Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 
Roberts Isaac, carman, h Oak N of Washington av

ROBERTS WILLIAM, dyer, Water, first E of Chemung canal; h Water n Main

Roberts William, moulder, h E 2d, fourth E of High

Robertson Archibald (Robertson & Fassett), h Fulton n S Elm and Mt. Zoar

Robertson & Fassett (Archibald Robertson and Newton P. Fassett), lawyers, Ely’s block

ROBINSON JOHN M., cabinet-maker, upholsterer and undertaker, Lake, second S of Cross; h William, third N of Cross

Robinson Lucius, lawyer, Ann n village line

Robinson Newell, butcher, h S Lake c S Water

ROBINSON NOAH H., boot and shoe dealer and insurance agt, 28 Water; h Lake, second S of E 3d

Robinson Orrin, insurange agt., 22 Lake; h Ann n village line

Robinson William H., clerk, h William, second N of Cross

Robjohn William, piano-maker, h Gray, fourth W of Wisner

Roche John, axe-grinder, h Dickinson, fifth N of Clinton

Rockwell Orville, traveling agt., h 1st n Columbia

Rockwell Silas, h Oorchard, second S E 2d

Roe E. D., farmer, h College av n village line

Roe John C., h Main c 2d

Roe William F., prof. college, h College av n North

Roffee Edson M., dentist, h Lake c Clinton

Rogers Charles, farmer, h William, first N of Cross

Rogers Chas H. (col’d), porter, h William, second from Cross

Rogers George, farmer, h William, first N of Cross

Rogers George W., h Church c Elm

Rogers Jonathan H., butecher and provision dealer, 6 Lake; h Water, bet Lake and R R, Southport

Rogers Patrick, laborer, h Canal n Church

Rogers Peter, stonecutter, h Fulton n S Water

Rogers Stephen, porter, h E Water bet Lake and Fox

Rohan Martin, laborer, h S Lake n Elm

Roll M. L., clerk hotel, h College av n 3d

Rolley Nimrod, mason, h Mt. Zoar n Fulton

Romie Anthony, tailor, h Wisner; fifth ab Water

Roof John J., traveling agt., h Water, fourth ab Walnut

Roonan Patrick, tobacconist, h E Water opp Monroe

Roosa Augustus P., salesman, h 3d bet Mainn and Wisner

Roosa Elizabeth, h Water, second ab Elm

ROOSA JOHN L., bookkeeper, Brainard house

Rorick Samuel, flour and feed, Junction Canal Lock house

Rose George, h Cross c Washington

Rose John D., late grocer, h Water n Elm

Rose Lewis, blacksmith, h Orchard, first N of Church

Rose Smith D., blacksmith, h Cross n Sullivan

Rose Stephen, clerk, h Main n 4th

Rose Stephen, jr., clerk, h Main, third of S 5th

Rose William J., carriage-maker, E Water c Fox; h Conongue n E Water

Rosebrook Emory, contractor, h 2d n Lake

Rosenbaum Joseph (J. Meyer & Co.), h Lake c 2d

Rosenthal Moses, peddler, John c High

Ross Samuel Rev., h Church c Walnut

Rowley James, carpenter, h West hill rd n village line

Rurick John, farmer, h Grove n Water

Russell Benjamin, harness-maker, h Hudson n S Lake

Russell David, calker, h S Lake c Ann

Russell Orrin, carpenter, h Wisner c 7th

Rutter William, supt. car shop, h Clinton bet College av and Columbia

Rutter William E., supt. car repairs, N Y & E R R, h Clinton bet College av

and Columbia

Ryan Joanna, h Wisner, first above Water

Ryan John, laborer, h 6th, first W of Davis

Ryan John, hostler, h William n Church

Ryan John, wagon-maker, h William c E 3d


Sackett Caleb W. (McLafferty, Sackett & Co.), h Water, first E of Gas Works

SACKETT RICHARD, pump-manuf., E Water, E of Fox; h E Water c De Witt

SADLER TIMOTHY, butcher, Lake opp Haight’s hotel; h S Water first E of Lake street bridge

St. John Hiram, shoemaker, h College av n Water

Salmon Daniel, gardener, h Washington n John

Salmon Louisa, h Orchard bet Cross and Church

Salmon Patrick, laborer, h Orchard cor E 2d

Salner Israel, peddler, h De Witt n Church

Samels A., dry goods, h National hotel

Sampson John M., driver, h Lake second N of Fourth

Samuel Albert (Louis Straus & Co.), h National hotel

Sanders Wayland M., teacher music, h Church fifth ab Columbia

Sanderson Charlotte, h Water n Grove

Saterlee Albert S., clerk, Gray n Baldwin

Saterlee Elias, clerk, h Gray n Baldwin

Saterlee Elizabeth, wid. Elias, h Gray n Baldwin

Savey Matthew, farmer, h New Road n Franklin

Savey Stephen, laborer, h Mt. Zoar n Broadway

Sayles Henry, physician, Baldwin n Cross

Scales Nathaniel, bootmaker, h Hudson n S Lake

SCARDEFIELD GEORGE W., gilder and picture-frame manuf., Carroll first W of Lake

Schaffner Louis, keeper in Sing Sing prison, h Second first bel College av

Scharf Edward, butcher, h E 3d, fourth E of High

Schidley Ernst, piano-maker, h Clinton, first E of Baldwin

Schlutter Ernst, piano-maker h Wisner, fifth ab Water

Schnell T. M. (Schnell & Baldwin), Gem hotel, Wisner opp depot

SCHNELL & BALDWIN (T. M. Schnell and William I. Baldwin), Gem hotel and restaurant, Wisner opp depot

Schoeball Charles, butcher, h Oak cor 5th

School Commissioners’ Office, Ely’s block

Schusdler William J., shoemaker, h E Union n Lake

Schwartz Fabian, hrdware, h William, fifth N of E 3d

Schwarz Frederick, salesman, h William n E 3d

Schwenke Christiana, h Water cor College av

Schwenke Frederick (Schwenke & Grumme), furniture, Water cor Main; h Water cor College av

SCHWENKE & GRUMME (Frederick Schwenke and Henry Grumme), furniture and upholstering and picture frames, Water cor Main

SCOFIELD LEWIS D., toll-collector, Main st. bridge, h S Main n bridge

Scofield S. R., sup’t public schools, h Church n Grove

Scott Aaron, restaurant, Water c Baldwin; h College av second ab Water

Scott A. M., sash and blind maker, h Fifth c Davis

Scott E. A., nursery and real estate agt, Lake c Water; h Fourth n Davis

Scott Harrison, saloon, h College av n Water

Scott Merritt L., sash and blindmaker, h Mount Zoar n Fulton

Searles Anna M., teacher of Music, Elmira Female College

Searles John, butcher, h S Main n Hudson

Sebarsky Abraham, clothier, 3 E Water; h De Witt bet Church and Cross

Secor David R., tobacconist, h High, second N of Church

Sedgwick Thomas A (Thos. A. Sedgwick & Co.), h Oak at foot Prospect Hill

Sedgwick Thomas A. & Co. (Thomas A. Sedgwick, Paul Turner, and Andrew J. Marvin), Empire Iron Works, Washington bet Court and Henry

See Charles, carpenter, h 2d, third E of Wisner

See James L., piano-forte key maker, h Church, second W of Orchard

Seeley John C., clerk, h. Brainard house

Selleck Charles B., Star saloon, Wisner, fourth ab 2d

Selover John (Selover & Gilbert), planning mill and lumber-dealer, 5th n Canal ; h College av opp Washington av

Selover & Gilbert (John Selover and Henry S Gilbert), steam planning-mill and

lumber-yard, 5th bet Canal and R R depot

Selway James B., cooper, h S Columbia n 4th

Sennett John T., portrait painter, Water bet Baldwin and Basin ; h Southport

Serles Nathan, cooper, bds Ann c Sly

Seward Hector M., h Conongue n Cross

Sshaffer Adam, hairdresser, h Chemung house

Shaffer Otis, engineer, h College av, first N of 4th

Shaft Alpheus D., car inspector, h 2d, fourth bel College av

Shannon Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, sixth N of 5th

Shannon Silas, baggage-master, h Delavan house

Sharpe James, baker, h S Magee n 3d

Sharrett Laren, h Henry n R R

Shattuck Charles, shoemaker, h Church c Orchard

Shaw B. F., sewing-machines, 5 Union block ; h Elmira hotel

Shaw H. Lawrence, mail agent, h Water, fourth ab Columbia

Shay Timothy, h E Water n Washington

Shea Philip, laborer, h 1st, third ab Wisner

Sheahan James, machine-planing, h Henry n R R

Shearman J. Mrs., milliner, 5 Water

Shearman John, h 5 Water

Sheehy John, clerk, h Haight’s hotel

Shehan Dennis, carpenter, h Canal cor Washingtonn av

Shehan Peter, laborer, h Wisner n 7th

Shields Peter, mason, h Oak cor Clinton

Sheive George, butcher, h S Main bet Hudson and Henry

Shepard Michael, cooper, h Baldwin, fourth S of Clinton

Shephard John (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, third S of 5th

Shephard William R., farmer, h Main cor 6th

Sherman Eli B., mason, h Church, third bel Davis

Sherman James, carpenter, h Ontario hotel

Sherwood Joseph L., dry dock, h Magee, second N of Washington av

Shilpp George, laborer, h Baldwin, second S of 5th

Shlosser J Jacob, blacksmith, h E 2d, second E of High

Shockey George W., grocer, E Water c High ; h High c E Water

Shockey Hiram R., painter, h Jay c Oak

Shockey John L., carpenter, h E Water c High

Shonemann Louis, tailor, h Cross n De Witt

Shorts Jerry (col’d), laborer, h E 3d c Perry

Shurt David, carpenter, h E 2d, second E of Orchard

Sickles Daniel, boatman, h Baldwin c 5th

Sickles S. H. Mrs., h Main, second S of 3d

SIGISON WILLIAM, cooper, Baldwin, second S of Clinton ; h Baldwin, third S of Clinton

Simmonds Robert, presser wool factory, h E 2d, third W of High

Simmonds Simeon (Simmonds & Levy), h Church bet Washington and Orchard

Simmonds & Levy (Simeon Simmonds & Maurice Levy), tobacconists, 12 Lake

Sims E., h Gray n Davis

Skelly William, periodical and news depot, post-office and 280 Greenwich, N. Y. ;h New York

Skelton J. N., nurseryman, h Water n Grove

Skinkle Richard (col’d), carpenter, h Baldwin, third N of 5th

Skinner Edward L., clothier, Water c Baldwin ; h Lake, second N. of E 2d

Slick Charles E., brakesman, h Delavan house

Slifer George A., segar-maker, h Magee n Clinton

Sloane Thomas, overseer gas works, h Hatch, first N of 7th

Slocum Cynthia, tailoress, h Henry n S Main

Sly Matthew McR., farmer, h Ann c Sly

Smalley Lorenzo, cooper, h Wisner, first N of 5th

Smather Albert, tanner, h Water n Grove

Smellegar John, carpenter and builder, 1st bet Davis and Elm

Smith A., laborer, h S Main n Partridge

Smith Abbie, h Water, fourth above Columbia

Smith Benjamin A., cutter, h Sullivan, fourth S of Clinton

Smith Charles, carpenter, h 2d, first below Columbia

Smith Charles B., bootmaker, h College av, fourth from Water

Smith David D. (col’d), laborer, h Jay, fourth E of High

Smith E., cooper, Water n Columbia ; h Water, second from Columbia

SMITH E. B., baker and confectioner, 1 Brainard Block ; h Brainard house

Smith Edwin B., paymaster Williamsport and Elmira R R, h Columbia n 4th

Smith Ephraim (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, second N of 5th

Smith Franklin, carpenter, h Main, second N of 4th

SMITH GABRIEL L., lawyer, 53 Water ; h William c E 3d

Smith George, laborer, h Sullivan bet Cross and John

Smith George, mechanic, h Franklin house

Smith H., carpenter, h Water n R R

Smith Harvey, h Main, first from 2d

Smith Henry B., superintendent, h William, fourth N of S 3d

Smith Hiram F., tailor, h S Lake n Henry

Smith Horace B. (Smith & Murdock), h Church, first E of Lake

Smith Isaac S., carpenter, h Hudson n R R

Smith John, boatman, h Conongue n Church

Smith John W., teamster, h Monroe n Chemung River

Smith L. M., law student, h 2d n Main

Smith Mary, nurse, h 2d, first ab Davis

Smith Matilda, tailoress, h Hudson n R R

Smith Minerva, tailoress, h Hudson n R R

Smith Norman, physician, h Water n Elm

Smith Orlando, cabinet-maker, h Water n Elm

Smith Patrick, laborer, h High, second S of Jay

SMITH RODNEY B., grain cleaner manufr., Carroll bet Fox and Lake; h William, third N of 3d

Smith Robert T., machinist, h Church c Washington

Smith Solomon P., cooper, h Church c Orchard

Smith Stephen, clerk, h 74 Water

Smith Timothy J., clerk, h Elmira hotel

Smith Thomas, laborer, h S Lake n Elm

Smith Thomas A., dyer, h Dickinson c 4th

Smith Uriah, physician, College av c 1st

Smith William B., note broker, h 2d, second below Main

Smith William S., carriage-maker, h High n John

Smith & Gibson (Horton Smith), Carroll N of P O

Ssmith & Murdock (Horace B. Smith and John Murdockk), lawyers, 1 Water

Smoke Celestia, tailoress, h Water, second ab Main

Snell Chadsey, machinist, h 2d, first ab Main

Snider Jacob, lager beer saloon, Wisner opp Depot

Snowden Philip (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson c 5th

Snyder George W. (Herrick & Snyder), carriage-maker, Cross c Fox; h at Southport

Soper Ann, milliner, 57 Water

Soper Richard, carpenter, 57 Water

Sousberry Willis (col’d), boatman, h Dickinson n 4th

Southworth Clarissa, h Church n Davis

Spafford Martin B., billiards, 19 Lake; h Water W of R R

Spalding Enos (Enos Spalding & Co.), h Elmira hotel

SPALDING ENOS & CO. (Enos Spalding and John S. Farrington), grocers, 26 Lake

Spaulding Belle, h Ann n S Lake

Spaulding Charles, clerk, h William, third S of E 2d

Spaulding Thomas S. (Dunn, Spaulding & Babcock), lawyer, Lake c Water; h Mill N of the College

Spaulding Henry C., lumber-dealer, Magee’s Basin E of Depot; h William, third N of Church

Spencer Albert C., grocer, E Water n High

Spencer Edwin, carpenter, h Water n Hoffman

Spencer Richard (col’d), barber, h Dickinson, first N of 4th

Sperier Robert, brickmaker, h N Oak, second N of 5th

Spies Charlotte, wid. Augustus, h N Oak, third N of 5th

Spillane John, h Hudson n Harmon

Spillane William, laborer, h Hudson n Harmon

Spolan Jeremiah, laborer, h Warren n Hudson

Spraggett Richard, saloon, 4 Baldwin

Springer Vincent, farmer, h Wisner, first N of Washington av

Squire Truman H., physician, Church bet Lake and William

Squires Montgomery, tobacconist, h 2d, first below Main

Stagg William E., bookkeeper, h National hote

Stanchfield E, h Church n Davis

Stanchfield John K., physician, Baldwin, third N of Gray

STANCLIFF LEWIS J., Pres. Elmira Bank, h Clinton c W Union

Stanford Edward A., hairdresser, h Lake

Stanley Fidelia, matron Elmira Female College

Starks William H., conductor, h College av n Gray

St. Croix D., cooper, h Ontario hotel

STEELE FREDERICK C., grocer and provision dealer, 15 and 17 Lake;h Ann c Sly

Steele George, ticket agent, Wisner opp Depot; h College av n Clinton

Steele R. W., clerk, h College av, first ab Clinton

Steele T. J., traveling agent, h Main, fourth N of 4th

Stepfield Daniel S., farmer, h Lake, sixth N of Washingtonn av

STEPHENS DANIEL, POSTMASTER, H Lake bet Cross and Church

STEPHENS JOHN, ass postmaster, h Lake bet Cross and Church

Stephens William, blacksmith, h Church bet Orchard and Sullivan

Steeples John, hatter, h De Witt bet Church and Cross

Stevens, Keziah, wid. Marinus W., h Henry n S Main

Stevens Lafayette, cabinet-maker, h Gray, second bel Elm

Stevens Robert, carpenter, h Wisner, first N of 5th

Stevenson William (col’d), farmer, h Franklin n New Road

Steveson Samuel (col’d), laborer, h Lake opp 4th

Stewart Robert, machinist, h 1st, fifth ab Main

Stewart Thomas H., servant, h Baldwin c Clinton

Stewart William, boatman, h Church bet Main and College av

Stiles Isaac, boot and shoemaker, 35 Lake; h Cross second east of Washington

Stilson William, shoemaker, h Lake, second N of Clinton

Stobo Ellen, wid. John, h 5 Water

Stobo John, clerk, h Water W of Lake

Stobo Mary K., h 5 Water

Stocke John M, Cross bet High and Washington

STOCUM ELIPHALET M., pattern-maker, Cross, first E of Lake; h 59 Water

Stoll William, h Jay c Oak

Stone David, jr., car-builder, h Broadway n Fulton

Stone E., car-builder, h Broadway n Fulton

Stone Henry S., h Franklin n New Road

Stone Martin, lumber and real estate, Pine c Carroll

Storms Peter, blacksmith, h Walnut n Villiage line

Storms William, well-digger, h Mt. Zoar c New Road

Story Charles, carpenter, h Gray n Grove

STOWELL ABEL, carpenter and builder, alley bet E 2d and Church, n Lake; h William second S of E 2d

Stowell Alexander, farmer, h Hatch, second N of Washington av

Stowell Charles, carpenter, h William, second S of E 2d

STOWELL JAMES H., baker and confectioner, Wisner, eighth ab 2d; h do.

Stowell John E., clerk, h William N of Church

Stowell L Burton, h Washington bet Cross and Church

Stowell Rufus, clerk, h William n 2d

Stowell William, clerk, h William n 2d

STRACHEN THOMAS, blacksmith, Baldwin c Clinton; h Dickinson second N of Clinton

Straight Amy, milliner, h Water fourth ab Main

Strait, Sarah, h S Lake c Elm

STRANG SAMUEL B., office 4 Union Block; h Lake c Church

Straus David, clothier, 61 Water; h Water, second E of Gas-works

Straus Herman D., salesman, h E Water n Gas-works

Straus John, h Sullivan, third S of Clinton

Straus Louis (Louis Straus & Co.), dry goods, 3 Union Block; h Haight’s hotel

STRAUS LOUIS & CO. (Louis Straus, George Hockstetter, and Albert Samuel), dry goods, 3 Union Block

Strayer George, engineer, h Main c 5th

Strong Chester D., baggage man, h Hudson n S Lake

Strouse Harvey, laborer, h Hill road n Village line

Stryker Barnett J., clerk, h Water n Sly

Stryker Samuel G., clothier, 10 Lake; h Water n Sly

Stuart Charles B. (Beach, Stuart & Co.), clothier, &c., 20 and 22 Lake; h Church c William

Sturgess R. E., h Sturgess n R R

Sturgess William L., fruit peddler, h Sturgess n R R

Wullivan Cornelius, private watchman, h Maini first N of Washington av

Sullivan Deborah, wid., Andrew, h Canal n Church

Sullivan Emma, milliner, h 57 Water

Sullivan Eugene (E. Sullivan & Co.), wines and liquors, 3 Baldwin, and grocer, 5 E Water; h William, fourth N of E 3d

Sullivan Florence, clerk, h Haight’s hotel

Sullivan J., h Wisner, first ab Water

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h College av n Clinton

Sullivan John, laborer, h S Water n Harmon

Sullivan John (E. Sullivan & Co.), wines and liquors, 3 Baldwin; h National hotel

Sullivan Marks, restaurant, Water second E of R R

Sullivan Patrick, bartender, h Wisner opp depot

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h River n Fulton

Sullivan Rody, tailor, h E 2d, third E of High

Sullivan Stephen, sawyer, h S Water n Harmon

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h Fulton n the river

Sullivan William, wagon-maker, h Cross c De Witt

SULLIVAN E. & CO. (Eugene and John Sullivan), wines and liquors, 3 Baldwin

Surganty Joseph, tailor, h Gregg bet Church and Cross

SUTTON ALFRED, cigars, wines, and liquors, 53 Water, and dealer in horses,

2d bet Wisner and the Canal; h National hotel

SUTTON AMERY N., grocer, fruit, and oyster dealer, 37 Lake

Swan Charles (Swan & Konkle), insurance agent, Lake c Carroll; h Main n S Water

Swan Robert, clerk, h Hudson bet R R and S Lake

SWAN & KONKLE (Charles Swan and William P Konnkle), insurance agents, Lake c Carroll, over post-office

Swails Peter, boatman, h Jay, third E of High