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by Warren D. Nash of Sulllivan Township
Deceased January 2001
1900 Bradford County Directory
Litchfield Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Litchfield Township Directory

Postoffice address Litchfield, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Ames, William J., (Vawter) r 55, laborer

Ammerman, Charles M., (Athens) r 61, farmer 50

Armstrong, Alvert M., r 14, prop. cider mill, laborer

Armstrong, Augustus P., r 17, postmaster

Armstrong, Henry, (Vawter) r 54, soldier in Co. H. 57th Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 140

Armstrong, William E., r 14, assistant postmaster, farmer 8

Arnold, Claude B., (Vawter) r 68 cor 54, prop. saw and feed mill, dairy 15 cows, wool grower, 30 sheep, farmer on shares for A.C. Arnold of Athens 135

Baldwin, Olive M., r 27, resident

Ball, Cornelia A. Mrs., r 35 opp 34, farmer 100

Ball, Ethiel W., r 35 opp 34, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Cornelia A. 100

Ball, Jacob L., r 35 opp 34, soldier in Co G. 50th Reg. Pa. Vol., Justice of the Peace, member Republican County Committee, farmer 35

Ball, Jay, (Litchfield) r 37, farmer, leases of H. Brown of Nichols, N.Y. 47

Baptist Church, (Litchfield) r 30 cor 14, supplied by different pastors

Baxter, Edward, (Litchfield) r 30 cor 31, farm laborer

Baxter, George T., (Litchfield) r 30 cor 31, dairy 15 cows, farmer on shares for A. Parks 209

Baxter, John, (Litchfield) off r 47, farmer on shares for Sarah Campbell 150

Baxter, Mary T., (Litchfield) r 30 cor 31, dressmaker

Beloud, Charles H., (Brink Hill) r 62, farmer 50

Beloud, Henri, (Brink Hill) r 58, farmer in Sheshequin 40

Bidlac, James L., (Jolly) r 50, laborer

Bidlac, Jasper, (Jolly) r 50, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50

Bidlack, Daniel K., (Trinket) r 64, laborer

Billings, George, (Jolly) r 32, farmer 50

Bostwick, Charles F., (Vawter) r 52 cor 50, carpenter and builder, dairy 10 cows, farmer 139

Bostwick, James D., (Vawter) r 52, farmer 50

Bostwick, John C., (Vawter) r 55, laborer

Bostwick, Stephen V., (Vawter) r 53 cor 50, retired farmer

Bradford, Edward, (Litchfield) r 16, dairy 5 cows, farmer 50 owned by wife

Bradley, Bethuel W., (Vawter) r 70, farmer 5

Bradley, Fred W., (Vawter) r 70, farm laborer

Bradley, Laura, (Stevenson) off r 11, farmer 25

Brink, Della, (Athens) r 39, school teacher

Brink, Fred H., (Brink Hill) r 62 cor 41, dairy 14 cows, farmer 110

Brink, George, (Athens) r 39, dairy 10 cows, farmer 102

Brink, Henry, r 31, dairy 14 cows, farmer 150

Brink, Worthy, r 31, farmer

Browe, Alfred J., r 17, dairy 5 cows, breeder brown leghorn fowls, farmer with Rev. Edwin S. 70

Browe, Edwin S. Rev., r 27, farmer with A.J. 70

Brown, Matilda, off r 13, widow J.R., farmer 110

Burgess, Charles, (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 12 ½, farmer 24

Burgess, Jesse M., (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 12 ½, soldier in Co. G. 97th Reg. Pa. Vol. from 1862 to 1865, laborer

Burns, Frank, (Athens) r 40, soldier in Battery K. 6th Reg. U.S. Artillery, farm laborer

Burns, Fred, (Athens) r 40, dairy 7 cows, farmer 60

Burns, John G., (Athens) r 40, carpenter and builder, farmer 35

Burns, Sanderson, (Athens) r 40, soldier in Co. C. 179th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol., breeder of full blood O.I.C. hogs, dairy 5 cows, farmer 90

Burns, Walter, (Athens) r 40, farm laborer

Burrell, Ada M., r 7, widow George F.

Campbell, Alice, r 15, widow John

Campbell, Charles H., (Athens) r 40 cor 41, blacksmith, dairy 10 cows, farmer 97

Campbell, Daniel, (Brink Hill) off r 63, farmer 60

Campbell, Fernando D., r 36 cor 28, soldier in Co. F. 6th Reg. P.R.V.C. in Civil War, farmer 40

Campbell, Flora A., r 15, dressmaker

Campbell, Frank K., (Athens) off r 62, carpenter and builder, farmer 75

Campbell, Harry A., (Athens) r 40, laborer

Campbell, John H., (Athens) r 41, shoemaker, farmer 37

Campbell, Orlando J., (Athens) r 40 cor 41, blacksmith, farmer

Campbell, Phebe, r 43 cor 44, widow Joel, who was a soldier in Co. I 187th Reg. Pa. Vol., died Jan. 23, 1881, farmer 37

Campbell, Sally M., r 13, widow James, farmer 92

Campbell, Sarah E., off r 11, farmer 150

Campbell, Smith, off r 47, laborer

Campbell, William, off r 11, farmer

Campbell, William B., (Brink Hill) r 59, dairy 12 cows, 15 sheep, farmer 230

Campbell, William F., r 36, prop. Litchfield Creamery, manuf. gilt-edge creamery, butter, agt. Adriance Harvesting Machine Co., dealer in phosphates and all kinds of farm machinery, propr. feed mill, dairy 13 cows, farmer 100

Campbell, William R., r 36, farmer 5 owned by wife

Carmer, Charles S., (Stevenson) r 11, postmaster, school director, dairy 5 cows, farmer 99

Carmer, Ford C., r 43, farmer

Carmer, John W., (Stevenson) r 11, son of C.S.

Carmer, Oscar A., r 36, breeder of brown leghorn fowls, wool grower 28 sheep, farmer 75

Carmer, Thomas L., r 43, dairy 10 cows, farmer 104

Carmer, Walter S., off r 11, farm laborer

Case, Charles P., (Vawter) r 57, farmer 20

Case, Howard, (Brink Hill) r 63, dairy 7 cows, farmer 75

Case, Tritia, (Brink Hill) r 63, widow Henry who was a fifer in Co. K 179th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol., died April 27, 1874

Catlin, Alverda J., r 26, carpenter and builder, carriage, wagon and sleigh manuf. and repairer, blacksmith, agt. Aquatic Cream Separator Co., of Watertown, N.Y., farmer 68

Catlin, William S., r 47, wire fence agent, 75 sheep, farmer 74

Chandler, A. Berton, r 5, farmer 18

Chandler, Alfred D., r 5, soldier in Co. F., 137 Reg. N.Y.S. Vol., sheep grower 12, farmer 62

Chandler, Eva, r 43, widow Irving H.

Chandler, Ralph C., (Brink Hill) r 44, farmer

Chase, John H., (Vawter) r 73, sailor on battleship Oregon

Clark, Catharine, r 16 cor 17, widow Barney

Clark, Edward B., r 16 cor 17, farmer with Philip

Clark, Philip, r 16 cor 17, dairy 10 cows, farmer with Edward B. on shares for C.H. Merrill of Nichols N.Y. 140

Cole, Elmer M., (Windham Summit) off r 33, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for E. Maynard, West Sayre, 280

Collins, Harriett, (Vawter) r 52, aged 82 years, widow Edwin K. who was a soldier in Co. H 10th Reg. N.Y.S. cavalry and died Jan. 27, 1875, farm in Windham 57

Conrad, Edward W., r 22, breeder of fancy Leghorn and Brahma fowls

Conrad, Frank L., (Vawter) r 57, farmer on shares for George Plant 40

Conrad, Gertrude L., (Mrs. E.W.) r 22, school teacher

Conrad, William M., (Athens) r 40, soldier in Co. H 57th Reg. Pa. Vet. Vol., farmer 4 and on shares for Abram Dingman 40

Cooper, Alonzo A., (Brink Hill) r 44, dairy 9 cows, farmer 85

Cooper, Cort, r 48, wind mill agt., dairy 5 cows, farmer 90

Cooper, Ira F., (Vawter) off r 57, town auditor, dairy 15 cows, agt. LeRaysville plows, potato hillers and cultivators, farmer 196

Cooper, John H., r 55, farmer 160

Cooper, Robert E., r 46, farmer 36

Cooper, William A., r 55, inspector of election, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of John H., 160

Cornell, George, r 4, farmer 15

Cotton, James C., r 45, farmer on shares for Sylvester 100

Cotton, Jennie, (Vawter) r 50, school teacher

Cotton, John W., (Vawter) r 50, wool grower, 25 sheep, farmer on shares for Shubel B. 84

Cotton, Julius F., (Vawter) r 53, farmer 104

Cotton, Shubel B. 1st, (Vawter) r 50, soldier in Comp. G 15th Reg. N.Y.S. Engineers, farmer 84

Cotton, Shubel B. Jr., (Vawter) r 55, propr. steam hay press with E. Struble, farmer 79

Cotton, Sylvester, r 45, 12 sheep, farmer 100

Coveney, Daniel, (Athens) r 61, farmer

Coveney, Dennis (Athens) r 41, dairy 7 cows, farmer 120

Coveney, Dennis M., (Athens) r 41, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Coveney, Mary (Athens) r 41, widow John

Coveney, Michael, (Athens) r 42, dairy 10 cows, 30 sheep, farmer130

Crans, Adams, r 49, farmer 125

Crum, Galusha W., (Athens) r 42, town commissioner, dairy 6 cows, 20 sheep, farmer with Harrison 107

Crum, Harrison, (Athens) r 42, farmer with Galusha W. 107

David, John C., r 45, farmer 80

David, Viola C., (Athens) r 3, widow Hiram

Debell, William, (Brink Hill) r 63, laborer

Decker, Floyd L., r 47, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Decker, George C., r 49, dairy 16 cows, farmer 81 and on shares for A. Crane 125

Decker, Hannah, r 49, widow Alpheus

Decker, Jane, r 49, widow Hiram O.

Dingman, Abram, (Athens) r 40 cor 25, soldier in Co. E 51st Reg. Pa. Vols., farmer 40

Dingman, Mary J., (Athens) r 40 cor 25, resident

Doty, Lewis, r 7, propr. State Line Ferry

Doty, Nelson, r 17, farmer on shares for T. Crum of Athens 40

Doty, Zelotus, r 7, dairy 6 cows, farmer 70

Drake, Charles E., r 15, agent Champion Harvesting Machinery Co. and Zells high grade fertilizers, stock dealer, dairy 10 cows, wool grower, 25 sheep, farmer 100

Drake, Fred, r 16, farmer on shares for Clarissa Brink 100

Drake, George S., (Vawter) r 68, laborer, h and lot

Drake, James, r 14, farmer 75

Drake, Polly, (Vawter) r 66 cor 68, widow Ezra

Dutton, Fred, (Vawter) r 57, laborer

Elliott, Decatur L., (Vawter) r 53, farmer on shares for J.F. Cotton 104

Elliott, Prudence A., (Vawter) r 67, resident

Ellis, Chester, off r 7, farmer 16

Ellis, Hiram, r 10, farmer 42

Ellis, James C., r 7, farmer, son of Chester

Evans, Joseph R., r 29 cor 37, dairy 5 cows, 10 sheep, farmer 60

Evans, Stephen K., r 27, dairy 8 cows, farmer 75

Everson, Eugene, r 36, dairy 6 cows, farmer 107

Everson, Henry F., (Brink Hill) off r 56, farmer with O.C.

Everson, Oliver C., (Brink Hill) off r 56, dairy 10 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 200

Everson, William, (Brink Hill) r 59, dairy 7 cows, farmer 75

Fish, Andrew J., r 37, soldier in Co. D 1st N.Y. Vet. Cavalry Civil War, farmer 8

Fish, Frank H., r 37, farm laborer

Foley, Jane, (Athens) r 39, widow Michael, dairy 6 cows, farmer 70

Foley, John J., (Athens) r 39, laborer

Foley, Mathew D., (Athens) r 39, farmer

Forbes, Asa, (Athens) r 39, farmer on shares for C. Washburn of Athens, 80

Fox, Alfred J., r 9, dairy 4 cows, farmer 75

Goble, DeWitt C., r 14, dairy 12 cows, farmer with Howard L. on shares for N.C. Harris of Athens, 145

Goble, Howard L., r 14, farmer with DeWitt C.

Goble, William H., r 14, carpenter and builder

Goff, Burton, (Vawter) r 65, farmer 50

Goff, George W., (Athens) r 65, farmer 100

Green, Charles R., r 30, dairy 5 cows, farmer 110

Green, Hattie M., r 30, music teacher

Green, William W., r 30, blacksmith, farmer on shares for Charles R.

Harris, Christian W., (Brink Hill) r 44, farmer 55

Harris, Fred H., (Brink Hill) r 44, laborer

Hayes, Henry, r 16, soldier in Co. E 8th Reg. N.Y. Cavalry, 3 years in Civil War, farmer 58

Hemenway, Pearl C., r 13, dairy 10 cows, farmer 75

Herrick, Guy, r 46, his father William was a soldier in Co. K 109th Reg. N.Y.S. Vols., died June 8, 1890, farmer 50, owned by wife

Herrick, Nellie M., r 36 cor 28, resident

Herrick, William H., (Athens) r 62, laborer

Hine, Arthur T., (Athens) off r 24, farmer

Hine, James E., (Athens) off r 24, farmer 51

Horton, Lemuel L., (Vawter) r 66, laborer

Horton, Wells, (Stevenson) r 10 cor 9, farmer 55 and 22 owned by wife

Horton, William H., (Athens) r 21, school director, dairy 16 cows, farmer 100

Huftalen, Cyrus, off r 23, farmer on shares for Wm. Gutsell of Nichols, N.Y., 35

Hunt, Platt L., (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 10, prop. grist mill, inventor and patentee of Hunt’s tubular girder bridge for wagon, trolly and railway bridges, also non-refillable bottle, farmer 119

Jackson, Benjamin S., (Athens) r 24, prop. saw and shingle mill, farmer 35

Johnson, Ellen E., (Vawter) r 69, widow Harvey, farmer 23

Johnson, Mary A., (Vawter) r 70, widow Richard, h and lot

Johnson, Oscar F., r 30 cor 36, general merchant and produce dealer

Johnson, Sarah, (Vawter) r 69, widow George, farmer 30

Johnson, William N., (Athens) r 62, farmer 10

Johnston, Albert A., (Vawter) r 67, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80

Kain, Barney, (Athens) r 40, soldier in Co. E 86th Reg. N.Y.S. Vet. Vol., farmer 65

Keeler, David, r 11, laborer

Kendall, Catharine, (Athens) r 30, widow O.T.

Lamberson, Clarence G., (Athens) r 39, farmer

Lamberson, William A., (Athens) r 39, carpenter and builder, farmer 30

Leddiard, Jessie, (Athens) off r 21, farmer 50

Lee, Christine, (Nichols) r 10, widow Thaddeus, farmer 120

Lee, Richard H., r 23, breeder fancy Leghorn and Hamburg fowls, dairy 8 cows and farmer

Lee, William J., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 10, laborer

Lent, Millie, (Vawter) r 66, widow Eugene, farmer in Rome 17

Litchfield Creamery, r 36, W.F. Campbell prop.

Livermore, Polly, (Vawter) r 73, resident

Lunger, Eda O., r 28 n 36, locksmith, wagons, carriages and sleighs, dealer in photographic supplies, h and lot

Lunger, James E., r 7, dairy 10 cows, farmer 115

Lurcock, Edwin H., r 15, farm laborer

Lurcock, Matilda, (Jolly) r 34, widow William E., who was a soldier in Co. D 17th Reg. Penn. Vol. Cav., died Jan. 25, 1886, farmer 9

Lurcock, Winfield S., (Jolly) r 34, laborer

Maslen, Ann, r 7, widow R.M., farmer 28

McAfee, C.R., (Athens) r 26, farmer 30

McKinney, Chester E., (Athens) off r 20, life insurance agent, dairy 10 cows, farmer 117

McKinney, Jetson E., r 28 n 37, collector, dairy 13 cows, 20 sheep, farmer with John H. 143

McKinney, John H., r 28 n 37, farmer with J.E. 143

McKinney, Leland, (Athens) r 20, teacher vocal music, farmer 50

Mead, Peter F. Rev., r 28, pastor M.E. Church at Litchfield Center

Merithew, Frank G., r 43 cor 44, farmer on shares for Mrs. P. Campbell 37

Merithew, Samuel G., r 45, farmer on shares for A.C. McGovern of Athens 60

Merrill, Christian P., (Athens) r 61, farmer

Merrill, Edwin E.S., (Athens) r 23, soldier in Co. B 171st Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 48 on r 56

Merrill, Elijah W., (Vawter) r 71, farmer 106

Merrill, George C., (Brink Hill) r 64, farmer 100

Merrill, Hiram R., r 22, blacksmith, farmer 35

Merrill, Horace A., (Athens) r 23, dairy 10 cows, farmer 75

Merrill, Ira F., (Athens) r 23, farmer 39

Merrill, John E., (Vawter) r 51, dairy 8 cows, farmer 160

Merrill, Joshua F., r 22, farmer on shares for Hiram 35 and for C.E. Mason 70

Merrill, Leonel T., (Athens) r 61, laborer

Merrill, Mary M., (Athens) r 22, widow Hiram

Merrill, William C., (Vawter) r 70, farmer 90

Merrill, William T., (Athens) r 61, farmer 37

Merrill, William W., (Vawter) r 70, thesher with A.L. VanSice, dairy 7 cows, farmer 75 and on shares for William C. 90

Methodist Episcopal Church, r 28, Rev. P.F. Mead, pastor

Miller, Eber M., (Vawter) r 66, dairy 20 cows, farmer 100

Miller, Frank G., off r 13, dairy 10 cows, farmer 25

Miller, Wilmot A., r 14, propr. Carp pond, dairy 10 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 125

Miller, Wilson, (Brink Hill) r 63, postmaster, 80 sheep, farmer 240 owned by wife

Moody, Charles R., (Stevenson) off r 11, town clerk, dairy 6 cows, 20 sheep, breeder of thoroughbred Oxford-down sheep and thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer 225

Moody, Emma E., (Vawter) r 65, dressmaker

Moody, Guy, (Vawter) r 65, son of W.W.

Moody, Robert B., (Vawter) r 65, stone mason

Moody, William W., (Vawter) r 65, town assessor, farmer 55

Moore, John S., (Athens) r 42, 20 sheep, farmer 50

Mosley, Martin J., (Athens) r 3, farmer on shares for F.N. Moore of North Orwell 110

Munn, Clarence E., r 22 cor 19, Justice of the Peace, school teacher, farmer 75

Munn, Dana P., (Athens) r 40 cor 24, town commissioner, dairy 14 cows, 40 sheep, farmer on shares for Mrs. Augusta Munn of Athens 200

Munn, Elijah, (Brink Hill) r 56 cor 46, farmer 124

Munn, Ernest W., (Brink Hill) r 56, dairy 5 cows, farmer 60

Munn, James A., r 36, janitor and laborer

Munn, John K., off r 29, lumber dealer, dairy 10 cows, 50 sheep and farmer 140

Munn, William C., (Osborn, N.Y.) r 5, laborer

Munn, Worthington B., (Brink Hill) r 56 n 46, laborer

Oldfield, Seth, (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 12 ½, farmer 50

Palmer, Christopher F., (Athens) r 40, general blacksmith, carriage, wagon and sleigh manuf. and repairer, carriage painter, manuf. fine butcher knives

Park, Benjamin, (Osborn, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 2, farmer 125

Park, Hays, (Osborn, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 2, dairy 18 cows, farmer on shares for Marcus Park of Waverly, N.Y. 125

Park, Moses, r 6, farmer 100

Park, Sarah M., (Athens) r 40, widow C.S.

Parks, Frank, (Athens) r 62, school teacher, farmer 100

Parks, Frank W., (Athens) r 62, school teacher, farmer 99

Parks, George B., (Athens) r 60, farmer with Seth 75

Parks, Seth, (Athens) r 60, farmer with George B. 75

Perry, Alonzo H., (Brink Hill) r 58, farmer 20 and on shares for W. Spaulding of Athens 50

Perry, William, (Brink Hill) r 63, farmer 25

Perry, William F., (Athens) r 39, dairy 12 cows, farmer 80

Plants, George, off r 48, soldier in Co. E 76th Reg. Pa. Keystone Zouaves, dairy 6 cows, farmer 115

Plants, Margaret, off r 48, resident

Plants, Martha E., off r 48, resident

Randolph, Arthur S., (Athens) r 65, laborer

Randolph, Reuben T., (Athens) r 65, laborer

Randolph, Thomas B., (Athens) r 3, farmer 47

Raymond, Charles D. Rev., r 13, retired minister

Rhodes, LeRoy W., (Athens) r 23, dairy 5 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 125

Rhodes, Ruth G., (Athens) r 23, school teacher

Rich, Edwin, (Vawter) r 54, farmer on shares for Henry Armstrong, 140

Richards, William M., (Vawter) r 53, farmer 84

Rogers, Alexander L., r 34 cor 35, dairy 8 cows, farmer 80

Rogers, Allen M., (Stevenson) r 9 ½ cor 10, farmer 65

Rogers, Ford E., (Athens) r 42, farm laborer

Rogers, George D., (Stevenson) r 10, 12 sheep, farmer 90

Rogers, Hannah J., r 34 cor 35, widow Levi B., who was a soldier in Co. E 141st Reg. Pa. Vol. and transferred to Co. B 1st Reg. N.Y.S.L. Artillery, died May 14, 1870, farmer 50 on r 48

Rogers, Harris, (Stevenson) off r 11 ½, farmer 56

Rogers, James C., (Athens) r 62, farmer 75

Rogers, John, r 15, farmer

Rogers, John F., (Athens) r 42, dairy 7 cows, farmer 118

Rogers, Johnson (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 12 ½, farmer 30 and 53, owned by wife

Rogers, Martin (Stevenson) r 11 ½, thresher, 70 sheep, farmer 60

Rogers, Orlando S., (Athens) r 62, apiarist 30 colonies, 22 sheep, farmer 10 ½, and for James C. 75

Rogers, Samuel, r 15, 41 sheep, farmer 70

Rogers, Taylor, r 9, farmer 40

Rolfe, William H., (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 8, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for H. Horton of Nichols, N.Y. 85

Ryder, Frank R., r 36, butter and cheese maker, h and lot

Ryder, James, r 36, shoe maker and laborer

Ryder, James S., r 10, laborer

Ryder, William H., r 36, cheese maker

Sackett, Almira E., r 47, widow Daniel B., who was a soldier in Co. G 15th Reg. N.Y.S. engineers, died August 8, 1878

Slater, Frank B., (Athens) r 41, dairy 10 cows, farmer 80

Snyder, Delilah, (Brink Hill) r 58, widow Wright

Snyder, John P., (Brink Hill) r 65, farmer 40

Snyder, Nathan, (Athens) r 27 cor 38,farmer, leases of Eliza Carmer 57

Snyner, William A., (Brink Hill) r 58, dairy 6 cows, 12 sheep, farmer 110

Steinefest, Joseph, (Vawter) off r 65, carpenter and builder, stone and brick mason and farmer 105

Struble, David, (Brink Hill) r 63, retired

Struble, Edwin C., (Vawter) r 52, school director, propr. hay press with S.B. Cotton Jr., farmer 20

Struble, Floyd E., (Brink Hill) r 63, farmer

Struble, James, (Vawter) r 52, soldier in Comp. F 6th Reg. P.R.V.C., wool grower, 20 sheep, farmer 139

Struble, John, (Vawter) r 54, dairy 5 cows, farmer 96

Struble, John F., (Brink Hill) r 63, traveling salesman for McCormick Harvesting Machine Co., dairy 17 cows, farmer 185

Struble, Selim A., (Vawter) r 69, farmer 15

Struble, Wiley F., (Vawter) r 52, son of James

Swartout, Jason, (Athens) r 61, farmer 110 and 35 owned by wife

Teed, John, (Jolly) r 31, 50 sheep, farmer 104

Teed, Melissa, r 31, farmer 80

Teed, Obed, (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 12, 40 sheep, farmer 140

Theetge, Aldrich, r 15, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for S.D. Barnum of Waverly, N.Y., 140

Tillman, George W., (Brink Hill) r 59 cor 43, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Clarissa Brink of Sayre 100

Tomkins, Ira A., r 48, soldier in Comp. G 50th Reg. Pa. Vols, carpenter and builder, wagon repairer and manuf. of potato crates

Towner, George W., r 38, stock grower, farmer on shares with James M. Towner for P.J. Phalin of Sayre 80

Towner, James M., r 38, farmer with George W.

Turk, Joshua, (Jolly) r 32, postmaster, town commissioner, wool grower, 16 sheep, agent for Niagara fertilizers, farmer 105

VanDuzer, Alvin C., r 55, dairy 11 cows, 13 sheep, farmer 126

VanDuzer, Bert J., (Windham Summit) off r 33, farmer, son of Obed

VanDuzer, Cecil L., r 14 cor 15, farmer

VanDuzer, Jane, r 14 cor 15, widow Charles, h and lot

VanDuzer, Obed, (Windham Summit) off r 33, fertilizer agt., thresher, dairy 10 cows, farmer 121

VanEtten, Frank, (Vawter) r 69 cor 67, carpenter and builder, farmer, leases of Charles Johnson, of Candor, N.Y., 33

VanGorder, George L., (Athens) r 21, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

VanGorder, Herbert, (Athens) r 21, farmer

VanGorder, Lyman, r 37, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

VanScoten, George L., (Athens) r 24, brick manuf., res. in Athens boro

VanSice, Albert L., (Bumpville) r 72, thresher with W.W. Merrill, dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for W.W. Merrill 75, farm in Rome 16 owned by wife

Verbeck, John, r 18, farmer 25

Vibbert, Charles M., (Vawter) r 66 cor 68, h r 68, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes to order, carpenter and builder, farmer 60

Vosburgh, Abbie, (Brink Hill) r 59, widow Thomas L., farmer 28

Vosburg, Willie S., (Brink Hill) r 59, farmer 13

Vought, James G., (Vawter) r 71, traveling salesman, farmer 40

Watles, Fred (Brink Hill) off r 63, laborer

Weeks, James H., (Nichols, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 10, dairy 11 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. C. Leck 120

Weeks, Warren, (Stevenson) r 11, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for A. Hunt of Nichols, N.Y., 100

Weller, Artemus, r 39 cor 38, farmer 50

Weller, Arthur M., (Vawter) r 53, farmer

Weller, Daniel P., (Vawter) r 53, farmer 60

Weller, Warren L., (Vawter) r 53, farmer

Wheaton, Clarence E., (Vawter) r 69, dairy 10 cows, farmer 125 and on shares for Fred A. 52

Wheeler, Joseph P., r 48, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Wheeler, M. Wilson, (Vawter) r 67, stationary engineer, agt. Grand Union Tea Co. and Alfred Peats wall paper, dealer in dry goods, notions and oils, farmer 26

White, Augustus, (Athens) r 61, farmer 56

White, Frank L., r 47, farmer

Wildrick, Michael K., (Athens) r 38, laborer

Wiles, Caleb A., (Athens) off r 21, farmer 35

Wolcott, Esther J., (Athens) r 3, widow A.P., farmer 70

Wolcott, Everett, (Athens) r 3, laborer

Wolcott, Frank S., (Athens) r 3, dairy 6 cows, farmer 119

Wolcott, Oscar F., (Athens) r 3 cor 20, farmer 50

Wolcott, Silas J., (Osborn, Tioga Co., N.Y.) r 3 cor 1, dairy 6 cows, farmer 110

Wood, Alvin H., (Athens) r 21, laborer

Wood, Elias R., (Athens) r 22, constable, carpenter and stone mason, farmer 33

Wood, John A., (Athens) r 22, laborer

Wright, William W., r 28, farmer in Nichols, N.Y. 41

Yeasley, John, r 15, laborer

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On Mar 29, 2004
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice

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