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Postcard From Joyce's Collection
1900 Bradford County Directory
Athens Township
Bradford County Directory - Table of Contents

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Athens Township Directory
For explanations, &c., see page 17.
Postoffice address Athens unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)
Albert, John, r 55 cor 58, carpenter and farmer 50

Allbee, Amos, (Waverly, NY) r 6, dairy 18 cows and farmer on shares for D. Parks of Waverly, NY, 180

Allen, Richard, r 45, farmer 60

Annabel, Lydia, (Sayre) r 9, farm 42

Archer, Robert, r 59, wood carver

Atwood, G. Lazelle, (Greenís Landing) r 68, blacksmith helper

Babcock, Burton R., r 59, laborer

Babcock, Cyrus, (Waverly, NY) off r 30, laborer, h and lot

Ball, Benjamin F., off r 58, laborer

Ball, John B., off r 58, laborer

Beers, Cyrus N., (Waverly, NY) off r 30, laborer

Beers, Fairchild A., (Wilawana) r 21, laborer

Beers, Hugh E., (Waverly, NY) off r 30, laborer

Beidleman, Harriet, (Wilawana) r 4, widow George M., h and lot

Beidleman, Joseph B., (Wilawana) r 4, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hardware, &c, agent for Deering harvesting machinery

Birney, James, r 53, farmer on shares for Margaret Coleman 160

Birney, William, r 38, laborer

Bosworth, William A., (Wilawana) r 4, tobacco grower 2 acres, farmer 48

Bowman, Curtis W., r 53, farmer 16

Bowman, George, r 33, emp tannery

Bowman, George, (Waverly, NY) r 7, laborer

Brainard, David M., r 59, farmer 17

Brainerd, Charles F., (Greenís Landing) carriage making, repairing and blacksmithing, also milk dealer, h and lot

Briggs, Ezra, (Wilawana) r 20, laborer

Brigham, Clarence, r 37, agent for Jonesí Dead Lock fence, dairyman and farmer 265

Brown, B. Frank, r 38, milk dealer, dairy 16 cows, farmer 128

Brown, Daniel S., (Wilawana) r 2, wagon maker, h and lot

Brown, George, r 6, laborer

Brown, S. Otis, (Waverly, NY) r 19, farmer on shares for Leman Ellsbree 110

Brown, William E., (Wilawana) r 2 cor 3, carriage making and blacksmithing, bicycles made to order, repairing, etc.

Buckley, Allen W., r 33, foreman in tannery

Buckley, A. S., r 33, supt Athens tannery

Bunnell, Henry J., (Waverly, NY) r 9, farmer 50

Bunzey, George H., (Wilawana) r 4, laborer

Burns, John, r 33, emp tannery

Burns, John, (Greenís Landing) r 49, farmer 100

Burns, Patrick, r 33, emp tannery

Burr, Sherwood B., r 33, foreman tannery

Bustin, James, (Greenís Landing) r 48, farmer 150

Cahill, Michael, (Greenís Landing) r 40 ½, farmer 30

Cain, Cornelius, (Wilawana) r 42, farmer 125

Cain, Mary, r 73, widow Dennis, farm 150

Camp, Myron S., (Greenís Landing) r 50, farmer on shares for estate of A. Ellsbree 260

Campbell, Bert, r 59, emp bridge works

Campbell, Frank, r 59, clerk, h and lot

Campbell, George, (Greenís Landing) r 49 (George Campbell & Son)

Campbell, George, (Greenís Landing) r 47, farmer 120

Campbell, George & Son (Peter) (Greenís Landing) r 49, one acre strawberries, farmer 80

Campbell, James, (Greenís Landing) r 47, farmer 58

Campbell, Jason, r 31, farmer on shares 150

Campbell, Peter (Greenís Landing) r 49 (George Campbell & Son)

Campbell, William B., off r 59, miller, h and lot

Canfield, Frank, (Waverly, NY) r 30, painter, h and lot

Canfield, William, (Sayre) r 56, farmer 88, owned by wife

Canfield, William B., (Waverly, NY) r 30

Carbery, Daniel, r 30, laborer, h and lot

Carmer, Albert, r 58, farmer 75 and in Litchfield 69

Carmer, James, r 59 ½, mason, h and lot

Carmer, William, r 59, h and lot

Case, Frank R., r 59, grocer

Caufelt, Henry, (Sayre) r 54, laborer

Caverly, John, (Greenís Landing) r 48, farmer 90

Caverly, Robert, (Greenís Landing) r 47, farmer 100

Chambers, John, r 45, farmer

Chandler, Daniel S., r 65, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100

Chandler, George M., r 65, thresher and farmer

Chandler, J. Emerson, r 66, thresher, dairy 14, farmer 125

Chandler, R. Elmer, r 64, farmer 125

Chandler, Simon, r 57, laborer

Chapman, Leonard A., r 67, farmer

Chapman, Steadman, r 67, farmer 166

Childs, Reuben C., r 39, carpenter and farmer 25

Clapp, Henry C., (Waverly, NY) r 7, teller First National Bank at Waverly, NY

Clapp, Mary E. Mrs., (Waverly, NY) r 7, farm 100

Coffeny, Jerry, (Smithfield) r 76, farmer 100

Coffeny, John, r 74, farmer 100

Cole, Alfred, r 59, laborer, h and lot

Cole, Charles, (Smithfield) r 78, farmer 16 owned by wife

Cole, Harry, r 59, laborer

Cole, Herbert, r 59, laborer

Cole, Lyman, r 66, farmer

Cole, Truman, (Greenís Landing) r 74, farmer on shares for Elsbree estate 100

Coleman, Elbert S., (Wilawana) r 4, farmer

Coleman, J. Edgar, (Wilawana) r 4, farmer

Coleman, Margaret, r 53, widow Michael, farm 160

Coleman, Reaves S., (Wilawana) r 4, fruit grower and farmer 120

Coleman, Rosanna, (Wilawana) r 43, widow William, farm 85

Collins, Cornelius, r 73, farmer 300

Collins, Dennis, r 73, laborer

Collins, Judson, r 73, laborer

Colwell, James, r 33, carpenter, tannery and boarding

Compton, Hollis, (Greenís Landing) r 72 ½, farmer 100

Conklin, George, (Sayre) r 9, laborer

Conklin, Lynn, (Sayre) r 9, laborer

Connors, Jerry, (Wilawana) r 44, farmer 80

Cook, Silas, (Sayre) r 11, laborer, h and lot

Corbett, Margaret, (Waverly, NY) r 7, widow Cooper

Corkran, Patrick, (Wilawana) r 3, farmer for James Kane of Waverly 100

Corniby, Amos, (Greenís Landing) r 72 ½, farmer 50

Coulity, Owen, (Wilawana) r 25, farmer 30

Coveney, John C., r 40, farmer on shares for N.C. Harris 150

Crane, Eugene, (Greenís Landing) r 68, laborer

Crane, Gertrude S., (Greenís Landing) r 50, widow Lemuel M., h and lot

Crane, James M., (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Cranmer, Edwin, r 59, h and lot

Crapo, Abraham, (Wilawana) r 20, laborer

Crawford, John, (Greenís Landing) r 68, milk dealer

Crayton, Susan, (Greenís Landing) r 50, widow Edgar, h and lot

Crowell, John W., (Wilawana) off r 3, farmer 120

Cunningham, John, r 33, emp tannery

Curkendall, Robert, (Waverly, NY) r 16, laborer

Dailey, George, (Wilawana) r 2, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer 32

Dailey, John, (Wilawana) r 2, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer 80

Degnan, Patrick, (Greenís Landing) r 72

DeGroff, Cyrus B., (Greenís Landing) r 50, gardener, h and lot

DePew, Charles, (Waverly, NY) r 6, farmer on shares for W. T. Hireen, 365

De Pew, Charles, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

De Pew, Frederick, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

De Pew, George, (Greenís Landing) r 70, laborer

De Pew, George, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

De Pew, John, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer, h and lot

De Pew, William, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

De Pue, James, (Greenís Landing) r 68, laborer

Dewandler, Henry, (Waverly, NY) r 9, laborer

Dibble, Marcus A., (Milan) r 69, gardener, h and lot

Dill, Frank E., off r 32, wood turner

Douglass, Isaac W., r 37, dairy 22 cows, farmer on shares for Millard Murray 200

Drake, Frank, r 19 ½, laborer, h and lot

Drake, Howard M., (Greenís Landing) r 68, farmer on shares for M. C. Drake and J. E. Greene 54, and for Mrs. S. B. Walker 54

Drake, Martha C. Mrs., (Greenís Landing) r 68, farmer with Jennie E. Greene 54

Draper, Martin, r 52, removed to Sayre

Drew, Edwin M., r 59, emp bridge works

Druggan, John, (Wilawana) r 5, farmer 6

Dunn, Wilson, (Sayre) r 9, laborer

Eiklor, John A., (Wilawana) r 3, farmer 100 and 45 owned by wife

Ellis, Charles, (Waverly, NY) r 26, farmer 25

Elsbree, Fred P., r 6, farmer

Elsbree, Manson, r 6, breeder of Jersey cattle, tobacco grower 2 acres, dairy 100 cows and farmer 600

Elston, Mary Mrs., (Greenís Landing) r 34, h and lot

Emerson, Luke, r 67, farmer on shares for Arthur McAfee

Enevoldsen, Nels, (Sayre) r 30, dairy 37 cows and farmer on shares

Estabrook, Frank L., r 59, (G. C. Estabrook & Son)

Estabrook, George L., r 59, (G. L. Estabrook & Son) died since canvass

Estabrook, G. L. & Son, r 59, (G. L. E. and F. L. E.), fruit growers and market gardeners, 1 acre strawberries, 1500 raspberry bushes, 1,000 peach and 500 apple trees, 24 acres and leases of E. B. Carner 60

Evarts, Jacob, r 67, laborer

Farr, Henry, (Greenís Landing) r 44, laborer

Farr, William, (Greenís Landing) r 44, farmer 180

Fay, Charles A., r 68, resident

Ferris, Seymour, r 59, laborer

Field, William E., (Waverly, NY) r 6, carpenter, h and lot

Field, William E. Jr., (Waverly, NY) r 6, laborer

Finlan, James, (Sayre) r 54, laborer

Ford, John, r 60, laundryman

Frederick, George, r 62, laborer, h and lot

Frederick, Harriet, r 59, widow William

Freeman, George, (Wilawana) r 5, laborer, h and lot

French, Lewis, (Springfield) r 78, laborer

Gavett, Ephraim B., r 16, dairy 25 cows, farmer on shares for E. F. & G. E. Herrick 210

Gerfano, Tony, r 30, laborer

Goetchius, Charles C., r 52, farmer

Goetchius, H. Doane, r 52, tobacco grower 4 acres, live stock dealer, farmer, leases of W. S. P. Shields of Phila 175

Goetchius, William H., r 52, emp bridge works

Golden, Thomas, (Smithfield) r 76, farmer 50

Golden, Thomas F., (Greenís Landing) r 37, farmer 50 and on shares for Michael OíBrien 180

Green, Elmer, (Greenís Landing) r 49, huckster

Green, Franklin J., (Greenís Landing) r 48, carpenter and farmer 70

Green, John, r 33, emp tannery

Greene, Jennie E., (Greenís Landing) r 68, farm with Mrs. M. C. 5

Greening, Miner E., (Greenís Landing) r 72, dairy 31 cows, farmer on shares for the Elsbree estate 400

Griffin, Job, r 70, pres Farmersí National Bank, breeder of thoroughbred Guernsey cows, 75 head, stock dealer, farmer 800

Griffin, Jonn, r 70, stock breeder and dealer, agricultural implements and fertilizers, and farmer 90

Griffin, John, (Waverly, NY) r 27, farmer 105

Grippen, John I., r 59, emp bridge works, h and lot

Griswold, Lemuel E., (Wilawana) postmaster and dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, drugs and medicines, etc.

Gunderman, Peter, (Wilawana) r 2, tobacco grower 2, works on shares for F. & G. Herrick, 100

Gutcher, George, r 54, laborer

Hadlock, Byron S., r 55, farmer 126

Hadlock, David P., r 58, school director and farmer 30

Hadlock, Emmett A., r 60, laborer

Hadlock, Leon E., r 19 ½, laborer

Haflett, Alonzo, r 59, laborer

Hallock, Emery T., r 33, engineer pump station

Hanyan, Phoebe Mrs., (Waverly, NY) r 27, farm 40

Harrington, Miles, r 53, tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer 127

Harris, Charles L., r 66, farmer 50

Harris, Dianna A., (Greenís Landing) r 70, widow Amariah, farm 50

Harris, William W., r 19 ½, carpenter, h and lot

Hatch, Norman, (Sayre) r 11, laborer

Hawkins, Seth, r 29, laborer

Hendrickson, Erick, (Waverly, NY) r 30, laborer

Henry, Ann Mrs., r 40, farm 75

Henry, James, r 40, laborer

Herman, Hannah, (Wilawana) r 2, widow Benjmain

Herrick, Edmond P., r 6, farmer 183

Hilderbrant, Frank, r 33, emp tannery

Hill, J. Frank, r 19 ½, upholsterer

Hill, Willis H., r 19 ½, milk dealer, h and lot

Hireen, William T., (Waverly, NY) r 6, tobacco grower 2 acres, dairy 25 cows, farmer 365

Hoose, Charles, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

Hoose, Frank, (Greenís Landing) r 49, laborer

Hoose, Howard, (Greenís Landing) r 34, laborer

Hoose, J. Martin, (Greenís Landing) r 49, laborer

Hoose, Matthew, (Greenís Landing) r 34, laborer

Hoose, Nicholas, (Greenís Landing) r 72, farmer

Houghtalen, Edmund S., r 54, farmer 36

Houghtalen, George W., r 54, farmer 60

Houghtalen, Robert, r 54, laborer

Houghtalen, Seymour W., r 54, laborer

Hoyt, Giles M., (Greenís Landing) r 68, coal dealer and farmer 77

Huff, Robert D., (Milan) r 69, farmer on shares for J. A. Murray of Waverly, NY 125

Hulett, Gilbert E., r 67, dealer in fruit and ornamental trees, dairy 20 cows, farmer 215

Hulett, Howard, r 59, emp bridge works

Hulett, Layton, r 59, emp bridge works

Hulett, Lee S., r 62, dairy 9 cows, farmer 151, owned by Samuel, and on shares for J. H. McKinney 53

Hulett, N. Tallmadge, (Sayre) r 54, farmer in NY state 250

Hulett, R. Eugene, r 59 ½, emp bridge works

Hulett, Samuel, r 62, farmer 151

Hurley, Jerry, (Waverly, NY) r 28, dairy 14 cows, farmer 120

Hurley, John, (Waverly, NY) r 28, farmer 112

Hurley, John D., (Waverly, NY) r 28, farmer

Hurley, Richard, (Smithfield) r 76, farmer 50

Hurley, William, (Waverly, NY) r 28, farmer

Jacklin, Louisa, (Wilawana) r 43, widow Seth

Jacklin, Miles N., (Wilawana) r 2, station and express agent and telegrapher, also coal dealer, h and lot on r 20

Jacklin, William, (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 45

Johnson, Henry, r 52, dairy 26 cows and farmer on shares for Hugh J. Baldwin of Waverly, NY, 200

Kane, H. Leroy, r 59, farmer, h and lot

Keller, Edward F., r 58, farmer 50

Kellogg, Edward, (Greenís Landing) r 72, farmer 20, owned by wife

Kellogg, Frank, (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Kellogg, John R., off r 59, h and lot

Kellogg, Mary Mrs., (Greenís Landing) r 71, h and lot

Kellogg, William, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

Kelly, Patrick, r 31, farmer 50

Kelly, Thomas, (Greenís Landing) r 44 ½, laborer

Kennedy, John, r 44, laborer

Keyes, Francis W., (Wilawana) r 4, physician

Kilpatrick, Benjamin F., (Wilawana) r 4, laborer

Kilpatrick, Charles A., (Wilawana) r 4, shoemaker, h and lot

King, John W., (Waverly, NY) r 6, dairy 15 cows and farmer on shares for W. S. Park of Waverly, NY, 150

King, Leroy, (Greenís Landing) r 49, laborer

Kinney, Charles, off r 59, laborer

Kinney, Charles S., r 58, laborer, h and lot

Kinney, Clarence, off r 59, laborer

Kinney, Gilbert, r 59, laborer

Kinney, Mary Mrs., off r 59

Kinney, William, off r 59, laborer

Knapp, Jerome B., (Sayre) r 54, market gardener, breeder of pure blood barred Plymouth Rock fowls and farmer 43

Knight, M. Edgar, (Wilawana) r 3, ticket agt and tel opr D. L. & W. Depot, Waverly, farm 15

Lamberson, Isaac, r 29, farmer 100

Lamberson, William, (Sayre) r 11, laborer

Lament, H. McKean, (Greenís Landing) r 50, farmer, leases of Almira Snell 85

Lawlor, Joseph, (Chemung, NY) r 2, tobacco grower 6, farmer on shares for Asa Parshall of Chemung, NY 300

Leahy, John, off r 33, laborer

Leahy, John P., (Wilawana) r 43, farmer 120

Leahy, Michael, (Wilawana) r 3, laborer

Leahy, Patrick, (Wilawana) r 43, farmer 200

Leary, Cornelius, r 73, farmer 55

Leary, Ellen, (Waverly, NY) r 19, widow Patrick, farm 150

Lees, James P., r 62, farmer 75

Lees, Joseph, r 62, laborer

Leonard, John C., (Sayre) r 11, farmer on shares for Fordham estate 140

Limerick, William, (Wilawana) r 42, farmer 150

Lindsley, Truman O., (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 80

Loomis, Fannie E., (Greenís Landing) r 44 ½, school teacher, farm with Winnie E. 36

Loomis, Ferd, (Milan) r 71, farmer 50

Loomis, Frank, r 33, emp tannery

Loomis, Fred, (Greenís Landing) r 37, farmer 50

Loomis, Mary A., (Greenís Landing) r 44 ½, widow Frank G., dairy 15 cows, farm 200

Loomis, Orlando M., (Greenís Landing) r 44 ½, farmer 50

Lowrey, Harvey B., (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 27

Markham, James, (Waverly, NY) off r 30, farmer 6

Markham, William, (Waverly, NY) off r 30, laborer

McArdle, James, (Waverly, NY) r 26, farmer 200

McAsey, Murty, (Waverly, NY) r 24, farmer 90

McCacy, Patrick, (Greenís Landing) r 48, farmer 60

McCarty, Susan, (Waverly, NY) r 25, widow Jerry, farm 50

McDuffee, George, (Waverly, NY) r 16, farmer

McDuffee, Hugh, (Waverly, NY) r 16, farmer for estate of Charles McDuffee 120

McElwain, Levi W., (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 150

McEntire, Albert J., (Wilawana) r 3, mason, h and lot

McEntire, John V. A., r 68, miller

McEntire, George, (Waverly, NY) r 26, farmer 20

McKinney, Joseph, off r 60, farmer 300

McKinney, Joseph H., r 63, farmer 53

McMorran, Abram, r 32, farmer 40

McMorran, Edward, r 29, dairy 14 cows, farmer 140

McMullen, Albion, (Waverly, NY) r 9

McMullen, John M., (Waverly, NY) r 9, leases of Lydia Annabel 42

Middaugh, Betsey, (Wilawana) r 4, widow Benjamin T., h and lot

Middaugh, Charles A., r 38, milk dealer, dairy 45 cows and farmer on shares for Mrs. Ercanback 230

Middaugh, Frank, r 38, farmer

Middaugh, Frank K., r 38, laborer

Middaugh, Frederick, (Wilawana) r 4, laborer

Middaugh, Mahlon M., off r 32, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer 80

Middaugh, Timothy C., r 38

Miller, James H., r 57, town treasurer, dairy 14 cows and farmer 110

Miller, Lou J., r 57, farmer

Miller, William W., r 59, farmer

Minier, Eddy, (Greenís Landing) r 68, laborer

Minier, Ira, (Greenís Landing) r 68, farmer on shares for J. A. Morley 50

Monroe, John, (Wilawana) r 4, laborer, h and lot

Monroe, William, (Wilawana) r 2, laborer

Moore, Martin V., r 19 ½, emp bridge works, h and lot

Morley, Elmer O., r 68, emp L. V. R. R.

Morley, Frank S., (Greenís Landing) r 68, assessor, market gardener and farmer 200

Morley, Gad H., r 68, market gardener 12

Morley, Harriet, (Greenís Landing) r 34, h and lot

Morley, Harry, (Milan) r 68, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for Frank S. 100

Morley, J. Isaac, (Milan) r 69, musician and farmer

Morley, John A., r 68, prop Morley Roller Mills, dealer in flour, grain, and feed, breeder of trotting horses, prop stock horses Guy Fullerton 2.20 ½, farmer 60

Morley, John G., (Greenís Landing) r 68, farmer 60

Morley, Judson J., (Milan) r 69, dealer in agricultural implements and choice creamery butter, farmer 150

Morley, Justin, (Greenís Landing) r 36, farmer 150

Morley, Lyman A., (Milan) r 69, widow Seth J., farm 90

Morley, Nancy D., (Greenís Landing) r 50, widow Reuben, farmer 150

Morley Roller Mills, r 68, J. A. Morley prop

Morley, Wright D., (Greenís Landing) r 50, farmer

Morris, Augustus, (Wilawana) r 24, laborer

Morris, Austin, (Greenís Landing) r 37, laborer

Morris, Charles, (Wilawana) r 24, laborer

Morris, Clayton, (Greenís Landing) r 37, laborer

Morris, Ervan, (Greenís Landing) r 37, laborer

Morris, Fred M., r 59, carpenter, h and lot

Morris, Hezekiah, (Greenís Landing) r 37, farmer 24

Morris, James, (Wilawana) r 24, farmer 100

Morrissey, John, r 33, emp tannery

Munn, Augusta, r 59, widow Adelbert, h and lot and farm in Litchfield 200

Munn, Carrie E., (Waverly, NY) r 9, widow George

Munn, Kisor, r 55, laborer

Munn, Rachael A., r 54 ½, widow Huston, h and lot

Munn, Rowen, r 59, h and lot

Munn, R. Tilden, r 54, farmer on shares for Ellen 75

Murelle, William, r 6, laborer

Murphy, Helen, (Waverly, NY) off r 28, widow Daniel, farm 42

Murphy, John, (Waverly, NY) off r 28, laborer

Murphy, Patrick, (Greenís Landing) r 36, farmer 100

Murphy, Thomas, (Waverly, NY) r 25, farmer 100

Murphy, Thomas, (Waverly, NY) r 28, farmer 140

Mustark, James, r 53, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer 162 owned by wife

Newland, Dallas W., (Sayre) r 9, laborer, h and lot

Nichols, Alvin, r 59, emp bridge works

Nichols, Myron, (Waverly, NY) off r 18, farmer on shares for Jerry McCarthy 80

Norris, George, (Sayre) r 11, farmer

Odell, Emmet, r 54, farmer on shares for J. T. Corbin 125

Odell, Orrin, r 54, laborer

OíLeary, John A., (Greenís Landing) r 70, farmer

OíLeary, Sylvester, (Greenís Landing) r 70, farmer 66

OíLeary, Thomas D., r 73, farmer 130

Olmsted, Curtis E., r 58, emp bridge works

Ovenshire, Celestia, r 52, widow Samuel, farmer with John G. 345

Ovenshire, John G., r 52, prop saw mill, lumber dealer, dairy 10 cows and farmer with Celestia 345

Page, Charles S., (Milan) r 69, farmer on shares for George C. 130

Page, George C., (Milan) r 69, farmer 130

Park, Burton W., (Milan) r 70, dairyman on shares for Job Griffin

Park, Charles, r 58, junk dealer

Park, Frank W., r 53, laborer

Park, Grant, r 59, carpenter, h and lot

Parks, Avery, (Greenís Landing) r 72, laborer

Patterson, Walter G., r 55, farmer 115

Paul, James M., (Greenís Landing) r 49, farmer 52

Peters, Daniel, (Milan) r 69, laborer, h and lot

Phalin, Alvin R., (Litchfield) r 55, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for B. S. Haddock 96, h and lot in Litchfield owned by wife

Pitcher, Ellen, r 54, widow Washington, farmer 75

Pitcher, John E., r 58, laborer

Pollock, William, (Wilawana) r 24, leases of J. McArdle 106

Pratt, Ira, (Wilawana) r 3, laborer, h and lot

Reagan, Michael, (Waverly, NY) r 25, farmer 128

Reeves, John M., (Sayre) r 54, farmer 29

Reynolds, Clarence, (Sayre) r 10, laborer

Reynolds, William, (Sayre) r 9, laborer

Ribble, George G., (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 140, owned by wife

Ribble, John, (Wilawana) r 4, tobacco grower 3 and farmer 87

Richards, Alonzo L., r 59, h and lot

Richards, William L., r 59, town clerk, emp bridge works

Robbins, Isaac, r 72, farmer 75

Robinson, Arthur, (Smithfield) r 77, laborer

Robinson, John, (Smithfield) r 77, farmer 50

Rockett, John, (Wilawana) r 42, laborer

Rockett, William, (Wilawana) r 42, farmer 30

Rockwell, F. Cortes, (Greenís Landing) r 68, h and lot

Rogers, John, (Greenís Landing) r 72 ½, farmer 100

Rogers, Thomas, (Wilawana) r 5, farmer 35

Rogers, William, (Greenís Landing) r 72 ½, laborer

Rollison, Hanford A., r 33, pensioner

Rollison, Guy, r 33, laborer

Roullandson, Phebe M. Mrs., (Greenís Landing) r 49, farm 70

Russell, Allen C., r 59, laborer, h and lot

Saunders, Paul, (Waverly) r 6, farmer on shares for Guy Tozer 100

Schomo, Edward R., (Greenís Landing) r 68, blacksmith

Seely, Elmer T., (Wilawana) r 20, farmer 70

Seely, Nancy Mrs., (Wilawana) r 20, farm 10

Segar, Charles E., r 64, farmer

Segar, Leonard J., r 63, farmer 90

Sexton, Amasa P., r 59, farmer 60

Shaff, Elijah W., (Wilawana) prop hotel and butcher

Shaff, Jacob, (Wilawana) r 4, laborer

Shaff, William, (Wilawana) r 3, laborer

Shaw, C. Samuel, (Greenís Landing) r 72, leases of Michael Mee 100

Sheehan, Daniel, (Wilawana) off r 23, laborer

Sheehan, Dennis, (Wilawana) off r 23, farmer 140

Sheehan, Dennis Jr., (Wilawana) off r 23, laborer

Sheeler, William, r 59 ½, carpenter, h and lot

Sible, Catherine, (Wilawana) r 21, widow George H., farm 90

Sible, Ella, (Wilawana) r 20

Simcoe, John P., (Wilawana) custom feed mill, dealer in grain and feed, also shingle and lathe sawing and cider mill

Sinsabaugh, Alpheus, r 59, h and lot

Smith, Clarence L., r 58, mason, h and lot owned by wife

Smith, Elisha G., r 28, farmer 80, and 50 owned by wife

Smith, Emmet S., r 28, laborer

Smith, James C., r 59, cartman, h and lot

Smith, Joseph, r 4 ½, (Joseph Smith & Son)

Smith, Joseph & Son, r 4 ½, (Joseph and William J.) tobacco growers 1 ½ acres, market gardeners and farmers 40

Smith, William A., (Wilawana) r 2, hay buyer

Smith, William H., (Wilawana) r 2, general machinist and farmer 60

Smith, William J., r 4 ½, (Joseph Smith & Son)

Snell, Aminda R., r 54, widow Christopher C., h and lot

Snell, Benjamin, (Greenís Landing) r 49, laborer

Snell, Donnie, r 54, dressmaker

Snell, George B., r 59, sawmill and dealer in lumber, shingles, etc., h and lot

Snell, Henry A., r 59, carpenter

Snell, Joseph H., r 59, carpenter, contractor, millwright, and mover of buildings, h and lot

Snell, Lord O., (Greenís Landing) r 49, farmer 52

Spaulding, Fred E., r 59, laborer

Spear, Frank C., (Greenís Landing) r 68, emp tannery

Speer, Maria Mrs., r 35

Spencer, John, (Greenís Landing) r 72 ½, farmer 50

Splan, John, (Waverly, NY) r 26, farmer 100

Springer, Henry L., (Sayre), r 11, laborer

Squire, Henry M., (Wilawana) r 21, carpenter and builder

Squires, George, r 57, dairy 10 cows and farmer 135

Stevens, Fred, r 33, emp tannery

Stevens, William J., r 33, emp tannery

Stickel, Robert H., r 58, gardener 11 acres

Strang, John P., (Wilawana) r 3, h and lot

Sweazy, John, (Waverly, NY) r 30, laborer

Thetge, Bert, (Wilawana) r 20, laborer

Thomas, George, (Wilawana) r 1, farmer 100

Thomas, Leroy, (Wilawana) r 1, farmer 100, owned by George

Thurston, Joseph S., r 33, dairy 15 cows, farmer 90

Tillman, Edward D., r 67, farmer on shares for G. E. Hulett 200

Tisdel, Lawrence, r 54, carpenter, h and lot

Towsand, Ira C., emp tannery, h and lot

Tozer, Ira, (Waverly, NY) r 6, with Julius tobacco grower 3, farmer 150

Tozer, Julius, (Waverly, NY) r 6, with Ira tobacco grower 3, farmer 150

Tracy, Fred M., (Waverly, NY) laborer, Penna Ave n boro line

Tracy, Hannah Mrs., (Waverly, NY) Penna Ave n boro line

Tracy, John L., (Waverly, NY) real estate and insurance and fruit grower 14, office Exchange Block, Waverly, NY, Penna Ave n boro line

Underwood, James, (Greenís Landing) r 34, farmer on shares for William 150

Underwood, William, (Greenís Landing) r 34, dairy 20 cows and farmer 150

Unger, August F., (Wilawana) r 4, painter

Union Tanning Company, r 33, A. S. Buckley, Supt manufacturers of sole leather

United States Express Co., (Wilawana) r 2, M. N. Jacklin, agt

VanBuren, Myron W., r 6, emp bridge works

VanGorder, Maria, (Sayre) r 56, widow Daniel

VanScoten, Calvin S., r 59, brick manufacturer

VanWoert, John, r 32, farmer 60

VanWoert, Mary A., r 35, widow Samuel, farm 95

Vedder, John, (Wilawana) r 3, farmer 100

Vought, Lewis H., r 19 ½, machinist, h and lot

Walker, Ada M., r 53

Walker, Frank Z., r 53, civil engineer

Walker, Helena, r 53, widow

Walker, Nathan F., r 53, Supt. U. S. Pipe Line Co.

Walker, Rebecca M., r 53, widow Zephon, farm 85

Walker, Sarah B., (Greenís Landing) r 68, widow Gabriel N., farm 52

Wanzer, Benjamin, (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Ward, Levi, (Milan) r 69, Stone mason

Warner, Adam, (Wilawana) r 4, laborer

Watkins, Clarence, (Greenís Landing) r 68, farmer 31

Watkins, John, (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Watkins, John H., (Greenís Landing) r 68, live stock dealer, dairy 15 cows, farmer on shares 120

Webb, Cyrus H., r 59, carpenter, h and lot

Webb, Frank, r 55, farmer 80

Webb, William, r 55

Weller, Frank E., (Greenís Landing) r 68, postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, carpenter and builder, h and lot

Weller, Fred M., r 37, milk dealer, dairy 26 cows, farmer 209

Weller, Frederick N., r 52, farmer on shares for Charles F. Kellogg 75

Weller, George H., (Greenís Landing) r 68, carpenter

Weller, Horace N., (Greenís Landing) r 68, clerk First Nat. Bank

Weller, O. Erastus, r 33, h and lot, Athens, tobacco grower 3, dairy 15 cows, farmer on shares for M. P. Murray and Mrs. E. VanDyke 86

Weller, Ward, r 19 ½, laborer, h and lot

Werts, John S., r 6, dairy 18 cows and farmer on shares for Edmond Herrick 183

Westbrook, Jacob G., (Waverly, NY) r 15, owner of Forrest House, dairy 7 cows and farmer 105

Westbrook, Jane, (Waverly, NY) r 7

Westbrook, William A. C., (Waverly, NY) r 7, milk dealer, dairy 15 cows and farmer 300

Wheaton, Alfred J., r 53 cor 59, dairy 7 cows and farmer 80

Wheaton, Chauncey S., r 53 cor 59

Wheaton, Frank L., (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Wheeler, George W., r 29, farmer 100

White, Charles, r 33, emp tannery

White, George, r 66, dairy 7 cows and farmer 71

White, Julius, (Sheshequin) r 66, farmer 90

White, Theodore, r 33, emp tannery

White, Timothy, r 33, emp tannery

Wiggans, Frank, (Greenís Landing) r 50, laborer

Wilkinson, William W., r 33, laborer

Williams, Arthur S., (Milan) r 69, farmer 70

Wilson, Alosco H., (Wilawana) r 2, tobacco grower and farmer 86

Wilson, Ellen, (Waverly, NY) r 30, widow Simeon

Wilson, James C., (Milan) r 70, h and lot

Wilson, Judson A., (Wilawana) r 2, farmer

Wolcott, Amos, r 59, laborer

Wolcott, Austin, (Sayre) r 11, farmer

Wolcott, Jay, r 59, emp bridge works

Wolcott, Lyman, (Sayre) r 11, farmer for estate of Aaron 40

Wolcott, Ruth, r 59, widow Worth

Wood, Alvin, r 57, laborer

Wood, Charles H., (Waverly, NY) r 6, farmer, h and lot

Wood, Thomas D., r 19 ½

Woodward, Charles, off r 32, farmer on shares 150

Woodward, Henry K., (Greenís Landing) r 84, laborer

Woodward, John A., (Sayre) r 11, prop of Wildwood Mineral Wells and Picnic Grounds, farmer 175

Woodworth, William S., (Sayre) r 11, dairy 15 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, tobacco grower 1 and farmer 119

1900 South Waverly Street Directory

A-Pitney to Coolbaugh
Bradford-Chemung east to corporation line
Broad Ave.-Loder east to Howard
Center-South north to Bradford
Court-from Loder west to West
Coolbaugh-from Fulton west
Division-Howard east to Warren
East Second-Pitney north to Division
East Third-Pitney north to Division
East Fourth-Pitney north to Division
Elliott-from Chemung north to Spring
Erie-Corporation line east to corporation line
Herrick Ave.-Division north to Pleasant
Howard-Pitney north to Pleasant
Keystone Ave.-Corporation line north to Bradford
Murray Ave.-Division north to State line
Pitney-Chemung east to Keystone Ave.
Pleasant-Loder east to Murray Ave.
Reel-Murray Ave. east to East Fourth
South-Loder east to Fulton
Tioga Ave.-Pennsylvania Ave. east to East Second
Ulster-South north to Bradford
Walker-Howard east to East Second
Warford-Bradford to D. L. & W. R. R. tracks
Warren-Pitney north to Bradford
West-from Court north to D. L. & W. R. R. tracks
Wilcox-Bradford north to Erie
Williams-Pitney north to Bradford

1900 South Waverly Borough Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.
Postoffice address Waverly.

Ackley, Perrin R., com. trav., h 155 Bradford
Anderson, Bert, laborer, bds Pitney
Argusinger, James, laborer, bds 348 S. Fulton
Bailey, John B., commission broker, Athens, h 155 Bradford
Baker, Eugene, canvasser, h 66 Keystone Ave.
Barber, Charles H., laborer, h 31 Pitney
Barnum, Lillian N., bookkeeper, h 191 Bradford
Barnum, Smith D., hay and grain, h 191 Bradford
Barnum, Sylvia Mrs., h 191 Bradford
Barrington, Edward, laborer, bds 36 Warren
Barrington, Mary, bds 36 Warren
Barrington, Michael, wood finisher, bds 36 Warren
Barrington, Patrick, laborer, h 36 Warren
Baxter, Jesse C., machinist, h 64 Broad Ave.
Bazzette, Desmond, laborer, h 12 Wilcox
Bazzette, James, laborer, h 12 Wilcox
Bellis, Henrietta, bds 48 Pleasant
Bellis, J. Elbert, laborer, h 48 Pleasant
Bellis, Mary Mrs., bds 48 Pleasant
Bellis, Robert, laborer, h 330 S. Fulton
Benjamin, Frank, acrobat, bds 113 Bradford
Benjamin, Joseph, laborer, h 385 S. Fulton
Bentley, Adeline Mrs., h 397 S. Fulton
Bentley, John L., bartender, bds 397 S. Fulton
Billings, Ogden N., car repairer, h 139 Pitney
Bliss, Azro J., stationery engineer, h 116 Bradford
Blossom, Eugene F., carpenter, h 24 Pleasant
Blossom, Harry N., emp. U.S. Express, bds 24 Pleasant
Blossom, John, laborer, h Bradford
Bojancynski, Frank, tailor, h 30 South
Bostwick, Stephen J., painter, h 48 Pleasant
Boyce, Anna, bds 75 Pleasant
Boyce, Frank, gardener, h 79 Elmira
Boyce, John, engineer, h 75 Pleasant
Bradley, Nellie, domestic, 398 Penna Ave.
Brewster, Rose Mrs., h 393 S. Fulton
Bricker, Harry, bridge builder, h 49 LaFayette
Bristol, Goodwin, laborer, bds 32 Pleasant
Brower, Julius, laborer, h 96 Bradford
Brown, Carrie I., bds 58 Pitney
Brown, Edith E., tailoress, bds 58 Pitney
Brown, Edward, car repairer, h 64 Keystone Ave.
Brown, Gabriel, h 58 Pitney
Brown, Ida, dressmaker, bds Pitney
Brown, Lester J., boiler maker, h 58 Pitney
Burch, Addis L., bartender, h 61 Broad Ave.
Burch, Frank R., painter, h 355 S. Fulton
Burch, Lettie L., dressmaker, h 61 Broad Ave.
Burch, Morgan R., laborer, h 61 Broad
Cafferty, James, laborer, bds 14 Henry
Cafferty, Patrick, stone mason, h 14 Henry
Cafferty, Patrick Jr., fireman, bds 14 Henry
Cane, Sarah A. Mrs., h 23 South
Carey, Frank, brakeman, h 13 South
Castimore, Arthur, laborer, bds 323 S. Fulton
Castimore, David, carpenter, h 323 S. Fulton
Castimore, Jennie, bds 323 S. Fulton
Catlin, Rowen, clerk L. V. R. R., h 377 S. Fulton
Chicowski, Joseph, laborer, h 26 South
Clark, Lewis, machinist, h 31 Pleasant
Clark, Thankful, widow William T., h 31 Pleasant
Clarke, DeLafayette, farmer 50, h 31 Elmira
Clohessy, John, laborer, bds Pitney
Clohessy, Michael, h Pitney
Clune, James, bds 16 Warren
Comstock, Alonzo L., carpenter, 372 S. Fulton
Condellia, Thomas, laborer, bds 21 William
Conley, Catharine, clerk, bds 126 Pitney
Conley, John P., laborer, bds 126 Pitney
Conley, Josephine, school teacher, bds 126 Pitney
Conley, Mary, bds 126 Pitney
Conley, Patrick, wheel moulder, h 126 Pitney
Corcoran, Timothy, laborer, h 28 South
Corner, George, laborer, h 133 Bradford
Corner, George A., laborer, bds 133 Bradford
Corner, John H., laborer, h 133 Bradford
Corner, William G., laborer, h 133 Bradford
Corniby, John, laborer, h 4 South
Cortright, Martha Mrs., h 139 Bradford
Cotton, Charles L., laborer, bds 96 Bradford
Cowles, Adelbert C., 2d hand store Waverly, h 12 Warford
Cowles, Mrs., h 30 Pleasant
Crawford, Clarence, laborer, bds 64 Keystone Ave.
Cronin, John, laborer, h Bradford
Crotsley, Abram S., emp. L. V. R. R., h 381 S. Fulton
Crotsley, Nellie, h 381 S. Fulton
Crowley, Michael, car inspector, h 74 Pitney
Culty, Michael, laborer, bds William
Culty, Owen, laborer, h William
Cummings, Julia, bds 10 Ulster
Cummings, Morris, laborer, h 10 Ulster
Cummings, Morris Jr., laborer, bds 10 Ulster
Cunningham, Lizzie, bds 395 S. Fulton
Cunningham, ______, widow Patrick, h 395 S. Fulton
Curran, John, h 6 South
Decker, Eliphalet B., laborer, h 32 Pleasant
Deidrick, William F., engineer L. V. R. R., h 44 Pleasant
Dennis, Nicholas, laborer, h 377 Loder
Dibble, George, laborer, h 6 West
Diltz, Amos S., blacksmith, h 85 Pitney
Diltz, Harry, laborer, bds 85 Pitney
Diltz, Hattie, bds 85 Pitney
Dimmick, Elmer C., carpenter, h 94 Division
Doan, Eliza, widow Benjamin, h r 1 Elmira
Domoleski, Anthony, laborer, h 22 South
Domoleski, Frank, laborer, h 20 South
Dorgan, Joseph, laborer, h 10 Wilcox
Dorgan, Joseph, laborer, bds 10 South
Dorn, Avery, laborer, bds 94 Division
Dorn, Charles, laborer, bds 94 Division
Eccleston, Charlotte Mrs., h 6 Howard
Erdman, John F., car inspector, h 52 Pleasant
Edminster, George W., Justice of Peace, police justice and deputy sheriff, h 102 Bradford
Ellis, Dell C. Mrs., h 397 S. Fulton
Elsbree, Almyra, bds 53 Pitney
Elsbree, Anna, bds 53 Pitney
Elsbree, William, h 53 Pitney
Elston, Ruth, widow Samuel, h 319 S. Fulton
English, David W., barber, bds 332 Penna Ave.
English, George C., machinist, h 332 Penna Ave.
Fahey, Richard D., car inspector, h 374 Loder
Fairchild, Gordon W., clerk L. V. R. R., h 179 Bradford
Fairchild, Ida N., h 179 Bradford
Fairchild, Mary E., h 179 Bradford
Fairchild, Nancy, h 179 Bradford
Falsey, Matthew, laborer, h 54 Warren
Farr, William, laborer, h 12 Ulster
Farr, _____ Mrs., widow John, h 12 Ulster
Ferris, Charles D., engineer L. V. R. R., h 72 Pitney
Ferris, Thomas T., carpenter, h 72 Pitney
Fitzgerald, John T., laborer, h 5 Ulster
Fitzgerald, Mary, stenographer, bds 5 Ulster
Fitzgerald, Robert J., janitor Sayre R. R. office, bds 5 Ulster
Fitzgerald, Sarah E., dressmaker, bds 5 Ulster
Flannagan, Michael, car repairer, bds 1 Center
Fox, Bridget Mrs., h 379 Loder
Frantz, Charles, emp. L. V. R. R., h 375 Penna Ave.
Frantz, Charles F., car inspector, h 53 Reel
Frantz, George A., laborer, bds 375 Penna Ave.
Frantz, John H., laborer, bds 375 Penna Ave.
Frantz, Laura M., bds 375 Penna Ave.
Frantz, Lizzie I., bds 375 Penna Ave.
Fritz, Frank P., boiler maker, h 140 Pitney
Frost, Mary, bds 379 Loder
Frost, Michael J., laborer, h 14 Ulster
Gall, Frank, laborer, h 74 Division
Galligan, Andrew, laborer, bds 21 Elmira
Galligan, Josephine, bds 21 Elmira
Galligan, Rose Mrs., h 21 Elmira
Galligan, Thomas V., laborer, h 16 Warren
Gardner, John B., laborer, h 332 S. Fulton
Garrett, Lillian, school teacher, bds 119 Pitney
Garrett, William, moulder, h 119 Pitney
Gates, Harry B., car repairer, h 226 Bradford
Gates, Helen A. Mrs., h 226 Bradford
Gates, Jennie, h 226 Bradford
Genung, George, laborer, bds Bradford
Genung, Lewis, laborer, bds Bradford
Genung, Sherman A., contractor and builder, manuf. and dealer in doors, sash, dressed and rough lumber, paints, oils and a full line of masons' supplies, 400 Fulton, h 446 do, see adv. page 164
Genung, Solomon A., oil dealer, h Bradford
Genung, William, laborer, bds Bradford
Giles, Clyde, emp. L. V. R. R., h 139 Bradford
Gilfoile, William, bookkeeper, bds 20 Court
Glazier, Joseph B., laborer, h 29 Pleasant
Goodwin, Anna Mrs., h 387 S. Fulton
Gordon, Eugene, cabinetmaker, h 53 Pleasant
Gorman, John, laborer, h 9 Elmira
Gorske, Alex, emp. novelty works, h 18 Bradford
Goulden, Fred, emp. L. V. R. R., h 135 Bradford
Goulden, George W., furniture repairing 394 S. Fulton, h 131 Bradford
Grant, Thomas, laborer, h 2 Keystone Ave.
Gray, David E., laborer, h 62 Keystone Ave.
Greer, J. Frank, engineer L. V. R. R., h 79 Elmira
Griffith, Charles, carpenter, h 36 Keystone Ave.
Griswold, Judson, blacksmith, h 9 Ulster
Griswold, Martha, widow Henry, h 2 Elmira
Griswold, Thomas B., laborer, h 13 Ulster
Guinane, Catharine, bds 14 Wilcox
Guinane, Margaret, bds 14 Wilcox
Guinane, Patrick, car inspector, h 14 Wilcox
Gustino, Samuel, laborer, h 54 Pleasant
Hacker, Fred, emp. L. V. R. R., h 387 S. Fulton
Hagadorn, John W., (Hagadorn & Wheaton) h 59 Pine, Waverly
Hagadorn & Wheaton, (John W. H. & George C. W.) planing mill, Penn Ave.
Hall, Munson, yard conductor, h 70 Division
Hallett, John A., painter and paper hanger, h 141 Pitney
Hancock, Irving, barber, h 72 Division
Hancock, J. Monroe, nurse, bds 72 Division
Hancock, Mary Mrs., bds 72 Division
Hand, David, carpenter, h 98 Division
Hanna, Asa B., laborer, h 38 Pleasant
Hannon, Alice, bds 25 Warren
Hannon, John, laborer, h 25 Warren
Hannon, John P., engine hostler, bds 25 Warren
Hannon, Mary, bds 25 Warren
Hannon, Nellie, school teacher, bds 25 Warren
Harford, Charles, mason, bds 139 Bradford
Hart, Judson D., laborer, h 23 Elmira
Hawthorn, Robert, brakeman L. V. R. R., h 353 S. Fulton
Hay, Griscom, h 49 LaFayette
Hay, Ruth, bds 49 LaFayette
Hay, Tillie, bds 49 LaFayette
Heffron, Fred J., electrician, h 113 Bradford
Hennessy, John, laborer, h 2 South
Hern, Albert, emp. elbow factory, h 325 S. Fulton
Hess, Abens, emp. L. V. R. R., h 383 S. Fulton
Hess, Gotleib, laborer, h 16 Elmira
Hill, Wilson, laborer, bds 348 S. Fulton
Hoff, John W., engineer L. V. R. R., h 46 Pleasant
Hoff, Percy J., clerk, bds 46 Pleasant
Hogan, Edward J., laborer, bds 16 William
Hogan, Thomas, h 16 William
Holford, Edward, mason, h 9 Ulster
House, Ernest, electrical engineer, h 141 Pitney
Howard, Clark, gardener, h 328 S. Fulton
Hoyt, John E., baker, h 331 Penna Ave.
Hudson, Frank, h 11 South
Hulse, William H., meat market 397 S. Fulton, h 22 Coolbaugh
Huntley, Hosea H., h 373 Penna Ave.
Hurley, Daniel, laborer, h 52 Warren
Hurley, Ellen, domestic, bds 374 Loder
Hurley, Ellen, bds 52 Warren
Hurley, John, laborer, bds 52 Warren
Hurley, Timothy, laborer, bds 52 Warren
Hyatt, May, domestic, 349 Penna Ave.
Ingram, Mary L., domestic, bds 23 South
Kalib, Rashid, laborer, h 117 Bradford
Kane, James, laborer, h 33 Warren
Kane, James L., switchman, h 20 Howard
Kane, John, lamplighter, h 20 Howard
Kane, John J., engineer, h 20 Howard
Kane, John Y., brakeman, h 88 Division
Kane, Sarah V., h 20 Howard
Keating, John, h 185 Bradford
Keating, John E., machinist, h 185 Bradford
Keefe, John, yardmaster, h 368 S. Fulton
Kelley, Franklin J., painter, h 391 S. Fulton
Kennedy, John C., engineer L. V. R. R., h 3 Center
King, Lyman D., laborer, bds 84 Elmira
King, Rufus W., laborer, h 84 Elmira
Kitchen, Arthur G., laborer, h 9 Pleasant
Knight, M. Edgar, night operator D. L. & W. depot, h Wilawana
Knise, Edward L., barber, h 376 S. Fulton
Kramer, George A., car inspector, h 375 Penna Ave.
Kunzman, George, laborer, h 9 South

Lamberson, William H., engine hostler, h 66 Keystone Ave.
Lambert, Anna, stenographer, bds 11 Elmira
Lambert, Bridget, widow Richard, h 11 Elmira
Lambert, Francis, brakeman, bds 11 Elmira
Lambert, James, laborer, bds 11 Elmira
Lambert, John, laborer, bds 11 Elmira
LaRock, George, laborer, h 8 Wilcox
Lawn, John C., section foreman, h 12 Center
Leahy, Cornelius, engine wiper, bds 96 Division
Leahy, Jerald, laborer, bds 96 Division
Leahy, John, laborer, h 96 Division
Leahy, Margaret, widow John, h 96 Division
Leary, Daniel, laborer, h 13 Center
Leary, Eugene, laborer, bds 13 Center
Leary, Johanna, widow Allen, bds 13 Center
Leary, Molly, bds 13 Center
Lewis, William W., cigar maker, h 15 South
Ley, John, gardener, h 8 Center
Liddy, James P., laborer, h 26 South
Liddy, Mary Mrs., h 26 South
Limerick, John, carpenter, h 48 Warren
Lockerby, Flossie M., dressmaker, bds 76 Division
Lockerby, George A., brakeman, h 76 Division
Lockerby, Walter A., laborer, bds 76 Division
Lowe, Mary Mrs., h 12 Henry
Lynch, Anna, bds 384 Loder
Lynch, Daniel, laborer, bds 384 Loder
Lynch, Dennis, laborer, bds 384 Loder
Lynch, John, laborer, bds 384 Loder
Lynch, John, laborer, h 51 Reel
Lynch, Patrick, flagman, h 384 Loder
Lyon, Edward O., cabinet maker, h 22 Elmira
Mack, Anna, dressmaker, bds 106 Division
Mack, Elizabeth, clerk, bds 106 Division
Mack, Ellen, bds 106 Division
Mack, John, timekeeper, bds 106 Division
Mack, Margaret, school teacher, bds 106 Division
Mack, Mary, tailoress, bds 106 Division
Mack, Michael, laborer, h 106 Division
Mahaffey, William T., wood finisher, h 45 Pleasant
Manning, Mahlon L., freight handler D., L. & W. R. R., h 53 Pine, Waverly
McArdle, Catharine, h 376 S. Fulton
McArdle, Elizabeth, h 376 S. Fulton
McArdle, Francis M., car repairer, h 1 Center
McAsey, Michael, car repairer, bds 1 Center
McCabe, George, emp. novelty works, h 19 Pleasant
McCarthy, James F., yardmaster Sayre, h 2 Warren
McCarthy, Johanna Mrs., h 95 Bradford
McCarthy, Mary, widow John, h 2 Warren
McCarthy, Thomas, laborer, h 124 Pitney
McGraw, Luke, laborer, h William
McGraw, Michael, laborer, bds William
McInerney, Catharine, domestic, 12 Henry
McMahon, Jerry, car inspector, bds 22 Warren
McMahon, John, blacksmith, h 21 Warren
McMahon, Joseph, laborer, bds 22 Warren
McMahon, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 22 Warren
McMahon, Martin, track foreman, h 22 Warren
McMahon, Thomas, laborer, bds 22 Warren
McMullen, Albion B., laborer, h 348 S. Fulton
McNamara, Daniel J., laborer, bds 8 Ulster
McNamara, Delia A., bds 86 Division
McNamara, Honor Mrs., h 86 Division
McNamara, John, switchman, bds 86 Division
McNamara, Mame C., compositor, h 86 Division
McNamara, Michael M., brakeman, h 86 Division
McNamara, Michael V., laborer, bds 6 Ulster
McNamara, Susan Mrs., h 24 South
McNamara, Thomas, flagman D. L. & W. crossing, h 8 Ulster
Meade, Elizabeth Mrs., h 50 LaFayette
Meade, George H., freight handler, Sayre, h 50 LaFayette
Meade, John F., freight handler, Sayre, bds 50 LaFayette
Merkle, John, druggist, h 41 Pleasant
Merrill, Paul V., painter, h 78 Pitney
Merrill, Richard Nye, machinist, h 137 Pitney
Minnick, John, h 16 South
Moore, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 375 S. Fulton
Moore, Frank, laborer, bds 18 South
Moore, Mary, bds 375 S Fulton
Moore, Thomas J., clerk Sayre R. R. office, h 375 S. Fulton
Mosher, Bertha A., bds 325 A.
Mosher, Daniel C., car repairer, h 325 A.
Mosher, Lena A., bds 325 A.
Mosier, Fred, laborer, h 385 S. Fulton
Muir, James N., principal S. Waverly School, bds 31 Pleasant
Muncey, Alfred, h 8 Center
Munn, Abbie Mrs., h 6 South
Munn, George H., carpenter, h 193 Bradford
Murphy, Ann, bds 45 Warren
Murphy, Cormick, teamster, h 45 Warren
Murphy, Daniel, car repairer, bds 1 Center
Murray, James, switchman, h 378 Loder
Murray, John H., h 398 Penna Ave.
Murray, John H. Jr., (Wheeler & Murray) h 398 Penna Ave.
Myers, David W., carpenter, h 92 Division
Myers, Frank A., slater, h 80 Pitney
Naradowski, Anthony, shoemaker, h 14 South
Newell, Stephen H., agt. Grand Union Tea Co., h 57 Broad Ave.
Nichols, May, bds 54 Pitney
Normoyle, Elizabeth, bds 47 Warren
Normoyle, Frank, switchman, bds 47 Warren
Normoyle, Mary, bds 47 Warren
Normoyle, Matthew, clerk L. V. R. R., bds 47 Warren
Normoyle, Patrick, brakeman D. L. & W. R. R., bds 47 Warren
Normoyle, Patrick, laborer, h 47 Warren
Normoyle, Thomas, yardmaster, bds 47 Warren
Northrup, Emra, laborer, bds 56 Pitney
Northrup, Emra H., grocer, 68 Pitney, h 66 do
Northrup, Eva, bds 81 Pitney
Northrup, Lee R., engineer L. V. R. R., h 56 Pitney
Northrup, Ruth, widow William, h 81 Pitney
O'Ray, Thomas, laborer, h 21 William
Owen, William N., insurance agt., h 357 S. Fulton
Pace, William, emp. L. V. R. R., h 318 Ulster
Park, Charles E., laborer, h 60 Keystone Ave.
Park, Mary Mrs., bds 60 Keystone Ave.
Patterson, William, laborer, h 16 Howard
Payne, Harry A., evangelist, h 379 S. Fulton
Payne, James, laborer, h 59 Broad Ave.
Peloubet, William S., bookkeeper Wheeler & Murray, h Spring, Sayre
Persons, Winfleld M., trav. salesman, h 13 Pleasant
Petowski, William, laborer, h 20 South
Pickley, Edmond, laborer, h 105 Division
Pickley, Edward L., conductor street R'y., bds 105 Division
Pickley, Ellen M., bds 105 Division
Pickley, John W., engineer, bds 105 Division
Pickley, Mary L., clerk, bds 105 Division
Plum, William H., h 43 Pleasant
Post, John, bds 47 Pleasant
Potter, Linden, gardener, h 318 A.
Powers, Ella C., bds 4 Center
Powers, John, h 4 Center
Powers, Michael J., lineman, bds 4 Center
Purtill, Lizzie, bds 80 Pitney
Quick, Charles V., boilermaker, h 349 Penna Ave.
Quick, John V., boilermaker, h 58 Keystone Ave.
Quick, Joseph S., brakeman, h 373 Penna Ave.
Quick, Parshall H., emp. L. V. R. R., h 349 Penna Ave.
Racklyeft, John, laborer, h 6 Howard
Ragan, Anna, bds 8 William
Ragan, Charles, laborer, bds 22 William
Ragan, Frank, laborer, bds 8 William
Ragan, Jerry, engine hostler, h 8 William
Ragan, Michael, laborer, bds 22 William
Ragan, Patrick, constable and collector, h 22 William
Ragan, William, laborer, bds 22 William
Reazor, William N., machinist, h 27 Pleasant
Reigel, Joseph, carpenter, h 42 Pleasant
Relyea, Charles H., emp. L. V. R. R., h 76 Pitney
Rinebold, James U., laborer, h 78 Division
Risk, Nagim, laborer, bds 117 Bradford
Robinson, Rufus N., laborer, h 201 Bradford
Rockwell, William O., brakeman, h 34 William
Root, Frederick A., carpenter, h 374 S. Fulton
Ropp, Henry C., prop. stateline grocery, 399 S. Fulton, h 424 Clark, Waverly
Rumsey, Benjamin, car repairer, h 26 Pleasant
Russell, Charles E., brakeman, h 42 William
Sanders, Charles H., h 369 S. Fulton
Scranton Sand Co., locomotive and building sand, sand beds on line of D. L. & W. and Erie R. R. at Waverly, J. H. Murray Jr., treas.
Seacord, Willie E., carpenter and builder, h 314 S. Fulton
Shaw, Albert C., sewing machine agt., h Pitney
Sheeler, Bertha E., bds 371 S. Fulton
Sheeler, Bert F., clerk, bds 371 S. Fulton
Sheeler, Edward P., laborer, bds 371 S. Fulton
Sheeler, George, laborer, h 371 S. Fulton
Sickler, Edwin, basket maker, bds 228 Bradford
Sickler, Lathan G., basket maker, h 228 Bradford
Sickler, Nettie, basket maker, bds 228 Bradford
Sinsabaugh, Charles, laborer, h 56 Keystone Ave.
Sinsabaugh, Lewis, laborer, h 54 Keystone Ave.
Sly, Lizzie M., bds 12 Warford
Sly, Marietta Mrs., h 12 Warford
Sly, Walter B., laborer, h 12 Warford
Smith, Adelbert L., carpenter, h 21 Pleasant
Smith, Elbert A., clerk Sayre Bank, bds 354 S. Fulton
Smith, Ellen, emp. silk mill, bds 21 Pleasant
Smith, Elton W., laborer, bds 354 S. Fulton
Smith, Elvira, dressmaker, bds 335 Penna Ave.
Smith, George W., laborer, h 230 Bradford
Smith, James H., operator D. L. & W. depot, h 3 N. Chemung
Smith, Levi P., lumber inspector, h 354 S. Fulton
Smith, Volney J., laborer, h 230 Bradford
Soper, Frank, carpenter, bds 38 Pleasant
Splann, Richard, car repairer, h 379 Loder
Springer, Delbert P., carpenter, h 319 S. Fulton
Springer, Orlano E., carpenter, h 45 Pitney
Stemberg, Jacob Jr., mason, h r 22 Elmira
Storms, John W., farmer, h Elmira
Storms, Martin H., farmer, h Elmira
Stroman, William A., yard conductor, h 138 Pitney
Struhm, Adeline, bds 50 Pleasant
Struhm, Elizabeth, bds 50 Pleasant
Struhm, John, car inspector, h 50 Pleasant
Struhm, John H., fireman, bds 50 Pleasant
Stuart, Robert, barber, 389 S. Fulton, h do
Sullivan, Cornelius, h 386 Loder
Sullivan, Michael, laborer, h 128 Bradford
Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, h William
Swain, Lester, groceries and provisions, flour and feed, 401 Fulton, h 47 Pleasant
Sweeney, Daniel F., lineman, h 20 Court
Sweeney, Timothy, emp. gas works, bds 20 Court
Taber, John, conductor, h 102 Division
Targoszynski, Stanislaus, tailor, h 115 Bradford
Thompson, John B., foreman Sayre carpenter shop, h 14 Center
Tillman, Peter, painter, h 59 Broad Ave.
Tilton, Isaac S., freight clerk D. L. & W. depot, h Waverly, N.Y.
Van Atta, Alfred, emp. Sayre shops, h 54 Pitney
Van Gorder, Burr, car inspector, bds 135 Pitney
Van Gorder, Calvin E., laborer, h 19 Elmira
Van Gorder, Daniel, laborer, h 135 Pitney
Van Gorder, Jemima Mrs., h 2 Elmira
Verbeck, Charles J., bookkeeper 400 Fulton, h 335 Penna Ave.
Voorhees, Minnie, widow Stephen, bds 14 Ulster
Wallace, Addie A., bds 325 Ulster
Wallace, Alfred H., carpenter, h 325 Ulster
Walsh, Michael, laborer, h 57 Reel
Warren, John, h 22 Elmira
Warren, Michael, laborer, h 10 William
Warren, Minnie T., bds 37 Warren
Warren, Patrick, laborer, bds 10 William
Warren, Thomas, laborer, bds 10 William
Warren, Thomas, conductor L. V. R. R., h 37 Warren
Waters, Edward, marble cutter, h 7 Center
Waters, Fannie, h 7 Center
Watson, Andrew, bds 10 Keystone Ave.
Watson, Catherine Mrs., h 10 Keystone Ave.
Webster, G. Washington, bds 8 Howard
Webster, Leroy D., clerk, bds 8 Howard
Webster, M. Delmar, machinist, h 8 Howard
Welch, John F., section foreman, h 14 Court
Welch, Josephine, clerk, bds 14 Court
Welch, Margaret, tailoress, bds 14 Court
Werner, Frederick, car inspector, h 353 Penna Ave.
Westbrook, Alice D. Mrs., h 393 S. Fulton
Wheaton, George C., (Hagadorn & Wheaton) h 62 Clinton Ave., Waverly
Wheeler, Earl S., (Wheeler & Murray) station and ticket agt. D. L. & W. depot, h 252 Waverly
Wheeler & Murray, (Earl S. W. and John H. M.) coal and wood, Penna Ave.
White, Patrick, laborer, h 120 Pitney
White, Phena, h 43 Pleasant
Wickham, Harry D., wood carver, h 11 Ulster
Wolbert, Eleanor Mrs., h 141 Pitney
Wolf, George, laborer, bds 55 Pleasant
Wolf, John, laborer, h 55 Pleasant
Wolff, William W., laborer, h Pitney
Woodworth, William H., laborer, h 22 Elmira
Young, Anna Mrs., h 4 West
Zoltowski, Tony, laborer, bds 14 South
Zoltowski, Anthony F., tailor, bds 7 Elmira
Zoltowski, Anthony, shoemaker, h 15 Elmira
Zoltowski, Alex, tailor, h 7 Elmira

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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