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1900 Bradford County Directory


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1908 East Smithfield Postcard sent in by Creig Crippen

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Smithfield Township
1900 Smithfield Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.

Postoffice address Smithfield, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Adams, Levi T., (East Smithfield) manufacturer and dealer in harness and boots and shoes, Main, h do

Adams, Robert, (East Smithfield) harness maker, bds Main

Aldred, Mary J., (Milan) r 14, farmer with Mrs. Charlotte E. Wright, 100

Allen, Amos T., (East Smithfield) r 30, dairy 7 cows, farmer 70, died Aug. 22, 1899

Allen, Rennie W., (East Smithfield) laborer, College ave.

Ames, Isaac, (East Smithfield) h and lot, Main cor High

Ames, Perley, (Riggs) off r 51, farmer

Ames, Samuel W., (East Smithfield) farmer, h Cemetery

Andrus, Fred L., (East Smithfield) r 59, butter maker

Andrus, Wayland B., (East Smithfield) r 59, town commissioner, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 100

Ansell, Ernest F., (East Smithfield) farmer, bds Church

Ansell, Stephen G., (East Smithfield) farmer, h Church

Arnold, Alvin H., (East Smithfield) r 32, farmer 35

Arnout, Florence W., (East Smithfield) medical electrician and homeopathic physician, Main

Arnout, Theodore M., (East Smithfield) electropathic physician, farmer with James E. Arnout 100 in Asylum, breeder of black and white Langshan fowls, breeder of Abbysinian and Peruvian Guinea pigs and Homing pigeons, Main

Aumick, Edward, (Ulster) r 53, laborer

Bailey, Ambrose G., (Wetona) r 64, farmer

Bailey, Greeley A., (Wetona) r 64, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for I. P. Phillips, 140

Baker, Warren F., (Riggs) r 70, farmer 25

Balmer, Matthew, (Riggs) r 58, farmer 90

Balmer, Perry, (Riggs) r 56, farmer

Baptist Church (East Smithfield) Rev. Alanson Tilden pastor, Main

Barnes, Frank, (East Smithfield) off r 59, farmer on shares for C. A. Child, 100

Barton, Herman A., (East Smithfield) farmer 35, head of Main

Beach, Elsie L., (Hoblet) r 65, widow D. P., farmer 6

Beach, G. Ellery, (East Smithfield) (G. E. and J. T. Beach) h Main

Beach G. E. & J. T., (East Smithfield) dealers in general merchandise, farmers 60, Main

Beach, John T., (East Smithfield) (G. E. and J. T. Beach) h Main

Beach, Myron, (East Smithfield) shoemaker

Beardsley, Charles I., (Hoblet) r 46, breeder of thoroughbred Guernsey cattle and full blood O. I. C. swine, agent for Milsone fertilizers, dairy 16 cows, dealer in all kinds of grass seed, agent for Osborne harvesters and mowers and farm implements, all kinds of plows, farmer, 100

Bennett, Egbert, (East Smithfield) r 20, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares of J. S. Doty, 80

Bennett, F. Gardner, (East Smithfield) farmer 50, h Church

Bennett, George H., (East Smithfield) r 24, farmer

Bennett, George W., (East Smithfield) r 24, dairy 7 cows, farmer 87

Bird, Frances R., (East Smithfield) h and lot, Main

Bird, George N., (East Smithfield) farmer 300, Main

Bird, John, (East Smithfield) farmer 12, owned by wife, Main cor College ave

Bird, Martha J., (East Smithfield) school teacher, Main cor College ave

Bird, Nancy L., (East Smithfield) widow of Lark, county president of the W. C. T. U., Main

Blakeslee, Albert E., (East Smithfield) dealer in fine groceries and notions, hardware and tinware, dealer in lumber, shingles, lath, and brick, Church, h Athens ave

Blow, George, (East Smithfield) r 67, laborer

Brainard, Charles M., (East Smithfield) wagonmaker, h Church

Brigham, Almeron S., (East Smithfield) r 40, apiarist 150 colonies, manuf of foundation comb, farmer 22

Brigham, Horace A., (East Smithfield) farmer, Main

Brigham, Willis A., (East Smithfield) r 40, agent, son of A. S.

Brooks, Frederick M., (East Smithfield) r 5, dairy 30 cows, farmer on shares for Geo. N. Bird, 345

Brown, Irvin W., (Codding) r 71, farmer

Brown, E. Paschal, (East Smithfield) r 23, farmer, leases of Calvin Westbrook of Waverly, NY, 100

Brown, Sanford O., (Riggs) r 56, farmer, leases of Edwin French, 60

Brown, Waterman L., (Mac) r 76, dairy 7 cows, farmer 75

Brown, Wells A., (East Smithfield) farmer 50, h Church

Brown, Willet, (Codding) r 71, farmer 50

Breece, A. Nelson, (East Smithfield) r 30 ½ cor 37, laborer

Breece, Clarence A., (East Smithfield) r 36, laborer

Buffington, Walter, (Riggs) r 73 cor 72, farmer on shares for Job Morley, 100

Burlingame, Allen D., (Riggs) r 60, farmer

Burlingame, Chester, (Riggs) r 60, leases of W. F. Burlingame, 100

Burlingame, Henry, (Riggs) r 51, farmer

Burlingame, Judson M., (Codding) r 71, dairy 10 cows, farmer 300

Burlingame, Thomas I., (Riggs) r 51, farmer, leases of Mrs. Bell Bevins, 100

Burlingame, William F., (Codding) r 71, farmer with J. M.

Burt, Israel, (East Smithfield) resident, age 98 years, Main

Cain, Corneilus, (East Smithfield) r 1

Cain, James, (East Smithfield) r 1, farmer 80, owned by wife

Califf, Alden M., (East Smithfield) off r 58, farmer with C. A., 58

Califf, Alice L., (East Smithfield) off r 58, resident

Califf, Casper A., (East Smithfield) off r 58, sugar orchard 800 trees, farmer with A. M., 58

Califf, Emma A., (East Smithfield) r 28, dairy 8 cows, farmer 62

Califf, George C., (Riggs) r 58, farmer 90

Califf, Joseph M. Capt., (East Smithfield) r 28, captain in Light Battery C., 3d Artillery, U S A

Campbell, Elmer O., (Hoblet) off r 43, breeder of buff Leghorn fowls, dairy 8 cows and farmer 100

Campbell, Harry S., (Hoblet) r 42, son of S. K.

Campbell, James W., (Codding) r 69, farmer 60

Campbell, Joseph W., (Hoblet) r 43, dairy 7 cows, farmer 70

Campbell, Stanley H., (Riggs) r 78 cor 54, assistant postmaster, dealer in groceries

Campbell, Sterling K., (Hoblet) r 42, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

Campbell, William R., (East Smithfield) physician and surgeon S. Water, h do

Carman, Caleb, (Codding) r 70, farmer

Carpenter, Frank E., (East Smithfield) r 30 ½, sugar orchard, 500 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. H. M. Carpenter 130

Carpenter, Hiram W., (East Smithfield) r 30 ½, farmer 130, owned by wife

Carpenter, William E., (East Smithfield) r 32, dairy 6 cows, farmer 70

Cary, Abraham, (Burlington) r 67, farmer 30

Cash, Emma L., (East Smithfield) r 20, widow Fred, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100

Cogansparger, George, (Riggs) r 53 ½, farmer on shares for Peter Brady of Easton, Pa, 100

Chamberlain, Calvin S., (East Smithfield) r 59, carpenter, h and lot

Chamberlain, Charles T., (East Smithfield) r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer 106

Chamberlain, George W., (Milan) r 17, farmer 68

Chamberlain, J. Arthur, (East Smithfield) farmer and carpenter, h Main

Chamberlain, James H., (East Smithfield) r 29, farm laborer

Chamberlain, John E., (East Smithfield) house painter and paper hanger, h Main

Chamberlain, Joanna, (East Smithfield) widow Edward E., h and lot Main

Chamberlain, Lafayette C., (East Smithfield) r 23, carpenter

Chamberlain, James A., (Ulster) r 36, farmer, leases of C. W. Alliger of Ulster, 106

Chase, H. Bird, (Burlington) r 67, farmer, leases of George M. and Owen Langford, 140

Child, Harriet N., (East Smithfield) r 31, farmer with P. B. 100

Child, Percy W., (East Smithfield) r 31, laborer

Child, Priscilla B., (East Smithfield) r 31, farmer with Harriet N. 100

Child, Rufus W., (East Smithfield) r 30 ½ cor 30, dairy 20 cows, farmer 200

Christian Church, (Riggs) r 50, no pastor

Clair, Morris, (East Smithfield) resident, Main

Clark, Henry H., (East Smithfield) r 25, dairy 21 cows, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer on shares for H. A. Bevens of Wellsburg, NY, 200

Cleaveland, John J., (Milan) r 34, dairy 11 cows, farmer, works on shares for G. C. West, 160

Cleaveland, Marion G., (Milan) r 34, school teacher

Collins, James D., (East Smithfield) r 4 cor 3, dairy 11 cows, farmer 150

Collins, Jude Mrs., (East Smithfield) r 6

Collins, Mary, (East Smithfield) r 23, widow James, dairy 10 cows, farmer 150

Collins, Michael, (Milan) r 11, dairy 8 cows, farmer 75

Connors, Dennis, (East Smithfield) off r 4, farmer 75

Cook, Nelson D., (East Smithfield) r 25, farm laborer

Coon, Melvin, (East Smithfield) principal of East Smithfield graded school, bds Main

Cooper, Elijah B., (Milan) r 34, propr Fairview fruit farm, grower of berries, fruit grower, soldier in Co. I 103d N. Y. Vol

Cooper, Riley M., (East Smithfield) r 36, blacksmith and farmer 10

Corey, David A., (Burlington) r 67, farmer

Corneby, Frank G., (Milan) r 13, portable saw mill, farmer on shares for A. T. Keeler 84

Crandall, Omar, (Big Pond) r 24, farmer 60

Crawn, William, (Ulster) r 35, farmer 50

Crowley, John T., (East Smithfield) r 19, stock dealer, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150

Crowley, Michael, (East Smithfield) off r 6, wool grower and farmer 115

Cummins, Imogene, (East Smithfield) widow J. C., h and lot, Cemetery

Curkendall, Vincent, (East Smithfield) r 67, dairy 23 cows, farmer on shares for Walter Pierce, 250

David Martha, (East Smithfield) widow Elisha, Main

Davis, John W., (East Smithfield) off r 29, farmer leases of Mrs. L. G. Harding of Clarion, Pa, 36

Decker, Elizabeth S., (East Smithfield) r 9, widow Peter, h and lot

Decker, Peter R., (East Smithfield) r 9, farmer, leases of Mrs. Ellen Mahoney 80

Depew, Emma E., (Milan) r 13, widow Demond, dairy 10 cows and farmer 22

Depew, James H., (Milan) r 13, farmer

Dibble, James M., (Codding) r 70, farmer

Dibble, John J., (Codding) r 70, farmer

Dibble, William, (Riggs) r 73, farmer, leases of Mark 60

Disciples Church, (East Smithfield) Rev. S. C. Humphrey, pastor, Main

Donahue, Cornelius J., (East Smithfield) off r 22, farmer with Thomas

Donahue, Thomas, (East Smithfield) off r 22, dairy 13 cows, farmer with Cornelius J., 200

Donovan, Daniel, (East Smithfield) r 6, farmer 80

Donovan, Michael, (Milan) r 10, farmer 30

Doty, Edward, (East Smithfield) general merchant, Main, h do

Doty, Frederick, (East Smithfield) r 31, farmer

Doty, James, (East Smithfield) r 31, dairy 8 cows, farmer 60

Doty, J. Sheldon, (East Smithfield) r 20, farmer 80

Dougherty, Elizabeth, (East Smithfield) resident

Downey, Edward, (East Smithfield) r 30, farmer 40

Drake, A. C. (Hoblet) r 46 cor 45, dairy 18 cows, farmer on shares for J. G. Waldron, 155

Dubert, George, (East Smithfield) r 24, dairy 11 cows, farmer 102

East Smithfield Creamery, (East Smithfield) D. A. Stephens, propr, Main

Eiffert, Ezra, (East Smithfield) r 24, son of H. W.

Eiffert, Henry W., (East Smithfield) r 24, cooper, manuf butter packages, farmer 16

Elsbree, Frank, (Riggs) r 56, farmer 30

Elsbree, Perry H., (Milan) r 33, dairy 7 cows, farmer 80

Evans, Harry H., (East Smithfield) r 20, farmer

Farnsworth, Augusta, (East Smithfield) h and lot

Farnsworth, Guy, (East Smithfield) student, bds Athens ave

Farnsworth, John C., (East Smithfield) painter and paper hanger, Water

Farnsworth, William, (East Smithfield) painter and paper hanger, Water

Farnsworth, William H., (East Smithfield) bridge builder, Athens Ave

Farrell, Patrick, (Riggs) r 79, farmer 140

Fassett, Amy D., (Riggs) r 56, widow of Jason T., farmer 104

Finan, Linta A., (East Smithfield) resident

First Congregational Church, (East Smithfield) Main cor Church, Rev. A. B. Schofield, pastor

Fivie, Anna, (East Smithfield) widow of Thomas, Main

Fivie, Biddy, (East Smithfield) r 22, widow of Hugh, h and lot

Fivie, Elwin W., (East Smithfield) r 22, laborer

Fivie, George, (Hoblet) r 65, farmer 70

Fivie, George W., (East Smithfield) r 22, laborer

Fivie, James, (East Smithfield) breeder of Jersey and Guernsey cattle, breeder of O. I. C. hogs, administrator of Nancy E. Fivie, farmer 256

Fivie, Lloyd U. S., (East Smithfield) r 48, farmer 47

Fivie, Mary, (East Smithfield) resident, Main

Fletcher, B. Franklin, (Hoblet) r 62, dairy 8 cows, farmer 80

Fletcher, Charles, (Hoblet) r 63, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Fletcher, Grant, (East Smithfield) off r 50, farmer

Fletcher, Jacob G., (Codding) r 70, farmer 50

Fletcher, Wilson J., (Codding) r 70, farmer 25

Ford, Eliza A., (Mac) r 74, widow of D. D.

Forrest, Achsah, (East Smithfield) r 68, widow of Daniel, age 90

Forrest, Cyrenius, (Riggs) r 60, farmer 156

Forrest, Delacie, (East Smithfield) laborer, Main

Forrest, Elmer, (Saco) off r 80, farmer 40

Forrest, Fred, (Riggs) r 60, son of C.

Forrest, Killey & Son, (L. W. F., J. D. K., and A. V. K) manufacturers of plows, sleigh shoes, and castings, manufacturers of wagons and sleighs, also feed mill, Main

Forrest, Loran W., (Forrest, Killey & Son) (East Smithfield) off r 46, dairy 10 cows, farmer 120

Forrest, W. Leroy, (East Smithfield) r 67, farm laborer

Fosburgh, Rozilla, (Riggs) r 55, widow of Alonzo

Fosburgh, Thomas M., (Riggs) r 55, farmer with Walter, 100

Fosburgh, Walter, (Riggs) r 55, dairy 8 cows, threshing machine, feed mill and farmer with Thomas M., 100

Fosbury, James P., (East Smithfield) carpenter and builder, Main

Fosbury, John E., (East Smithfield) farm laborer, Water

Fosbury, William R., (East Smithfield) butter maker, Main

Fraley, Carl, (East Smithfield) r 27, farm laborer,

Fraley, Carl B., (East Smithfield) r 32, farmer, son of Mrs. Eliza

Fraley, Charles, (East Smithfield) r 27, dairy 10 cows, sugar orchard 1100 trees, dealer in live stock and breeder of Southdown sheep, farmer 234 owned by wife

Fraley, Eliza C., (East Smithfield) r 32, widow of Christopher, dairy 10 cows, farmer 90

Fraley, Minnie M., (East Smithfield) r 32, school teacher

French, Charles, (East Smithfield) r 40, farmer 18

French, Edwin E., (East Smithfield) r 50, farmer 64 and 120 owned by wife

French, Francis B., ( East Smithfield) r 51, agent for Standard Fertilizer Co., farmer 30

French, Henrietta, (Riggs) r 56, widow of G. A.

French, Jason, (Riggs) r 55 ½, sheep shearer and butcher and farmer 5

French, Luke W., ( Riggs) r 55, farmer

French, Sylvanus, (Riggs) r 55, farmer 58

Gates, Seth, (Milan) r 13, dairy 10 cows and farmer 164

Gavett, George W., (East Smithfield) r 29, carpenter and builder

Gavett, Lincoln O., (East Smithfield) dairy 10 cows, farmer, leases of James E. Gerould 100, Athens ave

Gavett, Lydia C., ( East Smithfield) r 9, resident

Gavett, William A., ( East Smithfield) r 9, soldier in civil war, pensioner and farmer 55

Gerould, Almira P., ( East Smithfield) widow J. Orville, College ave

Gerould, Bird E., (East Smithfield) r 36 cor 51, school teacher

Gerould, Clayton, (East Smithfield) r 36 cor 51, dairy 11 cows, school director and farmer 90

Gerould, Edward A., (East Smithfield) r 40, apiarist 75 colonies and farmer 58

Gerould, Ernest O., (East Smithfield) school teacher and bookkeeper, h College ave

Gerould, Fred C., (East Smithfield) farm laborer, College ave

Gerould, George, (East Smithfield) laborer

Gerould, Hattie Miss, (East Smithfield) resident, h Athens ave

Gerould, Herman L., (East Smithfield) r 36 cor 51, farmer

Gerould, James E., ( East Smithfield) farmer 100, h Athens ave

Gerould, Martin E., ( East Smithfield) r 61 cor 67, farmer

Gerould, Mary E., ( East Smithfield) r 40, widow Lewis B.

Gerould, Merrett W., (East Smithfield) r 36 cor 51, laborer

Gerould, Samuel W., ( East Smithfield) r 61 cor 67, dairy 11 cows and farmer 135

Gibson, David E., (Milan) r 16, dairy 8 cows and farmer 50

Gilfoyle, John, (Ulster) r 53, farmer 100

Gilfoyle, John P., (Ulster) r 53, farmer

Gilfoyle, William M., (Ulster) r 53, farmer

Gillett, Justin E., (East Smithfield) town collector and farmer, Main

Golden, Ellen, (Milan) r 12, resident

Golden, James B., ( Milan) r 12, farmer

Golden, Margaret, (Milan) r 12, widow Patrick, dairy 8 cows and farmer 97

Golden, Patrick A., (Milan) r 12, farmer

Grace, Dorance L., (Codding) r 70, farmer 50

Grace, Ellsworth C., (Big Pond) r 24, dairy 16 cows, blacksmith and farmer 140

Grace, May, (East Smithfield) r 17, resident

Green, Burt E., ( East Smithfield) barber, Main, h do

Grenell, Clarence F., (Mac) r 75, farmer 104

Gunn, William G., ( Riggs) r 55 ½, farmer 45

Grubham, John R., (East Smithfield) r 20, farmer

Gustin, Burton K., ( East Smithfield) r 59, dairy 7 cows, peach orchard 100 trees, sugar orchard 200 trees and farmer 107

Gustin, Burton W., ( East Smithfield) r 59, school teacher and farmer

Gustin, Clyde C., ( East Smithfield) school teacher and farmer, h Cemetery

Gustin, Ella M. Mrs., (East Smithfield) r 59, school teacher

Gustin, Lula C., (East Smithfield) r 59, school teacher

Hall, Albert C., (Codding) r 72, carpenter and builder, farmer 53

Hall, Benjamin, ( Riggs) r 77, farmer 25

Hall, George W., (Riggs) r 54, mail carrier, farmer 39

Hall, U. S. G., (Riggs) r 72, farmer 53

Halstead, Willis J., (East Smithfield) r 2, dairy 10 cows, farmer leases of Mary Halstead estate 140

Harkness, Mary F., ( East Smithfield) widow Henry V., h and lot Athens ave

Harris, Howard B., ( East Smithfield) r 6, dairy 9 cows, farmer 70

Harris, Joel N., ( East Smithfield) r 8, dairy 10 cows, farmer 104

Harris, Sally M., ( East Smithfield) r 8, widow Emerson B., farmer 75

Havens, Bell C., ( East Smithfield) r 30, school teacher

Havens, Lemuel J., (Milan) r 14, farmer 60

Havens, Lydia M., ( East Smithfield) r 30, widow Alfred, dairy 9 cows, farmer 80

Havens, Max, ( East Smithfield) r 30, farmer, son of Alfred

Havens, Maude E., (East Smithfield) r 30, school teacher

Havens, Phoebe A., ( Milan) r 14, widow Beriah

Henderson, James, ( East Smithfield) r 30, dairy 17 cows and farmer 138

Higgins, Kate, (Milan) r 11, widow Charles, dairy 8 cows, farmer 130

Hills, George G., (East Smithfield) r 17, farmer 10

Hills, John E., (Milan) r 32, farmer 70

Hills, Rachel, (East Smithfield) r 17, widow Thaddeus

Hiney, Raymond M., ( Bourne) farmer, leases of Franklin Langford 56

Hiney, Smith H., (East Smithfield)

Hodge, Perry C., (Milan) off r 17, dairy 6 cows, farmer 172

Hodge, William (East Smithfield) laborer, Water

Holmes, J. Rush, (East Smithfield) dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for W. H. Phelps estate 125, Main

Howland, Richard M., (Hoblet) r 45, farmer

Hubbard, Enos W., (East Smithfield) r 59, farmer 45

Hubbard, Joseph M., (Riggs) r 54, dairy 8 cows, farmer 80

Huff, Charlie, (Hoblet) r 46, farmer on shares for J. C. Waldron estate 112

Huff, John, (East Smithfield) r 17 cor 18, agent for Lister’s fertilizer, peach orchard 2700 trees, dairy 15 cows, dealers in hides and furs, farmer 106

Huff, William H., (East Smithfield) r 331, farmer 4

Hughes, Henry, (East Smithfield) dealer in poultry, h Church

Humphrey, Samuel C. Rev., (East Smithfield) pastor of Church of Christ, h Church

Huntington, Charles A., (Big Pond) r 24, farmer 76

Huntington, George L., (East Smithfield) r 67, farmer 131

Huntington, William V., (East Smithfield) r 22, dairy 15 cows, farmer 175

Hyde, George A., (East Smithfield) dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry, photographer, Main

Jackson, Harrison, (Hoblet) r 46 cor 42, farmer 3

Jackson, Ruie, (Hoblet) r 46 cor 42, postmaster

Jakeway, Elmer, (East Smithfield) r 8, dairy 8 cows, farmer 50

Jenney, Clarence E., (East Smithfield) r 38, agent for Packer’s Union fertilizer, farmer

Jenney, Carol W., (East Smithfield) r 39, farmer 30

Jenney, James E., (East Smithfield) r 38, soldier in Co. C. 82nd Reg. Pa. Vol., age 75, farmer 50

Jenney, Loren W., (East Smithfield) r 38, dairy 5 cows, farmer 16, also on shares for James E. Jenney, 50

Jones, Grace J., (East Smithfield) r 24, resident

Jones, Jenkyn Rev., (East Smithfield) r 24, farmer 87

Keeler, Albert T., (Milan) r 17, dairy 19 cows, farmer 275

Keeler, Dana H., (East Smithfield) r 18, dairy 19 cows, farmer, leases of George Ballentine of Reedsburg, 200

Keeler, Horace W., (Milan) r 32, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

Keeler, William H., (Milan) r 13, dairy 14 cows, farmer 56

Kelley, Grace M., (Riggs) r 73, school teacher

Kelley, James H., (Riggs) r 73, farmer 50

Kellogg, Fountain, (East Smithfield) r 5, farmer 50

Kellogg, Orville B., (East Smithfield) carpenter, h Athens ave

Kendall, Frederick, (Riggs) r 76 ½, laborer

Kendall, Henry, (Riggs) r 76 ½, farmer 40

Keyser, John J., (East Smithfield) mail carrier, High

Killey, Afton B., (East Smithfield) (Forrest Killey & Son) h Main

Killey, Ellen, (Riggs) r 79, widow Amos, farmer 75

Killey, John D., (East Smithfield) (Forrest Killey & Son) h Main

Kimball, Carrie L., (Hoblet) r 44, school teacher

Kimball, Mark M., (Hoblet) r 44, town commissioner, dairy 7 cows, farmer 83

King, Alvira, (East Smithfield) widow Jasper, h and lot, Athens ave

Kingsley, Eugene G., (East Smithfield) r 24, assessor, dairy 19 cows, farmer 165

Kingsley, Frank D. A., (East Smithfield) r 40, dairy 30 cows, farmer 545

Kitchen, F. Arthur, (Ulster) r 35, farmer 100, owned by Mahalie Williams

Kitchen, George H., (Ulster) off r 35, farmer 50

Knapp, Harvey W., (East Smithfield) r 25, soldier in Co. D. 84th Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer, h and lot

Knapp, D. Montillian, (East Smithfield) r 29, laborer

Knickerbocker, Alma C., (East Smithfield) r 20, widow of Wm. H., farmer 25

Knickerbocker, Joseph H., (W. L. Riggs & Co.) (East Smithfield) justice of the peace, carpenter and builder, h Main

Kniffin, George N., (Riggs) r 53 ½, farmer

Kniffin, Jacob A., (Riggs) r 53 ½, judge of election, steam thresher and wood sawyer, farmer 66

Kniffin, Martha E., (East Smithfield) r 48, farmer 11

Kniffin, Norman A., (East Smithfield) r 48, farm laborer

Kniffin, Oren A., (East Smithfield) r 48, dairy 10 cows, farmer 230

Kniffin, Samuel O., (East Smithfield) r 48, school teacher

Lampman, William W., (Hoblet) r 46, farmer 53

Lane, Burr A., (Mac) r 74, farmer 13

Lane, Daniel W., (East Smithfield) r 21, dairy 13 cows, farmer 97

Lane, Herman H., (East Smithfield) r 21, farm laborer

Langford, George M., (Bourne) r 66, dairy 11 cows, farmer 178

Langford, Owen L., (Burlington) r 67, farmer 176

Leonard, Melvin F., (Ulster) r 35, farmer, leases of Mrs. Harriet E. Leonard 25

Loan, Daniel, (Milan) r 11, farmer

Loan, John, (Milan) r 11, farmer 50

Loan, Michael, (Milan) r 11, dairy 8 cows, farmer 50

Loomis, Frank W., (Hoblet) r 65, farmer 16

Loomis, Justin L., (Milan) r 16, farmer 121

Loomis, Mima J., (East Smithfield) r 17, widow Erastus, farm 30

Loomis, Thomas, (Milan) r 13, farmer 60, owned by wife

Ludwig, Regine, (East Smithfield) h and lot, Water

Lyons, James W., (East Smithfield) stone mason and molder, Main

Mahanneny, James, (East Smithfield) r 3, dairy 20 cows, farmer, leases of Merritt Wood, estate 200

Mallory, William H., (East Smithfield) laborer, South Water

Marvin, Esther, (East Smithfield) widow Sumner, farmer, Water

Marvin, Olive, (East Smithfield) widow Charles, Main

Mattoon, Howard V., (East Smithfield) son of Rev. V. W.

Mattoon, Virgil W. Rev., (East Smithfield) pastor M. E. Church, h Church

Mattoon, Wilbur R., (East Smithfield) student, son of Rev. V. W.

Maynard, Cynthia, (East Smithfield) r 36, widow Thaddeus

Maynard, Jane, (Burlington) r 67, widow Philander, farm 27

McClelland, George W., (Codding) r 70, postmaster, owner of portable saw mill and thresher, farmer 50

McKay, William, (Wetona), r 62, farmer, h and lot

McNeal, Jacob, (Mac) r 76 ½, farmer, works on shares for Job Morley 150

Methodist Church, (East Smithfield) Rev. V. W. Mattoon, pastor, Church

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Hoblet) r 65 cor 61, no pastor

Miller, Earnest C., (East Smithfield) r 38 cor 51, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for H. W. Miller 90

Miller, Henry W., (East Smithfield) r 38 cor 51, farmer 90

Mingos, Perry, (Hoblet) r 66, farmer on shares for A. Eastman of Canton 115

Mitchell, Frank, (East Smithfield) r 21, laborer

Mitchell, Franklin, (East Smithfield) r 50, farmer

Mitchell, Harley S., (East Smithfield) farmer 60, Water

Mitchell, Harrison, (East Smithfield) farmer 120, Water, died August 6, 1899

Mitchell, Wella, (Riggs) r 56, farmer

Moody, Horace M., (East Smithfield) physician and surgeon, Church cor Athens ave

Moody, William M., (East Smithfield) wagon repairing, Main cor Water

Moon, Thomas, (Milan) r 16, dairy 16 cows, farmer, leases of J. M. Loomis, 121

More, Jesse, (Riggs) r 52, farmer 66

Murphy, Jeremiah, (East Smithfield) r 4, farmer

Murphy, Thomas, (East Smithfield) r 4, farmer 50, died Nov. 19, 1899

Newman, Albert Scott, (East Smithfield) r 61, dairy 15 cows, wool grower, 40 sheep, farmer 300

Nichols, Earl V., (East Smithfield) farmer 60, h Athens ave

Nichols, Von R., (East Smithfield) r 28, dealer in live stock, grower of berries and small fruits, plants for sale, farmer 70

Nipperd, George M., (Milan) r 33, farmer 63

Noonan, Patrick, (East Smithfield) off r 3, laborer

Northrup, Ira H., (Riggs) r 80, farmer 64

Northrup, Jesse E., (Riggs) r 80, farmer 25

Northrup, Theodore M., (Riggs) r 80, apiarist 21 colonies

O’Conner, John, (East Smithfield) r 3, farmer 75

Owen, Leonard W., (East Smithfield) r 2, son of L. R.

Owen, Levi R., (East Smithfield) r 2, blacksmith, inventor of the combination wire stretcher, wagon maker and repairer

Palmer, Alvin, (Riggs) r 52, farmer, leases of A. Murdock, 60

Palmer, John N., (Riggs) r 52, farmer, leases of Stephen R. Palmer, 155

Peck, Jennie T., (East Smithfield) widow of William A., h and lot, Water

Peck, Mary M., (East Smithfield) resident, h Water

Peck, Susan R., (East Smithfield) sec for Bradford Co. C. E. Union, h Water

Perkins, Clara A., (East Smithfield) r 40, widow Horace W.

Perkins, Samuel H., (East Smithfield) r 47, dairy 9 cows, sugar orchard 300 trees, farmer 100

Phelps, Addison W., (Hoblet) r 42 cor 43, dealer in groceries, h and lot

Phelps, Albert, (East Smithfield) r 40, laborer

Phelps, Charles H. Rev., (East Smithfield) r 31, farmer 100

Phelps, Diton, (East Smithfield) justice of the peace, butcher, h Main

Phelps, Dudley G., (East Smithfield) dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, toilet articles, perfumery, &c, bicycle repairer, Main

Phelps, Everett T., (Riggs) r 56, school teacher and book keeper

Phelps, Helen M., (East Smithfield) r 40, widow Victor E.

Phelps, Laura, (East Smithfield) resident, Main

Phelps, Mary A., (Riggs) r 56, widow Plynne, farmer 29

Phelps, Mary J., (East Smithfield) Main

Phelps, Mary D. B., (East Smithfield) widow William H., farmer 125, Main

Phelps, Susan, (East Smithfield) resident, Main cor College ave

Phelps, William E., (East Smithfield) r 40, carpenter and builder

Phillips, Cora H., (Hoblet) r 46, daughter of Israel

Phillips, Israel, (Hoblet) r 46, dairy 12 cows, sugar orchard 700 trees, farmer 324

Pierce, Bernice I., (East Smithfield) r 28, domestic, lives with E. A. Califf

Pierce, Charles, (East Smithfield) r 47, farm laborer

Pierce, J. Dallis, (Milan) r 13, prop saw mill and lumber dealer, dairy 20 cows, farmer 200

Pierce, George W., (East Smithfield) r 67, farmer 100

Pierce, Harry W., (East Smithfield) r 7, farmer 86

Pierce, Howard J., (Milan) r 13, laborer

Pierce, Thomas M., (Milan) r 13, wagonmaker and shinglemaker

Pierce, Walter, (East Smithfield) dealer in flour, feed, Bowker fertilizers, salt, &c, agent for Bissell plow and spring tooth harrows and binder twine, farmer 240, Main, h do

Pollock, Allen T., (Saco) r 80, farmer 83

Prince, J. Nelson, (East Smithfield) r 48, farmer 50

Ragan, Richard, (East Smithfield) r 6, dairy 12 cows, farmer 150

Raymond, John B., (Hoblet) r 66, farmer 10

Ransom, Miles F., (Ulster) r 53, farmer 200. Died Nov. 13, ’99

Rice, Edward M., (East Smithfield) r 51, house painter and farmer 18

Rice, Ellen S., (East Smithfield) r 30, widow of J. G.

Rice, Fred J., (East Smithfield) r 51, farm laborer

Rice, Ned J., (East Smithfield) r 51, farm laborer

Rice, Walter G., (East Smithfield) r 30, farmer 100

Rich, Alonzo G., (Riggs) r 55, farmer on shares for John Merkle, 100

Rich, Charles, (Riggs) r 46 cor 50, laborer

Rich, George W., (Riggs) r 49 cor 50, farmer 46, owned by wife

Riggs, Charles B., (East Smithfield) general merchant, Main

Riggs, Delbert A., (East Smithfield) r 67, broom maker

Riggs, S. Jane, (East Smithfield) r 67, widow Alfred, farmer 96

Riggs, William L., (W. L. Riggs & Co.) (East Smithfield) r 67, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for S. Jane Riggs, 96

Riggs, W. L. & Co. (W. L. R. and J. H. Knickerbocker), (East Smithfield) manufs of shingles, planing mill, doors, sash, blinds, moldings, also scroll sawing and wood turning, Water

Robinson, Charles A., (Hoblet) r 42, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for F. H. Scott, 106

Robinson, Edward, (East Smithfield) laborer, High

Robinson, Solomon H., (East Smithfield) r 17, farmer 84

Rosengrant, C. Herbert, (Ulster) off r 51 ½, farmer

Rosengrant, Joseph, (Ulster) off r 51 ½, dairy 8 cows, farmer 50

Ross, William F., (Codding) r 70, resident

Rowe, Arthur M., (Ulster) r 35, farmer

Rowe, John H., (Ulster) r 35, dairy 6 cows and farmer 69

Rowe, Rhoda A., (Ulster) r 35, widow William L.

Rowe, Richard N., (East Smithfield) farmer 56 and in Southport, NY 150, h College ave

Randall, Elhanon S., (Mac) r 74 cor 75, mail carrier, book agent and farmer 40

Russell, Ramond E., (East Smithfield) agent for all kinds of wagons, blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Main, h Water

Sample, Nora, (East Smithfield) widow of Guy, Main

Sargeant, Madison, (Wetona) r 62, farmer 150

Sargeant, William C., (Wetona) r 62, farmer, son of Madison

Schill, George E., (East Smithfield) r 25, farmer

Schill, John H., (East Smithfield) r 25, dairy 10 cows and farmer 130

Schouten, John W., (Codding) r 69, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 18 cows, farmer 98

Schouten, Murray, (Codding) r 69, school teacher and farmer

Schouten, William H., (East Smithfield) r 22, dairy 12 cows, farmer on shares for O. B. Sumner 175

Scofield, Albert B. Rev., (East Smithfield) pastor Congregational Church, h Main

Scott, Albert O., (East Smithfield) r 18, dairy 18 cows, farmer on estate of Orange Scott, 120

Scott, Emmett L., (East Smithfield) r 37 cor 38, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Scott, Frances M., (East Smithfield) r 18, school teacher

Scott, Frances H., (East Smithfield) blacksmith, Main

Scott, George B., (East Smithfield) r 17, farmer 30 owned by Mima J. Loomis

Scott, Hannah, (East Smithfield) r 59, farmer 25

Scott, Sally, (East Smithfield) widow Oren, farmer 100, h Church

Scott, Sally A., (East Smithfield) r 37 cor 38, widow Levi

Seely, George P., (Milan) r 33, grower of small fruits and berries, farmer 55

Seigel, Jacob, (East Smithfield) r 24, junk dealer, h and lot

Selleck, George G., (Saco) r 80, farmer

Seward, Thomas A., (East Smithfield) r 67 cor 47, surveyor, farmer 7

Sheehe, Joseph, (East Smithfield) r 36, dairy 9 cows, farmer 86

Sherman, Tile, (East Smithfield) r 68, farmer 14 and 36 owned by wife

Sherman, Thomas, (Riggs) r 60, farm laborer

Smith, Amanda M., (Milan) r 14, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100

Smith, Archer T., (East Smithfield) r 32, laborer

Smith, Burr O., (Mac) r 74, owner carp pond, dairy 8 cows, farmer, leases of John Schill, 113

Smith, Catherine, (Ulster) r 35, widow William

Smith, Derrick G., (East Smithfield) carpenter, farmer 17, h Athens ave

Smith, Earnest, (East Smithfield) off r 59, farmer 50, owned by Mrs. Smith and Scott

Smith, Henry E., (Milan) r 14, farmer and school teacher

Smith, Jefferson, (East Smithfield) off r 59, laborer

Smith, John, (Hoblet) r 63, farm laborer

Smith, Marshall S., (East Smithfield) r 47, farm laborer

Smith, Robert E., (Milan) r 13, school teacher

Smith, Stephen A., (East Smithfield) r 17, farmer

Smith, Winfield S., (Milan) r 14

Smithfield House, (East Smithfield) O. W. VanSchaick propr, Main cor College ave

Soper, H. David, (Codding) r 71, laborer

Stephens, Dana R., (East Smithfield) manuf fine creamery butter, creameries at East Smithfield, Springfield and Bentley Creek, Pa., h College ave

Stevens, Daniel, (Hoblet) r 65, laborer

Storch, Albert O., (Wetona) r 62, farmer, son of John

Storch, John, (Wetona) r 62, farmer 100

Storch, John H., (Wetona) r 62, agt. for Deering Harvesting Co., owner of 9 carp ponds, 175 acres under water, breeder of pure bred Poland China hogs, inventor and sole manufacturer Safety Neckyoke, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Sumner, Orpheus B., (East Smithfield) r 29, farmer 280

Swain, Burley, (Saco) off r 80, farmer, son of J. B.

Swain, Joseph B., (Saco) off r 80, farmer on shares for Peter Brady 250

Swain, Sidney, (Saco) off r 80, farmer, son of J. B.

Sweeney, Stephen R., (East Smithfield) r 22 cor 4, dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for James Fivie 130, on r 60, 40

Templeton, Robert, (Ulster) r 51 ½, town commissioner, owner of Percheron Stock Horse Norfolk, No. 4915, breeder of Registered Berkshire swine and Registered Ayrshire cattle, agent for plows, creameries and fertilizers, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150

Thomas, Benjamin C., (Riggs) r 50, farmer 80, died Aug. 22, 1899

Thomas, Griffith, (East Smithfield) farmer 15, h Church

Thomas, Mahlon G., (Riggs) r 54, farmer 50

Thompson, Lockwood, (Milan) off r 34, dairy 10 cows, farmer 130

Tilden, Alanson Rev., (East Smithfield) pastor Baptist church, h Athens ave

Tompkinson, Melvina A., (East Smithfield) r 40, widow John

Touhey, John E., (Milan) r 9, farmer

Touhey, Thomas, (Milan) r 9, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80

Tracy, Bathsheba, (East Smithfield) r 36, widow Buckley

Tracy, Edward, (Hoblet) r 44 ½, dairy 7 cows, school director, farmer 50

Tracy, Edwin P., (East Smithfield) r 31 cor 32, propr saw and grist mill, dealer in lumber and shingles, farmer 100

Tracy, Euphemia, (East Smithfield) resident, Church

Tracy, Floyd, (East Smithfield) off r 41, butter maker

Tracy, Franklin, (East Smithfield) teamster and farmer 75, Main

Tracy, Gamaliel, (East Smithfield) (Tracy & Woodworth) Main

Tracy, George, (Hoblet) r 43, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Tracy, J. Dorrance, (East Smithfield) farmer

Tracy, James O., (East Smithfield) off r 41, farmer, son of J. M.

Tracy, John M., (East Smithfield) off r 41, dairy 7 cows, sugar orchard 650 trees, farmer 65

Tracy, Lois, (East Smithfield) resident, Church

Tracy, Lucy E., (Hoblet) off r 62, widow Burchard, farmer 73

Tracy, Nehemiah, (Hoblet) r 43, retired farmer

Tracy, Nettie, (East Smithfield) off r 41, dressmaker

Tracy, Olive A., (East Smithfield) r 25, widow E. S.

Tracy, Polly S., (East Smithfield) r 36, physician and surgeon, farmer 50

Tracy, Selden, (East Smithfield) r 38, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Tracy & Woodworth, (Gamaliel T. and Emily T. W.) general merchants, Main

Truesdale, Daniel, (Hoblet) r 65, farmer on shares for C.W. Cranmer 80

Truesdale, George, (Big Pond) r 24, farmer on shares for I. H. Butters of Elmira, NY, 50

Tuttle, Homer, (East Smithfield) physician and surgeon, Main, h do

Usher, Ann G., (East Smithfield) resident, College ave

Usher, Charles A., (East Smithfield) mail carrier to Milan, Main

Van Auken, Kennie G., (East Smithfield) Water

Van Schaick, O. William, (East Smithfield) propr Smithfield House, Main cor College ave

Voorhis, Clarence, (East Smithfield) postmaster, general merchandise, undertaker, wall paper, Main, h do

Voorhis, Edna, (East Smithfield) clerk in post office

Voorhis, Nancy M., ( East Smithfield) widow Wm. E., h Main

Wagner, Esther M., (East Smithfield) r 67, farmer 86

Wakely, Alta M., (Codding) r 72, widow Jackson

Wakely, Fred C., (Codding) r 72, farmer with J. E. Wakely, 140

Wakely, Jay E., (Codding) r 72, dairy 12 cows, farmer with F. C. Wakely, 140

Waldron, Eleazer, (Hoblet) r 46, dairy 9 cows, farmer, works on shares for G. H. Meeker 108

Waldron, John E., (Hoblet) r 46, son of N. W.

Waldron, Joseph G., (East Smithfield) ex-county treasurer, live stock dealer, farmer 155, Main

Waldron, Nathan W., (Hoblet) r 46, stock and poultry dealer, and farmer 5

Waldron, William N., (East Smithfield) dealer in poultry, h Athens ave

Watkins, Alexander, (East Smithfield) laborer, Main

Webster, Spencer S., (East Smithfield) farmer, h Water

Weed, Edwin, (East Smithfield) off r 32, farmer 60

Weed, George, (East Smithfield) r 32, farmer, works on shares for Lodesca Weed, 70

Weed, Horace, (East Smithfield) dairy 8 cows, sugar orchard 400 trees, farmer 53, College ave

Weed, Lodesca, (East Smithfield) r 32, farmer 70

Wentzel, Margaret, (East Smithfield) r 17, widow Hiram, farm 45

West, George C., (Milan) r 34, peach orchard 1200 trees, apple orchard a specialty, farmer 160

White, Patrick, (Milan) r 11, farmer 50

Wilcox, Clara E., (East Smithfield) r 21, resident

Wilcox, Clayton F., (East Smithfield) r 23, farmer on shares for Elliott U., 112

Wilcox, Elliott U., (East Smithfield) r 2, dairy 20 cows, farmer 650

Wilcox, Harry B., (East Smithfield) r 2, son of E. U.

Wilcox, Oren E., (East Smithfield) r 21, farmer 4, also works 18 for J. L. Wilcox of Ridgebury

Wilcox, Stephen E., (Hoblet) r 24 cor 23, dairy 12 cows, farmer on shares of E. U. Wilcox 170

Williams, Levi E., (Wetona) r 64, dairy 10 cows, farmer 124

Williams, Mahala, (Ulster) r 35, farmer 100

Williams, Sylvia, (Wetona) r 64, widow Uri, farmer 6

Witte, Adam, (East Smithfield) r 17, farmer 45

Wittig, Charles C., (East Smithfield) r 36, farmer on shares

Wittig, Henry, (Riggs) r 56, soldier in Co. B 11 Reg. Pa. Vols, dairy 7 cows, farmer 72

Wolfe, Edmund R., (Hoblet) r 65, sugar orchard 1000 trees, dairy 16 cows, farmer 200

Wood, A. Wells, (East Smithfield) r 26, dairy 16 cows, farmer with Mrs. Emma S. Wood, 125

Wood, Charles T., (East Smithfield) town treasurer, stone mason, and farmer 12, Main

Wood, Emma S., (East Smithfield) r 26, widow Willard A., farmer with A. W. Wood, 125

Wood, Francis, (East Smithfield) r 65, dairy 14 cows, sugar orchard 350 trees, farmer 191

Wood, Glennie, (East Smithfield) r 65, school teacher

Wood, Ida B., (East Smithfield) widow Earnest, Main

Wood, Lewis, (East Smithfield) r 24, farmer, pensioner, age 82 years

Wood, Newton, (East Smithfield) r 28, wagonmaker, prop cider mill and farmer 30

Woodworth, Emily T., (East Smithfield) r 36, (Tracy & Woodworth) physician and surgeon, farmer 100

Wright, Evelyn C., (East Smithfield) r 20, widow Edward

Wright, Jason K., (East Smithfield) r 20, dairy 7 cows, farmer 50, owned by wife

Wright, Edwin, (Milan) r 14, dairy 25 cows, farmer 100

Yontz, Samuel W., (East Smithfield) dealer in hardware, stoves and tin shop, agent for Wiard plow, dealer in extras for agricultural implements, Main, h do

Young, Darius M., (East Smithfield) r 30, dairy 5 cows, farmer 30

Young, Scott R., (East Smithfield) r 30, farmer

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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