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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.


(See Schools, page 32.)


(See page 31.)

Agricultural Implements.

Clipper Chilled Plow Company, William cor Clinton

Grant & DeWaters, 154 and 156 Lake

Graser Brothers, 158 Baldwin


(See also Carpenters.)

Brown Lewis, 213 ½ W Water

Gregory Eugene B., room 1, Stancliff Hall, Baldwin cor Carroll

Hayes Warren H., 118 Lake

Ingham John Q., room 8, Opera block

Pierce Joseph H., 118 Lake


MacGregor Edward, 313 E Water

Razey James, 203 E Water

Waters George W., 313 E Water

Auger Manufacturers.

Gillet & Co., 601 Baldwin

Awning Blocks.

Jeffers Samuel G., Clinton cor Madison av

Jones E. A. & Co., Madison av, ab Clinton

Awning Manufacturer.

Compton Zera, 411 Carroll

Bake Oven Builder.

Frost Florus H., 257 W Clinton


(See also Confectioners.)

Alvord Charles H., 231 W Water

Coke E. M., 113 Lake

Conklin Melvin M., 651 Lake

Diehl Jacob, 151 Washington

Gibbs Jame E., Mrs., 354 E 4th

Gordon Lydia A., 510 N Main

Harris Ann J., Mrs., 219 W Water

Hart Solomon, 107 College av

Hitt Valentine M., 103 E Church

Moody & Bowman (wholesale), 421 Railroad av

Painton George, Mrs., 200 S Main

Bakers – (Cracker).

Moody & Bowman, (wholesale), 421 Railroad av


Hall Francis G., Water cor Baldwin


(See page 35.)


Beekman Samuel, Delavan House

Berry Charles S., 671 Lake

Brown Charles H., 407 Railroad av

Burrows Jabez T., 104 N Main

Christen Charles, State n Water

Franklin John M., 424 E Water

Freeman John, 371 Railroad av

Hill Joseph M., 701 Lake

Hisserick G. A., 114 Baldwin

Jones Thomas B., Frasier House

LaBurt Jacob, 434 E Water

Stamp Peter P., Wyckoff House

Suess Philip, 169 Lake

Susemihl Charles, 100 E Water

Susemihl Robert, 169 Baldwin

Valois August, 402 E Water

Ward Fred J., South av, cor S Main

Washington Henry, 428 E Water

West William W., 507 Railroad av

Wiegand George C., 105 Baldwin

Bed Spring Manufacturer.

Holmes Horace H., 659 College av

Bill Poster.

Smith W. Charles, room 9 Opera Block

Billiard Rooms.

(See also Saloons.)

Holiday B. B., Wyckoff House

Jones Henry B., 108 Lake

Keane James, Carroll cor Lake


(See also Carriage Makers.)

Bagley William A., 917 Benton

Bosworth & Stage, Hoffman n West Hill

Byrne Thomas G., 413 E Market

Chrisler Hiram, S Broadway n Mt Zoar

Cole Edward E., 70 Pennsylvania av

Cooper & Beach, 209 S Main

Gibbs Thomas O. S., Exchange n Market

Gordon John, Clinton n Madison av

Krowl Abraham, 318 E Market

McInerny Michael, 448 E Water

Palmer M. Dwight, 311 W Water

Tuthill & Sample, Washington n Lake

Boarding Houses.

Baker Lanah, Mrs., 1003 Oak

Barber Starr L., 669 Baldwin

Barron R. C., Mrs., 668 Magee

Clark Sarah M., 505 Magee

Earl Sarah A., Mrs., 156 W 3d

Foster Martha P., 106 W 2d

Gannon Mary, Mrs., 120 W Chemung Place

Gaudrau Norah, Mrs., Railroad av cor W Gray

Loop Caroline, 664 Kickinson

Lowman Charity B., 218 Baldwin

Lynch Mary, Mrs., 723 Lake

Macgowan Louise, Mrs., 214 Baldwin

Palmer Sarah, Mrs., 109 W Market

Rood Maria, 505 Park Place

St. James, Mrs., Emily D. Moore, 102 W Water

Straight Emily J., Mrs., 261 Baldwin

Surganty T. Hortense, 433 E Water

Wilson Harriet, Mrs., 605 Magee


Elmira Advertiser Association, cor Lake and Market

Elmira Gazette and Free Press, Lake and Carroll

Booksellers and Stationers.

Dumars James H., 142 W Water

Fitch Arthur S., 112 Baldwin

McNish J. F., Main cor Franklin, Horseheads

Preswick, Morse & Co., 313 E Water

Sullivan Florence, 321 E Water

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and Dealers.

Abt Joseph, 756 E Market

Barron Joseph H., 504 N. Main

Berry Herman, 203 ½ E Church

Bloss Frank J., Magee n Clinton

Boston Shoe Store, 202 E Water

Bowman George R., 215 ½ W Water

Budzichowski Michael, 354 Railroad av

Crowe Richard, 203 W Clinton

Davis John, 168 Lake

Dorr David S., 103 E Water

Finley William, 106 W Water

Flanagan Martin J., 111 Lake

Friendly S. J., 216 Baldwin

George Jeremiah, 309 E 5th

Givens Jesse S., 105 W Water

Hadley John J., 1118 Walnut

Hart Henry, 667 Lake

Hudson & Howes, 329 E Water

Humphrey Lucius A., 107 E Water

Ingalls G. W. & Co., 108 W Water

Isham Morris, 223 Sullivan

Johnson George W., 122 W Water

Kaczmarowski Michael, 310 E Clinton

Kemp C. G., 321 E Water

Koop Charles, 527 E Union

Levin Simon, 353 Railroad av

Lines S. V. & Sons, 137 E Water

Lown William, 110 S Main

McCaffery Peter, 202 S Main

McCarthy Dennis, 357 Railroad av

Moreau & Osborne, 1134 Lake

Richardson J. & Co., Railroad av cor W Market

Robertson Samuel S., 206 E Water

Rosinski Andrew, Lake cor 5th

Smith Charles B., 111 College av

Stage John, 363 Davis

Stiles Isaac, 207 W Water

Stilson William, 406 E Market

Stobo John, 207 E Water

Treadwell Hezekiah D., 505 Magee

Turnbull Brothers (wholesale), Railroad av cor W 4th

Volbrecht Herman J., 172 Lake

Walker Merritt H. (wholesale), 365 W Gray

Weldner George, 428 E Water

White Charles W., 5th n Walnut

Williams Dever W., 103 E Water


Gardner Edward, 420 and 422 Carroll

Kennedy & Hassett, 215 W Water

Roemmelt S., Lake cor Clinton

Seeley Charles F., 115 E Hudson

Susemihl Herman, 100 E Water, also 258 W Hudson

Brewers and Maltsters.

Briggs T. & Co., 121 E 2d

Gerber Charles, jr., Tuttle av n Church

Brick Manufacturers.

Westlake Benjamin, North cor Westlake, Horseheads

Weyer J. Philip, Pattinson cor Sullivan


Birney J. G. & Co., 115 Baldwin

Robers E. M., room 7 Masonic Temple

Robertson William B., 400 E Water

Business Colleges.

Allen Business College, Advertiser Building, Lake cor Market

Warner Augustus J., Water cor Lake

Butter Dealers.

(See also Grocers.)

Brooks William A., 202 Baldwin

Packard H. Hobart, State n Water

Rae James M. & Co. (wholesale), 156 and 159 Baldwin


(See also Furniture.)

Coke William, 309 Davis

Hoffman Andrew A., 660 Magee

McColl Evan, Exchange n Market

Carpenters and Builders.

Brown Lewis, 213 ½ W Water

Cottrell Stephen H., State n 2d

Fuller Daniel, r 114 W 1st

Gabriel Benedict, 257 W Clinton

Hankins Zachariah T., State n 2d

Hoagland Burr C., 426 W 1st

Pickering John, 216 Madison av

Swan Erastus A., 613 Baldwin

Walker Albert, 110 Walnut


(See also Dry Goods.)

Hart William E., 102 and 104 W Water

Carpet Manufacturers.

Campbell Mary J., Mrs., 605 E 2d

Gallagher Michael (wood), State cor Gray

Carpet Whip Manufacturer.

Gillett Lewis W., 601 Baldwin

Carriage, Coach and Wagon Manufacturers.

Allen Ptolmey T., Market cor William

Ayers John T., W 3d, cor College av

Berry John A., 5th n Lake

Davis Wrought Iron Wagon Company, 110 E Church

Doane Royal, 915 Benton

Ewing James, Water cor Madison av

Frienley Bros., State n Water

Grant & DeWaters, 154 and 156 Lake

Howland Cornelius, Washington n Main

Linderman Ira M., 153 Fox, also 435 Carroll

Seeley John C., 404 Lake

Verguson Reed, agent, 450 E Water

Carriage Trimmer.

Frescott Jonathan W., 211 W Water

Cement Pipe Manufacturer.

Lee Charles M., Washington av, n rolling mill

China, Glass and Queensware.

Elmore Thaddeus W., 131 E Water

Gallagher Bros., 326 E Water

Simmons George, 107 W Water


Stevens Lafayette, 135 E Water

Cigar Box Manufacturer.

Bovier Charles B., 73, 75 and 77 Pennsylvania av

Cigar Manufacturers and Tobacconists.

Bayette Moran M., 331 E Water

Boyd Hiram F., 407 Railroad av

Brown J. Lewis, 153 Lake

Burrows Jabez T., 104 N Main

Daniels Albert J., Magee cor 4th

Fox Rosetta, Mrs., 607 Lake

Grodzki Maximilian, 616 Baldwin

Lenheim Lewis H., 153 Lake

Lunn John W., 113 W Water

Nicks John I., 615 Railroad av

Pollack Lewis, 332 E Water

Prescott Joseph S., 309 Carroll

Radin Joseph L., 607 John

Shay W. & D., 318 E Water

Stahl Nathan J., 138 ½ W Water

Sullivan Dennis C., 528 N Main

Sullivan Patrick C., 908 N Main

Wilkey James A. & Son, 117 Baldwin

Civil Engineers.

Benton H. P. & Son, 109 W Gray

Lynch Pierce J., 218 E Water

McKinney W. Arthur, Masonic Temple

Claim Agent.

Boothe Abigail, Mrs., Advertiser Building


Allen J. E., Mrs., 200 E Water


(See also Merchant Tailors, also Tailors.)

Brophy & McMahon, 115 E Water

Frankenstein Aaron, 130 E Water

Frankenstein Benjamin, 138 E Water, also (second-hand) 321 Railroad av

Hallock, Cary & Co., 111 and 113 E Water

Holzheimer L. & Co., 141 E Water

Kent Horace M., 133 E Water

Parmenter Charles H., 106 W Water

Rothschild Abraham, 320 E Water

Sebersky Brothers, 109 E Water

Sellner A. & Co., 101 E Water

Simon Morris, 375 Railroad av

Strauss Herman, 205 E Water

Wittkoski Simon (second-hand), 355 Railroad av

Wollheim Solomon, 112 E Water

Coal Miners and Shippers.

Blossburg Coal Company, 501 Railroad av

Butler Colliery Company, 109 W Water

Langdon J. & Co., 110 Baldwin

McIntyre Coal Company, 110 Baldwin

Pittston Coal Company, 109 W Water

Coal and Wood Dealers.

Atkinson Frank H. (wholesale), 102 Lake

Atkinson William A., 119 E Church

Baldwin J. Davis & Son, 101 E Market

Blight William H., 109 E 2d

Cannon & Co., 627 Railroad av

Cross Samuel, 513 Park Place

Dounce Fred N., 208 E Market, also 104 W Partridge

Dounce William J. & Co., E 5th cor Railroad av

Drake Leon H., W 4th cor Railroad av

Jarvis Joel, 309 Washington

Keefe James H. & Co., 219 S Main

Loomis & Chubbuck, 354 Pennsylvania av

Miller Philip, College av cor Reformatory

Mooney Patrick H., 7th cor Railroad av, also 151 W 3d

Serat Seth S., 106 W 4th

Turner A. S. & Son, 203 E 2d

Wentz Wilbur F., 101 E Gray

Worrall George, 135 E 2d

Worrall James L., 135 E 2d

Commission Merchants.

Seely S. E. (produce), 127 W Water

Weaver & Ferguson, 131 and 133 W Water


(See also Bakers.)

Alvord Charles H., 231 W Water

Amberg Frederick, jr., 603 Lake

Benjamin & Christen, 143 E Water

Conklin Melvin M., 651 Lake

Coykendall Emma A., 112 S Main

Edgerly William, 105 E Water

Haight & Taynton, 106 N Main

Hemenway Charles R., 113 Baldwin

Lawrence Thomas, 138 W Water

Leonard George C., 220 E Water

Long Alice M., 665 Lake

Moody & Bowman (wholesale), 421 Railroad av

Smith Daniel, 321 Carroll

Weyman Daniel J., 425 E Market

Contractors and Builders.

(See also Carpenters.)

Plum & Pulford, 128 E Hudson


Byrne George W., 521 Baldwin

Clark Joel N., Water n Columbia

Hall Andrew, 357 S Main

Wormley John, r 223 Ann


Tubbs William C., 153 Baldwin

Decorative Art.

Mayer Amelia, Miss, 117 E Water

Decorative Needle Work.

Cook G. N. Mrs., 125 W Water


Bodine Robert W., 143 W Water

Darby Frank B., 126 E Water

Foster Charles M., 131 W Water

Goddard Edward, 310 E Water

Ker Richard, 137 E Water

Murray Robert B., 127 W Water

Root Julius S., 328 E Water

Sellen Amos S., 109 W Water

Stewart William C., 310 E Water

Dining Rooms.

(See also Restaurants.)

Baltz Richard D., 319 Carroll

Everett Oliver, 317 Carroll

Leonard George C., 220 E Water

White Merritt P., 425 Railroad av


Abbott Emma A., 158 W 3d

Albee Hattie L., 106 E Water

Baxter H. L., Mrs., 151 Baldwin

Berk M. Amelia, 118 W Hudson

Brown Maggie, Mrs., 426 E Water

Bryan A., Mrs., Lake cor William

Campbell Ada J., Mrs., 356 E 4th

Churchill M. B., Mrs., 320 E Water

Clinton Adel, 153 Baldwin

Dann Martha M., Mrs., 205 Dewitt

Decker Mary, Mrs., 203 E Water

Derby E. H., Mrs., 418 Carroll

Eddy L. G., Mrs., 157 Lake

Farley Mary C., 102 Lake

Frisbey C. C., Mrs., 108 W Water

King G. W., Mrs., 107 W Water

Lindsey Jennie, 423 N Main

Mack Kate L., 202 E Water

McDowell Mary A., Carroll n Fox

Paige Celena A., Mrs., 383 W Water

Parry Anna D., 138 E Water

Putnam Elizabeth A., Mrs., 216 W Church

Randall Lydia J., Mrs., 126 W Water

Reed Lizzie, Mrs., 421 N Main

Reynolds Minerva, Miss, 101 W Water

Sawyer Gertrude M., 213 W 3d

Sherman L. D., Miss, 320 E Water

Smith I. S., Mrs., 108 E Hudson

Swift G. W., Mrs., 171 Baldwin

Upham Clara A., 534 N Main

Welch Julia A., 155 Baldwin


Barber Starr L., 671 Baldwin

Bartholomew John, 171 Baldwin

Brown Fremont M., 224 W Water

Duval Francis M., 107 S Main

Everitt Jacob L., 208 E Water

Flood Thomas S., 312 E Water

Gerity & Morrell (wholesale), 126 Lake

Hill J. Stewart, 151 Lake

Holmes Clay W. & Co. (wholesale), 122 Lake

Ingraham Brothers, 100 W Water

Johnson Herbert, 435 Railroad av

Jones Edwin A., 531 Lake

Meyer Joseph, jr., 400 E Water

Perry Theodore B., 317 E Water

Stiles Oliver D., Davis cor 2d

Van Nort John F., jr., 144 W Water

Wadhams Samuel D., 333 E Water

Whitlock George S., 111 W 3d

Druggists’ Specialties.

Southern Tier Manufacturing Company, 122 Lake

Dry Goods.

Bouton P. & Co., 319 E Water

Burchell Hattie, 326 E Water

Cole Webster J., 600 Pennsylvania av

Dey Brothers & Co., 134 W Water

Dormaul Elias H., 325 E Water

Durland & Pratt, 305 E Water

Erlich B. & Son, 315 E Water

Fish & Holmes (wholesale), 301 E Water

Flanagan John J., 132 W Water

Hart William E., 102 and 104 W Water

Rosenbaum L. & Sons, 201 E Water

Strauss & Samuels, 139 E Water

Tuch Isaac, 324 E Water

Dyers and Scourers.

Brown Lewis, Queen City Dye Works, 213 W Water

Excelsior Steam Dyeing and Scouring Works, P. J. Egan, proprietor, cor Park Place and Main

Roberts William, 434 and 436 E Water

Engine and Machinery Repairer.

Coleman Isaiah B., Market cor State

Engraver (Metal).

Bally John, 308 E Water

Express Companies.

Central, 152 Baldwin

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, 121 Baldwin

Philadelphia & Reading R. R. Co’s, 121 Baldwin

United States, 152 Baldwin

Fancy Goods.

Bement & Davenport, 311 E Water

Dridgman Ella A., 150 W Water

Drew Ebenezer D., 128 W Water

Nobles Nellie B., 108 N Main

File Manufacturer.

Phymer Hiram B., State cor Church

Fire Brick Manufacturer.

Farrington J. B. & Co., 900 E Church

Fire Engine Manufacturer.

LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Erie R. R., junction N. C. R. R.

Fish Markets.

Rozelle Charles W., 217 W Water


Compton Carmy, 1155 Hoffman

Green Henry C., 163 Baldwin, 214 and 216 E Market, also ft Catherine

Moore Jame, Mrs., 51 Fulton

Rawson Grove P., 107 and 109 W Market

Wells H. D., Mrs., 380 W Water

Flour, Feed and Grain.

Bigelow William A., 434 E Market

Bodder Jacob S., 217 S Main

Bush Daniel B., 412 E Market

Carpenter George M., 101 W Henry

Clapp & Co., State cor Market

Clatworthy James, 225 W Water

Hathaway & Bennitt, Horseheads

318 Classified Business Directory.
McLean Andrew H., Lake cor William
Reynolds Samuel N., 159 Railroad av
Flour Mills.
Hotchkin Samuel, 301 to 307 W Water
Huntington Charles E
West Charles F., foot E Water
Founders and Machinists.
Gould Claude, Market cor State
Reid & Coopoer, W. Church, cor Railroad ave
Bement & Davenport, 311 E Water
Freight Agents.
Beers C.G., 505 Railroad ave
Bent Samuel A., 517 Railroad ave
Fruit Dealers.
Belknap & Co. (wholesale), 156 and 159 Baldwin

Cleveland Thurlow W. (wholesale), 304 E Water

Haight & Taynton, 106 N Main
Sturges Don L., 146 W Water
S.X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave.Elmira
Furnaces, Ranges, Etc. (See also Stoves, etc.)
Losie T.M.& Co., 157 Baldwin
Furniture Dealers. (See also Cabinet Makers)
Evens Jacob c., 206 W Water
Grummie & Kilippenstein, 218, 220 and 222 W Water
Hubble Samuel B., State cor Water
Pelta John (second hand), 359 Railroad ave
Robinson J.M. & Sons, 159, 161 and 163 Lake
Shidlen & Wiegand, 132 and 134 E. Water
Carpenter H.H., 121 Baldwin
Gents Furnishing Goods.
Kent Horace M., 133 E. Water
McCracken John R., 111 Baldwin
Booth Irving D., 611 and 613 Railroad ave
Laney Samuel H., 605 and 657 Baldwin, also 200 E Water

Burnette & Gaunung, Job Printers, 133 East Water St.

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., ARTISTS’ MATERIALS, Water cor Lake
Grain Dealers. (See also Flour, Etc.)
Clark Henry L., w 3rd in Railroad ave
Clark Samuel W., 200 E Water
Grain Cradle Manufacturers.
Judson & Strader, Lake cor Thurston
Amberg Frederick, 601 Lake
Arnold Philip, 400 W Church
Austin A.B.&Co., 200 and 202 W Water
Ayer William & Son, 100 Lake
Backer Anna, 721 E. Clinton
Berner Adman, 601 E. Water
Best Henry A., 513 E 3rd
Bieganski, John M., 117 S Main
Billings, Edward B, 110 W Water
Bloss George, 763 E. Water
Borman Raka, Mrs., 430 E. Water
Brickwedde Joseph, 763 E. Church
Bundy Bros., 125 and 127 Lake
Burns Margaret, 404 E. Water
A. Turner & Son Make the Best Mouldings and Brackets.
Burt, John B., 71 Pennsylvania ave
Chapman Hobart M.,901 Lake
Coke Fredrick, 1201 Benton
Cole Webster, J., 600 Pennsylvania ave
Collins Sarah, Mrs. 527 W Washington ave
Coykendall W.S. & Co., 300 S. Main
Davies Mary J., Mrs., 64 Columbia
Deister John, 801 E Church
DeVoe Benjamin T., 472 W 2nd
Dickinson George S. & Son, 130 W Water
Diedrich William F., 562 E. Church
Dononhue Dennis, 301 S. Broadway
Elmore Orville D., 105 Walnut
Etz Alfred E., 205 W. Clinton
Farley Brothers, 405 Railroad ave
Fitzgerald William, K., 123 W. Water
Fletcher George W., 210 W. Water
Flett J.A., 200 Baldwin
Gallagher Brothers 327 E. Water
Gilbert Henry,J., 413 Railroad ave
Gorman Thomas, 519 Oak
Haase Ferdinand, 600 E. Church
Hade Justus, 130 Lake
Harlow Bertha J., 438 Water
Economy Wrought Iron Furnaces a Specialty at Young & Allen’s,307 E.Water
Z.COMPTON, Household and White Sewing Machines, No. 411 Carroll St.
Hartney, Mary 809 Railroad ave
Haupt John, 466 E Water
Hevener Carlton K., 203 E Water
Hill James W, 563 Church
Hopson George, 613 Dickinson
Houghtaling A. Llewellyn, 667 Lake
Hurley Timothy, 1001 N. Main
Kaier Edward, 561 E. 2nd
Keeton Frank A., 167 Lake
Kennedy John, 106 E. Water
Kingsbury, Lucius S., 143 W Water
Landers Margaret, 256 W Hudson
Leary Arthur, 56 Pennsylvania ave
Lee Patrick J., 701 Railroad ave
LeValley Nathaniel L., 101 E. Henry
Lewis Arnold, 353 Davis
Liddy Michael, 217 Fulton
Lindsey Ebenezer S, 200 E 5th
Lormore & Thompkins, 308, 310 and 312 Carroll
Lynch Catherine, 710 Davis
Madden Catherine, Mrs., 801 John
McInerney Patrick, 423 W 5th
BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, Advertiser Bldg.
McLaughlin Silas H, 405 Davis
Messing Sebastian, 716 John
Miller Marcus, 118 S Main
Miller Valentine, 221 S. Main
Mirteenes David C., 321 S. Man
Moody & Bowman, 421 Railroad ave
Moonan James, 7 cor Michigan
Morris Richard, 410 E Water
Morse Harry L., 1128 Lake
Mosher George, 118 W Water
Murtaugh Michael, 400 S Broadway
O’Dea Andrew, 658 E Water
Odell Isaac, 316 W 5th
Pelbrough Thomas G., 309 W 4th
Purtell John R & Co., 148 W Water
Reardon, John F., 381 W 2nd
Reeves Mary, 502 N Main
Regan John G., 429 Railroad ave
Reilly Alice, Mrs., 804 Lake
Rice D.O.&Son, 101 E. Church cor Railroad ave
Robinson Joseph, 257 W 4th
Ronan Patrick, 569 E Water
Roper E.K., Mrs., 166 Harriet
All the Novelties in Printing at Watts’ Job Office Arcade Block, S. Lake
Rosenbeck Fannie, 713 E Market
Ryan & Toole, 142 E Water
Satterlee Elias B., 428 N. Main
Satterlee & Company, 121 Lake
Sayles H.H. & Co., (wholesale), 211 and 213 Baldwin
Schornstheimer & Stampp, 522 and 524 Lake
Shannon Martin, 703 Railroad ave
Shea Timothy, Franklin cor Jefferson
Simons Richard M., 504 E. 3rd
Slosson A.D. & Co., Union cor Baldwin
Stoll Abram, S., Main cor Pennsylvania ave
Sturges Don L., 146 W. Water
Vickery Samuel, 711 Lake
Wadsworth Joseph, 650 Dickinson
Webster Daniel, 311 E 5th
Whitson, John J., 503 E. 3rd
Wienecke Mary, Mrs., 600 Jay
Wixon O.M. & Co., Carr’s Croners
Caterline Isaac, 323 Carroll
DeWitt William P., 418 E. Water
A.S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials
Baniard Jane E., Mrs., 107 E 2nd
Hoppe Louisa, 128 E. Water
Valois Bertha, 306 E. Water
Hair Manufacturers.
Couch A.S. & Co., Tuttle ave n Church
Barker, Dounce, Rose & co., 340 to 344 E Water
Booth Irving D., 611 and 613 Railroad ave
Gridley G.A. & Son, 119 E Water
Pratt & Co., (wholesale), 414 and 416 E Market
Stowell F.A. & W.H. & Co., 307 E Market
Swan C.F. & Son, 323 E Water
Wells & Loomis, 126 W Water
Harness Makers.
Collins, John W., 137 W Water
Dickinson H.B.&Co., 302 E Water
Ensworth Joseph W, 166 Lake
Meissner Charles, 404 E Market
Phillips William 426 E Water
Tilman John M., 144 E Water
Wheadon C.H.&Son, 204 and 206 E Water
Wells & Loomis, House Furnishing Goods, 126 W Water St.
Hat Bleachers.
Pierce Joseph R, 112 N Main
Zacchi Philip, 102 E Market
Hats, Caps and Furs.
Fairlee Sidney, 135 E Water
Huston, John W., 310 E Water
Parmenter Robert N., 106 W Water
Stuart & Beach, 309 E Water
Hides, Pelts, Etc.
Anhalt A. & Co., State cor Nicks
Dunham Marshall, 103 W Water
Sittenfield S. & son, 110 E Water
Hollow Ware Manufacturer.
Chemung Hollow Ware Works, 204 Baldwin
Hotels. (See also Saloons, also Restaurants.)
American, James B. Davison, 113 w 3rd
Arbour, Levi Averill, 110 Lake
Blyley Stephen, 400 Railroad ave
Bowman House, Miles V. Bowman, 509 Railroad ave
Pork & Beef Packers, S.X. Metzger & Son 409 & 411 Railroad Ave. Elmira
Buckbee House, Allen Cooper, 429 E Water
Bunnel Sol, 313 and 315 Market
Burns Michael, 726 Lake
Central House, John Gilmore, 114 E Water
City, J. Frank Billette, 507 Railroad ave
Continental, William Keller, 408 E Water
Curley Patrick, 161 E Washington ave
Delavan House, James M. Shoemaker, Railroad ave cor W Clinton
Doane Roberson N., 317 E Washington ave
Eastern, Charles Synder, 511 Railroad ave
Elmira House, M.G. Casey, State n Water
Exchange, Jacob Kolb, 513 Railroad ave
First Ward, Jacob Sauter, 171 Railroad ave
Frasier House, A. J. Dobbins, Railroad ave cor W 3rd
Geisenheimer Oscar, C.
Haight’s C.T.A., Maxwell Haight, 118,102, 122 and 124 E Water
Hill Jerome S, 315 Carroll
Homestead, Sarah R. Trembly, 425 E Water
Pattison House, William B. Gibbs, 164 Baldwin
Rathbun House, George Hayt & Son, 211 E Water
Reformatory, Patrick Comfort, College ave, cor Reformatory
Ryant House, S. O. Daggett, Horseheads
Second Ward Hotel, George W. Klock, 377 Railroad ave
Fine Job Printing done by Burnette & Gaunung, 133 E. Water St., over H.M. Kents
Baker, Dounce, Rose & Co.Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornice, Water, cor Lake St.
Sherman House, 372 Railroad ave
Singerhoff, William Singerhoff, 431 and 433 Railroad ave
Strudevant Charles A., College ave, cor Reformatory
Tioga Hotel, Thomas McCarthy Fennell, 603 Railroad ave
Troy House, John M. Lynch, 419 Railroad ave
Washington, Gottlieb Hummel, 503 Railroad ave
Webb House, R. H. Fish, 807 Lake
West End, Thomas Reed, 232 and 234 W Water
Western, Lew H. Shoemaker, 515 Railroad ave
Wyckoff House, B.B. Holiday, 115, 117,1119,121 and 128 W water
Hotel Table Furnisher Manufacturer.
Hotel Table Furnisher Manufacturer Association, 257 W Clinton
Ice Dealers.
Duhl Louis, 950 Oak
Knickerbocker Ice Company, 604 E. Water
Updyke Lewis L., 114 Water
Ice Cream Dealers.
Haight & Taynton, 106 N Main
Wheat William S., 123 Baldwin
Insurance Agents.
Ayres & Smith, 308 E. Water
Baldwin, & Potter, 305 Carroll
Kimball John H., 202 E. Water
Knox John H., (life), 326 E. Water
Losie John M., 314 E. Water
McDowell Jacob L., 206 E Water
Perry & Scott, 342 E Water
Pratt & Sturdevant, 135 E Water
Rathbun Lewis G., 414 Lake
Robinson Orrin, 175 Lake
Silvernail Alfred J., 511 Railroad ave
Sly James M., 116 Baldwin
Swan Charles & son, 335 E Water
Windsor Lloyd D., 100 Lake
Iron Dealers.
Dounce William J. & Co., E 5th cor Railroad ave
Iron Furnace.
Elmira Blast Furnace, Main n Center
Justices of the Peace.
Abbott James 307 Diven ave
Galatian Andrew B., room 4 Opera block
Pierson Charles E., 314 E Water
YOUNG & ALLEN, Tin & Slate Roofers, 307 E. Water
Ransom, Henry V., 304 E Water
Wilcox Hezekiah D., 218 E Water
Ladder Manufactuer.
Knowles Marcus M., r 414 College ave
Last Manufacturers.
Melotte Last Manufacturing Company, State cor Gray
Adams Nancy, 708 Baldwin
Casey Timothy C., Park Place cor Main
Elmira, James W. Cotton, 128 W Water
Empire, M. Barnum, 110 W Water
Hannan Bridget, Mrs., 119 W 1st
Johnson Emeline, Mrs., 223 W Water
Troy, Charles s. Keith, 153 Baldwin
Alexander Robert C., 175 Lake
Babcock Erastus F., 175 Lake
Baldwin Alexander, H., 112 Lake
Baldwin & Baldwin, 204 and 206 E Water
Barlow Cyrus, Franklin n Main, Horseheads
Blair Addison D., 316 E Water
PENMANSHIP, PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Bldg.
Brooks, Tracy B., 208 E Water
Brown & Baxter, 1, 3 and 5 Masonic Temple
Curtis DeWitt C., Main n Franklin, Horseheads
Davidson John T., 338 E Water
Diven & Redfield, 212 E Water
Eustace, Alexander C., 334 E. Water
Fassett J. Sloat, Masonic Temple
Ford Tracy C., 214 E Water
Galatian Andrew B., room 4 Opera Block
Hardy James H. 214 S Main
Hart E. Langdon, 312 Carroll
Hart & Dininny, 312 Carrol
Herendeen Edward G., Masonic Temple
Hill & Stanchfield, 308 E Water
King Rufus, 306 E Water
Knox John H. 326 E. Water
Knox Robert J., 326 E Water
Joslyn John R., 208 E Water
Masterson Charles P., 122 E Water
McGuire & Taber, 335 E Water
Mead Minos, M., 143 W Water
Melville John, 300 E Water
Moore John, 116 Baldwin
Estimates Furnished by J.J. Mayott, for SLATE & TIN ROOFING, 202 E GRAY
Call on R.M. WATTS for all kinds of PRINTING. Arcade Block, Lake St.
Muller William L., 308 E Water
Murdoch Alexander V., 344 E Water
Murdoch & Denton, 334 E. Water
Murray John, 306 E Water
Pratt George, E., room 2 Opera Block
Ransom Reuben H., 304 E Water
Reynolds Schuyler Co., 206 E Water
Reynolds & Collin, 340 E Water
Rice Frank S., 336 E Water
Robinson David C., 175 Lake
Rockwell & Collin, 100 Lake
Roper Edwin K., 336 E Water
Schwartz Jacob, 300 E Water
Smith Dix W., 312 E Water
Smith Walter Lloyd, Masonic Temple
Smith & Fassett, Masonic Temple
Smith & Robertson, 216 E Water
Spaulding Thomas S., 302 E Water
Stephens Robert, 336 E Water
Taylor & Bacon, 120 Lake
Thompson & Minier, 214 E Water
Thurston A.S.& C.P., 151 Lake
Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A.S. Turner & Son.
Turner & Vanduzer, 218 E Water
Ward James N., 218 E Water
Wilcox, Hezekiah D., 218 E Water
Woods James L., 218 E Water
Yates Horace G., 335 E Water
Youmans & Moss, 210 e Water
Leaf Tobacco Dealers, Etc. (See also Cigars.)
Brand John & Co., 50 and 52 Pennsylvania ave
Hoffman e. & Son, Hatch n Washington ave
Lovell, R. & Son, Hatch n Washington ave
Bullard A.B. & Son, 103 W Water
Bullard George W., 147 W Water
Sheely Fred, 129 W Water
Library (Circulating.)
Farr, W.O., 169 Lake
Lime and Cement.
Barney & Co., Washington ave n rolling mill
Livery Stables.
Brink Jerome W., 255 W Water
Wells & Loomis, Paints, Oil and Glass, 126 West Water Street
Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies, Etc., at Johnson’s 218 East Water Street
Bunnel, Sol, 315 E. Market
Cross Charles, 200 E Gray
Danks Orris, Market n Baldwin
Davis Frank, 238 W Water
King William E., 153, 155 and 157 W Clinton
Norman John G., 432 E. Market
Potter Cranston T,. 439 Carroll
Root Eugene, 208 Mt Zoar
Swift Allen W., 730 W 1st
Lumber Dealers.
Cross Samuel, 513 Park Place
Harris Justus H., 223 W Henry
Harrison John, 381 W 5th
Jackson John S., 501 E Church
Patridge Henry, 117 E church
Spalding Henry C., E 5th cor Canal
Turner A.S.&Son, 203 E 2nd
Malsters. (See also Brewers.)
Congdon George, Market cor State
The Model Market, S.X. Metzger & Son 409 & 411 Railroad Ave. Elmira
Marble Workers.
Allen Charles A., Railroad ave n Church
Ayres Allen W., 446 E Water
Brink Alfred C., Water n Columbia
O’Brien John, 432 E Water
Schumacher Peter, 706 Lake
Yenger Bertram, 5th cor Benjamin
Robertson Thaddeus M., 215 S. Main
Meat Markets.
Clark & Maby, 116 W 5th
Conner William W., 76 Pennsylvania ave
Derby Charles S., 363 Davis
Friend, Metzger & Co., 116 W Water and 109 Lake
Gardner & McCann, 208 W Water
Griff & Miller, 162 Washington
Hibbard Gardner C., 116 S Main
Howard Jacob M., 500 N Main
Kuster Augustus, 601 E Church
Laidlaw John, 114 S Main
Metzger S.X. & Son, 409 and 411 Railroad ave
Mosher Humphrey J., 311 Carroll
Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Manufacturers of TINWARE, Water, cor Lake St
Pratt Harry D., 669 Lake
Rhodes & Strader, 419 N Main
Wannamaker Manning F., 68 Pennsylvania ave
Winkel John K., 529 Lake
Mercantile Agencies.
Bradstreet, Charles H. Knipp, manager, 210 E. Water
Dun R. G. & Co., 208 E Water
Merchant Tailors. (See also Clothiers, also Tailors)
Bower & Walzer, 300 E Water
Romer Antoine, 216 E Water
Stowell & Young, 155 Lake
Stuart & Beach, 309 E Water
Bailey Annie, 214 E Water
Carle Nellie, 335 E Water
Foley Sarah J., Mrs., 164 Dewitt
Hagadorn M.A., Mrs., 306 E Water
Inscho P., Mrs. & Son, 120 W Water
Lynch Sarah E., 108 N Main
Neef M., Mrs., 316 E Water
Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A.S. Turner & Son.
Pierce Charlotte P., 112 N Main
Raymond J.H., Mrs. 328 E Water
Robertshaw C., Mrs., 126 E Water
Walsh Maggie, Mrs., 130 E Water
Music and Musical Instruments.
Compton Zera, 411 Carroll
Foster Martin L., 301 Railroad ave
Greener Jacob, 209 E Church
Longstreet William H., 116 Baldwin, also cor Carroll and Baldwin
Pagett Thomas A., 145 W Water
Saft Charles R., 324 E Water
News Dealers.
Holbert W.L., 722 Lake
Newspapers. (See Page 43.)
Notaries Public.
Baldwin Elisha G., 305 Carroll
Blair Addison D., 316 E Water
Davidson Charles S., 121 E 2nd
Denton Edgar, 344 E Water
Galatian Andrew B., room 4 Opera Block
Galvanized Iron Cornice Work at Young & Allen’s, 307 E Water
Duck of Different Widths and Weights. Z. COMPTON, NO. 411 Carroll St.
Herendeen Edward G., Masonic Temple
Hylen William L., Advertiser Office
Ransom Henry V., 304 E Water
Reddy Leander, 816 N Main
Smith Walter Lloyds, Masonic Temple
Youmans Edward B., 210 E Water
Notions. (See also Dry Goods.)
Doolittle Frank E., 111 W Water
Eliass Levi (wholesale), 330 E Water
Freudenheim L & Bro., 102 Lake
Rosenthal Levy, 701 E Water
Topping Bros. & Co., 104 Lake
Oil Dealers.
Elmira Oil Company, 1 and 2 Arcade Block, Lake
Johnson Thomas, 218 E. Water
LaFrance & Wise, 136 W Water
Organ Manufacturer. (See also Pianos.)
King William, 107 E Church
TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College. Advertiser Bldg.
Oysters, Fish, Etc.
Farren, J. S. & Co., 114 W Water
Hicks & Son, 307 E market
Banks Samuel, 435 Carroll
Brassington William P., (sign and banner), 101 E Water
Budd Oscar H., Lake cor Water
Elmendorf George, 209 W water
Faulkner Bros. (coach), Water cor Madison ave
Holden Hiram B (sign) 326 E Water
Kelly George H., 130 W Water
LaFrance Peter A., Exchange n Market
Little William G., 137 W Water
Nafe William, 115 W Gray
Northrup Phay S., 149 W Water
Palmer Henry T., 216 W Water
Sauter Jaco, 163 Railroad ave
Schweppe Frederick, 423 Carroll
Shoeler John M., 661 Magee
Simons & Carey, 421 Carroll
Snyder Brothers (coach), 452 E Water
Souvey Alexis, 501 College ave
Staub John, 135 W Water
The Slate and Tin Roofer, J.J. MAYOTT, 202 E. Gray.
Fine Printing & Specialty at Watts’ PRINTING HOUSE, Arcade Block, LAKE St.
Paints, Oils and Glass. (See also Hardware.)
Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., 340 to 344 E Water
Roll Manning R., 119 Baldwin
Stowell F.A. & W.H. & Co., 307 E Water
Watson Andrew J., 136 E Water
Boyd Walter M., 326 E Water
Hart Abraham P., 306 E Water
Larkin John E., 317 E Water
Luce Niles D., 137 E Water
Tomlinson Charles, 116 Baldwin
Van Aken Elisha M., 120 W Water
Whitley & Harrison, 303 Railroad ave
Archibald, H.C. 806 Madison ave
Briggs Albert, 508 Park Place
Brown Charles W., 312 W Church
Brown C.W.M., 251 Baldwin
Burnett Williard W., 118 W Water
Buy your Lumber from A.S. TURNER & SON. 203 EAST SECOND ST.
Campbell C Ernest, Elmira Surgical Institute
Chase Zalmon F., 760 E church
Chubbuck Hollis S., 258 Baldwin
Comfort Eli C., 317 E Water
Dow Isaiah C., 219 Lake
Dundas Thomas A., 128 W Water
Easton James D., 509 E Market
Eddy Ermina C., 506 William
Eldred John E., 206 S Main
Ferguson Wesley, 404 S Main
Flood Henry, 403 Lake
Flood John M., 312 E Water
Flood Patrick H., 505 E Water
Gleason S.O., at Water Cure
Gleason R.B., at Water Cure
Gleason Adele A., at Water Cure
Goodman William F., 750 E 5th
Hall John T., 517 Dewitt
Hill J. Stewart, 151 Lake
Jenks Robert B., 300 W Church
Krackowizer Emil W., 215 W Church
Moroney John, 125 W Water
Morrell Isaac, 218 Madison ave
WELLS & LOOOMIS, Stove Ranges and Tinware, 126 W Water St.
Watches, Clocks & Jewelry, Johnson 218 E Water St
Morse Barnett W., 110 W 2nd
Parkhurst Lewis D., 332 E Water
Pratt Sarah E., 367 W Gray
Price John H., 202 E Water
Purdy Henry H., 201 Baldwin
Reilly Edmund A., 804 Lake
Reynolds Peter H., 262 Baldwin
Sable Betty, 222 Harriet
Sayles Jane A., Odd Fellows Temple
Seeley Nathaniel R., 306 Lake
Spalding Clarence M., 389 W Water
Squire Charles L., 409 E Church
Squire Truman H., 409 E Church
Stanchfield J. King, 111 N Main
States Sylvester, 429 E Water
Stowell William D., h 919 Stowell
Up de Graff Thad S. Elmira Surgical Institute
Wales Theron A., 403 William
Wales Zippie brooks, 403 William
Watkins Myron S., 552 Pennsylvania ave
Weaver John E, 141 W Water
Wey Hamilton D., 359 N Main
Wey William C., 359 N Main
S.X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 409, 411 Railroad Ave. Elmira, NY
Wilcox R. H., Mrs., 415 E Church
Wilkin Anna M., 1001 Davis
Woodward Charles, 203 E Gray
Woodward Laura L, 203 E Gray
Pianos, Organs, Etc.
Angell Daniel W., 167 Baldwin
Greener Jacob (manufacturer), 209 E Church
Longstreet William H., 116 Baldwin, also Carroll cor Baldwin
Pipe Line.
National Transit Company, W 3rd Railroad ave
Planning Mills. (See also Lumber, also Sash, Blinds, etc.)
Fletcher Oliver M., State cor Gray
Harris Justus H., 223 W Henry
Turner A.S. & Son, 20 E 2nd
Plow Manufacturers.
Clipper Chilled Plow Company, William cor Clinton
Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters.
Cook E.H. & Co., 124 Lake
Underhill Henry C., 336 E Water
Walker James & R.H. 332 and 334 E Water
Burnette & Ganung, Wedding & Ball Printing,133 E Water St.Over KENT’S Clothing House.
Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Glass, Water St., cor. Lake
Burnette & Ganung, 133 E Water
Derby & Covert, 219 S Main
Elmira Advertiser Association, Lake cor Market
Gazette Company, 123 Lake
Parker Edmund V., 149 W Water
Sunday Tidings, Lake cor Market
Telegram Company, 318 Carroll
Watts Robert M., 10 and 11 Acrade Block, Lake
Wheeler Orrin H., 327 Carroll
Caldwell David, 113 S Main
Provision Dealers. (See also Grocers)
Wheadon Charles F., 611 and 613 Railroad ave
Publishers. (See also Newspapers.)
Bartlett & Jenkins, 12 and 13 Arcade Block
Cannon Bros. & Co., 116 Baldwin
Pump Manufacturer.
Hemenway Frank, 410 E. Main
Go to A.S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Shingles, Etc., 203 E Second St.
Rag Dealer.
Losie Chauncey B., Dickinson n N.Y.L. & W.R.R.
Railroad Companies and Agents.
L.V.R.R. freight office, Waverly Line, S.A. Bent, agent, 517 Railroad ave
Tioga and Elmira State Line R.R., 501 Railroad ave
Real Estate Agents and Dealers. (See also Insurance.)
Abbott Aaron B., 407 N Main
Baldwin Alexander H., 112 Lake
Baldwin Gordon W., 33 E Water
Copley John G., 305 Carroll
Hall Samuel, Lake cor Oak
Higgins Norman L., 317 W 1st
Kimball John H., 202 E Water
Losie John M., 314 E Water
McDowell Jacob L., 206 E Water
Perry & Scott, 342 E Water
Post William T., 101 E Market
Rathbun John T., 121 Baldwin
Robertson William B, 400 E Water
Young & Allen, Manf’s Tin,Sheet Iron & Copper Ware, 307 E Water
AWNINGS AND TENS Manufactured by Z. COMPTON, No. 411 Carroll St.
Restaurants. (Sell also Saloons, also Dining Rooms.)
Argetsinger & Carpenter, 139 W Water
Baker Myron W., 201 W Water
Conner Ann S., 110 N Main
Diedrich G. Harmon, 417 Railroad ave
Fallihee John J., 119 Lake
Holbert George R. C., 720 Lake
Kennedy John W., Erie depot
McCann William, 408 E market
McNeil Leverett B., 664 Lake
Pfohl & Banchers, 117 Lake
Van Scoy Cornelius, 248 W. Water
Rolling Mill.
Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., 731 Michigan
Losie T.M. & Co., 157 Baldwin
Mayott John J., 202 E. Gray
Rubber Bucket Manufacturer.
Barker William C., 338 E. Water
Saddlery Hardware.
Plumb G.E. & Co., 120 Lake
Saloons. (See also Restaurants.)
Bachli Jacob, 351 E 5th
Bartell George, 412 Carroll
Bauer Charles, 853 Dickinson
Beaty George, 401 Railroad ave
Birmingham Michael, 170 Lake
Bourgeois Dolphis, 135 W Water
Brodman Charles, 827 Michigan
Broich Cornelius, 814 Walnut
Brown Daniel J., 121 W Water
Cahill Michael, Washington ave op Maxwell ave
Cherry Electa, 218 E Market
Cherry John, 361 Railroad ave
Collins Ann, Mrs., 329 Railroad ave
Connelly Hugh, 805 Michigan
Cullinan John 108 W Washington ave
Cummings Mary, 323 Railroad ave
Cusick Patrick, 700 S Main
Daly Marry F., 715 Lake
Plain & Ornamental Slate Roofing, J.J. Mayott, 202 E. Gray
Watts has the finest Printing Office in the City, Arcade Block, Lake St.
Davis David W., 373 Railroad ave
Deister Michael, 322 E water
Domaille Jenny, Mrs. 450 E Market
Donovan Timothy, 365 Railroad ave
Drummer & small, 420 E Water
Eppler Oscar, 102 E Water
Fallihee John J., 119 Lake
Farr Joseph, 422 E Water
Ford T.&M., 143 W Water
Fowler John H., 124 W Water
Grady Michael, 319 railroad ave
Griffith David H., 833 Michigan
Hart Charles, 406 E Water
Healey Thomas, E south ave cor Erie Railroad
Heine Henry, 165 Baldwin
Hickey & Kendrick, 5th cor Railroad ave
Hogan Matthew, 106 Railroad ave
Holleran Thomas S., 367 Railroad ave
Howard Georgie A.H., 317 Railroad ave
Jacobs William E., 423 Railroad ave
Kelley Lizzie, Mrs., 1105 Davis
Kerns Emma, 327 Railroad ave
Klapproth, Charles, 162 Lake
Klein Margaret, Mrs. 523 Baldwin
Koop Henry, 527 E Union
Lundargan Garrat, 963 N Main
Lynch Patrick, 363 Railroad ave
Mack Daniel, Main cor South ave
McMahon Thomas C., 108 W 5th
McCarthy Margaret, Mrs. 464 W 6th
McCarthy Michael, 1103 Davis
McCarthy Pierce, Pierce, Giltanan n Northern Central R R shops
McInerney Michael, 710 S Main
McNamara Peter, 671 Dickinson
Miller Samuel C., 104 E Water
Moran Patrick, 704 Hatch
Morgan D.A. & Co., 146 E Water
Murphy John J., 427 Railroad ave
Nalen James, Clinton cor High
Nolan Cornelius, 605 Railroad ave
Nolan David, 625 Lewis
O’Connor Patrick, 600 Baldwin
O’Hara Ellen 151 E Washington ave
O’Loughlin Patrick, 104 W Washington ave
O’Neil Owen 705 Railroad ave
Wells & Loomis, Hardware and Cutlery, 126 W. Water Street
Owens Morris, Michigan n Washington ave
Perrault Mitchell G, 121 Railroad ave
Quinn Mary, Michigan n 7th
Rafter Thomas, 718 Hatch
Riedinger Henry J., 140 E Water
Roberts Frankie, 325 Railroad ave
Roche Michael, Mrs., 416 E Water
Ryan John, 60 Pennsylvania ave
Shidlen Louis, 132 E Water
Shoemaker Lida, 313 Railroad ave
Singerhoff Charles, 
Sullivan Cornelius, Sr., 851 Dickinson
Sullivan Michael, 500 E Clinton
Sullivan Timothy J., 369 Railroad ave
Tschan Philip, 605 Lake
Wallace George W., 671 Lake
Weyman Will, 412 E. Water
Welsch Mary, Mrs., 351 Railroad ave
Sash, Blinds and Door. (See also Planning Mills.)
Fitch & Aldrich, 511 E Clinton
Murdock Milton, L., 223 W Henry
S.X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409, 411 Railroad Ave. ELMIRA
Spaulding Henry C., E 5th cor Canal
Turner A.S.& Son, 203 E 2nd
Saw Manufacturer.
Andrews John H., Market cor State
Schools. (See also page 32.)
Allen Business College, president, Fred A. Allen, Advertiser Bldg. Lake cor Market
Elmira Business College, A.J. Warner, proprietor, Water cor Lake
Seed Growers. (See also Florists.)
Green Henry C, 163 Baldwin, 214 & 216 E Market, also ft Catherine
Sewing Machines.
Butcher Edward, jr., 103 Baldwin
Compton zera, 411 Carroll
Frazier John W., 211 W Water
How Machine Co., 118 Lake
Singer Manufacturing Co., 101 Water
Shears Manufacturer.
Waugh Elizabeth R., 215 W 2nd
Burnette & Ganung, Job Printers, 133 East Water Street.
Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., ARTISTS’ MATERIALS, Water, Cor Lake
Shirt Manufacturer.
McCracken John R., 111 Baldwin
Show Case Manufacturer.
Badger Lucious M., 310 E Water
Silver Plater.
Badger Lucius M., 310 E Water
Sign Manufacturer.
Densmore & Garrison, 315 W Water
Soap Manufacturer.
Biggs Peter, 5th cor Baldwin
Spice Mills.
Durland & Barton, 107 E Church
Spring Bed Manufacturers.
Homes H.H. 659 College ave
Lariew E.A., 517 Baldwin
Park Wat, 203 E Church
Stone Yard.
Ward William, A., Main n 1st
A.S. Turner & Son Make the Best Mouldings and Brackets.
Stoves, Tinware, Etc.
Brickweedde Ferdinand, 106 Lake
DeWitt Abraham M., 155 Baldwin
Kenning & Wagner, 116 Lake
Laney Samuel H., 605 and 657 Baldwin, also 200 E Water
Losie T.M.&Co., 157 Baldwin
Sullivan Cornelius, 526 N Main
Wells & Loomis, 126 W Water
Tailors. (See also Merchant Tailors and Clothiers).
Bochnewetch Joseph, 119 S Main
Carey Francis W., 317 E Water
Fabian Adolph, 317 E Water
Hamer William F., 116 W Water
McCarthy John, 144 E Water
Michaelis Richard, 206 E Water
Neckermann Louis, 106 E Water
Samuels Jacob, 107 High
Surganty Jospeh, 321 E Water
Tanners and Curriers.
Campbell Henry, 857 Factory
Palmer & Decker, Pennsylvania ave cor Ann
Economy Wrought Iron Furnaces a Specialty at Young & Allen’s, 307 E Water
Z. COMPTON, Household and White Sewing Machines, No. 411 Carroll St.
Reitenbach Bros. & Mink, Tuttle ave n Water
Sheeley Fred, Hine cor Hudson
Tea, Coffee, Etc.,
Great Atlantic Tea Co., (The), 209 E Water
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co., (The), 117 E Water
Purtell John R. & Co., 148 W Water
Russell Charles N., 112 Lake
Telegraph Company.
Western Union Telegraph Co., 150 Baldwin
Telephone Exchange.
Elmira Bell Telephone Exchange, F.E. Smith, manager, State cor Nicks
Ticket Agent.
Beers Ira S., 517 Railroad ave
Ticket Broker.
Silvernail Alfred J., 511 Railroad ave
Tinsmiths. (See also stoves, etc.)
Craig Robert B, 204 S Main
BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, Advertiser Bldg.
Lockwood George, 325 Carroll
Losie T.M.& Co., 157 Baldwin
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware.
Laney Samuel H, 605 and 657 Baldwin, and 200 E Water
Young & Allen, 307 E Water
Bement & Davenport, 311 E Water
Transportation Agents, Etc.
Central Railway of N.J. freight line (Carbondale route), T.B. Koons, general agent,
505 Railroad ave
Commercial Express Line, C.G. Beers, agent, 505 Railroad ave
Grand Truck Railway Freight Line, C.G. Beers, agent, 505 Railroad ave
Umbrella Manufacturers.
Doyle George W., 318 E. Water
Hennassy Timothy, Mrs. (repairer), 103 W Water
Hubbell Samuel B., State cor Water
Lynch John, 418 Carroll
Robertson Thaddeus M., 215 S. Main
Shidlen & Wiegand, 132 and 134 E Water
All the Novelties in Printing at Watts’ Job Office, Arcade Block, Lake St.
Bowman Charles A., 112 W Water
Miller E.B., 140 W Water
Mooney Margaret, Mrs. 311 Railroad ave
Veterinary Surgeon.
Krowl Abraham, 318 E Market
Wall Paper Dealers. (Sell also Booksellers.)
Palmer Henry T., 216 W Water
Preswick, Morse & Co., 313 E. Water
Watchmakers and Jewelers.
Ayres Edward H., 308 E Water
Bally Joh, 308 E Water
Cassal Henry M., 105 E Water
Collingwood Robert, 129 E Water
Drake Henry E., & Co., 335 E Water
Hamilton Daniel S., 504 N Main
Johnson Thomas, 218 E Water
LaFrance & Wise, 136 W Water
Lande Theodore, 107 W Water
Roseman & Levy, 105 Water
A.S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.
Selover F.E. & Co., 109 Baldwin
Vincent James R., 213 E Water
Yates William P., 136 E Water
Wheelwrights. (See also Carriage Makers, also Blacksmiths.)
Palmer Martin W., 227 W Water
Smith William S., 207 W Water
Wright Peter, 237 and 239 W Water
Wines and Liquors. (See also Saloons.)
Adams James A., 204 W Water
Fallihee John J., 114 W 5th
Murphy Daniel (wholesale), 530 and 532 N Main
Murray Lawrence, 103 State
O’Connor Jeremiah J., 108 E Water
Prescott Joseph S., 309 Carroll
Roe Joseph M., 154 Baldwin
Skinner Charles W. (wholesale), 413 and 415 Carroll
Vinton Charles E., 128 Railroad ave and 102 E Market
Walsh William, 149 W Water
Wells & Loomis, House Furnishing Goods, 126 W. Water St.
Wire Goods Manufacturer.
Bantley Constantine, 417 and 419 Carroll
Wooden Water Pipe Manufacturer.
Wyckoff Arcalous, 122 Railroad ave
Wool Dealer.
Schwartz Fabian, 139 ½ W Water
Woolen Mill.
Stitt J. W., Factory n Sullivan
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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