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FOR 1860.
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You can see this and other Elmira Directories at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira. Thanks to Steele for letting us scan these pages. 


The Eighteenth Presidential Term of four years began on the 4th of March, 1857, and will expire on the 3d of March, 1861.

Pres. - James Buchanan, of Penn., salary $25,000

Vice-Pres. - James C. Breckenridge of Ky., 8,000

Sec. of State. - Lewis Cass, of Michigan, 8,000

Sec. of the Treas. - Howell Cobb, of Ga., 8,000

Sec. of War. - John B. Floyd, of Va., 8,000

Sec. of the Navy - Isaac Toucey, of Conn., 8,000

Sec. of the Interior - Jacob Thompson, of Miss., 8,000

Postmaster-Gen. - Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, 8,000

Att.-Gen. - Jeremiah S. Black, of Penn., 8,000


Governor - Edwin D. Morgan.

Lt. Governor - Robert Campbell..

Private Secretary to Governor - George Bliss, jr.

Chief Clerk - L. L. Doty.


Adjutant General - Frederick Townsend.

Inspector General - George F. Sherman.

Assistant Adjutant General - Duncan Campbell.

Commissary General - J. H. Hobard Ward.

Judge Advocate General - Clarence A. Seward.

Quarter-Master General - James L. Mitchell.

Engineer in Chief - George F. Nesbitt.

Surgeon General - Cornelius R. Agnew.

Pay-Master General - Robert L. Johnson.

Aides-de-Camp - E. G. Thompson, Charles W. Darling, H. R. Rathbone.

Military Secretary - William L. Skidmore.

Secretary of State - Gideon J. Tucker

Deputy Secretary of State - Samuel W. Morton.

Comptroller - Sanford E. Church; Deputy Comptroller, Philip Phelps; Accountant and Transfer Office, Peter Keyser.

Treasurer - Isaac V. Vanderpoel; Dep. Treas., Cornelius Ten Broeck.

Attorney-General - Lyman Tremain; Deputy Att.-Gen., Stephen H. Hammond.

State Engineer and Surveyor - Van Rensselaer Richmond; Dep. State Engineer and Surveyor, George R. Perkins

ENGINEERS ON THE STATE CANALS. - Division Engineers - J. Platt Goodsell, Eastern Division; Henry Van Vleck, Middle Division; John D. Fay, Western District.

Resident Engineers - H. V. B. Barker, Fort Edward; W. B. Taylor, Utica; Ogden Edwards, Chenango Forks; M. C. Fremyre, Syracuse; Morris H. Kimball, Fulton; Ensign Bennett, Lyons; Richard Vernam, Rochester; Daniel Richmond, Olean; William J. Keeler, Buffalo.

Assistant Engineers - W. B. Cooper, Schenectady; S. H. Sweet, Utica; W. W. Jerome, Fulton; Thomas M. Sherman, Lyons; Byron M. Hanks, Rochester; Thomas Goodsell, Albion; Stephen F. Gooding, Lockport; Henry C. Ruggles, Buffalo.

Canal Department - Nathaniel S. Benton, Auditor; Edward James, Acting Auditor. Commissioners, Charles H. Sherril, Salem; John M. Jaycox, Syracuse; Hiram Gardner, Lockport. Appraisers, Ashbel B. Parmelee, Malone; Henry H. Hull, Bath; William Wasson, Auburn.

Banking Department - James M. Cook, Sup.; Edward Hand, Dep. Sup.

Superintendent of Public Instruction - Henry H. Van Dyck; Emerson W. Keyes, Dep. Sup.

Inspectors of State Prisons - Wesley Bailey, Utica; William C. Rhodes, Elmira; Josiah T. Everest, Peru.

Superintendent of Weights and Measures - John Paterson, Albany.


Governor, Edwin D. Morgan, ex-officio.

Lieutenant Governor, Robert Campbell, ex-officio.

Secretary of State, Gideon J. Tucker, ex-officio.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, Van Dyck, ex-officio.

1826, January 26, Gulian C. Verplanck, New York.

1829, March 31, Gerrit Y. Lansing, Albany.

1833, March 23, Erastus Corning, Albany.

1833, April 4, Prosper M. Wetmore, New York.

1834, April 17, John L. Graham, New York.

1842, February 1, Gideon Hawley, Albany.

1842, March 25, David Buel, Troy.

1844, May 4, James S. Wadsworth, Genesee.

1844, May 4, John V. L. Pruyn, Albany.

1846, February 2, Robert Campbell, Bath.

1846, May 6, Samuel Luckey, Rochester.

1847, September 22, Robert G. Rankin, Astoria.

1851, March 18, John N. Campbell, Albany.

1855, March 21, Erastus C. Benedict, New York.

1856, March 6, George W. Clinton, Erie.

1857 April 6, Isaac Parks, Oneida.

1858, February 16, Lorenzo Burrows, Orleans.

(Two vacancies.)

Gerrit Y. Lansing, Chancellor; Gulian C. Verplanek, Vice-Chancellor; Samuel B. Woolworth, Secretary; Alfred B. Street, State Librarian; Henry A. Homes, Assistant Librarian; Elisha W. Skinner, Assistant Librarian; Ezekiel Jewett, Curator State Cabinet of Natural History.



Meets first Monday in December, at Washington.

Chief Justice, Roger B. Taney, of Maryland, salary $6,500. Associate Justices, John McLean, of Ohio; James M. Wayne, of Georgia; John Catron, of Tennessee; Peter V. Daniel, of Virginia; Samuel Nelson, of New York; Robert C. Grier, of Pennsylvania; Nathan Clifford, of Maine, and John A. Campbell, of Alabama. Salary of Associate Justices, $6,000 each.


Class. Salary. Term expires.

No. 1. Alexander S. Johnson, Albany, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

No. 2. George F. Comstock, Syracuse, $2500, Dec. 31, 1861

No. 3. Samuel L. Selden, Rochester, $2500, Dec. 31, 1863

No. 4. Hiram Denio, Utica, $2500, Dec. 31, 1865

Russell F. Hicks, Clerk; George E. Baker, Dep. Clerk.

Selected from the Justices of the Supreme Court, to serve until December 31st, 1859, by virtue of Sec. 2, Art. 6, of the Constitution - Selah B. Strong, Cornelius L. Allen, Hiram Gray, Martin Grover. State Reporter, E. Peshine Smith, Rochester; Clerk, Russell F. Hicks, Albany; Dep. Clerk, George E. Baker, Albany.


First Judicial District

Salary. Term expires.

James J. Roosevelt, New York, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

Henry E. Davies, New York, 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

Thomas W. Clerke, New York, 2500, Dec 31, 1861

Josiah Sutherland, New York, 3500, Dec 31, 1863

Daniel P. Ingraham, New York, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Second Judicial District

Selah B. Strong, Setauket, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

John A. Lott, Brooklyn 3500, Dec. 31, 1861

James Emott, Poughkeepsie, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

John W. Brown, Newburgh, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Third Judicial District.

Ira Harris, Albany, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

William B. Wright, Kingston, 3500, Dec. 31, 1861

George Gould, Troy, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Henry Hogeboom, Hudson, 2500, Dec. 31, 1865

Fourth Judicial District.

Cornelius L. Allen, Salem, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

Amaziah B. James, Ogdensburgh 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

Enoch H. Rosekrans, Glen’s Falls, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Platt Potter, Schenectady, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Fifth Judicial District.

Daniel Pratt, Syracuse, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

William J. Bacon, Utica, 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

William F. Allen, Oswego, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Joseph Mullin, Watertown, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Sixth Judicial District.

Hiram Gray, Elmira, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

Charles Mason, Hamilton, 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

Ransom Balcom, Binghamton, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Wm. W. Campbell, Cherry Valley, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Seventh Judicial District.

Theron R. Strong, Rochester, $2500, Dec. 31, 1859

Henry Welles, Penn Yan, 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

E. Darwin Smith, Rochester, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Thomas A. Johnson, Corning, 3500, Dec. 31, 1865

Eighth Judicial District.

Martin Grover, Angelica, $3500, Dec, 31, 1859

Benjamin F. Greene, Fredonia, 2500, Dec. 31, 1861

Richard P. Marvin, Jamestown, 2500, Dec. 31, 1863

Noah Davis, jr., Albion, 3500, Dec. 31, 1863


County Judge - Theodore North, office Dunn’s Block, Elmira.

Justices of Sessions - Robert Cassidy, Baldwin; Hiram Roushey, Southport.

District Attorney - Solomon B. Tomlinson, Elmira.

County Clerk - Uriah S. Lowe, Elmira; office Lake, first N of court-house.

Deputy Clerk - Albert S. Satterly, Elmira.

Treasurer - Stephen McDonald, Elmira.

Surrogate - Theodore North, office Dunn’s Block, Elmira.

Sheriff - Henry Baker, Elmira; office at the court-house.

Under Sheriff - Adam L. Staring, Horseheads.

Deputy Sheriff - James De Witt, Elmira.

Coroners - John Jackson, John L. Shockey, Charles A. Murray, John L. Sexton.

Superintendent of the Poor - Joseph Rodbourn, Horseheads.

Commissioners of Excise - Henry Thompson, George W. Buck, James M. Van Duser.

School Commissioner - Rev’d Thos. K. Beecher, Elmira.

Loan Commissioners - De Witt C. Curtis, Horseheads; Alonzo I. Wynkoop, Chemung.

Supervisors - Robert Cassady, Baldwin; W. A. Tuttle, Big Flats; Edwin Harvey, Catlin; Robert C. Wilson, Chemung; Samuel G. Hathaway, jr., Elmira; Garrett M. Hollenback, Erin; Cyrus Barlow, Horseheads; William T. Post, Southport; Jacob Swartwood, Van Etten; Asher R. Frost, Veteran.


The COUNTY COURT is held at the court-house on the fourth Tuesday in March, May, September, and November.

County Judge - Theodore North.

The SURROGATE’S COURT is held at the surrogate’s office, Dunn’s Block, opp the Brainard house, every day (Sundays excepted).

Surrogate - Theodore North.

JUSTICES’ COURTS are held daily at the offices of the respective justices.

Civil Justices - Andrew B. Galatian, Dunn’s Block; George L. Davis, cor Water and Lake; Schuyler C. Reynolds, Water opp Brainard house.

Police Justice and Ex-officio Commissioner of Deeds lice - Calvin Carpenter, cor Lake and Water.

Notaries Public - R. W. Beadle, O. W. Palmer, George L. Davis, Jabez R. Ward, John Arnot, jr., William F. Corey, U. S. Lowe, Norman Bly, Elmira; Fletcher Mathews, A. M. Wightman, Horseheads.

Commissioner of Deeds - George L. Davis, Elmira.



Supervisor - Samuel G. Hathaway, jr., Town Clerk - Robert R. R. Dumars. Justice of Peace - S. B. Denton. Assessors - Robt. F. Hylan, John S. Hoffman. Commissioner of Highways - James McCann. Overseers of the Poor - Benj. Vail, David A. De Groff. Inspectors of Elections - Jesse L. Cooley, Samuel Riker, Hector M. Seward. District No. 1. Henry Rathbun, Henry P. Benton, Philip French, District No. 2. Collector - Thomas Garrity. Constables - Luman D. Hurlbert, T. O. Elmore, William Goldsmith, Joseph Morse.


President of the Board of Trustees - John Arnot, jr. Clerk - Robert R. R. Dumars. Treasurer - Thomas Perry.


1st Ward - Nathan Baker, Ransom Pratt; 2d Ward - N. W. Gardner, John I. Nicks - 3d Ward, John S. Baldwin, A. Robertson.


Claims - Pratt and Robertson. Fire Department - Gardner, Pratt, and Baldwin. Watch and Lamp - Baker, Robertson, and Gardner. Public Grounds - Nicks, Baker, and Baldwin. Corporation Attorney - E. F. Babcock. Assessors - 1st Ward, Robert F. Hylan; 2d Ward, N. W. Gardner; 3d Ward, Robert S. Perine. Collector - James S. French. Supervisors - W. R. Judson, N. P. Fassett, G. A. Gridley. Street Commissioners - 1st Ward, Ethan Vial; 2d Ward, John Thorp; 3d Ward, Morgan B. Mathews. Police Justice _ Calvin Carpenter. Police Constables - S. B. Denton, John Knapp, L. D. Scofield. Watchmen - Wm. Harsh, W. W. Hemmingway. Pound Masters - 1st Ward, Wm. Large; 2d Ward, John W. Jones; 3d Ward, S. R. Scofield. Fire Wardens - 1st Ward, H. M. Stocum; 2d Ward, John Losie; 3d Ward, John Wormly.


President - John Arnot, jr.; H. S. Chubbuck, M. D., Nathan Baker, John I. Nicks, John S. Baldwin. Health Officer - Wm. H. Gregg, M. D.


Office St. Nicholas’ Building, 22 Lake St. President - Erastus L. Hart. clerk, Superintendent, and Librarian - S. B. Scofield.

Commissioners at Large - Erastus L. Hart, E. N. Barbour, O. Robinson, J. Arnot.

District commissioners - District No. 1 - A. S. Thurston. No. 2 - S. McDonald. No. 3 - A. Robertson. No. 4 - C. Brown. No. 5 - S. B. Denton.


Executive Commissioners - Robertson, Barbour, and Brown. Finance Commissioners - Arnot, Thurston, and McDonald. Teachers’ Commissioners - Barbour, Denton, and Brown. Visiting Commissioners - Robinson, Robertson, and Thurston. Library Commissioners - Hart, Robinson, and Barbour.


Free Academy, Clinton bet Lake and William sts. Principal - M. S. Converse. Preceptress - Helen M. Phillips.


No. 1. West of Davis street. Teacher - Mrs. E. J. Cleves.

No. 2. Church street, 2d Ward. Teachers - Misses E. A. Lamont and Amelia L. Durbon.

No. 3. William street, 1st Ward. Teachers - Misses L. E. Willis, C. L. Benedict, and H. L. Wynkoop.

No. 4. Sullivan street. Teacher - Nellie E. Stitson.

No. 5. Fifth street, 2d Ward. Teachers - Misses J. C. Durbon and H. A. Denton.

No. 6. Baldwin street. Teacher - Hattie Johnson.

No. 7. Jay street. Teacher - Kate Ramsdall.

No. 8. (Pigeon Point) Sullivan Street. Teacher - Ella Callagan.

No. 9. Hudson street., 3d Ward. Teachers - Fannie Huston, Emeline Smalling, and Miss C. Vorhis.

No. 10. Vacant.

No. 11. Dickinson street. Teacher - Sarah Norman.


No. 1. Church street, 2d Ward. Teacher - Miss E. Campbell.

No. 2. William street, 1st Ward. Teachers - Miss A. L. Hunt and Lydia W. Derby.

No. 3. Baldwin street. Teacher - E. J. Beardsley.

No. 4. Hudson street, 3d Ward. Teacher - Miss M. E. Robertson.


No. 1. Church street, 2d Ward. Teacher - P. E. Smith.

No. 2. William street, 1st Ward. Teacher - L. C. Foster.

No. 3. Hudson street, 3d Ward. Teacher - C. S. Brown.


ELMIRA FEMALE COLLEGE, cor. College av and Washington avenues. - Simeon Benjamin, Elmira, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Faculty - Rev. Augustus W. Cowles, D.D., President, and Professor of Sacred Literature and Moral Science. Rev. James E. Latimer, A. M., Professor of Languages. Louis Olivier, Professor of French Language and Literature. Charles S. Farrar, A. M., Professor of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Miss Anna M. Bronson (Grad. Ipswich), Preceptress in Mental Science, Physiology, and Botany. Miss Phebe E. Putnam (Grad. Mt. Holyoke), Preceptress of the Department of History. Miss Kate L. Hayden (Grad. Hartford), Preceptress of the Department of English Literature. Miss Evelyn L. Barbour, B. A., Preceptress in the Department of Mathematics. Mrs. Anna Ross Latimer, Miss Anna M. Searles, Department of Music. Mrs. Fidelia Stanley, Head of Domestic Department and Supt. of Permissions. Mrs. Louisa M. Gillett, Assistant in the Domestic Department. W. F. Benjamin, Esq., Clerk and Steward.

LADIES’ SEMINARY, Main n 3d. - Principal - Miss Clarissa Thurston. Vice-Principal - Miss Mary Mortimer. Teacher of Instrumental and Vocal Music - Miss Frances M. Collier. Teachers - Miss Mary D. Thurston, Miss Sara M. Efner, Miss Mary G. Catlin, Miss Isabella R. Brewer.

YOUNG MEN’S SEMINARY, William, fourth N of Church. - E. M. Roberts, Principal.


Board of Trustees of Elmira Fire Department. - President - Robert S. Wines. Secretary - Austin Stull.

No. 1 - John I. Wicks, William P. Yates.

No. 2 - John Arnott, jr., John Cass.

No. 4- C. Hamilton Baker, Austin Stull.

No. 5 - Thomas Maxwell, Grandison A. Gridley.

No. 6 - Hook and Ladder - Washington Marsh, P. L. Kent.

H. M. Stocum, Chief Engineer; John Losie, 1st Assistant; John Wormley, 2d Assistant; Austin Stull, Secretary; John Arnot, jr., Treasurer.

TORRENT ENGINE CO., No. 1, Water n Wisner - John I. Nicks, Foreman; Wm. W. Dingleby, 1st Assistant; E. B. Smith, 2d Assistant; O. N. Smith, Secretary; Wm. P. Yates, Treasurer.

NEPTUNE ENGINE CO., No. 2 E Water, bet Lake and Fox - R. Watrous, Foreman; Frank Herrick, 1st Assistant; Lyman Covell, jr., 2d Assistant; Robert Hall, Secretary; M. M. Arnot, Treasurer.

YOUNG AMERICA ENGINE CO., No. 4, Water near Wisner - C. Hamilton Baker, Foreman; R. W. Steele, 1st Foreman; William Walters, 2d Foreman; William Hyde, Secretary; R. Stowell, Treasurer.

CITIZEN ENGINE CO., No. 5, S Lake, end of Bridge - Grandison A. Gridley, Foreman; W. R. Hitchcock, 1st Foreman; L. R. Wheeler, 2d Foreman; Thomas Maxwell, Secretary; F.C. Steele, Treasurer.

PROTECTION HOOK AND LADDER CO., No. 6 - Washington Marsh, Foreman; P. L. Kent, 1st Assistant; Charles Joyce, Secretary; A. Barbour, Treasurer.


SOUTHERN TIER RIFLES, Armory, Lake street - H. C. Hoffman, Captain; Wm. M. Gregg, 1st lieutenant; S. B. Tomlinson, 2d Lieutenant; George W. Hoffman, 1st Sergeant; Ralph W. Beadle, 2d Sergeant; T. D. Baldwin, 3d Sergeant; N. B. Fowler, 4th Sergeant; H. C. Covell, 1st Corporal; A. D. Hudson, 2d Corporal; E. B. Satterlee, 3d Corporal; J. H. Leavitt, 4th Corporal; Rev. T. R. Beecher, Chaplain.


ELMIRA CORNET BAND, Holden’s Block - J. B. Updegraff, Leader; Benjamin Wood, Treasurer; Isaiah Potter, Secretary.

WISNER’S CORNET BAND, Concert Hall - W. H. Wisner, Leader; R. H. Ransom, Sec. and Treasurer.


BANK OF CHEMUNG, 32 Water street - Organized 1851, Capital $50,000. Tracey Beadle, President; R. W. Beadle, Cashier.

CHEMUNG CANAL BANK, Water, bet Lake and Fox - Organized 1833. Capital $200,000. Par value shares $50. Dividends January and July. Annual meeting 2d Tuesday in June. John Arnot, President; Stephen T. Arnot, Vice-President; John Arnot, jr., Cashier; M. H. Arnot, Assistant Cashier. Directors - John Arnot, John Arnot, jr., M. H. Arnot, S. T. Arnot, Ira Davenport, Jas. B. Jermain, Harmon Pumpelly, Walter S. Hubbell, Comfort Bennett, A. Simmonds, James Griswold, John McBirney, Jacob Lowman.

ELMIRA BANK, Ely’s Block, Baldwin cor. Canal - Organized 1853. Capital $100,000. Par value of shares $100. Dividends July and January. Annual meetings every 2d Tuesday in October. L. J. Stancliff, President; Anson C. Ely, Cashier.

ELMIRA SAVINGS BANK, 32 Water, over Bank of Chemung - Organized 1854. Interest at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum allowed on all sums over $5 which have been deposited three months or longer. Trustees - Simeon Benjamin, President; Solomon L. Gillett, 1st Vice-President and Treasurer; Ezra Canfield, 2d Vice-President; Grandison A. Gridley, Secretary; Alexander S. Diven, Wm. T. Post, Samuel G. Hathaway, jr., John I. Nicks, Nelson W. Gardiner, Wm. L. Gibson, John T. Rathbone, Joseph Grover, Samuel S. Hamlin, Directors.

ELMIRA MECHANICS’ SOCIETY, office 3 Water street - Chartered January 15th, 1834. This is a Savings Fund institution, for the accommodation of the members of the society. Josiah Bartholomew, President; Benjamin Vail, Vice-President; James S. French, Treasurer; Stephen McDonald, Secretary. Directors - John C. Roe, N. W. Gardiner, Norris North, John I. Nicks, Samuel Riker. Prudential Committee - Stephen McDonald, C. B. Smith, R. R. R. Dumars, W. Merwin, S. B. Hubbell, S. Ayers, J. H. Godfrey.


Elmira Advertiser, daily, issued every morning (Sundays excepted). Terms, $5.00 per annum. Fairman & Co., publishers and proprietors. Seymour B. Fairman, editor. Office over 6, 8 and 10 Lake street. Elmira.

Elmira Weekly Advertiser and Chemung County Republican, weekly, issued every Saturday morning. Terms, $1.50 per annum, in advance. Fairman & Co., Publishers and proprietors. Seymour B. Fairman, editor. Office over 6, 8, and 10 Lake street. Elmira.

Elmira Daily Press, issued every morning (Sundays excepted). Terms, $5.00 per annum. Dumars, Van Gelder & Paine, editors and proprietors. Office Water, cor Lake. Elmira.

Elmira Weekly Press, weekly, issued every Wednesday morning. Terms, $1.25 per annum. Dumars, Van Gelder & Paine, editors and proprietors. Office Water, cor. Lake. Elmira.

Elmira Weekly Gazette, weekly, issued every Thursday morning. Terms, $1.50 per annum, in advance. Fred. A. De Voe, publisher and proprietor. Horton Tidd, editor. Office S E cor. Lake and Carroll. Elmira.

Journal, weekly, Terms, $1.50 per annum. W. E. H. & H. A. Stiles. Horseheads.


ELMIRA GAS LIGHT COMPANY - Office Concert Hall Block. Organized in 1852. Capital $50,000. Par value shares $25. James L. Woods, President; M. H. Arnot, Secretary; S. T. Arnot, Treasurer and Superintendent.

ELMIRA WOOLLEN MANUFACTURING CO. - Located Factory E of Sullivan. Capital stock $18,000. Edward Covill, President; Robert Covill, jr., Treasurer; D. and R. Pratt, Agents.

NORTH AMERICAN MACHINE AND COOPERAGE CO. - M. H. Ferris, Agent. West side Wisner, c Fifth. Elmira


ELMIRA AND SOUTHPORT BRIDGE CO. - Foot Lake. Lyman Covell, President; D. Thompson Dunn, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors - Lyman Covell, Benjamin Vail, Dr. U. Smith, Edmund Miller, John Beckwith, Miller McHenry. Auditors - George W. Miller, Silas Haight. John S. Baker, Toll Collector.

MAIN STREET BRIDGE CO. - Foot Main. S. B. Strang, President and Treasurer. Directors - S. B. Strang, Tracey Beadle, Wm. T. Post. L. D. Scofield, Toll Collector.


New York and Erie Railroad Co.’s Telegraph Office, West end of the Railroad Depot. L. G. Tillotson, New York, Superintendent; M. D. Craig and G. M. Huntington, Operators. Elmira.


HOWARD AND CO.’S EXPRESS OFFICE - Ely’s Block, Baldwin c Carroll. S. De Witt, Agent, Elmira.

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO. - Office Ely’s Block, Baldwin c Carroll. Amount of capital $500,000. S. De Witt, Agent, Elmira; D. N. Barney, of New York, President; T. B. Marsh, of New York, Treasurer; Charles A. De Witt, of New York, Superintendent.


Brown Eli H., M., Big Flats

Estabrook Isaac, B., Big Flats

Harrington Fordyce, P., Big Flats

Lumkin Harvey, M., Chemung

Central Baptist Church - Rev. George D. Brewerton, Pastor; Joseph Wood, Sexton. Wisner cor. Church, Elmira

First Baptist Church - No regular pastor. John W. Jones, Sexton. Church n Main, Elmira

Congregational Church - Rev. T. E. Beecher, Pastor; George Jones, Sexton. Main cor. Church, Elmira.

Trinity Church - Rev. Andrew Hull, Pastor; Jefferson Brown, Sexton. Main cor. Church, Elmira.

First Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. Robert Hugoboom, Pastor; Anderson Murphy, Sexton. Baldwin bet Church and 2d, Elmira.

Second Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. K. P. Jervis, Pastor; ----Sexton. Church n Columbia, Elmira.

Zion Methodist Church (col’d) - Rev. John Thomas, Pastor; John Shephard, Sexton. Dickinson c 4th, Elmira.

Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Murdoch, Pastor; William Clark, Sexton. Church c Baldwin, Elmira.

St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church, Roman Catholic - Rev. Thomas O’Flaherty, Pastor. Cross and High, Elmira.

Onley P. J., B., Horseheads

Pierson N. E., P., Horseheads

Havens George E., M. E., Millport

Inman George E., M., Millport

Huntley E. N., B., Van Ettenville

Pitts Levi, M. E., Van Ettenville

Sniffin Benjamin D., W., Van Ettenville.



Rooms in St. Nicholas’ Buildings, Lake Street Elmira.

St. Omer’s Commandery, No. 19, meets fourth Fridays in the month, at 2 o’clock P. M. W. Lee, E. C.; B. P.