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Postcard From Joyce's Collection
1900 Bradford County Directory
South Creek Township
Bradford County Directory - Table of Contents

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 South Creek Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.

Postoffice address Athens unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

1900 South Creek Township Directory

For explanations, &c, see page 17.
Postoffice address South Creek unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Aber, Abner, (Fassett) r 5, farmer 75
Aber, Charles, (Fassett) r 6, dairy 25 cows, farmer on shares for D. D. Fassett of St. Louis, Mo., 212
Aber, Samuel F., (Fassett) r 6, dairy 10 cows and farmer 75
Adams, Harrison, (Gillett) r 40, retired
Aird, Donald H. Prof., (Gillett) principal Gillett graded school, Main
Alexander, Willard, (Bentley Creek) r 23, farmer on shares for Mary Lewis of Elmira, 42
Ameigh, Albert J., (Fassett) r 1, farm laborer
Ameigh, Daniel, (Gillett) farm laborer, Main
Ameigh, George D., (Gillett) retired, Main
Ameigh, George M., (Gillett) blacksmith
Ameigh, Judson T., (Gillett) r 41, laborer
Ameigh, Lewis D., (Fassett) r 1, farm laborer
Ameigh, Nelson G., (Fassett) r 1, farm laborer
Ameigh, Sarah J., (Fassett) r 1, widow James K., h and lot
Ames, Edson E., (Berrytown) r 40, dairy 17 cows and farmer on shares for L. DeWater, 200
Andrews, Alden B., (Fassett) r 4, farmer 50
Andrews, Oliver H., (Fassett) r 3, farmer on shares for Willis H., 100
Andrews, Willis H., (Fassett) r 3, farmer 100
Andrus, Arthur, (Gillett) off r 20 1/2, farmer, son of F. E.
Andrus, Charles F., (Gillett) off 20 1/2, farmer, son of F. E.
Andrus, Clark A., (Gillett) r 11 cor 11 1/2, dairy 13 cows, truck gardener and farmer 177
Andrus, Edward C., (Gillett) off 20 1/2, retired
Andrus, Elmer, (Fassett) r 5, dairy 6 cows and farmer on shares for A. Aber, 75
Andrus, Ephriam P., (Gillett) retired farmer, Glen
Andrus, Frank E., (Gillett) off r 20 1/2, farmer 72
Andrus, Gurdeon, (Fassett) off r 4, farmer 35
Andrus, Joseph F., (Gillett) r 20, dairy 10 cows and farmer, leases of J. L. Pitt, 150
Andrus, Judd E., (Gillett) r 20, school teacher
Andrus, Lillian J., (Gillett) off r 20 1/2, school teacher
Balmer, Henry, (Gillett) r 15, dairy 8 cows and farmer 97
Balmer, James, (Fassett) r 3, agent McCormick Harvesting Machinery Co. and Champion road machine and stone crusher, and farmer 160
Balmer, Oliver A., (Gillett) r 16, dairy 8 cows and farmer 56
Balmer, William, (Gillett) r 27, soldier 12th N.Y. Independent Battery, pensioner, farmer, h and lot in Gillett
Batterson, Ephraim, (Gillett) r 27, soldier in Comp. H., 50th Reg. N.Y. Engineers, onion grower 2 and farmer 10
Batterson, Seymour, (Fassett) r 2, farmer 40
Burk, Cyrus, (Fassett) r 4, dairy 6 cows and farmer 90
Berry, Cevilius S., (Gillett) farmer 12, Main
Berry, Edgar, (Gillett) r 40, dairy 16 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle and farmer 140
Berry, Elizabeth M., (Gillett) widow G. H., farmer 80, h and lot Main
Berry, Harry A., (Gillett) telegraph operator for N. C. R. R., Main
Berry, William H., (Gillett) piano tuner, Main
Birney, Timothy, (Fassett) off r 20 1/2, farmer on shares for Dewey estate, 80
Bishop, William, (Gillett) r 18, laborer
Blodgett, Charles A., (Gillett) r 15, stone mason and farmer 25
Blodgett, Jacob D., (Gillett) r 15, laborer
Blodgett, James S., (Gillett) r 26, farmer 25, owned by wife
Boughton, Albert, (Gillett) r 27 cor 17, dairy 25 cows, 27 sheep and farmer on shares for R. F. Hawley of Elmira, N.Y., 200
Boughton, Harry M., (Bentley Creek) r 36, laborer
Boughton, James, (Bentley Creek) r 37, farmer 49
Boughton, Lyman C., (Gillett) r 14, town commissioner, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, owner of Stallion Gambetti, soldier in Comp. G, 171st Reg. Pa. Vol., and 12th N.Y. Independent Battery, and farmer 150
Boughton, Sidney A., (Bentley Creek) r 37, repairer of bicycles and light machinery, dealer in and repairer of watches, clocks and jewelry
Boughton, William H., (Bentley Creek) r 36, farmer
Brewer, William H., (Gillett) r 29, breeder of grade Jersey and Durham cattle, 21 sheep and farmer, leases of Mrs. Mary Ingersoll of Wells, 265
Brink, George W., (Bentley Creek) r 24, farmer 57
Bryan, David W., (Gillett) blacksmith, wagonmaker and repairer, Railroad, h do
Bryan, George, (Gillett) blacksmith, Railroad
Buck, John H., (Gillett) r 30, farmer, leases of Wm. Ingersoll of Elmira, N.Y., 120
Bullock, Emma J., (Gillett) widow Amos S., Main
Burdick, George W., (Gillett) r 15, dairy 12 cows and farmer on shares for Ira A. Parsons, 66
Burdick, Wayland, (Gillett) r 16, laborer
Burlew, Howard L., (Fassett) r 9, farmer, leases of E. J. Harris of Southport, N.Y., 125
Burnham, James B., (Gillett) r 40, owner of steam power threshing machine, dairy 9 cows and farmer 90
Burnham, Laura A., (Gillett) r 40, widow James
Califf, Judson F., (Gillett) off r 30, dairy 6 cows, farmer 53
Campbell, Frank E., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 8, breeder of fancy Plymouth Rock chickens and Bronze turkeys, dairy 7 cows and farmer 80
Carman, Jesse, (Gillett) r 40, laborer
Cuffman, George, (Fassett) r 3, soldier in Co. G. 171st Pa. Vols. and farmer 20
Cease, Crayton, (Gillett) r 35, farmer 40
Chase, Alice S., (Gillett) r 35, carpet and rug weaver
Chase, Daniel, (Gillett) r 26 1/2, soldier in Co. F. 23rd Reg. N.Y.S. Vols. and in Co. D. 1st N.Y. Vol. Cavalry, school director and farmer 150
Chase, David, (Gillett) r 32 cor 41 1/2, dairy 14 cows, farmer 170
Chase, David W., (Gillett) r 32 cor 41 1/2, farmer, son of David
Chase, John, (Gillett) r 33, son of William
Chase, John H., (Gillett) r 26 1/2, grower of and dealer in choice strawberry plants and strawberries
Chase, Simeon B., (Gillett) r 35, farmer 35
Chase, Susan, (Gillett) r 33, widow Benjamin, 92 years old
Chase, William P., (Gillett) r 33, soldier in Comp. B. 10th Reg. N.Y. Cavalry, dairy 9 cows, farmer 54 and 70 owned by wife Elizabeth
Checkerville Skimming Station, (Bentley Creek) r 36, A. E. Allyn and D. P. Stephens, proprs.
Clark, William F., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 10, laborer
Coe, Caleb E., (Gillett) off r 16, dairy 5 cows and farmer 152
Coe, Montgomery G., (Gillett) r 16, farmer
Cole, Catharine A., (Gillett) widow Dr. J. H., h and lot, Main
Collins, Elmer W., (Gillett) hay presser, h Railroad
Collins, Fred, (Gillett) trackman N. C. Ry., Railroad
Collins, Gord U., (Gillett) laborer, Glenn
Collins, Jasper P., (Gillett) r 15, laborer
Collins, Mary, (Fassett) r 4, widow Patrick, farmer 49
Combs, Joseph, (Fassett) r 1 3/4, farmer 53
Comfort, Bert S., (Snedekerville) r 41, laborer
Congdon, Edgar, (Fassett) r 1 1/2, dairy 12 cows, 200 sheep, hay presser and farmer 150, also leases of E. Grover of Elmira, N.Y., 334
Conklin, William, (Gillett) r 11, laborer
Corey, Harry B., (Gillett) lawyer, head of Broadway
Cornell, Effie M., (Berrytown) r 38, school teacher
Cornell, Howard W., (Berrytown) r 38, 60 sheep, farmer 106
Costello, Thomas, (Fassett) off r 4, trackman N. C. Ry.
Coursen, John F., (Fassett) r 4, dairy 17 cows and farmer 125
Cowan, James R., (Fassett) r 4, school director, dairy 12 cows, 40 sheep and farmer 100, also leases of Mrs. G. O. Holcomb, 135
Craig, Isaac, (Gillett) r 14, fruit orchard 150 trees, dairy 8 cows and farmer 94
Craig, Martha W., (Bentley Creek) r 39, widow John, apiarist 50 colonies and farmer 64
Crane, Charles W., (Fassett) r 4, laborer
Crane, Rachael, (Fassett) r 3, widow Charles, farmer 150
Crossett, Arthur W., (Fassett), r 4, carriage and wagonmaker and carriage painter
Crotty, Michael, (Fassett) r 4, track foreman N. C. Ry.
Crotty, Thomas, (Fassett) r 4, trackman N.C. Ry.
Cuffman, Herman D., (Gillett) book agent
Cuffman, T. Theodore, (Gillett) farmer, Railroad
Culp, Joseph R., (Bentley Creek) r 23, thresher, dairy 5 cows and farmer 65
Cummins, Frank, (Gillett) r 14, farmer, leases of Elmer Hall 130
Cummins, Morris, (Gillett) r 14, laborer
Dean, Alvah H., (Bentley Creek) r 35, dairy 12 cows, breeder of Jersey cattle and farmer 110
Dean, Mary A., (Bentley Creek) r 35, widow Peter J.
Decker, Frederick H., (Fassett) r 4, laborer
Denike, Catherine, (Gillett) Broadway cor Academy
Dessy, Peter A., (Fassett) r 21, farmer on shares for Horace Lewis of Elmira, N.Y., 127
Dessy, William H., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 21, laborer
DeVoe, James B., (Bentley Creek) r 24, stone mason and farmer, leases of L. J. Pitt, 109
Dewey, Andrew J., (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 8, dairy 12 cows and farmer 100
Dewey Brothers, (Charles P. and Elmer O.) (Gillett) dealers in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes and hardware, agents Deering harvesting machinery, wagons, plows, harrows, harnesses, &c, Main cor Broadway
Dewey, Charles P., (Dewey Brothers) Main
Dewey, Elmer O., (Dewey Brothers) Main cor Broadway
Dewey, Phebe D., (Fassett) r 6, widow Levi, farmer 80
Dunning, David F., (Gillett) r 31, station agent N.C. Ry., dealer in coal, fertilizers and farmer 20
Dunning Grist Mill, (Gillett) r 27, Giles F. Viele, propr.
Duruz, Augustus F., (Gillett) r 20, carpenter, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows and farmer 140
Duruz, Charles H., (Gillett) r 20, hay presser with Eugene C.
Duruz, Eugene C., (Gillett) r 20, hay presser with Charles H.
Easton, William, (Wellsburg, N.Y.) r 7, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100
Fassett Baptist Church, (Fassett) Rev. Francis Sherer, pastor, Main
Fassett, Philo, (Fassett) r 6, retired farmer, age 88 years
Faulkner, D. Budd, (Gillett) r 11, school teacher
Faulkner, Reuben M., (Gillett) r 11, farmer, leases of Mrs. Jessie Smith of Elmira, N.Y., 100
Ferguson, Charles A., (Fassett) off r 4, farmer 25
Ferguson, Cora M., (Fassett) r 4, dressmaker
Fletcher, George, (Gillett) r 35, constable and farmer 90
Fletcher, William W., (Gillett) r 29, farmer 25
Friece, Sophia, (Gillett) r 42 n 30, widow David B.
Fuller, Abel, (Berrytown) r 38, carpenter and builder and farmer 3
Fuller, Jair A., (Bentley Creek) r 38, laborer
Fuller, John R., (Berrytown) r 38, laborer
Fuller, Martha J., (Berrytown) r 37, dressmaker
Furman, Alvin, (Gillett) farmer, Main
Furman, Scott B., (Gillett) r 40, auditor, son of Philander
Furman, Philander, (Gillett) r 40, dairy 18 cows and farmer 200
Gee, Richard S., (Fassett) r 4, (Kenyon & Gee) blacksmith
Gernert, Seth M., r 30, breeder of black breasted, red game chickens, bronze turkeys, Durham cattle, dairy 7 cows, owner of stallion Impero 18785, registered and standard Hambletonian
Gillett graded school, (Gillett) Academy
Gillett House, (Gillett) F. L. Harkness, propr., Main cor Railroad
Goldsmith, Amelia B., (Fassett) r 3, farmer 25
Goldsmith, Edward S., (Fassett) r 3, tobacco grower, 100 sheep and farmer 90
Goldsmith, James T., (Fassett) r 3, farmer 25, owned by daughter
Gordon, Emmett, (Gillett) r 28, son of William
Gordon, Frank D., (Gillett) r 28, son of William
Gordon, Seely, (Gillett) r 27, tobacco grower 2, dairy 5 cows and farmer 117
Gordon, William, (Gillett) r 28, tobacco grower 1 1/2, dairy 7 cows and farmer 50
Gordon, Wilmot, (Gillett) r 28, dairy 7 cows and farmer, leases of John Vernier, 250
Gustin, Anna E., (Gillett) r 27, nurse, h and lot
Gustin, Jesse N., (Gillett) r 42, farmer on shares for A. Wortendyke, 100
Gustin, John, (Gillett) r 27, farmer

Hall, Elmer, (Gillett) farmer 200, Main
Hall, Judd V., (Gillett) photographer, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes and bicycle sundries, agent Osborne harvesting machinery and farm implements, jewelry repairing a specialty, Main
Hammond, Alfred, (Gillett) r 42 n 30, farmer 150
Hammond, Harriet, (Gillett) r 30, widow Andrew J.
Hammond, Jennie, (Gillett) r 30, resident
Hammond, Stephen, (Gillett) r 30, dairy 10 cows, 58 sheep, farmer 100 and leases of Alfred, 150
Harkness, Charles D., (Berrytown) r 40, school teacher
Harkness, Frank L., (Gillett) propr. Gillett House, town collector and farmer 54, Main cor Railroad
Harkness, John C., (Gillett) r 14, farmer, leases of S. D. Knapp, 103 and of Mrs. Elizabeth Berry, 80
Harkness, Mary A., (Gillett) r 14, widow William F., who was a soldier in Co. G., 188th Reg. N. Y. S. Vol., h and lot
Harkness, Mortimer M., (Berrytown) off r 40, dairy 15 cows and farmer 200
Harkness, Ralph R., (Berrytown) r 40, farmer
Hickok, Almeron H., (Fassett) r 2, farmer
Hickok, Nicholas H., (Fassett) r 2, farmer 95
Hickok, Thaddeus, (Fassett) r 2, laborer
Holdridge, Charles L., (Fassett) r 1, dairy 6 cows and farmer 50
Holdridge, Henry A., (Fassett) r 1, dairy 6 cows, stock grower and farmer 75
Horning, Giles E., (Gillett) r 41 1/2, farmer 50
Holdridge, Howard B., (Fassett) r 1, wool grower, 50 sheep, farmer 75
Howland, Josie, (Gillett) r 27, widow G. W., h and lot
Hunt Brothers, (Fred and Harry) (Fassett) r 1, contractors and builders, see adv. page 432
Hunt, Fred, (Fassett) r 1, (Hunt Bros.)
Hunt, Harry, (Fassett) r 1, (Hunt Bros.)
Hunt, James, (Fassett) r 1, farmer 50
Inman, Benjamin L., (Gillett) r 40, farmer 15 owned by wife
Inman, Lyman E., (Gillett) r 35, school director, dairy 9 cows and farmer 100
Jenkins, George R., (Gillett) carpenter and builder, Glen
Johnson, Lewis, (Fassett) r 3 1/2, farmer 50
Joralemon, Lewis D., (Gillett) r 24, dairy 10 cows and farmer 80
Judson, James B., (Fassett) r 4, dairy 10 cows and farmer 126
Judson, Owen B., (Gillett) r 13, dairy 9 cows and farmer 175
Kelsey, George, (Gillett) r 11, dairy 25 cows and farmer on shares for J. L. Ferguson of Canton, 300
Kenyon, Adelbert L., (Fassett) r 5, (Kenyon and Gee) soldier in Comp. A. 11th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, blacksmith
Kenyon and Gee, (A. L. K. and R. S. G.) (Fassett) r 4, general blacksmithing, carriage making and repairing
Kerrick, Elizabeth, (Gillett) r 15, widow Mahlon, soldier in 12th N.Y. Battery, died at Patrick Station, Va., 3rd of March, 1865
Kerrick, Nelson J., (Gillett) r 15, farmer 45, and in Wells 23
Kiersted, Charles F., (Gillett) physician and surgeon, Main
Kiersted, Isaac, (Gillett) soldier in Comp. G. 2d Reg. N.Y. Mounted Rifles, carpenter and builder, Glen
Kinney, Robert B., (Berrytown) r 37, laborer
Leonard, Angeline, (Gillett) r 16, widow R. E.
Lewis, Benjamin F., (Gillett) r 41 1/2, farmer, leases of J. I. 50
Lewis, Don F., (Gillett) r 11, town commissioner, director of Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Co., dairy 10 cows and farmer 100
Lewis, Grant, (Bentley Creek) r 39, farmer
Lewis, Heman, (Gillett) r 35, dairy 20 cows, 120 sheep and farmer 350, in Wells 80
Lewis, James R., (Gillett) off r 30, apiarist 60 colonies, small fruit grower, farmer 25
Lewis, Joseph I., (Bentley Creek) r 39, farmer 130
Lewis, Judd S., (Fassett) r 4, dairy 5 cows and farmer 100
Lewis, Richard, (Gillett) off r 71, farmer
Lewis, Stephen H., (Gillett) r 35, farmer, son of Heman
Longwell, Lyman D., (Gillett) r 13, dairy 8 cows and farmer 76
Loomis, Merton D., (Gillett) dairy 7 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 84, Main
Lord, Cornelius W., (Gillett) r 35, dairy 8 cows and farmer 100
Lowrey, Charles L., (Fassett) r 4, farmer 6
Mack, Thomas, (Gillett) trackman on N.C. Ry., farmer 50, Railroad
Mahaffey, Isaac J., (Fassett) r 4, Justice of the Peace, agent for Dr. Huff's medicine co.
Mahood, Alvin B., (Gillett) r 27, laborer, removed to Snedekerville
Mahood, Margaret, (Gillett) resident, h Railroad
Mahood, William J., (Gillett) section foreman, Railroad
Marcellus, John, (Gillett) r 33, farmer on shares for John Turk, 66
Mason, Bertha L., (Gillett) r 35, school teacher
Mason, James H., (Bentley Creek) r 36, dairy 22 cows and farmer 300
Mason, James W., (Gillett) r 42, onion grower 1, dairy 12 cows and farmer on shares for Dr. C. L. Squire of Elmira, N.Y., 300
Mason, Mary, (Bentley Creek) r 36, widow James
Mason, Ola M., (Gillett) r 42, school teacher
Mason, Salome L., (Gillett) r 35, school teacher
Mason, Walter, (Gillett) r 45, soldier in Comp. G., 171st Reg. Pa. Vol., also in Bridge corps. western division, dairy 12 cows and farmer 100
Maynard, Richard E., (Gillett) r 28, farmer 6
McClelland, William H., (Gillett) r 23, carpenter, prop. steam thresher with A. H. and farmer 140
McNeal, Francis E., (Gillett) r 15, soldier in Comp. B., 210th Reg. Pa. Vol., 5th army corps., farmer 5, owned by wife
Messing, Andrew, (Fassett) r 4, mgr. Magnolia stock farm for T. S. Flood of Elmira, N.Y., and farmer 200
Montanye, Emily, (Gillett) widow Jacob, h and lot, Main
Montanye, Nellie F., (Gillett) resident, Main
Montanye, William J., (Bentley Creek) r 28, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for Richard Burnham of Bentley Creek, 100
Moore, Charles E., (Gillett) sawyer, Main
Moore, Charles F., (Gillett) soldier Comp. C., 7th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, prop. portable saw mill, employs 8 men, cuts 10,000 feet per day, h and lot Main
Moore, Thomas B., (Fassett) r 4, postmaster and poultry raiser
Moore, William F., (Gillett) fireman in saw mill, Main
Mosher, Charles R., (Gillett) r 11, laborer
Niver, George W., (Bentley Creek) r 39, apiarist
Osgood, George M., (Gillett) off r 26, farmer
Ostrander, Harrison W., (Gillett) r 16, school teacher, dairy 12 cows and farmer 66
Parmeter, George, (Fassett) r 3, laborer
Parsons, Amos W., (Gillett) r 16, apiarist 30 colonies, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 12 cows and farmer 66, and with Ira, 100
Parsons, Eli C., (Gillett) soldier in Comp. C., 7th Reg. Pa. Cavalry in Civil War, and farmer, Main
Passmore, John E., (Gillett) dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, wholesale dealer in and shipper of hay and straw, agent for harrows, plows and horse rakes, Main, h do
Passmore, William (Gillett) son of J.B., Main
Passmore, William H., (Gillett) town clerk, clerk in store, Main
Patterson, Samuel C., (Bentley Creek) r 37, dairy 13 cows and farmer 180
Pettingill, Charles G., (Gillett) r 14, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, dairy 5 cows and farmer 50
Pettingill, Sarah M., (Gillett) widow Samuel B., Broadway cor Academy
Pettingill, William H., (Gillett) r 14, dairy 10 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 79
Pitt, Charles O., (Gillett) mail carrier, h and lot, Main
Pitt, Frank, (Gillett) r 20 1/2, farmer on shares for Maria Fosbury, 60
Pitt, John L., (Gillett) farmer 500, Main
Pitt, Thomas T., (Gillett) trackman N. C. Ry., Main
Pitt, William S., (Gillett) propr. livery, Main
Ray, David H., (Bentley Creek) r 33, farmer 56
Ray, Robert H., (Bentley Creek) r 23, son of D. H.
Robbins, Bert, (Gillett) r 40, farm laborer
Roby, Charles T., (Fassett) r 4, farmer, leases of George Kirk, 50
Roby, Clyde H., (Gillett) wagon maker, Main
Roy, Zachariah, (Gillett) r 42, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. Sarah Sheppard 100 and farm 72 owned by wife
Rumsey, Daniel, (Fassett) r 21, farmer
Russell, Charley H., (Gillett) trackman N. C. Ry., Main
Russell, Jane A., (Gillett) widow George K., Main
Sample, Dency, (Gillett) widow Hiram, Glen
Sawdey, Frank S., (Gillett) r 27, soldier in Co. M. 21st U. S. Inf., now in Phillipine Islands
Sawdey, Fred, (Gillett) r 27, peddler and laborer
Sawdey, William H., (Fassett) r 2, propr. hay press, dairy 10 cows, 60 sheep and farmer, leases of Mr. L. M. Smith of Elmira, N.Y., 164, and 27 owned by wife
Scott, Hiram W., (Fassett) r 4, mason
Seafuse, Samuel M., (Gillett) physician and surgeon, Main
Shelton, Joseph G., (Gillett) laborer, Broadway
Sherer, Francis Rev., (Gillett) pastor South Creek Baptist Church and Fassett Baptist Church, Main
Smith, Fred H., (Fassett) r 4, general merchant and farmer 106
Strong, George W., (Fassett) r 4, station agent N. C. Ry. and general merchant
Sturdevant, Oren, (Gillett) r 28, laborer
South Creek Baptist Church, (Gillett) Rev. Francis Sherer, pastor, Main
Spencer, Lafayette, (Fassett) r 4, laborer
Swartwood, Luther B., (Bentley Creek) r 34, school director, propr. steam thresher, dairy 12 cows and farmer 172
Swartwood, Oliver P., (Bentley Creek) r 34, farmer
Swartwood, Ralph, (Gillett) r 34, laborer
Swartwood, W. Frank, (Bentley Creek) r 22, assessor, auctioneer and farmer 93
Taylor, Albert, (Fassett) r 1 3/4, farmer 43
Terwilliger, Edward, (Gillett) trackman on N. C. Ry., Main
Thompson, Dempson, (Fassett) r 3 1/2, farmer 50
Thompson, Harry H., (Gillett) r 41 cor 30, son of S. L.
Thompson, John, (Gillett) r 19, hay presser and farmer 50
Thompson, Samuel L., (Gillett) r 41 cor 30, soldier in Comp. G., 171st Reg. Pa. Vol. and re-enlisted in Comp. B., 1st N. Y. Cavalry, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 6 cows and farmer 200
Toby, Benjamin, (Fassett) r 1 3/4, mason and farmer 45
Turk, George O., (Gillett) Justice of the Peace, school teacher and farmer 48, Main cor Academy
Turk, John E., (Gillett) farmer 50, Main
Turk, Llewellyn E., (Gillett) school teacher, Main cor Academy
Utter, Robert, (Fassett) r 4, laborer
Van Wert, John A., (Fassett) r 4, carpenter and builder and farmer 12, owned by wife
Vernier, John W., (Gillett) r 29, carpenter and builder and farmer 300
Vernier, Leo O., (Gillett) r 29, son of J. W.
Viele, Giles F., (Gillett) r 27, prop. Dunning grist mill
Voorhis, Edward, (Gillett) off r 17, farmer 52
Walker, Fergus, (Gillett) r 12, dairy 8 cows and farmer 130
Walker, Mathew, (Gillett) off r 15, farmer 36
Wands, William B., (Fassett) r 3 1/2, soldier in Comp. E., 23d Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. and Comp. K., 8th Reg. N.Y. Heavy Artillery, 3 years 6 months, farmer 50
Ward, Esther A., (Gillett) r 41 1/2, widow Harris
Ward, George V., (Gillett) r 41 1/2, town commissioner, breeder of grade Jersey cattle and farmer 85
Watson, Rachael, (Fassett) r 1 3/4, widow Daniel, farm 43
Welch, Ellen, (Gillett) r 12, widow Jacob, dairy 14 cows and farmer 100
Welch, Ralph, (Gillett) r 13, dairy 11 cows and farmer 83
West, Allen E., (Snedekerville) r 43, breeder of Registered Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows and farmer 120
West, Hiram E., (Snedekerville) r 43, dairy 8 cows, wool grower, 15 sheep and farmer 120
Westbrook, Abraham, (Fassett) r 2, farmer
Western Bradford Creamery, (Gillett) W. J. Wilson, pres., Amos Parsons, sec., and John Passmore, treas., manufrs. creamery butter, Main
Wheeler, Miner T., (Gillett) retired farmer, Broadway cor Academy
Wheeler, Willis M., (Gillett) general blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Main
Williams, Alma J., (Fassett) r 4, resident
Wilson, George R., (Gillett) r 26, farmer 25
Wilson, Mary E., (Gillett) r 26, dressmaker
Wilson, Susan A., (Gillett) r 26, widow Benjamin G.
Wilson, William J., (Gillett) r 33, master Gillett Grange, dairy 12 cows, breeder of grade Herford and Jersey cattle and farmer 68
Wood, Asa A., (Gillett) r 22, farmer
Wood, Clarissa, (Gillett) r 22, widow Asa, dairy 7 cows and farmer 113
Wood, Gurdon S., (Fassett) r 21, farmer 85
Wood, Herman E., (Gillett) off r 22, dairy 8 cows and farmer on shares for A. Seafuse, 90
Wood, Ira G., (Fassett) r 1, farmer
Wortendyke, Andrew, (Gillett) farmer, Glen
Wortendyke, James T., (Gillett) gardener and farmer 5, h Glen
Yettner, Emanual, (Fassett) r 3 cor 3 1/2, dairy 35 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle and farmer on shares for A. Elsbree of Athens 445
Youmans, Levi A., (Gillett) station agent for N. C. Ry. and telegraph operator, Railroad

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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