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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

Covell Lyman, late dry goods dealer, h Water c Fox

Covell Robert, late farmer, h College av, first N of Washington av

Covell Robert, dry goods, h Lake, second N of Cross

Covell Robert jr. (R. Covell jr. & Co.), h Lake opp courthouse

COVELL R. JR. & CO. (Robert Covell jr. and John Cass), dry goods and groceries, 8 Water

Cowen Thaddeus H., salesman, h High n Church

COWEN THADDEUS C., com. merch. and auctioneer, 12 Lake; h High bet Church and Cross

Cowles Augustus W. Rev., President Elmira College, h College av opp College

Cowles Henry D., salesman, h Main c Cross

Craig John, telegraph operator, h Haight’s hotel

Craig Robert, carder, h Factory, fourth E of Sullivan

Crane Abijah, mason, h 1st n Walnut

Crane Theodore W., lumber-dealer, 2d cor Baldwin; h Main c 1st

Creed James A., late shoemaker, h Cross c Harriet

Cregan Jeffrey, cooper, h Lake, fifth N of Clinton

Crelman Matthew, tailor, h Conongue opp John

Crittenden Richard, blacksmith, h John, second from De Witt

Croger George A., barber, h Lake n the Canal

Croger George )col’d), laborer, h Lake n the Canal

Cromerll Edgar (J. Thompson & Co.), grocer, Main c 3d; h 3d, first ab Main

Cronin James, factory hand, h High, first S of Jay

Crosby Walter, salesman, h S Lake n village line

Crow Martin, laborer, h High opp Jay

Crowell Eliza, h College av n Gray

Cruttenden Harriet, children’s school, Gregg n Cross

Cuddington Peter B., tanner, h Gray, seventh ab Columbia

Culp Harriet, wid. John, h Fox n Carroll

Culp James B., fruit shop, Lake opp Haight’s hotel

Culp Sophia, seamstress, h Fox n Carroll

Culver William (col’d), laborer, h Franklin n new rd

Cummings Edward, brewer, h Wisner c 1st

Cummings James, mason, h 1st, second ab Wisner

Cummins Mark, carpenter, h Jay c Oak

Cunningham Catharine, boarding, h Cross, second E of Main

Cunningham Imogene, teacher, h Cross, second E of Main

Curley John, laborer, h William, second N of Clinton

Curran Daniel, laborer, h E 3d, fourth N of High

Currey Michael, laborer, h 6th c Magee

Curtis William L., clerk, h William, second from Church

Cutter Andrew J., peddler, h 2d, first ab Main


Daabs Jacob, butcher, h S Lake c Franklin

Daily Patrick C., jewelry peddler, h Hudson n Harmon

Daley Dennis, laborer, h Washington n John

Dalton Michael, laborer, h Hatch, first N of 6th

Daniels William H., carpenter, h E 2d, second W of Sullivan

Darmstadt Adam, distiller, h at Handy hollow

Dart H., wagon-maker, h National hotel

Daved Ann, milliner, h Gray c College av

Daved Harriet, tailoress, h Gray c College av

Davenport Ephraim (Gridley & Davenport), h Baldwin, first N of Church

Davidge John (col’d), laborer, h Sullivan n Cross

Davidson Ann M., h Canal, first S of Washington av

Davidson David N., peddler, h Cross n Washington

Davidson Fannie J., h Canal, first S of Washington av

Davidson S. C., tailoress, h Canal, first S of Washington av

Davis Abraham A., h Hine, first N of Mt. Zoar

Davis Alvin, painter, h 4th n Davis

Davis C. L., blacksmith, Cross bet Baldwin and Lake; h at South port

Davis Edwin, teamster, h 2d, first ab College av

Davis George, teamster, h Washington c E 2d

DAVIS GEORGE L., lawyer, justice of peace, commissioner of deeds and notary public, 3 Water; h William n Beach

Davis Henry A., flour, feed and grain, 3 Brainard block, Baldwin; h Hine, first N of Mt Zoar

Davis I. W., patent rights, Gray, fourth ab College av

Davis James, teamster, h 2d, first ab College av

Davis John, late hardware, h Church c Columbia

Davis John, shoemaker, h Cross n Orchard

Davis Joseph, clerk, h Cross n Sullivan

Davis Samuel, tailor, Holden block (up stairs); h Hudson n R. R.

Davis William, h College av c 1st

Davis William (col’d), mason, h Hatch c 6th

Davis William H., law student, h William n Beach

Davis William H., laborer, h 2d, second ab Davis

Davis William R., silver-plater, 5th n Magee; h Church, first W of Orchard

Deal Jacob, brewer, h 2d, third E of Wisner

Dean Alanson, h William, fourth N of Clinton

Deans Polly, wid. Asa, h Baldwin, fourth N of 4th

Deans Sarah A., vestmaker, h Baldwin, fourth N of 4th

Decker Ann, h Baldwin c 3d

Decker David, tanner and currier, h Clinton c College av

Decker David (D. Decker & Son), h College av c Gray

Decker Eliza, h W Union n 3d

Decker Levi, laborer, h West Hill road n Walnut

Decker Mary, h W Union n 3d

Decker Mary, dressmaker, 11 Water

Decker John, salesman, h Gray n Canal

Decker Peter, saloon, E Water n Lake; h W Union n Main

Decker Samuel T. (D. Decker & Son), h Water n College av

Decker D. & Son (David and Samuel T. Decker), wood turners and mineral water, Water bet Main and College av

De Groff David A., h E Union, third N of 3d

Deickert Henry, brickmaker, h Lake c 4th

De Labar Clara, wid. Jacob, dressmaker, 25 Lake

DELAVAN HOUSE, Wisner opp depot

Dempsey Bartholomew, shoemaker, h Hudson n S Main

Dempsey Bartholomew, laborer, h on river n Fulton

Dempsey Dennis, laborer, h at Buttonwoods

Dempsey Fenton, h Hudson n Walnut

Dempsey James, laborer, h Wisner n 1st

Dempsey Patrick, shoemaker, h Hudson n Warren

Dempsey Timothy, laborer, h John n Orchard

Demunn Aaron L., clerk, h Conongue, first N of Church

Dennison John, spinner, h Factory, third E of Sullivan

Densmore Joseph D., painter, h Sullivan bet Cross & John

Denton S. B., police constable, h Clinton n Davis

Derby Abner, shoecutter, h S Water n R R

Derby Abner L. (W. A. Bigelow & Co), h S Lake c Sly

De Viall Ethan, street com’r, h Church c Washington

De VOE FREDERICK A., prop’r Elmira Weekly Gazette, h Baldwin, opp Methodist church

Devoe Jeremiah, farmer, h Gray, fifth ab Columbia

DEWEY EDWIN H., salesman, h Gray, first W of Elm

DEWEY ELIJAH H., boots and shoes, 3 Brainard block; h Gray, first W of Elm

De WITT ABRAM M., grocer and provision dealer, Baldwin opp Ely’s block

De Witt Calvin S., gunsmith, h Conongue, 2d N of Cross

De Witt Chauncey, h 2d n College av

De Witt James, jailer, h r court-house

De WITT SUTHERLAND, agent Howard’s and U. S. expresses, h William, second N of 2d

Dewitt William H., h De Witt bet Church and Cross

De WITT WILLIAM P., gunsmith, ammunition dealer and locksmith, E Water opp Chemung Canal Bk.; h Conongue, second N of Cross

Dexter Aaron, h College av c Gray

Dexter John M., (Dexter & Elmore), h Gray c College av

DEXTER & ELMORE (John M. Dexter and Thaddeus W. Elmore), china, glass and earthenware and gas-fixtures, 50 Water

Dias Robert, laborer, h 2d, third ab Wisner

Dickins Viann, seamstress, h Jay, third E of Oak

Dickinson George S. (Barton & Dickinson), grocer, 8 Lake; h E Union n Lake

Dickinson Henry B., saddler, h Lake c 3d

Dickinson John W., R R agent, h E Union n Lake

Dildi James, laborer, h Hudson n S Lake

Dingleby William W., upholsterer, h Brainard house

Disbrow Noah, boot and shoemaker, h Main n 4th

Disney Thomas S., shoemaker, h Jay c Oak

Dittmar Henry, hairdresser, Delavan house

Diven Alexander, clerk, Elmira Blk, h Lake

Diven Alexander S., (Diven, Hathaway & Woods), h Willow Brook

Diven George M., law-student, h Willow Brook

DIVEN, HATHAWAY & WOODS (Alexander S. Diven, Samuel G. Hathaway, jr., & James L. Woods), lawyers, 57 Water

Dixon John, laborer, h Hatch, fourth N of 7th

Dobbins A. J., conductor, h 3d n Magee

Dohm Andrew, segar-maker, h Sullivan bet Cross & Church

Dohm John, carriage-maker, h Sullivan bet Cross & Church

Dolan Mary, h 1st n Wisner

Dolan Patsey, laborer, h Hatch 4th N of 6th

Donald A, cartman, h Mt. Zoar n Fulton

Donnell William P., h Magee n 3d

Donohue Andrew, laborer, h Oak n Clinton

Doran Michael, laborer, h Canal, fourth S of Washington av

Dorr David, blacksmith, h Sullivan, second S of Clinton

Dorr John, h Sullivan, second S of Clinton

Dorsen Patrick, laborer, h 1st c Wisner

Dorsey Charles, barber, h Lake c Baldwin

DOUNCE O. C. MRS., agent sewing machines, Church, second E of Davis

DOUNCE W. J., bookkeeper, h church, second E of Davis

Dower Joseph, shoemaker, h Hoffman n Village line

DOWLING JAMES H., baker, h on Canal c Gray

Dowling Laughlin, mason, h Fulton n Mt Zoar

Downey Robert, bartender, Brainard house

Doyle David T., tinsmith, h W Union, second N of 5th

Drake Andrew J. (A. J. & B. Drake), h Main, first S of 5th

Drake Asa, h Lake n 4th

Drake Benjamin (A. J. & B. Drake), h Main, first S of 5th

Drake Henry E., jeweller, h Lake c E 2d

Drake James, overseer, W and E R R engine house; h Davis, first N of 6th

Drake Norman B., carriage-maker, h Main, first S of 5th

DRAKE THEODORE M., baker, h on the Canal c Gray

DRAKE A. J. & B. (Andrew J. & Benjamin Drake), carriage-makers, Water, third E of R R

Drew Joseph, porter, h Lake opp 4th

Drew William, laborer, h 1st n Canal

Driscoll Mary, domestic, h De Witt n Cross

Droescher Albert R., hairdresser, h Church n R R

Drury Orlando a., salesman, h S Lake c Sly

Dubois Edward D., h Washington av n R R

Dudley James T., clerk, h Haight’s hotel

Dudley William L., clerk, h Water, first ab Wisner

Dumars Robert R. R. (Dumars, VanGelder & Paine), Elmira Daily Press, h Church, second E of College av

DUMARS, VAN GELDER & PAINE (Robert R. R. Dumars, Phineas C. Van Gelder & James H. Paine), props. Elmira Daily Press, Water c Lake

Dunbar Garrett R., painter, h William, third N of E 2d

Dundas William, woollen manuf., h Oak, first N of Factory

Dunker Louis, shoemaker, h Orchard n Cross

Dunlavy Mary Ann, weaver, h Factory, sixth E of Sullivan

Dunn Barney, machinist, h College av n 1st

Dunn Fannie S., dressmaker, h 46 Water

Dunn Helen, h college av c Church

Dunn Henry T., clerk, h Cross c William

Dunn James, tinsmith, h Columbia c Church

Dunn James, h college av c Church

DUNN JAMES (Dunn, Spaulding & Babcock), lawyer, Lake c Water; h Cross c William

Dunn Marilla, h Water, first W of Wisner

Dunn Sarah, h College av c Church

Dunn Thomas, h De Witt n Cross

DUNN THOMPSON, dry goods, boots and shoes and groceries, Lake c Water, and same (Pine Valley), and wood dealer, Cross c R R; h W Union c 4th

DUNN, SPAULDING & BABCOCK (James Dunn, Thomas S. Spaulding and Erastus F. Babcock), lawyers, Lake c Water

Dunn’s Block, Water opp Brainard house

Durbon Aurelia L., teacher, h Gray, second ab Davis

Durbon Julia C., teacher, h Gray, second ab Davis

Durbon Kingsley L., teacher, h Gray, second ab Davis

Durland Daniel, clerk, Gray n Baldwin

Dusenberry Eliza, wid. Sylvanus, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Duvay Margaret, h 2d, second W of the Canal

Dwyer Honora, domestic, h Main n 2d

Dyke William (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, third S of 5th

DYER MORGAN, agent, foundry, iron fence and agricultural implements, Water c Wisner; h S Water bet R R and S Main


Eaton James, hostler, bds William, third N of Church

EATON LEWIS, dentist, 51 Water; h Brainard house

Easton William H., peddler, h S Water n Fulton

Edmister George (Edmister & Lombard), National hotel

EDMISTER & LOMBARD (George Edmister and Horatio J. Lombard), proprietors National hotel

Edwards Henry B., foreman planing-mill, h Lake, third N of Clinton

Edwards Orrin, bootmaker, Water, second E Chemung Canal; h Water n Grove

Edwards Thomas C., fancy goods, Lake c Carroll; h Baldwin, third S of Church

Efner Sara M., teacher, Elmira Ladies’ Seminary

Egbert William, carpenter, h Columbia bet 1st and 2d

Egelston Egbert, cooper, h Ann c Sly

ELDRIDGE EDWIN, M. D., railroad contractor, 2 Brainard; h S Main, first S of the river

Eliason Julius (Eliason, Greener & Co.), h Cross, second E of Main

Eliason, Greener & Co., (Julius Eliason and Jacob Greener), piano-manuf’s and music-dealers, 51 Water

Elliott Henry W. druggist, 6 Union block; h William cor E 2d

Elliott M. Mrs., h Baldwin, first N of 5th

Ellis Daniel M., carriage-maker, Fox n Carroll; h Cross c Judson

Ellis Willis C., wagon-maker, h Sullivan bet Church and Cross

Ellison Elanson, laborer, h Lake, second N of Washington

Ells George, paper-carrier, h Church opp Gregg

Elmendorf George, painter, h Gray n Walnut

Elmendorf William, restaurant, 76 Water

ELMIRA BANK, Ely’s block c Carroll

Elmira and Canandaigua R R Depot, Wisner bet 3d and Clinton



Elmira Female College, S E c College and Washington av

ELMIRA GAS LIGHT CO., office Concert Hall block

Elmira Gas Works, E Water opp De Witt

ELMIRA HOTEL, John F. Mastin, proprietor, Water, first W of Chemung Canal

Elmira Ladies’ Seminary, Main n Third


Elmira Water Cure, S. O. Gleason & co., Factory E of Newtown creek


ELMIRA WEEKLY GAZETTE, office Lake c Carroll


Elmira Woollen Manufacturing Co., Factory E of Sullivan

Elmore David, gas-fitter, h S Water n S Main

Elmore Thaddeus W., (Dexter & Elmore), china, glass, and earthenware, 50 Water; h S Water W of S Main

Elore Alexander, fireman, h High cor E 2d

Elwell John, h 1st n Elm

Elwert Robert, fireman, h Forrest house

ELY ANSON C., cashier Elmira Bank and prop. Elmira Flour Mills, Water W of College av; h Main c Church

Ely’s Block, Baldwin bet Water and Cross

Ely’s Hall, Ely’s block

Enck Charles, barber, h American hotel

Evans Jacob, cabinet-maker, h Gray, third ab Columbia

EVANS SAMUEL, machinist and blacksmith, Cross, first E of R R; h Partridge, first E of S Main

Everson Charles, tailor, h Orchard, first N of Church

Everts John Sutton (Holden & Everts), grocer, 22 Water; h National hotel

EWING JAMES, carriage-maker, Cross c William; h Washington bet Cross and Church

Ewing Stephen, clerk, h Washington bet Cross and Church

Extein William, gardener, h High n Cross

Ezeski Joseph, boots and shoes, Lake n Cross; h Conongue bet Cross and Church


Fahr Peter, tanner, h E Union c Lake

Fairchild S., mechanic, h Franklin house

Fairman Charles G., editor Elmira Advertiser, h High, second N of Water

FAIRMAN SEYMOUR B. (Fairman & Co.), proprietor and editor Elmira Advertiser, 8 Lake; h Hudson, second E of Main

FAIRMAN & CO. (Seymour B. Fairman), proprietors Elmira Advertiser, 8 Lake

Fancher Sutherland, mason, h Washington bet Cross and John

Farley Christopher, watchman, h Perry c Clinton

Farnham E., h Gray, first bel Elm

Farnham George W., carriage-trimmer, h Harmon near Hudson

Farrel Charles S., teacher, h 4th c College av

Farrington John S., (Enos Spalding & Co.), grocer, 26 Lake; h Church c Columbia

Farrow John, express driver, h 5th c Columbia

Fassett Newton P., (Robertson & Fassett), lawyer, Ely’s block; h Church c Davis

FASSETT TRUMAN, livery stables, Cross bet Baldwin and Lake; h Baldwin, fourth N of Cross

Fay Cyrus, clerk, h 1st W of College av

Fay Julius W., carpenter, h 1st, first ab College av

Feaby John, h Henry n R R

Fenner Benjamin P., carpenter, Cross n Baldwin; h John c Orchard

Ferguson Alonzo B., carpenter, h W Union n 5th

Ferris M. H., agent, h Main c 4th

Ferris William, limeburner, h Washington av n R R

Fields Julia, waiter, Elmira hotel

Fifield George, brewer, h Baldwin c 3d

Finch A., ticket agent for N. Y. and E. and Williamsport and Elmira and Elmira and Canandaigua Railroads, h at Binghamton; bds Delevan house

Finch Edwin, saddler, h Broadway n Fulton

Finley William, boot and shoedealer, h Elmira hotel

Finn Edward, laborer, h 3d n College av

Finn Michael, tanner, h college av c 3d

Finnigan Ellen, wid. John, h High, second N of E 2d

Finnigan Thomas, peddler, h High, second N of E 2d

Fish Charles, tailor, h Ann n S Lake

Fisher A. F., peddler, h Columbia c Church

Fisher Cordelia, tailoress, h E Union c 2d

Fisher E. D., book and job printer, 12 Lake; h Wisner n R R depot

Fitch Arthur, clerk, h 1st, first W of Columbia

Fitch Lewis, produce-dealer, h Walnut c North

Fitch Lewis W., salesman, h 1st, first W of Columbia

FITCH M. P., wool-dealer, 4 Brainard block; h 6th c Davis

Fitzgerald Ann, wid. Francis, h E 3d, fourth N of High

Fitzgerald David, laborer, h E 3d, third E of High

Ftizgerald Frederick, farmer, h Hoffman n North

Fitzgerald Mary, h Hatch, second N of 5th

Fitzgerald Michael, factory-hand, h Factory, second E of Sullivan

Fitzgibbon Michael, laborer, h Wisner, fifth N of 5th

Fitzpatrick John, laborer, h Wisner, first S of 1st

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, fourth N of 5th

Fix Julius, segar-maker, h Water c Walnut

Flett James C., carman, h Sturgess n R R

Flinn Thomas, laborer, h Monroe n Chemung River

Flood Patrick H., physician, E Water bet Conongue and De Witt

Flynn James, law student, h Church, first E of Lake

Flynn Patrick, laborer, h E 3d, second E of High

Flynn Stephen, lumberman, h Canal, fifth S of Washington av

Ford Edward, clerk, h Water, first ab Wisner

FORSYTH A., house, sign, carriage and ornamental painter, Water, second W of Chemung Canal; h conongue bet E 2d and Clinton

Foster Jesse, farmer, h Water, opp race-course

Foster Luther C., teacher, h S Water n S Main

Foster Myron H., express-messenger, h Baldwin c 2d

Foster William, farmer, h Water opp race-course

Foster William W., carpenter, h Main n 4th

Fowler Nathaniel B. (Wines, Fowler & Co.), h at Bath

Fox Dana, h Church, fourth ab Columbia

Fox L. M., music-teacher, h college av bet 1st and 2d

Fraley Michael, laborer, h 3d, fifth ab Main

Fraley P., h Wisner, first S of 1st

Franklin House, Water c Main

Franklin Joseph, grocer, 5th cor Baldwin

Fraser Jefferson, patent agent, h S Water n R R

Fraser Olive, engraver, Lake c Carroll; h Water n S Main

Frasier F. A., later painter, h Main c 3d

Frede William, wool-scourer, h Factory, third E of Sullivan

Frederick Henry, h S Lake c Mt. Zoar

Freeborn Margaret, weaver, h Factory, sixth E of Sullivan

French Asa, mason, h S Water n S Main

French Edson M., medical student, h Water, first ab Davis

French Fanny, vestmaker, h Baldwin, fourth N of 5th

French George W., mason, h Lake opp 4th

French Horace C., clerk, h Water, second W of Davis

French James, shoemaker, h Carroll, first W of Lake

French James S., tax-collector, h Cross c Conongue

French Philip, tinsmith, E Water n Lake

French Philip (French & Northrup), grocer, Water c Basin; h Water, second W of Davis

FRENCH & NORTHRUP (Philip French and Ovid B. Northrup), grocers and provision dealers, Water c Basin

Frisbie Augustus, messenger, h Baldwin, 4th N of Church

Frost Jason, cooper, h Columbia n 5th

Fry Albert G., late farmer, h Oak, first N of E 2d

Fuller A. F., eating saloon, Wisner, fourth ab Water

Fuller John, miller, h Water, first ab College av

Fuller William, shoemaker, h Fulton n S Water

Ferguson William H., (McLafferty, Sackett & Co.), confectioner, 25 Lake; h Conongue, second N of Church

Furniss Andrew, spinner, h Factory, third E of Sullivan


Gabriel Benedict, patent rights, h Clinton c Davis

Gager Ann, dressmaker, 53 Water

Gahegan John G., gardener, h Perry, third N of E 2d

GALATIAN ANDREW B., justice of peace, 63 Water opp Brainard house, and prop’r Coldspring brewery, Water bet College av and Main; h 2d, third W of Main

Galatian Cornelia (F. & C. Galatian), 2d, first bel Main

Galatian Frances (F. & C. Galatian), 2d, first bel Main

Galatian F. & C. (Frances and Cornelia Galatian), 2d, first bel Main

Gallagher James, saloon, Wisner, third ab 2d

Gallagher James H., contractor, h 1st c Columbia

Gallagher Timothy, laborer, h Wisner, sixth N 5th

Galvin James, laborer, h 3d n College av

Gannon Thomas, shoemaker, h Cross n Orchard

Gardiner J. H. Mrs., h Lake n E 3d

Gardiner N. D., physician, Water E of Lake; h National hotel

Gardiner Nelson W., hats and caps, 17 Water; h Water c Davis

Gardner Amos, h N Oak n 5th

Gardner Chauncey W., clerk, h Lake c E Union

Garity Thomas, mason, h Baldwin, fifth S of Clinton

Garr Jacob, moulder, h Magee n Washington av

Garrett Truman, h church opp Gregg

Gates George, clerk, h Cross n Lake

Gates Whitney, mail-carrier, h Cross n Lake

Gearing Margaret, tailoress, h 1st c College av

Geary Michael, wool-puller, h E 3d n Oak

Geist Joseph, painter, h Hudson n Fulton

GEM HOTEL, Schnell & Baldwin, proprietors, Wisner opp depot

George Henry, tailor, h De Witt n Cross

Gepson Orvin, cooper, h Columbia c 4th

Gerow Hannah, wid. James, h 3d c W Union

Gibbard Philip, grocer, junction canals n Washington av

Gibbons K. Mrs., h Ann n S Lake

Gibbons Mary E., h Ann n S Lake

Gibbons Patrick, laborer, h 1st c Wisner

GIBBS LEVI, lawyer, 3 Water; h 1st, fourth W of College av

Gibson Allen, millwright, h Church, first bel Main

Gibson Lyman, late merchant, h Lake n 2d

GIBSON WILLIAM L., agent Stewart’s steam valve, and lumber-dealer, 6 Ely’s block; h Baldwin, first N of 2d

Gilbert Henry S. (Selorer & Gilbert, h Church bet Walnut and Grove

Gilbert Joseph C., barber, h 3d ab Main

Gilbert Stephen, sash and blindmaker, h S Main n Hudson

Giles H. A., printer, h National hotel

Giles William E., printer, h National hotel

Gill James, segar-maker, h American hotel

Gillett Charles E., conductor, h Delavan house

Gillett Louisa M., ass’t matron Elmira Female College

GILLETT SOLOMON L., Treasurer Elmira S Bank, h Church c Baldwin

Ginnane Bridget, wid. John, grocer, Wisner n 5th

GLADKE JACOB, clothier, 11 Water; h De Witt, third W of Cross

Gladke Joseph, clothier, h De Witt n John

Gleason Elmira, wid. Henry, h Church n College av

Gleason Silas O. (S. O. Gleason & Co.), Factory E of Newtown creek

Gleason S. O. & Co. (Silas O. Gleason, Marshall Hale and Fox Holden), Elmira Water Cure, Factory E of Newtown creek

Glenny Henry, tailor, Water c Lake; h S Main c Miller

Glines Merritt, conductor, h Delavan house

Godfrey John, pattern-maker, h National hotel

Gohring George E., tailor, h S Water n R R

Going Joseph, laborer, h Franklin n New Road

Goldsmith Benjamin, grocer, E Water n Conongue; h E Water opp Fox

Goldsmith George, bartender, h Forrest house

Goldsmith Margaret, wid. John, h 1 E Water c Monroe

Goldsmith Sarah, wid. Hiram, h Sullivan n Clinton

Goodell De Bruce, machinist, h S Water n S Main

Goodman William F. (col’d), whitewasher, Lake under Haight’s hotel; h 5th n N Oak

Goodrich Chauncey, blacksmith, h Gray n Davis

Goodrich John R., clerk, h 1st n College av

Goodwin A., teacher, h Columbia c 1st

Goodwin Francis, private watchman, h Canal, first N of 5th

Goreman Edward, engineer, h Magee, first S of Washington av

Gorther James (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, fourth S of 5th

Gorman Martin, laborer, h Perry, fourth N of E 3d

Gould Francis H., boring machine, h S Main c Henry

Gould John, carpenter, h 1st c Columbia

Goulden Joseph, cabinet-maker, h High, first N of Church

Grace Patrick, laborer, h E Water n High

Grady John, laborer, h 1st n Wisner

Grady Michael, laborer, h Wisner bet 1st and 2d

Grady Thomas, laborer, h 1st n Wisner

Granger Samuel, plough manuf., h Canal n 7th

Grant Albert (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin n 5th

Gray Charles, h Perry n 3d

GRAY P. WELLS, physician (homeopathic), 8 Ely’s block; h Water, third W of Main

Green Elnathan J., machinist, h Gray, first ab Columbia

Greener Jacob (Eliason, Greener & Co.), pianoforte-manuf., 51 Water; h Gray, second W of Baldwin

Gregg John H., h Conongue c John

Gregg John W., clerk, h Church bet Orchard and Washington

GREGG WILLIAM M., late sheriff, h E 2d c Sullivan

GREGG WILLIAM H., physician, 4 Water; h John cor De Witt

GREGG & COVELL (William H. Gregg and John D. Covell), druggists, 4 Water

Gregory Hiram, cartman, h 2d, first ab Davis

Gregory Margaret, dressmaker, h College av n Church

Gregory Oscar, carriage manuf., h College av n Church

Gridley Grandison A. (Gridley & Davenport), hardware, 7 Water; h S Water n S Lake

GRIDLEY & DAVENPORT (Grandison A. Gridley and Ephraim Davenport), hardware, stoves and tinware, 7 Water

Griffin Bradley, lumber-dealer, h Church n Columbia

Griffin Joanna, machine sewer, h Southport

Griffin John, blacksmith, h Partridge n S Lake

Griffin Margaret, h 1st n Wisner

Griffin Mary, wid. Thomas, h E Water bet High and Washington

Griffith Fleming R., wines and liquors, Carroll, third E of Baldwin; h Haight’s hotel

Griggs George W., carpenter, h Walnut n West Hill road

Grigg Richard, carpenter, h Hudson n R R

Griswold Giles, foreman shoe store, h Water n Walnut

Groves Louis (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson c 4th

Guinane Patrick, laborer, h Perry, fourth S of Clinton

Gumme Henry (Schwenke & Gumme), h Water c College av

Gunn Stephen J., segar-maker, h John bet Conongue and De Witt

Gusler John, shearer, h E 2d c High

Gusler William, shearer, h E 2d c High


Hackett Matthew, gigger h Church c Sullivan

Hackley Henry D., hardware, h Wisner, first ab Gray