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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Hamilton Childs
Gazetteer & Business Directory
Chemung & Schuyler Counties NY
FOR 1868 - 69.

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(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Ackerson, John, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 23.

Acy, Earl, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 10 and leases of Cummings A. Clark, of Elmira, 230.

Alexander, Benjamin S., (Breesport), farmer 47.

Alexander, Joseph, (Breesport), farmer 50.

Argetsinger, Philip Mrs., (Elmira), farmer 50.

AUSTIN, ARDON, (Breesport), attorney at law, land agent, surveyor, farmer 439 and 600 at the west.

Austin, Robert, (Breesport), farmer 75.

Bacorn, Green, (Herrington’s Corners), carpenter and farmer 50.

BAKER, CHARLES, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 117.

Baker, James A., (Herrington’s Corners), constable and farmer.

Baldwin, E. W., (Erin Center), farmer 75.

Baldwin, Sylvester, (Breesport), boatman and farmer 150.

Ballard, Horace, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases of J. Ramsey, 101.

Barlow, Lorenzo, (Breesport), farmer leases of Mrs. Rebecca Bush, 50.

BARTO, SILAS, (North Chemung), farmer 60.

BECKER, G. S., (Erin Center), dairyman and farmer 130.

Beckhorn, E. Garret, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases of G. & D. Beckhorn, 54, of Miss Esther M. Beckhorn, 34.

Beckhorn, Esther M., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 34.

Beckhorn, Frederick, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 54.

BECKWITH, A. D., (Erin), (with Henry).

Beckwith, Henry, (Erin Center), farmer 50.

Beckwith, Henry E., (State Road), farmer 65.

Beese, Sarah, (Breesport), teacher.

BEESLEY, JOHN, (Breesport), farmer 50.

Benjamin, Henry, (Breesport), farmer 20.

Benjamin, Nathan, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 126.

BENJAMIN, S. C., (Breesport), farmer 125.

Bennett, Hiram, (Breesport), carpenter and farmer.

BENNETT, JONAS, (Breesport), farmer 163.

BLANCHARD, EDWARD, (Breesport), (with Woolever).

BLAUVELT, PETER, (Herrington’s Corners), grocer and farmer 99.

BLAUVELT, SYLVESTER N., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 66.

BLAUVELT, WILLIAM H., (Herrington’s Corners), shoemaker and farmer 93.

Blovelt, D. S., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases of Earl Acy, 10.

Blovelt, P. C., (Erin), farmer 60.

Bolster, John, (State Road), carpenter and joiner.

BOLSTER, JOHN F., (VanEttenville), wagon maker, carpenter and cabinet maker.

Bowers, Mary Miss, (Breesport), teacher.

Boyer, Anson H., (Breesport), farmer 84.

Boyer, William, (Breesport), carpenter and farmer 75.

Breese, A. J., (Breesport), carpenter, wagon maker and farmer 50.

BROCKWAY, CHARLES, (State Road), carpenter, farmer 60 and leases from A. H. Park, 105.

Brown, Elmer, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases 100.

Brown, Henry W., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 17.

Brown, James, (Erin), farmer 132.

Brown, W. J., (Erin Center), farmer 46.

Burrows, E. D., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases of Isaac Newkirk, 350.

BURROWS, LAFAYETTE, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer.

Bush, Matilda Miss, (Breesport), farmer 12.

Bush, Rebecca Mrs., (Breesport), farmer 50.

BUTTS, ORIN, (State Road), dairyman and farmer 77.

Butts, Sophy Miss, (Herrington’s Corners), teacher.

Calson, A. P., (Breesport), insurance agent.

Campbell, James E., (Breesport), farmer 600 in Tenn., 17 in Erin, and leases 60.

CANFIELD, P., (Herrington’s Corners), architect and builder, and farmer 171.

CARPENTER, ARA, (Breesport), farmer 150.

Carpenter, David, (State Road), stone mason.

Cavanaugh, Samuel, (Breesport), farmer 95.

CAYWOOD, RICHARD, (Breesport), dairyman, farmer 95, and leases of Miss Hannah D. Caywood, 75.

Caywood, William, (Breesport), farmer 65.

CHAFFEE, JASON, (Breesport), farmer 53 ¾.

Chapman, Collins, (Breesport), farmer leases of Mrs. Mary Leonard, 65.

CHAPMAN, JOHN, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 100 and leases of Jonas Saterly, 56.

CHAPMAN, WILLIAM, (Sullivanville), supervisor, dairyman and farmer 184.

CHARLES, MOSES, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 75.

CLOSE, S. S., (VanEttenville), farmer 95.

COLEGROVE, B. F., (Herrington’s Corners), (with Oliver B. Whitman), farmer 107.

COLEGROVE, ROBERT C., (Breesport), surveyor, carpenter and farmer 51.

Collson, S., (Breesport), farmer 117.

Cook, Henry, (Erin), farmer 25.

COOLEY, LEVI E., (North Chemung), farmer 70.

Cooper, Charles, (North Chemung), farmer 50.

COOPER, FRANCIS, (Breesport), farmer 80.

Cooper, Mason, (North Chemung), farmer 183.

COOPER, SQUIRE, (North Chemung), dairyman and farmer 100.

Cowan, Andrew, (Breesport), farmer 50.

COWAN, JOHN G., (Breesport), farmer 82.

Daved, George, (Breesport), carpenter and joiner, and farmer 36.

Davis, John L., (Erin Center), stone mason.

Davis, John M., (Erin Center), farmer 58.

Davis, John S., (Erin Center), farmer 100.

Davis, Silas K., (Erin Center), farmer 105.

Davis, W. M., (Erin Center), farmer 100.

DECKER, CALVIN, (Sullivanville), farmer 38.

Denton, Edward, (North Chemung), carpenter and farmer 100.

DENTON, HIRAM, (North Chemung), farmer 50.

DENTON, NEHEMIAH, (North Chemung), farmer 100.

Denton, Thomas M., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 40.

Dibble, James, (Erin Center), shoemaker and farmer 93.

Dibble, Lovina, (Erin Center), teacher.

Dibble, Vinnie E., (Breesport), teacher.

Donald, John, (Erin), farmer leases of Wm. Carpenter, of Elmira, 90.

Doty, Nathaniel, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 88.

Drain, George, (Breesport), farmer leases 2.

Drake, James A., (Breesport), (Wm. Newman & Co.).

Dresser, Lydia, (State Road), teacher.

Dunbar, Andyell, (Erin), farmer leases 100.

Dunbar, Nathan, (Erin), tannery and farmer 100.

Dykins, Jedediah, (Breesport), farmer 30 and leases of A. W. Dykins, 50.

Egbert, John L., (Sullivanville), dairyman and farmer 130.

Ells, Allen, (Breesport), farmer 65.

ELLS, WILLIAM W., (Breesport), lumberman and farmer.

Elston, Charles, (Erin Center), farmer leases of Margaret Elston, 40.

Elston, Charley E., (Breesport), farmer 50.

Elston, George, (Breesport), farmer 87.

Elston, Isaac, (Erin Center), farmer 58 ¾.

Elston, James, (Erin), farmer 28.

Elston, John, (Erin Center), shingle maker and farmer 47.

Elston, P. J. Mrs., (Erin Center), farmer 37.

Elston, Stephen, (Breesport), farmer 85.

Ennis, Miles G., (Erin), dairyman and farmer 160.

ERIN CENTER HOTEL, (Erin Center), James Holenbeck, prop.

Farr, C. J., (Sullivanville), farmer 70.

FINCH, SAMUEL, (Erin Center), cabinet maker and farmer 50.

FOSTER & JESSUP, (Breesport), (John Foster and James H. Jessup), props. of saw mill and lumber dealers.

FOSTER, JOHN, (Breesport), (Foster & Jessup).

FOX, ALANSON, (North Chemung), farmer 165.

FOX, CHARLES, (North Chemung), farmer 102 ½.

FOX, LORENZO, (North Chemung), farmer 153.

Hammell, John, (Sullivanville), prop. of stump machine and farmer 100.

HAMMOND, C. H., (Sullivanville), dairyman and farmer 159.

Hammond, Elijah, (North Chemung), farmer 30.

Hammond, John M., (Sullivanville), farmer 49.

HANSON, CHARLES P., (State Road), farmer 235.

HARDING, E., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 367.

Harding, Mary Miss, (Breesport), teacher.

Hasbrouck, J., (Breesport), (Wm. Newman & Co.).

Hawley, Johnson, (Breesport), prop. saw mill and farmer 145.

Heller, Orpha Miss, (Breesport), teacher.

HERRINGTON, AMASA R., (Herrington’s Corners), associate judge, justice of the peace, postmaster and farmer 125.

HERRINGTON, MILES S., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 130.

Hilliker, John F., (Breesport), shingle maker, dairyman and farmer 275.

Hilliker, William R., (Breesport), farmer 82.

Hollenbeck, Anthony J., (Breesport), farmer 50.

Hollenbeck, Francis, (Erin), farmer 95.

HOLLENBECK, GARRET M., (State Road), postmaster, dairyman and farmer 197.

Hollenbeck, Giles, (Breesport), farmer 61.

HOLLENBECK, HAMILTON, (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 210.

Hollenbeck, Henry, (Erin Center), farmer 162 ½.

HOLLENBECK, JAMES, (Erin Center), postmaster, prop. Erin Center Hotel and farmer 300.

Houck, F. D., (State Road), farmer 57.

HOUCK, HARVEY, (State Road), farmer 74.

Houck, Helen D., (State Road), teacher.

Houck, Isaac, (State Road), farmer 149.

Houck, J. Wesley, (State Road), farmer 185.

Houck, Samuel, (State Road), farmer 50.

HOUSE, F., (North Chemung), farmer 50.

HOWE, WILLIAM, (Erin), dairyman and farmer 286.

Hugg, Harry, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 108.

Hummer, Alex., (Erin), farmer 25, and leases of Wm. Howe, 137.

HUMMER, GEORGE W., (State Road), farmer 159.

HUMMER, JOSEPH, (Erin), dairyman and farmer 148.

Humphrey, C. C., (Breesport), shoemaker and farmer 40.

Humphrey, G. H., (Breesport), wagon maker, dairyman and farmer 74 ½.

HURDIE, H. M., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer leases of Mrs. Charlotte Hurdie, 115.

Inman, James, (Herrington’s Corners), chair maker and farmer 50.

Inman, Martin, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 114.

JAKWAY, O. H. DR., (Erin), physician, surgeon and farmer 40.

Jayne, Timothy, (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 150.

Jaynes, S. A., (Breesport), constable.

JESSUP, JAMES H., (Breesport), (Foster & Jessup).

Jones, Daniel, (Breesport), farmer 63.

JONES, HORACE A., (Breesport), farmer 50.

JONES, IRA R., (Breesport), carpenter, dairyman and farmer 101.

JUDSON, CARDWELL, (State Road), (with James), farmer 153.

JUDSON, JAMES, (State Road), (with Cardwell), farmer 153.

Kellogg, Mebzar, (Erin), farmer 50.

Kellogg, M. A., (Erin), (with M. N.), farmer 50.

Kellogg, M. N., (Erin), (with M. A.), farmer 50.

Kendall, William, (Breesport), farmer.

Kingsley, John, (Breesport), farmer 49 ½.

Lamp, Amos L., (Breesport), millwright and farmer 2 ½.

Leonard, J. B., (Sullivanville), farmer 61.

Leonard, King S., (Sullivanville), farmer 53.

Lewis, Charles H., (Breesport), justice of the peace, dairyman and farmer 67.

LINDESBURY, JOHN W., (Erin Center), farmer 35 and leases of I. C. Smith, 50.

Lindsey, Mathew, (Breesport), farmer 20.

LITTLE, JOHNSON, (North Chemung), dairyman and farmer 180.

Manchester, Freeman, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 72.

Marsh, Charles B., (Erin), mason.

McCann, Francis, (Breesport), farmer 82.

McDOWEL, A. H., (Breesport), justice of the peace, dairyman and farmer 200.

McIntyre, William, (Erin Center), preacher and farmer 70.

McMILLAN, JAMES, (Breesport), farmer leases of Mrs. Mary McMillan, 100.

McMILLAN, JAMES DR., (Breesport), physician, dairyman and farmer 96.

McMILLAN, JOSEPH, (Breesport), farmer leases of Mrs. Maria McMillan, 50.

McMillen, James B., (Breesport), carpenter and joiner.

MITCHELL, JOHN C., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 100.

Molter, J. M., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases of Miles Herrington, 130.

Moore, William, (Sullivanville), farmer leases of Mrs. Hannah Groom, 4 ¾.

NEISH, ANDREW H., (Breesport), farmer leases of Edward Hawley, 67.

Newman, William & Co., (Breesport), (James A. Drake and J. Hasbrouck), props. saw mill, lumberman and farmers 340.

Neish, David, (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 136.

Niesh, J. B., (Breesport), carpenter and farmer 50.

Olcott, Noadiah, (Erin Center), deputy postmaster and farmer 54.

Palmer, Mathew, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 25.

PARK, ALEX. H., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer leases of Varnum McDowell, of Elmira, 256.

PARK, DAVID J., (State Road), dairyman and farmer 435.

Park, J. J., (Breesport), farmer 50.

Reed, Andrew F., (Breesport), (with Wm. Thomas), farmer leases 125.

RHINESMITH, STEPHEN, (Breesport), farmer.

Roberts, William J., (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), butcher.

Robinson, O. P., (Breesport), mason and farmer 40.

Rodbourn, Joseph, (Breesport), (J. H. Rodbourn & Co.).

Rodbourn, J. H. & Co., (Breesport), (Joseph Rodbourn), props. saw mill, lumber dealers and general merchants.

ROSEKRANS, ALVA B., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 151.

Rosekrans, J. C., (Breesport), farmer 160.

Rosekrans, Lyman, (State Road), farmer 114.

Rosekrans, Nelson, (Erin Center), carpenter and farmer 25.

Rosekrans, Norman, (Erin Center), carpenter and farmer 59.

Rosekrans, Susan Mrs., (Erin), farmer 20.

Ross, G. M., (State Road), dairyman and farmer leases of A. Austin, 240.

Roszell, Samuel, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 109.

Rumsey, G. W., (VanEttenville), farmer 149.

SEARLS, WILLIAM, (Erin), carpenter and farmer 64.

*SEELY, A. & BRO., (Elmira), (S. Alford and Seymour), lumber dealers, props. saw mill and farmers 300.

SEELY, S. ALFORD, (Elmira), (A. Seely & Bro.).

SEELY, SEYMOUR, (Elmira), (A. Seely & Bro.).

SHADDUCK, HENRY, (Erin Center), shingle maker and farmer 100.

SHADDUCK, JOHN, (Erin Center), farmer 215.

Shappee, Mrs., (Breesport), dress maker.

Shoemaker, H. T., (Erin Center), farmer 25.

SHOEMAKER, JOHN, (Erin Center), farmer 58.

Smellegar, John, (Breesport), architect, builder and farmer 88.

Smith, Alonzo H., (Erin Center), farmer 86.

Smith, Calvin, (Erin), farmer leases 62.

Smith, Carrie, (Breesport), teacher.

SMITH, CHARLES N., (Erin Center), farmer 83.

Smith, Joseph, (Erin), farmer 43.

SMITH, NELSON, (Erin), grocer and farmer 90.

SMITH, PARLEY H., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 119.

SMITH, SYLVANUS, (Breesport), dairyman, prop. hop yard and farmer 447.

Smith, Uriah, (Breesport), farmer leases of F. Kaper, of Elmira, 100.

Stage, David, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 50 ¾.

Stanley, John N., (Sullivanville), dairyman and farmer 80.

STAPLES, BURTON, (Breesport), farmer 51.

Staples, John, (Breesport), farmer 200.

Stevens, Emma, (Breesport), teacher.

Stevens, J. H., (Breesport), farmer 103.

STILWELL, G., (State Road), farmer 60.

Swan, Nelson, (State Road), shoemaker and farmer 37.

Swayze, Abraham, (Erin), farmer 67.

Swayze, James F., (State Road), farmer 60.

Swayze, P. C., (State Road), farmer 123.

THOMAS, ISAAC, (State Road), dairyman and farmer.

Thomas, Philip, (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 320.

Thomas, William, (Breesport), (with Andrew F. Reid), farmer leases 125.

Tillman, P. M., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 116.

TRAVIS, EUGENE, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 92 and leases of E. G. Beckhorn, 50.

Tuthill, Francis G., (Elmira), farmer 200.

TUTHILL, HIRAM, (Elmira), farmer 250.

Underhill, Charles, (Breesport), farmer 98.

VanDeBogert, Daniel, (State Road), farmer 50.

Vandzor, Julia T. Mrs., (Sullivanville), farmer 90.

Vangorden, A. H., (Breesport), farmer 25.

VANGORDEN, ISAAC S., (Erin Center), farmer 102.

VANGORDEN, JEREMIAH, (Breesport), farmer 46, and in charge of 70, owned by W. H. Vandozer.

Vangorden, P. F., (Erin Center), blacksmith and farmer 7 ½.

VanHoutan, Esther Mrs., (Breesport), farmer 97.

VanHouten, John, (Breesport), farmer 40.

VanNortwick, Simeon, (Erin), farmer 51 ¼.

VAUGHN, GILES, (State Road), farmer 64 ½.

Vaughn, Rufus, (State Road), farmer 125.

VOSBURGH, DAVID B., (State Road), mason and farmer 127.

Vredenburg, H., (Erin Center), carpenter.

Vredenburg, William, (Erin), farmer 13 ½.

Walker, A. G., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 546.

WESTBROOK, ISAAC S., (Breesport), dairyman and farmer 107.

WESTBROOK, JAMES, (Erin), farmer 89.

Wheaton, Henry B., (Breesport), farmer.

Wheaton, William, (Breesport), farmer 50.

Whitaker, S. C., (Herrington’s Corners), farmer leases 12.

White, Rachael Mrs., (State Road), farmer 147.

Whitehead, H. H., (Erin Center), farmer 54.

WHITMAN, OLIVER B., (Herrington’s Corners), (with B. F. Colegrove), farmer 107.

Willsey, J., (Breesport), farmer 60.

Wood, Charles, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 57.

WOOD, ISAAC, (Breesport), farmer 60.

Wood, James, (Erin Center), farmer 50.

Woodard, Samuel, (North Chemung), farmer 75.

Woolever, Ez, (State Road), carpenter.

Woolever, Wesley, (Herrington’s Corners), farmer 38.


(Post Addresses in Parentheses.)

ADAMS, WM. D., (Horseheads), miller, justice of the peace and canal collector.

ALLING, JOHN B., (Horseheads), (with Sylvester J. Moss), farmer leases 200.

ANDRUS, ALSTON, (Horseheads), farmer 160.

Andrus, Spafford, (Horseheads), (Thorn, Andrus & Barbour).

Austin, L. D., (Elmira), farmer 2.

Backman, Martin V. B., (Horseheads), (Dailey & Backman).

Bailey, Nehemiah, (Breesport), farmer 100.

Banister, Hattie Miss, (Horseheads), teacher.

Banister, Sanford, (Horseheads), farmer.

BANKS & CO., (Horseheads), (Whedon and Milton), dairymen and farmers lease 213.

BANKS, MILTON, (Horseheads), (Banks & Co.).

BANKS, WHEDON, (Horseheads), (Banks & Co.).

Barbour, Clark N., (Horseheads), (Thorn, Andrus & Barbour).

Barbour, John N., (Horseheads), farmer 153.

BARLOW, CYRUS, (Horseheads), (Christie & Barlow).

Barlow, James, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

Barlow, Ruth A. Miss, (Horseheads), dress maker, Main.

Barlow, W. S., (Horseheads), billiard saloon, cor. Main and John.

BEARD, ALVAH P., (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner, south side Broad.

BENEDICT, EDWIN R., (Horseheads), carriage and sign painter.

Benjamin, John, (Breesport), farmer 50.

Bennett, Andrew J., (Horseheads), farmer 150.

BENNETT, GEO., (Horseheads), (Bennett & Tabers).

BENNETT & TABERS, (Horseheads), (Geo. Bennett, C. F. and P. T. Taber), merchant millers, north side Franklin.

Bennitt, Daniel, (Horseheads), commissioner of highways and farmer 505.

BENNITT, JOSIAH, (Horseheads), town assessor and farmer 120, also 450 in Big Flats.

Bennitt, Morris, (Horseheads), farmer 760.

Benson, John J., (Breesport), thresher and farmer 100.

BENTLEY, HIRAM S., (Horseheads), justice of the peace and auctioneer, Mosher Block, Main.

BEST, JAMES, (Breesport), woolen manuf.

Bewley, G. & L. N., (Horseheads), (Levi N.), carriage making, south side Franklin.

Bewley, Levi N., (Horseheads), (G. & L. N. Bewley).

Bloomer, F. C., (Horseheads), gardener leases 10.

Bowers, Charles, (Horseheads), prop. of tannery and farmer 25.

Bowers, Jacob, (Horseheads), farmer 82.

Bowman, Francis, (Hoseheads), farmer 102.

BOWMAN, JOHN S., (Horseheads), farmer 195.

Boyer, Israel, (Breesport), farmer 70.

Brees, Achilles, (Breesport), farmer 87.

Brees, Charles P., (Breesport), blacksmith.

Brees, Corydon B., (Breesport), blacksmith.

Brees, E. M., (Breesport), farmer 100.

Brees, Geo., (Breesport), farmer 77.

BREES, IRA L., (Horseheads), commissioner of highways and farmer 173.

Brees, John, (Horseheads), farmer 130.

Brees, John 2d, (Horseheads), farmer 80.

Brees, John J., (Horseheads), farmer 160.

BREES, JOSIAH, (Horseheads), farmer 66.

Brees, Le Moine, (Horseheads), blacksmith, Main near Canal.

*BREES, MYRON H., (Breesport), furniture dealer and undertaker.

Brees, Sidney, (Horseheads), farmer 8 ½.

Brees, Silas B., (Breesport), farmer 67.

BREES, ULYSSES, (Horseheads), farmer 450.

BREES, WM. H. H., (Breesport), farmer leases 100.

BREES, WM. R., (Breesport), farmer 220.

Brees, Zopher G., (Breesport), farmer 153.

BROOKS, JOHN Q., (Horseheads), farmer 81.

Brown, Civilian, (Horseheads), farmer 124.

BROWN, HENRY M. Rev., (Horseheads), rector of St. Mathews Free Church, (Protestant Episcopal), Steuben.

BRYAN, ESEU, (Horseheads), furnace man.

BUCKLEY, JOHN, (Horseheads), builder and jobber.

BURGESS, BARRILLAI, (Breesport), grocer.

Burritt, John T., (Elmira), dealer in agricultural implements and farmer 100.

Burrows, Stephen, (Horseheads), farmer 138.

BUSH, CHARLES, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

Butcher, John, (Horseheads), canal grocery and livery.

Carey, Nathan, (Breesport), carpenter and farmer 110.

Carpenter, Albert, (Horseheads), dealer in groceries, fancy goods, notions, &c.

Carpenter, Burt, (Horseheads), farmer 88.

Carpenter, Jennie Miss, (Horseheads), teacher.

Carpenter, John, (Elmira), prop. of Halfway House and farmer 330.

Carpenter, John T., (Horseheads), meat market, Main.

Carpenter, L., (Horseheads), harness maker, Whitcomb Block, Franklin.

Carpenter, Matthew, (Horseheads), harness maker and carriage trimmer, Main.

CARPENTER, WM., (Elmira), farmer 837, also 222 in Big Flats, 117 in Erin, 80 in Franklin Co., and 50 in Canton, Pa.

Carr, Charles C. Rev., (Horseheads), pastor of Presbyterian church, Steuben.

CHAPMAN, SAMUEL A., (Elmira), farmer 110.

Chappee, Barlet, (Horseheads), farmer 115.

CHRISTIE & BARLOW, (Horseheads), (James A. Christie and Cyrus Barlow), lawyers, Ryant’s Block, up stairs.

CHRISTIE, JAMES A., (Horseheads), (Christie & Barlow).

CHURCH, ISAAC W., (Horseheads), farmer.

CLAPP, EDWARD E., (Horseheads), (Oakley, Clapp & Co.).

CLARK, D. & SON, (Harrison), (Horseheads), hardware dealers, and agents for mowers, reapers and steel plows, Franklin.

CLARK, FRED, (Horseheads), livery, north side Franklin.

CLARK, HARRISON, (Horseheads), (D. Clark & Son).

CLARK, WM. J., (Horseheads), farmer 150.

COATS, GEO. H., (Elmira), farmer.

Coats, Israel F., (Elmira), farmer 125.

Cohill, John, (Breesport), farmer 50.

COLWELL, ROBERT, (Horseheads), hotel prop., N. W. corner Main and Franklin.

Colwell, Robert, (Horseheads), prop. meat market, E. side Main.

Compton, Carmy, (Elmira), wagon maker.

COMPTON, STEPHEN, (Horseheads), (Gardner & Compton).

Conklin, Edward S., (Horseheads), harness maker, N. side Franklin, up stairs.

Correl, Alexander M., (Horseheads), groceries and provisions, Franklin.

Crandell, Betsey A. Mrs., (Breesport), farmer 106.

CRANDELL, M. D., (Breesport), farmer 106.

CREED, C. E., (Breesport), groceries and provisions.

CURTIS, DE WITT C., (Horseheads), attorney and claim agent, Mosher Block, Main.

CURTIS, LAWRENCE L., (Horseheads), dealer in hops and barley and farmer 100.

Dailey & Backman, (Horseheads), (Walter L. Dailey and Martin V. B. Backman), attorneys and counselors at law.

Dailey, Carrie A. Mrs., (Horseheads), dress maker, Mosher Block, up stairs.

Dailey, Walter L., (Horseheads), (Dailey & Backman).

Davis, Calvin L., (Horseheads), farmer 47.

Davis, H. E. Mrs., (Horseheads), druggist, 4 Mosher Block, Main.

DAVIS, WM. H., (Horseheads), allop. physician and surgeon.

DAY, THOMAS S., (Horseheads), farmer 186.

Dayton, Sinclair, (Horseheads), farmer 30.

Dean, Delia Mrs., (Horseheads), dress and cloak making.

Dean, Terry, (Horseheads), farmer 57.

Decker, Joseph M., (Breesport), carpenter and farmer 70.

Degroff, Abram, (Horseheads), farmer leases 265.

Delano, F., (Horseheads), blacksmith.

DEVINNY, NEWTON, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

Dorn, Wm., (Horseheads), blacksmith, north side of Franklin.

DURLAND, JABEZ C., (Elmira), farmer 50 and leases 125.

DURLAND, WM., (Elmira), farmer 100.

EDDY, CALVIN G., (Horseheads), farmer.

Eddy, Orrin, (Horseheads), farmer 131.

Edwards, David, (Horseheads), farmer 45.

ELLIOTT, H. J., (Horseheads), farmer 75.

EVERITT, WM. H., (Horseheads), barber, W. side Church.

Farr, Josiah N., (Horseheads), farmer.

FARR, S. J., (Horseheads), farmer 70.

Fitch, O. H., (Elmira), farmer 286.

FLEMING, ANDREW, (Horseheads), carriage maker, S. side John.

Foster, Wm. G., (Horseheads), tinner.

Galpin, D. A. Mrs., (Horseheads), milliner, Whitcomb Block, Franklin.

Gardner, Abraham, (Horseheads), farmer 100.

*GARDNER & COMPTON, (Horseheads), (Harry Gardner and Stephen Compton), furniture dealers and undertakers, S. side John.

GARDNER, HARRY, (Horseheads), (Gardner & Compton).

Gardner, Robert, (Horseheads), farmer 106.

Garst, Samuel, (Horseheads), cooper, south side John.

George, Egbert, (Horseheads), dentist, Ryant Block, up stairs.

Giles, H. T. Rev., (Horseheads), pastor M. E. church, Orchard.

Goff, Henry, (Horseheads), farmer 100.

GOFF, HENRY J., (Elmira), farmer 230.

Gores, Andrew, (Horseheads), farmer 90.

GREENE, HAMILTON J., (Horseheads), farmer 77.

GREENMAN, ORLANDO S., (Horseheads), allop. physician.

Greer, David E., (Horseheads), cooper.

GRIFFITH, GEO. W. T., (Horseheads), dealer in live stock and farmer 90.

GRIGGS, ELLIOTT, (Breesport), painter, and keeper of poor house.

GROOM, ORLANDO, (Horseheads), homeo. physician, Franklin.

HADSELL, JACOB H., (Breesport), cooper.

HADSELL, JOHN, (Breesport), architect, carpenter, joiner and general builder.

Haines, Wm. E., (Horseheads), harness maker and leader of the Horseheads Cornet Band.

HALDMAN, MARY, (Horseheads), farmer 3.

HALL, BRAY D., (Horseheads), (Kline, Hall & Co.).

HAMILTON, WELLS C., (Horseheads), stone mason.

HAMMOND, CHARLES, (Horseheads), farmer 50.

HANLON, H. O., (Elmira), farmer 140.

HARDENBROOK, ABEL, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

HARDING, JOHN S., (Breesport), farmer 100.

HARDING, MITCHELL H., (Breesport), blacksmith.

HARDWICK, AMBROSE, (Horseheads), foreman in brick yard.

Hargrove, Job, (Breesport), farmer 68.

Harris, John D., (Horseheads), jeweler, Hanover Square, cor. Franklin and Main.

Hart, Wm. M., (Elmira), farmer 100.

Hathorn, E. L., (Horseheads), farmer 113.

HELLER, EUNICE T., (Breesport), farmer 24.

Heller, Joel, (Breesport), farmer leases 50.

HETFIELD, CHARLES K., (Horseheads), farmer.

Hetfield, Richard, (Horseheads), hotel keeper, manuf. of elderberry wine and farmer 200.

HEWITT, FRANK B., (Horseheads), blacksmith.

HINTON, CHAS., (Horseheads), prop. Horseheads Journal, Ryant Block.

HOFFMAN, HENRY C., (Horseheads), butter and cheese manuf. and farmer 82.

HORSEHEADS JOURNAL, (Horseheads), Chas. Hinton, prop., Ryant Block, 2nd floor.

House, A. B., (Horseheads), painter.

HOUSE, L. L. MRS., (Horseheads), milliner, Mosher Block, up stairs.

Howell, P. B., (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

HULIEN, J. H., (Horseheads), head cutter in J. & R. Mosher’s clothing store.

HULL, SYLVESTER, (Horseheads), farmer 90.

Humphrey, John B., (Horseheads), farmer 114.

*HUMPHREY, JOHN N., (Breesport), blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer leases 60.

Humphrey, Myron H., (Breesport), carpenter and farmer 59.

HUNTER, HARVEY, (Horseheads), farmer leases 100.

Hutchins, John, (Horseheads), superannuated minister, farmer 120.

INSICO, CAGER, (Horseheads), brick maker.

Jackson, John C., (Horseheads), farmer 64 and leases 64.

JACKSON, LYMAN F., (Horseheads), deputy sheriff and farmer.

JACKSON, SARAH MRS., (Horseheads), farmer 62.

JONES, JASPER W., (Breesport), boot and shoe dealer.

JUDSON, WM. T., (Horseheads), farmer.

*KELLOGG, S. W., (Horseheads), carriage painter.

KLINE, CHARLES, (Horseheads), (Kline, Hall & Co.).

KLINE, HALL & CO., (Horseheads), (Chas. Kline, Bray D. Hall and Israel McDanolds), merchant millers, foot of Mill.

Knapp, Frances Miss, (Breesport), (with Georgiana), milliner and teacher of drawing.

Knapp, Georgiana Miss, (Breesport), (with Frances), milliner and teacher of drawing.

*LAWRENCE, THOMAS, (Horseheads), groceries and provisions, Franklin.

LEONARD, WM. H., (Elmira), (Stryker & Leonard).

Light, W. R., (Horseheads), farmer 63.

LOCK, FRANKIE MISS, (Elmira), teacher.

Locy, John, (Horseheads), farmer 50.

LOOMIS, A. D., (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner, cor. Mill and Pine.

Lovell, Hiram, (Breesport), farmer 100.

Lynch, Stephen, (Horseheads), farmer 46 ¾.

Mandeville, Charles, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner.

MANNING, BENJAMIN, (Horseheads), farmer 110.

MANNING, ISAAC, (Horseheads), farmer 48.

Marriott, George, (Horseheads), farmer leases 40.

Marshal, J. H., (Horseheads), dry goods, 2 Ryant’s Block.

Marshall, Levi, (Horseheads), farmer 178.

Marshall, Samuel, (Horseheads), farmer 222.

Martin, Wm., (Horseheads), farmer 10.

Mather, E. C. Mrs., (Horseheads), millinery, Main.

MATHEWS, CHARLES, (Elmira), farmer 117.

McCONNEL, DANIEL, (Elmira), farmer 86.

McConnel, F., (Elmira), farmer 100.

McCONNEL, JAMES M., (Horseheads), farmer 75.

McConnell, David, (Horseheads), farmer 98.

McCONNELL, H. H., (Horseheads), agent for the N. C. and E. R. R., U. S. Express agent, and ticket agent for the Grand Trunk Rail Road, R. R. depot.

McCumber, A. C., (Horseheads), tanner and currier, east side Canal.

McDANOLDS, ISRAEL, (Horseheads), (Kline, Hall & Co.), supervisor.

McDougle, Harry, (Horseheads), farmer 151.

McDOUGLE, JESSE, (Horseheads), farmer 50.

McDOUGLE, JOHN W., (Horseheads), farmer 75.

McDougle, Samuel B., (Horseheads), farmer.

McNISH, CHARLES W., (Horseheads), book and news dealer and insurance agent, Hanover Square, cor Main and Franklin.

McNish, Geo. W., (Horseheads), prop. of carding mill and farmer 25.

McNish, John F., (Horseheads), farmer 47.

McNish, Julia Mrs., (Horseheads), farmer 95.

Metler, John, (Breesport), farmer 100.

Miller, James, (Horseheads), farmer 63.

Miller, John, (Horseheads), farmer 69.

Miller, Lemuel, (Breesport), farmer leases 150.

Mills, Lewis, (Breesport), farmer 19.

MINTURN, R. W., (Horseheads), mason.

Mitchell, Henry, (Horseheads), pump maker.

MOORE, H. B., (Horseheads), master mason.

MORGAN, S. M., (Horseheads), boots and shoes, north side Franklin, up stairs.

Morse, J. O., (Horseheads), baker and confectioner, Main.

MOSHER, HERMON, (Horseheads), (J. B. & H. Mosher).

MOSHER, JONATHAN B., (Horseheads), (J. B. & H. Mosher).

*MOSHER, J. B. & H., (Horseheads), (Jonathan B. and Hermon), general merchants and brokers, 1 Mosher Block, Main.

MOSHER, W. W., (Horseheads), clothing and furnishing goods, 2 Mosher Block.

MOSS, GILES S., (Horseheads), thresher and farmer.

MOSS, SYLVESTER J., (Horseheads), (with John B. Alling), farmer leases 200.

MYERS, M. G., M.D., (Breesport), allop. physician.

NELSON, DAVID C., (Horseheads), dealer in live stock and farmer leases 30.

NEWHALL, ABNER W., (Horseheads), planing mill and saw mill, N. side Broad, on Canal Feeder.

Newkirk, John I., (Breesport), farmer 154.

Newkirk, Milton, (Breesport), farmer 110.

NICHOLS, JOHN, (Breesport), town assessor and farmer 101.

Nichols, Wm. A., (Breesport), farmer.

Noonan, Timothy, (Horseheads), farmer 100.

OAKLEY, CLAPP & CO., (Horseheads), (Lucas Oakley, Edward E. Clapp and John Oakley), iron buildings and general iron work, N. side Franklin.

OAKLEY, JOHN, (Horseheads), (Oakley, Clapp & Co.).

OAKLEY, LUCAS, (Horseheads), (Oakley, Clapp & Co.).

Ormiston, John, (Breesport), farmer 120.

ORMISTON, WM., (Breesport), farmer 100.

Osborn, Amanda Miss, (Horseheads), teacher Union Free school.

Osborn, J. W., (Horseheads), principal of the Union Free School.

OSBORN, WM., (Horseheads), cutter in W. W. Mosher’s clothing store.

Ostrander, Peter, (Breesport), farmer leases 125.

Page, Charles M., (Breesport), carriage maker.

Parker, Edwin A., (Horseheads), dealer in stoves, tin ware and agricultural implements, east side Main.

Parkhurst, P., (Horseheads), allop. physician.

PARSONS, M. M., (Horseheads), telegraph operator, R. R. depot.

PEESTER, IRA, (Horseheads), saloon.

Pratt, W., (Horseheads), farmer 87.

Primmer, Hattie Miss, (Horseheads), teacher Union Free school.

Puff, John, (Horseheads), hotel prop. and farmer 33.

Quackenbush, John, (Horseheads), farmer leases 200.

Randall, Walter S., (Breesport), farmer 75.

Reed, Charles, (Breesport), painter and farmer 12.

Reynolds, Terry, (Elmira), farmer 70.

Rhinesmith, Stephen, (Breesport), farmer.

Rickey, Wilson, (Horseheads), farmer 160.

ROBERTS, A. B., (Horseheads), grocer, 4 Mosher Block.

Roblyre, John, (Horseheads), farmer 32.

Rockwell, A. B., (Elmira), farmer 192.

Rockwell, Charles, (Horseheads), farmer 95.

ROCKWELL, EDMUND S., (Horseheads), blacksmith, Main n. Canal.

ROCKWELL, H. F., (Horseheads), farmer leases 80.

Rockwell, John B., (Elmira), farmer 100.

Rockwell, Josiah, (Breesport), farmer 130.

Rodbourn, Isaac, (Breesport), farmer 88.

RODBOURN, JOSEPH, (Breesport), lumber manuf. and dealer, superintendent of the poor and commissioner of highways.

Root, H. M., (Horseheads), grocery, corner Main and John.

Rorick, Cornelius, (Breesport), farmer 17.

*ROSE, WILLIAM J., (Horseheads), carriage maker, north side John.

Ross, John, (Horseheads), farmer 300 ½.

RUNDLE, ISAAC L., (Breesport), blacksmith.

Satterly, John H., (Horseheads), carriage trimmer.

Satterly, S. D. Mrs., (Horseheads), millinery, cor. Franklin and Main, 2d floor.

SAWYER, EZRA O., (Breesport), carpenter.

Sayre, Willis B., (Horseheads), farmer 313.

Scott, Walter, (Horseheads), painter, north side John.

SEAMAN, M. B., (Horseheads), grocery, north side Franklin near R. R.

Seeley, Gilbert, (Breesport), farmer 106.

Shannon, Nehemiah, (Breesport), prop. of Rodman House.

Shappee, David, (Horseheads), farmer 150.

SHAPPEE, GEO. P., (Breesport), harness maker.

SHAPPEE, HARRY L., (Horseheads), farmer 120.

Shappee, James, (Horseheads), farmer 160.

SHAPPEE, KNAPP, (Horseheads), farmer leases 75.

SHAPPEE, M. G., (Breesport), justice of the peace and farmer 80.

Shappee, Wm., (Horseheads), farmer 207.

Sherwood, S. W., (Elmira), farmer 97.

SHOEMAKER, JOHN C., (Sullivanville), carpenter and joiner.

Shute, Edward, (Horseheads), farmer 58.

Sly, Wm., (Horseheads), farmer 74.

Smalley, Jeremiah, (Breesport), miller.

Smith, Charles D., (Horseheads), groceries and provisions, 5 Main.

Smith, Philip, (Horseheads), farmer 214.

Smith, P. Rose, (Horseheads), blacksmith, John.

SNYDER, MARCUS, (Horseheads), farmer 84.

SOLOTSKE, CHARLES A., (Breesport), painter.

Spencer, James N., (Horseheads), blacksmith.

STANSWOOD, JOSEPH, (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner, south side Mill.

Staple, Burton, (Breesport), farmer 50.

STARING, DEWITT, (Horseheads).

Staring, M., (Horseheads), farmer 14.

Stephenson, Martha, (Horseheads), teacher Union Free School.

STEWART, LEROY A., (Breesport), tinner.

Stowe, D. F., (Horseheads), carpenter and joiner, Main, between Franklin and Canal.

Striker, Abraham, (Elmira), farmer 21.

STRYKER & LEONARD, (Elmira), (W. L. Stryker and Wm. H. Leonard), blacksmiths.

STRYKER, W. L., (Elmira), (Stryker & Leonard).

Suffern, John, (Elmira), farmer 120.

Swartwood, M. V., (Horseheads), farmer leases 128.

TABER, C. F., (Horseheads), (Bennett & Tabers).

TABER, P. T., (Horseheads), (Bennett & Tabers).

Tallmadge, S. A., (Horseheads), druggist, Ryant Block, Main.

Taylor, Charles, (Breesport), farmer 90.

TAYLOR, HIRAM, (Breesport), farmer 150.

TAYLOR, NANCY MRS., (Breesport), farmer 307.

Terwilliger, Harris, (Breesport), farmer 150.

THOMPSON, JAMES B., (Horseheads), dealer and manuf. of plaster, E. side Main.

Thorn, Andrus & Barbour, (Horseheads), (Robert Thorn, Spafford Andrus and Clark N. Barbour), woolen manufs., cor. Eleanor and Canal.

Thorn, Charles E., (Horseheads), postmaster, cor. Franklin and Church.

Thorn, John, (Horseheads), farmer 110.

Thorn, Robert, (Horseheads), (Thorn, Andrus & Barbour).

Thorn, Samuel, (Horseheads), grocery and dealer in grain and seed, cor. Franklin and Church.

Thorn, Townsend, (Horseheads), farmer 51 ½.

Todd, I. K., (Horseheads), dealer in live stock and farmer 186 ½.

TOMPKINS, C. L., (Horseheads), barber, Colwell Hotel.

Townsend, David, (Horseheads), blacksmith, S. side John.

TURNER, GEO. W., (Breesport), farmer 126 ¼.

Tyrrell, James, (Horseheads), carriage trimmer.

Union Free School of Horseheads, (Horseheads), J. W. Osborn, principal; Martha Stephenson, teacher 2d dept; Miss Hattie Primmer, teacher 3d dept; Miss Aurelia Whitenack, teacher 4th dept; Miss Amanda Osborn, 2d teacher 4th dept.

Vanderlip, Ira, (Horseheads), farmer leases 200.

VANDUSEN, NATHAN, (Horseheads), livery, and prop. stage route between Horseheads and Elmira, leaving Horseheads at 8 am and 1:30 pm, east side Main.

VANDUZER, WM. H., (Horseheads), farmer 480.

Vangorden, Pamelia Mrs., (Breesport), farmer 50.

Voigt, Augustus, (Elmira), miller and farmer 50.

Wanwaker, John C., (Horseheads), farmer 192.

WARD, PETER J., (Horseheads), photographer, Mosher Block, Main, up stairs.

WARD, ROBERT, (Horseheads), engineer in brick yard.

Webster, James, (Horseheads), farmer.

*WESTLAKE, BENJAMIN, (Horseheads), brick maker.


Cyres, Charles, (Southport), farmer leases 170.

Dalrymple, Daniel, (Southport), proprietor plaster mill and farmer 400.

Dan, A. B., (Seely Creek), cooper.

Danom, Joseph E., (Southport), pump maker.

Dopett, Mott, (Southport), miller.

EDSALL, JAMES M., (Judsonville), grocer and post master.

Evans, Charles, (Southport), (Evans & Son), justice of the peace.

Evans, Charles W., (Southport), (Evans & Son), town clerk.

Evans & Son, (Southport), (Chas. & Chas. W.), proprietors of woolen mills.

Fitzsimons, Davis, (Elmira), farmer 550.

Fitzsimons, Vincent M., (Elmira), farmer 265.

Foster, Joseph H., (Elmira), cartman.

Gates, J. D., (Southport), farmer 40.

Gattler, John, (Elmira), builder.

GEIST, JOSEPH, (Elmira), house and sign painter.

GILTANAR, MICHAEL, (Elmira), hotel proprietor.

Goff, Gustavus, (Elmira), farmer 318.

Goodspeed, A., (Judsonville), farmer 1.

GOSPER, WM. H., (Judsonville), farmer 75.

Gray, Mary Mrs., (Southport), farmer 40.

Griswold, A. D., (Judsonville), surveyor and farmer 84.

Griswold, Clarence, (Elmira), farmer 20.

Griswold, James, (Elmira), surveyor and farmer 294.

Griswold, John, (Elmira), nurseryman and farmer 100.

Griswold, Jud, (Elmira), farmer 375.

GROVER, JOSEPH, (Judsonville), farmer 100.

HALL, LEWIS, (Southport), farmer leases 120.

Hall, S. W., (Elmira), farmer 590.

Ham, Chancey, (Judsonville), farmer leases 50.

Ham, Darius, (Judsonville), stump extractor.

Harden, Thos., (Southport), mason.

Harding, James, (Southport), farmer 100.

HARRIS, E. J., (Judsonville), farmer 116.

Harris, Louisa, (Elmira), teacher.

Harvey, Holmes, (Elmira), hotel proprietor.

Herrington, A. B., (Southport), farmer 50.

Herrington, C. W., (Elmira), shoemaker.

HOLMES, EMMET, (Judsonville), hotel proprietor.

HOPKINS, THOMAS, (Southport), nurseryman and farmer 40.

Hotzffle, Adam G., (Elmira), blacksmith.

Howell, Julia, (Judsonville), farmer 150.

Howell, Wm. H., (Southport), farmer leases 50.

Humiston, Theron, (Elmira), hop grower and farmer 70.

Hunter, S. W., (Judsonville), miller.

Huston, Charles, (Elmira), builder and farmer 7.

Impson, J., (Elmira), farmer leases 100.

Jasper, C. F., (Judsonville), toll keeper, farmer 46 and leases 36.

Jenkins, Jabez, (Elmira), farmer 40.

Jenkins, Wm., (Elmira), farmer 100.

JONES, F. M., (Seely Creek), merchant and post master.

JONES, H. E., (Elmira), fireman E. R. W.

Jones, Philo, (Seely Creek), farmer 100.

Jones, S. R., (Seely Creek), manuf. lumber and farmer 150.

KINSMAN, DEWITT C., (Southport), joiner.

KINYON, A. C., (Elmira), farmer 160.

Knapp, Henry B., (Seely Creek), farmer 115.

Knapp, Wm. T., (Seely Creek), farmer 50.

LAWRENCE, RAYMOND D., (Elmira), grocer.

LEONARD, WM. H., (Judsonville), physician.

Levaley, Liberty, (Elmira), farmer 8.

Lewis, Alanson, (Southport), farmer 36.

Lewis, Charles, (Southport), farmer 75.

Lewis, James R., (Judsonville), farmer 3.

Lindsley, Horace, (Seely Creek), millwright and farmer 18.

Lovegood, Nelson M., (Southport), wagon maker.

*LYON, J. C., (Elmira), nursery and farmer 5.

Lyon, Silas, (Elmira), gardener and farmer 13 ½.

Mack, Daniel, (Elmira), shoemaker.

Manning, S., (Southport), farmer 30.

Mapes, Joseph R., (Southport), builder.

McBride, John, (Southport), toll keeper.

McConnell, A. J., (Seely Creek), carriage maker.

McELROY, W. H., (Elmira), conductor N. C. R. W.

McHENRY, GUY P., (Elmira), farmer 100.

McHenry, Miles, (Southport), farmer leases 40.

McINTOSH, P. A., (Elmira), cement sidewalk layer and farmer 1.

McWhorter, David, (Judsonville), justice of the peace.

McWhorter, Robert, (Seely Creek), farmer 20.

Metzgar, Joseph, (Southport), painter.

MILLER, B. F., (Seely Creek), farmer 50.

MILLER, EDMUND, (Elmira), supervisor and farmer 2,200.

Miller, Edmund, (Southport), farmer 500.

Miller, Geo. H., (Judsonville), general merchant and farmer 107.

Miller, John, (Judsonville), miller.

MILLER, JOHN D., (Elmira), farmer 121.

Miller, Lewis, (Seely Creek), farmer 1 ¼.

Miller, Read, (Judsonville), constable.

Miller, Redmund, (Judsonville), constable.

MILLER, SHEPHERD, (Seely Creek), toll keeper.

Miner, Wm. A., (Southport), joiner.

MOORE, JOHN, (Judsonville), (Osman, Moore & Co.).

Morey, J. G., (Elmira), boarding house.

Morrell, L. W., (Seely Creek), merchant.

Morrow, F. W., (Elmira), farmer 40.

Mosher, Humphrey, (Judsonville), grocer.

Mosher, Lydia, (Judsonville), milliner.

Nichols, Draper, (Southport), farmer 72 ½.

Nichols, Lemuel, (Judsonville), farmer 33.

Nichols, N. B., (Judsonville), justice of the peace and farmer 225.

NICHOLS, RICHARD, (Southport), farmer leases 50.

Niles, Hiram, (Elmira), farmer leases 200.

Nourse, E. A., (Judsonville), farmer 140.

Nurss, Solomon, (Elmira), sawyer.

O’Daniels, Susan J., (Southport), seamstress.

Osborn, Geo., (Southport), farmer 40.

Osborn, Owen, (Judsonville), miller.

Osborn, W. R., (Elmira), farmer 80.

OSMAN, MOORE & CO., (Judsonville), (S. S. Osman and John Moore), blacksmiths.

OSMAN, S. S., (Judsonville), (Osman, Moore & Co.).

OWENS, VALENTINE, (Southport), oyster dealer and farmer 1.

Palmer, Avery, (Judsonville), milk dealer.

Putnam, Cornelius, (Elmira), farmer 40.

Racklyept, J. & Son, (Seely Creek), (John and John Jr.), shoe manufacturers.

Racklyept, John, (Seely Creek), (J. Racklyept & Son).

Racklyept, John Jr., (Seely Creek), (J. Racklyept & Son).

Rathbun, Orlando L., (Southport), carpenter.

RATHBUN, PHILETUS P., (Southport), postmaster, shoemaker and farmer 2 ½.

Readfield, J. A., (Southport), assistant superintendent N. C. R. W. machine shop.

Rees, John W., (Elmira), builder.

Reynolds, Henry, (Elmira), cooper and farmer 95.

Robbins, Abram B., (Southport), blacksmith.

Robbins, Giddon, (Seely Creek), joiner.

Robbins, H. E., (Seely Creek), jeweler.

Roberts, George, (Elmira), farmer 116.

Robinson, S., (Elmira), lawyer and farmer 46.

Rorick, Wm., (Elmira), farmer 16.

Rowles, M., (Southport), tailoress and farmer 2 ½.

Russell, Henry, (Elmira), farmer leases 156.

Rutun, Peter, (Elmira), milk dealer and farmer 100.

Salmon, Stephen, (Elmira), builder.

Seeley, Hiram, (Judsonville), wagon maker.

Seles, John, (Elmira), builder.

Shage, John, (Seely Creek), farmer 70.

Shaw, Timothy, (Judsonville), blacksmith and farmer 8.

Simmons, Robert, (Elmira), farmer 125.

Smith, Joseph, (Elmira), farmer 75.

SMITH, R. J., (Seely Creek), hotel proprietor.

Smith, Samuel, (Southport), farmer 75.

Stilson, Alvin, (Seely Creek), builder.

Streeter, M., (Judsonville), farmer 2 ½.

Strong, James, (Southport), teacher.

Strose, Valentine, (Southport), farmer 125.

Stryker, B. J., (Elmira), farmer leases 55.

Stryker, David, (Southport), farmer 207.

Stryker, G. S., (Southport), blacksmith.

Swartwood, O. P., (Judsonville), joiner.

Teets, Simon P., (Judsonville), joiner.

Thawington, Wm., (Southport), farmer 70.

Tobey, Chester, (Seely Creek), farmer 124.

Todd, J. C., (Southport), farmer 50.

Trimmer, Jacob, (Seely Creek), grocer.

Updike, John, (Seely Creek), farmer 116.

Vail, Asa, (Judsonville), farmer leases 100.

Vanwermer, Aaron, (Southport), farmer 12.

Wagerman, Albert, (Southport), farmer 9.

WALKER, WM. L., (Elmira), farmer 50.

Webb, F. A., (Judsonville), farmer 76.

Webb, M. T., (Judsonville), notary public.

Webster, C. K., (Judsonville), millwright.

Webster, James, (Judsonville), farmer 1.

WEEKS, S., (Seely Creek), blacksmith.

WEEKS, TRUMAN, (Judsonville), wagon repairer and blacksmith.

Weir, Wm. C., (Southport), retired farmer.

Wells, Brown & Co., (Judsonville), (H. F. Wells, L. M. Wells and Wm. Brown), merchants, manuf. of sole leather, and farmers 300.

Wells, H. F., (Judsonville), (Wells, Brown & Co.).

Wells, L. M., (Judsonville), (Wells, Brown & Co.).

WEYER, JACOB, (Elmira), prop. grist and saw mills and farmer 20.

Wheeler, L. R., (Southport), farmer 68.

Whipple, Albert R., (Elmira), carpenter and farmer 5.

Whitlock, Guy, (Elmira), farmer 100.

Willson, H., (Judsonville), carriage maker.

Wilson, Charles, (Seely Creek), farmer 112.

Winkler, M. A. Mrs., (Judsonville), farmer 65.

Witcher, Wm. W., (Southport), civil engineer.

Wood, Nicholas, (Seely Creek), carpenter.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Ackler, David, (Spencer, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Ackler, Jonious, (Spencer, Tioga Co.), farmer 50.

Ackley, E., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Adams, Oscar, (VanEttenville), tanner.

Allen, Elisha, (VanEttenville), farmer 90.

Allen, J., (VanEttenville), farmer 53.

Allen, Sarah Mrs., (VanEttenville), farmer 130.

Anison, Abigail, (VanEttenville), farmer 2.

Armstrong, Charles, (VanEttenville), farmer 96.

Armstrong, P., (VanEttenville), farmer leases 130.

Armstrong, Thomas, (VanEttenville), farmer 46.

Atwater, David Rev., (VanEttenville), Baptist clergyman and farmer 1.

Babcock, Edmund, (VanEttenville), sawyer.

Bailey, Lewis D., (VanEtten), farmer 40.

Baker, John, (VanEttenville), farmer 105.

Bandfield, John, (VanEttenville), (Clarke, Purdey, Bandfield & Co.), farmer 112.

Barnes, Abram, (VanEttenville), farmer 300.

Barnes, B., (VanEttenville), prop. saw mill and farmer 55.

Barnes, M. T., (VanEtten), farmer 100.

Barnes, Rachael, (VanEtten), farmer 154.

Battles, M., (VanEttenville), manuf. of wooden bowls.

Batty, James, (VanEtten), farmer 50.

Beckwith, Herman A., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Beckworth, A. A., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Benjamin, Nathan, (VanEttenville), farmer 96.

Benjamin, Robert, (VanEttenville), farmer 96.

BENNETT, E. R., (VanEttenville), joiner.

Bloodgood, Cyrus, (VanEttenville), miller.

Bloodgood, S. W., (VanEttenville), farmer 51.

Bloome, N. B., (VanEttenville), blacksmith and farmer 57.

BOARDMAN, AUGUSTUS, (VanEttenville), farmer leases 82.

Booth, Chancey, (VanEttenville), farmer 110.

Booth, Ransom E., (VanEttenville), wagon repairer.

Breese, Harriett, (VanEttenville), farmer 40.

Brigden, Levi A., (VanEttenville), farmer 105.

Briggs, A., (VanEttenville), farmer 80.

Briggs, Daniel, (VanEttenville), farmer 75.

Briggs, Luman, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Briggs, Lyman, (VanEttenville), farmer 100.

Brink, Alanson, (VanEtten), farmer 4.

Brink, George, (VanEtten), farmer 46.

Brink, Geo. W., (VanEtten), farmer 65.

Brink, Jacob, (VanEtten), farmer 65.

Brockway, Charles, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Brown, Briggs, (VanEttenville), shoemaker.

Burchard, Alfred, (VanEttenville), joiner.

Burchard, Stephen, (VanEttenville), joiner.

Burdell, John, (VanEttenville), miller.

Burdell, Nelson, (VanEtten), farmer 55.

Cibby, Joseph, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Clark, Wm. D., (VanEttenville), carpenter.

Clarke, A. B., (VanEttenville), general merchant.

Clarke, D. B., (VanEttenville), (Clarke, Purdey, Bandfield & Co.), post master and farmer 100.

Clarke, Purdey, Bandfield & Co., (VanEttenville), (D. B. Clarke, Guy Purdey and John Bandfield), general merchants.

Clarke, Wm. W., (VanEttenville), grocer.

Collins, A. C., (VanEttenville), farmer 112.

Cooper, Antana, (VanEttenville), farmer 55.

Cooper, Wm., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Cooper, Wm. 2d., (VanEttenville), farmer 64.

Cornish, Lorenzo, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 50.

CRANCE, DEWITT, (VanEttenville), stage proprietor.

Darry, Stephen, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Davis, Garrett, (VanEtten), farmer 100.

Davis, John, (VanEtten), farmer 160.

Decker, Daniel, (VanEttenville), farmer leases 155.

Decker, John, (VanEttenville), farmer 64.

Dimon, Prentice, (VanEttenville), farmer 94.

Doolittle, B. J., (VanEttenville), (with C. Doolittle), farmer 1,171.

Doolittle, C., (VanEttenville), (with B. J. Doolittle), farmer 1,171.

Downs, Benjamin S., (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 170.

Drake, B. P., (VanEtten), lumber dealer and farmer 140.

Drake, Oscar, (VanEtten), farmer 115.

DUNBAR, MYNOR, (VanEttenville), farmer 4 and leases 50.

DUTTON, JOHN M., (VanEttenville), farmer 1,059.

Ellis, Wm., (VanEttenville), constable.

Elston, Samuel, (VanEtten), farmer 45.

Englis, Miles, (VanEttenville), farmer 37.

ENGLIS, M. W., (VanEttenville), farmer 40.

Englis, Samuel, (VanEttenville), farmer 220.

Ennis, Benjamin, (VanEtten), farmer 128.

Ennis, Emanuel 2nd, (VanEtten), farmer 216.

Ennis, E. H., (VanEttenville), farmer 74.

ENNIS, JOHN S., (VanEtten), farmer 200.

Ennis, Samuel, (VanEtten), farmer 130.

Ennis, Solomon, (VanEtten), farmer 150.

Fabun, Hathaway, (VanEttenville), farmer 20.

Fay, Reuben, (VanEttenville), farmer 5.

Fish, Elizabeth, (VanEttenville), farmer 60.

Gates, Guy, (VanEttenville), turner.

Goldsmith, Brewster, (VanEttenville), mason.

GOLDSMITH, HARRISON, (VanEttenville), farmer 25.

Grover, Joseph, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Grover, Samuel, (VanEttenville), farmer 25.

Grover, Stephen, (VanEttenville), farmer 30.

HANDY, DOCK, (VanEttenville), hotel proprietor.

Hanson, George, (VanEttenville), farmer 110.

HANSON, HORACE B., (VanEttenville), carpenter.

Hanson, John C., (VanEttenville), justice of the peace and farmer 400.

Harris, John, (VanEttenville), tinsmith.

Harrison, George, (VanEttenville), farmer 40.

Hess, David, (VanEttenville), farmer leases 25.

Hill, Andrew, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Hill, C. Mrs., (VanEttenville), farmer 55.

Hill, George, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Hill, James, (VanEttenville), farmer 70.

Hill, Sackett, (VanEttenville), farmer 25.

Hill, Thomas, (VanEttenville), farmer 20.

Hobert, Curt, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Horton, John L., (VanEtten), farmer 62.

House, W., (VanEttenville), (Whitney & House), miller.

House, Wm., (VanEttenville), lumberman.

Huddle, Abram, (VanEtten), farmer 30.

JENKINS, WILLIS, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Johnson, Cyrus, (VanEttenville), farmer 142.

Joislin, Samuel, (VanEttenville), farmer 150.

Ketchum, George, (VanEtten), farmer 50.

Ketchum, Jasper, (VanEtten), farmer 75.

Kirkendall, John, (VanEttenville), farmer 16.

Knettle, George A., (VanEttenville), farmer 86.

KNETTLES, ISAAC, (VanEttenville), assessor and farmer 70.

KNETTLES, SIMEON B., (VanEttenville), laborer.

Knowles, Mrs., (VanEtten), farmer 50.

Lanesburgh, David W., (VanEttenville), farmer 300.

Lanley, John, (VanEtten), blacksmith.

Larew, Wm., (VanEtten), farmer 87.

Loomis, Norman, (VanEttenville), farmer 53.

McDuffey, Daniel, (VanEtten), farmer 90.

McDuffey, H. M., (VanEtten), farmer leases 90.

McMillan, Orrin, (VanEttenville), farmer 60.

Merrin, Henry, (VanEttenville), farmer 85.

Merin, John, (VanEtten), farmer 100.

Moody, Charles, (VanEttenville), farmer 99.

Morey, Smith, (VanEttenville), farmer 55.

Morland, Chancey, (VanEttenville), mason.

MURRAY, CHARLES A., (VanEttenville), physician and surgeon.

Nichols, Seymour, (VanEttenville), farmer 83.

Nobles, Asa, (VanEttenville), farmer 100.

Nobles, Milton R., (VanEttenville), farmer 56.

NORRIS, SAMUEL D., (VanEttenville), farmer 191.

Osgood, G. M., (VanEttenville), farmer 116.

Peety, P., (VanEtten), farmer 53.

Perrin, H., (VanEttenville), farmer 33.

Perrin, Ream, (VanEttenville), wagon maker and joiner.

Perrin, Wm., (VanEttenville), farmer 40.

PERRY, MARY MRS., (VanEttenville), milliner.

Petty, P., (VanEttenville), farmer 53.

Purcens, P., (VanEtten), farmer 84.

Purdey, Guy, (VanEttenville), (Clarke, Purdey, Bandfield & Co.), farmer 26.

Ramsey, Rensselaer, (VanEttenville), blacksmith.

Rosecrance, J., (VanEttenville), blacksmith and farmer 75.

RUGER, E., (VanEttenville), dairying and farmer 160.

Rumsey, Andrew, (VanEttenville), farmer 70.

Rumsey, Francis E., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Rumsey, Isaac, (VanEttenville), farmer 200.

Rumsey, J., (VanEttenville), shoemaker.

Rumsey, Jackson, (VanEttenville), proprietor saw mill and lumber dealer.

Rumsey, James A., (VanEttenville), farmer 150.

Rumsey, Jemira, (VanEttenville), farmer 200.

Rumsey, Joshua, (VanEttenville), farmer 300.

Rumsey, Morley A., (VanEttenville), farmer 85.

Rumsey, S. G., (VanEttenville), farmer 100.

Shaw, R. R., (VanEttenville), harness maker.

Shepard, A., (VanEttenville), farmer 120.

Shepard, Miles, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Sherwood, Daniel, (VanEttenville), joiner.

Shoemaker, Charles, (VanEttenville), farmer 96.

Shoemaker, Isaac, (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Sniffin, B. D. Rev., (VanEttenville), Wesleyan clergyman.

SNIFFIN, F. A., (VanEttenville), blacksmith.

Sovern, John, (VanEttenville), farmer leases 40.

Stearns, Clark, (VanEttenville), farmer leases 125.

Sterdwin, John, (VanEttenville), farmer 65.

Stewart, T. S., (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 47.

Stilson, Jacob R., (VanEttenville), shoe maker.

Stilson, Joseph, (VanEttenville), farmer 4.

STILSON, JOSEPH W., (VanEttenville), shoemaker.

Stuart, D. W., (VanEttenville), farmer leases 100.

Swartout, D. D., (VanEttenville), farmer 50.

Swartout, James, (VanEttenville), farmer 75.

Swartwood, Belinda Mrs., (VanEttenville), (with Wesley), farmer 50.

Swartwood, Chancey, (VanEtten), farmer 60.

Swartwood, Daniel, (VanEttenville), assessor and farmer 160.

Swartwood, James, (VanEtten), farmer 178.

SWARTWOOD, JOHN, (VanEttenville), prop. Union Hotel, post master and constable.

Swartwood, Thomas, (VanEtten), farmer 40.

Swartwood, Wesley, (VanEttenville), (with Mrs. Belinda), farmer 50.

Sykes, Nathan, (VanEttenville), farmer 121.

Teeter, Henry, (VanEtten), farmer leases 140.

Titus, David, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 50.

Tompkins, P. L., (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 40.

UNION HOTEL, (VanEttenville), John Swartwood proprietor.

VanEtten, Cannon, (VanEttenville), farmer 2.

VANETTEN, MIRON, (VanEttenville), farmer 53.

VanEtten, Wesley, (Newfield, Tompkins Co.), farmer 100.

VanEtten, Wm., (VanEttenville), general merchant.

Vanocker, Jacob, (VanEttenville), farmer 44.

Van Valkenburgh, J., (VanEttenville), cooper.

Van Valkenburgh, Martin, (VanEttenville), constable.

Warner, Wm., (VanEttenville), farmer 90.

WESTBROOK, JOHN, (VanEttenville), joiner and farmer leases 456.

Westbrook, J., (VanEttenville), farmer 175.

Westbrook, M., (VanEttenville), farmer 27.

Wheat, H. M., (VanEttenville), farmer 330.

WHITE, SAMUEL, (VanEttenville), farmer 150.

Whitley, Albert, (VanEttenville), farmer 150.

Whitley, John, (VanEttenville), farmer 51.

Whitney, H., (VanEttenville), (Whitney & House), farmer 65.

Whitney & House, (VanEttenville), (H. Whitney & W. House), flour dealers.

Wickes, J., (VanEttenville), farmer 90.

Wickes, S., (VanEttenville), farmer 75.

Willsey, Gaylord, (VanEttenville), supervisor and retired farmer.

Wooden, Warren, (VanEttenville), farmer 25.

Woolener, John, (VanEtten), farmer 200.

Wright, J. C., (VanEttenville), harness maker.


(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Allen, Joseph, (Millport), farmer 49.

ALLEN, S. C., (Millport), (Treman, Mosher & Allen).

Andrews, Elihu, (Pine Valley), carpenter.

Arden, George, (Millport), cooper.

Axtell, Levi, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

Babcock, Albert F., (Millport), general merchant.

BABCOCK, DEGRAND D., (Millport), life and fire insurance agent.

BAILEY, LORENZO W., (Millport), physician and surgeon, and farmer 200.

BANKS, ALONZO, (Millport), supervisor, prop. lumber mill &c.

Banks, Hezekiah, (Millport), farmer 125.

Banks, Horatio, (Millport), farmer 45.

BANKS, J. M., (Millport), farmer.

BANKS, WM. C., (Pine Valley), justice of the peace and farmer 159.

Barber, Charles, (Millport), farmer 95.

Bates, Abram, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

Beaird, Chas., (Pine Valley), farmer 25.

Beardsley, Samuel A., (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 135.

Beers, Daniel, (Horseheads), saw mill and farmer 15.

Benson, Charles, (Pine Valley), (Bentley & Benson).

Benson, Rachael Mrs., (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 57.

Bentley & Benson, (Pine Valley), (W. H. Bentley and Charles Benson), patent wells.

BENTLEY, HENRY J., (Horseheads), excise commissioner and farmer 111.

Bentley, W. M., (Pine Valley), (Bentley & Benson).

Bentley, William M., (Pine Valley), butcher.

BILLINGS, SEBA A., (Pine Valley), farmer 70.

BLAIR, GEORGE, (Millport), mechanic.

Blair, Henry, (Millport), blacksmith.

Blake, John, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 31.

Blewer, Charles A., (Millport), farmer 50.

Booth, John, (Millport), carpenter and joiner.

BOTSFORD, JOSIAH, (Millport), general merchant.

Botsford, Nelson, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

Bower, William, (Horseheads), farmer leases of A. Wyckoff of Elmira, 125.

Bozzard, Simon, (Sullivanville), farmer 160.

Brees, Charles P., (Sullivanville), (Worden & Brees).

Brewin & Burr, (Millport), (Henry Brewin and George Burr), grapery, 4.

Brewin & Co., (Millport), (Henry Brewin, T. C. Taylor and J. E. Chrisler), manufacturers of spokes, ax, adz, pick and maul handles, &c.

Brewin, Henry, (Millport), (Brewin & Burr), (Brewin & Co.).

BREWIN, HENRY E., (Millport), butcher.

Brink, Joseph E., (Horseheads), farmer leases 139.

Broahurst, George, (Sullivanville), farmer 120.

Brown, Charles, (Millport), farmer 55.

Brown, Jackson T., (Millport), farmer 123.

Brown, Jeremiah, (East Grove), constable and farmer 50.

Brown, Orin S. Rev., (Horseheads), pastor of the Free Will Baptist Church.

Buckley, Elanson, (Millport), farmer 41.

Burch, John, (Pine Valley), grist mill.

Burch, John, (Millport), farmer 140.

Burr, George, (Millport), (E. Waring & Co.), (Brewin & Burr).

Burrell, William, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 59.

BURRIS, JOHN, (Pine Valley), (Burris & Wood).

BURRIS & WOOD, (Pine Valley), (John Burris and Charles Wood), blacksmiths.

Butters, Cornelius L., (Sullivanville), farmer 25.

BUTTERS, GEORGE H., (Sullivanville), farmer 52.

Campbell, Charles, (Sullivanville), farmer 60.

Carle, Brine, (Millport), cooper.

Carpenter, John, (Sullivanville), farmer 50.

Carpenter, John, (Sullivanville), general merchant.

Carr, Edgar E., saloon keeper and tobacco dealer.

Carr, John M., (Millport), farmer leases of G. Green, 30.

Carr, Reuben, (Millport), farmer 40.

Chandler, John, (Millport), Pine Valley Hotel.

CHASE, MIAL D., (Sullivanville), farmer 178.

Chrisler, J. E., (Millport), (Brewin & Co.).

Coe, Daniel, (Sullivanville), farmer 50.

Coe, Wesley, (Millport), farmer leases 100.

COLE, JOHN M., (Millport), commissioner of highways, owner of pile driver and farmer 8.

Cole, Moses, (Millport), justice of sessions and justice of the peace.

Cole, Samuel, (Millport), carpenter.

Cole, Thomas C., (Millport), boatman.

Coleman, Nathan B., (Sullivanville), farmer 36.

Compton, Norris M., (Sullivanville), cigar maker.

Compton, Peter, (Sullivanville), patentee and manufacturer of bee hives, and farmer 7.

Compton, Theodore, (Sullivanville), farmer leases of Theodore Valleau, of Horseheads, 160.

Compton, William, (Sullivanville), farmer leases of J. B. Mosher, 175.

Conkright, Irvin, (Sullivanville), farmer 130.

Cooley, Samuel, (Millport), blacksmith.

Coon, Peter, (Millport), farmer 112.

Coston, Charles C., (Millport), shoemaker.

Crandall, Erastus O., (Millport), mechanic.

Crandall, John, (Sullivanville), farmer 66.

CRAWFORD, D. C. & BROTHER, (Pine Valley), (N. H. Crawford), prop. of grocery, livery and canal stables.

CRAWFORD, N. H., (Pine Valley), (D. C. Crawford & Bro.).

Crawford, Oscar, (Millport), cooper.

Cronkright, Henry, (Sullivanville), farmer 40.

Dayton, David, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 80.

Dayton, William P., (Millport), farmer 40.

DEAN, GEORGE M. D., (Sullivanville), surgeon and physician.

Dean, John, (Horseheads), farmer 110.

Dean, Ormall, (Sullivanville), deputy post master.

Dean, Samuel, (Sullivanville), mason.

Decker, Norman, (Alpine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 97 ¾.

Denson, George W., (Millport), shoemaker.

Denson, John, (Millport), boot and shoe maker.

DENSON, JOHN M., (Millport), harness maker.

DENSON, KELSEY B., (Millport), boot and shoe shop.

Depue, Abram, (Pine Valley), carpenter.

Dewey, Mark B., (Pine Valley), carpenter.

DICKENS & FANTON, (Millport, (Henry L. Dickens and John C. Fanton), blacksmiths.

DICKENS, HENRY L., (Millport), (Dickens & Fanton).

Dillmore, Richard, (Pine Valley), farmer 300.

Donald, Archibald, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

DRAKE, CHARLES W., (Sullivanville), prop. threshing machine, clover mill, and farmer 91.

Drake, John, (Sullivanville), farmer 50.

Dubo, Oliver, (Millport), cooper.

Egbert, Gordon, (Sullivanville), farmer 86.

Elliott, John W., (Horseheads), farmer leases of J. B. Mosher, 75.

FANTON, JOHN C., (Millport), (Dickens & Fanton).

Farr, Abram, (East Grove), (with John and James), farmer 50.

Farr, James, (East Grove), (with John and Abram), farmer 50.

Farr, John, (East Grove), (with James and Abram), farmer 50.

Fellows, Nathan Rev., (Millport), pastor M. E. Church.

FISH, SIMEON N., (Millport), dairyman and farmer 119.

FISK, ABIJAH, (Pine Valley), farmer 213.

Fitzgerald, James, (East Grove), farmer 100.

Fitzgerald, Robert, (Horseheads), farmer 125.

FLOARENCE, PETER, (Millport), ship carpenter and caulker.

FOWLER, JOHN T., (Millport), agent N. C. R. R. and telegraph operator.

Frost, Asher R., (Millport), farmer 100.

Geary, Samuel, (Millport), farmer 15.

Gerow, Robert, (Millport), farmer 50.

Giles, Joseph W., (Millport), farmer 54.

Gleason, Levi R., (Millport), manufacturer of chairs, horse rakes, &c.

Goodwin, Robert S., (Millport), farmer leases 50.

GREEN, JOHN R., (Millport), farmer 55.

GREENO, LATON M., (Millport), lock tender and farmer 50.

HALL, CHARLES, (Millport), lumber merchant, prop. saw mill and boat builder.

Hall, Schuyler, (Millport), ship carpenter and caulker.

Hamilton, Stuart, (Millport), farmer 105.

HAMMOND, EDWIN, (Horseheads), farmer.

Hammond, Ezra, (Sullivanville), farmer 19.

HAMMOND, WM., (Sullivanville), farmer 161.

Hawkins, Lewis, (Sullivanville), farmer 108.

Hawkins, Smith, (Sullivanville), farmer 197.

Hawkins, Zachariah, (Sullivanville), farmer 170.

Hays, Alexander, (Horseheads), farmer 60.

Hendricks, Isaac, (Pine Valley), farmer 20.

Hendrix, William H., (Millport), farmer 30.

HEWITT, ELIJAH M., (Millport), farmer 100.

Hewitt, Noyes, (Millport), farmer 64.

Hill, Baldwin, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 14.

Hill, Morgan, (Millport), farmer 75.

Hill, Porter, (Millport), farmer 160.

Hoke, George E., (Millport), physician and farmer 71.

Horton, John, (Horseheads), farmer 41.

Horton, Nathaniel D., (Horseheads), farmer 45.

Horton, William H., (Horseheads), farmer 80.

Hosie, Robert, (Sullivanville), farmer 92.

Howard, Jonathan, (Millport), farmer 87.

Howell, Aaron, (Sullivanville), farmer 58.

HOWELL, EMMETT, (Sullivanville), carpenter and joiner.

Howell, Ezra M., (Sullivanville), carpenter and joiner.

HOWELL, ISAAC, (Sullivanville), carpenter and joiner.

Howell, Jacob, (Sullivanville), farmer 50 ½.

Howell, Sarah Mrs., (Sullivanville), farmer 129 ½.

Hulett, Frank, (Sullivanville), farmer 325.

Hunter, John, (Pine Valley), shoemaker.

HYATT, JONAH G., (Millport), cabinet maker and undertaker.

Jay, James, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

Johnson, Judson, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 50.

Joice, George, (Millport), cooper.

JONES, TIMOTHY D., (Millport), turner.

JUDD, ELI B., (Millport), carpenter and builder.

Keeler, Burr, (Millport), farmer 50.

Keeler, Roxa, (Millport), farmer 60.

KELLY, ISAAC, (Millport), tin shop.

Kendall, Ephraim B., (Millport), farmer 114.

Kendall, Joshua, (Millport), farmer 100.

Kendall, Joshua E., (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 70.

Kies, Ephraim, (Horseheads), farmer 50.

Lattin, Carmi, (Millport), farmer 136.

Lattin, David E., (Millport), blacksmith and farmer 5.

Lattin, Henry, (Pine Valley), general merchant.

LATTIN, HORACE, (Millport), cooper and farmer 35.

Lattin, Julius, (Millport), farmer leases of Mrs. Arn Greeno, 28.

Lattin, Pixley, (Millport), cooper, prop. cider mill and farmer 70.

LATTIN, SYLVESTER, (Millport), farmer 86.

LEE, HENRY W., (Millport), mechanic.

LOCKE, JAMES S., (Millport), lumberman, boat builder and farmer 180.

LOVELL, GEORGE W., (Millport), mechanic.

LOVELL, WILLIAM, (Millport), farmer 230.

Makimson, Augustus H., (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 85.

Malette, Daniel W., (Millport), blacksmith.

MALETT, EPHRAIM N., (Millport), cooper.

MALETTE, WILLIAM S., (Millport), deputy post master, and dealer in groceries, pictures and frames.

Mallory, Daniel, (Sullivanville), assessor and farmer 175.

Mallory, George W., (Sullivanville), (with John H.), farmer 175.

Mallory, John W., (Sullivanville), (with George W.), farmer 175.

Mallory, William, (Sullivanville), farmer 85.

MALTBY, CHARLES R., (Millport), (Maltby & Richmond).

MALTBY & RICHMOND, (Millport), (Charles R. Maltby and Abel Richmond), merchant millers.

Mandeville, Welcome, (Millport), farmer 50.

McCan, Levi, (Millport), farmer 40.

McDOUGAL, CYRUS, (Millport), farmer 100.

McDougal, George, (Sullivanville), thresher and clover machine.

McDOUGAL, JAMES, (Millport), farmer 75.

McGeary, Charles, (Millport), farmer 7.

McKinney, Jay, (East Grove), postmaster, justice of the peace and farmer 46.

McSchooler & Tanner, (Millport), (William E. McSchooler and P. S. Tanner), groceries and provisions.

McSchooler, William E., (Millport), (McSchooler & Tanner).

*MEEKER, ELLIOTT, (Millport), dealer in groceries, provisions, grain, &c., and farmer 328.

Merrill, E. C., (Elmira), (Merrill & Willis).

Merrill & Willis, (Elmira), (E. C. Merrill and Charles Willis), merchant millers.

Miles, Curtis, (Pine Valley), farmer 315.

Miller, Emmett, (Millport), farmer leases of Elliott Meeker, 300.

Miller, Francis, (Millport), farmer leases 200.

MILLER, JACOB, (Millport), cabinet maker and joiner.

Miller, William, (Millport), farmer 94.

Millspaugh, Stephen, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 100.

Mosher, Asa, (Millport), miller.

Mosher, James H., (Millport), miller.

Mosher, Oliver C., (Millport), carpenter and builder.

MOSHER, WILLIAM A., (Millport), (Treman, Mosher & Allen).

NASH, JOHN, (Millport), track foreman, N. C. R. R.

Newton, Jeremiah, (Sullivanville), postmaster and wagon maker.

Nichols, William, (Millport), farmer 30.

O’Hanlon, Colon, (Millport), hotel keeper.

Ostrander, Abram, (Sullivanville), cooper and farmer 45.

Owen, Eli A., (Millport), farmer 100.

Owen, Gilbert D., (Millport), farmer 38.

Owen, Joseph H., (Millport), assessor and farmer 66.

Page, Samuel R., (Millport), general merchant.

Palmer, Joseph H., (Horseheads), farmer 42 and leases 150.

PALMER, SIDNEY A., (Pine Valley), agent N. C. R. R., telegraph operator, justice of the peace and deputy postmaster.

Parker, William, (Sullivanville), farmer 140.

Parks, Benajah M., (Millport), (Parks Brothers).

Parks, Brothers, (Millport), (Benajah M. and Charles C.), blacksmiths.

Parks, Charles C., (Millport), (Parks Bros.).

Parks, C. M. Miss, (Millport), (Misses Parks & Potter).

Parks & Potter Misses, (Millport), (Miss C. M. Parks and Miss Ella Potter), milliners.

Parrott, Maria A. Mrs., (Sullivanville), farmer 115.

PARSONS, BURR B., (Millport), farmer 400.

Parsons, Charles, (Millport), farmer 100.

PARSONS, GEORGE M., (Millport), farmer 100.

Parsons, Nathan B., (Millport), farmer 100.

Phelps, Frederick, (Pine Valley), Pine Valley Hotel.

Phelps, Myron, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 50.

Plautz, John, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 100.

Plumb, Ovid, (Millport), bedstead manufacturer.

Potter, Ella Miss, (Millport), (Misses Parks & Potter).

PRATT, WILLIAM C., (Millport), masonry in all branches.

Rafferty, James, (Sullivanville), blacksmith and farmer 11.

Randall, William, (Sullivanville), farmer 240.

Ray, John, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 46.

Relgea, George U., (Millport), farmer 130.

Reynolds, Andrew, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 70.

Rhodes, Jesse B., (Millport), hotel prop.

RICHMOND, ABEL, (Millport), (Maltby & Richmond).

ROBERTS, JAMES C., (Pine Valley), farmer 81.

Rogers, Sylvester B., (Millport), iron founder and machinist.

Rorick, Hannah Mrs., (Sullivanville), grocer.

*ROSE, SIDNEY L., (Pine Valley), carriage and wagon maker.

Rundle, George L., (Horseheads), farmer 74.

Rundle, Silas C., (Sullivanville), farmer 190.

Sayre, Samuel, (Horseheads), farmer 65.

Scott, Charles, (Sullivanville), farmer 25.

Scott, Elijah, (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 30.

Scott, George, (Sullivanville), farmer 100.

Scott, John L., (Cayuta, Schuyler Co.), farmer 20.

SEAMAN, HORACE, (Millport), (Seaman, Thomas & Co.), physician and surgeon.

SEAMAN, H. W., (Millport), (Seaman, Thomas & Co.).

SEAMAN, THOMAS & CO., (Millport), (Horace Seaman, Hezekiah K. Thomas and H. W. Seaman), dry goods, drugs and groceries.

Sears, Henry M., (Horseheads), farmer 104.

Shafer, John, (Sullivanville), farmer 150.

SHAFER, WESLEY, (Sullivanville), town collector and farmer leases 125.

SHAPPEE, DAVID 2nd., (Sullivanville), farmer leases of Geo. W. Brown, of Three Rivers, Michigan, 50.

Sharp, William, (Millport), blacksmith.

Sheldon, Paul, (Millport), cooper.

Shoemaker, James, (Horseheads), carpenter and farmer 79.

SHOUTS, GABRIEL, (Horseheads), farmer 50.

Simpson, H., (Millport), tailor.

Skinner, Milton, (Sullivanville), farmer 282.

Slamon, Michael, (Millport), farmer 80.

SLATER, MELVIN A., (Millport), sawyer at Hall’s mills.

SLEEPER, THOMAS, (Millport), farmer 60.

Slocum, Daniel, (Sullivanville), farmer 50.

Slocum, Daniel D., (Sullivanville), wagon maker.

Smith, Amanda C. Mrs., (Millport), milliner.

Smith, Conrad, (Horseheads), farmer 78.

Soper, Thomas, (Pine Valley), farmer 50.

Stackhouse, William W., (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 68.

STANDLEY, BENJAMIN, (Millport), sawyer at Hall’s mills.

STANLY, LAUREN, (Millport), boot and shoe shop.

Stevens, Jeremiah S., (Horseheads), farmer leases 110, prop. of cheese factory at Elmira.

St. John, John, (Millport), farmer 185.

Stoddard, Increase B., (Horseheads), dairyman and farmer 200.

Stoll, Francis D., (Millport), boat builder.

Stow, William B., (Horseheads), dairyman and farmer 160.

Stuart, Curtis P., (Millport), farmer 92.

Strunk, Henry, (Millport), farmer 3.

Tanner, P. S., (Millport), (McSchooler & Tanner).

Taylor, T. C., (Millport), (Brewin & Co.).

TERRY, FRANK, (Millport), farmer 125.

Terry, George, (Millport), farmer 50.

Terry, Marshall, (Millport), farmer 100.

*THAYER, WILLIAM O., (Millport), manufacturer of sash, blinds and doors.

Thomas, Edward, (Millport), boatman.

THOMAS, HEZEKIAH K., (Millport), (Seaman, Thomas & Co.).

Thompson, Austin B., (Millport), mechanic.

THOMPSON, CHARLES, (Millport), farmer 50.

Thompson, Charles A., (Millport), farmer 30.

Thompson, Daniel B., (Millport), farmer 50.

THOMPSON, JOHN B., (Millport), miller.

THOMPSON, ROBERT F., (Sullivanville), farmer 117.

Thompson, William J., (Sullivanville), farmer 88.

Tidd, Jay, (Millport), wagon maker.

Tiff, John B., (Pine Valley), mechanic and farmer 15.

Tifft, Alonzo, (Millport), (Wm. S. Tifft & Son).

Tifft, Edwin, (Pine Valley), farmer 15.

Tifft, Reuben, (Millport), farmer 220.

Tifft, Wm. S. & Son, (Millport), (Alonzo Tifft), grocery and canal stable.

Tompkins, Theodore, (Millport), carpenter and joiner.

TREMAN, J. A., (Millport), (Treman, Mosher & Allen).

TREMAN, MOSHER & ALLEN, (Millport), (J. A. Treman, William A. Mosher and S. C. Allen), merchant millers.

Tum, Jacob, (Millport), farmer 25.

Turner, Benjamin, (Millport), farmer leases of Harvey Turner, 150.

Turner, David, (Horseheads), farmer 96.

Turner, David Jr., (Horseheads), farmer 75.

Turner, John, (Horseheads), farmer 135.

VanCamp, Abraham L., (Millport), shoemaker.

VanCamp, William T., (Millport), tanner.

VANDUZER, HIRAM, (Sullivanville), farmer 380.

VanDuzer, James M., (Millport), farmer 220.

Vangorder, James, (Millport), farmer leases 50.

Vanhouton, Gilbert H., (Sullivanville), farmer 56.

Vanhouton, John L., (Sullivanville), farmer 60.

Vary, Nathan, (Horseheads), farmer 93.

Vaughn, Millard, (Sullivanville), farmer 17.

Vernovy, Hiram, (Sullivanville), hotel keeper.

Vernovy, William, (East Grove), farmer leases of Marshall Terry, 100.

Waring, Elezor, (Millport), (E. Waring & Co.).

Waring, E. & Co., (Millport), (Elezor Waring and George Burr), manufacturers of staves, flour barrels, headings, shingles, firkins, &c.

Weatherby, Samuel C. Rev., (Pine Valley), pastor of the Free Will Baptist Church, and farmer 45.

Weeks, Chauncey B., (Alpine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 60.

Weller, Louis, (Pine Valley), carpenter.

Westlake, Daniel B., (Horseheads), dealer in grain and farmer 4.

Wheeler, James A., (Horseheads), dairyman and farmer 160.

Wheeler, James E., (Horseheads), farmer 25.

Wheeler, Martin, (Pine Valley), farmer 58.

Wiborn Brothers, (Millport), (Leroy and Henry), carriage makers.

Wiborn, Henry, (Millport), (Wiborn Bros.).

Wiborn, Leroy, (Millport), (Wiborn Bros.).

WILLIAMS, MORDECAI, (Millport), sawmill.

Willis, Charles, (Elmira), (Merrill & Willis).

Wilson, James, (Catharine, Schuyler Co.), farmer 48.

Wisser, George, (Millport), miller.

WOOD, CHARLES, (Pine Valley), (Burris & Wood).

WOOD, GEORGE W., (Sullivanville), farmer 128.

Wood, Norman B., (Horseheads), dairyman and farmer 115.

Woodward, R. A., (Millport), carpenter and boat builder.

Worden & Brees, (Sullivanville), (Henry H. Worden and Charles F. Brees), blacksmiths.

Worden, Henry H., (Sullivanville), (Worden & Brees), justice of the peace.

Worden, William, (Millport), farmer 100.


M. Richardson, Importer and Jobber in Yankee Notions, Hosiery &c., No. 6 Lake street, Elmira, NY, buys goods in large quantities of the manufacturers and sells at their prices. He imports foreign goods direct, and sells cheap as can be had of New York jobbers. Country dealers and others interested can make a saving in freight by purchasing of him. See card on page 108.

Solomon Bennett, dealer in Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds, &c., corner of Baldwin and Second streets, Elmira, NY, publishes a card on page 88. Mr. B. keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of everything in his line, and builders will find it for their advantage to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere. He keeps also a good supply of coal which he will sell at as low a rate as can be purchased elsewhere.

J. B. & H. Mosher, General Merchants and Brokers, No. 1 Union Block, Horseheads, NY, publish a card on page 96. This house has been too long established to need any recommendation where it is known. To those who are in want of Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Groceries, Crockery or Hardware, we would say call at No. 1 Union Block, and your wants will be supplied by reliable men, at fair prices. Their extensive trade gives them facilities that smaller dealers do not have, and all may be sure of getting the worth of their money.

Thomas Lawrence, dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Crockery and Glassware, Franklin Street, Horseheads, NY, publishes a card on page 100. He has a large and well selected stock of goods and sells as low as any dealer in the county. Give him a call before purchasing, he will give you good bargains.

J. Humphrey.--Hot House and Green House Plants of all descriptions furnished at short notice, at No. 18 E. Second street, Elmira, NY. Bouquets and Wreaths made to order at short notice.--Those in want of house plants will find a great variety from which to select, and they must be very fastidious who cannot find something to their taste. See card, page 88.

Madame Bailey, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, No. 72 William Street, Elmira, NY, is prepared to dress the hair of ladies or gentlemen in the most fashionable style, and furnish wigs for those in want that can scarcely be distinguished from the original. She will also Dye for her patrons if necessary, in the most approved style. See card, page 88.

Mrs. S. J. Pettit’s Millinery Rooms, 129 Water Street, Elmira, NY, are advertised on page 88. Mrs. P. is the successor of Mrs. H. J. Thompson, and is prepared to supply her customers with all the new styles of goods, of the best quality and at prices to suit the times. Call and see her before purchasing elsewhere.

Elmira Steam Mills.--J. H. Fountain & Co., the proprietors of these mills, are prepared to do custom work of all kinds and pay cash for all kinds of grain. Dealers supplied with flour and feed at low rates and in any quantity desired. Call at the Elmira Steam Mills for the best of family flour. See card, page 92.

S. W. Kellogg, Carriage, Buggy and Cutter Painter, John Street, Horseheads, NY, is prepared to do all work entrusted to his care in a manner inferior to none in Western New York. Those who want their old carriages repainted so as to look as well as new, will do well to call on Kellogg. See card, page 108.

Reuben Lovell, dealer in Lumber, Leaf Tobacco and Grain, Big Flats, NY, publishes a card on page 108. Mr. L. is doing a good business, paying the highest price for leaf tobacco, and supplying all who may call on him, with lumber at short notice. Give him a call.

F. C. D. McKay, manufacturer of Barometers and all kinds of Meteorological apparatus, Elmira, NY, publishes a card on page 104. We think we shall make many of the citizens of Chemung and Schuyler Counties thankful to us for introducing to their favorable notice F. C. D. McKay, a careful examination of whose card will satisfy very many that they cannot do without his services. Where shall I get it mended? is a common expression when any thing is broken or out of repair that is out of the reach of the skill of ordinary mechanics. Mr. McKay thoroughly repairs and puts in order all kinds of light and fancy articles, and small machinery, that does not properly come within the scope of ordinary mechanics. He makes models for inventors, of wood, metal or any other materials. He will repair or rebuild your sewing machines and warrent them, or will sell you the best sewing machines in the world, a large stock of which he keeps on sale. Call at No. 5 Union Block, Elmira, with anything you want repaired. Hydrometers, Barometers, any kind of school apparatus, Engineers’ and Surveyors’ instruments, Surgical instruments, Spirit Levels, Steam and Vacuum Gauges, will all receive prompt attention and be put in the best possible order and warranted.

John N. Humphry & Co., Blacksmithing and Wagoning, Horseheads, NY, keep constantly on hand a large stock of seasoned lumber, and employ none but the best of workmen. All work performed in the best manner and to the satisfaction of their patrons. We can recommend this establishment to all in want of anything in their line. Their card appears on page 100.

J. Greener, manufacturer of Piano Fortes and dealer in all kinds of Musical Instruments, 160 Church street, Elmira, NY, publishes a card on page 100. Mr. Greener has a very large assortment of the best Music, and is constantly adding to his stock. Those wishing to purchase new instruments can exchange their old ones if they desire. Call on him for anything in the line of music or musical instruments and your wants will be supplied.

John T. Ayers, manufacturer of Sheet Iron Window Blinds and Doors for fire-proof buildings, is prepared to furnish to order and at short notice all kinds of heavy forgings, and any style of Carriages, Sleighs or Lumber Wagons. Mr. Ayers uses none but the best of material and warrants all work intrusted to his care. See card page 100.

Samuel Parker, Carpenter and Builder, Elmira, NY, is prepared to take and fill all contracts with his trade. Mr. P. is a reliable man, and those who contemplate building will do well to call on him. His card will be found on page 108.

Gardner & Compton’s Furniture Ware Rooms, at Horseheads, NY, should be visited by all in want of new furniture, and we can assure them that they will find a good assortment from which to select, and prices as low as consistent with living. Undertaking in all its branches. See card, page 110.

T. M. Losie, manufacturer of all kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron work, corner Baldwin and Market streets, Elmira, NY, superintends all his work in person and gives special attention to builders’ work. None but the best of workmen are employed, and the public may rest assured that the best of materials are used and the most reasonable terms made with patrons. See card, page 110.

Cottage Green House, corner of South Water and Fulton Streets, Elmira, NY. We have no hesitation in recommending to the public Mr. H. M. Moore, the proprietor, as a Florist. His Green House is constantly supplied with a great variety of the most beautiful plants of native and foreign production. No expense is spared to procure the rarest of exotics as soon as possible from the importers. Let all who admire the beautiful give him a call. See card, page 92.

L. J. Heath, Blacksmith, Big Flats, NY, is prepared to shoe your horses, iron your wagons and carriages, and perform all other work that comes within the sphere of his trade. Those who patronize him will have their work well done and at a moderate price. See card, page 112.

Mrs. C. T. Borden, Fashionable Dressmaker and Milliner, has opened rooms at 156 Water Street, Elmira, NY, where all her patrons will find a full assortment of the most elegant patterns, and work performed in the best manner. Her assortment of millinery goods is unsurpassed, and the lady who cannot find something to suit her taste and her purse in Mrs. B’s rooms, must be hard to please. For further particulars see card, page 112.

W. F. Butcher, Phrenologist, publishes a card on page 112. All who wish a correct description of their character, please call at 143 Water St., Elmira. Mr. B. has great experience in his profession, and is prepared to do justice to all his patrons. Mr. B. furnishes us with the following extract from a letter of Charles Reade, the distinguished author and Barrister:

"Mr. Butcher has examined my head and reported thereon. He announces great energy. I must own I think my successes have been won principally by labor and perseverance. I was particularly struck with one remark of Mr. Butcher’s. He said, ‘This would make a good Barrister’s head!’ Now, it so happens I have enriched the Law Reports with more leading cases than any other living man."

H. Pelham & Son, manufacturers of Cigar and other Boxes, corner of Fox and Market Streets, Elmira, NY. Scroll Sawing and Turning of all sorts promptly executed at short notice. We know of no place where the kind of work done by Messrs. P. & Son can be more neatly or more expeditiously done than by them. They are worthy of patronage. See card, page 112.

Daily and Weekly Gazette, published by L. A. & C. Hazard, Elmira, NY, is the oldest newspaper published in the County. For more than 40 years the Gazette has made its weekly visits to the homes of many of the citizens of Chemung and adjoining counties, until it has become one of the necessaries of life, as much as the food they eat. Advertisers find it a good medium of communication between them and their customers, and those who want a good newspaper will subscribe for it if they have not already done so. Job Printing of all kinds neatly executed. See card, page 118.

J. Philip Weyer’s Brick Yard, on Oak Street, Elmira, NY, is the place for contractors and builders to purchase their brick. Mr. Weyer makes the best of brick and always has a good supply on hand, which he will sell as cheap as can be found at any yard in the County. Give him a call, and our word for it you will not be sorry. His card is on page 124.

Wig Making and Ornamental Hair Work.--Those who are so unfortunate as to lose the covering which nature has given for the head, will be glad to learn where they can be supplied with a beautiful head of hair. Ladies who desire Curls, Braids, or any style of false hair, will find it for their advantage to call on Francis J. Bailey, corner of Baldwin and Cross streets, Elmira, NY. Hair dressing in all its branches done in the latest style of the art. For particulars see card, page 136.

Rowland & Beadle, Hardware merchants, Elmira, NY, keep a large stock of goods and are prepared to fill all orders at short notice. We know of no place where so great a variety of the most useful articles in the hardware line can be found in this part of the country. It would be impossible to enumerate their articles if we should attempt. Call on them and you will be waited upon by gentlemanly clerks, and your bills made satisfactory. Their card appears on page 144. They are the sole agents for the Harrisburg Nail Works and Hubbell’s Patent Insulated Sad Irons.

Carriage and Sleigh Manufactory.--Wm. J. Rose, proprietor, is prepared by long experience in the best shape to perform all work entrusted to him in a style not easily surpassed. Those who wish a good article will do well to order just what they want, and Mr. Rose will fill the order at short notice. His place of business is John Street, Horseheads, NY. See card, page 148.

J. & F. B. Garrett, Wholesale and Retail dealers in Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Tissue, Roll and Fancy Papers, Printers’ Supplies, Shipping Cards, Blank Books, &c., at No. 3 West Fayette street, Syracuse, have built up a heavy trade in their line, extending from Harrisburgh, in Pennsylvania, to the Canadian border. We have dealt considerably with this establishment, and have invariably been gratified in having our orders promptly filled, and always with just the article required. See card, page 148.

R. K. Wallace, Carriage and Ornamental Painter, Water street, Elmira, NY, advertises on page 128. Those who want a good job done cannot do better than to call on Mr. Wallace. The English Varnish used by him is more durable, and gives a richer luster than any other. If you have a job of ornamental work call on Wallace.

The Elmira Hotel, north side of Water street, east of the Railroad depot, is favorably situated for the transaction of business in any part of the city. The weary traveler will here find repose. No efforts on the part of the gentlemanly proprietors will be spared to administer to the wants of their guests, and render their home agreeable. It is a house where farmers and others on temporary visits to the city will find a home exactly suited to their wants. It is the grand nucleus around which all patent right men and pedlers invariably rally, and where their wants are supplied at the most reasonable rates. A good meal can be had at any hour of the day or evening. Everything is quiet, comfortable and agreeable. The barns are furnished with careful and accommodating grooms, and all is arranged for comfort and convenience. Elmendorf & Beers, the proprietors, are the men to keep a hotel. They know what you want and furnish you at reasonable rates. Give them a call and we are confident you will recommend them to your friends as we recommend them to you. See card on page 114.

Seely Brothers, manufacturers and dealers in Lumber, South-east corner of Erin, publish a card on page 148, setting forth their facilities for supplying all kinds of Lumber, Lath, Boards and Timber, to builders, at short notice. Persons who wish to order by mail will address them at Elmira, NY, and bills will be forwarded to order.

Wm. Jeffers, dealer in Lumber, Elmira, NY, is prepared to furnish all kinds of Lumber at his mills. His facilities for Planing, Scroll Sawing, and manufacturing Mouldings of all kinds, are such as to make it an object for builders to call on him. What he cannot do in that line need not be done. Give him a call. See card, page 128.

Joseph Surganty, Grocer and Provision Dealer, corner of Church and Sullivan streets, Elmira, NY, keeps an excellent assortment of all kinds for family use. Farmers who have butter, eggs or any other produce, will do well to bring it to Mr. Surganty and receive the highest price therefor. We know of no better place to go for groceries. See card, page 128.

M. H. Brees, dealer in Cabinet Furniture, Horseheads, NY, keeps a large assortment of all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking Glasses &c., which he will sell as cheap as the cheapest. His stock contains a variety for office, parlor or kitchen, with prices to correspond.--Undertaking attended to. See card, page 128.

City Book Bindery, Elmira, NY.--Louis Kies has established a first-class establishment, where he is prepared to execute all kinds of plain and fancy binding in the best style. You need not go to New York to get your old books re-bound or your blank books manufactured, but call at the City Book Bindery, examine samples, and order your work. Mr. K’s card will be found on page 132.

Sidney L. Rose, manufacturer of Carriages and Wagons, Pine Valley, NY, advertises on page 124. He is prepared to get up at short notice, and at the lowest prices, all kinds of Carriages and Wagons. None but the best materials used. Persons will do well to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere. His manufactory is near the Depot of the Northern Central R. R.

James Semple, Gas and Steam Fitter, 15 Baldwin street, Elmira, NY, has had great experience in his business and is prepared to do justice to all who may give him a call. Mr. S. executed the plumbing for Cornell University, which is a sufficient guaranty of his reliability and capability to perform all work entrusted to him.--People will do well to have their waterworks put in repair by him. For particulars see card, page 114.