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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Hill Laura A., widow Lewis, h 1007 Sullivan

Hill Laura R., bds 806 1-2 West Gray

Hill Lizzie L., bds 511 Fulton

Hill Lyman L., fireman, h 59 Washington

Hill Lyman T., engineer Wyckoff wooden pipe works, h 59 Monroe

Hill Marion R., stonecutter, bds 1007 Sullivan

Hill Mary, widow James, h 406 Powell

Hill Mary A., widow Charles J., h 711 Benjamin

Hill Monroe, h 604 W Clinton

Hill Morlan L., laborer, bds 1007 Sullivan

Hill Orrin T., laborer h 759 E Church

Hill Robert, carpenter, h 619 Davis

Hill Robert S., bds 619 Davis

Hillabrant Cora L., teacher school No. 4, bds 513 W Fourth

Hillabrant H. M., bds 652 Park pl

Hillabrant John W., tie inspector, h 514 W Clinton

Hillabrant Kate A., bds 513 W Fourth

Hillabrant Rebecca A., widow David, h 513 W Fourth

Hillabrant Milissa J., bds 513 W Fourth

Hille Henry L., doormaker, 760 E Second

Hillis William, clerk freight office D L & W., h 600 Sullivan

Hillis William, laborer, h 600 Sullivan

Hills Grace F., 106 South av

Hills Hattie, dressmaker, h 261 W Cilnton

Hills Hattie Mrs., dressmaker, h 106 Sixth

Hills Martin A., salesman Plumb & Sheldon, h 163 Washington

Hills Moses B., laborer, h 106 Sixth

Hills Zandie, B., clerk bds 106 Sixth

Hilton Harriet, widow Marcus, bds 755 Harper

Hilton May E., (Chemung Valley Spice Mills) h 1010 Oak

Hilton Willis N., manager Chemung Valley Spice Mills, h 1010 Oak

Himberger Adolph, turning, grinding and polishing also cigars and tobacco 430 E Water, h do

Hinckly Frank B., clerk, bds 355 W Gray

Hinds John F., propr oderless excavator, bds Pattison house

Hinds Will, laundryman, h 309 W Sixth

Hines Samuel, mgr Blossburg Coal Co., h Scranton, Pa

Hinkle John M., deputy city chamberlain, masonic temple, h 804 W Gray

Hinman Eugene, laborer, h 310 Penna av

Hinman Jacob E., conductor D L & W R R, h 655 Lake

Hinman Willis W., miller, h 515 Mt Zoar

Hiser Henry, baggage master L V R R, bds Blyley house

Hisserich George A., barber 115 Lake, prop Star dining hall 317 Carroll, h 106 Fox

Hitchcock Herman, h 315 Lake

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Hite George W., switchman D L & W R R, h 1320 Baldwin

Hitt Valentine M., baker Main, h 515 W Second

Hively Emma, bds 422 E Water

Hoag Charles, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Hoagland Burr C., h 426 W First

Hoagland Franc, widow Harvey, h 905 Benton

Hoagland George W., barber 507 Railroad av, h 414 College av

Hoagland G. Morell, student, bds 210 Horner

Hoagland Harry C., conductor D L & W R R, bds 414 Main

Hoagland James, bds 412 Pleasant

Hoagland Jasper N., student, bds 210 Horner

Hoagland John, barber, h 512 College av

Hoagland John S., brakeman D L & W R R, h 910 1-2 Benton

Hoagland Lyman, emp N C R R shops, h 537 S Main

Hoagland William D., teamster, h 55 Howard

Hobback Charles, laborer, h 713 E Fifth

Hobler Louie A., carpenter, h 315 South av

Hobbs Augusta W., h 313 Baldwin

Hobbs Emma L., music teacher, bds 313 Baldwin

Hobbs Grace E., stenographer, bds 313 Baldwin

Hobbs Mahlon E., conductor D L & W R R, h 1314 Benton

Hobbs Mabel G., 313 Baldwin

Hobbs Oakes P., bookkeeper 209 E Church, h 313 Baldwin

Hockman Stella, domestic, 422 E Water

Hodgkins Abel, contractor, h 139 E Hudson

Hodgkins Georgia E., bds 139 E Hudson

Hodgson Mary, domestic, 460 W Church

Hodgson Matilda, domestic 460 W Church

Hoevel Ernst, teacher, bds 705 College av

Hoffman Anna, widow Frederick, bds Esty n Robinson

Hoffman Anna, widow Frederick, bds 758 Jay

Hoffman Edward M., (E M and H N) h 681 W Clinton

Hoffman Earnest, laborer, h 715 Walnut

Hoffman Eloise E., h 528 W Water

HOFFMAN, E. M. & H. N., nursery, W Clinton cor Hoffman

Hoffman Harry N., (E M and H N), h 624 W Clinton

Hoffman James H., moulder, h 319 South av

Hoffman John, com trav, h 360 W Gray

Hoffman John A., fireman D L & W R R, bds 1316 Pratt

Hoffman John S., real estate, h 528 W Water

Hoffman George W., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman Sarah C., student, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman William, harnessmaker C H Wheadon, h 810 W Gray

Hofterop Cecelia, domestic, 356 W Gray

Hofterop Elna, domestic, 424 W Clinton

Pianos and Organs at the Leading Music Store 116 and 118 N. Main-St.


Hofterop Julius, bds 366 W Gray

Hogan Catharine, widow Dennis, h 813 Railroad av

Hogan Catharine G., bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan & Callahan, (M Hogan and P Callahan) saloon, 120 E Water

Hogan & Caverly, (James H Hogan and R Caverly) proprs Paragon, 517 Railroad av

Hogan Eliza, widow Daniel, h 670 Columbia

Hogan Elizabeth A., bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan James, machinist, h 713 Railroad av

Hogan James, stonecutter, bds 706 E Church

Hogan James H., (Hogan & Caverly) bds 517 Railroad av

Hogan Joanna, domestic, 400 Lake

Hogan John, lineman, bds Elmira house

Hogan John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven av

Hogan John, stonecutter, h 706 E Church

Hogan John C., tallyman Erie freight office, bd 813 Railroad av

Hogan John Jr., clerk Laney’s, bds 706 E Church

Hogan John M., newsboy, bds 366 Railroad av

Hogan Kate D., widow Lawrence, h 166 DeWitt

Hogan Lizzie, bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan Mary E., bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan Matthew, restaurant E Water, h 906 Main

Hogan Michael, (Hogan & Callahan) h 906 Main

Hogan Michael, laborer, h 366 Railroad av

Hogan Nellie, bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan Philip, laborer, bds Sutton S of limits

Hogan William, saloon 360 S Main, h do

Hogan William J., harness maker, h E Fifth cor William

Hogan William J., guard Reformatory, h Johnson n Roe av

Hogencamp Calista, domestic 517 W Church

Hogencamp George, carpetweaver, h 354 Railroad av

Hogencamp Mathew, laborer, h 514 High

Hogg Charles, engineer, h 120 Horner

Hogg Charles jr., tailor, bds 120 Horner

Hogg Elizabeth, domestic 320 Lake

Hogg Frederick L., plumber, bds 120 Horner

Hogg John, tobacco sorter, bds 120 Horner

Hogg John, foreman Palmer & Decker’s tannery, bds 456 High

Hogg Joseph, cigar maker, 72 Penna av h 124 Horner

Hogg John jr., tanner, bds 456 High

Hogg Louisa, dressmaker 218 Orchard, bds 456 High

Hogg Robert, cigarmaker, 72 Penn av, bds 456 High

Hogg William, plumber 118 Lake, bds 456 High

Hogg Maria, widow John, h 456 High

Hohing John, weaver, h 851 E Second



Hohnke Frederick, harness maker 127 S Main, h do

Holbert Henry H., jeweler 142 W Water, bds 2 Main St bridge

HOLBERT MARY E., widow George R C, bakery and confectionery 722 Lake

Holbert Thomas, h 375 W First

HOLBERT WILLIAM L., hotel 722 Lake

Holcomb Elmer, teamster Reformatory, bds do

Holcomb Ferdinand E., painter, h 467 Franklin

Holcomb Grace, clerk R G Dunn & Co, bds 110 College av

Holcomb Robert student, bds 110 College av

Holden Edward B., carpenter, h 508 W Clinton

Holden Frank W., switchman D L & W R R, bds 1315 Hall

Holden Herbert W., clerk 432 Penna av, bds S Broadway n Limits

HOLDEN HORACE W., druggist 432 Penna av, h S Broadway n Limits

Holden Martha, widow James, h 107 W First

Holden Ralph K., paper hanger, h 440 W Fourth

Holden Theodore, carpenter, h 406 Walnut

Holden Thomas, baker, bds 217 S Main

Holdridge Harrison, real estate, h 311 Hine

Holenger Howard, machinist, bds 310 S Main

Holiday Byron B., (Holiday Bros,) 320 1-2 W Fifth, bds 322 do
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Holford Jacob, carpenter, h 407 Railroad av

HOLIDAY BROS., (J G and B B jr) meat market 320 1-2 W Fifth

Holiday Byron B., trav salesman, h 712 Columbia

Holiday James G., (Holiday Bros,) meat market 320 1-2 W Fifth, bds 322 do

Holiday James G., (Holiday Bros,) h 712 Columbia

Holiday Jesse, emp LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 809 Davis

Holiday William, tinner, bds 509 Park pl

Holihan Timothy, laborer, 212 Chestnut

Holland Alfred, teamster, h 711 Dichinson

Holland Anna, housekeeper, h 424 W Henry

Holland Bridget, bds 419 Davis

Holland Elizabeth, h 711 Dickinson

Holland Lawrence, bartender, 424 W Henry

Holland Mary, bds 419 Davis

Holland Michael, laborer, h 706 E Fifth

Hollaran James, brakeman, bds 907 Lake

Hollaran James, fireman, bds 907 Lake

Hollaran Mary, domestic 524 W Water

Hollaran Michael, car inspector, h 358 W Third

Hollaran Michael, brakeman, bds 907 Lake

Hollaran Thomas mason, 441 W Fifth (Hollaran see Holleran and Holloran)

Hollenbeck Almerion, laborer, h 707 Kenyon

Hollenbeck Emma, widow John, bds 217 South av

Crayon Portraits, India Ink Portraits, Water Color Portraits



Hollenbeck Garrett, laborer, bds 209 Madison av

Hollenbeck M. G. Mrs., dressmaker 371 W Second, h do

Hollenbeck Rodolphus, painter, h 371 W Second

Holleran Abbie, widow Michael, h 916 Stowell

Holleran Annie, bds 710 McDonald

Holleran Bridget, bds 419 Davis

Holleran Bridget, widow Michael, h 358 W Third

Holleran Bridget, domestic 236 Lake

Holleran Daniel, special delivery clerk postoffice, bds 719 E Washington av

Holleran Frank, printer, bds 717 E Washington av

Holleran James, laborer, h 710 McDonald

Holleran James, laborer, h 424 E Washington av

Holleran James, saloon 442 E Washington av, h do

Holleran James P., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 907 Lake

Holleran John, laborer, bds 115 W Miller

Holleran John, laborer, bds 710 McDonald

Holleran John, emp N C R R shops, h 539 S Main

Holleran John, painter, h 541 S Main

Holleran John, puddler, bds 916 Stowell

Holleran John, hackman, h 158 Washington

Holleran Julia, widow Thomas, 506 DeWitt

Holleran Julia, widow Thomas, 506 DeWitt

Holleran Kate, bds 916 Stowell

Holleran Marie, domestic 213 W First

Holleran Mary, domestic 109 Columbia

Holleran Michael, conductor D L & W R R, h 319 Hathaway

Holleran Michael, hostler, bds 405 S Main

Holleran Michael J., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 907 Lake

Holleran Michael P., conductor D L & W R R, h 911 Lake

Holleran Patrick, laborer, bds 115 W Miller

Holleran Patrick, laborer, h 710 McDonald

Holleran Patrick, laborer, h 358 W Third

Holleran Patrick J., clerk, bds 115 W Miller

Holleran Thomas, brakeman, h 803 Oak

Holley Ann, widow David, h Benton cor Thurston

Holley David William, sashmaker, bds Benton cor Thurston

Holley Frank C., fireman, bds 301 South av

Holley Martha Mrs., widow Henry A., bds 132 E Chemung pl

Holley Robert F., dealer in blooded cattle, bds 333 E Water

Holley Seth E., baggagemaster N C R R, h 301 South av

Holley William, laborer, bds Benton cor Thurston

Hollyhan Owen, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Hollis John, laborer, h 516 Perry

Hollister, George W. blacksmith E Gray cor State h 917 John

Hollman Fred W., teamster, h 51 Hoffman



Holloran Bridget, domestic, h 113 Grove

Holloran Della, domestic 119 College av

Holmes Charlie, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Holmes Charles, brakeman N C R R, bds 359 S Main

Holmes Charles, waiter, h 104 W Church

Holmes Clay W., business manager Daily Advertiser, h 410 W Gray

Holmes C. R., h 110 Walnut

Holmes Emma O., milliner, bds 359 S Main

Holmes George M., painter, bds 359 S Main

HOLMES & HAYES (J. H. Holmes and H. O. Hayes), dealers king windsor cement, etc., E Clinton n D L & W freight house See adv

Holmes Horace H., spring bed mauf 659 College av, h do

Holmes John H., (Holmes & Hayes), bds 407 Main

Holmes Lemuel T., h 318 W Gray

Holmes Lewis, teamster, h 359 S Main

Holmes Lida, domestic 621 W Water

Holmes Louis W., widow Daniel, bds 410 W Gray

Holmes Reuben F. (Slaymaker & Holmes), h 110 Walnut

Holt Anna, bds 227 W Miller

Holt Edward, blacksmith, bds Benton cor Thurston

Holtz Etta, bds Sullivan cor Matthews
Consult H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake-St.

Holtz William, laborer, h cor Sullivan and Matthews

Holtzapple Adam G, blacksmith, h 513 Penna

Holtzapple, Emma M., dressmaker, bds 513 Penna av

Holtzapple George L., clerk 102 and 104 W Water, bds 513 Penna av

Holtzapple Samuel D., boilermaker, h 313 South av

HOLTZHEIMER L. & CO.,(L. Holtzheimer and Joseph Wittenburg) clothiers, merchant tailors and gents furnishers 141 East Water and 162 Nicks

Holtzheimer Louis (L Holtzheimer & Co), h 461 E Water

Holtazheimer S. Joseph, clerk 141 E Water bds 461 E Water

Second Hand Clothing Bought and Sold at 231 W. Water-St.


Home for the Aged, Grand Central av n E C & N R R

Homer William H., engineer E R R, h 417 W Clinton

Homer William J., trav pass agt N Y L E & W R R, bds 417 W Clinton

Homestead Hotel, F R McCoy prop, 425 and 427 E Water

Honness Ann, h 353 W Church

Houscheid William, machinist, h 702 Dickinson

Hood Orrin D., brakeman D L & W R R, h 124 Carpenter

Hooker Archibald S., clerk N Y L E & W R R, h W Fourth

HOOKER & DORR, (Frank R Hooker and Charles H Dorr) druggists 500 Main

Hooker Frank R., (Hooker & Dorr) h 318 W Third

Hooker Fred D., cigarmaker, bds 714 Kinyon

Hooker William E., carpenter, h W s S Broadway n limits

Hoolahan Timothy emp Payne shops, h N s Soper n S Main

Hooley Marion L., domestic 400 1-2 Sullivan

Hooper Alice M., student, bds 110 Brand

Hooper Charles, expressman, h 164 Sullivan

Hooper Charles, h 466 W Second

Hooper Frank, laborer, h 905 E Church

Hooper Martha, widow Joseph, h 110 Brand

Hooper Wilber C., salesman, State cor E Market, bds 395 W Water

Hopkins Carrie B., h 416 W Water
HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street

Hopkins C. P., bds 416 W Water

Hopkins Elizabeth, widow Thomas, h 521 Harper

Hopkins George, laborer, h cor Sullivan and Matthews

Hopkins Irvin M., farmer, h E’s Southport n limits

Hopkins Mary E., widow Chester C., h 110 N Main

Hopkins Richard, real estate agent, h 414 W Second

Hopkins Warren K., bds 808 Davis

Hopkinson William F., (W E Barber & Co) h Renova, Pa

Hoppe Charles, constable, bds 812 W Water

Hoppe Nathan, h 108 Sullivan

Hoppe Oscar, manf assistant Reformatory, bds do

Hopson George, grocer 613 Dickinson, h do

Hopper Charles, bds 812 W Water

Hopwood, Charles E., mason, bds 604 South av

Hopwood Charles H., shoemaker, h 604 South av

Hopwood, Louise E., clerk 605 Erie, bds 604 South av

Horceyczki Floran, laborer, h 914 Johnson

Horiss Anna, dressmaker, bds 321 W First

Horgan Anna, G., tailoress bds 609 John

Horgan Edward, stenographer N Y L E & W R R, bds 609 John

Horgan George V., clerk 133 E Water, bds 609 John

Horgan John D., brakeman Erie R R., h 609 John

Horgan Nellie T., organist, bds 609 John

What Does G R I S W O L D Do ? Consult Directory


Horgan Nellie F., domestic 128 E Hudson

Horning Linnie, bds 106 Partridge

Hornoff August tailor 57 Sullivan, h do

Horrigan John, carpenter bds 103 Penna av

Horricks Joshua, printer Telegram, bds 405 W Gray

Horsley John, laborer, h 911 Benton

Horton Alonzo P., laborer, h 911 Benton

Horton Asa W., teamster, bds 1122 1-2 Oak

Horton Charles E., laborer, h 9 Home

Horton Frank, laborer, h 106 Partridge

Horton Georgie, canvasser, bds 657 Park pl

Horton George W., shoecutter, bds 367 W Second

Horton Joseph L., clerk 201 Harmon, h 403 do

Horton Lottie, dressmaker, h 304 E Clinton

Horton Mary E., widow Charles F., h 212 Harmon

Horton William, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

Horwitz Isaac M., trav salesman, h 553 E Second

Hosemeyer John, laborer, h 109 Washington

Hotaling Eugene, teamster, h r 101 E Henry

Hotaling Hattie, dressmaker, bds 375 W Clinton

Hotchkin Samuel, gen ins 166 Lake, h E Water beyond limits

Hotchkiss Annie E., teacher school No. 1, bds 307 William
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Hotchkiss J. Bessie, bds Rathbun house

Hotchkiss Jeanie J., Mrs., bds Rathbun house

Hough John A., (Kelly & Hough) bds 121 Madison av

Houghtan Alexander, shoemaker, h r 430 S Broadway

Houghtaling Albert P., ins agt cor Baldwin and East Union, h 408 Matthews

Houghtaling Chloe E., widow John, bds 366 Diven av

Houghtaling Eugene, teamster, h r 101 E Henry

Houghtaling John, laborer, h 332 E Water

Houghtaling John H., bookkeeper State cor Church, bds 366 Diven av

Houlihan James, laborer, h 357 Reformatory av

Houlihan, Timothy J., clerk N Y L E & W R R., bds Magee

Hourahan Mary, widow Patrick, bds 114 W Miller

Hourahan Cornelius, laborer, h 959 Davis

Hourahan Nellie, domestic, 117 Walnut

House James, carver, Rathbun house

House Oakley, clerk, h 1319 Lake

Housmeyer Christian, tanner, 141 W Water

Houts Frank E., clerk 121 Lake, bds 309 1-2 High

Houts W H Mrs., h 309 1-2 Hine

Hovencamp John C., teamster, h 371 W First

Hovencamp Oliver, h 371 W First

Hovencamp William, laborer, bds 371 W First

The Helpmate Sewing Machine Best on Earth 116 & 118 N Main-st.

Hoover Lizzie Mrs., dressmaker 126 E Water, h 816 W Gray

Hovey Albert L., fireman N Y L E & W R R., bds 416 Locust

Hovey Charles A., carpenter, h 416 Locust

Hovey Ezra M., brakeman D L & W R R., h 323 Webber pl

Hovey James, telegrapher, bds 808 Davis

Howard Amanda T., widow Joseph, h 309 W Clinton

Howard Anna, widow Henry, bds 356 Grove

Howard Catharine, widow Patrick, h 315 W Clinton

Howard Charles H., coachman 508 Lake, h 423 Standish

Howard Dennis, h 367 W Third

Howard Harry, barber 309 E Fifth, h 659 Dickinson

Howard Henry, barber, h Dickinson

Howard John H., collector Advertiser, h 714 College av

Howard John J., upholster, h 815 Walnut

Howard Kate, widow William, h 216 Harmon

Howard May, bookkeeper, bds 815 Walnut

Howard Mary, dressmaker, bds 216 Harmon

Howard Mary, widow Henry, h 312 High

Howard Mary A., widow Thomas, h 309 W Clinton

Howard Mary J., bds 815 Walnut

Howard Martha N., bds 805 Walnut

Howard, Matie E., dressmaker, h 356 Grove
Empire Laundry, 110 Water Street.

Howard Rachael, widow John, h 108 W Fifth

Howard Richard, moulder, h Southport Corners

Howard Robert A., brakeman N C R R., h 308 1-2 S Main

Howard Samuel C., engineer Erie R R., h 356 Grove

Howard Sarah A., bds 815 Walnut

Howard William P., (C W Biggs & Co.) also salesman 102 W Water and excise commissioner, h 315 W Clinton

Howe Charles J., photographer, 137 E Water, h 309 Penna

Howe Etta B., bookkeeper, bds 119 Brand

Howe Horace J., civil engineer, Erie depot, bds 609 College

Howe Isaac R., laborer, h 220 W Third

Howe Isaac U., painter, h 310 W First

Howe Johanna, domestic at Rathbun house, bds 507 Erie

Howe Joseph H., trav agt., h 119 Brand

Howe Levi, laborer, h 105 E Second

Howe Matilda C., widow William, bds 367 Erie

Howe Nathaniel, laborer, h 906 East av

Howe Nelson J., emp Elmira Roofing Co., h 310 W First

HOWE SEWING MACHINE CO., (The) L N Wheeler, manager 324 E Water, see adv page 3

Howell Anna, bds 609 W Water

Howell Chester, bookkeeper, h 520 Hart

Howell Daniel E., farmer, h 507 W Hill

C. B. MATHER COAL DEALER 104 Partridge Street. Telephone Connection


Howell Everett, h 507 W Hill

Howell Ezra M., messenger Erie freight office, bds Lincoln and Roe av

Howell Frank L., shipping clerk reformatory, Roe av cor Lincoln

Howell Fred M., (F M & Co) h 100 Penna av

Howell F M & Co., (John Brand) paper and cigar box manuf, 79 to 87 Penna av

Howell Grace, bds 609 W Water

Howell John, machinist, bds 157 S Main

Howell John V., machinist, bds 523 Penna av

Howell Sidney L., bookkeeper, bds 507 W Hill

Howes Frances A., widow Ephriam W., h 108 Madison av

Howes Lorenzo, (Hudson & Howes), h 317 Madison av

Howes Thomas, agent, h 217 S Main

Howes William H., clerk Rathbun house, h W Washington av n Hoffman

Howland Reeve B., bds 206 Sullivan

Howland Howard Co., bookkeeper Elmira Oil Co, h 206 Sullivan

Howland James, farmer, h 518 Balsam

Howland Sarah, domestic 318 Baldwin

Howland William, laborer, h 269 W Henry

Howes Evelyn, bds 108 Madison av

Hoyt Emma L., bds 397 Maxwell pl

Hoyt Libbie, bds 220 Maple av

Hoyt Sarah M., h 397 Maxwell pl
Plans, Elevations and Specifications by H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake Street.

Hoyt W. T., draughtsman 163 Lake, bds 311 William

Hubbell Amelia F., bds 315 W First

Hubbell Charles B., clerk 129, 131 E Water, h 101 W Water

HUBBELL SAMUEL B., furniture and undertaking, 129, 131 E Water cor State, entrance on State, h 315 W First (See front cover)

Hubbell Samuel B. jr., clerk cor State and Water, h 313 W First

Huber Anthony, butcher, h 119 W Henry

Huckell Rozella Mrs., bds 609 Lake

Hudson Adelbert, (Hudson & Howes,) h 410 Baldwin

Hudson Alonzo J., clerk, bds 761 E Church

Hudson Charles C., clerk 329 E Water, bds 410 Baldwin

Hudson Emma L. Mrs., widow Alonzo C., bds 761 E Church

Hudson Fred A., clerk 329 E Water, bds 410 Baldwin

HUDSON & HOWES, (A Hudson and L Howes,) boots and shoes 329 E Water

Hudson Mary, teacher school No. 3, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Hudson Mattie E., teacher school No 3, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Hudson Richard B., h 410 Baldwin

Huegel Edmund G., policeman, h 208 Washington

Huffman David H., peddler, bds 106 Washington

Huffman George C., laborer, bds 106 Washington

Huffman William D., teamster, h 106 Washington

No Finer Portraits made than those by the Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin-st.


Hufford Anna G., artist, bds 454 South av

Hufford Peter D., painter N C R R shops, h 454 South av

Hugg M. Louise, student, bds 628 Winsor av

Hughes Charles, brakeman L V R R, bds Blyley house

Hughes Charles, clerk 159 Lake, bds 663 College av

Hughes Daniel, brakeman L V R R, Blyley house

Hughes Ed, bar-tender, 314 Carroll, bds do

Hughes Edward J., inspector Erie R R, h 663 College av

Hughes Frank A., student, bds 663 College av

Hughes Fenton T., machinist, h Southport cor

Huighes Henry C., blacksmith, h 711 Magee

Hughes John, blacksmith, h 808 Oak

Hughes John, baggage master L V R R, bds Blyley house

Hughes John J., fireman Erie R R, bds 663 College av

Hughes Michael H., laborer, bds 213 E Seventh

Hughes Minnie A., bds 663 College av

Hughes Morgan D., bookkeeper 417 Carroll, bds 210 W Sixth

Hughes Patrick, laborer, h 807 E Seventh

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 162 Harriet

Hughes Thomas, farmer, h 716 Oak

Hughes Thomas, driver H C Spaulding & Co., h 711 Sullivan

Hughes William P., clerk Erie depot restaurant, bds 656 Park pl
Ink and Mucilage Billings’ "Popular" Bookstore at 112 Baldwin-St.

Hughson Jennie A., stenographer, bds 307 William

Hughson Wm. B., asst sec Y M C A, rooms 78 Penna av

Hulbert Burr, clerk Plumb & Sheldon, bds 704 Benjamin

Hulbert Mary J., widow George, h 704 Benjamin

Hull Andrew Rev. D. D., h 310 W Church

Hull Byron O., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1134 Lake

Hull Elmer E., brakeman E C & N R R, h 356 W Second

Hull George S., lawyer 166 Lake, bds 115 E Chemung pl

Hull Maria, widow Francis, bds 209 W Henry

Hulse Celia, widow Renseler, bds 213 W Third

Hulslander David B., brakeman N C R R, h 509 1-2 Fulton

Humiston Charles E., carriage painter Berry’s, h 529 Harper

Humiston Cora J., dressmaker, bds 507 1-2 DeWitt

Humiston David, carpenter, h 401 Railroad av

Humiston Eugene A., teamster, h 254 South av

Humiston James, carpenter, h 403 Railroad av

Humiston Kitty D., 806 Madison av

Humiston Louisa C. Mrs., dressmaker, h 806 Madison av

Humiston Walter D., barber Frasier house, bds 806 Madison av

Hummel Charles G, restaurant 117 Lake, h do

Hummel Gottlieb, h 718 Columbia

Hummer Eugene, bds 656 Lake

Hummer John, laborer, bds 656 Lake



Humphrey George L., switchman, h 333 S Broadway

Humphrey John, cabinet maker 121 E Church, h 701 E Second

Humphrey J Sanford, with L. A. 107 E Water, bds 51 S Main

HUMPHREY LUCIUS A., boots and shoes 107 E Water, h 51 S Main

Hungerford Benjamin, street car driver, bds 814 Madison av

Hungerford Charles E., street car driver, bds 814 Madison av

Hungerford Elizabeth, widow John, bds 556 E Third

Hungerford Eugene, carpenter, bds W Third n Hoffman

Hungerford Harrison E., carpenter, h 508 Hoffman

HUNGERFORD JOHN, propr West End barns and sheds 232-234 W Water (See back cover)

Hungerford Judson, engineer D L & W R R, h 354 E Center

Hungerford Nellie, mattres maker, bds 814 Madison av

Hungerford Newton, car cleaner E C & N R R, h 1317 Maxwell av

Hungerford Oliver N., fireman D L & W R R, bds 1317 Maxwell av

Hungerford Stephen, teamster, h 814 Madison av

Huni Jacob, pastry cook Rathbun house, bds do

Hunn Alice W., bds 864 N Main

Hunn David L., registar Elmira college, h 864 State

Hunn Jessie S., bds 864 N Main
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Hunt Agnes R., widow L., Powell cor Penna av

Hunt Alfred, carpenter, h 118 Catharine

Hunt Amanda Mrs., 331 S Broadway

Hunt Charles W., roll Turner, h 850 N Main

Hunt Emmet, collar maker, bds 656 Lake

Hunt Fannie, widow Norton, h 618 Penna av

Hunt Frank M., shipping clerk 50 Penna av, bds 218 William

Hunt John, butcher, bds 907 Lake

Hunt John H., (Roemelt & Hunt), bds 907 Lake

Hunt Ruth C., widow Franklin, h 206 College av

Hunt Samuel, roll turner rolling mill, h r 423 W Fourth

Hunt Sarah, dressmaker, bds 602 Perine

Hunt S. Augusta, widow G. W., h 506 William

Hunt William E., shipping clerk Chase, Hibbard Milling Co., h 728 W First

Hunter Delmar M., machinist, h r 217 Franklin

Hunter Eliza J., forelady box factory, bds 100 Penna av

Hunter Frank, trav salesman W Water cor Hoffman

Hunter Frank S., carpenter, h east hill ab Water Cure

Hunter Harvey, laborer, h 369 Penna av

Hunter James, teamster reformatory, bds do

Hunter Martha, widow John, bds 221 Thurston

Hunter Mary, widow Lockland, bds 382 Fulton

Steam Dying, Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing at 231 W. Water-St.