsboro1-2 C323i chopped wood 1-2 1 hide 2.34 1/4 of beef 4.55         J Elliott 1 table cloth 0.50          
11 Sun Cldy we went to William Bliss       Ribsaw 1 hide Jake's 1/4of beef 2.35 4.55 Roberts hardware Spalding drug 1.60 .12         Went over to Bills
12 Mon Clear i am to work at the props                        
13 Tues rain Clear i and Bill are a sawing props                        
14 Wed Rain i went to the round top                        
15 Thur cldy i am to home to work chopping   A. Allen 1 blanket 3.00 this day       (Housel Shoemaking Close for Jernal .15 .25          
16 Fri Clear i and Sade went to wellsboro Burncroft 6 lbs of butter 1.50         (G. Dorson 1 Bail Allen 1 blanket .75 3.00          
17 Sat Fine i am to home i and Bill a sawing       Clyon G Turkey Burncroft butter 6.00 1.56 Spalding Drugs Burncroft Goods 1.35 8.47         went to the self and sand
18 Sun Fri i am to home Burt & Alice are here                        
19 Mon Clear i went over to Willim cutting props           George for bored money 5.00         Bert & Alice are here
20 Tues Clear i got my horse shod 1-2 and went to Antrim                        
21 Wed Cldy i am a helping Sam Mills butchering       on acount Miss Smith 2.30 horse shoeing A. Hide 0.75          
22 Thur Rain i am to home laying around               S. Mills 1/2 day 0.37      
23 Fri Storm went to the round top 1-2 day                        
24 Sat Cldy i cut some wood and hauled it           C.Close Grocery 0.10         Genes sow bored
25 Sun Clear i was to home all day                        
26 Mon rain i am to home all day                       __ & Mary was here
27 Tues rain Clear i went to the round top                        
28 Wed clear i helped Kimball ___1/2 day           C. Close 3 quarts oil 0.11          
29 Thur Rain i am to home all day doing nothing               H. Kimbal 1/2day 0.37     Lloyd was here
30 Fri Clear Jake and i are a sawing wood 1/2 day                        
31 Sat Cldy i split wood 1-2 churned C.Close 3 doz of eggs                     Eugene Claus wife here
            C. Close for eggs 3 doz ..75 C. Close Grocery 0.75          
              24.51   23.99   1.49      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01/23/2005
By Joyce M. Tice