Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 
Swarthouse Charles, h Carroll n Lake

Sweayze Wilson, mason, h Jay, first W of Sullivan

Sweeny Owen, laborer, h Canal c Washington av

Sweet Charles W., dentist, h William, second N of E 2d

Sweet Esther, domestic h Cross, third from Main

Sweet Wesley, chairmaker, Water bet Main and College av, and William c Church; h William, second N of E 2d

Sykes Jesse F., trunkmaker, h Orchard bet Cross and Church


Tackman Frederick, cabinet-maker, h Gray, second ab Columbia

Taester John, factory hand, h Jay second W of Oak

Tallada Naomi, wid., Abram, h De Witt bet John and Water

Tarber Jacob, cook, Haight’s hotel

Tattersall E., h Gray c Hoffman

Tattersall John, sawmaker, h Gray c Hoffman

Taylaure Charlotte, h Columbia n 1st

Taylor Abraham, carpenter, h E Water c Washington

Taylor Charity (col’d), wid., James, h Perry c E 3d

Taylor Elias W., hackman, h 5th, first E of Columbia

Taylor Richard (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, fourth S of 4th

Telegraph Office W end Depot

Temple N. C., h Gray eighth ab Columbia

Ten Broeck Peter, wagon-maker, h Washington bet Cross and Church

Ten Eyck Emeline, wid., Isaac, h Lake e 4th

Tenny De Witt C. (Tenny & Co.), druggist, Wisner, seventh N of 2d; h William, second S of E 3d

TENNY & CO. (De Witt C. Tenny & W. W. Kellogg), druggists, Wisner seventh N of 2d

Terry John K. (Pickering & Terry), carpenter and builder, Main n 1st; h William first S of Church

Terry Osborn Mrs., h Lake, second S of 5th

Thomas Henry (col’d), laborer, h Clinton e William

Thomas John (col’d), Rev., h Baldwin, second N of 5th

Thomas Samuel (col’d) laborer, h 4th bet Lake and Dickinson

Thomas William (col’d), grocer, Dickinson, third S of 4th

Thompson Duane, lawyer, h Cross second W of R R

Thompson Helen I., wid Joel C., milliner, 16 Water; h Water W of R R

Thompson J. R. ( Johnson & Thompson), shingle manuf’r, Baldwin bet 3d and 4th; h Lake e Washington av

Thompson James (J. Thompson & Co.), grocer, Main c 3d; h 3d, first ab Main

Thompson Jeremiah, carman, h 1st, first ab Wisner

Thompson Joshua Rev., h S Water, n S Main

Thompson Orpha, h Columbia bet 1st and 2d

THOMPSON J. & CO. (James Thompson, Edgar Cromwell), grocers, Main c 3d

Thorne Henry, land agent, h High c John

THORNE WILLIAM H., real estate agent, High c John

Thorpe John, street commissioner, h 2d, first bel Columbia

THRO CHARLES, lager-beer saloon, Wisner opp Depot; h Lake, second S of 4th

Throop Dora, h College av n 3d

Thurber Hannah A., wid. Russel S., h Baldwin, third N of Cross

Thurman Washington, gas manuf., h College av e Church

Thurston Ariel S. (Thurston, Hart, & Benn), h Lake second ab 2d

Thurston C., prin. Ladies’ Seminary, Main n 3d

Thurston Mary D., teacher Elmira Ladies’ Seminary

THURSTON, HART, & BENN (Ariel S. Thurston, Erastus P. Hart, Erastus H. Benn), lawyers, 20 Lake

Tidd Horton, editor Elmira Weekly Gazette, h Baldwin e Cross

Tierny Daniel, laborer, h Hatch first n of 5th

Tillman John M., harness-maker, h High n Church

Tillotson Wellington, lawyer, h Gray, first ab Davis

Todtmann Isaac, tailor, h Church bet Washington and Orchard

Toles Sarah, wid. James, h Washington, third S of E 2d

Tomkins William, carriage-trimmer, h Jay, second W of Oak

TOMLINSON SOLOMON B. (Brook & Tomlinson), lawyer and district attorney, 50 Water; h Church, third W of College ave

Tooker Emily, dressmaker, h 4th n Wisner

Topey Patrick, laborer, h Wisner, cor 6th

Towner Maria, wid Daniel A., h 3d, second above Main

Townsend A. S. (Mowry & Townsend), h Water, cor Main

Trainor James, laborer, h Canal, third S of Washington av

Tranor James, laborer, h Canal, cor 6th

Trapp William W., patentee Barrel machine, h W Union, second from 5th

Traver Betsy, seamstress, Water, E of R R

Traver L., horse-dealer, h Elmira hotel

Traver William, laborer, h E Union, c 3d

Treadwell H. D., boots and shoes, Water, E of Lake; h Main n Cross

Trout Burton W., clerk, h Baldwin, first S of Chemung hotel

Trout Lindsey, mason, h Cross, cor Harriet

Turner David, laborer, h Franklin n New Road

Turner Paul (Thomas A. Sedgwick & Co.), iron founder, h Lewis n Chenango

Turner Thomas H. (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, fourth N of 5th

Turner William, bootmaker, h Elm n Fulton]

Tuthill Anna M., h Baldwin, cor 3d

Tuthill David H. (D. H. Tuthill & Co.), h Lake n Church

Tuthill Fannie, h S Lake n Ann

Tuthill D. H. & Co. (David H. Tuthill and H. S. Brook), dry goods, 34 Water

Tuttle Green M., h Lake, third N of E 3d

Tuttle Mary Ann, wid. Stephen, h Water, bet Lake and Fox

Tyler Asher, h Main, cor Gray


Ufford Daniel E. (Beach, Stuart & Co.), h Haight’s hotel

Ulrich Jacob, hairdresser, American hotel

Underhill Mary, wid. David, 4 Orchard, first n of Church

Union Block, Water bet Basiq and Wisner

UNITED STATES EXPRESS, S. De Witt, agent, Ely’s Block

Updegarr Jacob, B., blacksmith, h E 2d, cor High

Updegraff Jaseph, salesman, h S Water, E of Lake st. Bridge

Updegraff Samuel F., shoemaker, h Sturgess n R R

Updike M. Mrs., h S Water n S Main

Updike M. Mary, h S Water n S Main

Updike M. Sarah, h S Water n S Main


VAIL BENJAMIN, furniture and undertaker, Water n Main, h Gray, bet Main and College av

Vail Charles M., machine churns, Cross, bet Baldwin and Lake, h College av, first N of 2d

Vail George, conductor, h Main n 4th

Van Allen D., h Columbia n Gray]

VAN CAMPEN SAMUEL R., banker and insurance agent, 2 Brainard Block, Baldwin, st., h Cross n Lake

Vanderbelt William, tanner, h 17 Carroll

Vanderear William, patent rights, h National hotel

Van Gelder Henry, laborer, h Franklin bet New Road and Fulton

Van Gelder Phineas C. (Dumars, Van Gelder & Paine), Elmira Daily Press, h Church

Van Gorder William, farmer, h Partridge n S Lake

Van Housey Joh, blacksmith, h Ontario hotel

Van Over George, engineer, h Hatch, third N of Washington av

Van Pelt Aaron, boot and shoemaker, E Union n Lake

Van Scoy Emma, dressmaker, Water, second ab Elm

Van Scoy Jason, peddler, h Henry, bet S Main and R R

Van Tassell Richard W., blacksmith, h 4th, first ab College av

Van Wagoner Henry, teamster, h 5th, cor Davis

Van Wormer Aaron C., engineer, h S Magee n S 3d

Van Wormer Azariah, engineer, h S Magee n S 3d

Van Wormer Leman, physician, Cross cor Sullivan

Vermilya David, h E 2d, second W of Sullivan

Vermilya Hannah S., wid . John T., h E Union cor 2d

Vermilya John L., tinsmith, h Columbia n Water

Vernooy Apenetus, carriage-maker, h Washington, first N of Church

VIALL WILLIAM, lumber-dealer, Church and Canal Bridge; h Gray, third N of College av

Vincent Edward B., salesman, h National hotel

Vincent Gillett J., clerk, h Gray c Columbia

Vincent Rebecca, carpet-weaver, h Hatch, first S of 6th

Vinton C. E. (C. E. Vinton & Co.), h American hotel

VINTON C. E. & CO. (C. E. Vinton, J. W. Chamberlin), wines and liquors, Wisner, first ab Cross

Voorhees Senecca, clerk, h Haight’s hotel


Wagner Peter, porter, Haight’s hotel; h Washington n Water

Wakeman John, tanner, h Factory, second E of Newtown creek

Walker George, tailor, h Hudson n Warren

WALLACE RICHARD K., house, sign, and carriage painter, Cross c Fox; h William, second N of E 2d

Wallace William, mason, h 26, first W of Canal

Waller John (col’d), laborer, h Baldwin, third N of 4th

Walter John, farmer, h Church cor Walnut

Walters Charles, baker, h Church, fourth E of Wisner

Walters Susan, tailoress, h 11 Water

Walters William, foundryman, h Wisner n Gray

WALZER PETER, restaurant 7 E Water

Ward Jabez R., lawyer, 57 Water; h Haight’s hotel

Ward William, carpenter, h 2d, third bel College av

Warner Charles, clothing, h E Water, third from De Witt

Warner Jacob, foreman limekiln, h Canal n Washington av

Warner William, brewer, h Hudson n R R

Warren Cornelius, pumper, N. Y. and E R R; h Wisner, first N of 6th

Washington Hiram (col’d), laborer, h 5th, third W of Lake

Washington James (col’d), laborer, h Perry, second S of Clinton

Waters Thomas, tanner, h 1st n Columbia

Watley Henry, farmer, h Orchard, second S of E 2d

Watrous Riggs (Watrous & Cook), hardware, 1 and 3 Water; h Lake, first N of Cross

WATROUS & COOK (Riggs Watrous and Elisha H. Cook), hardware, stoves, and tinware, 1 and 3 Water

Watson Horatio N., h Sullivan c E 2d

Watts John, h S Water n S Lake

Watts Robert M., printer, h S Water n S Lake

Watts Stephen, laborer, h Dickinson, third N of 5th

Waugh John, botanic physician, 2d, first ab Wisner

Way Charles, grocer, Baldwin c Clinton

Weaver Jesse, farmer, h Wisner, first N of 5th

Webster Daniel, tobacco-cutter, h National hotel

Webster E. Mrs., h 1st cor College av

Weed Isaac R., carpenter, h Fulton n Broadway

Weed William B., farmer, h John c Sullivan

Weibel Anna, Waverley house, Wisner opp depot

Welch Alexander, grocer, Baldwin opp Carroll; h Gray bet Elm and Davis

Welch James, laborer, h Hatch, sixth N of 7th

Welch John, trackman, h Wisner cor 6th

Welch Morris, laborer, h Fulton n Hudson

Welch Warner H., h College av n Gray

Weldner George, shoemaker, Water opp Elmira hotel; h De Witt

Wells Catharine, wid. Henry A., tailoress, h Church bet Main and College av

Wells Chauncey E., clerk, h S Lake c Mt. Zoar

WELLS ISAAC L., druggist, 48 Water; h S Lake c Mt. Zoar

Wells John C., h Water n Elm

Wells Nelson (William Brown & Co.), h Gray n College av

Welmore T. O., constable, h W Union, first N of 5th

Welton Michael, cooper, h Hatch, second N of 5th

Weltter George, shoemaker, h John c De Witt

Werner Charles, clothier, 9 Water; h E Water bet High and Conongue

West C. Franklin, flour mill, W Water adj village line

WEST WILLIAM L., beehives and refrigerators, Water n Main; h Gray, third from Baldwin

Westcott Lydia A., tailoress, h Water, second ab Main

WEY WILLIAM C., physician, n s Water bet Lake & Fox

Weyburn Lettie Ann, Mrs., dressmaker, 48 Water

Weyburn Marcus, foundryman, h Wisner n Gray

WEYER JACOB, brickmaker, Sullivan n Woollen Factory; h Clinton c Sullivan

Wheater Jane, wid. William, h Factory, sixth E of Sullivan

Wheeler Eli, coal-dealer, h William, second N of S 3d

Wheeler Elizabeth, wid. James, h E Water, bet High and Washington

Wheeler Leverett R., carpenter, h S Water n S Lake

WHEELER ORRIN H., flour sack manuf., Wisner cor Church; h Church n Davis

Wheeler Rensselaer F., h Walnut n Water

Whelin Lewis, segar-maker, h Clinton, second E of Baldwin

WHITE CALVIN S., boots and shoes, Main first S of 3d; h Conougue first S of E 2d

White C. W., boot and shoemaker, h Conongue opp Park

White Spencer H., shoemaker, h Conongue, second N of Church

Whiting George, miller, h Water n Main

Whiting Seth, h Baldwin, second S of Church

Whitman Newberry, physician, h Sullivan bet Cross and Church

Whiton George L. (Parmenter & Whiton), flour and feed, Basin r Brainard block; h Water, third E of main

Whitney Anne, weaver, h Gray first ab Davis

Whittell Robert, carpenter, h Gray n Walnut

Wilber Henry, cabinet-maker, E Water bet Lake and Fox; h Church, first E of Wisner

Wilcox George W., blacksmith, h E 2d c High

Wilcox Thomas, laborer, h Fulton c Hudson

Wilerd John, umbrella maker, h E Union c Lke

Wiles A. Mrs., tailoress, h 1st n Columbia

Wilkinson M. C., clerk, h Brainard house

Wilkinson Melville Cox, salesman, h Brainard house

Willcox Ann R., wid. William, h High c Jay

Willcox Mary, seamstress, h Monroe n E Water

Williams Adeline, h Church second E of High

Williams Benjamin (col’d), laborer, h Franklin n Fulton

Williams Edward H., cabinet-maker, h Cross n Orchard

Williams I. J., shoemaker, h National hotel

Wilson, James D., switchman, h 2d, third ab Wisner

Williams John, canal collector, h William c E 3d

Williams John (col’d), laborer, h E 3d c Conongue

Williams Samuel (col’d), laborer, h Dickinson, third S of 5th

WILLIAMS SAMUEL B., Union hotel stable, S Lake n Bridge

Williams Sophia (col’d, wid. Joseph, h Baldwin c Clinton

Williams Thomas, brakesman, h Forrest house

Williams Thomas W., clerk, h S Water n S Main

Williamsport and Elmira Hotel, James O’Maher, prop., Wisner n 2d

Williamsport and Elmira R R Depot, Wisner bet 3d and Clinton

Williamsport and Elmira R R Engine-house, 7th c Hatch

Williamsport and Elmira RR Freight office, 5th c Wisner

Wilson Henry, clerk, h Lake, second N of E 2d

Wilson James, gardener, h Church bet Main and College av

Wilson Jonas D., salesman, h Main c 2d

Wines Robert S. (Wines, Fowler & Co.), h William bet Cross and Church

Wines, Fowler & Co. (Robert S. Wines, Nathaniel B. Fowler, and Jonathan Ransom), china, glass and earthenware, 2 Lake

Winans Elizabeth, h S Lake n R R

Winalds W. H., printer, h Forrest house

Wise Ambrose, segar-maker, h Church c De Witt

Wisner Mary A., wid. John W., h Sullivan c E 2d

Wiswold Walter, car-builder, h Wisner, third N of 6th

Witter S. F., lawyer, h Main, first from 3d

Wixon Silas, teamster, h Orchard, first N of Church

Wolf Adam, cooper, h Baldwin, first S of Clinton

Wolf Joseph, farmer, h Grove n Water

Wolfe James, shoemaker, h Gray c Davis

Wood Andrew J., watchman, h E 2d, second E of Orchard

Wood Benjamin, tinsmith, h S Water c R R

Wood C. B., mechanic, h Franklin house

Wood Sarah, h Gray bet Baldwin and the canal

Wood William H., varnisher, h National hotel

Wood William H., wagon-maker, h Church n Orchard

Woodford Joseph, laborer, h Baldwin, second S of 5th

Woodlawn Cemetery, Walnut and village line

Woodruff ----, carpenter, h Gray, second below Walnut

Woods James L. (Diven, Hathaway, &Woods), lawyer, h Water, third W of Davis

Woolever Frank N., billiards, h Water W of R R

Worden G. L., daguerreotypist, h National hotel

WORMLEY JOHN, cooper, Sly n Ann; h Ann e Sly

WORRALL GEORGE, coal-dealer and grocer, e s Clinton e William; h William, third S of Clinton

Wright A. M., h 4th c Davis

Wright John S., carpenter, h Gray, second ab Columbia

Wright Nelson, mason, h Ann n S Lake

Wright Thomas S., farmer, h 4th c Davis

Wyekoff Arealous (C. W. Wyekoff & Co.), water pipes, h S Water, second E of R R

Wyekoff Charles W. (C. W. Wyekoff & Co.), water pipes, h Hudson, second W of R R

Wyekoff George, clerk, S Water bet S Lake and S Main

WYCKOFF C. W. & CO. (Charles W. and Arealous Wyekeoff), water-pipe manuf., R R, first N of Water


Yates Benn, lawyer, h 1st c College av

Yates David, h 1st n Canal

YATES WILLIAM P., watches, jewelry, &c., 51 Water; h Water, second E of Main

Youmans Milton, carpenter, h S Water n Harmon

Young Christian Association, Ely’s block

Young David (A. P. Bennett & Co.), grocer, 18 Lake; h De Witt bet Church and Cross

Young Eliza A., h Ann n S Lake

Young Men’s Seminary, E. M. Roberts, princ., William, fourth N of Church

Young Michael, shoemaker, h Hudson n Harmon

Young Patrick, painter, h 1st c College av

Youngs Thomas, match manufacturer, Lake, fourth N of Washington av


Zoppe Philip, basket-maker, h William, fourth S of Clinton