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by Warren D. Nash of Sulllivan Township
Deceased January 2001
1900 Bradford County Directory
North Towanda Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 North Towanda Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.

Postoffice address, North Towanda, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Alway, Sarah, widow John, h and lot East James

Ayers, Bradley M., postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, flour and feed, agent for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co., and P. P. Mast & Co., engines, feed cutters, grain drills, carriages and wagons, the champion lumber wagons, agent for William Clark fertilizers, Syracuse plows, Waverly, h do

Ayres & Hulslander, (J. M. A. & M. F. H.) (North Towanda and Burlington) manufs and dealers in lumber, shingles, lath, wood, etc., saw mill at Burlington

Ayers, J. Monroe, (Ayers & Hulslander) contractor and builder, manuf and dealer in lumber, lath, shingles, posts, wood, coal, saw mill at Burlington, livery and sales stables, tobacco grower 4, grower of small fruits and farmer 60, h Waverly

Bailey, Archie J., off r 29, tobacco grower 4, dairy 8 cows, farmer 60

Bailey, Charles A., laborer, bds Waverly

Bailey, J. Milton, tobacco grower 2 1/2, h Waverly

Bailey, Thomas J., r 9, soldier in Co. I 50th Reg. N.Y.S. Engineers, tobacco grower 5, apiarist 15 colonies, dairy 10 cows, farmer 128

Bailey, William N., r 9, tobacco grower 4, breeder of pure blood barred Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer 130

Barnes, Edward, laborer, h Race

Benjamin, Dewitt, brakeman L. V. R. R., h Webb cor Maxwell

Benjamin, Frank, laborer, h River

Bennett, Harry A., School cor Waverly

Bennett, Leslie N., mason, bds School cor Waverly

Bennett, Reuel F. Sr., stone and brick mason, gardener, tobacco grower 1, farmer 2, h Waverly cor River

Bennett, Reuel F. Jr., laborer, bds School cor Waverly

Bennett, Sarah, dressmaker, bds School cor Waverly

Biles, Charles E., r 2, tobacco grower 2, dairy 8 cows, farmer 73

Biles, John, r 9, farmer 65

Biles, Mertie, r 2, school teacher

Biles, William S., r 9, tobacco grower 2 1/2, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50

Borbensrk, Andrew, (Towanda) laborer, h Railroad

Bostwick, Abbie J., r 9, widow M. M., farmer 50

Bostwick, George H., r 9, farmer, son of P. N.

Bostwick, Philo N., r 9, tobacco grower 2 1/2, apiarist 20 colonies, farmer 10 and 50 owned by Abbie J.

Brady, Andrew M., r 4, laborer

Brady, Catherine, r 4, widow Owen, farmer 19

Brady, Charles F., r 4, stone cutter

Brady, Rose A., r 4, dressmaker

Brady, Thomas J., r 4, tobacco grower 1

Braund, James, r 13, dairy 25 cows, farmer on shares for H. Rutty of Towanda 150

Brick, Charles A., (Towanda) laborer, bds Railroad

Brick, James, (Towanda) section boss L. V. R. R., h and lot Railroad

Brick, William B., (Towanda) laborer, bds Railroad

Britten, James H. Rev., pastor North Towanda M. E. Church, h Waverly and Ulster

Brown, Charles L., r 13, town commissioner, dairy 30 cows, farmer 270

Brown, Charley, r 13, farmer 69 in Burlington

Campbell, Lydia, off r 1, widow J. F., farmer 30

Campbell, Silas J., laborer, bds Waverly

Carroll, Michael, laborer, h and lot E. James

Carroll, Patrick, laborer, h E. James

Cawley, Martin, (Overshot) r 10, farmer 90

Chubbuck, Alanson, shoemaker, h Waverly cor Race

Clancy, Martin A., r 4 cor 2 1/2, laborer

Clancy, Thomas, r 4 cor 2 1/2, miller at Ulster, farmer 30

Clancy, William A., r 4 cor 4 1/2, farmer on shares for T. Clancy 30

Cole, Eugene L., laborer, h Webb

Comfort, Robert B., laborer, h River

Coolbaugh, John F., laborer, h Waverly cor East James

Coon, Johnson, (Towanda) r 13, soldier in Co. C. 188th N. Y. S. Vol., farmer 25

Coon, Marshall, r 13, farmer 37

Corey, Frank, (Towanda) h Railroad

Cox, Frank M., laborer, bds W. James

Cranmer, Martin V., painter and paper hanger, h W. James

Daniels, Jesse, engineer L. V. R. R., h Waverly

Devine, Felix, off r 7, farmer 65

Devine, Michael, r 3, farmer 27

Dill, Lewis B., laborer, h and lot, School

Drislane, Edward, off r 7, farmer 95

Dunfee, Patrick M., foreman gravel train L. V. R. R., h and lot, E. James

Dunfee, Ransom E., laborer, bds E. James

Finlen, Bridget, r 7, widow Lawrence, farmer 15

Finlen, Michael, r 7, farmer 27

Finnen, Bridget, off r 8, widow John, farmer 130

Finnen, John, off r 8, farmer

Finnen, Thomas, off r 8, farmer

Fisher, Lawrence A., (Towanda) farmer 40, h Waverly

Fitzgerald, David, laborer, h Waverly

Flannery, Michael, r 13 cor 11, tobacco grower 3 1/2, farmer 200

Flannery, Thomas, (Overshot) r 10, tobacco grower 1 1/ 2, farmer 40

Flannery, Winnifred, (Overshot) r 10, widow Martin

Flynn, Daniel J., (Towanda) laborer, bds E. James

Flynn, Dennis, switchman L. V. R. R., h and lot E. James

Foster, Fred, tobacco grower 2 1/4, farmer 28, h Waverly

Foster, George, laborer, h River

Foster, George E., painter and paper hanger, h and lot Race

Gahan, John, (Towanda) r 12, breeder Shropshire sheep, reg. 33 head, breeder of Durham cattle, food blood Pekin ducks and white Plymouth Rock fowls, wool grower, 75 sheep and farmer 164

Granger, Alexander, r 2, soldier in Co. F 5th Pa. Reserves and Co. C. 191th Reg. Pa. Vet. Vol., farmer

Granger, Andrew, r 4, tobacco grower 3 acres, farmer 75

Granger, Francis M., r 2, tobacco grower 1 acre, farmer 33

Granger, George H., carpenter, h West James

Granger, George S., r 4, invalid

Granger, Harry A., r 6, farmer

Granger, Manford, laborer, h Race

Griggs, Joseph, r 13, laborer

Haffernan, Michael, laborer, bds Railroad

Haffernan, Patrick, track walker L. V. R. R., h Railroad

Hallock, Floyd, r 6, laborer

Harden, George S., engineer corps L. V. R. R., bds Waverly cor W. James

Harden, Harry D., ticket agent at L. V. R. R. station, Towanda, bds Waverly cor W. James

Harden, James H., contractor, painter houses and bridges, h Waverly cor West James

Harden, Oscar H., bridge painter, bds Waverly cor W. James

Hatch, Edward, laborer, h off W. James

Hawkins, Esther C., r 6, resident, h and lot

Hawkins, Sarah L., r 4, widow of Samuel, farmer 17

Hawkins, William O., r 7, tobacco grower 4 acres, farmer 42

Hawley, Thomas J., r 7, tobacco grower 2 acres, dairy 5 cows, farmer 75

Hicks, J. Addison, town assessor, bridge painter, h Waverly cor Race

Hiney, Daniel, r 13, farm laborer

Heath, Martin, laborer, h Waverly

Heath, Julia, widow of Bartley, h Waverly

Hollon, Daniel O., retired contractor, farmer 50, died Oct. 31, 1899

Hollon, Dora D., h Waverly

Hollon, Harriet A., h Waverly

Hollon, Nettie L., widow Daniel O., farm 50, h Waverly

Hoover, John, soldier in 20th Independent Battery N. Y. S. Vol., house painter, h Waverly

Horton, Bertha M., school teacher, bds Waverly

Horton, Bishop, soldier in Co. C. 141st Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 50, h Waverly

Horton, Charles L., tobacco grower 2, dairy 11 cows, farmer on shares for B. Horton 50, h Waverly

Horton, Walter B., son of Bishop, h Waverly

Howe, Bessie, r 4 cor 2 1/2, school teacher

Howe, Edgar J., r 4 cor 2 1/2, tobacco grower 3 acres

Howe, Emma C., r 4 cor 2 1/2, widow Munson, farmer 17

Howil, William T., r 4, tobacco grower, 3 acres, farmer 67

Isbell, Philema H., r 9, laborer

Isbell, Sherman, r 12, farmer 13

Johnson, Beatrice, milliner, bds W. James

Johnson, Charles B., laborer, h Waverly

Johnson, George S., town commissioner, feed, shingle, planing, saw and cider mill, Race, h W. James

Johnson, John, architect, contractor and builder, plans and estimates furnished, Waverly

Johnson, Mae, dressmaker, bds W. James

Jordan, George, (Towanda) r 8, farmer

Jordan, Mary, (Towanda) r 8, widow George, farmer 40

Keene, Miles E., (Towanda) r 11, farmer

Keene, Oakley, (Towanda) r 11, farmer

Keene, Robert, (Towanda) r 11, tobacco grower 4, dairy 8 cows, farmer 128

Kennedy, Joseph, off r 2, laborer

Kennedy, Lois G., off r 2, school teacher

Kennedy, William, off r 2, town collector, school director, dealer in furs, farmer 33, soldier in Co. I. 6th P. R. V. C. and Battery H. 1st N. Y. light Artillery

Lally, Mary, off r 6, widow of Philip

Lalley, Mary, h Race

Lalley, Patrick, off r 6, farmer 37

Lane, Guy C., r 5, tobacco grower 8, dairy 20 cows, farmer 280

Lane, Josephus C., school director, grist and feed mill, shingle mill, dealer in shingles and feed, dairy 8 cows, farmer 169, h Lane Ave.

Lane, Sarah E., r 5, widow of John W.

Leavenworth, Frederick T., (Towanda) carpenter and builder, h and lot E. James

Lee, Bridget, widow William, h and lot E. James

Lee, William, clerk, bds E. James

Leonard, Austin, laborer, h and lot E. James

Lynch, Daniel J., laborer, bds Webb

Lynch, Ellen M., (Overshot) r 10, dairy 5 cows, tobacco grower 1 1/2, sheep grower 23, farmer 103

Lynch, Margaret, (Towanda) widow Martin, h Railroad

Lynch, Mary A., r 4 cor 2 1/2, widow Michael, school teacher

Lynch, Michael C., laborer, h and lot Webb

Lynch, William H., mail carrier from North Towanda to Towanda, bds Webb

McCue, James, r 6, tobacco grower 2, farmer 50

McIntire, Chloe A. Mrs., carpet and rug weaver, h Waverly

McIntire, George G., laborer, h Waverly

McMorran, Mattie A., (Saco) r 1, farmer in Ulster 119

McMorran, Wylie W., (Saco) r 1, dairy 5 cows, farmer 93

Mead, Allen L., off r 13, tobacco grower with C. F. 1 1/2

Mead, Charles F., off r 13, tobacco grower with Allen L. 1 1/2

Mead, Mary, off r 13, widow Abijah C., farmer 130

Merithew, James F., laborer, bds E. James

Merithew, John M., laborer, h E. James

Messersmith, Joshua, engineer, h Maxwell

Michales, Emery, r 9, tobacco grower 2 1/2 with John, farmer 43

Michales, John, r 9, tobacco grower 2 1/2, dairy 7 cows, farmer 70

Mills, Elsie D., (Towanda) r 15 cor 5, dressmaker

Mills, George B., (Towanda) r 15 cor 5, dealer in flour and feed and fertilizer, tobacco grower 3, dairy 12 cows, farmer 70

Mills, Leslie D., (Towanda) r 4, town commissioner, tobacco grower 2, farmer 75

Mills, Silas, r 4, farmer 100, age 91

Mills, Vespotance, off r 26, farmer

Mills, Willis G., (Towanda) r 15 cor 5, farmer

Morrison, Catherine, widow R. D., h and lot E. James

Morrison, Richard D., laborer, bds E. James

Myers, Claud N., clerk for B. M. Ayers, bds Waverly

Myers, Rachel, widow T. P., h Waverly

Newell, Clara, widow Calvin, farmer 3, h Waverly

Newell, Oliver H., r 13, laborer, h and lot

North Towanda M. E. Church, Rev. J. H. Britten, pastor, Waverly

North Towanda Milk Shipping Station, r 5, C. L. Brown, pres., C. H. Shafer, treas., J. C. Lane, sec.

Northrop, William M., sawyer at toy factory, h E. James

O'Boyle, John, r 4, laborer

O'Connell, John, stone mason, h Waverly

O'Heron, John, laborer, h Railroad

Pitcher, Charles F., (Towanda) poultry grower, h Waverly

Powers, Elmer D., laborer, h and lot, School

Prince, Hartley L., bookkeeper, agent New York Life Insurance Company, bds Waverly

Regan, John A., (Overshot) r 11, laborer

Regan, John H., (Overshot) r 11, tobacco grower 1 1/2, farmer 50

Regan, Thomas, r 11, tobacco grower 12, farmer 50

Richardson, Alden, r 5 cor 13, laborer

Rockwell, George, laborer, h Maxwell

Rogers, William P., off r 1, farm laborer

Rosa, Bruce, r 8, laborer

Rosa, Nelson, r 6, laborer

Rundell, Lorenzo B., laborer, h Maxwell

Rundell, William A., r 9, tobacco grower 3, farmer with W. S. 85

Rundell, William S., r 9, farmer 85

Rutty, Jack, (Towanda) r 13, tobacco grower 2, farmer 45

Rutty, John F., emp L. V. R. R., h Race

Ryan, Patrick, laborer, h Maxwell

Salsman, Grant W., laborer, h and lot E. James

Schrader, Samuel, laborer, bds Waverly

Schoonover, George, laborer, h off Waverly

Scott, John, (Towanda) laborer, h Webb

Scott, Thomas, (Towanda) r 6, tobacco grower 1, farmer 35

Shafer, Clarence H., r 5, mgr North Towanda milk station, tobacco grower 2, farmer 40

Shafer, Eugene E., r 4, laborer

Shafer, Peter, r 4, tobacco grower 3, dairy 8 cows, farmer 52

Simons, Alon, r 13, tobacco grower 4, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Simons, John A., (Towanda) r 2, tobacco grower 1, farmer 33

Simons, Purley, r 13, tobacco grower 3, dairy 12 cows, farmer 114

Simons, Sarah, r 2, widow John

Sluyter, Ulysses M., (Towanda) r 12, vegetable grower, dealer in poultry and eggs, farmer 11

Sluyter, Winfield S., (Towanda) r 12, tobacco grower 2, farmer 87

Snevely, John F., (Overshot) r 11, laborer

Snyder, Lewis G., laborer, h W. James

Soper, Devillow, (Luthers Mills) off r 9, tobacco grower 4, farmer 10, and on shares for Jane E., 65

Soper, Jane E., (Luthers Mills) off r 9, farmer 65

Strange, Charles S., coachman for W. G. Tracy, h Waverly

Strange, Thomas, night watchman L. V. R. R. freight depot, Washington St., Towanda, h Waverly

Strange, Warren R., clerk for B. M. Ayers, bds Waverly

Stratton, John B., off r 13, tobacco sorter, farmer 12

Stratton, Porter, laborer, h Race

Stratton, Samuel, r 13, blacksmith

Stratton, William J., r 13, town clerk, carpenter and builder, farmer, leases of Charles Mitchell, 23

Strope, John, laborer, h Waverly

Tallada, Joseph, laborer, h Waverly

Tallada, Julius, brakeman L. V. R. R., h W. James

Taylor, Edward F., breeder of Plymouth Rock fowls, painter and paper hanger, h Taylor Ave.

Taylor, John B., Justice of the Peace, painter and paper hanger, h Taylor Ave.

Thompson, Alfred R., carpenter, farmer 8, h Waverly

Toughey, Mary, (Towanda) widow Michael, h Railroad

Towner, Merton J., laborer, h Waverly

Tracy, Helen, (Towanda) bds Waverly

Tracy, Henry, engineer L. V. R. R., h Webb

Tracy, Walter G., (Towanda) fire, life and accident insurance office 3 Ontario blk, Main, Towanda, farmer 20, h Waverly

Tracy, W. Hayt, (Towanda) student, son of W. G., bds Waverly

Travis, Maitland E., laborer, h E. James

Tuttle, Allen W., fireman L. V. R. R., h Waverly cor W. James

Van Ness, Frank, painter, tobacco grower 2 1/2, farmer, leases of J. Maney of Athens, 80

Van Ness, Ned, son of Frank, bds Waverly

Van Ness, Raymond, farmer, bds Waverly

Walborn, Daniel, r 6, farmer on shares for John Devine of Towanda, 46

Walter, Charles, farmer 7, h Waverly

Webb, Charity C., (Towanda) school teacher, E. James

Webb, Susie A., (Towanda) resident, E. James

Webb, John J., (Towanda) farmer 10, h E. James

Wheeler, Marshall B., r 13, tobacco grower 3, farmer 10

White, Anna C., bds Waverly

White, Catherine, widow Michael, farmer 4, h Waverly

White, Fred, emp L. V. R. R., bds Waverly

White, Lavina, widow Charles, h and lot Waverly cor E. James

White, Lois G., bds Waverly

White, Mary M., school teacher, bds Waverly

White, Sanford M., laborer, h Waverly

Wickham, Ezra, (Towanda) laborer, h E. James

Wilbur, Howard A., (Towanda) milk dealer, dairy 20 cows, tobacco grower 2 1/2, farmer, leases of N. N. Betts of Towanda 115, farm in Orwell 92, h Oak

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