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1900 Bradford County Directory
Sylvania Borough
Transcribed and Submitted by Ruth Decker 
and Patty DECKER Shumway

Fairy Club Fungi
Photo by the late Warred D. Nash

1900 Sylvania Borough Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.

Postoffice address Sylvania.

Alexander, David D., (D. D. Alexander & Son) h Main

Alexander, D. D. & Son, (D. D. & H. V. Alexander) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, &c., agts Rochester bicycles and repairs, and Mansfield laundry, Main cor Mountain Ave.

Alexander, Horace S., blacksmith, h Main

Alexander, H. Van Ness, (D. D. Alexander & Son) h Main

Alexander, Lloyd H., laborer, h Main

Bahr, Bertha Z., (Mrs. D. W.) dressmaker and dealer in millinery and ladies' furnishing goods, Main

Bahr, Daniel W., laborer, h Main

Bailey, Minerva, widow E. G., dressmaker, h Main

Baley, Henrietta, widow J. W., h and lot Cottage Ave.

Ballard, Phebe R., widow Horace A., h Main

Bixby, William O., stock dealer, dairy 5 cows, breeder of Durham cattle, farmer 70, h N. Main

Borden, Francis M., laborer, bds Main

Burrell, William I. Rev., pastor Church of Christ, h Main

Burritt, F. H., farmer 25, h Main

Burritt, Lydia C., resident, h Main

Button, Miles, carpenter and blacksmith, h Main

Cameron, Alexander G. Rev., pastor First Presbyterian Church, h Main

Campbell, Edwin J., rag carpet and fancy rug weaver, h Elmira

Campbell, Flora, (Mrs. E. J.) carpet and rug weaver, h Elmira

Canedy, Samuel M., propr. meat market and dealer in hides, Elmira, h do

Card, Charles H., veterinary surgeon, stock dealer, h Mountain Ave.

Card, Hannah L., widow Thomas M., h and lot Morning Side

Card, James R., carpenter and builder and farmer on shares for H. F. Burritt, 72, h Main

Card, Joseph B., farmer 75, h Main

Card, Kittie B., (Mrs. Richard) millinery Main, h do

Card, Percy H., laborer, h Main

Card, Richard T., clerk Waldo's store, h Main

Church of Christ, Rev. W. I. Burrell, pastor, Main

Cunningham, Bridget, widow Henry, h Mill

Cunningham, George J., laborer, h Mill

Dann, James M., laborer, h Elmira

Earley, John M., manuf of wagons, carriages and sleighs, blacksmith and carriage painter, agent for Standard Harrow Co.'s bobs and sleighs, Main, h do

Embrey, Augustus H., laborer, bds Main cor Mountain Ave.

Evans, Frank, market gardener and butcher, h off Mountain Ave.

Evans, John, market gardener and farmer, h off Mountain Ave.

First Presbyterian Church, Rev. A. G. Cameron, pastor, Main

Gregory, Leander L., blacksmith, h Main

Griffin, Clark, farmer, h Cottage Ave.

Gustin, Grant H., physician and surgeon, Main, h do

Hagar, Merritt E., farmer and thresher with W. M., h Main

Hewitt, Hannah A., widow Hosea, h and lot Main

Hewitt, Milan B., mechanic, h Main

Hill, Clarence T., laborer, h Main

Hollenback, Jerusha, widow Dayton, h Mountain Ave.

Howell, Obadiah, laborer, h Main

Kinnan, Victor, resident, h and lot Main

Luckey, Frank H., breeder of thoroughbred and grade Holstein cattle and Chester White swine, farmer on shares for F. Furman of Austinville, 180, h Main

Luckey, John B., farmer in Rutland, Tioga Co., 100, h Main

Merritt, J. Gordon, (Rockwell & Merritt Brothers) h Main

Monro, George P., farmer 45, h Main cor Mountain Ave.

Mosher, Christopher, laborer, h Main

Mosher, Clarence P., farmer with W. H., h Main

Mosher, Cornelius H., 100 sheep, dairy 7 cows and farmer 135, h Main

Mosher, William H., fruit grower, 150 sheep and farmer 210, h Main

Nash, James T., farmer 50, h Main

Nelson, Nelson B., cheese maker, bds Main

Nelson, Sophia A., resident, h Main

Packard, Frederick S., fruit tree agent, gardener and farmer 9, h Main

Peck, Judith, widow Seth, h Main

Pierce, John M., painter, h Mountain Ave.

Pierce, Seville E., widow Milton, h Elmira

Pitts, Homer F., propr. Sylvania House, Main cor Elmira

Preston, Bert E., general blacksmith and wagon repairer Elmira cor Main, h Elmira

Ripley, Dennis F., wagonmaker, h Elmira

Ripley, Helen C., widow Lester, h Elmira

Rockwell & Merritt Brothers, (D. R. of Troy, H. D. M. of Columbia and J. D. M.) proprs. saw, feed, shingle and planing mill and steam threshing machine

Scouten, Fanny J., resident, farmer with W. L., h Main

Scouten, Morris R., laborer, h Main

Scouten, S. Jennie, resident, farmer with sister, Mrs. R. Simmons, 120, h Main

Scouten, W. Leroy, Justice of the Peace, farmer 135, half owned by sister, Fanny J., h Main

Simerson, S. Elizabeth, widow W. T., h and lot, Mill

Simmons, Richard, medical student, farmer, h Main

Sixbee, Glenn B., butcher, h Main

Sixbee, Jay F., laborer, h Main

Sixbee, Sarah H., resident, h Main

Slade, Philip A., Justice of the Peace, propr. barber shop, dental work, watch, clock and bicycle, boot and shoe repairing, dealer in guns and revolvers, agent for Red Star electric roofing paint, Main, h Cottage Ave.

Slade, Tressie A., (Mrs. P. A.) dealer in soaps, extracts, medicines and fancy notions, Cottage Ave.

Slingerland, Asa, farmer with Carl on shares for Mrs. Julia Kiff, h Main

Slingerland, Carl, farmer with Asa, h Main

Slingerland, C. Lewis, dealer in furs, h Main

Smith, Emeline V. B., dressmaker, farmer with Martha, 15, h Elmira

Smith, Henry P., laborer, h Main

Smith, Martha P., farmer with Emeline 15, h Elmira

Smith, Obadiah, farmer, h Main (SRGP 00183)

Spear, William R., soldier in Co. C. 7th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, resident, h and lot Cottage Ave.

Strait, George B., school teacher, student at Syracuse University, h Main

Strait, O. Cole, farmer 275, h Main

Strait, S. Alice, school teacher, h Main

Sylvania Cheese Factory, No 7, F. E. Zimmer of Mansfield, propr., off Main

Sylvania House, Homer F. Pitts, prop., Main cor Elmira

Sylvania Telephone Company, G. H. Gustin, pres., H. F. Pitts, treas., R. F. Card, sec., H. V. Alexander, mgr., Austinville and Sylvania to Troy connection with long distance telephone, office Main

Tabor, Marshall, tinsmith, manuf stencil plates, agents wanted, bds Main

Tinkham, Albert L., painter and paperhanger, h Main

Tinkham, Jane S., widow L. N., h Main

Utter, Abraham Jr., farmer, h Elmira

Waldo, Charles E., post master, propr. planing mill, undertaker and embalmer, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, flour, feed, Perry Harrows, Main, h do

Wheeler, Cynthia, resident, h Main

Wilber, Stephen F., retired farmer, h and lot Main

Williams, John R., butcher, h Mountain Ave.

Wood, Horace W., agent for carriages and wagons for Myer Friendly of Elmira, show room in Troy, h Main

Wood, John R., laborer, h Mill

Worden, Charles, farmer 24, owned by wife, h Mountain Ave.

York, Dave B., stock dealer, bds Sylvania House

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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