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Moth local to this area June 1, 2007 by Joyce M. Tice

1900 Bradford County Directory
Springfield Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Springfield Township Directory
For explanations, &c., see page 17.
Postoffice address Springfield, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).
Abbey, James, (Harkness), r 37, agent for farm implements and fertilizers, farmer 152
Adams, Henry L., (Leona) r 64, carpenter
Adams, Julius T., (Columbia X Roads) r 26, soldier in Co. C, 7th Reg., Penn. Cavalry Vet. Vol., farmer 34
Allen, Allison, (Berrytown) r 30, farmer 100
Allen, Emeline, (Columbia X Roads) r 7, daughter Lorenzo
Allen, John L., r 49, dairy 12 cows, farmer 140
Allen, Lorenzo, (Columbia X Roads) r 7, breeder of Shropshire sheep, farmer 56
Allen, Maria, r 49, widow Robert
Allington, John, (Berrytown) r 7, laborer
Atwater, M. H. Mrs., (Troy) r 76 ½, prop. Mt. Pisgah Inn
Ayers, Eleazer, (Leona) r 60, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100, on shares for Mrs. Anna Holcomb of Troy
Ayers, Robert R. L. D., (Leona) r 60, farm laborer
Bailey, Dennis L., (Big Pond) r 39, dairy 20 cows, farmer 215
Bailey, Ella J., (Big Pond) r 39, daughter of D. L.
Bailey, Fred, (Big Pond) r 39, farmer, son of D. L.
Bailey, Howard L., (Leona) r 78, breeder of Merino sheep, O. I. C. hogs and farmer on shares for Nathan E. Bailey of Van Etten, NY, 100
Bailey, John A., (Leona) r 71, breeder of Merino sheep and O. I .C. swine, white Leghorn fowls and Pekin ducks and farmer on shares for Nathan E. Bailey of Van Etten, NY, 296
Bailey, Richmond, (Wetona) r 74, breeder of and dealer in full blood Shropshire sheep, farmer 180
Bailey, Sophia D., (Wetona) r 74, widow David R.
Bailey, Wallace W., (Wetona) r 74, town commissioner, breeder of Shropshire sheep, farmer 113
Bailey, Zenas Y., Jr., (Leona) r 71, dairy 7 cows, farmer 60
Ballard, Denton, (Leona) r 77, farmer
Ballard, Er, (Leona) r 77, farmer
Ballard, Guy S., (Leona) r 78 cor 70, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, &c, farmer 24
Ballard, Lert, (Leona) r 77, farmer
Ballard, Sol, (Leona) r 77, farmer
Baptist Church, r 63, Rev. Edmund B. Dwyer, pastor
Barrett, Charles H., (Berrytown) r 5, farmer 50
Barrett, Delma J., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, daughter of Hiram
Barrett, Elizabeth, (Columbia X Roads) r 28, resident
Barrett, Ellen P., (Troy) r 65, widow John, farmer 89
Barrett, Ezra E., (Columbia X Roads) r 28, farmer 40
Barrett, Harriet, (Columbia X Roads) r 28, widow Reuben
Barrett, Hiram, (Columbia X Roads) r 28, dealer in groceries and farmer 24
Barrett, Oscar W., r 43, small fruit grower, farmer 45
Barrett, Sarah T., (Big Pond) r 40, widow Chauncey, farmer 25
Barrett, Seymour, Rev., (Berrytown) r 5, pastor of Wesleyan Church at Berrytown and farmer
Beach, Ira D., (Wetona) r 56, dairy 12 cows, farmer 130
Beach, Stanley A., (Wetona) r 56, farmer
Beardslee, Devan E., (Wetona) r 59, dairy 8 cows, farmer 140
Bennett, Egbert E., (Berrytown) r 42, farmer
Bentley, Lena A., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, dairy 8 cows, farmer with Adelaide B. Furman, 98
Berry, Almon W., (Berrytown) r 4, town assessor, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 150
Berry, Alvin L., (Berrytown) r 4, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer 200
Berry, Delia, (Berrytown) r 4, resident
Berry, Emily (Berrytown) r 27, widow Martin C., farmer 120
Berry, Jay W., (Berrytown) r 42, farmer 150
Berry, Lamont, (Berrytown) r 27, school director, farmer, works on shares for W. Berry, 150
Berry, Lydia, (Big Pond) r 29 cor 40, widow Sherman
Berry, Matta L., (Berrytown) r 4, daughter of A. L.
Berry, Pleatus, (Berrytown) r 27, farmer, son of Emily
Berry, Woodard, (Berrytown) r 27, town commissioner, breeder of thoroughbred Durham cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150
Bliss, Harriet, (Leona) r 60, widow Noah W., farmer with Mrs. Henrietta Bliss, 140
Bliss, Henrietta Mrs., (Leona) r 60, dairy 11 cows, fruit grower, farmer with Mrs. Harriet Bliss, 140
Bliven, Mary J., r 49, resident
Bourdette, Louis A., (Leona) r 77, farm laborer
Boughton, Joseph, r 30, farmer
Boughton, Nathaniel, r 30, farmer 15
Boughton, Rant, (Berrytown) r 21, laborer
Boughton, William H., r 40, breeder of fancy road horses, dairy with F. C. Burgess, 24 cows, farmer 240
Brace, Dighton D., (Columbia X Roads) r 67 cor 65, vice pres and director of the First National Bank of Troy, breeder of thoroughbred Shropshire sheep, 40 head, farmer 110
Brace, Frank S., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100
Brace, George B., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, dairy 5 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 80
Brace, McKean, (Columbia X Roads) r 43, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100
Brace, Stephen A., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, dairy man, farmer 100
Brace, William F., (Columbia X Roads) r 46, wool grower, 100 sheep, farmer 130
Brenchley John, r 43, pensioner of Comp B. 58th Reg. Pa. Vols., farmer 4 owned by wife
Brooks, Addison, (Leona) r 71, dairy 8 cows, farmer 75
Brooks, Horace N., (Leona) r 81, manufacturer of wagons
Brown, Charles H., r 61 cor 45, horse trainer, bds Springfield House
Brown, Dan A., (Big Pond) r 34, carpenter
Brown, Edward E., (Leona) r 64, farmer on shares for R. H. Cooley of Troy 180
Brown, Francis E., (Leona) r 64, resident
Brown, Morris C., (Big Pond) r 12, dairy 18 cows, farmer 175
Brown, Willard A., (Leona) r 64, dairy 23 cows, farmer 240
Brown, William H., r 41, farmer on shares for Mrs. Elizabeth Mattock 75
Brown, William W., (Leona) r 64, farmer
Brundidge, Allen T., (Big Pond) r 34, farmer
Brundidge, James E., (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 36
Bullock, Constant E., (Big Pond) r 17, feed mill with W. A., farmer 140
Bullock, Scott A., (Big Pond) r 17, farm laborer
Bullock, William A., (Big Pond) r 17, justice of the peace, runs feed mill on shares with C. E. Bullock, farmer 80
Burgess, Arminda, r 41, widow W. Irvin, farmer 50
Burgess, Fred C., r 41, farmer 50 owned by Arminda
Burgess, Ellen J., r 40, resident
Burgess, Franklin C., r 40 with Wm. H. Boughton, dairy 24 cows, breeder of white and brown Leghorn, Plymouth Rock and Hamburg fowls, farmer 180
Burt, Judd, (Columbia X Roads) r 65, farmer 75
Burt, Randolph, (Columbia X Roads) r 65, manufacturing chemist
Butters, John S., (Big Pond) r 40, farmer
Califf, Justin E., (Wetona) r 54, propr. of feed mills, farmer 94
Califf, Luzina, (Wetona) r 54, widow Enos
Campbell, Clarence C., (East Troy) r 81, farmer, son of J. S.
Campbell, Elizabeth D. Mrs., (East Troy) r 81, farmer 100
Campbell, Justin S., (East Troy) r 81, dealer in real estate, farmer 100
Cary, Matilda, (Berrytown) r 26, widow William, farm 75
Cary, William, (Berrytown) r 26, farmer
Chace, Hiram G., (Columbia X Roads) r 44, farmer 146
Chamberlain, Ford, r 41, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 16 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. Emma Holcomb of Troy, 300
Clark, Alexander, (Big Pond) r 31, farmer 60
Clark, C. C., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for Mary E. Parkhurst, 150
Clark, James, (Big Pond) r 40 cor 30, farmer on shares for Emerson Miller, 50
Clark, John, (Berrytown) r 21, farmer 40
Clark, Joseph, (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 75
Clark, Will G., (Big Pond) r 17, dealer in horses and farmer 70
Clough, Frederick M. Rev., (Leona) r 77, pastor M. E. Church
Conkling, Benjamin C., (Leona) r 60, laborer
Cooper, Laben L., (Berrytown) r 28, dealer in groceries, farmer 45
Cooper, Lonnie A., (Berrytown) r 28, farmer, leases in Columbia township 100
Cornell, Willis G., (Columbia X Roads) r 44, agent for McCormick harvesting machinery, Champion drill, Standard Harrow Co., of Utica, Zells fertilizers, farmer 9
Cornell, Zopher, (Columbia X Roads) r 44, stone mason and farmer 30
Cory, Laura, (Harkness) r 50, widow George, postmaster and farmer 200
Covell, Albert, (Big Pond) r 18 ½, dairy 10 cows and farmer 225
Crainey, David, (Big Pond) r 18, farmer 180
Crainey, William H., (Big Pond) r 18, farmer on shares for David Crainey, 85
Crandall, Frank H., (Big Pond) r 34, farmer on shares for S. Crandall, 86
Crandall, George, (Big Pond) r 14, farmer 50
Crandall, Jesse A., (Bentley Creek) r 17, owner of Poca Boy, stallion, registered 8648, with his father L. D., breeder of trotting horses and farmer 104
Crandall, Lyman D., (Big Pond) r 13, farmer 130
Crandall, Matilda, (Big Pond) r 13, widow Lewis
Crandall, Simon, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer
Creighton, Alexander, (Berrytown) r 28, blacksmith
Crediford, Addie L., r 49, school teacher
Crediford, Alice M., r 63, school teacher
Crediford, Cynthia, r 63, widow Joseph, h and lot
Crediford, Origen E., r 49, farmer 50
Crowell, George W. H., (Wetona) r 53, farmer 120
Crowell, William E., (Wetona) r 53, dairy 9 cows and farmer on shares for G. W. H. Crowell, 120
Culp, Grant, (Bentley Creek) r 8, dealer in hay and grain
Culp, Rulandus, (Bentley Creek) r 8, dairy 15 cows, farmer 200
Cumins, Andrew, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 40
Cumins, Benjamin S., (Big Pond) r 34, carpenter
Daley, C. F. (Leona) r 61 cor 77, general merchant, grist mill
Dean, Schuyler, r 63, farmer with Wm. Gates, 320
Decker, Perry O., (Wetona) r 53, farmer 4
Deved, Allen, (Big Pond) r 29, dairy 17 cows and farmer on shares, 300
Dickinson, Charles C., (Wetona) r 54, breeder of Holstein cattle, dairy 19 cows and farmer on shares for L. S. Dickinson, 200
Dickinson, Levi S., (Wetona) r 54, farmer 200
Doane, Allan A., (Leona) r 77, school teacher, dairy 10 cows and farmer 70
Doane, Fidelia H., (Leona) r 77, farmer with M. E. Doane, 42
Doane, Langdon H., (Leona) r 71 cor 60, farmer
Doane, Martha E., (Leona) r 77, farmer with F. H. Doane, 42
Dubar, Alonzo H., (Big Pond) r 13, school director, farmer 125
Dubert, Andrew, (Big Pond) off r 17, farmer 100
Dubert, George, (Big Pond) r 16, farmer 100
Dunbar, Oliver G., (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 40
Dwyer, Edmund B. Rev., r 63, pastor of First Baptist Church of Springfield
Eaton, Almon H., (Leona) r 80, dairy 12 cows and farmer 200
Eaton, Isabella, (Leona) r 80, widow Theodorus
Elliott, George W., (Berrytown) r 7, farmer 5
Elliott, Sydney C., (Berrytown) r 21, steam thresher, propr of feed mill and farmer 100
Ely, Elizur C., (Leona) r 61, manuf ice tongs and pincers
Ely, Herbert W., (Leona) r 61, farmer 130
Evans, John W., (Wetona) r 60, farmer on shares for James Leonard 100
Everts, Byron, (Berrytown) r 27, farmer 60
Everts, Lawson F., (Berrytown) r 27, farmer
Fanning, David G., (Wetona) r 54, farmer
Fanning, Elisha, (Berrytown) r 42, farmer 140
Fanning, Ulysses W., (Leona) r 77, farmer with W. H. McMahon
Fanning, Ira S., (Wetona) r 51, farmer 130
Fanning, John R., (Berrytown) r 42, farmer on shares for E. Fanning 140
Fanning, Melvin D., (Wetona) r 59, farmer 150
Farnsworth, Clarence E., (Big Pond) r 15, farmer 180
First Wesleyan Methodist Church, (Berrytown) r 22, Rev. Seymour Barrett, pastor
Fletcher, George, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 8
Fuller, Aaron, (Berrytown) r 22, butcher
Fuller, Cornelius H., r 38, laborer
Fuller, Guy L., r 63, blacksmith
Fuller, William A., (Columbia X Roads) r 43, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for Lyman Porter 150, h and lot
Furman, Howard, (Columbia X Roads) r 65, farmer in Columbia 100
Gates, Charles E., r 49, manuf. of butcher knives and blacksmith, apiarist 11 colonies
Gates, Charles O., (Berrytown) r 5, propr saw mill, farmer 60
Gates, Dana M., r 39 cor 32, son of H. R.
Gates, Dorence E., (Harkness) r 36, dairy 15 cows, farmer 130
Gates, Elisha, r 49, farmer
Gates, Emeline M., r 39, widow Renselaer, farmer 117
Gates, Frank M., (Harkness) r 36, apiarist 52 colonies, son of F. Herrick
Gates, Fred A., (Harkness) r 36, farmer, son of J. Herrick
Gates, George W., r 39 cor 32, farmer, son of H. R.
Gates, Herbert C., (Berrytown) r 25, stone mason
Gates, Henry E., r 63, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, flour, feed and agricultural implements
Gates, Horatio R., r 39 cor 32, wool grower, dairy 7 cows, breeder of Shropshire and Cotswool sheep, Chester White hogs and farmer 87
Gates, H. Welton, r 48, farmer 60
Gates, J. Herrick, (Harkness) r 36, breeder of Holstein cattle, O. I. C. hogs, dairy 19 cows, farmer 225
Gates, O. Dean, r 47, dealer in and breeder of fancy road horses, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Ann Gates, 165
Gates, S. Lee, r 39, sewing machine agent
Gates, William, r 49, carpenter and farmer 38
Gleason, Bertha A., (Big Pond) r 16, widow L. C.
Gleason, Curtis L., (Big Pond) r 18 ½, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for R. B. Gleason of Elmira
Gleason, Lemuel H., (Big Pond) r 16, farmer 84
Gordon, James R., (Berrytown) r 22, postmaster, dealer in groceries, farmer 25
Gordon, Jennie V., (Berrytown) r 22, daughter of J. R.
Gordon, Rannie, (Berrytown) r 22, son of J. R.
Grace, Addison W., (Big Pond) r 16, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50
Grace, Amos M., (Wetona) r 71, farmer 100
Grace, Ansel G., (Wetona) r 71, farmer
Grace, Charles, (Big Pond) r 17, farmer
Grace, Clark S., (Wetona) r 73, stone mason
Grace, Howard E., (Wetona) r 71, farmer
Grace, Rose E., (Big Pond) r 32, widow Newton, dressmaker
Grace, William W., (Wetona) r 71, farmer 153
Griffith, Hice M., (Troy) r 81, farmer 260, and in Troy 100
Guild, Elisha E., (Leona) r 77, house and carriage painter
Guild, Emerson J., (Leona) r 61, laborer
Guild, Hannah E., (Leona) r 61, widow Jesse
Guild, Joseph R., (Leona) r 77, farmer 14
Guthrie, Byron S., (Leona) r 60, farmer 75
Guthrie, Claude B., (Leona) r 64, jewelry repairer
Guthrie, Mark O., (Leona) r 60, farmer
Hagerman, Fred C., (Wetona) off r 74, farmer
Hagerman, Philander, (Wetona) off r 74, farmer 100
Hagerman, Robert L., (Berrytown) r 3, agent for the Barnard & Wallace washing machine, farmer on shares for R. P. Hagerman, 165
Hagerman, Robert P., (Berrytown) r 3, farmer about 165
Harkness, Addison W., r 50, farmer
Harkness, Anna, r 50, school teacher
Harkness, Charles B., (Big Pond) r 12, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for William May, 112
Harkness, Chester, (Big Pond) r 17, age 93 years, died since canvass
Harkness, Edson D., r 39, justice of peace, dairyman and farmer 233
Harkness, Eliza, r 39, widow Stephen D.
Harkness, Elmer, (Columbia X Roads) r 44, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for H. G. Chace, 146
Harkness, Ezra E., (Berrytown) r 4, farmer 50
Harkness, Leon T., (Harkness) r 36, farmer on shares for Oscar Harkness, 85
Harkness, Lyman E., (Big Pond) r 36 cor 35, tobacco grower 3, dairy 15 cows, farmer 160
Harkness, Martin, (Wetona) r 72, laborer
Harkness, Oliver P., r 50, dairy 14 cows, farmer with Samuel 170
Harkness, Orange E., r 48, carpenter and builder
Harkness, Oscar, (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 80
Harkness, Samuel, r 50, dairy 14 cows and farmer with Oliver P., 170
Harkness, W. Stanley, r 50, town clerk, mason and farmer
Harknessburg Creamery, (East Smithfield) r 50, D. R. Stephens of East Smithfield, propr
Hicks, Clinton E., (Wetona) off r 75, laborer
Hicks, Frank N., (Wetona) off r 75, laborer
Hicks, George L., (Wetona) r 75, wool grower 50 sheep, school director and farmer 56
Hicks, James U., (Wetona) off r 75, farmer 36
Hicks, Joseph R., (Wetona) r 56, farmer 40
Hicks, Sevelon A., (Wetona) off r 75, farmer 21
Hicks, Wesley, (Wetona) r 75, farmer
Hooker, Charles C., (East Troy) r 81, dairy 14 cows and farmer 250
Hooker, Fred I., (East Troy) r 81, farmer, son of C. C.
Hooker, May O., (Leona) r 79, widow Porter
Hosley, Norman S., (Big Pond) r 32, farmer 100
Hubbard, Finley N., (Wetona) r 57, county treasurer, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 20 cows and farmer, 70
Huggins, Savill S., (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 84
Huntley, Frank L., (Berrytown) r 20, breeder of Durham cattle, dairy 16 cows, school director, wool grower 50 sheep and farmer 240
Huntley, Fred, (Berrytown) r 20, son of Frank L.
Huntley, Mackey, (Berrytown) r 20, leader of Berrytown Cornet band and farmer, son of F. L.
Hutchins, Eli, r 42, farmer
Jackson, Thomas A., (Wetona) r 72, breeder of thoroughbred Hampshiredown sheep, merino delaine sheep and thoroughbred Poland China hogs and farmer 200
James, Charles F., (Harkness) r 50, butter maker
Jennings, Isaac, (Wetona) r 75, farmer with William on shares for James Wood of Towanda, 326
Jennings, William, (Wetona) r 75, farmer with Isaac
Johnson, Alfred W., (Leona) r 61, farmer
Johnson, David W., (Leona) r 61, carpenter
Judson, Riley M., r 49 cor 48, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, &c., postmaster, dealer in farm implements
Kellogg, Lynn, (Big Pond) r 17, harness and shoe maker
Kennedy, Charles D., (Troy) r 80, farmer on shares for Frank Pierce of Troy 150
Kennedy, Elmer J., (Troy) r 64, agent for Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, apiarist and farmer 125
Kennedy, James W., (Troy) r 69, farmer 100
Kennedy, William W., (Troy) r 69, dairy 20 cows, farmer 177
Kenyon, Arthur H., (Troy) r 68, breeder of white Wyandotte and buff Leghorn hens, grower of small fruits, apiarist 31 colonies
Kenyon, Welcome L., (Troy) r 68, dairy 7 cows, farmer 70
Kuhnle, Jacob F., (Wetona) r 52, farmer 100
Landon, Delmer R., (Leona) r 61, farmer on shares for Elisha Landon 70
Landon, Elisha, (Leona) r 61, farmer 70
Larcom, Pernessy, (Berrytown) r 27, resident
Lefler, Charles, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 20
Leona Creamery, (Bentley Creek) r 77, A. E. Allyn, propr.
Leonard, Almon, (Leona) r 80, laborer
Leonard, Austin, (Troy) r 77 cor 70, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle, horned Dorset sheep, dealer in farm machinery, surveyor, dairyman and farmer 200
Leonard, Benjamin P., (Troy) r 78 cor 79, dealer in pianos and organs and farmer 100
Leonard, Byron, (Big Pond) r 12, carpenter
Leonard, Cary L, (Big Pond) r 12, farmer
Leonard, Darius B., (Big Pond) r 29 cor 40, farmer
Leonard, David C., (Big Pond) r 17, farmer
Leonard, H. Irvine, (Big Pond) r 12, carpenter
Leonard, James R., (Leona) r 77, farmer 160
Leonard, Lewis C., (Leona) r 77, laborer
Leonard, Sylvester, r 49, farmer 160
Leonard, Tim, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 58
Leonard, William, (Big Pond) r 12, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100
Leonard, Wright, r 49, dairy 10 cows, farmer
Lewis, Dudley E., (Berrytown) r 28, dairy 10 cows, farmer 123
Mahood, Samuel, (Troy) r 65, farm laborer
Mattocks, Charles H., r 49, dairy 10 cows, farmer 125
Mattocks, Elizabeth, r 61, widow Nathaniel H.
Mattocks, Frank H., r 61, photographer
Mattocks, Fred C., r 49, agent for Great Eastern phosphates, agent for farm machinery, farmer
Mattocks, Jane E., r 49, widow Asa, farmer 85
Mattocks, Ray, r 61, farmer 35
Mattocks, Wallace P., r 61, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100
Mattocks, Walter, r 60, printer
Matulevis, Paul, (Wetona) r 74, farmer 60
McAfee, Benjamin, (Big Pond) r 12, laborer
McCabe, Harry, r 39, farmer on shares for Mrs. Emeline M. Gates, 117
McClary, Timothy, r 40, laborer
McKay, Mahlon J., (Big Pond) r 12, dairy 20 cows, farmer on shares for A. Covell, 155
McKibben, Samuel G., (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 80
McMahon, William H., (Leona) r 77, dairy 18 cows, farmer 175
McKee, Sarah J., (Big Pond) r 40, farmer 50
Merrill, Alice D., (Berrytown) r 29, daughter to E. M.
Merrill, Enoch M., (Berrytown) r 29, farmer 100
Methodist Episcopal Church, (Big Pond) Rev. M. V. Matoon, pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church, (Leona) r 77, Rev. F. M. Clough, pastor
Messing, John, (Big Pond) r 13, farmer 50
Morley, Earl C., (Berrytown) r 26, laborer
Mt. Pisgah Inn, (Troy) r 76 ½, Mrs. M. H. Atwater, propr.
Murray, Jason D., r 49, dairy 20 cows, farmer on shares for J. K. Phillips 200
Newbury, Clarence L., (Columbia X Roads) r 44, town commissioner, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150
Northrup, Guy W., (Wetona) r 51, farmer, leases of Mrs. L. Holcomb of LeRoy 50
Ockerman, Frank, (Wetona) r 73, farm laborer
Owen, Abner W., (Leona) r 61, blacksmith
Owen, Abner W. Jr., (Leona) r 60, farmer
Owen, Charles, (Big Pond) r 39, farm laborer
Parkhurst, Mary E., (Columbia X Roads) r 65, widow Northrup E., farmer 150
Parmenter, Brenton J., r 4, farmer
Parmenter, Charles F., r 42, dairy 6 cows, constable, farmer 100
Parmenter, Floyd A., r 62, farmer
Parmenter, James W., r 62, dairy 10 cows, farmer 122
Parmenter, Samuel P., (Hoblet) r 53, farmer 113
Parmenter, Vern L., (Hoblet) r 53, farmer
Patterson, James H., r 43, carpenter and builder, painter and paper hanger, agent for steel roofing, farmer 5
Patterson, James H. Mrs., r 43, agent for Terriff’s Perfect Washer
Patterson, John W., r 63 cor 47, breeder of Berkshire hogs, agent for the Crocker fertilizers, farmer 116
Peet, Fred, r 63, farmer on shares for Mrs. Maria Ripley 60
Pettingill, Monroe W., (Leona) r 61, blacksmith, manuf. of wagons, agent for farm implements
Phillips, Judson K., r 49, dairyman and stock raiser and farmer 250
Porter, Lyman, (Columbia X Roads) r 46, farmer 150
Potter, Adelbert, (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 110
Potter, Celestia, (Big Pond) r 32, farmer 70
Potter, George D., (Big Pond) r 33, farmer
Rady, Morris, (Harkness) r 51, farmer on shares for J. H. Cory of Geneva, Ill. 200
Reel, Isaac C., ( Leona) r 81, tobacco grower 5, farmer 170
Reeser, Elwood M., (Wetona) r 57, postmaster, dealer in general merchandise and farm machinery, grower of berries and small fruits
Reeser, Ernest A., (Wetona) r 57, blacksmith
Reeser, John N., (Wetona) r 57, blacksmith
Rice, Ephraim W., (Big Pond) r 32, farmer, leases of Mrs. Celestia Potter, 70
Rice, John N., (Wetona) r 53, thresher and farmer 66
Rich, Alexander, (Columbia X Roads) r 45, farmer 20, owned by wife
Rich, Horace C., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, farm laborer
Rich, William J., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, son of Alexander
Ripley, Maria, r 63, widow Francis, farmer 63
Robbins, Abijah R., (Columbia X Roads) r 25, breeder of Plymouth Rock, white and black Minorca fowls, dairy 20 cows, farmer on shares for Seth Sherman of Troy, 200
Robinson, Peter, r 64, farmer on shares for Dr. Sumner Dwyer of Canton, 52
Roby, Orson S., (Big Pond) r 17, general merchant
Rubert, Charles R., (Troy) r 65, farmer with Ellen P. Barrett, 89
Salisbury, William V., (East Troy) r 81, farmer 75
Sanders, Alfred, (Big Pond) r 17, farm laborer
Sanders, Grover B., (Big Pond) r 17, prop. feed and saw mill, carpenter, manuf. of lumber, shingles and lath, all kinds of sawed and turned work
Sanders, Samuel, (Big Pond) r 17, engineer
Sanders, Walter, (Big Pond) r 17, sawyer
Sargeant, Betsey, (Wetona) r 57, widow William, farmer 50
Sargeant, Dwight M., (Wetona) r 54, carpenter, farmer 55
Sargeant, Dudley, (Wetona) r 57, farmer 95
Sargeant, John F., (Wetona) r 75 ½, farmer 150
Sargeant, John W., (Wetona) r 51, farmer
Sargeant, Lyman D., (Wetona) r 51, farmer 35
Sargeant, Porter, (Big Pond) r 16, farmer 20
Sargeant, Samuel, (Wetona) r 57, dairy 11 cows, farmer 50
Seafuse, Merton E., r 49, physician and surgeon
Seymour, Ann, (Big Pond) r 12, widow Milton E., farmer 73
Seymour, Clyde, (Leona) r 81, farmer on shares for A. J. Rumsey of Sullivan, Tioga Co., 190
Sharp, Roswell P., (Leona) r 60, farmer and fruit tree agent
Shaylor, Charles H., (Wetona) off r 75, farmer 112
Shaylor, Mark, (Wetona) off r 75, farmer
Simons, Lorenzo D., r 38, farm laborer
Smith, Alvin R., (Big Pond) r 33, agent for M. E. Wheeler & Co., phosphate, farmer 60
Smith, Chester W., r 40, farm laborer
Smith, Comfort C., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, farmer 50
Smith, Grace E., (Big Pond) r 34, school teacher
Smith, Howard B., (Big Pond) r 53, farmer on shares for A. R. Smith, 60
Smith, Henry H., (Big Pond) r 33, farmer 43
Smith, Iva R., (Big Pond) r 34, music teacher
Smith, James, r 63, laborer
Smith, James C., r 49, farmer, leases of Mrs. Esther Kinyon, 60
Smith, Noah W., (Big Pond) r 34, mail carrier
Smith, Samson, r 40, dairy 15 cows, and farmer on shares for R. H. Hosbert of Troy, 196
Spalding, John C., (Columbia X Roads) r 67, dairy 16 cows and on shares for Mrs. Laura Porter, 112
Springfield Baptist Church, r 63, Rev. E. B. Dwyer, pastor
Springfield Methodist Episcopal Church, (Leona) r 77, Rev. F. M. Clough, pastor
Springfield Co-operative Creamery Company, off r 63, J. W. Patterson, pres., F. C. Mattocks, sec’y
Springfield House, r 61 cor 48, A. R. VanBuskirk, prop.
Stacy, Allen J., (Leona) r 71, farmer 70
Stacy, Ethel P., r 49, school teacher
Stacy, Herbert P., r 49, carpenter and farmer 96
Stone, John L., r 40, tobacco grower 2, dairy 30 cows and farmer on shares for T. J. Rowe of Seely Creek, NY, 300
Storch, Charles S., (Wetona) r 74 cor 54, farmer 55
Storch, Justin P., (Wetona) r 74, farmer 140
Strange, Joseph N., (Columbia X Roads) r 67, dairy 12 cows and farmer on shares for Marietta Strange of Mansfield, 112
Strange, Marcus, (Columbia X Roads) r 65, carpenter
Strobridge, Charles E., (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 20
Strong, Edward C., (Harkness) r 38, dairy 15 cows and farmer 190
Strong, Harriet L., r 38, school teacher
Strong, Jennie A., r 38, school teacher
Strope, Olive L., (Big Pond) r 17, widow Samuel
Sturges, Colton E., (Wetona) r 74, telegraph operator
Sturges, William, (Wetona) r 74, farmer 80
Swane, Abbey, (Columbia X Roads) r 43, resident
Swane, Frank, (Columbia X Roads) r 43, farmer 83
Thompson, Howard, r 48, farm laborer
Tracy, Dayton E., (Wetona) r 55, farmer
Tracy, Euphrastus, (Wetona) r 55, farmer 125
Tracy, Judah, (Wetona) r 55 cor 51, general agent for W. P. Rupert & Son of Seneca, NY, nursery trees for Bradford Co.
Tracy, S. Blanche, (Wetona) r 55, school teacher
Tracy, William, (Wetona) r 54, farmer 140
Universalist Church, r 49, Rev. B. Brunning of Elmira, NY, pastor
Van Buskirk, Andrew R., r 61 cor 48, propr. Springfield House
Van Buskirk, Irvine L., r 49, son of Andrew R.
Varney, John H., (Harkness) r 36, dairy 15 cows, farmer 160
Varney, Norman E., (East Smithfield) r 36, farmer
Vaughn, James H., (Leona) r 81, farmer on shares for B. P. Leonard, 100
Vernier, G. Francis, (Big Pond) r 34, dairy 9 cows and farmer 60
Voorhis, Charles, r 50, laborer
Voorhis, Chester, (Columbia X Roads) off r 45, laborer
Voorhis, Frank, (Big Pond) r 16, farmer 4
Voorhis, Greeley P., (Big Pond) r 34 cor 32, farmer 56
Voorhis, Henry, r 50, laborer
Voorhis, John, r 50, laborer
Voorhis, Jud, (Big Pond) r 30 cor 18, farmer 145
Ward, Burley G., (Berrytown) r 4, dairy 13 cows and farmer on shares for A. W. Berry, 150
Ward, John, (Berrytown) r 4, mail carrier
Ward, Millard F., (Berrytown) r 25, farmer 50
Ward, Milton, (Berrytown) r 4, farm laborer
Watkins, Henry C., r 63, farmer
Watson, Charlie P., (Big Pond) r 17, general agent for the Elmira Evening Star, dealer in high grade and medium price bicycles
Watson, Nelson S., (Big Pond) r 17, retired merchant
Watson, Oliver H. P. (Big Pond) carpenter
Watson, Orsula, (Big Pond) r 34, farmer 6
Watson, Theodore, (Big Pond) r 17, general merchant
Watson, Thomas J., (Big Pond) r 17, farmer in Kansas 120
Westbrook, Raymond S., (Leona) r 61, farmer 100
Westbrook, William G., (Leona) r 61, dairy 15 cows, farmer 150
Wetona Methodist Episcopal Church, (Wetona) Rev. F. M. Clough, pastor
Wheeler, Ella I., (Big Pond) r 17, dressmaker
Wheeler, Lewis U., (Big Pond) r 17, farmer 75
Whipple, Clarence, (Berrytown) r 5, farmer 100
Whitiker, Silas L., (Berrytown) r 7, farm laborer
Wisgten, Mary J., (Big Pond) r 31, widow W. J., dairy 16 cows, farmer 200
Wigsten, William J., (Big Pond) r 31, farmer
Wilder, Erasmus D., (Big Pond) r 31, carpenter and farmer 15
Wolcott, George E., r 62, dairy 12 cows and farmer 100
Wolcott, Parsall T., r 62, farmer
Wood, Collin, (East Smithfield) r 35, breeder Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer 160
Woodard, George, (Big Pond) off r 11, dairy 16 cows and farmer 180
Woodward Brothers, (L. G. and R. M.) (Columbia X Roads) r 45, breeders of thoroughbred barred Plymouth Rocks, single comb white Leghorns, white Wyandottes, buff Cochin hens and Rouen ducks
Woodward, Erastus B., (Berrytown) r 37, farmer 50
Woodward, George L., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, gumming and filing saws, manuf. sleighs and wagon repairer, general repair shop, dairy 7 cows, farmer with Philo. B. Woodward 96
Woodward, Levi G., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, (Woodward Brothers)
Woodward, Robert M., (Columbia X Roads) r 45, (Woodward Brothers)
Woodworth, Abram M., (Wetona) r 51, dairy 20 cows, breeder of Woodford Cossack registered horses and Devon cattle, farmer 175
Woodworth, G. Howard, (Wetona) r 51, school teacher and printer
Worden, John, (Big Pond) r 16, farmer 5
Yerkes, Isadore, (Harkness) r 50, widow James E., dairy 9 cows, farmer 100
Yerkes, William J., (Harkness) r 50, farmer, son of Isadore
Young, Douglass, (Wetona) r 52, farmer on shares
Young, Jason S., (Wetona) r 51, farmer
Young, Jemima, (Wetona) r 57, widow R. B.
Young, John W., (Wetona) r 53, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100
Young, Maria, (Wetona) r 72, widow E. J., farmer 68
Young, Ralph B., (Wetona) r 57, dairy 12 cows, farmer 175
Young, Walter F., (Wetona) r 57, farmer
Young, William P., (Leona) r 77, farmer 15
Young, William U., (Columbia X Roads) r 67, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Hattie Smith of Troy, 115
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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