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1900 Bradford County Directory
Terry Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Terry Township Directory
For explanations, &c., see page 17
Postoffice address Terry unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)
Acla, Burton, (Rienzi) r 7, laborer

Acla, William, (Rienzi) r 7, 20 sheep and farmer 100

Ackley, Oliver, (Terrytown) r 35, laborer

Ackley, Stephen, (Rienzi) r 7, farmer 44

Albert, Anna, (Terrytown) r 13, school teacher

Albert, Emily R., (Terrytown) r 13, widow Calvin, h and lot

Allen, Alfred, (Evergreen) r 47 ½, school director, farmer 40

Allen, Anson, (New Era) r 26, farmer 50

Allen, Arthur, (Evergreen) r 29, town auditor, carpenter and farmer 8

Allen, Oliver, (Evergreen) r 28, farmer 30

Allen, Oliver Jr., (Evergreen) r 28, laborer

Allen, Oscar, (New Era) r 27, town auditor, jeweler, farmer 40

Allen, Raymond, (Evergreen) r 28 cor 47 ½, carpenter, h and lot

Allen, Riley, (Evergreen) r 28, farmer

Allen, William, (Evergreen) r 47 ½, farmer 30

Ambs, Frank G., (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) r 47, dairy 10 cows, farmer 265

Ambs, Joseph L., (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) r 47, saw, planing and feed mill, dairy 7 cows and farmer 100

Arey, Lloyd, (Rienzi) r 18, dairy 6 cows and farmer on shares for H.R. Wells of New Albany, 135

Ballett, Addie, (New Era) r 22, farmer with Emily, 150

Ballett, Earl, (New Era) r 22

Ballett, Emily, (New Era) r 22, farmer with Addie, 150

Barber, George, (New Era) r 30, farmer on shares for Mrs. Young, 50

Barnes, Henry F., (West Terry) r 2, farmer 50

Barrett, Con, (New Era) r 30, farmer with John and Henry, 200

Barrett, Henry, (New Era) r 30, farmer with John and Con, 200

Barrett, John, (New Era) r 30, farmer with Con and Henry, 200

Bates, Henry, (New Era) r 31 ½, dairy 6 cows and farmer on shares for William Schuze of Philadelphia, 200

Bates, William, (Wyalusing) r 42, dairy 18 cows and farmer on shares for J. H. Terrell of Pittston, 200

Beaman, Ephraim L., (New Era) r 29, stage driver, h and lot

Beaman, James, (New Era) r 30, laborer, h and lot

Bedford, John B., (Rienzi) r 7, laborer

Benjamin, Clark, (New Era) r 22, farmer, leases of Addie and Emily Ballett, 160

Benjamin, Samuel, (Marshview) r 8, laborer, h and lot

Bennett, Charles, (New Era) r 26, blacksmith and farmer 60

Bennett, Darius, (New Era) r 33 ½, farmer 44

Bennett, Edmond, (New Era) r 43, teamster

Bennett, Frank, (New Era) r 26, laborer

Bennett, John, (Wyalusing) off r 33 ½, farmer 49

Bennett, Orin, (New Era) r 31 ½, laborer

Bennett, W. Edgar, (New Era) r 27, laborer

Biener, John A., (Rienzi) r 17, farmer 21

Biener, Lewis, (Rienzi) r 17, laborer

Bouse, George, (Marshview) r 8, farmer 30 in Asylum

Bowman, Derr, (Terrytown) r 37, h and lot, farm 52 on r 36

Bowman, Don M., (Viall Hill) r 13, agent for the American Woolen Mill Co. of Chicago, tailor made clothing, suits made to order, farmer 50

Bowman, Loretta, (Terrytown) r 13, widow Shubel, h and lot

Brennan, Frank, (New era) off r 47, laborer

Brennan, John, (New Era) off r 47, farmer 75

Brown, Gerry, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, laborer

Brown, Thomas V., (New Era) r 30, laborer, h and lot

Brown, William W., (Rienzi) r 31 ½, laborer

Bump, Clinton, (Terrytown) r 12, farmer, leases of Parshall T. and Mary L. Horton 300

Buttles, Solomon, (New Era) r 30, farmer 35

Butts, Joseph, (Viall Hill) r 13, farmer, h and lot

Butts, Mortimer J., (Asylum) r 10, farmer 50

Butts, William H., (Asylum) r 10, farmer 50

Campbell, Archibald, (Terrytown) r 35, laborer

Capwell, Rush, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, farmer

Cardwell, Frank, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, laborer

Capwell, Elwood H., (Terrytown) r 37, stone dealer, h and lot

Carr, John, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, laborer, h and lot

Carr, Peasley, (Marshview) off r 9, farmer for Mrs. Polly A.

Carr, Polly A., (Marshview) off r 9, widow John, farmer 55

Carrington, Edward, (New Era) r 45, farmer, son of Russell

Carrington, Russell, (New Era) r 45, saw mill and farmer 100

Chapman, Celinda, (Evergreen) r 29, widow John N

Chapman, Elias, (New Era) r 47 ½, farmer 58

Chapman, Elizabeth, (Evergreen) r 29, carpet weaver

Chapman, Ernest (New Era) r 47 ½, farmer, son of Elias

Chapman, Lovica, (Evergreen) r 29

Chilson, Ardel, (Asylum) r 10, widow Murray

Cole, Alfred M., (New Era) r 46, laborer

Cole, Alfred S., (New Era) r 46, laborer

Cole, Frank, (Wyalusing) off r 42, laborer

Cole, Oliver, (New Era) r 46, laborer

Coleman, Jacob, (New Era) r 29, laborer

Cory, Eliza, (Viall hill) r 15, widow Isaac, h and lot

Covey, Frank E., (New Era) r 47 ½, laborer, h and lot

Covey, Fred (Wyalusing) r 38 cor 40, emp. Wells’ Mill

Covey, Henry, (Rienzi) r 18 cor 19, emp. Wells’ Mill

Covey, Jacob H., (New Era) r 29, farmer 50

Covey, James, (Rienzi) off r 31 ½, laborer

Covey, John A., (Wilmot) r 47, farmer 80

Covey, O.D., (New Era) off r 22, farmer 60

Covey, Stephen B., (New Era) r 28 ½, retired, 85 years old

Covey, Sylvester N., (New Era) r 29, retired farmer, 87 years old

Covey, William, (Wyalusing) r 42, farmer, leases of G.H. Wells 30

Cowell, Burr, (New Era) r 23, laborer

Crandall, David A., (New Era) r 29, farmer 15, member 210th Pa. Vols.

Crandall, Harkins A., (Evergreen) r 27 cor 28, farmer 60

Crandall, John, (Wyalusing) r 33 ½, laborer

Crandall, Lee, (Evergreen) r 27 cor 28, farmer, son of H.A.

Crandall, Leslie, (Evergreen) r 27 cor 28, farmer son of H.A.

Crimmins, Michael, (Marshview) r 6 cor 8, asst. postmaster and grocer, res Asylum

Crimmins, Patrick, (Marshview) r 4 ½, farmer 100

Crimmins, Patrick, (Marshview) r 5, farmer 100

Croak, Ellen, (Marshview) r 4 ½

Croak, William, (Marshview) r 4 ½, dairy 5 cows, 23 sheep and farmer 120

Curtis, Charles R., (Marshview) r 7, farmer 100

Curtis, Fred C., (Marshview) r 7, now a member of Sixth U.S. Art’y

Decker, Clarence E., (New Era) r 29, stone mason

Decker, Peter, (New Era) r 31 ½, laborer, h and lot

Devine, George, (Wyalusing) r 41, emp. Wells’ Mill

Dillenbeck, A Eugene, (New Era) r 29, dairy 5 cows and farmer 34

Dodge, C. Herbert, (Terrytown) r 12, farmer

Dodge, John E., (Terrytown) r 12, Justice of the Peace, dairy 7 cows and farmer 150

Donovan, Cornelius, (Rienzi) off r 19, laborer

Drake, Frank, (New Era) r 25, laborer

Drake, William, (New Era) r 25, farmer 30

Dunham, George, (New Era) r 30, laborer

Eddy, Robert O., (Evergreen) r 28, laborer, h and lot

Elliott, Charles, (Terrytown) r 13, farmer 85, with Mrs. Cora Smith of Nebraska

English, John, (Rienzi) r 17, farmer 60

Ennis, Omar P., (Marshview) r 8, blacksmith, fine horseshoeing a specialty

Finney, Charles, ( Terrytown) r 13, carpenter

Fisk, Isaac S., (New Era) r 30, blacksmith, h and lot

Fitzgerald, John, (Marshview) r 5 cor 6, farmer, son of Thomas

Fitzgerald, Thomas, (Marshview) r 5 cor 6, dairy 5 cows, 40 sheep and farmer 400

Ford, Arthur, (Evergreen) r 29, farmer 40

Ford, Fernando, (Evergreen) r 29, dairy 7 cows and farmer 75

Fox, John A., (Rienzi) r 17, farmer, son of William

Fox, Richard, (Rienzi) r 17, farmer 80

Fox, William, (Rienzi) r 17, dairy 6 cows and farmer 125

Franklin, Frank, (Wyalusing) r 42, laborer

Frendenburg, George, (New Era) r 45 ½, laborer

Frisby, Charlotte, (New Era) r 24, widow William, farmer 52

Frisby, John, (New Era) r 24, farmer 35, also on shares for Mrs. C. Frisby 52

Furman, Charles, (Terrytown) r 35, farmer, leases of J. Terry

Garrison, Charles, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, laborer, moved to Asylum

Garrison, Robert C., (Rienzi) r 3 ½, grocer

Gay, George, (Terrytown) r 13, school teacher

Gay, Job, (Terrytown) r 13, veterinary surgeon, shoemaker, h and lot

God, William, (Terrytown) r 36, prop. flag stone quarry, manuf. cigars, h and lot, and farmer 26 (see adv. page 466)

Gould, David H., (Viall Hill) r 14, lumberman

Gould, Samuel G., (Viall Hill) off r 15, laborer

Gould, Wallace J., (Viall Hill) off r 15, laborer

Gowen, Leonard, (New Era) r 46 ½, farmer on shares for Chas. Shaffer, 120

Green, Electa, (Marshview) r 8, widow Darius, farmer 55

Green, Emmet L., (New Era) r 30, blacksmith

Green, Othniel, (New Era) r 25 ½ cor 26, blacksmith, h and lot, died since canvass

Green, Sally, (New Era) r 25 ½ cor 26, widow Othniel

Green, Sidney, (Rienzi) r 33 ½, farmer 45

Griffin, James, (Asylum) r 10, dairy 7 cows, and farmer, leases of Joel Stevens of Macedonia, 180

Grippen, Briton, (Rienzi) off r 19, laborer

Grippen, Ellen, (Rienzi) off r 19, widow Henry, farmer, leases of M.H. and G.H. Welles, 150

Grippen, Grant, (Rienzi) off r 19, laborer

Grippen, Jabez, (Rienzi) off r 19, laborer

Grippen, Leroy, (Rienzi) off r 19, laborer

Haggerty, Josiah, (Marshview) r 17, farmer 120

Haggerty, Thomas, (Rienzi) r 7, farmer 50

Haggerty, William, (Marshview) r 17, farmer 75; died since canvass

Halstead, Ahira, (Viall Hill) r 14, farmer with J.W.

Halstead, John W., (Viall Hill) r 14, blacksmith, dairy 6 cows, farmer 160

Hansell, All, (New Era) r 29, farmer 10

Hansell, Charles, (New Era) r 25 ½, farmer 40

Hansell, Edwin, (New Era) r 31, laborer

Hansell, Mary, (New Era) r 31, widow George, farmer 114

Hansell, Percival, (New Era) r 31, laborer

Hayman, Edward, (Marshview) r 7, laborer

Hayman, Frederick, (Marshview) r 7, laborer

Heath, Frank, (New Era) r 26, laborer

Heath, Levi, (New Era) r 26, farmer 50

Hill, Samuel S., (Laddsburg) r 47, dairy 3 cows, farmer 40

Hoffman, Alfred, (New Era) off r 46, dairy 6 cows, farmer 78

Hoffman, Elizabeth, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, widow Jacob

Hoffman, George M., (Terrytown) r 37, postmaster and general merchant, dealer in lumber, owner of grist, feed and saw mill, farmer 75

Hoffman, Jacob, (Terrytown) r 37, laborer

Hoover, Burleigh, (Marshview) r 7, laborer

Hoover, Charles, (Marshview) r 7, farmer, h and lot

Hoover, Elmer, (Marshview) r 5, laborer

Hoover, Gilbert, (Marshview) r 31, farmer 100

Hoover, Harvey, (Marshview) r 17, laborer

Hoover, Horace, (Viall Hill) r 16, laborer

Hoover, Ira, (Rienzi) r 15, laborer, farmer 6 ¼

Hoover, James, (Rienzi) r 17, laborer

Hoover, Joseph, (Marshview) r 7, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Hoover, Minor, (Marshview) r 6, farmer 30

Hoover, Raphael, (Rienzi) r 17, farm laborer, owns h and lot in Herrick

Hoover, Richard, (Marshview) r 6, farmer 17

Horton, Addlah, (New Era), r 43 cor 31 ½, farmer 76

Horton, Arthur R., (Terrytown) r 12, student Syracuse University

Horton, George F., (New Era) r 30 cor 29, postmaster, merchant and farmer 120

Horton, J. Burleigh, (Terrytown) r 12, general merchant, stone quarry, dairy 9 cows and farmer 200, with W.T. of Towanda

Horton, Mary L., (Terrytown) r 12, farmer 300, with Parshall T.

Horton, Parshall T., (Terrytown) r 12, farmer 300, with Mary L.

Horton, Roxy B., (New Era) r 43 cor 31 ½, widow Jason P.

Hoyt, Eunice, (New Era) r 26, widow Rufus

Hoyt, George E., (New Era) r 26, laborer

Huffman, James L., (New Era) r 46, farmer, son of Philip

Huffman, Philip, (New Era) r 46, farmer 100

Humphrey, Crittenden L., (Terrytown) r 36, h and lot

Ill, Christian, (Wyalusing) r 33, 30 sheep and farmer 49

Ill, Clemont, (Wyalusing) r 33, farmer 60

Inman, George, (New Era) r 26, mail carrier to New Albany, and farmer 10

Jackson, George G., (Terrytown) r 12, farmer 100

Jackson, Isaiah, (New Era) r 43, farmer 16, member 107th Pa. Vol.

Jennings, Silas C., (Marshview) r 10, farmer 48

Johnson, Charles, (Terrytown) r 36, carpenter

Johnson, Daniel, (Viall Hill) off r 16, laborer

Johnson, Furman, (Viall Hill) r 9 ½, laborer

Johnson, James, (New Era) r 21, laborer

Johnson, James J. (Rienzi) r 7, laborer

Johnson, Margaret, (Viall Hill) r 9 ½, widow Josiah, farmer 18

Johnson, Peasley, (Viall Hill) r 9 ½, laborer

Johnson, William, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, laborer

Jones, Dorr R., (New Era) r 31 ½, farmer 205

Kester, Lloyd S., (Wyalusing) r 43, laborer

Kinne, Burton, (Rienzi) r 15, school teacher, h and lot

Kinne, Orville W., (Rienzi) r 35, school director and farmer 50

Kinney, Jacob H., (Terrytown) r 13, laborer

Kinney, Niram, (Wyalusing) r 40, teamster

Kintner, George, (New Era) r 45, laborer

Kipp, Wesley A., (New Era) r 26, dealer in live stock, cattle, sheep and hogs

Larrabee, Edward J., (New Era) r 29, farmer 50

Larrabee, Jesse, (New Era) r 30, farmer 4

Larrabee, J. Leroy, (New Era) off r 43, lumberman and farmer 50

Lattimore, Anna, (New Era) off r 46 ½, widow Sterling

Layman, Frederick C., (Viall Hill) r 9 ½, farmer 65

Layman, Henry L., (West Terry) r 3, town auditor, farmer on shares for Peter 100

Layman, Peter, (West Terry) r 3, farmer 100

Lewis, Charles E., (New Era) r 26, laborer

Lewis, Clinton, (Evergreen) r 1, dairy 4 cows and farmer 40

Lewis, Clinton I., (New Era) r 43, carpenter and farmer 50 owned by wife

Lewis, DeWitt, (Evergreen) r 1, laborer

Lewis, Elmer F., (New Era) r 26, dairy 8 cows and farmer 110

Lewis, Fred (Evergreen) r 1, laborer

Lewis, Leroy, (New Era) r 43, farmer, son of Clinton I.

Lewis, Phebe M., (New Era) r 30, widow Rensselaer, h and lot on r 46

Mann, Charles, (Wyalusing) r 44, laborer

Mann, Frank, (Wyalusing) off r 45, laborer and teamster

Mann, James A., (Wyalusing) r 26, laborer

Mann, John B., (Rienzi) r 7, soldier in Comp. A. 5th Reg. U. S. Artillery in Civil War, served 5 years and 6 months, laborer, h and lot

Mann, John M., (Wyalusing) r 38, farmer 50

Mann, Philip, (Terrytown) r 37, soldier in Comp. A 5th Reg. U.S. Artillery in Civil War

Mapes, James, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, farmer 40

Marcy, Moses, (West Terry) r 3, postmaster, dairy 7 cows, 50 sheep and farmer 150

Mathers, Orlando W., (Terrytown) off r 37, grist and feed mill, removed to Sheshequin

May, Fred, (Wyalusing) r 44, farmer 50

McEneany, Edward, (New Era) r 48, 50 sheep and farmer with John and Peter 300

McEneany, John, (New Era) r 48, 50 sheep and farmer with Peter and Edward 300

McEneany, Peter, (New Era) r 48, 50 sheep and farmer with John and Edward 300

McGuire, James, (Rienzi) r 7, farmer 50

McGuire, John C., (New Era) r 46 ½, dairy 6 cows, farmer 132

McGuire, Patrick, (Rienzi) r 7

McGuire, Thomas, (New Era) r 46 ½, farmer 16

Mellville, William, (New Era) r 30 cor 31, carpenter, h and lot

Messersmith, Jefferson, (Wyalusing) r 45, dairy 12 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 168

Miller, Alice A., (Rienzi) r 17 ½, widow Hiram M., farmer 50

Miller, Archibald, (Rienzi) r 33, lumberman

Miller, Frank H., (Rienzi) r 7, farmer 180

Miller, Gordon D., (Rienzi) r 33, farmer, son of Susan

Miller, Hiram, (Rienzi) r 7, farmer on shares for Frank H., 180

Miller, Joseph, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, farmer, son of Alice A.

Miller, Lizzie Mrs., (Marshview) r 7

Miller, Susan (Rienzi) r 33, widow Albert O., farmer 75

Neuber, John, (New Era) r 47, farmer 40

Nichols, Marcus F., (Wyalusing) r 13, stone cutter, dealer in flagging and cut blue stone, quarries on r 31 ½

North, James, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 47, farmer 50

Owen, Charles H., (Terrytown) r 12 cor 13, blacksmith

Owens, Bert, (New Era) r 29, laborer, h and lot

Platt, Joseph, (West Terry) r 2, farmer 50

Pond, George, (New Era) off r 43, laborer

Post, Stephen E., (Wyalusing) r 33 ½, farmer 68

Post, Victor, (Terrytown) r 15, laborer, h and lot

Price, Sarah P., (Terrytown) r 37, widow Ryas W.

Proof, John, (New Era) r 46, dairy 7 cows and farmer 90

Proof, Shubel, (Terrytown) r 36, stone cutter

Prymer, John, (Rienzi) r 18, laborer

Prymer, Ruhama, (Rienzi) r 18, widow John

Race, George, (Viall Hill) r 15, farmer 27

Race, Riley, (Rienzi) r 35, farmer 50

Randall, Amos B., (New Era) r 24, farmer on shares for G.M. Hoffman, 73

Randall, Casper, (New Era) r 30, carpenter

Randall, George E., (New Era) r 30, carpenter, h and lot

Randall, Jennie H., (New Era) r 30

Reese, David, (Terrytown) r 34, laborer

Reese, William H., (Wyalusing) r 33 ½, farmer 60

Richards, George B., (New Era) r 31 ½, assessor, farmer 5, also on shares for George H., 30

Richards, George H., (New Era) r 31 ½, Justice of the Peace, blacksmith and farmer 30, member 11th Pa. Cavalry Vols.

Richards, Stella, (New Era) r 31 ½, school teacher

Ridgway, William, (Viall Hill) r 11, marble dealer, farmer 80 owned by wife

Roberts, Frank, (Rienzi) r 33 ½, carpenter

Roberts, Matthias W., (Rienzi) r 33 ½, mason, dairy 5 cows and farmer 96

Robinson, Burton, (Terrytown) r 13, laborer

Rogers, Charles, (Wyalusing) off r 33 ½ farmer 65

Rogers, Dency, (New Albany) r 47 ½, widow Adolphus

Rogers, Henry, (New Era) off r 43, laborer

Rogers, J. Frank, (New Era) r 30, prop. stage and mail route to Towanda, blacksmith and livery, h and lot (see adv. page 462)

Rogers, Minnie Mrs., (Wyalusing) r 39 cor 38

Rogers, Robert, (New Albany) r 47 ½, farmer on shares for William Schulze of Rickets, 50

Russell, John J., (Rienzi) r 43 ½, farmer 48

Schoonover, John H., (Terrytown) r 37, h and lot and farm 50 on r 14, member 35th Pa. Vols.

Schoonover, Lorenzo J., (Viall Hill) r 14, postmaster, farmer on shares for John H., 50

Schulze, Henry C.,(New Era) off r 46 ½, farmer 50

Schulze, William H., (New Era) off r 47 ½, dairy 8 cows and farmer 100

Seymour, Melvin, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, laborer

Shaffer, Charles W., (New Albany) r 47 1/2, stock dealer and farmer 120

Shaffer, Jacob, (Laddsburg) r 47, farmer 16

Shaffer, Nathan, (New Era) r 47, dairy 8 cows, 70 sheep and farmer 200

Shepard, Edward L, (New Era) r 46 ½, breeder Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows, 75 sheep and farmer 140

Shepard, Erastus, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, dairy 8 cows, farmer with Ira, 150

Shepard, Henry C., (Rienzi) r 31 ½, dairy 5 cows, farmer 72

Shepard, Ira, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, dairy 8 cows and farmer with Erastus, 150

Shepard, Martha, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, widow Erastus

Shepard, Pauline (Rienzi) r 31 ½, widow Edward I.

Shepard, Warren, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, farmer 60

Sigler, Abba, (Wyalusing) r 39 cor 98, widow Josiah, farmer, leases of G.H. Wells, 100

Smith, Benjamin, (Wyalusing) r 41, emp. Wells’ mill

Smith, Jacob H., (Wyalusing) r 33 ½

Smith, Maynard, (Wyalusing) r 41, emp. Wells’ mill

Stewart, Sidney, (New Era) r 46, peddler

Strong, Charles, (Terrytown) r 34, telegrapher

Strong, John, (Terrytown) r 34, farmer on shares for Washington, 120

Strong, Sarah, (Terrytown) r 34, school teacher

Strong, Washington, (Terrytown) r 34, dairy 6 cows, farmer 120

Strope, Mahlon, (New Era) r 47 ½, farmer on shares for R.M. Dodge of LaPort, Sullivan Co., 100

Strunk, George, (New Era) r 23, farmer 50

Tallady, Jackson, (New Era) r 46, farmer 50

Terry, Alice O., (Terrytown) r 36, widow N. Willis, farmer 150

Terry, Burleigh K., (Wyalusing) r 36, laborer

Terry, Byron, (Terrytown) r 36, laborer

Terry, Charles F., (New Era) r 26, town collector, farmer 35

Terry, Clara Mrs., (New Era) r 25 ½ cor 26

Terry, Eben, (Terrytown) r 37, laborer

Terry, Effie, (Terrytown) r 36

Terry, F. William, (Terrytown) r 36, laborer

Terry, Henry F., (Rienzi) r 35, commissioner highways and farmer 100

Terry, Hiram L., (Terrytown) r 37, town clerk, dairy 5 cows and farmer 250

Terry, Josephine, (Terrytown) r 36, widow William, farmer 200

Terry, Millie, (Terrytown) r 37, school teacher

Terry, Sherman, (Terrytown) r 36, commissioner highways and laborer

Terry, Uriah, (Terrytown) r 36, dairy 6 cows and farmer 140

Terry, William, (Terrytown) r 36, dairy 6 cows and farmer 200, died since canvass

Terry, Willis H., (Terrytown) r 36, horse dealer, thresher and farmer 90

Thompson, Burleigh H., (Viall Hill) r 11, farmer 62

Thompson, Hannah, (Viall Hill) r 11, widow Charles

Titchen, John, (Marshview) r 8, cattle dealer, dairy 5 cows and farmer with Martin 300

Titchen, Martin, (Marshview) r 8, dairy 5 cows and farmer with John 300

Travis, Henry O., (New Era) r 43, laborer

Travis, Oliver P., (New Era) r 43, farmer 33

Trumbull, Daniel Rev., (Terrytown) r 12, retired M.E. minister

Vanderpool, Charles, (Terrytown) r 35, laborer

Vanderpool, Charles, (Terrytown) r 12, dairy 5 cows and farmer on shares for Mrs. Ella T. Horton of Sugar Run 90, h and lot on r 13

Vanderpool, Chester, (Viall Hill) r 13, farmer 30

Vanderpool, Chester A., (Marshview) r 5, dairy 5 cows and farmer 110

Vanderpool, Clark, (New Era) r 29, laborer, h and lot

Vanderpool, Daniel, (Marshview) r 8, soldier in Co. D, 16th Reg. Heavy Artillery, Civil War, dairy 5 cows and farmer 255

Vanderpool, Daniel, (Terrytown) r 13, laborer

Vanderpool, David, (Marshview) r 5, laborer

Vanderpool, Delbert, (New Era) r 31 ½, laborer

Vanderpool, Enos, (Rienzi) r 17 ½, farmer on shares for Alice A. Miller 50, removed to Monroe

Vanderpool, George, (Terrytown) r 13, farmer on shares for Charles Elliott 85

Vanderpool, Henry, (Rienzi) r 35, farmer 25

Vanderpool, Jake, (Terrytown) r 35, laborer

Vanderpool, Jeremiah, (Terrytown) r 35, farmer 45

Vanderpool, Jerry, (Terrytown) off r 18, laborer

Vanderpool, Jonathan, (Rienzi) r 31 ½, laborer

Vanderpool, John, (Terrytown) r 36 cor 35, laborer

Vanderpool, John, (Rienzi) r 18, dairy 5 cows and farmer 60, member 14th N.J. Vol.

Vanderpool, Leonard, (Rienzi) off r 17, died since canvass

Vanderpool, Levi, (Marshview) r 8, laborer

Vanderpool, Lewis, (Asylum) r 11, farmer on shares for Daniel 115

Vanderpool, Michael, (Marshview) r 5 laborer

Vanderpool, Moses, (Viall Hill) off r 16, laborer

Vanderpool, Norman H., (Marshview) r 8, farmer on shares for Daniel 140

Vanderpool, Perry, (Marshview) r 8, laborer, h and lot

Vanderpool, Peter, (Terrytown) r 35, stone mason, farmer 21

Vanderpool, Raymond, (Marshview) r 8, farmer 25

Vanderpool, Richard, (Marshview) r 5, farmer 50

Vanderpool, Samantha, (Rienzi) off r 17, widow Leonard

Vanderpool, Sherman, (Viall Hill) r 13, farmer 50

Vanderpool, Thomas, (Marshview) r 17, laborer

Vanderpool, Wesley, (New Era) r 31 ½, stone mason

Vanderpool, William, (Rienzi) r 18, laborer

Vanderpool, Wilson, (Marshview) r 5, laborer

VanCurin, Cooper M., (Terrytown) r 37, carpenter and farmer 10

VanLuvanee, Edward J., (Wyalusing) r 42, farmer 35

VanLuvanee, Israel, (New Era) r 45 ½, lumberman

VanLuvanee, Lewis, (New Era) r 45 ½, dairy 6 cows, farmer 58

VanNess, Deborah H., (Viall Hill) r 16, widow Thomas V., h and lot

Vansice, Harry I., (New Era) r 26, dealer in groceries and farmer 25

Vargarson, Alvira, (New Era) r 23, widow George

Vargarson, Charles, (New Era) r 43, teamster, h and lot

Vargarson, John, (New Era) r 23, farmer on shares for Sophia Strunk 37 ½

Vargarson, Lydia, (New Era) r 43, widow Calvin

Vargarson, Solon, (New Era) r 26, laborer

Vargarson, Wallace, (Wyalusing) r 41, teamster

Vargarson, William D., (New Era) r 26, constable, dairy 7 cows and farmer 134

Vaughn, Wallace, (Wyalusing) r 41, emp. Wells’ mill

Viall, Adeline, (Viall Hill) r 16

Viall, Charles, (Viall Hill) r 11, farmer 50

Viall, Eliza, (Viall Hill) r 16

Viall, George, (Viall Hill) r 16, farmer 50

Vincent, Burton, (New Era) r 30, laborer, h and lot

Vincent, Isaac, (New Era) r 30, farmer 5 ½

Ward, Willis R., (Terrytown) off r 37, propr. of grist and feed mill owned by G.M. Hoffman

Waring, Achsah, (New Era) r 30, widow John

Waring, Franklin, (Wyalusing) r 41, emp. Wells’ mill

Waring, Jacob, (New Era) r 43, farmer, son of James J.

Waring, James J., (New Era) r 43, dairy 5 cows, farmer 78

Wells, Birdie, (New Era) r 31

Wells, Elmer H., (Rienzi) r 19 cor 31 ½, postmaster, breeder barred buff and white Plymouth Rock fowls, dairy 6 cows, 15 sheep and farmer 75

Wells, Frank M., (New Era) r 31, farmer 110

Wells, Fred (Rienzi) r 18 cor 19, lumberman and farmer 55

Wells, John M., (Rienzi) r 31 ½, dairy 12 cows, 80 sheep and farmer 230

Wells, Joseph (Rienzi) off r 20, dairy 6 cows, 65 sheep and farmer 150

Wells, Samuel M., (Rienzi) off r 31 ½, breeder of Jersey cattle and Berkshire Swine, dairy 10 cows and farmer 150

Wheeler, Charlotte, (West Terry) r 2, widow Thomas

Wheeler, Guy, (Terrytown) r 36, laborer

Wheeler, Sarah (Viall Hill) r 16, widow Charles, farmer 26

White, Daniel (Rienzi) r 19 cor 31 ½

White, Lydia A., (New Era) r 45, school teacher

White, Nelson, (New Era) r 45, dairy 7 cows and farmer 111

Williams, George E., (New Era) r 26, farmer 44

Wilson, George (New Era) r 1, dairy 4 cows and farmer 69

Yetter, Almira, (New Era) r 30, widow Henry, h and lot

Young, Ann, (New Era) r 24, died since canvass

Young, James, (New Era) r 24, laborer

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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