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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 
Chemung County Business Directory

Thompson James B., Franklin n Canal, Horseheads

Piano Fortes.

Eliason, Greener & Co., 51 Water, Elmira

Planing Mills.

Jeffers William M., Baldwin bet 3d and 4th, Elmira

Hatch & Partridge, Church at Chemung canal, Elmira

Selover & Gilbert, 5th n Canal, Elmira

Printers, Book and Job.

De Voe Fred A., Lake c Carroll, Elmira

Dumars, Van Gelder and Paine, Water c Lake, Elmira

Fairman & Co., 8 Lake, Elmira

Fisher E. D., 12 Lake, Elmira

Giles W. E. & H. A., Horseheads

Produce Dealer.

Read Virgil B., Canal basin r Union block, Elmira

Provision Dealers.

Baker J. M. & B., Water, third E of R R, Elmira

Barton & Dickinson, S Lake, Elmira

Bennett A. P. & Co., 18 Lake, Elmira

Bellett Joseph, 72 Water, Elmira

Blampied & Coke, 31 Lake, Elmira

De Witt Abram M., Baldwin opp Ely’s block, Elmira

French & Northrup, Water c Basin, Elmira

Hamer Louisa, Mrs., 33 Lake, Elmira

Holden Fox, 36 Water, Elmira

Holden & Everts, 22 Water, Elmira

Loring J. H. & Co., 4 Union block, Elmira

Pickering Josiah, 16 Lake, Elmira

Reniff A. B., Water c Wisner, Elmira

Reynolds David D., 21 Lake, Elmira

Rice D. D., Church c Wisner, Elmira

Rogers Jonathan H., 6 Lake, Elmira

Spalding Enos & Co., 26 Lake, Elmira

Steele Frederick C., 15 and 17 Lake, Elmira

Pump Manufacturer.

Sackett Richard, E Water E of De Witt, Elmira

Refrigerator Manufacturer.

West William L., Water n Main, Elmira


Arbour Hotel, G. M. & H. B. Jones, 7 Lake, Elmira

Brown David B., 74 Water, Elmira

Culp James B., Lake opp Haight’s h, Elmira

Decker Peter, E Water n Lake, Elmira

Elmendorf William, 76 Water, Elmira

Empire Saloon, James Gallagher, Elmira

Hunt’s Saloon, Charles L. Hunt, Wisner, fifth ab 2d, Elmira

King William, E Wisner opp depot, Elmira

Kolb Baldwin, Wisner opp depot, Elmira

Red Jacket Garden, William Lee, Carroll bet Lake and Baldwin, Elmira

Riley Martin, Carroll, first E of Baldwin, Elmira

Scott Aaron, Water c Baldwin, Elmira

Selleck Charles B., Wisner, fourth ab 2d, Elmira

Sullivan Macks, Water, second E of R R, Elmira

Waltzer Peter, 7 E Water, Elmira

Young America, A. F. Fuller, Wisner, fourth ab Water, Elmira

DOBELL JACOB, Main n John, Horseheads

Sash, Blind and Door Makers.

Colman John, R R first N of Water, Elmira

La France Peter A., Water opp Elmira h, Elmira

Murdock Luther N., Water n Main, Elmira

Thayer Oliver, Millport

Saw Manufacturers.

Andrews & Burbage, Cross E of R R, Elmira

Saw Mills.

Bennet Morris, Big Flats

Breed Paul W., Big Flats

Livesey Joseph, Big Flats

June Henry R., Catlin Centre

Kent Samuel, Catlin Centre

Matison Isaac, Catlin Centre

Savery Willis, Catlin Centre

Thomas David, Catlin Centre

Witney Aaron, Catlin Centre

Jackson Wm., Chemung

Monroe B. C., Chemung

Redfield S., Chemung

Steers A., Chemung

Swain Owen, Chemung

Warren Nelson, Chemung

Warren S., Chemung

Wyndkoop H. J. & N. F., Chemung

Hawley & St. John, Erin

Vredenburgh H., Erin

Fitch Orson H., Horseheads

Rodboun Joseph, Horseheads

Bottsford A., Millport

Bowk Alonzo, Millport

Smith & Crane, Millport

Whitcomb & Co., Millport

Williams S., Millport

Arnott James, Southport

Beckwith Robert, Southport

Fenton Amos, Southport

Johnson B. W., Southport

Kinsman George, Southport

Nichols D., Southport

Roushey Hiram, Southport

Elwell & Head, Van Ettenville

Head Peter, Van Ettenville

Richer Nicholas, Van Ettenville

Swope A., Van Ettenville

Williams J. B., Van Ettenville

Segar Dealers and Makers.

Hudson Richard B., 23 Lake, Elmira

Nelson & Kniffin, 26 Water, Elmira

Nicks John I., 1 Union block, Elmira

Sutton Alfred, 53 Water, Elmira

Simmons & Levy, 12 Lake, Elmira

Sewing Machines.

Collingwood & Leverich (Singer’s), 13 Lake, Elmira

Dounce O. C. Mrs., (Finkle’s), Church, second E of Davis, Elmira

Elmore T. W., (Wheeler & Wilson), 50 Water, Elmira

Richardson M. ( Raymond’s), 5 Union block, Elmira

Robinson J. M., (Grover & Baker’s), Lake, first S of Haight’s h, Elmira

Shaw B. F., 5 Union, Elmira

Shingle Mills.

Tillman Martin, Chemung

Blodgett A., Water opp Davis, Elmira

Johnson & Thompson, Baldwin n 3d, Elmira

Hawley & St. John, Erin

Rosekrans Warren, Erin

Lindsey Robert, Van Ettenville

Swartwood Jacob, Van Ettenville

Swartwood John, Van Ettenville

Ship Builders.

(See also Boat Builders.)

Powless Peter, Van Ettenville

Shook Makers

Sigison William, on the Chemung Canal, Horseheads

Silver Platers.

Davis William R., 5th n Magee, Elmira

Soap and Candle Manufacturers.

Kelly, Biggs & Co., Baldwin c 5th, Elmira


Benton Henry P., 61 Water, Elmira

Collingwood & Leverich, 13 Lake, Elmira


(See also Clothiers.)

Jacob Richards, Big Flats

Atkins C. C., 6 Lake, Elmira

Beach, Stuart & Co., 20 and 22 Lake, Elmira

Davis Samuel, Holden block (up-stairs), Elmira

Glenny Henry, Water c Lake, Elmira

Knoop John A., 2d, second W of the canal, Elmira

Landers Garrett, Hudson and Harman, Elmira

Randall James B., 6 Water, Elmira

Corel A. M., Main n John, Horseheads

Osborn William, Main n John, Horseheads

Ingersol Oliver, Millport

Morley David, Van Ettenville

Tanners and Curriers.

Griswold M., Chemung

Bowman Henry, Water n Davis, Elmira

McDonald & Palmer, terminus of Elmira and Southport bridge, Elmira

McCumber A. C., Horseheads

Ryant C. W., Horseheads

Quinn Patrick & Son, Millport

Wells Henry, Southport

Cooley Harvey S., Van Ettenville

Gitmar C., Van Ettenville


(See also Academies and Schools.)

Gardner Joseph, music, Chemung

Cauldwell Nathaniel, bookkeeping, Dunn’s block, Elmira

Convers Maxcy M., music, Lake, third N of Church, Elmira

Fox L. M., music, College av bet 1st and 2d, Elmira

Olivier Louis, languages, Church, second ab College av, Elmira

Otis James, music, 10 Lake, Elmira

Beach Miss, music, Horseheads

Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers.

More Henry S., Big Flats

Reeve S. G., Chemung

Armitage W. F. & Co., Water n Main, Elmira

Brown William & Co., 14 Lake, Elmira

Cole Platt, 14 Water, Elmira

French & Northrup, Water c Basin, Elmira

Gridley & Davenport, 7 Water, Elmira

Ossowski Solomon, 47 Water, Elmira

Watrous & Cook, 1 and 3 Water, Elmira

Parker Brothers, Main n Franklin, Horseheads

Kelly Isaac, Millport

Hanson John C. & Son, Van Ettenville


Decker D. & Son, Water bet Main and College av, Elmira

Carpenter Z. R., R R N of Water, Elmira

Gates Guy P., Van Ettenville

Umbrella Makers.

Hennessy Julia Mrs., 5 E Water, Elmira


Hubbell Samuel B., Union block, Elmira

Robinson John M., Lake, second S of Cross, Elmira

Vail Benjamin, Water n Main, Elmira

Gardner & Compton, Main n Orchard, Horseheads


McKinny Arthur, Water n R R, Elmira

Robinson John M., Lake n Cross, Elmira

Schwenk and Gumme, Water c Main, Elmira

Vinegar Manufacturer.

Berner Adam, High c E Water, Elmira

Watches and Jewelry.

Ayres Socrates, 1 E Water, Elmira

Badger Lucius M., 19 Lake, Elmira

Collingwood Brothers, 13 Lake, Elmira

Hamilton Daniel F., Lake bet Carroll and Cross, Elmira

Yates William P., 51 Water, Elmira

Conklin & Mathews, Main n John, Horseheads

Smith George H., Main opp Franklin, Horseheads

Water Cure.

Elmira Water Cure, S, O. Gleason & Co., Factory E of Newtown creek, Elmira

Water Pipe and Pump Tube Manufacturers.

Wyckoff R. W. & Co., R R, first N of Water, Elmira

Whip Maker.

Hunt Thomas, Water opp Elmira hotel, Elmira

Wig and Toupee Maker.

Bailey Francis J., 19 Lake, Elmira

Wine and Liquor Dealers.

Griffiths Fleming R., Carroll, third E of Baldwin, Elmira

Howes Orison, Fox bet Carroll and Water, Elmira

Humphrey C. M. & Co., 4 Baldwin, Elmira

Sullivan E. & Co., 3 Baldwin, Elmira

Sutton Alfred, 53 Water, Elmira

Vinton C. E. & Co., Wisner, first ab Cross, Elmira

Wood Dealer.

Dunn Thompson, Cross c R R, Elmira

Wooden and Willow Ware.

Reynolds David B., 21 Lake, Elmira

Gillett Alfred, bowls, Van Ettenville

Wool Dealers.

Fitch M. P., 4 Brainard block, Elmira

Hotchkin & Boyd, Water opp College av, Elmira

Wool Carding.

Foot Joseph, Van Ettenville

Woollen Manufacturers.

Elmira Woollen Manufacturing Co., Factory E of Sullivan, Elmira