Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

Elmira, N. Y.

Abbreviations used in this Directory: - ab, above; bel, below; b or bet, between; o or cor, corner; ct, court; h, house; la, lane; opp, opposite; n, near; r, rear; rd, road; sq, square; N, North, E, East; W, West; S, South

Abbott Charles, carriage-trimmer, h Hudson n R. R.

Ackerson Abraham, farmer, h Lake n boundary line

Adams John, shoemaker, h National hotel

Adams William (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin c 3d

Adamy Nancy, h De Witt bet John and Water

Agney Millah A., wid. Laben L., h Lake n Washington av

Ahrlick Israel Rev., h High n John

Ainsworth Loring, lumberman, h Water, fifth ab Walnut

Albertson George W., engineer, h S Water n Harmon

Albertson Ruth A., dressmaker, h Water, fifth ab Columbia

Albrecht Joseph, shoemaker, h S Water n R. R.

Alexander Miner, tanner, h Ann n S Lake

Alexander Nathan, clerk, h Cross n Washington

Allen John S., printer, h Cross n Harriet

Allerton Geo., machinist, h Dickinson, third N of Clinton

Allison Nathaniel, farmer, h Clinton bet Davis and Walnut

Allison William, cooper, h Magee c 5th

Alvord H. Mrs., seamstress, h 1st, second ab College av

Amann Joseph, lager beer and boarding-h, Wisner, n 2d

Amarous Michael, laborer, h 3d n College av

AMERICAN HOTEL, Wisner c 3d opp depot

Anderson Alexander, farmer, h River n S Water

Anderson George (col’d), laborer, h E 3d c Conongue

Anderson Wesley, h Baldwin c 2nd

Andrews John (Andrews & Burbage), saw manufacturers, Cross E of R. R.’; h Wisner c Gray

Andrews Joseph, sawmaker, h Water n Walnut

Andrews Sarah, wid, Benjamin, h Water n Walnut

Andrews William Henry, sawmaker, h Water n Walnut

ANDREWS & BURBAGE (John Andrews and Joseph Burbage), saw manufacturers, Cross E of R. R.

Andrus S. G., late lumber-dealer, h Main c 1st

Angell Charles, express messenger, h Main n 4th

Anhalt Julius (A. Jacobs & Co.), clothier, 7 Water; h High n Church

Anhalt Morris, salesman, h High n Church

Ansell William, spinner, h Sullivan, first S of Clinton

Appleton Charles, laborer, h 4th n Wisner

Archer George, baker, h Chemung house

Armitage Richard (W. F. Armitage & Co.), h Columbia c Church

Armitage William F. (W. F. Armitage & Co.), h Columbia c Church

Armitage W. F. & Co., (William F. and Richard Armitage), tinware and glass, Water n Main

Armstrong E. T., currier, h Church c Grove

Armstrong Joseph, baggage-master, h 3d, first ab Main

Armstrong Maria, seamstress, h Clinton, first E of Lake

Armstrong Wesley (col’d), blacksmith, h Baldwin, second N of 4th

Arnold Jared, clerk, h Columbia bet 1st and 2d

ARNOT JOHN, Pres. Chemung Canal Bk., h Lake bet Cross and Church

ARNOT JOHN JR., Cashier Chemung Canal Bk., h Water, first W of Chemung C. Bk.

ARNOT M. H., Secretary Elmira Gas L. Co., h Lake bet Cross and Church

ARNOT STEPHEN T., Sup’t and Treas. Elmira Gas Light Co., h Church n Lake

Assauer Christian, grocer, E Union c Clinton

Aspinwall N. P., h 1st n Columbia

Aspinwall Nathaniel, h Main n Water

Aston William, h De Witt bet Church and Cross

Atkins Christopher C., tailor, 6 Lake; h Water, n Columbia

Atkinson F. H., bookkeeper, h Water, first ab Wisner

AVERILL LEVI, lime manufacturer and cement and plaster, junction Chemung canal and Washington av; h William, second N or Church

Ayers Cornelia, h E Water c De Witt

Ayers Jehiel T., segar-maker, h Washington bet Cross and Church

AYRES SOCRATES, watchmaker, jeweler, and insurance agent, 1 E Water; h Lake c E 2d


Babcock Erastus F., (Dann, Spaulding & Babcock), h Brainard house

Babcock George W., carbuilder, h Columbia c 4th

Bacon Calvin, h Clinton n William

Bacheldor Frances, h S Main n S Water

Badger Howard M., farmer, h Factory, second E of Newton creek

BADGER LUCIUS M., watchmaker, jeweler, &c., 19 Lake; h 4th, second W of College av

Badger R. M., h College av c 4th

Bagley William, blacksmith, h W Union n 3d

Bagley William A., blacksmith, h 4th bet College av and Columbia

Bagley William E., blacksmith, h 4th, third ab College av

Bailey Columbia, h Gray, second bel Elm

BAILEY FRANCIS J., wigmaker and hairdresser, 19 Lake

Bailey James E., wagon-maker, h Cross c Washington

Baker B. (J. M. & B. Baker), h Water n Elm

Baker C. Hamilton, clerk, h Hudson, second W of S Main

Baker Frank, gardener, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Baker Frederick, laborer, h 5th n Oak

BAKER HENRY, Sheriff, court-house; h r court-house

Baker James M. (J. M. & B. Baker), h Water W of Hoffman

Baker John S., tollgatherer, Lake st bridge; h S Lake at bridge

Baker Leroy, law-student, h at Southport

Baker Luna, weaver, wool factory; h Factory, sixth E of Sullivan

BAKER NATHAN, marble-worker, E Water opp Chemung Canal Bk., and E Water c Fox; h E Water c DeWitt

Baker Richard, conductor, N Y. & E. R. R.; h Hudson n Harmon

Baker Sparrow, butcher, Water bet Wisner and Main; h Hudson bet R. R. and S Main

Baker V. C., train dispatcher N. Y. & E. R. R.; h Magee c 5th

Baker J. M. & B. (James M. and B. Baker, Water, third E of R. R

Baldwin Alexander H., ice-dealer, h Haight’s hotel

Baldwin Elisha G., printer, h Harmon n S Water

Baldwin Frances D., h Harmon n S Water

Baldwin Henry, express-messenger, h Gray, second ab Main

BALDWIN JOHN D., coal-dealer, Cross c R. R.; h Lake, third S of Church

Baldwin John S., ice-dealer and nurseryman, Ann c Sly

Baldwin Lotie, printer, h S Water c S Main

Baldwin Myrilla, wid. Grant B., h Lake c Washington av

Baldwin Sarah, h Harmon n S Water

Baldwin Thomas D. (Baldwin & Reynolds), clothier, 55 Water; h Water, first W of R. R.

Baldwin William L. (Schnell & Baldwin), Gem hotel, Wisner opp depot

BALDWIN & REYNOLDS (Thomas D Baldwin and Samuel N. Reynolds), clothiers, 55 Water

Ball Jonathan, contractor, h 4 th c W Union

Ballard William W., lumberman, h Baldwin c Church

Baltz John F., cooper, h Magee, first S of 6th


Barber James W., mason, h Sullivan bet Cross and John

Barbour Abbott, mason, h First n Grove

Barbour E. N., farmer, h Church bet Elm and Walnut

Barbour Evelyn L., preceptress, Elmira Female College

Barden Ransom R., h Baldwin 7th S of Clinton

Barnard Samuel W., ( J. Langdon & Co.), coal and iron dealer, 5th cor Hatch; h at Albany

Barnes David, carpenter, h Water, third above Walnut

Barney Henry, h S Water n S Lake

Barney Joseph H., clerk, h S Water n S Lake

Barrett David, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Barrock Obediah, laborer, h Henry n S Lake

Barry John, car inspector, h Henry n R. R.

Bartholomew Josiah, carpenter, E Water opp conongue; h Water, fifth W of Columbia

Bartholomew Oscar, carpenter, h S Lake n R. R.

BARTLETT DENNIS B., prop. Brainard House, Water c Baldwin

Barton Robert W., (Barton & Dickinson), h Haight’s hotel

Barton & Dickinson (Robert W. Barton & George S. Dickinson), grocers and provision dealers, S. Lake

Bartow Morris, farmer, h College av, first N of Second

Batholf Rachel, tailoress, h Gray cor Davis

Baulchman Stephen, fireman, h Forrest house

Beach William (Beach, Stuart & Co.), h William n Church

BEACH, STUART & CO. (Wm. Beach, Chas. B. Stuart and Daniel E. Ufford), tailors, clothiers, hatters and boot and shoe dealers, 20 and 22 Lake

BEADLE RALPH W., cashier Bk of Chemung, h Lake c E 2d

BEADLE TRACY, pres. Bk. of Chemung, h Lake cor E 2d

Bean George, tanner, h N Oak, first N of 5th

Bean Martin, tanner, h Water n Grove

Bean Peter, tanner, h Water n Grove

BEARDSLEY BENONI P., axe and edge tool manuf., Lake c Cross; h Cross, second E of Lake

Beardsley Elias J., teacher, h S Lake c Hudson

Beardsley Harriet, dressmaker, h College av n Gray

Becker Hiram, shoemaker, h Lake c 4th

Beckwith Caroline, h Walnut c North

Beckwith George, farmer, h Hoffman av n Village line

Beebe Ferdinand, laborer, h Hudson n Fulton

Beebe Nancy, h Henry n S Main

Beecher Thomas K., Rev., h Elmira Water Cure

Beekman James, brakeman, h Delavan house

Beers E. O., carpenter, h Water n Hoffman

Beers George H., clerk, h Water, first ab Elm

Beers Jacob H., carpenter, h Grove, second N of Water

Beers Johnson, clerk, h Gray n Chemung canal

Beers William H., carpenter, h Water n Elm

Behan John, laborer, h Church c Gregg

Bell James, cabinet-maker, h Water, third ab Wisner

Bell Robert, tailor, h Eastey, 2d from Robinson, Southport

Bellius Aaron, peddler, h William, fourth S of Clinton

Belton Samuel, blacksmith, h High, second N of E 2d

Bement William, Rev., h Washington av c Main

Benedict John, laborer, h Cross bet Harriet and the canal

Benedict Samuel, h Cross c De Witt

Benham Mrs., dressmaker, Main c 3d

Benight Reuben, h Water 7th W of Columbia

Benjamin Henry L., physician, Main, third S of 3d

BENJAMIN SIMEON, pres. Elmira S Bk., h Lake c E 3d

BENJAMIN W. F., clerk and steward of Elmira Female College, h Lake c Clinton

Benn Erastus H., (Thurston, Hart & Benn), h 1st c College av

Bennett A. P., (A. P. Bennett & Co.), grocer, 18 Lake; h Water at ft of Elm

Bennett John, trackman, h Columbia n 5th

Bennett Patrick, laborer, h Wisner c 1st

BENNETT A. P. & CO. (A. P. Bennett & David Young), grocers and provision dealers, 18 Lake

Bent Solomon, lumber dealer, h Main, first N of 2d

Bently Fuller, farmer, h Henry n S Main

Benton George, axe-maker, h Monroe n E Water

Benton Henry P., city surveyor, 6 E Water; h 1st, third W of Main

Berhalter Joseph, boot and shoemaker, Baldwin opp Ely’s block; h National hotel

Bermingham John, laborer, h 4th c Columbia

Berner Adam, vinegar manuf., High c E Water

Bessy John W., carbuilder, h Clinton n Davis

Betson Peter, farmer, h N Oak, fourth N of 5th

Betson William, sawmaker, h N Oak, fourth N of 5th

Bettania John, harness-maker, h Water, third ab Wisner

Bevier Henry H. (Bevier, Briggs & Co.), h at Binghamton, N. Y.

BEVIER, BRIGGS & CO. (Henry H. Bevier, Thomas Briggs & George Ralph), maltsters and brewers, 2d n Chemung Canal

Bierhinder Jacob, tailor, h Wisner, fifth ab Water

Bigelow William A. (W. A. Bigelow & Co.), h S Lake n S Water

Bigelow W. A. & Co. (William A. Bigelow & Abner L. Derby), boots and shoes, Lake c Carroll

Biggs John, blacksmith, h E Union, second N of 3d

Biggs Mary, housekeeper, h Cross c High

Biggs Peter (Kelly, Biggs & Co.), h Baldwin bet 3d and Clinton

Billette Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 72 Water; h Church, second W of Columbia

Billette Theodore, moulder, h Gray, first ab Columbia

Billings Charles C., farmer, h Main, first from Gray

Billings David T., h Gray c Elm

Bingham Lucian W., salesman, h Haight’s hotel

Birchall Catharine, wid. Richard, h John n Village line

Birdsell Thomas, teamster, h 2d, first ab College av

Birmingham James, laborer, h Baldwin, fifth N of 3d

Birmingham Mary, wid. Patrick, h E 3d, second E of High

Birmingham Michael, laborer, h E 3d, second E of High

Bishop V. R., tobacconist, h Church n Davis

Blaisdell William, engineer, h 5th n Columbia

Blake A., agt Howe Scale Co., h Hudson n R R

Blampied Joshua (Blampied & Coke), h Fox, second N of Carroll

BLAMPIED & COKE (Joshua Blampied & Levi Cake), bakers, grocers, provision and fruit dealers, 31 Lake

Blanchard William H., carpenter, h Grove n 1st

BLIVEN ASA, machinist and steam engine manuf., Wisner c Church; h Wisner, second N of Gray

Bliven Asa, jr., law student, h R. R., first S of Church

Bliven Charles, machinist, h Church n Washington

Bliven George, machinist, h Church c Gregg

Blodgett Gardner A., shingle manuf., Water opp Davis; h College av c Gray

Blos Francis, boot and shoemaker, E Union c Lake; h Lake n Clinton

Blye Norman, teller Bk. of Chemung, h Brainard house

Boak James C., switchman, h 2d, second bel College av

Boardly Catharine (col’d) wid. Adam, h Perry c E 3d

Boland Thomas, laborer, h Perry, fifth N of E 3d

Bolt Marlon S., milkman, h Oak c Washington av

Bolton Z. H., engineer, h 2d third W of the canal

Booth R., bridgebuilder, h Franklin house

Bopp Jacob, butcher, h Henry n R. R.

Bower George, cutter, h Orchard c Cross

Bowes Phebe J., seamstress, h Cross c Harriet

Bowles Solomon, station sup’t Hornelsville and Attica R. R., h 2d, second ab Wisner

Bowman Henry, tanner and currier, Water n Davis; h do

Boyce James E., tobacconist, h E Water bet Fox and Conongue

Boyd William B. (Hotchkin & Boyd), h Water c Columbia

Boylan Anna, seamstress, h Cross c Harriet

Boynton Austin H., lumber dealer, h S Lake n Sly

Boynton Nathan, physician, h S Lake n Sly

Boynton Sarah, h S Lake n Sly

Brady Peter, machinist, h River n S Water

Bradley Alfred, brakeman, h Gray c Columbia

Bradshaw Aaron, basket-maker, h E 3d c High

Bradshaw George, farmer, h Mt Zoar n S Lake

Bradshaw Henry, sawyer, h S Lake n village line

Brainard Block, Water c Baldwin

BRAINARD HOUSE, Water c Baldwin

Brand John (Brand & Hoffman), h at Buttonwoods

BRAND & HOFFMAN (John Brand and Henry Hoffman), distillers, at Buttonwoods

Brant Sandy (col’d), laborer, h Clinton c Dickinson

Brave James, carpenter, h Ontario hotel

Bray Reuben, h Baldwin, third N of Cross

Brennan Patrick, laborer, h 1st c College av

Brewer Isabella R., teacher, Elmira Ladies’ Seminary

Brewer Lucas, cabinet-maker, h Wisner first N of Church

Brewerton George D., Rev., h Main, third S of 3d

Brickwedde Henry, tinner, h High n Cross

Bridgman Adna, farmer, h Hoffman n Washington av

Bridgman John, farmer, h Hoffman n Washington av

Briggs Isaac P., blacksmith, Water n college av; h Water bet College av and Columbia

Briggs Smith, carbuilder, h S Magee n 3d

Briggs Thomas (Bevier, Briggs & Co.), maltsters and brewers, h Lake, second N of E 3d

Brigham Phineas, insurance agent, h Gray n Walnut

Brizeler Frederick, painter, h College av c 5th

Brizeler George, painter, h College av n 5th

Broadhurst Joseph G., painter, h Hudson n S Lake

Broder John, tailor, h Wisner c 1st

Brody Thomas, baggage-master, h Delavan hotel

Bronson Anna M., preceptress, Elmira Female College

Brooks Elijah P. (Brooks & Tomlinson), h College av cor 6th

Brooks H. S. (D. H. Tuthill & Co.), h Main c 1st

Brooks Henry (col’d), laborer, h S Water n R. R.

Brooks Roxanna, wid. Theseus, h College av second S of 6th

BROOKS & TOMLINSON (Elijah P. Brooks and Solomon H. Tomlinson), lawyers, 50 Water

Brophy John, laborer, h Wisner, second N of 5th

Brophy Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, second N of 5th

Brophy William, laborer, h Wisner, second N of 5th

Brown Amos, farmer, h Walnut n North

Brown Charles, miller, h Church c Sullivan

Brown Comfort S., teacher, h S Lake c Hudson

Brown Daniel, boatman, h E 2d, second W of Oak

BROWN DAVID B., grocer and restaurant, Water bet R R and Chemung canal; h Water c College av

Brown Esther, dressmaker, h Mt. Zoar n S Water

Brown George, stonecutter, h Church, second E of High

Brown Harriet E., dressmaker, h Baldwin S of Cross

Brown Henrietta, wid. Silas, seamstress, h Gray, second ab Wisner

Brown Horace H., mason, h Orchard bet Cross and John

Brown J. W., clerk, h junction Lake and E Union

Brown Jane, wid. Benjamin, dressmaker, Baldwin S of Cross

Brown Jefferson (col’d), laborer, h E 2d c Perry

Brown John, hatter, h Water c Columbia

Brown John, lumberman, h S Lake n Elm

Brown John (col’d), farmer, h Henry n R R

Brown Maria, h Church second E of High

Brown Mary E., dressmaker, h Baldwin S of Cross

Brown Samuel, boatman, h Columbia n Water

Brown Sarah, milliner, h Church n Columbia

Brown J. Whitback, clerk, h Lake c Union

Brown William (William Brown & Co.), hardware, 14 Lake; h Water n Columbia

Brown William H. (col’d), laborer, h 4th bet Lake and Dickinson

BROWN WILLIAM & CO. (William Brown and Nelson Wells), hardware, stoves, tinware and leather dealers, 14 Lake

Brownell Charlotte, h Main, first from 3d

Bruckler John, blacksmith, h Oak, second S of Washington av

Bruen John H., patent rights, h 4th n Davis

BRUSH GEORGE A., lawyer, 61 Water; h Church c Columbia

Brushingham Mary, waiter, Haight’s hotel

Bryant Lewis, h William c E 3d

Buchanan Esther, wid. George, h E Water bet High and Washington

buckley Mary, h Fulton n Hudson

Buckley Mary A., head waiter, Elmira hotel

Buckley Patrick, clerk, h Cross, second E of Washington

Bull David M., mail-agent, h Baldwin, fifth S of Church

Bullock Anna, wid. Robert, h Church c College av

Bulmer David, dry goods, 10 Water; h Brainard house

Bundy Jabin, bookkeeper, h High, third N of Church

Bundy Oscar, clerk, h High opp the park

Bundy Rufus, carpenter, h Cross n Sullivan

Burbage Joseph (Andrews & Burbage), saw manufacturer, Cross E of R R; h Baldwin bet Cross and Church

Burch Erastus, painter, h 4th c College av

Burchell Arthur, teamster, h Washington c E 2d

Burchill John, porter, Delavan house

burgess Benjamin, carriage-maker and machinist, Carroll W of Fox; h Sullivan c Cross

Burgess Benjamin S., jr., machinist, h Sullivan c Cross

Burke Mrs., h Hatch, second N of 6th

Burke John, laborer, h Perry, fourth S of Clinton

Burlingame William, lumberman, h Franklin n Fulton

Burns Dennis, laborer, h Hatch, second N of 7th

Burns Patrick, laborer, h Washington av c Hatch

Burns Philip, laborer, h Wisner, first N of 7th

Burns Thomas, clerk, h S Water n Main

Burrell Elizabeth, h W c Cross

Burt Jennie, h Water, seventh ab Columbia

Burt Judd D., law student, h Water seventh W of Columbia

BUSH C. I., American hotel, Wisner, e 3d, opp depot

Butcher Edward, bootmaker, Carroll bet Lake and Baldwin; h Gregg bet Cross and Church

Butcher Thomas, carpenter, h 4th n Columbia

Butler John, cartman, h 5th n Columbia

Butler Martin, hackman, h 5th n Davis

Butler Mary, wid Barzillia, h Sullivan, first N of Church

Butler Thomas, laborer, h Monroe n Chemung river

Butler William F., laborer, h Sullivan, first N of Church

Butterly Michael, laborer, h Main c 8th

Byrne John, cooper, h 1st, fourth ab Wisner


Cahill Michael, porter, h Cross c De Witt

Calkins Joanna, waiter, Haight’s hotel

Callaghan Ellen, teacher, h W Union, second from 5th

Callahan Daniel O., gas-fitter, h Franklin n S Lake

Cameron Barney, laborer, h 6th c Canal

Cameron John, laborer, h Canal c 6th

Cammell Michael, laborer, h Hatch, second N of 7th

Camp Marvin, baggage-master, h Delavan house

Campbell Andrew, laborer, h Baldwin, third S of 5th

Campbell Eusebia, teacher, h Church, second E of Davis

Campbell Gabriel, h Perry, third N of E 3d

Campbell Harriet, dressmaker, S Lake n Ann

Campbell James, cabinet-maker, h Lake c Clinton

Campbell James B., furnace man, h Magee n Clinton

Campbell Mary, h Sullivan, second S of Clinton

Campbell Michael, car inspector, h S Water n S Main

Campbell R., mechanic, h Franklin

Campbell William, blacksmith, h Gray c Walnut

Campbell William, laborer, h Perry, third N of E 3d

Camper James (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin, third N of 5th

Campin Michael, laborer, h S Lake n R R

Cane Dennis, laborer, h Jay c Oak

Canfield Ezra, saw mills, Williamsport; h Church first ab Main

Canoll Charles, clerk, h Delavan house

Cantwell Council, miller, h E Water n village line

Cantwell John H., shoemaker, h John n Sullivan

Cariss John, machinist, h Gray, second ab Columbia

Carl Edwin A., boarding-h, Water, third ab Wisner

Carpenter Calvin, police justice, 2 Lake; and dry goods, Water c Lake; h S Lake n S Water

Carpenter Charlotte, wid. Alvin, h N Oak, first N of 5th

Carpenter George E., h William c E 2d

CARPENTER ZENUS R., turner and bedstead-maker, R R., N of Water; h Water, second E of Walnut

Carr Barney, laborer, h Hatch, fourth N of 6th

Carr Betsey, wid. Austin, h Baldwin, second S of 3d

Carr James, fireman, h 7th c Canal

Carr Owen, laborer, h 7th bet Hatch and Canal

Carr Peter, laborer, h Hatch, fourth N of 6th

Carr Silas T., carriage-maker, E Union, first N of 3d

Carr Stephen, laborer, h Hatch, first N of 7th

Carrier Joseph, carpenter, h Lake, second S of Clinton

Carrigan James, laborer, h Canal, second S of 6th

Carroll Joseph, cutter, h Conongue n Cross

Carroll Owen, laborer, h Hatch, first N of 7th

Carruthers George, showman, h Clinton c W Union

Carter Alva S., painter, h College av n Gray

Carter Levi (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin, second N of 4th

Carter Sarah, tailoress, h Gray, second above College av

Cary Michael, laborer, h Water n Main

Cass John (R. Covell, jr., & Co.), dry goods, S Water; h William c E 2d

Catchpole Rachel, washing and ironing, h Wisner c Grey

Catchpole William, laborer, h Wisner c Gray

Catlin Mary G., teacher, Elmira ladies’ seminary

CAULDWELL NATHANIEL, commercial college, Dunn’s block opp Brainard house; h Baldwin S of 2d

Cavanagh John, cartman, h Hatch, third N of 6th

Cemetery, Main c Church

Chalker Delilah, wid. Samuel, h Monroe n E Water

Chalker Rosanna, seamstress, h Monroe n E Water

Chamberlin J. w. (C. E. Vinton & Co.), wines and liquors, Wisner, first ab Cross; h Gray, second ab Main

Chapin Freeman, axe-maker, h Sullivan opp Jay

Chapman James J., machinist, h Henry n R R

Chapman Joseph, ticket agent, Elm n S Lake

Chapman Joshua, h Fox bet Water and Carroll

Chapman M. Louisa, dressmaker, Fox bet Water and Carroll

Chemung Canal Bank, Water bet Lake and Fox

CHEMUNG HOUSE, Baldwin c Cross

Cherry John, trackman, h Wisner n 1st

Cherry Leonard, carman, h Dickinson, third S of 4th

CHERRY WILLIAM, proprietor Chemung house, Baldwin c Cross

Chittenden Roxanna, wid. Amos, h Gray bet Baldwin and the canal

CHUBBUCK HORACE, physician, Baldwin, fourth S of Church

Church I. A., clerk, American hotel

Churchill T. W., machinist, h 1st c Columbia

Churchill William, farmer, h Franklin n Fulton

Clancey Patrick, laborer, h 1st c Wisner

Clark Allen S., cabinet-maker, h Baldwin, third N of Cross

Clark Catharine, wid. Charles W., h De Witt c Cross

Clark Grandin, glover and whipmaker, h Wisner, first ab Church

Clark J. B., lumber-dealer, h Church, first ab College av

Clark Jefferson, laborer, h 5th n Oak

Clark John, carpenter, h W Union, second N of 5th

CLARK JOHN M., photographer, Lake c Carroll; h Columbia n Water

Clark Joseph, hostler, h 2d c College av

Clark Susan, wid. John C., h Haight’s hotel

Clark Sylvanus, carpenter, Church c High

Clark William, sexton, h E Union n Lake

Clark William B., carpenter, h Clinton c Lake

Clarke Isaac, laborer, h S Lake n Mt. Zoar

Clarke John, laborer, h John n Washington

Clarke John, h Franklin n new road

Clarke Laura, h S Lake c Elm

Cleveland Frank, station baggage-man, h Magee n 4th

Cleveland James H., car-builder, h Cross n Washington

Cleeves E. J., Mrs., teacher, h Water, fifth ab Main

Cleeves Julia, h Water, 5th ab Main

Close R. H., nurseryman, S Main c Partridge; h do

Coard Primus (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, fourth N of 4th

Coe Lavinia, dressmaker, h E Union c 2d

Coke Levi (Blampied & Coke), baker, &c., 31 Lake

Coke William, cabinet-maker, h Fox opp Carroll

Cole John M., mechanic, h Franklin house

Cole Myron, h Cross, one door W of Orchard

COLE PRATT, hardware, tinware, paints, oil and glass, 14 Water; h Baldwin, fourth N of Gray

Coleman Alex. K., carpenter and builder, h Water c Grove

Coleman Benj., mason, h Canal, first S of Washington av

Coleman C. O., h S Main c Partridge

Coleman Ellen, machine-sewer, h Cross n Wisner

Coleman Henry, salesman, h Cross, second from R R

Coleman John, carpenter, and sash and blindmaker, R R, first N of Water

Coleman John (col’d), hostler, American hotel

Coleman John, patent rights, h Cross, first ab Wisner

Coleman Joseph, saddler, h S Water c R R

Coles Charles, h 4th n Magee

Collier Frances M., teacher music, Elmira Ladies’ Seminary

Collingwood Francis (Collingwood Brothers,) and (Collingwood & Leverich), h Water, seventh W of Columbia

Collingwood Robert (Collingwood Bros.), h Water, seventh W of Columbia

COLLINGWOOD BROTHERS (Francis and Robert Collingwood), watches, jewelry, &c., 13 Lake

COLLINGWOOD & LEVERICH (Francis Collingwood and Gabriel Leverich), civil engineers, surveyors and agents Singer’s sewing machines, 13 Lake

Collins Dennis, laborer, h Washington n John

Comport Frank D., carpenter, h Water, third ab Wisner

Comstock Saml.. G., hats, 2 Brainard block; h Baldwin c 2d

Conan Thomas, laborer, h Canal, second S of Washington av

Conant Julius E., traveling agent, h S Main n S Water

Conby George, mason, h 5th n Davis

Concert Hall, Concert Hall block

Concert Hall Block, Lake bet Water and Carroll

Condon Mary, factory-girl, h High, third N of E 2d

Condon Sarah, wid. Patrick, h High, third N of E 2d

Condon Sarah jr., factory-girl, h High, third N of E 2d

Condon William, paper-hanger, h S Lake n village line

Congdon Erastus, clerk, 2d junction E Union and Baldwin

CONGDON GEORGE, maltster, Cross c Chemung Canal; h Church, second W of Walnut

Congdon Joseph, car-inspector, h College av n 5th

CONKEY SAMUEL, dentist, Holden’s block (up stairs); h W Union, first N of 4th

Conklin David, farmer, h Hoffman n village line

Conklin Ichabod, architect, h Church, third E of Wisner

Conklin J. R., farmer, h Hoffman n North

Conklin Joanna, h Columbia n 4th

Conklin Walter W., axe-finisher, h Hudson n S Lake

Connelly Cornelius, stonecutter and mason, h at Buttonwoods

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Connelly John, laborer, h S Water n Fulton

Connelly Michael, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h Clinton n Main

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Connelly Thomas, laborer, h at Buttonwoods

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h Hudson n Warren

Connolly Daniel, laborer, h Hudson n Warren

Connolly John F., tailor, h High, second S of E 2d

Conrad G. V., clerk repair shop, h Clinton bet College av and Columbia

Constable William (W. Constable & Co.), h Columbia, S of 4th

Constable William jr., (W. Constable & Co.), Columbia, second S of 4th

CONSTABLE W. & CO., (William and William Constable jr.), shippers of coal, Magee’s basin, E depot

Converse Maxcy M., music-teacher, Lake, third N of Church

Cook Enos, carpenter, h Mt. Zoar bet Fulton and S Lake

Cook Elisha H. (Cook & Watrous), h S Water n R R

Cook George J., h Water n Davis

Cook Henry (col’d), farmer, h Perry, fourth N or E 2d

Cook John, printer, h Elmira hotel

Cook Salmon, teacher, h Factory, seventh E of Sullivan

Cook Sidney S., machinist, h E Union, second N of 2s

Cooley Jesse L., clerk post-office, h Church c Washington

Cooley Levi, h Lake n Washington av

Copley Lauren, farmer, h S Water c S Main

Copley Nancy, h S Water c S Main

Corbin Charlotte, wid. Alvin, h Cross c Washington

Corcoran M., h College av n 3d

COREY AUGUSTUS F., flour and feed, 5 Lake; h Columbia c Gray

Corey William F., teller Elmira Bank, h Columbia c Gray

Cornelison James, printer, h Orchard bet Cross and Church

Cornell Joseph, shoemaker, h Gray, sixth ab Columbia

CORTRIGHT JOSEPH, butcher, Wisner, first ab 2d; h 2d, third W of Main

Corwin Louisa, wid. Joseph, h Clinton c Columbia

Cotton George H., carpenter, h River n S Water

Cottrell Stephen, carpenter, h College av c 5th

Court House, Lake bet Cross and Church

County Jail, rear court-house

Covell Elmina, wid. Miles, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Covell Henry C., teller C. C. Bank, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Covell Jacob M., bookkeeper C. C. Bank, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Covell James, clerk, h Lake, second S of Church

COVELL JOHN D., physician, and (Gregg & Covell) druggist, 4 Water; h Water c Fox