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1900 Bradford County Directory


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1900 Tuscarora Township Directory

Post office address, Tuscarora, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Ackley, Byron H. (Spring Hill) r 17 ½, town treas, propr Round Lake and picnic grounds, breeder thoroughbred Jersey cattle and reg Poland China swine, dairy 12 cows, farmer 130

Allis, Arminta Mrs., (Opposition) r 6

Angle, Henry C. (Silvara) r22, quarry laborer, h and lot

Arnold, Thomas, (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 opp 35, dairy 7 cows, farmer 90

Arnold, Willis L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co) r 34 opp 35, farmer for Thomas

Atkins, Emma R, (Silvara) r 27, widow J. Herman, farm 73

Babcock, Adelbert M. (Spring Hill) r 18, dairy 5 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Susan Smith 80

Babcock, Adolphus C. (Opposition) r 4 ½, laborer

Babcock, Mary (Opposition) r 4 ½, widow Perry

Bacon, Horace J. (Silvara) r 23, farmer, leases of S. B. Tupper of Stevensville about 25

Bacon, Melinda (Silvara) r 23, widow Butler

Barrowcliff, Charlotte U., (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38 n 39, housekeeper for O W

Barrowcliff, Cyreno E. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, judge of election, farmer 14 and on shares for George Houser estate 150

Barrowcliff, E. Franklin (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, farmer

Barrowcliff, Elmer B. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) button maker

Barrowcliff, Fidac (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 28 n 39, dressmaker

Barrowcliff, Oscar (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 28 n 39, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80

Barrowcliff, Washington I. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38 n 39, school teacher

Beaumont, Walker (Silvara) r 28

Beeman, Amos P. (Silvara) justice of the peace, secretary Farmers Creamery Co., farmer 25

Beeman, Frank H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, laborer, moved to Packerton, Pa.

Beeman, Susan T. (Spring Hill) r 1, widow Nelson, farm 12

Bennett, Arthur E. (Opposition) r 7, tax collector, dairy 5 cows and farmer 50

Bennett, Levi (Silvara) r 6, quarryman, farmer 25 owned by W. A.

Bennett and Parker. (Silvara) (Willis A B & Ora E P) general merchants, dealers in agricultural implements, blue stone quarrymen

Bennett, Willis A. (Silvara) (B & Parker) postmaster, propr feed, planing and saw mill, dairy 6 cows, farmer 150

Benninger, Chauncey C. (Skinner’s Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 42, dairy 6 cows and farmer 110

Benninger, Ponderson M. (Skinner’s Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 42, hay presser, dairy 7 cows, farmer 70

Benscoter, John H. (Silvara) r 7, carpenter, h and lot owned by wife

Bird, James (Stevensville) r 10 ½, dairy 10 cows, farmer 133

Black, Lyman B. (Spring Hill) r 21 director Farmers Mutual Ins. Co, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Black, William M. (Spring Hill) r 31 cor 30, dairy 7 cows and farmer 68

Bowen, Elias S. (Spring Hill) r 33, moved to Wyalusing

Bowen, Silas J. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, farmer 30

Bowen, Thomas A. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, farmer 100

Bradley, Charles W. (Spring Hill) r 32, laborer

Brink, Frank G. (Spring Hill) r 15 cor 21, farmer

Brister, Horace W. (Silvara) r 22, laborer, h and lot

Bronson, Abigail Mrs. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33

Brown, Alpheus D. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) off r 27, quarry laborer

Brown, Fred U. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34, quarry laborer

Brown and Gordon (H. Irving Brown and Cory H. Gordon) (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 34, operators stone quarry

Brown, H. Irving (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 (Brown & Gordon) propr stone quarry 15 and farmer 79, subject to lease to Julia of Burlingame, Kan.

Brown, James (Opposition) r 3, laborer

Brown, James (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41 cor 27, stone cutter

Brown, James (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 42, laborer

Brown, Mervin B. (Spring Hill) r 24, farm laborer

Brown, Perry M. (Spring Hill) r 33, on shares for William Shumway, dairy 20 cows and farmer 220

Brown, Rebecca (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 28, farmer 25

Browning, Bradley L. (Spring Hill) r 16, breeder Chester white swine, dairy 15 cows and farmer 170

Browning, Clarence H. (Spring Hill) r 21, dairy 7 cows, farmer about 50, estate of Charles W.

Browning, Fannie (Spring Hill) r 16 ½, widow Reuben

Browning, Huldah D. (Spring Hill) r 21, widow Charles W.

Browning, Jessie E. Mrs. (Spring Hill) r 21, dressmaker

Browning, Mason S. (Spring Hill) r 31 cor 20, butcher, dairy 7 cows, farmer with wife, 58 ¾

Browning, Ralph L. (Spring Hill) r 31 cor 20, farmer, son of M. S.

Burrows, Jesse A (Silvara) r 10, quarry laborer

Camp, Victor E. (Spring Hill) r 20 cor 17 ½, blacksmith and wagon maker and farmer

Camp, William Henry ( Spring Hill) r 20 cor 17 ½, dealer in agricultural implements, apiarist 67 colonies, blacksmith and wagon maker and farmer 9

Campbell, Edwin D. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, farmer on shares for James Davison estate, 62

Canfield, Charles M. (Spring Hill) r 21 cor 15, dairy 10 cows, farmer 118

Carter, I. Scott (Silvara) r 7, farmer, son of Ziba

Carter, Joel G. (Opposition) r 2, tinsmith, traveling eavespouter and farmer 38

Carter, Judson L. (Silvara) r 7, dairy 7 cows, farmer 58, owned by wife

Carter, Stanley T. (Silvara) r 23, stone cutter

Carter, Ziba (Silvara) r 7, school director, treasurer Farmers Creamery co., dairy 5 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 100

Cashdollar, James E. (Silvara) r 2 ½ cor 9, farmer, leases of R. Armstrong of Pittston, 70

Casselberry, Charles (Wyalusing) r 35, laborer

Chamberlin, Levi (Silvara) r 36, h and lot

Chamberlin, Milo (Silvara) r 36, agricultural implement dealer, blacksmith

Chandler, John R. (Spring Hill) r 1, dairy 6 cows and farmer 65, removed to Connecticut

Christian, Abram B. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, dairy 12 cows, farmer 70

Christian, Elwood G. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, farmer, son of Martin V.

Christian, Harriet L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, school teacher

Christian, Martin V. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, dairy 17 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 170, of which 100 is owned by wife and Zuriah Gates

Clapper, Estella (Opposition) r 9, widow Daniel D., farmer 92

Clapper, Harry C. (Opposition) r 7, road commissioner, dairy 6 cows, farmer 85

Clapper, James W. (Opposition) r 3, quarry laborer and farmer 38 ½ , h and lot, owned by wife

Clapper, Jane (Silvara) r 6

Clapper, Orell D. (Opposition) r 9 n 2, farmer for Estella

Clapper, Sarah (Opposition) r 2 ½, widow Peter

Cline, George M. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, prop flouring and feed mill

Cline, Ward W. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, miller

Cobb, Elmer A. (Opposition) r 6, retired

Cobb, E. Winchester (Opposition) r 4, farmer 80

Cobb, Nathan C. (Opposition) r 6 n 5, farmer 61, owned by wife

Cobb, Raymond W. (Opposition) r 4, school director, dealer in groceries, dairy 8 cows and farmer 80, as attorney for E. W.

Coburn, Ann A. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 24, with Parnell L., farmer 50

Coburn, I Benedict (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 32, apiarist 24 colonies, breeder pure bred Jersey cattle, farmer 175

Coburn, Parnell L. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 24, with Anna A, farmer 50

Coburn, William F. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 24

Cogswell, Bela Rev. (Silvara) r 27, superannuated clergyman

Cogswell, Morris S. (Spring Hill) r 22, dairy 12 cows, farmer 145

Cogswell, Ward B. (Silvara) r 27, dealer in groceries, farmer 30

Comstock, Arra L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, school teacher

Comstock, Jennie (Opposition) r 6, widow Fernando, dressmaker

Comstock, Merritt L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39 cor 38, laborer

Comstock, W. Judson (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, stone cutter, h and lot

Cornell, Zephaniah (Silvara) apiarist 33 colonies, buyer and shipper of poultry, gardener 1 ½ on r 26 cor 27

Crawford, Alpheus B. ( Silvara) h and lot owned by wife

Crawford, Benjamin (Silvara) r 27, carpenter, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80

Crawford, Charles F. (Silvara) r 27, farmer

Crawford, Charlie (Silvara) r 27, farmer

Crown, Arthur (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43 quarry laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Culver, Aaron B. (Opposition) r 2, dairy 9 cows, farmer 160

Culver, Chester B. (Opposition) r 2 n 9, postmaster and farmer with A. B.

Culver, Corintha H. Mrs. (Silvara) r 27, dairy 12 cows, 25 sheep farmer, leases of Mahlon of Austin, Potter Co. 145

Culver, Hiram L. (Silvara) r 27, farmer

Culver, James C. (Opposition) r 6 farmer on shares for James J. and wife 90

Culver, James J. (Opposition) r 6, farmer 50 and 40 owned by wife

Culver, Lafayette J. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, laborer

Culver, Meylert S. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38 opp 37, justice of the peace, apiarist 10 colonies, dairy 8 grade Jersey cows, farmer 112

Culver, Oren D. (Silvara) r 27, farmer for wife Corintha H.

Davisson, Charles (Silvara) r 29, farmer 60

Decker, Allen (Stevensville) r 10 ¼, farmer 6 and on shares for Milton 44

Decker, Benjamin (Stevensville) r 10 ¼, farmer 53

Decker, George A. (Camptown) off r 12, laborer, farmer 12

Decker, George L. (Stevensville) r 10 ¼ , farm laborer

Decker, Milton (Stevensville) r 10 ¼, farmer 44

Denison, Perry (Opposition) off r 4 ½ farmer 5

Depue, Elisha (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, carriage maker and blacksmith, farm 7

Devine, Bernie H. (Silvara) laborer and farmer

Devine, George H. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, operates quarry with Henry Rought, farmer 40

Devine, John O. (Opposition) off r 9, farmer, leases of Mrs. Libbie Sturdevant 50

Dexter, Almon C. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 36, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Dexter, Harvey H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 36, farmer, son of A. C.

Dexter, Hattie J. (Silvara) r 5, widow Clarence A., dressmaker, farm 25

Dexter, Lionel H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 36, artist

Dexter, Perry M. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 36, laborer

Dexter, Rodney G. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 36, farmer, son of A. C.

Donovan, Cornelius H. (Spring Hill) r 11 cor 10, dairy 16 cows and farmer 200

Dower, Fred (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49 (Rought and Dower) stone cutter

Durling, Lucy C. Mrs. (Silvara) r 2 ½, housekeeper

Edinger, Peter H. (Spring Hill) r 22, dairy 12 cows, farmer 106

Edinger, Salley (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, widow Daniel

Edinger, Stewart (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, dairy 10 cows, farmer 110

Fargo, Doyle A. (Silvara) r 23, farmer 90

Farmers’ Creamery Co of Silvara (Silvara) W. A. Bennett, Draper N. Warner and Stephen Harnard of Auburn, Susq. Co., managers, A. P. Beeman, sec, Ziba Carter, treas.

Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Co. of Tuscarora (Spring Hill) Wm Shumway, prest, A. P. Sumner, sec., A. D. Lyon, treas, John H. Black of Wyalusing, agt

Featherbee, Roy (Spring Hill) r 17, laborer

Fish, Myron (Silvara) r 26, laborer

Fisk, Edgar (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43, (Shea and F) farmer about 25

Ford, George W. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 46 cor 43, thresher, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for Martin Keeney of Harrisburg about 100, farm in Orwell 40 and in Auburn, Susq. Co. owned by wife

Garey, T. Breckenridge (Silvara) r 24, farmer 52

Gariss, William H. (Stevensville) off r 9, farmer 3 and leases of A. J. Silvara, 65

Gates, Zeruiah (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, widow George, life interest ½ of farm 100

Gibbs, Russell (Opposition) r 6, farmer 101

Goodell, George W. (Spring Hill) r 14 n 11, thresher and hay presser, dairy 19 cows, farmer 120

Goodwin, Frank (Stevensville) r 10, leases of C. H. Donovan farm over 100 J. Stevens estate

Gordon, Cory H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 (Brown and Gordon)

Gray, Alonzo W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38, wholesale cream dealer, dairy 17 cows, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer 200

Gray, Davis D. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, farmer 110

Gray, Frank (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38, farmer, son of A. W.

Gray, John D. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, farmer

Gray, Mary E. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38, school teacher

Gregory, Fred (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 37, laborer

Hall, Caroline (Silvara) r 6, widow Thear J., interest in estate 50

Hall, Isaac E. (Silvara) r 5, 18 sheep, farmer 44

Hall, Orlando L. (West Auburn, Susquehanna Co.) r 5, farmer 50

Hall, Thear F. (Silvara) r 6, farmer 50, estate Thear J.

Hardic, Stephen B. (Camptown) r 12, farmer 48

Harford, Adelbert B. (Opposition) r 2 ½, laborer

Hawley, Alonzo A. (Camptown) r 12, dairy 5 cows

Hawley, George E. (Camptown) off r 12, farmer 25

Hendershot, Edward (Stevensville) r 10 ¼, laborer and farmer

Hendershot, Isaiah (Stevensville) r 10 ¼, laborer

Hendershot, Joseph R. (Silvara) r 10, laborer, h and lot

Hendershot, Leonard (Spring Hill) off r 10 ½, laborer

Hendrick, Virgil (Silvara) off r 27, farmer on shares for Mrs. Keeney about 60

Higley, Horace (Stevensville) r 1 ½, farmer for John Westler

Hitchcock, Asa W. (Stevensville) r 2 ½, farmer 54 and stone quarryman in Susquehanna Co, and farm 5 owned by wife

Hoadley, Charles O. (Silvara) r 6, cor 24, farmer 50

Hoadley, Charles R. (Silvara) r 6 cor 24

Holdren, Frank (Silvara) laborer

Holmes, George (Spring Hill) r 15 ½ n 17, farm laborer

Hoover, George (Opposition) r 9, prop blue stone quarry, 20 Shropshire sheep, farmer 30

Howe, Frank L. (Silvara) r 6 farmer 50, owned by his mother, Jane P.

Howe, Jane P. (Silvara) r 6, widow Ephraim P., farm 50

Howland, Charles S. (Silvara) r 10, dairy 9 cows, farmer 96

Jacoby, William (Stevensville) r 1 ½, laborer

Johnson, Edwin W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, (Johnson & Son) farmer on shares for M. G. Overfield and Josephine Neigh, 95

Johnson, Elmer C. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, Johnson and Son

Johnson, Floyd M. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, farmer and teamster

Johnson, George H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, stone cutter

Johnson, Lewis P. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, stone cutter

Johnson and Son (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 51 (Edwin W. and Elmer C.) lessees and operators blue stone quarry

Keeney, Annis M. (Silvara) r 26, widow Clinton

Keeney, James A. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, sec school board, tobacco grower 1 ½, dairy 9 cows, farmer 50

Keeney, Mary A. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, widow S. Bailey

Kinne, George J. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, laborer

Kissel, William L. (Spring Hill) r 21, farm laborer

Kithcart, John C. M. (Silvara) r 23, laborer

Klaffke, Theodore A. (Silvara) r 27, pastor Methodist Protestant Church at Silvara and at Jersey Hill, Susq. Co.

Lacey, Edith A. (Opposition) r 7, school teacher

Lacey, George M. (Opposition) r 7, township auditor, school teacher, apiarist 19 colonies, diary 5 Holstein grade cows, farmer 52, owned by Janet M.

Lacey, Janet M. (Opposition) r 7, widow Burton W., farm 52

Lafrance, Fred W. (Silvara) r 25, dairy 8 cows and farmer 107

Lake, Edward S. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 24, carpenter and builder, farmer 4

Lattimer, Abram (Silvara) r 29, farm laborer

Lattimer, John (Silvara) off r 29, farm laborer

Learn, Nathan L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, dairy 7 cows, farmer 109

Learn, Peter W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, farmer about 95

Lemon, Sanford L. (Spring Hill) r 32, farmer 53

Lewis, Alfred A. (Spring Hill) r 13, dairy 17 cows, farmer 110

Lewis, Carrie A. (Silvara) r 23, widow Stanley, housekeeper D. A. Fargo

Lindell, Frances E. (Spring Hill) r 15, widow Axel W.

Lyon, Adin (Spring Hill) r 32 cor 17, treasurer Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. of Tuscarora, dairy 8 grade Durham cows and farmer 92

Lyon, Ella R. Mrs. (Spring Hill) r 32 cor 17, postmaster

Lyon, Harry S. (Spring Hill) r 17 ½, dairy 5 cows and farmer 73

Lyon, Margaret S. (Spring Hill) r 20, widow Stephen, h and lot

Mace, Daniel R. (Stevensville) r 1, hay presser and farmer

Madison, Cynthia M. (Silvara) r 6, widow Reuben, life lease farm, 40

Madison, Nicholas H. (Silvara) r 23, dairy 8 cows, farmer 53

Magee, Catherine M. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38, widow Jackson, carpet weaver, h and lot

Magee, Dora A. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38

Mahoney, Edward (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 33, farmer on shares for Patrick, 114

Mahoney, George B. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34, farmer

Mahoney, Patrick (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34, school director, dairy 7 cows and farmer 274

Mahoney, William (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, dairy 8 cows and farmer 164

Manning, James (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, stone cutter bds with O. B. Rake

Martin, Jacob (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, (Merritt & Martin)

Maxfield, Archie H. (Opposition) r 3, farm laborer, moved to Wilkes-Barre

McCloe, Abner (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, quarry owner, h and lot

McCloe, Charles D. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ¾, quarryman and farmer 63

McCloe, C. Jackson, (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ¾, farmer 46, owned by wife

McCloe, James (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ¾

McCloe, J. Edward (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ¾, with John junk dealer

McCloe, John (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ¾, with J. Edward junk dealer

McDermott, William H. (Silvara) r 29, farm laborer

McLaud, Jonas P. (Opposition) r 2 ½, farmer 50

McLaud, Samuel (Silvara) r 7, dairy 5 cows, farmer 56

Meracle, William L. (Spring Hill) r 16, farm laborer

Merritt, George (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, (Merritt & Martin) stone cutter

Merritt, Joshua (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, quarryman, h and lot

Merritt & Martin, (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 33 (George M. and Jacob M.) lessees stone quarry

Merritt, Susanna (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, widow Elijah, farm 65

Methodist Episcopal Church (Spring Hill) Rev. A. J. Cook of Wyalusing, pastor

Miles, Adelaide I. (Spring Hill) (Mrs. Alfred) r 20, 1/8 interest dairy 8 cows and farm 65

Miles, Alfred (Spring Hill) r 20 2/8 interest dairy 8 cows and farm 65

Miles, Alfred L. (Spring Hill) r 20, (Miles Bros.)

Miles, Bertrand T. D. (Spring Hill) r 20, student and agent

Miles Brothers (Spring Hill) r 20 (G. Arthur and Alfred L.) breeders of and dealers in barred Plymouth Rock and white Wyandotte fowls and farmers, lease of Mrs. Dr. Eugene Underhill of Philadelphia, 20

Miles, Carrie L. (Spring Hill) r 20, music teacher

Miles, Ernest E. (Spring Hill) r 20, agt Hallock weeders and operates for Alfred and Adelaide dairy 10 cows and farm 65

Miles, G. Arthur (Spring Hill) r 20 (Miles Brothers)

Miller, George (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) quarryman, h and lot, owned by wife

Miller, Norman P. (Stevensville) off r 10 ¼, farmer 117

Montgomery, Daniel B. (Spring Hill) off r 10, farmer 32

Montgomery, L. Amos (Spring Hill) r 30, prop stone quarry, farmer 50

Montgomery, Martha (Silvara) r 28, prop stone quarry, farmer 7

Morrow, G. Edward (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, stone wall layer, h and lot, owned by wife

Moyers, Frederick (Spring Hill) r 20, farm laborer

Moyers, Peter ( Spring Hill) r 20, on shares for Eugene Underhill of Swarthmore dairy 5 cows and farmer 70

Neigh, G. Roy (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, farmer for Peter

Neigh, Josephine A. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, farm 43

Neigh, Peter (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, operates stones quarry in Wyalusing, farmer about 65

Newman, A. Brinton (Silvara) r 24, laborer, moved to Black Walnut, Wyoming Co.

Newman see Pneuman

Nichols, Alvin (Silvara) r 26, butter maker and manager Farmers Co-operative Creamery Co.

Nichols, Owen (Stevensville) off r 1, leases of Oliver Stevens of Pike, farm about 53

Overfield, Gilbert (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, mason, farm 50, owned by wife

Owen, James D. (Spring Hill) r 15, moved to Rome, Pa.

Owen, Rex L. (Spring Hill) r 15, farmer

Palmer, John (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, carpenter and farmer 5

Parker, Charles M. (Silvara) r 8, farmer 25

Parker, George C. (Silvara) r 26, laborer

Parker, Ora E. (Silvara) (Bennett & P) asst postmaster, h over store

Peet, Fred L. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, road commissioner, farmer for W. W.

Peet, William W. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, dairy 16 cows, farmer 175

Pensworth, Archibald B. (Spring Hill) off r 10 ½, operates stone quarry, moved to Tunkhannock

Phinney, Jack (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, farmer for William

Phinney, William (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, dairy 8 cows, farmer 64

Pickett, Lellon R. (Silvara) off r 7, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Pickett, Samuel J. (Opposition) r 6, cor 5, farmer 62

Place, Charles A. (Silvara) r 5, blacksmith, dairy 20 cows, breeder thoroughbred Jersey cattle, 40 sheep, 13 pure bred Southdown, farmer 221

Place, Charles A. Jr. (Silvara) r 5, farmer

Place, Frank B. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, dairy 13 cows, farmer 154

Place, John F. (Silvara) r 5, farmer, son of Charles A.

Place, William S. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) dairy 5 cows, farmer with Frank B., farm in Auburn, Susquehanna Co. 73

Pneuman, William H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer 48, owned by wife

Pneuman see Newman

Possinger, Peter (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 37, dairy 6 cows and farmer 85

Potter, Andrew J. (Opposition) r 2 ½, farmer 80, moved to Lestershire, New York

Potter, William H. (Opposition) r 7, laborer

Rake, Oliver B. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, propr stone quarry, farmer about 60

Rickard, Jeff (Silvara) r 6, farmer 30

Rifenbury, Ulysses A. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 28, laborer

Rinker, Wallace (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, stone cutter

Roberts, Nelson J. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 37, on shares for Peter Possinger dairy 6 cows and farmer 85

Rockwell, W. Alonzo (Spring Hill) r 15 cor 21, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Rose _______ (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, farmer with Herman

Rose, Herman (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, farmer on shares for Dana Whitcomb of Laceyville, Pa.

Rosencrance, Asa W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, (Rosencrance Bros) farm 4 and interest in John Rosencrance estate 50

Rosencrance Bros. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 cor 50 (John W. and Burt W) lessees blue stone quarry

Rosencrance, Burt W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 cor 50 (Rosencrance Bros)

Rosencrance, Frank M. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, quarryman and farmer 10

Rosencrance, George (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33 farmer 79

Rosencrance, Gilbert (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49 cor 50, propr blue stone quarry and farmer, leases of Jacob about 40

Rosencrance, John H. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, interest in stone quarry

Rosencrance, John W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 cor 50, (Rosencrance Bros) farmer about 85

Rosengrant, Beach (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, farmer 10, owned b wife

Rosengrant, Russell (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, teamster and farmer, leases of Susanna Merrill, 65

Rought, Chancy W. (Stevensville) r 1, farmer

Rought and Dower, (Geo. R. and Fred D.), (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, operate stone quarry

Rought, George (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, (Rought & Dower) with Leonard L., timber land 41

Rought, Henry (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, laborer, moved to Sayre.

Rought, Jacob (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, building mover, dairy 6 cows, breeder of registered Jersey cattle 8 head and farmer 60

Rought, James I. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ½, teamster and farmer

Rought, John (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, farmer 28

Rought, John A. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 40 ½, farmer 84

Rought, Leonard L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, (Vanness and Rought), quarrymen of Laceyville, farmer 15 and with George, timber land 41

Rought, Leonard W. (Silvara) r 10 laborer

Rought, Stephen S. (Stevensville) r 1, stump puller and farmer 55

Rought, William (Stevensville) r 1, farmer

Ruger, Harvey (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 39 ½, teamster and farmer, h and lot

Ruger, Isaac (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50

Ruger, Jennie L. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, housekeeper

Ruger, John (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 39 ½, dairy 7 cows and farmer 150

Ruger, Leroy E. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 39 ½, dairy 3 cows and on shares for John, dairy 7 cows and farmer 150

Ruger, Lewis (Silvara) r 23, mineral hunter

Ruger, Sanford L. (Silvara) r 27, laborer

Ruger, Vernon (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 40, farmer

Rutan, Benjamin (Spring Hill) r 22, laborer

Rutan, Benjamin A. (Silvara) r 22, laborer

Schermerhorn, Arthur (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 49, laborer

Scott, Walter S. (Silvara) r 26, teamster and farmer 22

Seely, Albert H. (West Auburn, Susquehanna Co.) r 5, farmer 35, life lease to wife

Sharts, Charles R. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 33, farmer on shares for John Huffman, about 86

Shaw, Cornelia E. (Silvara) r 7, widow Thomas J., life lease 3

Shaw, George H. (Silvara) r 7, farmer on shares for Ashley L. of Noxon, Wyoming co., 75

Shaw, Henry T. (Silvara) r 7, farmer 50

Shaw, J. Brenton, (Silvara) r 7, farmer

Shea & Fisk (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) off r 28 (John S. and Edgar F) lessees stone quarry

Shea, John (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45 (Shea & Fisk)

Shoemaker, Annie (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, widow William, carpet weaver, farm in Rush, Susquehanna Co., h and lot

Shoemaker, W. Etheldred (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49, breeder white Wyandotte and white Leghorn fowls, small fruit grower 8, owned by wife

Shumway, Cyrus R. (Silvara) farmer 13, owned by wife

Shumway, Daisy (Spring Hill) r 33, cor 19, school teacher

Shumway, Hiram (Spring Hill) r 15 ½, farmer about 78

Shumway, Manville M. (Spring Hill) r 15 ½, carpenter, blacksmith and farmer for Hiram

Shumway, William (Spring Hill) r 33 cor 19, president Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Tuscarora, town auditor, dairy 20 cows, farmer 250

Silvara, A. Jackson (Silvara) r 27, propr blue stone quarry, farmer 245 owned by A. Armstrong of Pittston, Pa.

Silvara, Hinckley S. (Silvara) r 27, farmer on shares for A. J.

Silvara, Margaret E. Mrs. (Silvara) carpet weaver

Silvara, Theodore (Silvara) shoemaker, h and lot

Singer, Fernando (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 34 ½, lessee blue stone quarry, farmer 35 owned by wife and on shares for Oscar Latimore of Scranton 72

Sloat, Charles W. (Silvara) r 23, dairy 5 cows, farmer 90

Smith, Lester S. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48 n 39, assessor school director, dairy 13 cows, farmer 197

Smith, Lloyd B. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48 n 39, farmer, son of L. S.

Smith, Martin W. (Stevensville) r 1, farmer 97

Smith, Myrtella M. (Stevensville) r 1, music teacher

Smith, Susan (Spring Hill) r 18, widow Stephen J., farmer estate Stephen J, 80

Smith, William J. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) off r 50, prop blue stone quarry, h at Laceyville

Snyder, Nicholas D. (Spring Hill) r 15, dairy 20 reg Jersey cows, farmer, leases of Phoebe E. 125, and on shares for her 125

Snyder, Phoebe E. (Spring Hill) r 14, breeder reg Jersey cattle, farmer 250 and in Pike ½ interest in farm 125

Stedwell, Eugene B. (Stevensville) r 2 ½, blacksmith at Stevensville, farmer 80

Sterling, Murray W. (Silvara) r 28, laborer

Strickland, Eddie (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, laborer

Strickland, Nathan C. (Opposition) r 3, farmer 44 and 4 owned by wife

Strickland, Theron (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 45, blacksmith

Sturdevant, Byron C. (Silvara) quarryman and farmer 25

Sturdevant, Edwin L. (Silvara) r 7, (Edwin L and Harry L) farmer 80

Sturdevant, Edwin L and Harry L. (Silvara) r 7, apiarist 10 colonies, dairy 40 grade Jersey cows, 40 head young stock and farmer 60, also 80 owned by Edwin L. and 50 owned by Harry L.

Sturdevant, George L. (Silvara) r 7, farmer, son of L. E.

Sturdevant, Harry L. (Silvara) r 7, (Edwin L. and Harry L.) farmer 50

Sturdevant, Leander E. (Silvara) r 7, prop blue stone quarry and farmer 50

Sturdevant, Willis E. (Silvara) r 22, breeder of reg. Chester white swine, dairy 8 cows and farmer 125

Sumner, Archibald B. (Spring Hill) r 32, secy Farmers Mutual Insurance co. of Tuscarora, dairy 5 cows and farmer 157

Sumner, Nora (Spring Hill) h and lot and interest in George Sumner estate

Sutherland, Alice C. Mrs. (Silvara) r 6, interest in estate of Thos. J. Hall 50

Tanner, Ira O. (Opposition) r 4 ½ cor 2, laborer

Taylor, Andrew J. (Silvara) off r 28, farmer 50

Taylor, Hanford O. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 32 cor 36, on shares for I. B. Coburn dairy 20 cows and farmer 175, h and lot in Auburn, Susquehanna Co.

Taylor, James A. (Spring Hill) r 14 n 13, town clerk, farmer 56, and on shares for John M. diary 16 cows and farm 105

Taylor, John M. (Spring Hill) r 14 n 13, dairy 16 grade Jersey cows, farmer 105

Taylor, Ruth A. (Spring Hill) r 14

Taylor, Wallace (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 32, cor 36, farmer

Tewksbury & Co. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43, (Smith and Warren Tewksbury) props gray stone quarry

Tewksbury, Eliza (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43, widow Samuel

Tewskbury Smith (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43 (Tewksbury & Co.) farm in Auburn, Susquehanna Co., 47, owned by wife

Tewksbury, Warren (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43, (Tewksbury & Co.) dairy 5 cows, 120 sheep, farmer 300

Thompson, George W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Thompson, Wesley C. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 50, teamster and farmer for G. W.

Tillman, Charles (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 49 cor 50, quarry laborer

Titus, German (Spring Hill) r 1, farmer

Titus, Guy W. (Spring Hill) r 1, farmer about 105

Titus, Martin J. (Spring Hill) r 1, apiarist 12 colonies, dairy 5 cows, farmer 57

Tyler, Leonard S. (Spring Hill) r 14, farmer and hay presser for G. W. Goodell

Wage, Chester C. (Opposition) r 7, farmer 31

Wage, H. Orman (Opposition) r 7, dist assessor, farmer 31 owned by Chester C.

Wakeley, Eliza A. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, widow Burton

Wakeley, George L. (Silvara) r 28, dairy 5 cows, farmer 37

Wakeley, J. Monroe (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, dairy 12 cows, milk dealer, farmer about 150

Wakeman, Almon (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 29 cor 31, dairy 5 cows, farmer 45

Wakeman, George L. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 39 n 30, buyer and shipper of hay, grain, potatoes, etc, farmer 70, moved to Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.

Wakeman, Warren W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 30, teaming, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Walker, Charles H. (Spring Hill) r 1, farm laborer

Walker, J. Eben (Spring Hill) r 11, farm laborer

Waltman, George L. (Spring Hill) r 20, farmer, leases of A. B. Sumner 100, farm in Albany, Susquehanna Co. 65 owned by wife

Warner, Charles (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 27, laborer

Warner, David (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 38, dairy 7 cows, farmer 56

Warner, Draper N. (Silvara) r 22, (Farmers Creamery Co. of Silvara) dairy 14 cows, farmer 106

Warner, George U. (Silvara) r 29, wagon and violin maker

Warner, Leonard (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 48, farmer 15 owned by wife

Warner, Mahlon (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, laborer

Warner, Oliver (Silvara) off r 27, apiarist 15 colonies, dairy 6 cows, farmer 130

Warner, Paul E. (Silvara) r 26, blacksmith and wagon maker

Welbec Stock and Dairy Farm (Spring Hill) r 14 n 12, Levi Wells, propr, Guy W. Wells, manager

Welch, Thomas G. (Stevensville) r 4 ½, painter, farmer, leases of Geo. McLaud of Susquehanna Co. 30

Wells, Guy W. (Spring Hill) r 14 n 12, dairy 50 thoroughbred Jersey cows, some registered, mgr. "Welbec Creamery", farmer 240, owned by Levi

Wells, Levi (Spring Hill) r 14 n 12, dairy and food commissioner, department of agriculture, at Harrisburg, surveyor, owns farm 240, managed by Guy W.

West, Mary E. (Opposition) r 7, widow, farm about 30

Westler, John (Stevensville) r 1 ½, dairy 5 cows, farmer about 65

Whipple, Elmer H. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, farmer 25

Whipple, James M. (Silvara) r 25, butcher and farmer 26

Wilbur, Harry (Silvara) r 22, laborer

Wilbur, James (Silvara) r 28, laborer

Wilbur, Sarah L. (Silvara) r 22, farmer 69

Wildrick, Isaac (Camptown) r 1 ¾, apiarist, dairy 12 cows and farmer 265

Williams, J. Chester (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 41, stone cutter

Winans, Merton W. (Silvara) r 27, laborer

Winans, Thomas (Silvara) r 27, laborer

Winslow, Fred L. (Spring Hill) r 15, school director, dairy 9 cows and farmer 185

Wood, Beebe W. (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 39, propr stone quarry, dairy 16 cows and farmer about 260

Wood, Charles W. (Silvara) r 24, stone cutter and farmer 6

Woodruff, Calvin, (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 44 cor 43, farmer 5

Woodruff, Daniel (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 44, farmer

Woodruff, David J. (Camptown) r 2 ½, propr stone quarry and farmer on contract, 48

Woodruff, James (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 43, h and lot

Woodruff, Lucina (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 44, widow John, farm 30

Woolsey, Myron A. (Spring Hill) r 22, dairy 8 cows, farmer 59

Residents of Opposition 1900, known as Beaver Meadows Tuscarora Township, Bradford County, PA.
Submitted April 2005 by Carol HOOLSE Brotzman
The town of Opposition was first known as Bixby’s Pond. Named for Chandler Bixby who was the first landowner purchasing the land warrants. Then it bounced back and forth with the name Beaver Meadows/Bixby’s Pond.  This data can be found in the Rush Charge minutes and the Beaver Meadow Church records. The name Cottage Hill was the name on an 1868 map of Tuscarora Township, however I never find that name listed anywhere else. The name for the post office became disputed, and Aaron Culver said you might just as well call it Opposition, and it stuck from about 1885 to about 1905 it was a post office named Opposition, then it reverted back to being Beaver Meadow. There was never an actual “S” added, but some how history and time has made it Beaver Meadows with an “S”.

The residents in 1900 from a post office map that belonged to Herbert Keith Button (June 29, 1919 - October 30, 1998) and his wife Alma Dean Baker (June 13, 1921 - January 01, 1997)

Allis, Arminta, Mrs. (who later married Worden Hibbard)
Babcock, Adolphus C.   Laborer
Babcock, Mary    Widow of Perry Babcock
Bennett, Arthur E.  Tax Collector
Brown, James    Laborer
Carter, Joel G.  Tinsmith, Traveling Eavespouter, Farmer
Clapper, Estella, Widow of Daniel Clapper
Clapper, Harry C.    Road Commissioner and Farmer
Clapper, James W.  Quarry Laborer and Farmer
Clapper, Orell D, listed as a farmer for his mother Estella Clapper.
Clapper, Sarah widow of Peter Clapper
Cobb, Elmer A.   Retired
Cobb, E. Winchester, Framer
Cobb, Nathan   Farmer
Cobb, Raymond W.   School director, Dealing in groceries, Farmer and Attorney for E. W. Cobb
Comstock, Jennie    widow of Fernando Comstock
Culver, Aaron B.  Farmer
Culver, Chester B.  Postmaster and Farmer with A.B. Culver
Culver, James C.  Farmer
Culver, James J.  Farmer
Denson, Perry   Farmer
Devine, John O. Farmer
Gibbs, Russell   Farmer
Harford, Adelbert B.   Laborer
Hoover, George   Proprietor of the Blue Stone Quarry, Farmer
Lacey, Edith A.  School Teacher
Lacey, George M.  Township auditor, Teacher, Farmer
Lacey, Janet M.   Widow of Burton W. Lacey
Maxfield, Archie H.  Laborer
McLaud, Jonas P.  Farmer
Pickett, Samuel J.  Farmer
Potter, Andrew J. Farmer
Strickland, Nathan C.  Farmer
Tanner, Ira O.  Laborer
Wage, Chester, Farmer
Wage, H. Orman, District Assessor and Farmer
West, Mary E., widow

OPPOSITION, PA was actually Beaver Meadow from about 1885 to 1905:
this is a newspaper column:

Newspaper articles from December 5, 1895 Braintrim Messenger
Thanksgiving services consisting of rehearsals, singing, and remarks by the pastor, Rev A Schofield, was held at the church.
Mrs.. George Hoover who has been in poor health for a long time has gone to a Philadelphia Hospital to be treated.
Ed and Nellie White, of Stevensville have been visiting Mrs. B W Lacey last week.
Mrs.. George Jay and son Leigh, of Herrick visited Mrs. Jay’s par­ents, Mr. and Mrs.. C C Wage on Thanksgiving.
Jacob Bond, of Tunkhannock has been visiting his daughter Mrs. Marcus Pickett for the last three weeks.
Burt Gibbs is boarding at Mrs. W B Lacey’s and going to school this winter.
J S Stone has been working in Wyalusing, but is spending Thanksgiving week at home after which he will return to work.
The Ladies Aide Society was held at D L Clapper's.  The next one will be held at Wesley Picketts, December 6, and a coffee supper in the evening for the young folks.  All are invited.
The Beaver Meadows Cemetery Association held a general meeting Nov 24.   The following officers were elected:  Directors, R W Cobb, H O Wage, J F Clapper, C B Culver, George Wood, N C Strick­land,  N  C  Cobb. President was R W Cobb, clerk was H O Wage, Treasurer was J F Clapper, and Superintendent R W Cobb.

Mainly, I want to thank you for putting this on line.
Post office address, Tuscarora, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)
Ford, George W. (Skinners Eddy, Wyoming Co.) r 46 cor 43, thresher, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for Martin Keeney of Harrisburg about 100, farm in Orwell 40 and in Auburn, Susq. Co. owned by wife.
A Google search went into your site and found this Directory. Safari browser find function located the above entry.
My grandfather was born here. "In Bradford County". He said in Laceyville, my mother figured it was Skinners Eddy but he thought that did not sound very good. That's Gramps, he did things like that. Your old directory answers the conundrum. Just into Wyoming County.
"Owned by wife" means Isabella C Keeney born Isabella Carolina Bergstresser. I can't find the location of the farm.
They went back to her ancestors' property in Harrisburg. That had been an inn in the days before the Camelback Bridge. The property was immediately behind the Harris Mansion on Front St, now the home of the Dauphin County Historical Society.
Presumably the inn was used when John Harris had his ferry there.
At that location, Martin Luther Keeney ran a grocery store.

KEENEY, Martin, grocer, Harrisburg, was born in Tuscarora township, Bradford county, Pa., August 23, 1848. He is a son of the late Luther and Arletta (Camp) Keeney. He was brought up on the farm and educated at the district schools in his township. He was engaged until 1892 in farming in Tuscarora township, where he still owns a well cultivated farm. In 1892 he sought a change of residence and occupation. He relinquished farming and came to Harrisburg, and in January, 1896, embarked in the grocery business in that city.
Mr. Keeney was married, October 15,1873, to Isabella C., daughter of William and Mary (Watson) Bergstresser, referred to in another place in this volume. They have one son, William Luther.
Mr. Keeney has served as town commissioner, school director, and inspector of Tuscarora township. He is a member of Wyoming Lodge, No. 238, K. of P., Wyoming county, Pa. In his political views he is a Republican. He and his wife are members of Zion Lutheran church.
Historical Review of Dauphin County
Transcribed by Gwen Bixler Drivon at for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project -
Date of Transcription: 15 May 2001
The inn was owned by Jackson Watson, father of Mary Ann Watson.
Dan Tillmanns - Ridgecrest, CA 93556

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