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1900 Bradford County Directory
Ridgebury Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Ruth Decker

1900 Ridgebury Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.1900 Ridgebury Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17

Postoffice address Ridgebury, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Aber, H. Lee, (Bentley Creek) r 63, dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for Harvey Fay 75

Aber, Jacob M., (Bentley Creek) r 37 cor 34, farmer, h and lot

Aber, Judd S., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, h and lot

Aber, West C., (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer 100

Albro, Edith A., (Bentley Creek) r 53, widow Frank, farmer 40

Allen, Anthony, (Bentley Creek) r 70, farmer

Allen, Elizabeth M., (Wilawana) off r 44, school teacher

Allen, John C., (Wilawana) off r 44, school director, farmer 240

Allen, Martha M., (Bentley Creek) widow Hollis, h and lot, Main

Allen, Milton E., r 30 cor 31, assessor, farmer 80

Allen, Thomas B., (Bentley Creek) r 70, lumber manuf and dealer, dairy 7 cows and farmer 115

Andrus, Adelbert, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 3, farmer on shares for Amos Roberts of Wellsburg, N.Y., 121

Andrus, Horace, (Bentley Creek) laborer, High

Andrus, John, (Wilawana) r 27, laborer

Anthony, Frank, r 25, farmer on shares for William Squires of Elmira, 70

Ayers, John, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 16 cor 3, laborer and fireman

Babcock, Samuel, r 17, laborer

Baldwin, Cynthia, (Bentley Creek) r 19 cor 37, widow Isaac

Baldwin, Frank M., (Bentley Creek) propr Hotel Baldwin, Main cor Green Mountain

Baldwin, Lena E., (Bentley Creek) r 19 cor 37, resident

Baldwin, Vincent, (Bentley Creek) broker, money lender, Main

Baldwin, William, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, farmer 80

Baley, Burt, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, farmer 28

Baley, Frank, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 19, manuf rustic chairs

Ball, Elizabeth, r 20, widow W.S., h and lot

Banker, Willis F., (Bentley Creek) laborer, main

Barnes, Simeon P., (Bentley Creek) r 36, breeder, Plymouth Rock fowls, truck farmer 10, owned by wife

Barrett, James, (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer 150

Bentley Creek Creamery, (Bentley Creek) A.E. Allen & D.R. Stephens proprs., Main

Burk, W. Henry, (Bentley Creek) r 19 cor 37, tobacco grower 2 and farmer 100

Besley, Ira J., r 7, laborer

Blauvelt, Charles H., r 21, farmer, works on shares for Charles E. Hanlon 130

Breese, Catherine, r 19, widow Amos, h and lot

Brink, Fred, r 25, farmer

Brown, Daniel H., r 17, dairy 11 cows and farmer 96

Brown, DeWitt, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) off r 1, farmer 14

Brown, Joseph B., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 19, dairy 8 cows and farmer 125

Brown, Myron S., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 18, laborer

Brundidge, Lee A., (Wilawana) r 13, laborer

Buck, Thomas F., (Bentley Creek) blacksmith Main, h High

Budd, Mary, r 19, widow David

Bullock, Darius, (Big Pond) r 63, farmer 50

Burnham, Arthur D., (Bentley Creek) (R.R. Burnham & Son) Main

Burnham, Asahel R., r 20, dairy 8 cows and farmer 100

Burnham, David H., (Bentley Creek) farmer, main

Burnham, Floyd, (Bentley Creek) clerk, Main

Burnham, George I., r 24, farmer 145

Burnham, Howell W., (Bentley Creek) tobacco grower 5, dairy 15 cows, 35 sheep and farmer 200, Main

Burnham, Mahala, r 22, widow Perrine W., age 88

Burnham, Orin A., r 19, farmer 118, owned by his wife, and with W.O. Burnham 50, proprietors of Three Falls Glen and Pavilion

Burnham, Otis R., r 17, dairy 10 cows and farmer 130

Burnham, Rachel, r 22, farmer 200

Burnham, Richard R., (Bentley Creek), (R.R. Burnham & Son) farmer 217 in South Creek and 156 in Springfield, owned by wife, h Main

Burnham, R.R. & Son, (R.R.B. and A.D.B.), (Bentley Creek) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, light hardware, agents for Deering and Buckeye mowers and binders, P.P. Nast grain drills and other machinery and fertilizers, Main

Burnham, Theodore M., r 22, dairy 6 cows, 30 sheep

Burnham, William H., (Bentley Creek) r 49, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Burnham, Willis O., r 19, constable, watch repairer and farmer with O.A., 50

Burt, Christopher C., (Bentley Creek) r 38, dairy 10 cows and farmer 200

Burt, Clinton, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, farmer

Burt, Grace M., (Bentley Creek) r 38, school teacher

Burt, Harry C., (Bentley Creek) r 38, son of C.C.

Burt, Hovey L., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, tobacco grower 2 and farmer 200

Burt, Judd H., (Bentley Creek) r 38, son of C.C.

Burt, Lillian B, (Bentley Creek) r 38, school teacher

Butler, A. Theresa, (Bentley Creek) r 64, school teacher

Butler, Francis, (Bentley Creek) r 47, farm laborer

Butler, Morris E., (Bentley Creek) r 64, farmer, son of Thomas

Butler, Thomas, (Bentley Creek) r 64, dairy 10 cows, stock grower and farmer 150

Butler, Thomas F., (Bentley Creek) r 64, son of Thomas

Cain, David, (Bentley Creek) r 42, farmer 50

Cain, James M., (Bentley Creek) r 45, farmer 50

Cain, James P., (Bentley Creek) r 32, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Cain, James W., (Bentley Creek) off r 68, farmer 100

Cain, Mary, (Bentley Creek) r 32, widow James

Canfield, Walter, (Wilawana) r 10, farmer 42

Carr, George S., r 23 cor 21, soldier in Company I, 188th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol, in civil war, farmer 21

Carr, John, (Bentley Creek) r 37, farmer on shares for George Peterson, 50

Carr, Sarah, r 30 cor 31, widow Miles, age 87

Carroll, James W., (Bentley Creek) off r 65, son of John

Carroll, John, (Bentley Creek) off r 65, dairy 8 cows, stock grower and farmer 70

Carroll, John Jr., (Bentley Creek) off r 65, son of John

Carroll, Patrick, (Bentley Creek) off r 65, son of John

Carroll, Patrick, (Bentley Creek) r 32, farmer 100

Chamberlain, James M., (Bentley Creek) r 49, soldier in Comp. B, 10th Reg. N.Y. cavalry, civil war, farmer 8

Chamberlain, Mark W., (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer

Chamberlain, Orville E., (Bentley Creek) r 56, dairy 8 cows and farmer 77

Chambers, Daniel J., (Bentley Creek) r 64, telegraph operator

Chambers, Elizabeth, (Bentley Creek) r 46, widow Thomas G., farmer 90

Chambers, Ella L., (Bentley Creek) r 66, school teacher

Chambers, George J., ( Bentley Creek) r 66, son of John G.

Chambers, Jerry, (Bentley Creek) r 46, dairy 8 cows and farmer 90

Chambers, John G. (Bentley Creek) r 66, dairy 12 cows and farmer 245

Chambers, John H., (Bentley Creek) laborer, h Mill

Chambers, Lulu A., (Bentley Creek) r 66, school teacher

Chambers, Nannie E., (Bentley Creek) r 66, school teacher

Chambers, Morris, (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer 80

Chambers, Thomas D., (Bentley Creek) r 69, dairy 9 cows and farmer 150

Chase, J. Wilson, (Bentley Creek) r 64, carpenter and builder and building mover

Chase, Nathan D., (Bentley Creek) r 64, farmer 35

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, (Bentley Creek) r 70, Rev. M.T. Shields, pastor

Clark, Robert, (Bentley Creek) r 56, laborer, h and lot

Coakley, Patrick, (Bentley Creek) r 71, farmer 100

Collins, Daniel, (Wilawana) r 43, farmer 100

Collins, Timothy, (Wilawana) r 43, farmer 100

Colwell, Daniel, (Wellsburg, N.Y) r 4, farmer 100

Colwell, Dorus L., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 4, farmer

Colwell, James H., r 20 cor 16, farmer 40

Colwell, Richard R., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 5, stock breeder and farmer 320

Cope, Eugene, (Wilawana) r 27, laborer

Cooper, Addison, (Bentley Creek) r 63, dairy 7 cows and farmer 120

Cooper, Benjamin L., r 15, bridge builder, son of G.K.

Cooper, Charles W., r 11, farmer on shares for Minnie Griswold 120

Cooper, Edwin H., (Bentley Creek) carpenter and builder, Main

Cooper, Eva R., r 15, school teacher

Cooper, George K., r 15, farmer

Cooper, Griswold O., (Bentley Creek) son of M.E., Main

Cooper, Guy H., (Bentley Creek) farrier, Main

Cooper, Milton E., (Bentley Creek) propr saw and planing mill, manuf lumber and shingles, contractor and builder and fire insurance agt., Mill, also propr. Cooper Opera House, h Main (see adv pg 382)

Cooper, Oren, (Bentley Creek) r 49, blacksmith

Cooper, Oren, (Bentley Creek) r 19, farmer 51

Cooper, Temperance B., (Mrs. G.K.) r 15, propr treadpower threshing machine, dealer in veal calves, tobacco grower 4, farmer, leases of W. Colwell, Wellsburg N.Y., 100

Corkran, James, (Bentley Creek) r 41, farmer

Corkran, Katie, (Bentley Creek) r 41, school teacher

Corkran, Timothy, (Bentley Creek) r 41, farmer 81

Cornish, Fred J., (Bentley Creek) r 63, barber, house painter, paper hanger and farmer 35, owned by wife

Covell, John, (Big Pond) r 63, son of Platt

Covell, Margaret E. (Bentley Creek) r 49, widow Calvin T., h and lot

Covell, Miles (Bentley Creek) r 63, farmer 50

Covell, Platt (Big Pond) r 63, farmer 80

Craig, Hosea K., (Bentley Creek) (Craig, Thompson & Co), Main

Craig, Mackay, (Bentley Creek) (Craig, Thompson & Co) Main

Craig, Samuel W., (Bentley Creek) r 57, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 14 cows and farmer 210

Craig, Thompson & Co., (M. Craig, J.S. Thompson & H.K. Craig) (Bentley Creek) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, agricultural implements, grass seed, etc., agents for Walter A., Wood mowers and binders, Farmer’s Favorite grain drills and Buffalo fertilizer, Main

Crowley, James, (Bentley Creek) r 68, farmer 80 owned by wife

Cummings, Moses, (Chemung, N.Y.) r 9, farmer with Daniel Shiers, 50

Cummings, Charles, (Bentley Creek) r 49, dairy 11 cows and farmer 130

Cummings, Hiram, (Bentley Creek) r 36, dairy 10 cows, farmer 105

Davidson, Elizabeth, (Wilawana) r 9, widow T.B., farmer 100

Davis, Floyd, r 20, farmer on shares for Leeman Palmer of Elmira 100

DeGraw, Jeptha, (Bentley Creek) r 58, farmer on shares for William Welsh 150

Desmond, Daniel D., (Bentley Creek) r 69, dairy 11 cows and farmer 126

Desmond, Mary, (Bentley Creek) r 69, widow Timothy, h and lot

Dewey, Albert, (Bentley Creek) r 63, dairy 16 cows and farmer with Frank 150

Dewey, Frank, (Bentley Creek) r 63, farmer with Albert 150

Dewey, Frank W., (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer 50

Dickerson, Jerome A., r 19, tobacco grower 4, 100 sheep and farmer with William 197

Dickerson, William, r 19, farmer with J.A. 197

Donahue, John, (Bentley Creek) r 39, farmer 40

Doty, Sumner N., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 17, town auditor, dairy 17 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, farmer 165

Driscoll, Agnes, (Bentley Creek) r 47, school teacher

Driscoll, Catharine, (Bentley Creek) r 40, widow Daniel

Driscoll, Daniel H., (Bentley Creek) r 47, farmer 100

Driscoll, Eugene J., (Bentley Creek) r 40, farmer 45

Driscoll, Jerry, (Bentley Creek) r 40, school director, farmer 100

Dubert, Orlando, (Bentley Creek) laborer, Main

Dunbar, Cynthia, r 19, widow William

Dunbar, Stanley, (Bentley Creek) r 62, dairy 7 cows and farmer on shares for D.J. May 91

Easton, Arminda, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 18, widow Silas

Easton, John L., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 18, dairy 12 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 150

Ellwood, William, (Bentley Creek) r 56, laborer

Evans, Daniel, (Wilawana) r 25, farmer 60

Evans, Emma J., (Bentley Creek) r 38 cor 32, widow J.B., farmer 125 and with Martin A., Guy L., and Jerome B., 100

Evans, Frank, r 29, farmer on shares for Judd H., 81

Evans, Guy L., (Bentley Creek) r 38 cor 32, farmer with Emma J.

Evans, Jerome B., (Bentley Creek) r 38 cor 32, farmer with Emma J.

Evans, Martin A., (Bentley Creek) r 38 cor 32, farmer with Emma J.

Evens Judd H., r 19, tobacco grower 1, farmer 130

Farr, Cyrus F., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 4, farmer on shares for Samuel R. Roberts of Wellsburg, N.Y. 60

Farr, Henry, (Bentley Creek) r 70, farmer 100

Fay, Edd W., (Bentley Creek) r 63, son of Harvey

Fay, Fred O., (Bentley Creek) r 62, farmer

Fay, Harvey, (Bentley Creek) r 63, soldier in Co. G. 64th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. in Civil War, dairy 11 cows, farmer 150

Feathers, Murray F., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 17, farmer, h and lot

First Baptist Church, (Bentley Creek) Rev. Brodwick, pastor, Main

Fuller, Cynthia, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 19, widow William J.

Furman, Walter, (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer 100

Galvin, Robert, (Bentley Creek) r 41, dairy 10 cows, stock grower, and farmer 140

Gardiner, William M., (Bentley Creek) off r 56, stone mason, farmer 21

Gates, Abigail, (Bentley Creek) r 51, widow Luther, 100

Geary, Daniel, (Bentley Creek) r 41, farmer 100

Geary, Ellen D., (Bentley Creek) r 41, dairy 6 cows, farmer 83

Geary, Gertrude D., (Bentley Creek) r 41, dressmaker

Geary, Minnie D., (Bentley Creek) r 41, school teacher

Gibbs, Frederick M., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, music teacher

Gibbs, Mary T., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, widow S.M., farmer 40

Gillett, Aaron M., (Bentley Creek) r 63, breeder of and dealer in registered Shorthorn cattle 24 head, pure blood Poland China swine, light Brahma fowls and farmer 300

Gillett, Nelson B., (Bentley Creek) off r 63, stone mason and farmer 50

Golden, Daniel, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 1, farm laborer

Gould, Frank, (Wilawana) r 9, farmer 60

Grace, Jeremiah, (Bentley Creek) r 42, farmer for Nora, 60

Grace, Nora, (Bentley Creek) r 42, widow Michael, farmer 60

Graves, Valorus G., (Bentley Creek) job printer and photographer, Main

Green, George A., r 14, prop portable shingle mill, farmer on shares for L. McAfee, 100

Green, James, (Bentley Creek) r 49, prop grist mill

Griswold, Minnie, r 11, widow B.H., agt. Terriffe washer and farmer 120

Hagerty, William, r 20, farmer, leases of E. Sydney, 57

Hagerty, William B., r 20, farmer

Haight, Lewis A, (Bentley Creek) blacksmith, Main

Hall, Emily A., r 17, resident

Halstead, Adelbert R., r 19, laborer

Halstead Brothers, (W.S. and G.S.) r 2, dealers in dry goods, groceries and hardware, agents for Oakfield fertilizer

Halstead, Charlie E., r 20, farmer 15

Halstead, Eugene D., r 19, laborer

Halstead, Frank C., r 16, dairy 15 cows and farmer, leases of Halstead estate, 200

Halstead, George S., r 20 cor 12, (Halstead Bros) road commissioner and farmer 50

Halstead, Guy M., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 12, stock breeder and farmer on shares for Richard Colwell, 200

Halstead, Thomas D., r 20, farmer on shares for Frank Larrison of Elmira, N.Y., 83

Halstead, William C., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 3, dairy 8 cows, stock grower and farmer 120

Halstead, William T., r 20, farmer

Halstead, Wilmot S., r 2, (Halstead Bros.) postmaster and grower of small fruits and berries

Hanlon, Andrew M., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 12, carpenter

Hanlon, Charles E., r 21, agt. for farm seeds, fruit trees and sprayers, farmer 140

Hanlon, Charles W., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 12, farmer for Hanlon estate, 80

Hanlon, Edward F., r 21 cor 13, soldier in Co. G. 171st Reg. Pa. Vols., farmer 23

Hanlon, Fill D., (Bentley Creek) r 36, farmer 100

Hanlon, J. Fred, r 11, prop. portable saw mill, lumber manuf. and dealer, stock breeder, and farmer on shares for Edward T., 200, farm in Chemung, N.Y., 200

Hanlon, John M., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 12, farmer

Hapman, John, (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer with James Barrett

Harris, Henry O., r 15, soldier in Co. C. 191st Reg., Pa. Vol. in Civil War, farmer on shares for Edgar Griswold 50

Herlihan, John, (Bentley Creek), r 41, farmer, works on shares for Daniel Herlihan 25

Herlihan, Daniel, (Bentley Creek) r 41, farmer 25

Hodge, Lorana, (Wilawana) r 10, widow William R.

Horigan, Timothy, (Bentley Creek) r 42, dairy 10 cows and farmer 140

Horning, Chauncey, (Bentley Creek) r 57, farmer 2

Hotel Baldwin, (Bentley Creek) Frank M. Baldwin propr., Main cor Green Mountain

Hourihan, Patrick, (Bentley Creek) off r 68, farmer 100

Howell, Peter S. (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer 50

Hurley, Catharine, (Bentley Creek) r 68, widow Richard R., farmer 100

Hurley, Cornelius Jr., (Bentley Creek) r 66, farmer 102

Hurley, Cornelius, (Smithfield) r 71, farmer 48

Hurley, James F., (Bentley Creek) off r 65, farmer

Hurley, John J., (Bentley Creek) off r 65, farmer

Hurley, Julia, (Bentley Creek) off r 65, widow Patrick, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Ide, Charles, (Wilawana) r 27, laborer

Inman, Stephen, (Bentley Creek) r 56, laborer

Jelliff, Grant J., (Bentley Creek) r 49, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Kane, John, ( Bentley Creek) off r 42, farmer 50

Kennedy, Ruth A., (Bentley Creek) widow Hosea, h High

Kilpatrick, Edward, (Wilawana) r 27, farm laborer

Kilpatrick, John B., (Wilawana) r 10, apiarist 29 colonies, h and lot

Kinsman, Hiram T., (Bentley Creek) physician and surgeon, specialist in chronic diseases; office hours 6 to 8 a.m., 12 to 2 and 6 to 8 p.m., Main

Kline, George E., (Bentley Creek) r 51, farmer 40

Kline, Julia A., (Bentley Creek) r 53, widow J.C.

Kline, Mary, (Bentley Creek) widow Johnson, h and lot Main

Larrison, Adelbert, r 20, farmer, son of D.H.

Larrison, David H., r 20, farmer 200

Larrison, Horace, (Wilawana) r 27, dairy 9 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle, 47 sheep and farmer 200

Larrison, Leigh S., (Wilawana) r 27, son of W.S.

Larrison, William S., (Wilawana) r 27, farmer with Horace 200

Leahy, Edward, (Wilawana) r 27, farmer 40

Leahy, John J., (Wilawana) r 26, farmer 180

Leary, Daniel, (Bentley Creek) r 32, farmer 116

Leary, Florence, (Bentley Creek) r 32, farmer 168

Leary, John O., (Bentley Creek) r 44, farmer

Leary, William O., (Bentley Creek) r 44, dairy 7 cows, farmer 125

Lefler, Wells, (Wilawana) r 12, farmer, leases of W.O. Burnham 50

Lefler, William, (Wilawana) r 29, soldier in Co. F. 76th Reg. Pa. Vol., pensioner, farmer 49

Leonard, Burt, (Bentley Creek) r 34, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for J.T. Culp of Wellsburg, N.Y. 104

Lynch, Dennis, (Wilawana) r 43, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50

Lynch, John, (Wilawana) r 43, son of Dennis

Lynch, Michael, (Bentley Creek) r 45, farmer 50

Mandaville, John W., (Bentley Creek) r 56, soldier in Co. G. 64th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol, prisoner in Pemberton, Belle Isle and Andersonville 1 year, 6 months, 15 days, farmer 50

Mandaville, John W. Jr., r 19, apiarist 20 colonies, agent for Handy washing machine, farmer on shares for E.R. Beckwith estate 100

Mandville, Ward, (Bentley Creek) r 53, dairy 8 cows, sheep grower, farmer 97

Marcellus, Alpheus G., (Bentley Creek) off r 34, farmer on shares for Olive J. 160

Marcellus, Catharine N., (Bentley Creek) off r 34,widow Jacob W., farmer 20

Marcellus, Charles W., (Bentley Creek) off r 34, farm laborer

Marcellus, Isaac J., (Bentley Creek) off r 34, carpenter and builder

Marcellus, Olive J., (Bentley Creek) off r 34, farmer 160

March, Solomon, r 6, farmer 16

May, Alvin, (Bentley Creek), r 62, dairy 16 cows, farmer 130

May, David J., (Bentley Creek) r 62, farmer 91

May, Fred D., (Bentley Creek) painter, Main

May, Guy, (Bentley creek) r 62 ½, farmer 100

May, Judd, (Bentley Creek) r 61, auditor, dairy 7 cows, farmer 90

May, William H., (Bentley Creek) farmer on shares for J.C. Robinson 80, farm in Springfield 107, Main

May, Woodford, (Bentley Creek) r 62, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of J.C. Robinson 108

McAfee, Benjamin L., (Bentley Creek) r 63, propr. saw and grist mill, farmer 476 and in Smithfield 110 and in Sheshequin 176

McAsey, James, (Bentley Creek) r 70, farmer 50

McAsey, Michael, (Bentley Creek) r 70, farmer

McAsey, Thomas, (Bentley Creek) off r 70, farmer on shares for Anna Sweeney 50

McCarthy, Michael, (Bentley Creek) r 47, farmer, leases of P. Deneen 80

McCormick, Frank, (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer on shares for James 100

McCormick, James, (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer 100

McCormick, James Jr., (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer

McKay, Hugh, (Bentley Creek) r 56 cor 57, farmer 62

McKay, Thomas, (Bentley Creek) r 56, farmer 86

McKee, John, (Bentley Creek) r 53, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for Martin Lawrence of Wellsburg, N.Y. 170

McKee, Samuel, (Bentley Creek) r 58, farmer 160

Mead, George R., r 2, town clerk, manuf. of firkins and tubs, h and lot

Mead, George W., r 2, retired cooper, age 85 years, h and lot

Middaugh, Enoch, (Wilawana) r 10, farmer 150

Miller, Elsie, r 19, farmer 3

Miller, Emerson A., (Bentley Creek) r 62, farmer on shares for George 120

Miller, Emma, (Bentley Creek) r 34, widow Moses D., farmer 66 [Emma Mosher, great grandmother of Joyce M. Tice}

Miller, George, (Bentley Creek) r 62, farmer 120

Miller, Ira, (Wilawana) r 27, farmer on shares for G.S. Parcell 100

Miller, Jesse L., (Bentley Creek) r 62, son of L.P.

Miller, Lewis P., (Bentley Creek) r 62, dairy 14 cows and farmer 200

Morley, Dwight, (Bentley Creek) r 35, farmer 70

Mosher, Eliza A., (Bentley Creek) r 51, farmer 15 {Sister of Emma Mosher (Miller) above)

Mott, Charles E., (Bentley Creek) r 52, farmer on shares for J.H. Strong of Columbia 116

O’Bryen, John, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 8, farmer 80

O’Bryen, John (Wilawana) r 44, farmer 90

O’Bryen, William, (Wilawana) r 44, son of John

O’Connell, Dennis, (Athens) r 70, stock dealer and breeder and farmer 120

O’Connell, Henry O., (Athens) r 70, son of Dennis

O’Connor, John, (Bentley Creek) r 68, farmer 200

O’Connor, Richard, (Bentley Creek) r 68, son of John

Oleary, George P., (Bentley Creek) r 36, farmer

O’Leary, Johanna, (Bentley Creek) r 36, widow James, farm 100

O’Leary, Thomas J., (Bentley Creek) r 46, farmer 100

Osbourne, Lemuel, (Bentley Creek) r 36, dairy 8 cows and farmer 200

Owen, Frank L., r 15 cor 5, farmer on shares 75

Owen, John G., r 21, tobacco grower 1 and farmer 224

Owen, Vincent, r 14, farmer 100

Packard, Harold C., (Bentley Creek) laborer, Main

Palmer, Deborah D., (Bentley Creek) r 54, widow Martin G., farmer 93

Palmer, George E., r 17, dairy 14 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle and grade Shropshire sheep 75 head and farmer 200

Palmer, Leon W., r 17, son of George E.

Palmer, Rebecca, r 19 cor 20, widow Lewis, h and lot

Parcell, George A., (Wilawana) r 27, grower of small fruit and potatoes and farmer 40

Parcell, George S., (Wilawana) r 25 ½, farmer 170

Parcell, Julia, (Wilawana) r 27, widow John

Peterson, George W., (Bentley Creek) r 37, soldier in Company I, 188th Regt. N.Y.S. Vol, Civil War, member Bingham post, No 555 of Wellsburg, N.Y., and farmer 50

Peterson, Joel, (Bentley Creek) retired farmer, age 89, Main

Powers, T. Francis, (Bentley Creek) clerk, Main, bds High

Pratt, Frank L., (Bentley Creek) physician, Main, bds Hotel Baldwin

Quick, Elijah E., r 2, blacksmith

Rairdon, Daniel, (Bentley Creek) r 69, dairy 9 cows and farmer 140

Rairdon, Patrick, (Bentley Creek) r 69, soldier in Company C. 171st Regt. Pa. Vol.

Raynor, Archie B., (Bentley Creek) farmer, High

Raynor, Samuel, r 10, laborer

Reynolds, Alonzo G., (Bentley Creek) laborer, High

Rickey, Eliza, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 9, widow David

Ridgebury Mining Co., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) off r 33, William J. Lormore of Elmira N.Y. pres. Charles H. Knipp of Elmira, sec. and treas., Charles L. Straight of Wellsburg N.Y., mgr., miners of zinc ore

Rightmire, Betsey G., (Wilawana) r 27, widow James, age 86

Rightmire, Daniel G., (Wilawana) r 9, farmer 85

Rightmire, George, (Wilawana) r 25 ½, prop. portable saw mill and planer and feed mill, lumber dealer and farmer 163, h and lot in Waverly

Rightmire, Lyman T., (Wilawana) r 9, son of D.G.

Robinson, James C., (Bentley Creek) (J.C. Robinson & Son) farmer 260, Main

Robinson, J.C. & Son, (Bentley Creek) (J.C.R. and S.F.R.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, drugs, wagons, agricultural implements, Longman & Martinez mixed paints, Main

Robinson, Stephen F., (Bentley Creek) (J.C. Robinson & Son) Main

Robinson, William A., r 19, tobacco grower and farmer on shares for J.A. Dickinson

Roe, Elmer (Bentley Creek) off r 57, farmer 110

St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, (Bentley Creek) Rev. Michael T. Shields pastor, Main

Scott, Henry, (Bentley Creek) r 35, farmer 11 ½

Scott, Lewis, (Bentley Creek) house and carriage painter, Main

Sheen, John W., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 1, laborer

Shields, Michael T. Rev., (Bentley Creek) pastor St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church, h Main

Shiers, Daniel, (Chemung, N.Y.) r 9, laborer

Smith, George L., (Wilawana) r 26, farmer 35

Smith, Mahlon D., r 23, dairy 12 cows, farmer 50, and on shares for G.I. Burnham, 100

Squires, John, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 9, farmer 12

Squires, Samuel F., r 21, farmer 65

Squires, Thaddeus C., r 2, tobacco grower 3, farmer on shares for H. Young of Wellsburg, N.Y., 90

Stevens, Clarence A., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 1, tobacco grower 1 and farmer 150

Stevens, George, off r 3, farmer on shares for Asa P. Bovier of Elmira, 125

Stevens, Herman, r 16, farmer, h and lot

Stevens, J.C., r 31, farmer 6

Stirton, Alexander E., (Bentley Creek) r 37, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Stirton, James, r 20, farmer 25

Stirton, John, (Bentley Creek) r 37, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 9 cows and farmer 86

Stirton, John C., (Bentley Creek) r 37, farmer

Strobridge, Charley, (Big Pond) r 13, laborer

Sturdevant, Jesse H., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 5, laborer

Sturdevant, William A., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 5 farmer, leases of Mrs. Carrie Griswold of Elmira, N.Y., 150

Sullivan, John C., (Bentley Creek) off r 32, farmer 100

Sullivan, Timothy, (Bentley Creek) off r 70, farmer 80

Sweeney, Anna, (Bentley Creek) r 70, widow James, farmer 50

Sweeney, Henry, (Bentley creek) r 59, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for S. Craig, 100

Sydney, Algernon, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 12, breeder of registered Shropshire sheep, grower of wheat for seed, potato grower 5, and farmer 100

Theetge, Robert P., r 20, farmer on shares for Rachel Burnham, 50

Thompson, Charles C., (Bentley Creek) r 56, school director, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 160

Thompson, Eugene B., (Bentley Creek) r 51, breeder of Jersey cattle and Shropshire sheep, dairy 10 cows, farmer 170

Thompson, Judd S., (Bentley Creek) (Craig, Thompson & Co.) constable and collector, Main

Thompson, Letta, (Bentley Creek) r 56, dressmaker

Thompson, Vernie, (Bentley Creek) r 56, milliner

Thompson, William R., (Bentley Creek) r 49, farmer 250

Treat, Ansel S., r 21, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Tunnicliff, Seward S., (Bentley Creek) blacksmith and practical horse shoer, Green Mountain, h Main

Turk, Llewellyn E., (Bentley Creek) principal Bentley Creek graded school, bds Main

Tuton, Edmund M., (Bentley Creek) retired merchant, Main

Tuton, Francis M., (Bentley Creek) school teacher, Main

Tuton, John C., (Bentley Creek) clerk, Main

Van Buskirk, Theodore, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 2, farmer, h and lot

Van Dermark, Archer, (Bentley Creek) r 58, laborer

Van Dermark ,Clarence, (Bentley Creek) r 36, dairy 9 cows, and farmer on shares for L. Osbourne 108

Van Dermark, Emanuel, (Bentley Creek) r 49, farmer, 80 years old

Van Gorder, Billings, (Wilawana) r 10, farmer 50

Van Gorder, Lawrence, (Wilawana) r 10, laborer

Vincent, Victor P., (Bentley Creek) r 37, town commissioner and carpenter and builder

Voorhis, Albert H., r 14, h and lot, owned by wife

Wall, Melvin A., (Bentley Creek) justice of the peace, manuf boots and shoes, Green Mountain

Webb, John L., (Wilawana) r 10, farmer 75

Welliver, Jeremiah S., r 2, justice of the peace, manuf and repairer of furniture and paper hanger with W. H., h and lot

Welliver, Wilmot H., r 2, manuf and repairer of furniture and paper hanger with J. S.

Welsh, John, (Bentley Creek) r 58, town commissioner, dairy 25 cows and farmer 200

West, Joseph, r 19, laborer

Wheeler, Samuel J., (Bentley Creek) r 54, farmer

Wigsten, Frank A., (Bentley Creek) r 58, farmer, leases of S. McKee 160

Wilcox, John L., (Bentley Creek) postmaster, merchant, dealer in drugs and notions, Main

Winegard, Abraham, (Bentley Creek) r 49, fruit tree agent

Winegard, Nancy E., (Bentley Creek) r 49, dealer in millinery

Worden, Julia A., (Bentley Creek) widow William H., High

Wright, Martin M., (Wilawana) r 9, farmer 40

Wright, William C., (Wellsburg, NY) r 15 cor 3, carpenter and builder and farmer 40

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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