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by Warren D. Nash of Sulllivan Township
Deceased January 2001

1900 Bradford County Directory
New Albany Borough

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway

Directory of Bradford County, Pa.


Directory is arranged as follows: 1st. name of individual or firm; 2nd, post office address in parenthesis, if different from the name of the town; 3rd, the figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work; where no road number is given, the party is supposed to reside in the village; 4th, business or occupation; 5th, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased.

Abbreviations: Adv., advertisement; asst., assistant; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bldg, building; cor., corner; Co., company; do., ditto; E., east; h., house; ins., insurance; pres., president; R. R., railroad; Ry., railway; S., south; W., west; com. trav., commercial traveler; emp., employee.

1900 New Albany Borough Directory

Post office address New Albany

Ackley, Joseph L. laborer, h and lot Main

Ackley, Orin, planing and cider mill Main, h do

Albany Mirror, weekly, Charles A. Corcoran editor and prop, Front. See adv. page 32

Albert, Leon, teacher graded school, bds Main

Allen, Calvin, h and lot owned by wife, Front

Allen, Charles J., blacksmith, Front cor Fawcett, h do

Allen, James, carpenter, h Front

Allen, James, laborer h and lot Front

Allen, Lowell (Corson & Allen), h Front

Belles, R. Bruce Rev., pastor M. E. Church Laddsburgh, h Main

Bender, Liss P. blacksmith Main cor Division, h do

Bennett, Darius, h and lot owned by wife, Railroad

Benninger, Richard J. dealer in butter, eggs, and produce Front, h Lawrence

Billings, Elmer J., hay and grain Division, h Main

Blitho, Emma, widow John h and lot, Division

Boston, Delance, driver M. Brink, h Front

Brink, Charles, h Front

Brink, Maurice, boro collector and grocer, Front, h do

Brown, Ella S. Mrs., bds Front

Campbell, Charlotte, widow John, bds Fawcett ave

Campbell, Edgar S., boro councilman, coal, agricultural implements, stoves, furnaces Main cor May, h Front cor May

Campbell, John A. (agent) plumber and tinner, h Front cor May

Campbell, Joseph, h and lot Front

Campbell, Mary J., widow William, h and lot Main

Campbell, Ode, laborer, h and lot Fawcett ave

Carey, Chester h and lot Front

Coleman, Orin, h and lot Fawcett ave

Coons, John J., laborer, h and lot owned by wife, Front cor Fawcett ave, removed to asylum

Corbin, William, laborer, h and lot owned by wife Front

Corcoran, Charles A., editor and prop Albany Mirror, job printer, bds Hubler cor Main. See adv. page 32

Corcoran, Frank P., farmer 88 off r 18, h and lot Hubler cor Main

Corcoran, Rachel P., school teacher, bds Hubler cor Main

Corson & Allen (Millard M. C. and Lowell A.) general hardware and agricultural implements and bicycles, Front cor Wood

Corson, Millard M. (Corson & Allen) h Front

Corson, Perry farm 40 on r 16 ½, h and lot Fawcett ave

Cranmer, Chester W. farm 100 in Smithfield bds Front

Cranmer, Orvel C. (C & Vial) furniture and undertaking, Front h do

Cranmer & Vial (Orvel C. C. and John F. V.) shingle manufacturers

Davidson, Edward laborer h and lot owned by wife, Railroad

Davis, Charles W., farmer 90, on r 10, h May

Davis, Emma dressmaker, h May

Davis, Wesley P., town clerk and jeweler, Front cor Hubler, bds r 10

Deegan, Jerry, propr Exchange Hotel, Front, h at Dushore, Sullivan Co.

Eddy, Reuben, laborer, h Lawrence

Ely, Betsey A., widow James, h and lot Front

Ely, Ernest, laborer, bds Front

English, Alexander, farmer 50 on r 13, h and lot Front

Estelle, Ahira M., farmer 40, h Lawrence

Exchange Hotel, Jerry Deegan prop, Front

Fawcett, Abraham L., jeweler and insurance agent, Front h do

Fawcett, Winifred, milliner Front bds Main

Felton, Fred S., printer Mirror Office, h 304 Bridge St., Towanda

Finch, Philo, laborer, h Lawrence

Fitzgerald, Ella, bds Front

Fitzgerald, John, section foreman, L. V. R. R., h Front

Hall, Elma F., milliner and dressmaker, h Front

Hall, Malvina M., widow Daniel C., milliner, Front, h do

Harshbarger, David W., retired physician, h and lot Front cor May. Died since canvass.

Harshberger, Wilson F., school director, physician, Main, h do

Heiser, William H., physician and surgeon, Front, h do

Heverly Drug Co. (G. W. Heverly and E. P. Kester & Co.) mnfs Heverly distemper powder, Front

Heverly, George I., shoemaker, h and lot, Fawcett ave

Heverly, George W., com trav., h and lot, Lawrence

Hewitt, William, h and lot, owned by wife, Front

Hoffman, George (clerk Hotel Wells, bds do)

Hotel Wells, Henry R. Wells prop., Front cor Hubler

Hubler, Alfred B., grist mill and wood carding, foot of Hubler, h do

Huffman, John, farmer, 184, bds Hotel Wells

Johnson, Daniel W., laborer, bds Overton

Johnson, William, laborer, h Front

Jones, Lewis, bds Hubler

Keeler, Charles H., machinist, stenographer, bds Front

Keeler, Elisha S. (Keeler mfg Co., Landon, Keeler & Co.) h Front

Keeler, Leroy E., machinist, bds Front

Keeler, Mfg Co. (E. S. Keeler) manfs bicycle couplers, seeds and garden tools, Front

Kelder, Thad A., bookkeeper, F. T. Maynard, bds Second

Kester, Elias P. (E. P. Kester & Co.) h Front

Kester E P & Co. (E. K. P. & F. E. Richart) drugs, paints and oils, newsdealers, etc. Front

Ladd, Jane, widow Ashley, h Fawcett ave

Landon, George H. (L. Keeler & Co.) Front, h do

Landon, Keeler & Co. (Geo. H. L. & Elisha S. K.) general merchants, Front

Lee, Lucellia, widow Uriah, bds Front cor Hubler

Lewis, Frank D., farmer, 115, h Front

Magee, Lola, clerk M. Brink, bds Front

Mahaffy, Thomas, clerk Exchange Hotel, h at Dushore, Sullivan Co.

Marcy, Libeus L. (Marcy & Rhodes) h Front

Marcy & Rhodes, L. L. M. & A. H. R.) wagon makers, Front

McCarty, William, laborer, h Front cor Division

Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Willey A. C., pastor, Front

Miller, Martha A., widow John W., bds Front cor Wood

Miller, Raymond E., tobacco grower, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows and farmer 78, Front

Molyneux, Jabez M., carpenter, h Lawrence

Murphy, Jerome, laborer, bds Fawcett ave

Murphy, John, farm 150 on r 30, h and lot Fawcett ave

Murphy, John, laborer, bds Fawcett ave

Murphy, Michael, porter Exchange Hotel, bds do

Murphy, Stephen, brakeman L. V. R. R., bds Fawcett ave

Mynard, Frank T., grocer, meat market, produce dealer, Front

New Albany Creamery, Ray S. Wilcox prop, manuf butter, Main

New Albany Water Co. (New Albany) A. Wickizer pres, S. D. Sterigere treas., J. M. Wilcox sec, Front

Norton, George L., merchant, Front, h Main

Norton, Henry (H. Norton & Son) boro councilman, h Main cor May

Norton, H & Son (Henry and Hiram A.) gen merchants, Front

Ormsby, John B., burgess, station agent L. V. R. R., agent U. S. Express Co. and W. U. Tel. Co., h Main

Ormsby, Sevellion, h and lot, Mechanic

Park, Sarah, widow Elbert, h Front

Platt, Eliza, school teacher, bds Front

Platt, Lewis, farm 60 in Terry, h and lot, Front

Richart, Frank E. (E. P. Kester & Co.) res Towanda

Rhodes, Harry (Marcy & Rhodes) h Front

Roberson, Elizabeth, widow Manuel, bds Overton

Sabin, Morris K., com trav, h Main

Sadler, Charles R., barber, Front, h do

Saxe, James, carpenter, h and lot Hubler owned by wife

Schrader, Charles, laborer, bds Mechanic

Schrader, Frank, laborer, bds Mechanic

Schrader, Frederick H., h and lot Mechanic. Died since canvass.

Schrader, George, asst station agt L.V. R. R., h Hubler

Schulze, Fred, laborer, h Front cor Division

Shreckengast, Harvey B., harnessmaker, Front, h do

Silvara, John K. (J. K. Silvara & C. J. Sumner) gen merchants, produce and hay shippers, Front

Silvara, J. K. & Co. (J. K. S. & C. J. Sumner) gen merchants, produce and hay shippers, Front

Smith, Boyce, clerk, bds Front

Smith, Henry A., florist, Front, h do

Smith, Lillian, stenographer, Keeler Mfg. Co., bds Front

Smith, Sophrona, widow George, bds Front

Sterigere, Augustus, farmer 65, off r 31 h and lot, Front

Sterigere, John B., h Front cor Wood

Sterigere, Stephen D., justice of the peace, Front, h do

Strevey, Edward E., Front. Refused information.

Strong, Mary, h Front

Strong, Mary, farm 30, Terry township, h Front

Sturdevant, Edmond S., wagon maker, Front, h do

Sumner, Corington, (J. K. Silvara & Co.) h Front

Swackhammer, John, painter, h Front

Tanner, John Z., photographer, Front, bds Hotel Wells, see adv.

Taylor, Freeman L., groceries and restaurant, Front, h do

Terry, Fred, clerk in post office, bds Lawrence

Terry, George, postmaster and farmer 100, h and lot owned by wife, Lawrence

Thorp, James, restaurant, Railroad

Turner, Isaac H., wagon maker, Main cor Division h and lot Front

VanDyke, Edgar W., carpenter, h Front

VanLoon, Harpin R., carpenter, h and lot, Front

Varguson, Miles N., stone mason, h and lot Front

Waltman, Jennie Mrs., Front

Wells, Henry R., boro councilman, prop Hotel Wells and livery and farmer in Terry 135

White, John, h and lot owned by wife, Fawcett ave

White, Willie, laborer, bds Fawcett ave

Wickizer, Andrew, h and lot, Front

Wickizer, George, bds Front

Wilcox, Boyd W., school director and assessor, tobacco grower 3 dairy 21 cows and farmer 160, Front

Wilcox, Frank L., clerk, h Main

Wilcox, Georgie, dressmaker, bds Main

Wilcox, Hannah, widow Benjamin, bds Front

Wilcox, Harry M. J., restaurant, Front, bds do

Wilcox, James M, h and lot, Front

Wilcox, Lynn, bds Main

Wilcox, May, milliner, bds Main

Wilcox, Mazie, dressmaker, bds Main

Wilcox, Minor J., pool room, Front, h do

Wilcox, Ray S., prop New Albany Creamery, h Front

Wilcox, William F., clerk, h Main

Willcox, Freeman C., school director, farmer on shares for Freeman N., 75, h Overton

Willcox, Freeman N., justice of the peace, tobacco grower, 2 ½, farmer 75, h Overton

Willcox, George H., son of Freeman N., bds Overton

Willey, A. C. Rev., pastor M. E. Church, Front, h do

Willey, Walter, laborer, bds Main

Williams, John H., laborer, h and lot off Front

Wilson, Erastus, boro councilman, farm in Terry Township, h and lot Main

Wood, Azra, laborer, bds Mechanic

Wood, Christopher C., planing mill and crate mfr., Fawcett ave, h Mechanic

Wood, Henry L., laborer, bds Mechanic

Wooster, Alfred H, veterinary surgeon, Main cor Hubler, h do

Yaw, Ella M., stationery, notions and fancy goods, Front, h do

Yaw, Harriet E., bds Mechanic

Yaw, John B., laborer, h Overton

Yaw, Samuel D., h and lot, Mechanic

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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