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1900 Bradford County Directory
Columbia Township
Transcribed and Submitted by Ruth Decker 
and Patty DECKER Shumway

Fairy Club Fungi
Photo by the late Warred D. Nash

1900 Columbia Township Directory

Postoffice address Columbia, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Adams, Benjamin F., (Columbia X Roads) r 31 ½, 25 sheep, farmer 100

Adams, Oliver A., (Sylvania) r 59, laborer

Adams, William H., (Sylvania) r 59, stone mason

Alger, Effie A., (Altus) r 46 cor 51, postmaster

Ameigh, Abram, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Andrus, Nellie E., (Columbia X Roads) r 27, teacher of piano, organ, mandolin, banjo and voice

Andrus, Ward C., (Austinville) r 27, laborer

Aspinwall, Isaac S., (Austinville) wagon repairer and farmer 130, Main

Atwood, Leon M., (Sylvania) r 52 cor 52 ½, wool grower, 100 sheep, farmer, leases of J. H. Morgan of Elmira, N.Y., 112

Austin, George W., (Austinville) r 38, laborer

Austinville Co-Operative Creamery Co., (Columbia X Roads) r 36, manufs. of gilt edge creamery butter, put up in all styles to suit customers, Gabe C. Besley pres., O.B. Besley sec., Albert M. Carroll mgr., Geo. C. Cornell, butter maker

Austinville Hotel, (Austinville) Lyman McClure propr., Main

Avery, Denike, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Avery, Jay E., (Columbia X roads) r 31, laborer

Ayers, Paul, (Austinville) r 21, farmer, leases of John Benson Jr. 100

Bailey, Bert E., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Bailey, J. Dell, (Snedekerville) r 9, laborer

Baker, Franklin C., (Austinville) farmer 115, Main

Baker, Jesse F., (Virtus) r 11, laborer

Ballard, Charles H., (Sylvania) r 47, cor 51, assessor, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle and Hampshire sheep, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Barrett, George L., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Benedict, Edwin D., (Austinville) r 42, apiarist 60 colonies, dairy 10 cows, farmer 125

Benson, Charles H., (Austinville) r 21 cor 20, apiarist 87 colonies, farmer 175, and in Rutland, Tioga Co., 100

Benson, George S., (Troy) r 50, dairy 11 cows, farmer 87

Benson, James G., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Benson, John, (Columbia X Roads) r 18 ½, farmer 160

Benson, Willard, (Austinville) r 21 cor 20, farmer

Bentley, Thurston, (Columbia X Roads) r 45, farmer 75

Berry, Fred E., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Berry, Horace J., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, painter and paper hanger, dealer in wall paper, h and lot

Besley, Barbara, (Mrs. O.W.) (Austinville) r 27, dairy 11 cows, farmer 104

Besley, Gabe C., (Columbia X Roads) r 36 cor 28, agent for carriages, platform and lumber wagons, D. M. Osborne binders, reapers, mowers, &c, farmer 180

Besley, George N., (Columbia X Roads) r 25, agent for engines, saw mills &c, farmer 140

Besley, Hattie M., (Columbia X Roads) r 26 cor 28, widow John

Besley, John, (Columbia X Roads) r 26, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 23 cows, farmer 215

Besley Oliver B., (Columbia X Roads) r 37, Justice of the Peace, breeder of Jersey cattle reg., dairy 12 cows, wool grower, 50 sheep, sec. Austinville Co-Operative Creamery Co., farmer 150

Besley, Orr W., (Austinville) r 27, farmer

Besley William W., (Columbia X roads) r 35, stock dealer

Billings, Angeline, (Austinville) widow Charles, farmer 10, Main

Bixby, Floyd E., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Blake, John Sr., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, section foreman N.C.

Blake, Patrick, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Blake, William H., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, school teacher and telegraph operator

Bowers, Jacob H., (Columbia X Roads) r 48, laborer, h and lot

Bradford, Burton P., (Sylvania) r 58, breeder of Belgian hares

Bradford, Daniel, (Sylvania) r 53, breeder of thoroughbred Durham cattle, barred and white Plymouth Rock fowls, dairy 28 cows, wool grower, 100 sheep, farmer 192

Bradford, Fred D., (Sylvania) r 53, farmer 80

Bradford, Floyd I., (Sylvania) r 58, farmer, son of W.H.

Bradford, George D., (Sylvania) r 53, son of F. D., wool grower, 34 sheep

Bradford, William H., (Sylvania) r 58, town commissioner, dairy 10 cows, wool grower, 40 sheep, farmer 100

Brown, Arthur S., (Columbia X Roads) r 48 cor 47, son of E. D.

Brown, Eben D., (Columbia X Roads) r 48 cor 47, house and carriage painter, paper hanger and farmer 14

Brown, Edward H., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, dealer in coal, surveyor, farmer in Wells 72

Brown, Henry, (Austinville) r 37, gardener and farmer 5

Brown, Samuel B., (Austinville) blacksmith and wagon maker, fine horse shoeing a specialty

Buchanan, Abram, (Austinville) r 19, wool grower, 80 sheep, farmer 150

Buchanan, Irvin, (Austinville) r 19, owner of steam threshing machine, farmer with Abram

Buck, Thomas B., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, retired physician

Budd, Albion, (Austinville) r 19, farmer, leases of Mrs. D. Austin, of Elmira 130

Budd, Stephen F., (Austinville) r 24, dairy 6 cows, farmer 75

Bullock, Alton H., (Altus) r 46, school director, dairy 5 cows, farmer 85

Bullock, Furman W., (Altus) r 46, wool grower, 30 sheep, farmer 85

Burley, Robert H., (Altus) r 51, breeder of registered Durham cattle, registered Shropshire sheep, dairy 9 cows, wool grower, 60 sheep, farmer 142

Burley, Walter R., (Altus) r 51, soldier in 13th Reg. Heavy Artillery

Calkins, Sarah T., (Troy) r 50, widow Benjamin, farmer 100

Campbell Byron, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Campbell, Joseph B., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Canedy, Elizabeth, (Austinville) widow Milo, Main

Canedy, John, (Sylvania) r 67, dairy 10 cows, 100 sheep and farmer 196

Canedy, William, (Sylvania) r 67, steam thresher and ensilage cutter, farmer

Canfield, Daniel, (Austinville) r 41, propr. Canfield Homestead farm settled in 1800, farmer 200

Canfield, William D., (Austinville) r 41, breeder of registered Hampshiredown sheep and full blood Durham cattle, dairy 6 cows, farmer 40 and on shares for Daniel 200

Card, Helen, (Sylvania) r 60, widow Anson, farmer 6

Card, Margaret R., (Sylvania) r 60, widow G. M., dairy 6 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 75

Card, Ray, (Columbia X Roads) r 25 cor 15, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for L. Budd 170

Card, Walter T., (Sylvania) r 60, farmer 85

Carnright, Edmund C., (Columbia X Roads) r 46, 40 sheep, farmer 120, owned by wife

Case, Bernard (Sylvania) r 54, laborer

Case, Bernard E., (Sylvania) r 43, farmer

Case, William P., (Sylvania) r 43, farmer, leases of Mial Watkins 100

Columbia and Wells Baptist Church, (Coryland) r 4, Rev. S.G. Brunadge of Rutland, Tioga Co., pastor

Comfort, Cyrus S., (Virtus) r 12, farmer on shares for Mrs. Maria Hammond 150

Comfort, Warren, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Comfort, William M., (Columbia X Roads) r 31, watch repairer and gardener

Cooper, Alonzo, (Columbia X Roads) r 45, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for H. Furman 100

Corey, Leman, (Altus) r 51, mgr. Elmwood Stock farm for D.F. Pomeroy of Troy, dairy 16 cows, farmer 113

Cornell, Albert M., (Altus) r 44, farmer with A. M.

Cornell, Alvah M., (Altus) (F. P. & A. M. Cornell) r 44, dairy 12 cows, farmer 130

Cornell, F. P. & A. M., (Sylvania) r 52 and 44, breeders of registered Ayrshire cattle 40 head and Berkshire swine

Cornell, Frederick P., (Sylvania) (F. P. & A. M. Cornell) dairy 12 cows, farmer 98

Cornell, George C., (Columbia X Roads) r 36, butter maker and Asst. Mgr. Austinville Cooperative Creamery Co., job printer and agent for Empire Cream Separators

Cornell, Henry S., (Sylvania) r 52, son of F. P.

Cornell, Ransom K., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, breeder of registered Jersey cattle, dairy 20 cows, 45 sheep, farmer on shares for Abraham Fries 270

Cornish, John, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Coughlin, John T., (Coryland) r 15, dairy 18 cows and farmer, leases of James Holten of Rutland, Tioga Co., 200

Courtney, Perry E., (Sylvania) r 54, farmer

Courtney, William, (Sylvania) r 54, dairy 20 cows, 100 sheep, farmer 75 and with wife 225

Cowan, John, (Sylvania) r 67, farmer 200

Cowl, Merton H., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, dairy 15 cows and farmer 196

Crandall, Arthur, (Sylvania) r 57, laborer

Crapser, Fred, (Austinville) r 27, laborer

Crippen, Florence, (Austinville) widow Alonzo, Main

Cumming, Orlando, (Austinville) blacksmith and farmer on shares for T. Colny of Troy 50, Main cor Bee

Dan, Benjamin L., (Sylvania) r 55, blacksmith and farmer

Dan, Caroline Mrs., (Sylvania) r 58, resident

Dan, Ezra W., (Sylvania) r 58, dairy 8 cows, farmer 143

Davis, Fred (Austinville) r 38 cor 39, farmer

Dillen, Charles, (Austinville) laborer, h Bee

Dilts, Isaac N., (Troy) r 50, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Chester Campbell of Troy 93

Eaton, Clarence, (Columbia X Roads) r 35, dealer in bones and farmer 75

Eaton, Darius, (Austinville) farmer 34, h Main

Edsall, Lewis C., (Austinville) r 15, dairy 20 cows, farmer 300

Everts, Charles, (Covert, Tioga Co.,) r 2, farmer 120

Fairbanks, Harry, (Austinville) r 26, dairy 9 cows, 50 sheep and farmer, leases of Morris Fairbanks of Elmira 225

Ferguson, Byron, (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Ferguson, Grant, (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Ferguson, Uriah, (Austinville) resident, h Main

First Baptist Church, (Austinville) Rev. W. H. Porter, pastor, Main

Fitzgerald, Michael, (Snedekerville) off r 11 ½, trackman N.C. Ry

Fraley, Frank, (Altus) r 52, dairy 6 cows, 60 sheep and farmer 100

Fries, Abraham, (Columbia X Roads) r 36, wool grower, 60 sheep and farmer 420

Furman, Charles, (Columbia X Roads) r 35, farmer

Furman, Finley, (Furman & Palmer) (Austinville) postmaster and farmer 160, h Mansfield, Pa.

Furman, James, (Austinville) r 17, farmer

Furman & Palmer, (F. F. & C. B. P.) (Austinville) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, hats and caps, &c, public telephone, Main

Furman Walter P., (Austinville) r 17, dairy 12 cows and farmer with Eva M. 75

Garrison, Herman D., (Austinville) r 44, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Gatens, Thomas, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Gates, George L., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, dairy 9 cows and farmer 90

Gates, George W., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, farmer 100

Gee, Richard S., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Gee, Samuel W., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, farmer 30

Gernert, Betsey A., (Austinville) widow Raymond, h Main

Gernert, Charles H., (Columbia X Roads) r 49 cor 35, h r 35, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, &c, hay, grain, feed and produce, breeder of registered Shropshire and Hampshire sheep 100 head, and Shetland ponies, farmer 180

Gernert, Charles W., (Columbia X Roads) r 34, farmer with J. P.

Gernert, Fanny E., (Columbia X Roads) r 34 cor 31, school teacher

Gernert, Grace C., (Columbia X Roads) r 34 cor 31, school teacher

Gernert, James H., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, student

Gernert, John P., (Columbia X Roads) r 34, breeder of pure bred game fowls, dairy 9 cows, 150 sheep and farmer 250

Gernert, Stephen C., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, farmer, leases of Frank Pierce of Troy 100

Gernert, Stephen G., (Columbia X Roads) r 34 cor 33, farmer 200

Gernert, William A. (Columbia X Roads) r 49, breeder and dealer in road horses, Chester White hogs, fancy game fowls and Bronze turkeys, dairy 9 cows and farmer 165

Gernert, William E., (Columbia X Roads) r 34 cor 31, breeder of Bronze turkeys, Pekin ducks, barred and white Plymouth Rock fowls, black Langshan, buff Leghorn and Golden Seabright bantam fowls, strawberry grower and farmer 200

Gernert, William H., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, retired farmer

Gladding, Charles E., (Altus) r 46 cor 51, mail carrier from Altus to Columbia X Roads via Austinville, 60 sheep and farmer 180

Gonzales, Oliver W., (Snedekerville) r 11, soldier in Co. C 8th Regt. Heavy Artillery

Grinnell, Stowell E., (Troy) r 50, dairy 10 cows, 30 sheep and farmer on shares for Mrs. Sarah T. Calkins 100

Gustin, William T. (Virtus) r 25, breeder and dealer in registered Jersey cattle of S.V. Lambert stock 10 head, fruit grower 400 apple trees, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150

Hagar, Cola F., (Sylvania) r 68, farmer, leases of Mrs. Holcomb 125

Hagar, William M., (Sylvania) r 64, fairy 9 cows, apiarist 40 colonies, breeder of fancy Plymouth Rock fowls and Bronze turkeys, propr. steam threshing machine with M. E. Hagar, farmer 124 owned by wife

Hager, Charles B., (Sylvania) r 63, son of M.C., machinist

Hager, Frank M., r 63, son of M. C.

Hager Martin C., (Sylvania) r 63, agent for Tucker fertilizer, dairy 11 cows and farmer 175

Hager, Percival (Sullivan, Tioga Co.) r 68, farmer 40 and 30 owned by wife

Haight, Alexander (Austinville) r 43, laborer

Hall, George M., (Austinville) carpenter and wagon maker, h Bee

Hall, Levi L., (Austinville) carpenter, h Bee

Hammond, Albert B., (Coryland) r 4 ½, farmer on shares for Lewis Edsall 100

Hardy, George W., (Sylvania) r 66, soldier in Co. D 132d Regt. Pa. Vols., farmer 100

Hartman, Charles P., (Austinville) r 17 cor 3, propr. steam threshing machine with F. W., dairy 11 cows and farmer, leases of Elizabeth Hartman of Big Flats N.Y. 200

Hartman, Fred W., (Austinville) r 17 cor 3, propr. portable saw mill and steam thresher with C. P. Hartman

Haven, Charles F., (Austinville) off r 20, son of S. E.

Haven, Dauphin C., (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Haven, Seth E., (Austinville) off r 20, dairy 20 cows, stock grower, farmer 171

Hazzard, William, (Snedekerville) r 9, laborer

Hilfiger, Oscar J., (Coryland) r 4, farmer on shares for E. Everett 150

Hodge, Philip, (Columbia X Roads) r 26, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for G. C. Besley 180

Howland, Charles M., (Austinville) r 24, dairy 18 cows, farmer on shares for T. Colony of Troy 180

Howland, Hermon, (Columbia X Roads) r 35, laborer

Howland, Marcus E., (Columbia X Roads) r 32, farmer on shares for Lizzie McClelland of Troy 80

Hulbert, John, (Columbia X Roads) r 40, laborer

Hulslander, Thomas J., (Rutland, Tioga Co.) r 2, stone and brick mason, dairy 11 cows, farmer, leases of B. F. Webber of Troy 175

Hulslander, William E., (Austinville) r 42, propr. steam threshing machine with A. B. Wilson, dairy 5 cows, farmer on shares for E. S. Hulslander 85

Hulburt, Norman H., (Columbia X Roads) r 32, laborer

Ingales, Mary A., (Austinville) widow Benjamin, h Main

Johnson, John S., (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Joralemon, Charles W., (Columbia X Roads) r 11, farmer 230

Joralemon, Hosea W., (Columbia X Roads) r 11, agent for carriages and wagons, dairy 16 cows, 60 sheep, farmer on shares for C. W. Joralemon 230

Joralemon, Ransler W., (Columbia X Roads) r 11, laborer

Judson, Samuel E., (Austinville) r 20, laborer

Judson, Soloman, (Austinville) r 18, resident

Keane, Patrick, (Snedekerville) r 9, section foreman N.C. Ry

Kennedy, Earl, (Columbia X Roads) r 28, farmer

Kerrick, Darce, (Austinville) son of S. C., bds Bee

Kerrick, Samuel C., (Austinville) apiarist 19 colonies, soldier in Co. D 188th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol., farmer 5, h bee

Keyes, Alden, (Sylvania) r 53, carpenter and builder, farmer 25

Keyes, Jennett C., (Sylvania) r 54, dairy 5 cows, sheep grower 45, farmer 65

Keyes, Lillian S., (Sylvania) r 52 ½, widow William C., dressmaker

Keyes, William, (Sylvania) r 52 ½, breeder thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer 50

King, Lillian E., (Columbia X Roads) r 34, school teacher

King, Lucinda M., (Columbia X Roads) r 34, widow J. C., h and lot

King, Zephiah J., (Sylvania) r 66, dealer in lumber and shingles, dairy 6 cows and farmer 107

Knapp, Dennis D., (Sylvania) r 50, soldier in Co. M., 50th Reg. N.Y. Vol. Engineers, resident, age 80

Knapp, Hattie, (Coryland) r 4, widow Edson R., dairy 11 cows and farmer 94

Knapp, Ira, (Austinville) r 18, veterinary surgeon and farmer 83

Knapp, Owen W., (Coryland) r 4, farmer

Knapp, Selwyn D., (Sylvania) r 50, dairy 7 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 88 and in Canton 63

Konkle, Elmer P., (Snedekerville) off r 11 ½, sawyer

Lee, Albert S., (Sylvania) r 67, school director, farmer 40

Lee, Charles N., (Sylvania) r 67, photographer and farmer

Lee, Joseph C., (Sylvania) r 67, farmer

Leggett, Charles R., (Columbia X Roads) r 18 ½, laborer

Lilley, Florence, (Altus) r 51, resident

Lilley, Lafrance, (Altus) r 51, resident

Ludington, John G., (Columbia X Roads) r 29, town commissioner, breeder of Durham cattle, wool grower, 15 sheep, farmer, leases of Andrew B. Moore 400

Mason, Catherine M., (Columbia X Roads) r 31, widow Samuel

Mason, Judd H., (Virtus) r 12, dairy 16 cows and farmer on shares for Harry Chase of Troy 200

Mason, S. Smith, (Columbia X Roads) r 31, farmer

McClelland Sidney, (Columbia X Roads) r 35, dealer in poultry

McClure, Bert, (Snedekerville) r 7, dairy 10 cows, 100 sheep, farmer, works on shares for Mrs. Electa 374

McClure, Dean H., (Virtus) r 13, farmer with Mrs. Electa

McClure, Electa, (Virtus) widow Alfred A., postmaster, dairy 14 cows and farmer 225

McClure, Lyman, (Austinville) collector and constable, propr. Austinville Hotel, Main, served in Co. A 207th Pa. Vol. Infantry

McConnell, Newberry, (Rutland, Tioga Co.) r 18 ½, laborer

McDowell, Mark A., (Sylvania) r 55, farmer 100

McKean, Nancy, (Troy) r 50, widow James C., farmer 100

McLane, Holden C., (Coryland) r 5, farmer 150

Melville Alice, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, widow Michael

Merritt, Hugh D., (Sylvania) r 54, (Rockwell & Merritt Bros. of Sylvania)

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Austinville) Rev. Daniel Stoker of Roseville pastor, Main

Mills, Edward E., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, fireman at saw mill

Monro, John F., (Sylvania) r 60, breeder of thoroughbred poultry, 20 varieties; specials: black Langshans, buff, white and partridge Cochins, white Polish, black breasted red Games, golden Seabright and buff pecan Bantams, Peacocks, Guineas, Toulouse geese, turkeys, &c

Montanye, Elmer W., (Austinville) r 38, laborer

Montanye, Hannah, (Austinville) widow Isaiah, h Main

Moore, Andrew B., (Austinville) farmer 600, h Main

Moore, George C., (Columbia X Roads) r 25, dairy 18 cows, 90 sheep and farmer 207, owned by Andrew B.

Morning Side Farm, (Sylvania) r 60, Fred W. Card of Kingston, R. I, propr., fruit and nursery a specialty, breeding of registered Guernsey cattle

Morrell, Peter F., (Columbia X Roads) r 33, dairy 18 cows and farmer on shares for Mrs. Christina Strong, 150

Mosher, Cornelius H., (Columbia X roads) r 11, dairy 24 cows and farmer on shares for Wells estate, 250

Mosher, Nelson D., (Sylvania) r 67, farmer 38

Mosher, William G., (Sylvania) r 60, breeder Belgian hares and farmer

Murray, Jason D., (Columbia X Roads) r 31, dairy 12 cows and farmer with Mrs. Julia E. Whitney, 96

Nelson, Robert, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, trackman N.C. Ry

Nelson, Robert, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Nenninger, Elmer B., (Columbia X Roads) off r 45, dairy 14 cows and farmer on shares for C. Peckhan 130

Newbury, John L., (Columbia X Roads) r 31 ½, farmer 54

Olds, Mahala, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, widow W. H.

Olds, Silas E., (Snedekerville r 11 ½, laborer

Olds, Willard C., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, laborer

Palmer, Clarence B., (Austinville) (Furman & Palmer) assistant postmaster, h Main

Park, Thomas O., (Snedekerville) r 9, laborer

Park, William E., (Snedekerville) r 9, laborer

Parmenter, Frank, (Snedekerville) off r 10, laborer

Parsons, Mahlon S., (Columbia X Roads) off r 34, dairy 8 cows and farmer 75

Peaslee, Mary A., (Sylvania) r 67, widow Thomas, farmer 64

Peckham, Clarence E., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, propr. saw, feed and planing mill, wood and iron turning, machine work, dealer in lumber, shingles, grain and feed, manufacturing and repairing lumber wagons, and well drilling

Preston, Eben L., (Columbia X roads) r 49, h 35, general blacksmith and wagon repairer

Preston, Elmer, (Austinville) r 42, farmer

Preston, Etta Mrs., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, milliner

Price, Edmund D., (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Public Telephone Pay Station, (Austinville) Furman & Palmer mgrs., Main

Putman, Merton, (Sylvania) r 54, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for Orrin L. McCollum of Troy, 85

Rice, Jervis B., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, agt. for Martindale common sense fence, town and farm rights for sale, farmer

Richards, Abner, (Austinville) blacksmith, h Mill

Ripley, Alfred W., (Sylvania) r 65, laborer

Rockwell, Abraham L., (Columbia X Roads) r 48, dairy 19 cows, stock grower, 50 sheep, farmer, leases of Samuel Pomoroy estate of Troy, 186

Rockwell, Henry L., (Columbia X Roads) r 18 ½, live stock dealer and farmer 250

Rolson, Philip, (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Rolson, Sally A., (Austinville) widow Enoch, h Main

Rosa, Bert M., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, laborer

Rothwell, Alice, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, widow Robert

Rutan, Henry, (Virtus) r 14, dairy 12 cows and farmer on shares for T. Gustin, 120

Rutan, Lonnie, (Virtus) r 14, farmer

Ryan, Edward S., (Snedekerville) r 9, farmer 200, owned by Jeremiah of Syracuse, N.Y.

Sargeant, Royal L., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, mechanic

Schwenk, Henry, (Austinville) resident, h Main

Seeley, Lewis, (Austinville) r 21, farmer 100

Seymour, Clayton H., (Austinville) r 21, dairy 17 cows, farmer on shares for C. H. Benson 150

Seymour, William, (Snedekerville) r 7, trackman N.C. Ry

Shaddick, Ervin D., (Sylvania) r 56, farmer 70

Shaw, Charles P., (Austinville) r 42, master of Columbia Grange, No 83, dairy 13 cows, farmer 108

Shaw, Lewis P., (Sylvania) r 51, farmer on shares for S. G. Shaw of Mansfield, Tioga Co. 56

Shaylor, Charles E., (Austinville) r 43, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Lydia Knapp of Troy 240

Sherman, David B., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, propr. Orchard Side farm, teacher of vocal music, dairy 10 cows, 40 sheep, grower of Gold Coin winter wheat and Sensation oats; farmer with son W. E. 180

Sherman, Francis P., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, mason

Sherman, Samuel W., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, carpenter and builder, mason

Sherman, Stephen D., (Columbia X roads) r 49, laborer

Sherman, Victor A., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Sherman, Wesley E., (Columbia X Roads) r 47, farmer with D.B. 180

Sims, Frank E., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, farmer

Sims, William R., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, Second Lieut. in Comp. C, 7 Reg. Pa. Cavalry, bean grower 10, tobacco grower 3, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, agent for Clark Cove fertilizers, high grade, and New American seeders, farmer 190

Smith, Chauncey W., (Columbia X Roads) agent Martindale Common Sense Rail and Wire Fence in Columbia and Troy townships

Smith, Clarence E., (Snedekerville) r 9, trackman N.C. Ry

Smith, Cola L., (Sullivan, Tioga Co.) r 58, 30 sheep, farmer 145

Smith, Linus, (Columbia X Roads) r 45, farmer 45

Smith, Nathan, (Columbia X Roads) r 34, laborer

Smith, Warren, (Austinville) propr. saw, shingle, cider and feed mills, farmer 8, h Mill

Snedeker, Augustus E., (Snedekerville) r 10 (Snedeker & Mitchell) lumberman

Snedeker, Eliza Mrs., (Snedekerville) r 9, apiarist 100 colonies

Snedeker & Mitchell, (Snedekerville) r 9, (A. E. S. & C. W. Mitchell of Troy) manuf. and dealers in lumber, shingles, lath, etc. and farmers 450

Snedeker, William H., (Snedekerville) r 9,.postmaster, stock grower, farmer 650

Snedeker, William H. Jr., (Snedekerville) r 9, station agent N.C. Ry, asst. postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, flour, feed and coal, agent for high-grade fertilizers, celery grower 35, farmer 150

Soper, Edson L., (Columbia X Roads) r 18, propr. portable saw mill, lumber dealer, dairy 30 cows, farmer 400

Soper, Lewis, (Austinville) r 40 cor 38, soldier in Co. D, 16 Reg. Pa Cavalry, dairy 7 cows, farmer 65

Stage, Gordon S., (Coryland) r 18, farmer on shares for John Beaman of Troy 150

Stevens, Horace, (Sylvania) r 66, carpenter and builder

Stevens, Philander G., (Sylvania) r 54, dairy 10 cows, 100 sheep and farmer 200

Strange, Burt R., (Sylvania) r 59, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Laura 100

Strange, Laura, (Sylvania) r 59, widow of Ezekiel, farmer 100

Strong, Christiana, (Columbia X Roads) r 33, widow James P., farm 130

Strong, Foster R., (Columbia X roads) r 49, agent with James H. for Deering Harvesting machinery

Strong, James H., (Columbia X Roads) r 44 n 35, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, hay, grain, produce, brick, cement, agent with Foster R. for Deering harvesting machinery, farmer 122

Strong, John E., (Snedekerville) r 9, head sawyer in saw mill

Struble, James, (Austinville) r 38, farmer, son of Robert

Struble, Jesse, (Austinville) r 38, farmer, son of Robert

Struble, Robert, (Austinville) r 38, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for Frank Baker 119

Struble, James H., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, agent for Judge Walter Lloyd Smith of Elmira for Fanny B. Welles estate, and farmer 140

Struble, John M., (Austinville) soldier in Co. G., 171st Pennsylvania volunteers, blacksmith and horseshoer, agt. for Syracuse plows and Perry harrows; prop Martindale’s common sense fence for Tioga Co. Pa., with E. Audrus, Main h do

Struble, Richard M., (Columbia X Roads) r 27 cor 26, dairy 12 cows, farmer on shares for J. H. Struble 150

Swayze, Alden Jr., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, town clerk, manuf. waterproof advertising signs and job printer

Swayze, Alden, (Columbia X Roads) r 35, farmer in Wells 80

Sweet, Dummer, (Austinville) r 22, farmer, son R. A.

Sweet, Merville H., (Austinville) r 20, breeder of grade Durham cattle and Poland China hogs, dairy 12 cows and farmer 115

Sweet, Richmond A., (Austinville) r 22, dairy 10 cows and farmer 86

Tanner, Amos J., (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Taylor, Geo. F. and Son, (Sylvania) r 50, (G. F. of Troy and M. H. T.) breeders of Poland China and Chester White swine, grade Holstein cattle, dairy 35 cows, farmers 200

Taylor, Maynard H., (Sylvania) r 50,.(George H. Taylor and Son)

Teeter, Charles, (Austinville) 66 sheep and farmer 75, Main

Teeter, Ernest L., (Austinville) propr. cold storage plant capacity 100,000 doz. eggs, 1,000 tubs butter, dealer in butter, eggs, produce, etc., Main

Telephone Pay Station, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, James H. Strong, mgr.

Tinkham, Clark, (Sylvania) r 54, farmer

Tinkham, Lydia, (Sylvania) r 54, widow Samuel P.

Thrall, Eugene J., (Sylvania) r 52 ½, Justice of the Peace, auctioneer, propr. cider mill and vinegar manuf. and farmer 12

Thrall, James E., (Sylvania) r 52 ½, school teacher, agent for life and accident insurance and collector for mercantile houses

Union Church (Columbia X Roads) r 35, M.E. and Presbyterian, Rev. L. Eastwood M. E. and A. G. Cameron Presbyterian, pastors

Utter, William L., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, laborer

Van Curen, Jesse, (Austinville) r 21, farmer on shares for Mrs. Susan Stickler 85

Van Horn, Benjamin, (Austinville) r 24, laborer, h and lot

Van Horn, Henry J., (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Vargelito, John, (Columbia X Roads) trackman N. C. R. R.

Vickery, William J., (Columbia X Roads) r 35 h do, station agent N.C. Ry., telegraph operstor and agent Adams Ex. Co.

Walker, Alfred B., (Rutland, Tioga Co.) dairy 20 cows, farmer 125

Ward, Frank, (Columbia X Roads) r 48, laborer

Ward, Guy C., (Columbia X Roads) r 35, trackman on N.C. Ry.

Ward, James, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer

Ward, Samuel, (Columbia X Roads) r 48, carpenter

Warner, Alvin J., (Virtus) r 5, dairy 14 cows and farmer 150

Warner, Burt, (Virtus) r 5, son of Nelson

Warner, Carroll B., (Virtus) r 5 farmer

Warner, J. Edsall, (Virtus) r 5, propr. cider mill and farmer 134

Warner, Nelson, (Virtus) r 5, dairy 14 cows and farmer 120

Watkins, Burt L., (Columbia X Roads) r 37, dairy 23 cows, 100 sheep and farmer 300

Watkins, Danforth H., (Sylvania) r 43, dairy 15 cows and farmer, leases of Mrs. Holcomb of Troy 100

Watkins, Fred B., (austinville) r 43, dairy 8 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 70 and 42 owned by wife

Watkins, Horace B., (Austinville) carpenter, Main

Watkins, Joel R., (Austinville) blacksmith shop, wagon repairer, dealer in wagons and carriages, Main

Watkins, John H., (Austinville) r 43, farmer 65

Watkins, Lewis E., (Snedekerville) r 11 ½, mason

Watkins, Miles, (Austinville) farmer 1000, Main

Watkins, Thad J., (Austinville) blacksmith, Main

Watkins, Treat J., (Austinville) farmer, Main

Watkins, Walter A., (Altus) r 46, dairy 11 cows and farmer 150

Wells, James, (Austinville) r 20, farmer on shares for I. S. Aspinwall 130

West, Millard, (Columbia X Roads) r 29, farmer on shares for Wells estate 240

Wheeler, Francis B., (Columbia X Roads) r 34, carpenter and builder and propr. hay press, h and lot

Wheeler, William W., (Columbia X roads) r 34, laborer

White, John, (Snedekerville) r 11 ½ laborer

Wiles, Charles, (Snedekerville) off r 10, laborer

Wilson, Albert B., (Austinville) dairy 10 cows and farmer, leases of Palmer estate, 120, Main

Wilson, Garry P., (Austinville) r 24, laborer

Wilson, Jud, (Austinville) retired farmer, Main

Wilson, Orr, (Austinville) r 24, farmer 88

Wilson, Stephen F., (Columbia X Roads) r 25, town commissioner, dairy 15 cows, 50 sheep

Wilson, Tracy G., (Snedekerville) r 9, clerk

Wilson, Walter P., (Austinville) r 24, dairy 23 cows, farmer 225

Wolfe, John, (Snedekerville) r 7, breeder of thoroughbred Shropshire and Hampshire sheep, 125 head, prop stock horse "Young Dominion George," breeder of and dealer in horses and goats, dairy 10 cows and farmer 225

Wolfe, Oren, (Virtus) r 13, farmer

Wolfe, Clinton A., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, dairy 12 cows, 55 sheep and farmer 125

Wolfe, George H., (Snedekerville) r 6 cor 7, breeder of registered Jersey cattle 10 head, and Berkshire swine, prop. Spanish Jack, dairy 20 cows and farmer 220

Wolfe, George L., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, dairy 14 cows and farmer 165

Wolfe, Jacob, (Virtus) r 12, dairy 9 cows and farmer 120

Wolfe, James, (Virtus) r 12, resident

Wolfe, J. Dell, (Virtus) r 14, dairy, 13 cows and farmer 230

Wolfe, Lorenzo, (Austinville) r 38 cor 39, dairy 20 cows, 40 sheep, and farmer on shares for Lucy, 250

Wolfe, Lucy L., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, widow H. C., farmer 200

Wolfe, Rhoda, (Columbia X roads) r 11, resident

Wood, Christopher, (Austinville) laborer, h Main

Wood, Clinton, (Columbia X Roads) r 49, laborer, removed to Troy

Wood, Joseph, (Austinville) laborer, h Bee

Woodward, Philo B., (Columbia X Roads) r 31, carpenter and builder and farmer

Worden, Charles W., (Sylvania) r 65, laborer

Worden, Frank S., (Sylvania) r 50, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for Nancy McKean, 100

Worden, James F., (Sylvania) r 65, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Worden, John A., (Sylvania) r 65, laborer

Wright, Elias, (Austinville) laborer, Main

Wright, Ernest, (Austinville) laborer, Main

Wright, Henry T., (Austinville) laborer, Main

Wright, Louie P., (Austinville) laborer, Main

Young, Olivia, (Columbia X Roads) r 47, widow Henry, farmer 70

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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