Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 

McCullough Edwin L., spinner, h Factory, first E of Sullivan

McDonald Charles, laborer, h 6th c Wisner

McDonald Sandy, hostler, bds William, third N of Church

McDonald Stephen (McDonald & Palmer), h 1st, third W of Main

McDONALD & PALMER (Stephen McDonald and Edward H. Palmer), boots and shoes, 15 Water, and tanners, S terminus of Elmira and Southport bridge

McEnally Thomas, teamster, h Fulton c Franklin

McEnerny Michael, blacksmith, h John c Washington

McGraw Norah, domestic, h Main, first S of 5th

McGreevy Owen, livery-stable, Lake c Cross; h De Witt c Cross

McKEE THOMAS W., blacksmith, E Water n Fox; h Conongue n E Water

McKendrie Matilda, milliner, 6 Water

McKINNY ARTHUR, carriage-maker, upholsterer and harness-maker, Water, third E of R R; h Jay, fourth E of High

McLafferty Crandall (McLafferty, Sackett & Co.), h Baldwin, first S of Chemung hotel

McLAFFERTY, SACKETT & CO., (Crandall McLafferty, Caleb W. Sackett and William H. Fergurson), candy manufacturers, 25 Lake opp P. O.

McLaughlin Henrietta, tailoress, h S Water n R R

McLaughlin John, moulder, h Dickinson, fourth S of 4th

McLaughlin Silas H., moulder, h Church c Orchard

McMahon Bridget, h Hatch, second N of 6th

McMahon Jeremiah, grocer, Oak c Clinton

McMahon Michael, fireman, h Hatch, fourth N of 7th

McMahon Peter, shoemaker, h Wisner, third ab Water

McMann Daniel, laborer, h Wisner c 6th

McMann Dennis, laborer, h Hatch, third N of 7th

McManus James, laborer, h Baldwin, third S of 5th

McMurray W. M., book-agent, h Forrest house

McNamara James, laborer, h Canal, first S of 6th

McNamee Andrew, tanner, h Hudson n R R

McQuhae Azubah, wid. John, h Lake n Washington av

McVeil P. S. S., h W Union c 4th

McWhorter William, millwright, h Main n Henry

McWhorter William, steward Elmira hotel

McWilliams Daniel W., clerk, h Magee c Washington av

McWilliams J. A., conductor, h Magee cor Washington av

Machol Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 61 Water; h Water second E of gas-works

Mack Daniel, laborer, h Wisner, second N of 5th

Mack Martin, laborer, h 4th, fourth ab College av

Mack Mary, domestic, h Lake n Washington av

Mahoney Hannah, h Warren n Hudson

Mahoney Michael, laborer, h 3d, first bel College av

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Maley Bridget, seamstress, h 4th n Columbia

Mallicks George (col’d), waiter, h 1st n Canal

Mallory Philo, express, h Magee c 4th

Mallory Russell, fruit-peddler, h 4th, second ab College av

Malone John, laborer, h Magee, first N of 7th

Malone Martin, laborer, h Wisner n 1st

Maloney Ellen, domestic, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Maloney Joseph, h Wisner n 1st

Maloney Margaret, h Wisner n 1st

MANCHESTER GEORGE O., lawyer, 53 Water; h Main, second S of Gray

Manderville James, mason, h Jay, third W of Oak

Mandeville Hannah, h High n Cross

Mandeville Kate, h High n Cross

Maney James, laborer, h Hatch, fifth N of 7th

Manix Morris, fireman, h 3d, sixth ab Main

Mann Mary Ann, dressmaker, 46 Water

Manns Patrick, laborer, h 3d, fourth from College av

Marlette P. W., baggage-master, h Delevan h

Marsh Aaron T., clerk, h Church, third ab Columbia

Marsh M. H., late grocer, h Wisner c 5th

MARSH S., dealer in real estate, Gray, third W of R R

MARSH WASHINGTON, house, sign, carriage and ornamental painter, 5 Union block; h Conongue, third N of Church

Marshall Addie, h Water, first ab Walnut

Marshall Josepha, h Water, first ab Walnut

Marshall Mary, h Water, first ab Walnut

Marstin Abraham, hotel, h S Main n Henry

Marion W. A., upholsterer, h Main n 5th

Marvin Andrew J. (Thos. A. Sedgwick & Co.), iron-founder, Washington bet Court and Henry; h Western hotel

Mason Eunice, wid. William, tailoress, h W Union c 6th

Mason G. W. Mrs., h Water, sixth ab Columbia

Mastin Abraham, clerk Elmira hotel

MASTIN JOHN F., Elmira hotel

Mathews Henry E., h Washington, second S of E 2d

Mathews Isabella, wid. Henry H., h Washington, third N of Church

Matthews M. B., teamster, h Hudson n S Main

Mauris J. F., saloon, 2d, third W of the Canal

Mauterstoc William, butcher, h E 2d, fourth E of High

Maxwell Edward, agent Williamsport and Elmira R. R., freight office; h College av bet Gray and Church

Maxwell Hector I., freight agent, h Gray c College av

Maxwell Samuel, piano-maker, h Washington bet Cross and John

MAXWELL THOMAS, lawyer, Ann n S Lake; h S Lake n Ann

Maxwell Wm. H., contractor, h De Witt bet Cross and John

Maxwell Zerviah, wid. William, h Lake n Washington av

Mayberry Saml. J., bartender, h 11 Lake

Maynard Thomas, blacksmith, h Columbia n 1st

Mead Isaac, millwright, h Water c Elm

Mead Lenna, wid. Stephen, h Orchard bet Cross and Church

Mead Peter B., cabinet-maker, h Sullivan c Church

Meddaugh Andrew, boatman, h Columbia n 5th

Mehan Michael, tobacconist, h River n S Water

Melix Adam (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson c 5th

Melix Samson (col’d) laborer, h Lake, fourth N of 4th

Merrill Albert, porter Delavan house

Merrill Rensselaer, h Delavan house

Merriam William, upholsterer, h Gray c Columbia

Merrill Edgar C. (E. C. Merrill & Co.), Delavan house, Wisner opp depot

Merrill George, clerk, Delavan house

Merrill R. Mrs. (E. C. Merrill & Co.), Delavan house, Wisner opp depot

MERRILL E. C. & CO., (Edgar C. and Mrs. R. Merrill), Delavan house, Wisner opp depot

MERWIN WAKEMAN, harness, saddles and trunks, 49 Water; h Washington bet Cross and Church

Metzgar Daniel, carpenter, h Gray, second ab College av

Meyer Joseph (J. Meyer & Co.), dry goods, 46 Water; h Lake c 2d

Meyer Morris, clerk, h Lake c 2d

MEYER J. & CO. (Joseph Meyer and Joseph Rosenbaum), dry goods, 46 Water

Miles Elizabeth, h Gray c Columbia

Miles Nathan, clerk, h American hotel

Millard Carroll A., engineer, h College av, first N of 4th

Millard M. G. Mrs., h College av, first N of 4th

Millen Anvernett, h Water n Elm

Miller Charles, porter, American hotel

Miller David, mechanic, h Franklin house

Miller E. L., dressmaker, Water, third ab Wisner; h do

Miller Franklin (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, third N of 4th

Miller James L., sash and blindmaker, h 2d, second ab Wisner

Miller Lydia A., wid. John, h E Water n High

Miller Mary, wid Henry, h E Water n High

Miller Robert, miller, h Baldwin S of Cross

Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h S Water n Fulton

Miller Susan, milliner, h 59 Water

Miller William, cooper, h 6th, first W of Columbia

Milliken Joseph, cooper, h William, fourth S of Clinton

Millins Henry E. (H. E. Millins & co.), h Water, first ab Wisner

MILLINS H. E. & CO. (Henry E. Millins and William A. Kingsbury), groceries and provisions, Water bet Wisner and Main

Mills Richard, pattern-maker, h College av c 5th

Minier Abram, late lumberman, h Mt. Zoar n Fulton

Minier Fleming, clerk, h Baldwin c 2d

Minier Solomon, h High bet Church and Cross

Mitchell Jerome, horse-dealer, h Washington n Water

Mitchells John, teamster, h Orchard bet Cross and John

Mitchells Miles, pump-borer, h Orchard bet Cross and John

Moffit William, carpenter, h College av n Water

Moloney John, laborer, h Perry, third S of Clinton

Moloney Patrick, welldigger, h John n Washington

Monks James, grocer, 4th c Baldwin

Monroe G. P., bookkeeper, h Elmira hotel

Moody Jacob, h Monroe, bet E Water and Chemung River

Moody Martin, Rev., h Gray, first ab Main

Moody Samuel, clerk, h Munroe n Water

Moonan Christopher, grocer, Hatch c 7th

Moore Michael, laborer, h Franklin n New rd

Moore Sophia, h Ann n S Lake

Morell William H., civil engineer, h Haight’s hotel

Morgan Peter, boatman, h Baldwin, fourth N of 5th

Morris John, laborer, h Main, first N of 5th

Morris Richard, grocer, 2d, junction E Union and Baldwin

MORSE JOSEPH O., baker, h Columbia c 2d

Morse Martha, h Main, second N of 2d

MORSE R., physician, Clinton c Columbia

Mortimer Mary, assistant principal Elmira Ladies’ Seminary

Moscow Charles, musician, h Church, second E of Wisner

Mott Bernard H., h Baldwin, second N of Cross

MOULTON WILLIAM J., photographer, 20 Water; h William, second N of E 3d

Mower S. Mrs., tailoress, h College av, second N of 2d

Mowry D. C. (Mowry & Townsend), h Water c Main

MOWRY & TOWNSEND (D. C. Mowry and A. S. Townsend), Franklin house, Water c Main

Muller William T. L., h Sullivan c E 2d

Munroe James, sawmaker, h Gray c Grove

Munroe Nancy, widow, h S Lake n Mt. Zoar

Munroe Reuben, carpenter, h Gray c Grove

Munroe Robert, carpenter, h Gray c Grove

Munson Edwin, carpenter, h 1st c Columbia

Munson Joseph, broker, h Clinton c W Union

Murdoch David Rev., h William, third N of E 2d

Murdock John (Smith & Murdock), lawyer, h Church c College av

Murdock Luther N., sashes and blinds, Water n Main; h Main, first S of 6th

Murgatroyd John, shoemaker, h Orchard bet Cross and Church

Murphy Anderson (col’d), porter, h Baldwin, first N of 4th

Murphy Charles, tobacco peddler, h National hotel

Murphy Joseph, fireman, h Main, second N of Washington av

Murphy Michael, servant, h Lake n Washington av

Murphy Owen, engine-wiper, h Main, second N of Washington av

Murphy Patrick, car-cleaner, h 1st, third ab Wisner

Murphy William E., clerk, h Franklin n S Lake

Murray Alexander, gardener, h Mt. Zoar n Fulton

Murray John, clerk, h High n Water

Murray Morris, laborer, h Canal c Washington av

Murray Robert, clerk, h Church, second W of Wisner

Murray T. L., machinist, h Mt. Zoar n Fulton

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h High, third N of E 2d

Murray William, tinsmith, h Columbia c Church

Musgrave A. M. Mrs., h Gray, first ab College av

Musgrave Hathaway, clerk, h Gray n College av

Myers George, furniture finisher, h Church n Washington

Myers George W., car-builder, h College av n 5th

Myers Jacob, lager beer saloon, Wisner c 2d

Myers John, laborer, h Dickinson c 4th

Myers Sarah, washerwoman, Carroll n Lake

Myers Williet, chairmaker, h Cross n Harriet


NAEFE WILLIAM, lager beer saloon, E Water bet Lake and Fox

NATIONAL HOTEL, Baldwin c Cross

Nelson Alexander (Nelson & Kniffin), h De Witt c Church

Nelson E. B., patent agent, h Church, fourth bel Davis

Nelson & Kniffin (Alexander Nelson and Dennis D. Kniffin), tobacconists, 26 Water

Newman Abraham, tailor, h Orchard n Cross

Newton Louisa, h Lake, fifth N of 4th

Newton Squire, h Main c 3d

New Cemetery, bet 2d and 3d and College av

N.Y & E. R. R. Car Shop, 5th c Hatch

N. Y. & E. R. R. Depot, Wisner bet 3d and Clinton

N. Y. & E. R. R. Engine House, Wisner opp 3d

N. Y. & E. R. R. Freight office, R R c 5th

N. Y. & E. R. R. Machine Shop, E of Wisner opp 3d

Nicholson John, carpenter, h Gray, second ab Columbia

Nicholson Ralph, peddler, h High, second S of E 2d

Nickerson Eli, carpenter, h Carroll, bet Lake and Baldwin

Nicks John J., tobacconist, 1 Union block; h Main c 2d

Nihoof John, laborer, h R R c Cross

Noble William, h 1st, third ab College av

Nocken Ellen M., h 1st, second E of Wisner

NORMAN JOHN G., blacksmith, Fox, third S Cross; h Church c Orchard

Norman Mary A., wid. Prentice, h Sullivan bet Church and Cross

North Norris L., clerk, h Gray n College av

North Theodore (North & Parker), lawyer, surrogate, and county judge, 59 Water; h Water, second W of Columbia

NORTH & PARKER (Theodore North and Charles E. Parker), lawyers, 59 Water

Northrup Charles A., butcher, 78 Water; h Water W of Hoffman

Northrup G. Egbert, carpenter, h S Water n S Main

Northrup Ovid B. (French & Northrup), h Gray, first W of Davis

Norton Charles H., brakesman, h 2d, third bel College av

Norton Norman R., freight transferer, h 2d c College av

Norton Philando, ticket agt., h Church, first ab Columbia

Nott Albert, milk depot, Baldwin c Cross

Nott George E., farmer, h Lake c Sullivan

Noyes C. D., butcher, h 2d, third ab Main

Nye George M., h Main c 2d


O’Brien Edward, laborer, h Hatch c 5th

O’Brien Humphrey, mason, h S Water n Harmon

O’Brien Jeremiah, laborer, h Fulton n S Water

O’Brien John, marble worker, h Cross bet Washington and Orchard

O’Brien John, mason, h S Water n Harmon

O’Brien Thomas, cartman, h 1st c Davis

O’Conner Daniel, laborer, h Elm n S Main

Odell Abraham, mason, h Magee, second S of 6th

Odell Isaac, mason, h 5th, second E of Columbia

Odey Mary, h Henry bet S Main and R R

O’Donnell John, shoemaker, Wisner, third ab Water

O’Donnell Matthew, laborer, h Wisner c 6th

O’Driscoll Daniel, laborer, h John n village line

O’FLAHERTY THOMAS, Rev., N E c Cross and High

Ogden William, druggist, 18 Water; h Lake, third N of E 2d

O’Keefe Patrick, laborer, h E R R n Mt. Zoar

O’Keefe Thomas, laborer, h E R R n Franklin

Oliver Edward, clerk, h High n John

Olivey William, tailor, h Washington n Water

Olivier Louis, teacher languages, h Church, second ab College av

Ohmsted Samuel S., cabinet-maker, h William n Clinton

O’Maher James, hotel, Wisner n 2d

O’Neill William, engineer, h Magee n 5th

Ontario House, Wisner c 2d

O’Regan John, laborer, h High c E 3d

O’Ryan Anthony, trackman, h Wisner, fifth N of 5th

O’Ryan Thomas, trackman, h Wisner, fifth N of 5th

Ortner Andrew, late brewer, h village line n E Water

Osborne Hezekiah R., musician, h William c E 3d

Osmer J. H., lawyer, Fulton n Mt. Zoar

OSSOWSKI SOLOMON, hardware, stoves, and tinware, 47 Water; h William n E 3d

OTIS JAMES, professor of music, 10 Lake; h Orchard bet Church and Cross

Outram John, horse shoes, h Water, seventh W of Tannery

Owens Richard, weaver, h Factory, first E of Sullivan


Pagett John (Pagett & Haight), h Water c Wisner

Pagett William (W. Pagett & Co.), tanner, h Factory eighth E of Sullivan

PAGETT & HAIGHT (John Pagett and Leonard Haight), hides, oil and leather, and findings, Water c Wisner

Pagett W. & Co. (William Pagett, Thomas Jones, and D. R. Pratt), tanners, factory E of Newtown creek

Paine James H. (Dumars, Van Gelder, & Paine), Elmira Daily Press; h Haight’s hotel

PALMER ALLEN, grocer, Wisner c 2d; h third W of Wisner

Palmer Edward H. (McDonald & Palmer), h S Lake c S Water

Palmer George W., carpenter, Cross n Baldwin; h Gray, first E of Elm

Palmer John, cooper, Wisner bet 4th and 5th; h College Wisner bet 5th and 6th

Palmer Martin W., blacksmith, h Gray c Walnut

PALMER ORSON W., lawyer, insurance agent and (Post & Palmer) dealer in real estate, 7 Water; h Church, third E of Davis

Palmer Sarah, dressmaker, 11 Water

Palmeter M. C., shoemaker, h National hotel

Palmer Martin W., blacksmith, Water E of Wisner; h Walnut c Gray

Palmer O. W., lawyer, h Church, fifth ab Columbia

Palta Joseph, peddler, h De Witt n Church

Paltisohn Palta, peddler, h De Witt n Church

Parish Charles, cooper, h Jay, fifth E of High

Parish William, cooper, h Jay, second W of Oak

PARKER CHARLES C., blacksmith, h Main S of 3d

Parker Charles E., (North and Parker), lawyer, h Water second W of Columbia

Parmenter Edward L. (Parmenter & Whiton), h Baldwin second S of 2d

Parmenter John, h Water n Main

PARMENTER & WHITON (Edward L. Parmenter and George L. Whiton), flouring mill, basin r Brainard bl’k

Parsons George W., conductor, h 4th c Magee

Parsons Granville D., express messenger, h Orchard c Cross

Parsons Theodore S., painter, h 2d, fourth bel College av

Partridge H. M. (Hatch & Partridge), h Lake, first N of Church

Partridge Samuel, h Lake, second S of Church

Patrick Orlando, foundryman, h Wisner n Gray

Patterson James, spile driver, h Lake fifth N of 4th

Patterson Thomas, butcher, h Baldwin

Pattinson Rebecca, h Ann n S Lake

Pattinson Thomas S., butcher, Baldwin S of Front; h Baldwin opp Gray

Pautz Charles, umbrella maker, h 5th n N Oak

Payne Alfred (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, second N of 4th

Peabody David, dentist, 10 Water; h Munroe S of Water

Pease Salmon D., farmer, h College av ab North

Pechner Isadore, cutter, h De Witt, second N of John

Peck John A., painter, h Water opp race-course

Pedner Isadore, clothing, h De Witt n John

Pelham Henry, carpenter, h W Union n 3d

Pelham Isaac, carpenter, h W Union n 3d

Pelton Aaron, express mess., h Magee c 4th

Pennell Robert, h fourth ab Columbia

Penney George, car-builder, h College av, first S of 6th

Percival Thomas, blacksmith, h Hudson n S Main

Perine Robert H., farmer, h S Lake n village line

Perry Ann K., h Water bet Lake and Fox

Perry Anna, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Perry Elizabeth, wid Guy N., h Cross and Lake

PERRY JOHN K., (Thomas and John K. Perry), h Water W of Fox

PERRY THOMAS & JOHN K., druggists, 20 Water; h Brainard h

Perry Thomas, 2d Clerk, h Cross n Lake

Perry William, clerk, h Water bet Lake and Fox

Peters John, liquor agent, h Elmira hotel

Peters Thaddeus, travelling agent, h Gray c Walnut

Peterson Robert, tanner, 17 Carroll

Pettengill John T., laborer, h Washington av c Hatch

Pettengill Milton, fireman, h Forrest house

Pettit Charles, clerk, h Water, first W of R R

Phelps Frank, h Water c Davis

Phillips Elias C., clerk, h Water c Walnut

Phillips Mary M., h Haight’s hotel

Phillips William H., lumber-dealer, Lake c Carroll; h Haight’s hotel

Pickering Benjamin, h High n Water

Pickering Carlton, clerk, h High n Water

PICKERING DANIEL F., dry goods and fancy store, 19 Lake; h High bet John and Water

Pickering Edmund, carpenter, h Church c William

Pickering James, dentist, h Church c William

PICKERING JOHN (Pickering & Terry), carpenter and builder, Main n 1st; h Church c William

PICKERING JOSIAH, grocer and provision dealer, 16 Lake; h High n Water

Pickering Josiah, jr., clerk, h High n Water

PICKERING & TERRY (John Pickering & John K. Terry), carpenters and builders, Main n 1st

Pierce Beriah N., lawyer, h National hotel

Pierce Peter, farmer, h Church bet Washington and Orchard

Pierce Jason, lawyer, h New Road n Franklin

Pitcher H. F., carriage painter, h National hotel

Plate Hannah, h 31 Lake

Plato Marcus R., clerk, h Main, second from Gray

Platt Minerva, h College av n Water

Plum Hiram A., carpenter and builder, Columbia bet Church and Gray

Plumsted S. M., tailoress, h Clinton c W Union

Pool John, fireman, h Columbia, first S of 6th

Poole Thomas, laborer, h Spring n Water

Post Alaski S., conductor W and E R R, h Main c 5th

Post David (Post & Palmer), real estate, h S Main c S Water

Post Gabriel, conductor, h Main c 5th

Post Jacob, brakesman, h Forrest house

Post James H., brakesman, h Main c 5th

Post Office, Lake c Carroll

Post & Palmer (David Post and Orson W. Palmer), dealers in real estate, 7 Water

Potter Albert M., dentist, h S Water n R R

Potter Crans T., livery stable, Carroll, first E of Post-office; h William, third N of Church

Potter Elizabeth, wid. Henry, boarding, h 17 Carroll

Potter Henry, machinist, h 17 Carroll

Potter Isaiah, clerk, h Main bet 1st and 2d

Potter William, portrait painter, 17 Carroll

Potts Adeline R., dressmaker, h Ann n Sly

Powell Cornelius, brickmaker, h Elm n S Lake

Powell John, brickmaker, h Orchard, first S of E 2d

Powell John, laborer, h 4th, third ab College av

Powell John C., mason, h Jay, second E of High

Powell Martin, brickmaker, h Orchard, first S of E 2d

Powell Martin, laborer, h Henry n R R

Powell Martin, laborer, E Water bet Lake and Fox

Powell Michael, laborer, h Washington, second S of E 2d

Powell Michael, laborer, h 2d n Canal

Powell Patrick, laborer, h E 2d, first W of Oak

Powell R. L., engineer, h Magee bet 6th and 7th

Prall J. H. R., carpenter, h College av, first N of 4th

Pratt B. W., h 2d, third above Main

Pratt Benjamin H., dentist, 51 Water; h 2d c College av

Pratt Daniel (D. & R. Pratt), agent, h Lake c 3d

Pratt Daniel R. (W. Pagett & Co.,), tanner, Factory E of Newtown creek; h Lake

Pratt Leander, engineer, h Main n Water

Pratt Ransom (D. & R. Pratt), agent Elmira Wool Factory; h William bet E 2d and Church

Pratt Timothy, clerk, h Cross n Main

Pratt D. & R. (Daniel & Ransom Pratt), agents Elmira woollen factory, Factory E of Sullivan

Prescott Joseph, clerk, h Haight’s hotel

Prescott William H., painter, h Washington bet Cross and John

PRESWICK CHRISTOPHER, bookseller and stationer, 16 Water; h S Water c S Main

Price John (col’d), hairdresser, Water, first W of Elmira hotel

Priest Mary C., tailoress, h Cross n Lake

Prime Alcimi, tailoress, h 1st, first ab Wisner

Pross Joseph, tanner, h S Water n Harmon

Pue Benjamin, (col’d), laborer, h 5th c Baldwin

Percel John, stableman, h De Witt bet Cross and Church

Purcell Robert, h Spring n Water

Purdy Fanny L., wid. Dr. Jotham, h Baldwin c Cross

PURDY HENRY H., physician, Baldwin c Cross

Purdy William H., clerk, h Baldwin n Cross

Purdy William H., late dry goods, h Haight’s hotel

Purtil Joanna, h Hatch, fourth N of 7th

Putnam George, carpenter, h 5th n College av

Putnam Phebe E., preceptress, Elmira Female College

Putney Jedediah, fireman, h College av n 3d


Racklyeft Emma (Holland & Racklyeft), milliner, 18 Water; h Conongue n Cross

Ralph George (Bevier, Briggs & Co.), malster and brewer, h 1st, second W of Main

Ramsdell Frederick D., clerk, h Lake bet Church and Cross

Ramsdell Kate, teacher, h Sullivan and Jay

Ramsdell Lyman, h Sullivan and Jay

RANDALL JAMES B., hats, caps, and furs, merchant tailor and clothier, 6 Water; h Water W of Walnut

Randall John, lumber-dealer, h Baldwin, second S of 2d

Ransom Jonathan (Wines, Fowler & Co.), china, glass, and earthenware, 2 Lake; h at Poughkeepsie

RANSOM REUBEN H., lawyer, 59 Water; h Water, sixth W of Walnut

Rapelye C., h Water, third above Columbia

Rathbun Henry W., h 1st, third ab Main

Rathbun John H., clerk, h Lake c E 3d

RATHBUN JOHN T., 32 Water; h Lake c E 3d

Raymond Henry, cigar-maker, h National hotel

Read Charles, engineer, h Gray, third ab Wisner

Read John (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson c 5th

READ VIRGIL B., storage, forwarding, and com. merchant, and produce dealer, Canal basin r Union Block; h Church, third W of College av

Real George, laborer, h Columbia n 5th

Real John, h Columbia n 5th

Reading P. B., boarding, h Wisner 1st

Redfield Calvin, clerk, h Henry W of Herman

Redfield J. C., Forest house, Wisner n 3d

Redfield J. E., sup’t Williamsport and Elmira R. R, h W Union c 5th

Redfield James, blacksmith, h E Water n Lake

Redfield Matilda, h Henry n Fulton

Reed Charles B., carpenter, h Hudson n R R

Reed Elbridge G., laborer, h Church c Davis

REEDER HENRY, bookkeeper, Haight’s hotel

REEDER LAURIN T., bartender, Haight’s hotel

Reeder Robert (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin c 3d

REEDER WILLIAM T., prop. Haight’s hotel, Lake cor Cross

Rees John W., carpenter, h Sullivan bet Church and Cross

Reeve Fannie, wid. James, h Main n 4th

Regan Daniel, peddler, h Franklin house

Regan John, plumber, h Water, third ab Wisner

Reilly Kate, domestic, h Cross c High

Reniff Abisha B., grocer and provision dealer, Water cor Wisner; h Herman n S Water

Retz Adam, brickmaker, h E 3d, first W of Oak

Reynolds Addison G., constable, h Hudson, n R R

REYNOLDS DAVID D., groceries, provisions, fruits, and yankee notions, 21 Lake; h Baldwin c Gray

Reynolds Gardner G., salesman, h Lake n 3d

Reynolds J. S., clerk, h Hudson bet S Lake and R R

Reynolds Isaac H., clerk, h S Water n River

Reynolds Israel, mason, h Gray n Walnut

REYNOLDS JOHN A., physician, Baldwin c Gray

Reynolds Nathan, farmer, h Lake bet Church and E 2d

REYNOLDS PETER H., physician, Church c Baldwin

REYNOLDS RALPH, hairdresser, Lake c Carroll; h Lake opp Fourth

Reynolds Saml. N. (Baldwin & Reynolds), h S Water n S Lake

Reynolds William, h Baldwin c Gray

Reynolds William, h Wisner, fifth ab 2d

Reynolds Schuyler C. (King & Reynolds), h Main c 2d

Rhamp William, segar-maker, h 1st n Columbia

Rhoades William C., prison insp., h Haight’s hotel

Rianhard George, millwright, h Henry n R R

RICE D. O., grocer and provisions, Church c Wisner; h second W of Wisner

Rice Remick C., (Hamlin & Rice), h Cross, second E of Main

Richards George, barber, h Church, second E of Wisner

Richards George M., baker, h Lake, second S of Haight’s h

RICHARDS HENRY H., grocer, confectioner, and fruit dealer, Lake, second S of Haight’s h

Richards Henry H., Mrs., baker, W side Lake, second S of Haight’s h

Richardson Miss, private school, W Union, second ab 3d

Richardson John, shoemaker, h Buttonwood

RICHARDSON MICHAEL, dry goods, 5 Union block; h Church, third E of Columbia

Richardt G. H., hairdresser, Holden block; h Church n R R

Rickets Josephus, real estate broker, h Church n Davis

Rider George, peddler, h Columbia c Church

Rider Sarah, h Lake adj boundary line

Riggs Joseph L., book agt., h Water, second ab Elm

Riker Samuel, paper-hanger, h Baldwin third N of Church

Riley John, carpenter, h S Water n Harmon

Riley Martin, restaurant, Carroll, first E of Baldwin

Rinker Elias, shoemaker, h Cross, second W of Washington

Ripley Piram B., peddler, h Columbia bet 1st and 2d

Ritchison Charles (col’d), axe-maker, h E Water opp Monroe

Ritter Frederick, patent office, Washington, D. C., h College av c Washington av

Ritter Frederick, jr., student, h College av c Washington av

Roads Harvey, laborer, h S Lake n R R

Roberts E., h Elmira hotel

Roberts E. M., principal Young Men’s Seminary, William, fourth north of Church

Roberts Edward D., butcher, h E second opp Orchard

Roberts Henry S., blacksmith, h Orchard n Cross

Roberts James, teamster, h Jay, second E of High