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Rufus Rockwell
Diary of Rufus Rockwell Family
Township: Troy Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1850-1900
Transcribed by Don Stanton
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Family history of Rufus Rockwell, from January 1st 1850. To be continued at his special request until 1900.

Rufus Rockwell and Mary his wife: - To all whom these presents may come greeting, and a Happy New Year to all to the tenth generation.

Rufus Rockwell, the head of this family is at the present time in his 49th year yet "hale and hearty" as ever. Mary his wife is in her 48th year and is remarkably active for one of her age. They are the parents of eleven children living, six sons and five daughters.

E. A. Rockwell the eldest of the sons was 23 years old the 4th of April 1849, is now and has been for the past 3 years publishing a paper on the Sandwich Islands.

R. Clarence Rockwell the 2nd son was 21 years old Nov. 3rd 1849, and is at present teaching a school 2 miles south of Troy Boro.

Mary R. Rockwell the eldest daughter was 19 years old the 28th day of March 1849, and is at present teaching school 2 miles east of Troy.

Edward C. Rockwell the 4th child was 16 years old the 18th of August 1849, is going to school this winter.

S. Norton Rockwell the 5th was 14 years old the 4th of Jan. 1849 is going to school at present.

John E. Rockwell the 6th was 12 years old the 1st day of March 1849 is going to school.

Lydia L. Rockwell the 7th was 11 years old the 2nd day of Oct. 1849 is going to school.

L. Calphurnia Rockwell the 8th was 9 years old June 27th 1849 is going to school.

L. Hila A. R. Rockwell was 7 years old May 12th 1849 is going to school.

Glycon A. Rockwell was 5 years old March 12th 1849 is going to school.

Emma Augusta Rockwell the 11th was 3 years old June 3rd 1849 is at home.

Rufus Rockwell is the owner of 200 acres of land one half mile east of Troy Boro and it is valued at $30 per acre or $6,000. Troy Boro is a small village containing about 500 inhabitants, there are 5 stores, 2 groceries, and 2 taverns in the village.

It is earnestly requested that this paper may be preserved until the year 1900.

Written by R. Clarence Rockwell by order of Rufus Rockwell in Troy, Pa. Jan. 1st 1850

Troy, Pa. Jan. 1st 1860

Since the above was written, Rufus Rockwell has added to his farm above described, 50 acres purchased of O. P. Ballard and situated on the south side of his original farm on which he still lives, having built a dwelling house on the road near Troy Boro.

His family, each member of which is still living, and so far as known at present in the enjoyment of health.

E. A. Rockwell is at present editor of the Evening Telegram, San Francisco, Cal. He is not married and has never been home since he was on the Sandwich Islands.

R. C. Rockwell is a practicing physician and surgeon in Troy, Pa. has been practicing 6 years; was married 2 years ago last month the 23rd day.

Mary Rebecca was married to Hiram Wilson Oct. 29th 1850 is the mother of 3 children, 2 daughters and a son. Resides at present at Lansing, Allamakee Co. Iowa.

Edward C. Rockwell lives at Farrandsville Clinton Co. Pa. engaged in lumbering. Was married March 15th 1855, has one son, Rufus G. Rockwell.

S. N. Rockwell a carpenter and joiner was married Apr. 24th 1856, lives in Lansing, Iowa.

John E. Rockwell lives at home with his father, talks of being a bachelor as long as he lives.

Lydia L. Rockwell was married on the 22nd ultimate to Houston Hazleton and is living at Lansing, Iowa.

L. Calphurnia Rockwell married to Chas. Thomas, March 1st 1859, lives at Larry’s Creek Lycoming Co., Pa.

Hila, Glycon and Emma are going to school. It may be as well to mention that Rufus Rockwell and all his sons except the eldest are Buchanan Democrats.

Written by

R. C. Rockwell

Troy, Pa. Jan. 1st 1870

Rufus Rockwell still lives on his farm east of Troy Boro. His first wife Mary died Aug. 2nd 1860 and he was married again to Lydia Fasset Jan. 1862 and is now enjoying good health.

E. A. Rockwell is now in the California Legislature, is living with his 2nd wife.

Dr. R. C. Rockwell died at his residence in Troy Aug. 1869. His wife and daughter are still living in Troy.

Mary R. Wilson is living at Austinville, Bradford Co. Pa has 2 daughters and a son.

E. C. Rockwell has a part of his father’s farm and is still living on it, his only son Rufus G. Rockwell died Oct. 1868.

S. N. Rockwell is living in Providence R. I. is engaged in the Life Insurance business.

John E. Rockwell is attending medical lectures at Ann Arbor Mich. Still lives single.

Lydia L. Hazleton still lives at Lansing, Iowa, has 2 fine daughters.

L. Calphurnia Thomas is now living at Sudley Springs, Va. Has 2 boys and 3 girls living.

L. Hila A. R. Rockwell was married to Simon Stanton 1861 is living at Burlington, Pa.

G. A. Rockwell was married Aug. 24th 1869 is living at Lansing, Iowa.

Emma A. Rockwell was married to E. D. Purdy Apr. 1868 is living at Lansing, Iowa, has one daughter 8 months old.

Written by Lydia Fasset Rockwell

Lansing, Iowa Jan. 1st 1880

Rufus Rockwell the head of the family whose record is given in this paper died at his home in Troy, Pa. on the 21st of Dec. 1873, and is buried beside his first wife in the old cemetery one mile east of Troy, Pa. Lydia Fasset Rockwell his 2nd wife is now living at or near South Creek, Bradford Co., Pa.

E. A. Rockwell died at Sacramento, Cal. on the 16th of Nov. 1877. He left a wife who is supposed to be living at Sacramento, Cal.

The wife of Dr. R. C. Rockwell (whose death is previously recorded) has been re-married to W. A. Thomas and is now living in Troy Twp. Pa. near the village of Alba. His daughter Wrexie E. Rockwell is residing with her mother.

Mary Wilson is living at Troy, Pa. near the old homestead; her oldest daughter Florence V. is now Mrs. Chas. Billings and resides at Austinville, Pa. Her second daughter Mary is now Mrs. R. R. Chilson and lives at Bentley Creek, Bradford Co., Pa. Her son Rufus now 15 years old lives with his mother and is said to be a youth of more than ordinary promise, is a graduate of the Troy High School.

Edward G. Rockwell is living at present at Topeka, Kans, engaged in railroading.

S. Norton Rockwell since the previous record was made, has been divorced from his first wife and was married again to Ada Sheppy at Putnam, Conn. where he now resides.

Dr. John E. Rockwell died at his home in Troy, Pa. Aug. 5th 1876 after a lingering and most painful illness. He was married in 1873 and his wife survives him but her whereabouts are unknown to the writer. Neither he or E. A. Rockwell left any children.

Lydia L. Hazleton still lives at Lansing Iowa and has 3 daughters and a son; one daughter Lydia and the son Houston having been born since the previous record was made. Her 3 daughters; Emma age 15, Maude age 12 and Lydia age 7 are attending school at present at the Lansing Graded School.

L. Calphurnia Thomas is now living at Mifflinburg, Pa. Her children who have all been previously mentioned are still living with the exception of her oldest daughter Eliza who has been dead about 5 years.

L. Hila A. R. Stanton is now living on the Old Homestead, the original farm of Rufus Rockwell before mentioned. Her 3 sons: Norton, age 18, Edward age 15, and Chas. age 12 are with their parents on the farm. Hila had a daughter born since the former record was made which died in infancy.

Glycon A. Rockwell is still living at Lansing Iowa engaged in bookkeeping. He has a daughter (by adoption) Marie now aged 5 years; whom he adopted in Nov. 1876; has not never had and never expects to have any other children.

Emma A. Purdy now resides at Waukon, a small village 18 miles southwest of Lansing, Iowa. Her daughter Nellie is now 10 years old and is attending school. She has had one other daughter, Louise, who died in 1877 at the age of 7 years. She also has a son Edward age 2 years.

The writer will state in conclusion that he was particularly requested by his father, Rufus Rockwell, in June 1873 to see that this record was continued, and he hereby requests that any member of the family who may be living on the 1st day of Jan. 1890, and into whose hands a copy of this paper may come will see that it is properly continued in order that it may be preserved and the history herein contained be made full and complete according to the intent of the originator, Rufus Rockwell, until the year 1900.

Written at Lansing, Iowa Jan. 1st. 1880 by Glycon A. Rockwell

Dubuque, Iowa Jan. 1st 1890

Rufus Rockwell, the head of the family whose history is recorded in this paper, having long passed away (his death being recorded in the preceding chapter) the record will hereafter relate to the families of his children and grandchildren.

E. A. Rockwell left no children at his death and the writer is unable to state whether his widow is living or not.

The widow of Dr. R. C. Rockwell (now Mrs. W. A. Thomas) still lives at Alba, Pa. Wrexie, her only daughter, was married to E. K. Marryatt at Alba, Pa. Aug. 24th 1881. Mr. and Mrs. Marryatt are now living at Weiser, Idaho and have no children.

Mary R. Wilson is now living at Southport, Chemung Co., N. Y. Florence V., her eldest daughter referred in the previous chapter as Mrs. Billings is now Mrs. John Mosher and resides in Findlay, Ohio. Mary E. Chilson, her second daughter, is now living at Wellsville, N. Y. She has one daughter, Mable age 7. Rufus R. Rockwell is living at Elmira, N. Y. and is engaged in the newspaper business, is now living with his second wife.

Edward C. Rockwell is living at San Marcial, New Mexico, engaged in the grocery business.

S. Norton Rockwell is now living at Southern Pines, N. C. is a contractor and builder, and also engaged in fruit raising.

Mrs. Lydia L. Hazleton still resides at Lansing Iowa. Her oldest daughter, Emma L. was married to Joseph C. Garland at Lansing June 22nd 1886 and now lives at Dubuque, Iowa, has no children. Maude and Lydia the 2nd and 3rd daughters of Lydia Hazleton still live with their parents as also does Houston the youngest child and only son. The two last named are attending the Lansing Graded School.

L. Calphurnia Thomas still lives at Mifflinburg, Pa. Her oldest son Clarence was married at Lansing Iowa, Dec. 27th 1882 to Miss Mattie Battles, has three children; one daughter, Clara Calphurnia age 6 and 2 sons Chas. August age 4 mos. And Benjamin Harrison age 18 mos. Wilson Thomas the second son was married to Ida M. Berry Dec. 17, 1885. She died Jan. 7th 1886 and he married again Sept 22nd 1887 to Anna Reish. He has one daughter, Nellie Virginia, age 18 mos. They live near the old home in Mifflingburg, Pa. Emma & Jessamine, the two daughters of Calphurnia Thomas are still at home.

L. Hila A. R. Stanton still lives at the Old Homestead of Rufus Rockwell at Troy, Pa. Her oldest son, Norton R. Stanton, was married to Jennie Rockwell Sept. 30th, 1884 has one son Walter H. age 3 and one daughter, Henrietta Hila, age 1 year. The 2nd son, Edward L. Stanton was married Feb. 16th 1886 to Edith Evans, has one daughter age 3. Both Norton and Edward Stanton reside on a portion of their father’s farm on the Old Homestead aforesaid. Chas. Stanton the youngest son is living with his parents.

Glycon A. Rockwell, the writer hereof, is now living at Dubuque, Iowa. His adopted daughter is attending the Dubuque High School.

Emma A. Purdy still lives at Waukon, Iowa. Her oldest daughter, Nellie, is a teacher in the Waukon Graded School. Edward, the only son, is attending school. Since the foregoing was written, Emma Purdy has had 2 daughters born in Waukon: Emma Jessamine age 8 and Mary Grace age 7.

It should have been mentioned in the beginning of this chapter that Lydia Fasset Rockwell, the 2nd wife of Rufus Rockwell, died at her home near south Creek, Pa. Feb. 7th 1884.

Only one chapter remains to be written to complete the record as originally designed by Rufus Rockwell in 1850, and the writer, if he is spared until that time will endeavor to see that it is done. But should Providence rule otherwise, he requests that some one of the surviving members of the family will attend to it that the desire of the originator may be fulfilled.

A retrospective glance at the forty years just closed show many changes. The father and mother have long since passed to the other side. Three of the sons have joined them, and the three remaining; mere boys when this record began are now gray haired men. Neither of the three have children to perpetuate their names. The daughters are all living, but instead of romping school girls are staid matrons, the mothers of grown up sons and daughters and the most of them are grandmothers. That the younger generation may prove worthy descendants of the originator of the family, and that when we have all reached the end of life we may again become an unbroken family on the other side where no changes ever come is the heart felt prayer of the writer.

Written by Glycon A. Rockwell at Dubuque, Iowa

Salem, Oregon January 1st 1900

The time having arrived, when according to the intention of Rufus M. Rockwell the originator hereof, the foregoing family history was to be concluded, the writer will undertake to write the 6th and concluding chapter as best he can. Since writing the 5th chapter in 1890, having moved from Dubuque, Iowa to Salem, Oregon, and being far removed from the others of the family, the writer feels his inability to perform the work as well as some other might.

As stated in the last preceding chapter, E. A. Rockwell, the eldest son of Rufus M. Rockwell, died in Sacramento, California in 1877 leaving no children, and the writer is not able to give the whereabouts of his widow or state whether or not she is living.

The wife of Dr. R. C. Rockwell, the second son (who died in 1869) is still Mrs. W. A. Thomas, and resides at Alba, Pa. Wrexie the only daughter of said Dr. Rockwell, who at the time the last chapter was written was Mrs. E. K. Marryatt, is now the wife of Rev. Mr. Bastin, a Baptist clergyman and resides at Amenia, New York. Her first husband, Rev. E. K. Marryatt died in Payette, Idaho in the spring of 1891.

Mary R. Wilson, the oldest daughter of Rufus Rockwell, still lives at her home in Troy, Pa. nearly 70 years of age, remarkably active for one of her years, although the snows of many winters have whitened her once raven locks, and her intellect still retains its early vigor. Her husband still follows his occupation of carpenter and builder, and it was the privilege of the writer to be present at his 70th birthday anniversary in June last. Their oldest daughter Florence V. is living at Bradford, Pa. and is in good health. The second daughter, Mrs. Dr. Chilson, is living at Elmira, N. Y. and is the mother of one daughter, Mabel, now a young woman grown. Rufus Rockwell the only son of Mary Wilson, has been a writer for various magazines for many years, and is still engaged in literary pursuits. He is at present enjoying single blessedness, though 35 years old.

Edward C. Rockwell, the third son of Rufus Rockwell is still living at San Marcial, New Mexico, in charge of the Library of the Railroad Company, and at last accounts was enjoying good health. His wife died at Troy, Pa. 1896 where she had gone for medical treatment after a long and painful illness, which she bore with rare Christian fortitude and patience.

S. N. Rockwell, the fourth son, still lives at Southern Pines, N. C. with his wife Ada, who has been previously mentioned, and at last accounts were in good health and happy. S. N., like the Hon. David Bennet Hill, still insists that he is a democrat.

Lydia L. Hazleton, the second daughter, still lives at Lansing, Iowa and is hale and hearty. Her three daughters and one son are now grown to woman and manhood. Her oldest daughter, Emma Garland, lives at Dubuque, Iowa, has two daughters, one by adoption and one by birth. The former, Esther Louise was born Sept. 5th 1893 and the younger, Marion, Nov. 14, 1898. Julia Maude, the second daughter if Lydia Hazleton, was married to Noble N. Alvord June 3rd 1891, and is living at Minneapolis, Minn. She has one son, Stephen Wilber Alvord, born Aug. 25th 1894. Lydia, the third daughter, still lives at home, the comfort of her parents, and can drive a horse a little better that any one else, especially her uncle, at least she thinks she can. S. H. Hazleton, Jr. the only son, lives at Dubuque, Ia. where he holds an important position with the Wholesale Crockery House of Little Bruce & Co.

L. Calphurnia Thomas, the third daughter of Rufus Rockwell still lives at Mifflinburg, Penn. About a year ago her husband, C. W. Thomas met with an accident which left him a helpless invalid, dependent for care almost entirely on his wife, who accepts the additional demands on her strength as a loving service and is bearing her burden in the spirit of Him whose servant she is. Her two sons and two daughters who have been previously mentioned are all living. The oldest son, Clarence, lives at Wausu, Wis., and his family number the same as previously mentioned. The second son, Wilson, lives at Allegheny, Pa., has one daughter, Nellie Virginia, now nearly twelve years old. Emma, the oldest daughter of Calphurnia Thomas, was married March 1st 1899 to Elijah W. Walker, and their home is at Gaithersburg, Md. Owing to the serious accident to her father, which occurred about the time of her marriage, Mrs. Walker has felt it her duty to stay with her mother the greater part of the time since. Jessamine, the second daughter of Calphurnia Thomas, was married to Rev. E. W. Brubaker, Sept. 4th 1894,, and resides at Marksville, Page County, Va. Mrs. Brubaker is the mother of three children, viz: Chas.William, born June 14th 1895, Walter Eugene, Sept. 9th, 1897, and Mary Margaret, April 15th 1899.

Hila Stanton, the fourth daughter of Rufus Rockwell, still lives on the "Old Homestead" at Troy, Pa., in the same house in which Rufus Rockwell died in 1873. She, too, is very active in her old age and is able and willing to look after the welfare of her children and her grandchildren in health or sickness. Her three sons live within three miles of her home. Norton Stanton, the oldest son is a farmer and lives two and one-half miles east of Troy, has one son and two daughters. Edward the second son, is in the livery business, has two daughters and one son. He is fond of a good horse and his best "Rigs" are at the disposal of his uncles when they come three or four thousand miles to see him. Charles, the youngest son of the aforesaid Hila, is Landlord of the Troy House, the leading hotel of the place. He has a charming wife who makes an ideal landlady, and two children, a son and a daughter.

Glycon A. Rockwell, the youngest son of Rufus Rockwell, and the writer hereof, lives at present in Salem, Oregon, to which place he emigrated as heretofore stated in March 1891. His wife is still hale and hearty and weighs 200 pounds, more or less. Marie, his adopted daughter now 25 years old, lives at home, a great comfort and blessing to her parents in their declining years. She has been a teacher in the Salem Schools for more that four years, and is devoted to her profession.

Emma A. Purdy, the youngest of all the children of Rufus Rockwell, still lives at Waukon, Iowa, and her four children, previously mentioned, are living. Her oldest daughter, Nellie, is a kindergarten teacher in the Lincoln Nebraska Public Schools, and is said to be very efficient in her profession. Edward Purdy, Jr., her only son is living at present in Minneapolis, Minn. and is a young man of considerable promise. Were it not that he parted his hair in the middle and shows most too much affection for the girls, I should consider him above average. Jessamine and Grace, the two youngest daughters, are at home attending the Waukon Graded School, from which they expect to graduate soon. Both are good girls and the last named is very handy about the house in various ways.

In conclusion, the writer will mention the fact that during the year just passed it was his good fortune to be elected a commissioner to the Presbyterian General Assembly, which met at Minneapolis, Minn. in May 1899. While in Minneapolis he was royally entertained by his niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. N. N. Alvord. He also visited his two former homes at Lansing and Dubuque, Iowa with the Hazleton’s and the Garlands and at Waukon with the Purdy’s. He also visited Penn. where he once more mingled with friends of his boyhood days. The reunion with the sisters, three in number in Penn. And two in Iowa, and with other relatives and friends, will ever be cherished as among the brightest and happiest days of his life, and he wishes here to record his thankfulness to the Giver of all Good for the blessing named.

The writer has now completed the record as originally planned by his father, Rufus Rockwell, and would now suggest to the third generation, that it might be well to continue this record until the year 1950, in which case he would also suggest as a proper historian either S. H. Hazleton, Jr. or Edward Purdy, Jr.

Written at Salem Oregon by Glycon A. Rockwell