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Photo of Fungi from the photographic work 
of Warren D. Nash of Sullivan Township

1900 Bradford County Directory
Asylum Township

Transcribed  by Linda Selub

Asylum Township 1900 DIRECTORY

For explanations, & c., see page 17.

Post office address Asylum, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Acla Fred R (Marshview) off r 47, farmer 80
Acla Ulysses E (Liberty Corners) r 51, farmer 70
Acla Uriah R (Liberty Corners) off r 51, farmer, on shares for William Acla, of Terry, 90
ACKLEY BURTON, (Durell) r 28, opp. r 22, butter maker at A.I. Thomas’ Creamery
Ackley Edward (Durrell) r 28, farm laborer
Ackley George W (Macedonia) r 4, laborer
Ackley George W (Durell) r 32, farmer 22
Ackley Howard B (Macedonia) r 4, farm laborer
Ackley Joseph (Macedonia) r 4, farm laborer
Ackley Orlando (Macedonia) r 4, laborer
Ackley William C (Macedonia) r 4, farmer 20
Adams Manning (Liberty Corners) r 51, farm laborer
Adamy, Carl J (Homet’s Ferry) r 40, miller
Arnout Levi P (Liberty Corners) r 49, dairy 7 cows, saw mill and farmer 20  (moved to Towanda)
AYERS ENOCH J COLONEL (Durrell) r 28, farmer 70, re-
Bacon Dewett C r 19 apiarist 83 colonies and farms for Rollin S 100
Bacon Rollin S r 19, farmer 100
BARNES GEORGE M. (Liberty Corners) r 49, farmer, threshing machine and bay press, shingle mill, portable and self-propellar engines
BARNES GERSHUM C. (Liberty Corners) r 49, supervisor, dairy 4 cows, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer 100
Barnes William K (Macedonia) r 5 cor 7, farmer 35
Barrett John (Marshview) r 48, dairy 5 cows, farmer 75
Barrett John F (Marshview) r 47, dairy 7 cows, farmer 76, and on shares for John Barrett 75, and leases of Ulysses Moody estate 87
Barrett Patrick J (Marshview) r 52, farmer 70
Bedford John (Marshview) r 48, farm laborer
Benjamin Adelbert (Marshview) r 52, farm laborer
Benjamin Charles M (Macedonia) off 4 9, 15 sheep, apiarist 5 colonies, farmer for the Charles Benjamin estate 168
Benjamin Clark (Macedonia) r 8, dairy 4 cows, farmer 100
BENJAMIN ELIAS (Liberty Corners) r 53, farmer 200
Benjamin Elizabeth (Macedonia) widow Henry, r 7
Benjamin Elmer (Macedonia) r 8, farmer 8
Benjamin Eugene (Durrell) r 18, farmer 75
Benjaminn Frank A (Durell) off r 30, farmer 44   (40)
BENJAMIN GEORGE A (Durell) r 30, thresher and farmer
Benjamin George W (Durell) r 32, farmer 95
BENJAMIN GUY C (Liberty Corners) r 25½, dairy 10 cows, pure bred Jersey cattle, famer 78
Benjamin Harriet Mrs. (Liberty Corners) r 53, farmer 60
Benjamin Harry (Liberty Corners) r 53, farmer
Benjamin Henry (Macedonia) r 7, carpenter  (Elias)
Benjamin Isaac (Liberty Corners) r 51, farmer on shares for
Benjamin John B (Liberty Corners) r 31, farmer 38
Benjamin Joseph (Liberty Corners) r 51, farmer
BENJAMIN JOSHUA (Liberty Corners) off r 32, with Warren Benjamin, dairy 4 cows, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 88, and on r 54, 175, also saw and cider mill and shingle mill
Benjamin Leroy (Macedonia) r 1, farm laborer
Benjamin Lloyd S (Durell) r 32, farm laborer
Benjamin Lorenzo M (Durell) r 12, farmer 63
Benjamin Maria A (Durell) r 32, widow Harry
Benjamin Melvin (Liberty Corners) r 53, farm laborer
Benjamin Moses (Durell) r 13
Benjamin Orlando A (Durell) off r 32, farmer 35
Benjamin Richard (Liberty Corners) r 51, farmer 50
Benjamin Robert (Macedonia) r 1, farm laborer
Benjamin Solon (Monroeton) off r 51, farmer 70
Benjamin Solon S (Durell) r 31, farmer 109
Benjamin Thomas (Macedonia) r 7, farm laborer
BENJAMIN WARREN (Liberty Corners) off r 32, with Joshua dairy 4 cows, apiarist 25 colonies and farmer 88 and on r 51, 175, also saw, cider and shingle mill
BENJAMIN WILLIAM B (Macedonia) r 8, dairy 14 cows, and farmer, leases of Edward A Cole of Athens 100
BENJAMIN WILLIAM H (Durell) r 32, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 8 colonies, dealer in agricultural implements, farmer 100
Bennett Benjamin F (Macedonia) r 6, carpenter
Bennett Charles W (Rummerfield) off r 17, farm laborer
Bennett Rodolph J. (Durell) r 32, thresher and farmer 35
Bouse Edmund (Durell) r 44, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 34
Bouse Fred E (Marshview) r 48 cor 46, miller
Bouse Samuel C (Macedonia) r 2, farmer 54
Bowman W Clinton (Wysox) r 2, cor 1, ferryman
Braund Fred J, r 17, dairy 8 cows, 45 sheep, farmer on shares for F H Hagerman, Jr of Towanda 250
Braund Matthias, r 42, dairy 4 cows, farmer for William Braund Sr 96
BRAUND OREN, r 37, apiarist 4 colonies, farmer 100
Braund William Sr, r 42, dairy 5 cows, farmer 96
Braund William Jr, r 19, dairy 6 cows, farmer 120
Bride Benjamin F (Liberty Corners) r 49, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100
Bride Edward (Liberty Corners) r 50, dairy 7 cows, farmer 80
Bride Mary (Liberty Corners) r 40, widow Benjamin
Bride Timothy E (Liberty Corners) r 49, farmer 72
Brink Charles, r 37, farmer on shares for Milton Houck of Monroeton 124
Bull Robert (Liberty Corners) r 20, farmer 65
Burnett Claude C, r 16, farm laborer
Chilson Benjamin C (Uhdey) r 25, farmer 300
Chilson Berton (Durell) off r 9, farm laborer
Chilson Irwin (Liberty Corners) r 28, farm laborer
CHILSON JACOB (Evergreen) r 51, farmer on shares for Benjamin 75
Chilson John (Durell) r 22, farm laborer
Chilson Leonard (Uhdey) r 25, farmer
Chilson Richard (Durell) r 32, farm laborer
Chilson Victoria (Durell) off r 30, farmer 19
Chilson Whitman (Durell) r 35, laborer
Chilson William (Liberty Corners) r 52, carpenter
Chilson William (Durell) r 32, farm laborer
Cole Clarence W (Macedonia) r 6
Cole Fred G (Macedonia) r 6, farm laborer
Cole Frederick F (Macedonia) r 6, farmer 5
Cole James L Rev. (Macedonia) r 2, clergyman and farmer 5
Cole Martha A (Macedonia) widow William F, r 3
Cole Sidney (Macedonia) r 6, farm laborer
Cole Walter (Macedonia) r 6, farm laborer
COLE WILLIAM S (Macedonia) r 6, justice of the peace, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 35
Connolly Bridget (Liberty Corners) r 48, widow John
Connolly James (Durell) r 45, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100
Connolly John (Liberty Corners) r 48, farmer 150
CONNOLLY JOHN B, r 44, farmer 50
Connolly Thomas E (Liberty Corners) r 48, dairy 5 cows, farmer 150
Coolbaugh Jefferson (Liberty Corners) r 26, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100
COOLBAUGH JESSE E (Uhdey) off r 11, farmer on shares for E H Jacoby 120
Coolbaugh John B (Macedonia) r 2, carpenter
Coon Isaac (Durell) r 21, farmer 30
Cowl Samuel L (Standing Stone) r 35, farmer 9½
CRIMMINS DENNIS H (Marshview) r 48, dairy 8 cows, farmer 400, postmaster at Marshview in Terry
Crimmins Johanna (Marshview) r 48½, widow John      [100
Crimmins John (Marshview) ) r 48½, farmer 100 and in Terry
Crimmins Michael (Marshview) r 48, grocer at Marshview postoffice
Crimmins Timothy (Marshview) ) r 48½, farmer
Croak John (Marshview) r 48, farm laborer
Croak John P (Marshview) r 48½, dairy 5 cows, 35 sheep, farmer 100
Culver Maria J (Durell) r 23 cor 12, widow Roswell
DAILY DANIEL S (Macedonia) r 6, market gardener and farmer 40
DAILY PAUL J (Macedonia) r 6, apiarist 10 colonies
Decker George N (Uhdey) r 11, farmer 94
Decker Hiram, r 39, farmer 8
Decker Sarah (Liberty Corners) r 29, widow Wilson, farmer 149
Delong Edmund H (Uhdey) r 11, farmer 361
DELONG GURDON E (Uhdey) r 12, dairy 7 cows, tobacco grower 1, farmer 107
Dimock Elizabeth R (Liberty Corners) r 30, cor 29 widow David
Dimock George W (Liberty Corners) r 30 cor 29, farmer 34
Dimock Wallace W (Liberty Corners) r 26, farmer 43
Dixon Freeman N (Durell) r 34, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100
Drake Francis (Liberty Corners) r 48½, farm laborer
DURELL CREAMERY (Durell) A L Thomas, propr
Elliott Gilbert (Liberty Corners) r 31, farm laborer
Elliott James (Durell) r 32, farmer 7
Elliott John J (Liberty Corners) r 31, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for E J Benjamin of Athens 60, for L J Arnout 120, and for Robert Bull 65
Elliott Oliver (Durell) r 31, farmer on shares for S S Benjamin 100
Ellis Edward (Liberty Corners) r 47, farmer
Ellis Elias W (Towanda) r 11, farmer
Ellis John (Durell) r 12, farm laborer
Ellis John H (Durell) r 12, farm laborer
Ellis Philip J (Durell) r 24, dairy 6 cows, 15 sheep, farmer 119
Ellis William (Uhdey) r 11, farmer 56
Emery Jacob L, r 41, farmer 8
Emery Lucy A, r 40, widow Jacob
ENNIS ALEXANDER G (Liberty Corners) r 28, dairy 14 cows, farmer 140
Ennis Wirt S (Liberty Corners) r 28
FELL ULYSSES M (Homet’s Ferry) r 40, ex-sheriff, grist and flouring mill, buyer and shipper of hay, grain and farm produce, prop ferry
FENNER DELANSON JR (Liberty Corners) off r 49, carpenter and joiner, hay presser and shingle sawyer
Ferreter Julia A (Durell) r 32, widow John L, farmer 5
FOX WILLIAM (Macedonia) r 5, dairy 24 cows, dealer in Durham and Jersey cattle and Chester white swine, farmer 200
FRISBIE B FRANK (Durell) r 23 cor 22, blacksmith
Frisbie Myron (Durell) r 23, blacksmith and farmer 7
Frutchey Charles A (Durell) r 21, dairy 9 cows, farmer 160
Frutchey F Wilson (Durell) r 22, dairy 9 cows, farmer 115
FRUTCHEY GEORGE A, r 41, dairy 7 cows, tobacco grower 1½, farmer on shares for O A Gilbert of Montrose 84
Fuls James (Uhdey) r 11, farmer 12
Grace Addison (Macedonia) r 1, dairy 6 cows, farmer 92
Gifford Harrison (Liberty Corners) r 29, farmer for Mrs Sarah Decker 149
Gifford Harrison (Monroeton) r 27, dairy 9 cows, farmer leases of Mrs Sarah Decker 80
Griffin John B (Liberty Corners) r 52, dealer in agricultural implements, dairy 6 cows, farmer 150
Grippin Fred D (Durell) r 12, dairy 6 cows, farmer 67
Grippin John E (Macedonia) r 9, dairy 4 cows, farmer leases of John Vandermark of Monroe 40, and of Elizabeth McDaniels 28
Grippin John S (Durell) r 23, grocer
Hagerman Julia A, r 18, widow Francis H
Hagerman Justin, r 18, farm laborer
Haight Perry S (Durell) r 23, school director, dairy 4 cows, farmer 66
Hannan Louisa E, r 19
Hatch Leonard W (Liberty Corners) r 51, farmer 24
Heath Charles (Macedonia) r 8, farm laborer
Heath Charles A (Uhdey) r 10, farm laborer
Heath Emma (Macedonia) r 8, widow Clark, farmer 170
HENDERSHOT CHAUNCEY S (Durell) r 22 cor 32, postmaster and general merchant
Hennessey Thomas W (Liberty Corners) off r 45, dairy 9 cows, farmer 160
Hicks James A (Macedonia) r 4, farm laborer
Hicks Mahlon M (Macedonia) r 6, farmer
Hicks Mary J Mrs. (Macedonia) r 6, farmer 12
Hoffman Charles (Standing Stone) r 13, farm laborer
Hoffman Charles A (Standing Stone) r 13, farm laborer
Hoover Jeremiah (Marshview) r 48, farm laborer
Hoyt Manley R (Uhdey) r 17, farm laborer
Jacoby Arthur B (Uhdey) r 11, clerk First National Bank of Towanda
JACOBY ERICK H (Uhdey) r 11, postmaster, dairy 7 cows, farmer 272
JENNINGS GEORGE W (Macedonia) r 6, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer
Jennings John L (Macedonia) r 6, dairy 5 cows, farmer 96
JENNINGS LEWIS (Macedonia) r 6, farmer on shares for John L 96
Johnson Almon (Durell) r 35, laborer
Johnson Charles (Liberty Corners) r 50, farm laborer
Johnson Cornelius (Durell) r 33, farm laborer
Johnson David (Durell) r 33, farmer 62
Johnson Edward (Marshview) r 48, farm laborer
Johnson Eli (Durell) r 33, stone quarry and farmer 100
Johnson Francis (Durell) r 33, dairy 4 cows, farmer 67
Johnson Fred, r 40, laborer
Johnson Henry A (Macedonia) r 6, postmaster, school director, grocer and farmer 52\
Johnson Lyman (Marshview) r 47, farmer 25
Johnson Seth (Marshview) r 47, farm laborer
Johnson Theodore (Durell) r 22, farm laborer
Johnson Wesley, r 40, laborer
Kellogg Myron (Liberty Corners) r 28 cor 27, farmer 100
Kerrick Frank N (Durell) r 22, book-keeper, Fitch, Aldrich & Bush, Elmira, N.Y.
KERRICK FREDERICK D (Durell) r 22, 50 sheep, live stock breeder and dealer, tobacco grower, 3 acres, farmer 325
Kerrick George (Durell) r 23 cor 24, dairy 8 cows, farmer 245
Kerrick Gratton L (Durell) r 22, farmer
Kerrick Jacob M (Durell) r 23 cor 24, farmer
KERRICK R BROOKS, r 17 cor 18, dairy 9 cows, tobacco grower 4 acres, registered Durham cattle, farmer 138
Kerrick Wilson, r 37, farmer 80
Kilmer Daniel W (Macedonia) r 1, farmer 20
Kilmer George B (Durell) r 12, 12 sheep, farmer 85
Kilmer George W (Towanda) r 10, dairy 18 cows, apiarist 8 colonies, dealer in grade Jersey cattle, farmer 150
KILMER J NOBLE (Uhdey) r 12, dairy 4 cows, 10 sheep, farmer 65
KINGSLEY ALBERT M, r 19, school director, dairy 5 cows, 10 sheep, farmer, works for the Charles Stevens estate 146
Knapen Eber O, r 40, farmer on shares for A J Homet of Towanda, 50
Lamb Elizabeth (Macedonia) r 5, farmer 10
Lamb Herbert (Macedonia) r 5, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100
Lamb Laura J (Macedonia) r 5, school teacher
Lamb Louise (Macedonia) r 5
Lane Daniel (Durell) off r 32, farmer 57
Lane Edward (Durell) r 33, dairy 6 cows, farmer 163
Lane John (Marshview) r 43, dairy 9 cows, farmer 210
Lane John Jr (Marshview) r 43, farm laborer
Lane Timothy J (Marshview) r 43, farm laborer
Laporte George B, off r 18, dairy 9 cows, farmer 160
Lee A Anson (Durell) r 35, stone mason
McCaliff Hanora (Liberty Corners) r 50, widow Patrick, farmer 85
McCaliff Patrick (Liberty Corners) r 50, farmer for Mrs H McCaliff 85
McCaliff Thomas (Liberty Corners) r 50, farmer for Mrs H McCaliff 85
McCracken Henry P (Macedonia) r 5, farm laborer
McDaniels Elizabeth (Macedonia) widow John, off r 9, farmer 28
McNeal Charles E (Durell) r 32, farm laborer
McNEAL FRANCIS D (Durell) r 32, dairy 4 cows, apiarist 8 colonies, farmer 24 and farms for Mrs Victoria McNeal
McNEAL VICTORIA N MRS (Durell) r 32, farm 50
Merritt Henry (Macedonia) r 9, farm laborer
Miller Austin R (Durell) r 14, farmer 65
Miller Charles A (Macedonia) r 1, farm laborer
Miller Elliston M (Durell) r 22, farm laborer
Miller Russell (Durell) r 22, dairy 8 cows, farmer 80
Mingos Benjamin C (Towanda) r 11 cor 10, dairy 5 cows, farmer 200
MINGOS LEONARD W (Uhdey) r 25, farmer 106
Molten James H, r 40, laborer
Moody N Peaseley, r 19, postmaster, general merchant, farmer 7
Moody Nelson N, r 39, grocer
Morey Eugene (Rummerfield) r 17, farmer
Morey Joseph L, r 39, farmer 2½
MOREY PETER W (Rummerfield) r 17, dairy 5 cows, 25 sheep, tobacco grower, 4 acres, registered Berkshire swine and Durham cattle, farmer 230
Neilly Jerome B (Durell) r 24, farm laborer
Neilly Robert (Durell) r 24, dairy 9 cows, farmer 130
Neley Samuel, r 19, farm laborer
Northrup Addison E (Durell) r 32, farmer 23
Northrup Namiron (Durell) r 31, dairy 4 cows, farmer 28
O’Connell John O (Liberty Corners) r 50, dairy 5 cows, farmer 150
Parker Frederick (Liberty Corners) r 28½, farm laborer
Phillips Freeman N (Durell) r 44½, farmer 45
Pipher William (Durell) r 36, stone mason
Powers Elijah C (Macedonia) r 7 cor 9, farmer 23
Powers Ivan (Macedonia) r 5, carpenter
Seafuse Smith, r 41, laborer
Shultz Joseph (Durell) r 24, farm laborer
Sickler Andrew J (Uhdey) r 12, farmer 128
Sollick George, r 37, dairy 12 cows, farmer on shares for W E Lane, of Towanda, 40
Sollick William E, r 37, farm laborer
Spencer Anna L Mrs. r 37, cor 38, farmer 160
SPENCER BAYARD E, r 37 cor 38, dairy 6 cows, 18 sheep, farmer for Mrs Anna L Spencer 160
Stevens George G (Macedonia) r 6, farmer 4
STEVENS JOEL (Macedonia) r 4, 25 sheep, farmer 135
STEVENS JOHN M (Wysox) r 2, auditor and school director, owns with Smith Stevens dairy 8 cows, 15 registered Guernsey cattle and farmer 130
STEVENS JOSEPH M (Macedonia) r 4, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for Joel 86
STEVENS SMITH (Wysox) r2, with John M, 8 cows, 15 registered Guernsey cattle and farmer 130
Stevens Thomas E (Macedonia) r 4, farm laborer
Stoneman Thomas, r 43, inspector of election, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100
Storrs Ellen (Standing Stone) r 13, widow Wm R, farm 500 and in Nebraska 3,000
Storrs Lillian G (Standing Stone) r 13
Storrs Marion (Standing Stone) r 13
Supple Maurice (Liberty Corners) r 50, farm laborer
Sweet George A (Macedonia) r 4, constable and farm laborer
Sweet Sarah R (Macedonia) r 4, widow John W
Terwilliger Belinga (Macedonia) r 6, widow John
THOMAS A LILLEY (Durell) r 13, town treasurer, propr Durell Creamery, dairy 31 cows, farmer 111, and mgr 500 for Mrs Ellen Storrs
THOMPSON FERDINAND A (Durell) r 32, town clerk, physician and farmer 12
Trumbull George F (Uhdey) r 11 cor 10, farm laborer
Turner Charles H (Macedonia) r 5, farmer 54
Vanderpool Alfred (Marshview) r 48, farm laborer
Vanderpool Hampton, r 39, carpenter
Vanderpool Luman (Durell) r 35, laborer
Vanderpool Merton (Durell) off r 37, farm laborer
Vanderpool Oliver, r 16, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs A G Bunn of Waverly, N.Y., 150
Vanderpool Stewart (Durell) r 35, laborer
Van Kuren John, r 39, farm laborer
Vanness Francis E (Macedonia) r 6, dairy 5 cows, dealer in Chester white swine, farmer 100
Vargason J Lumious (Powell) r 30, dairy 6 cows, farmer 61, and in Towanda 71
Weaver Edward E (Liberty Corners) off r 51, farmer 70
Welch Frank P (Uhdey) off r 10, farmer
Welch Frank P Mrs (Uhdey) off r 10, farmer 65
WESTBROOK JOHN S (Macedonia) r 1 cor 3, dairy 14 cows, farmer 43, and r 9, 225
Westbrook Robert A (Macedonia) r 1 cor 3, farm laborer
Westbrook Thomas (Liberty Corners) r 28½, farm laborer
Westbrook William H (Macedonia) r 9, farmer on shares for John S 225
Wood Robert (Liberty Corners) r 53, farm laborer
Woodruffe Samuel (Macedonia) r 7 cor 9, farm laborer
Young Seth (Marshview) off r 47, dairy 5 cows, farmer 50
Zurn Charles S (Towanda) off r 9, dairy 12 cows, farmer 185
Zurn John B (Towanda) off r 8, farm laborer
Zurn William (Durell) off r 32, farmer on shares for George Stevens of Towanda 150

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