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1900 Bradford County Directory
Ulster Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Ulster Township Directory

For explanations, &c., see page 17.
Postoffice address Ulster, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Allen, Nell B., teacher, bds Main
Allen, Robert B., principal Ulster graded school and agent for school furniture and school supplies, bds Ulster House
Alliger, Cornelius W., cigar manuf., propr. Alliger bldg., Bridge St., farmer in Smithfield 200 and leases in Sheshequin estate of Peter Wolfe 100, h Sheshequin
Alliger, Elijah, livery, Bridge, h do
Allinstin, Simeon, (Glaser & Allinstin) bds Van Dyke House
Ammerman, Ansel, (Saco) r 27, farmer
Ammerman, Frank A., (Saco) r 27, farmer 100
Ammerman, John D., r 14, bridge builder
Andrews, Worrell E., (Soper & Andrews) h Main
Anthony, Clyde, (Milan) r 7, postmaster and dealer in groceries, notions, watches, clocks, jewelry, tobacco, &c., agent for Cleveland bicycles, also dealer in live stock and collector of taxes
Anthony, Robert, (Milan) r 7, laborer
Anthony, Samuel L., (Milan) r 7, farmer 55
Anthony, Susan B. Mrs., (Milan) r 7
Armstrong, Marion M., widow Alexander
Arnold, Angie F., (Mrs. F. E.) domestic bakery, Main
Arnold, Frank E., meat market, Main, h do
Barbour, James D., r 17, farmer 220
Barbour, Walter H., r 17, farmer
Bartholomew, George Sr., farmer 15, h Main
Bartholomew, George H. B., r 27, dairy 12 cows, farmer 160
Besemer, George D., (Milan) r 3, butter maker, Milan Dairy Co.
Biles, George, r 26, carpenter and farmer 96
Blair, A. Stryker, physician and surgeon, office hours, 7 to 9 a.m., 12 to 2 and 6 to 8 p.m., Main, h do
Blow, George, r 20, laborer
Bowman, Frank A., conductor L. V. R. R., h Main
Bowman, William, bds Main
Brainard, Frank R., (Milan) r 2, wagon maker
Brainard, Henry A., (Milan) r 2, one mile from Milan, wagon maker and blacksmith, hand made farm wagons a specialty, farmer 25
Brink, Elizabeth, h Second
Brooks, Davis B., (Saco) r 28, pensioner
Brooks, Franklin S., (Saco) r 34, farmer 27 owned by wife
Brooks, George, (Saco) r 34, laborer, h and lot
Brooks, Henry A., (Saco) r 28, laborer
Brasnan, John, r 27 1/2, dairy 14 cows, farmer 80
Brasnan, William J., r 27 1/2, farmer 90
Brown, Daniel, (Milan) propr. Milan House and livery
Brown, E. Fay, lather, h Main, moved to Sayre
Brown, George G., (Milan) laborer, bds Milan House
Brown, Harry, mason and bricklayer, agent for Wana, maker and Brown, clothing and gents furnishing goods and Canfield Oil Co., lubricating oils, axle grease, roof paints, etc., h Main
Brown, Isaac F., h Second
Brown, James, farmer on shares for Mrs. R. Middaugh, 126
Campbell, Andrew, r 18, farmer 36
Campbell, Arthur, r 24, laborer
Campbell, Emerson, (Milan) r 7, farmer, leases of J. M. Doane, 90
Campbell, Freeman, (Saco) r 34, mail carrier, h and lot
Campbell, Perry R., dealer in live stock, h Main
Campbell, William E., (Milan) r 7, laborer
Carey, Charles A., (Milan) r 7, school teacher
Carey, Jason P., (Milan) r 7, h and lot
Carey, William, (Milan) r 7
Chaffee, Arthur P., cigar maker, h Bridge
Chaffee, George C., (Milan) r 5, works on shares for George Carneby, 120
Chaffee, Ray E., cigarmaker, bds Van Dyke House
Chaffee, William M., (Milan) r 5, laborer
Chilson, George H., r 21, farmer, leases of Clarinda King, 68
Chilson, Walter, r 21, laborer
Chilson, Wilson, r 21, laborer
Clancy, Thomas, head miller, Crescent Roller Mills, bds Main
Clark, John, (Milan) r 7, tobacco grower 4, dairy 20 cows, works on shares for Millard Murray of Athens, 160
Cooper, Elijah B., (Milan) off r 11, farmer 28
Corneby, George, (Milan) r 7, farmer 120
Corneby, Herman F., (Milan) r 7, laborer, h and lot
Cortise, George, r 15, painter
Crescent Roller Mills, R. D. Van Duzer Jr., propr., Bridge, see adv. page 614
Daly, Delilah J., off r 26, widow William F., farm 126
Davidson, Charles G., tobacco grower, h Smithfield
Dayton, John F., harnessmaker and dealer in horse furnishing goods, Bridge, h Smithfield cor church
Decker, Andrew, r 13, farmer, works on shares for A. Record
DeKav, Lydia, widow Samuel S., farm 50, h Smithfield
Denslow, George L., tinsmith and steam fitter, roofing, eave trough work a specialty, Bridge, h Main
Dettra, Charles J., funeral director and dealer in furniture, farmer 45, tobacco grower 4, dairy 9 cows, milk dealer Main, h r 14
Dettra, Joseph, (Milan) r 7, section foreman
Dettra, Lewis, carpenter, h Main
Dickerson, Anna, (Milan) widow Mahlon D.
Dickerson, Daniel O., (Milan) r 7, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, &c, also hard and soft coal, farmer 15
Disbrow, Theodore C., r 24, tobacco grower, dairy 8 cows and farmer 60
Dixon, Henry, r 24, farmer 40 and with Robert 170, dairy 16 cows and tobacco grower 5
Dixon, Robert, r 24, dairy 16 cows, tobacco grower 5, farmer with Henry 170
Dixon, William H., telegrapher L. V. Depot, h Milk
Doane, John M., (Milan) r 7, farmer 90
Doty, Henry, (Milan) r 7, Justice of the Peace
Drake, Amzi C., (Hoblet) r, farmer on shares for Joseph Waldron, 150
Dugan, Gomer, r 21, farmer 40
Eastabrook, William W., farmer 60, h Bridge
Edmiston, Robert S., (Milan) r 7, member of legislature, breeder of Hambletonian and Mambrino horses, farmer 60
Edmiston, R. Bruce, (Milan) r 2, breeder of thoroughbred horses, farmer leases of Henry Von Wolffradt, 130
Eiffert, Jacob, (Milan) r 7, shoemaker
Eiffert, Jacob, (Milan) r 7, barber
Eiffert, Philip, (Milan) r 5, farmer 50
Ellis, Wilmot, (Saco) r 28, farmer
English, William H., laborer, h Church
Evans, Merlin P., dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes &c, Bridge, h do
Evans, Ursula S., widow Malden, bds Main
Everett, George E., farmer, h Main
Farrell, William, laborer, h Church
Fish, Avery A., laborer, h Bridge
First Presbyterian Church of Ulster Village, Rev. F. C. Jones, pastor
First Presbyterian Church of Ulster, (Saco) Rev. F. C. Jones, pastor
Flood, Frank C., (Milan) r 7, traveling salesman
Flood, Patrick, (Milan) farmer 13
Flood, Peter, (Milan) r 7, laborer
Forrest, William B., r 23, farmer 64
Fox, Emeline S., (Milan) r 7, widow Aaron W.
Frederick, Abram, r 12, farmer 63
French, William, (Milan) r 8, laborer
Gilmour, Arthur, (Saco) r 32, farmer
Gilmour, Mary A., (Saco) r 23, widow John, farm 60
Gilmour, Mellin, (Saco) r 32, farmer
Goetchins, Wesley, brakeman, h Main
Glaser & Allinstin, (S. Glaser and S. Allinstin) clothiers, Bridge
Glaser, Simon, (Glaser and Allinstin) bds Ulster House
Granger, Francis R., r 24, farmer on shares for Benj. Ross, 100
Gray, David, r 18, farmer 72
Gray, Mary A., r 18, widow William, farmer 36
Greene, Curtis H., off r 26, bridge builder
Greening, Jerry C., (Saco) r 27, thresher and farmer 105
Greening, Matthew V., (Saco) r 27, farmer
Griffith, Charles, fireman Cresent Mills, h Main
Hale, Jerome H., supt. Milk Station, h Main
Hamilton, Samuel, (Milan) r 27, laborer
Harron, Prudence, widow W. Park, h and lot Main
Havens, Charles E., (Milan) r 7, dairy 11 cows, farmer 125
Havens, Jabez B., (Milan) r 8, farmer 175
Havens, Sarah, (Milan) r 8, widow Samuel N.
Heath, Horace H., (Saco) r 34, farmer 100
Hemenway, William L., grocer, Main, h do
Higgins, David, h Smithfield
Hiney, William, (Saco) r 34, farmer on shares for John W. Howie, 54
Holcomb, Grant, laborer, h Second
Holcomb, Guy C., physician, Main, h do
Holcomb, Philander, r 16, farmer 70, owned by Alfred Holcomb
Holcomb, Polly, r 15, widow Milton, farm 17
Holcomb, Truman H., r 14, farmer 105
Hollenbeck, Jackson, h and lot, Main
Horton, George L., h and lot
Horton & Mather, (R. A. H. and J. C. M.) merchants, Main
Horton, Reese A., (Horton & Mather) assistant postmaster and farmer 60
Horton, Wallace C., jeweler and optician
Hosley, Leland E., (Milan) r 7, laborer
House, Charles D., miller, bds Smithfield
Howie, Isabella, r 17, widow Matthew, farm 70
Howie, James G., (Saco) r 29, dairy 5 cows, farmer 50
Howie, John, farmer, h Main
Howie, John W., r 29, dairy 10 cows, farmer 134
Howie, Thomas J., r 26, contractor and builder, dealer in coal, lime, &c., farmer 42, secy school board
Howie, William E., (Saco) off r 29, dairy 12 cows, farmer 120
Huff, Edward, (Milan) r 9, town commissioner and farmer 100
Huff, John V., (Milan) r 9, farmer 110
Hyde, Arthur B., r 13, tobacco grower and farmer with Frank T., leases of Abigail C. Jones, 63
Hyde, Frank T., r 13, farmer with Arthur B., leases of Mrs. A. C. Jones, 63
Irving, John E., r 25, tobacco grower 8, dairy 30 cows, farmer 200
Isbell, James, (Saco) off r 32, farmer 65, owned by William of N. Towanda
Isbell, John, r 14, resident
Isbell, Sherman, (Saco) off r 33, farmer 17, moved to N. Towanda
Jeffers, John C., (M. Jeffers & Son) h Main
Jeffers, Moses, (M. Jeffers & Son) h Main
Jeffers, M & Son, (M. J. and J. C. J.) props Ulster House, Main
Jenney, George E., (Milan) r 13, farmer 57
Jones, Abigail C., r 13, widow John, farm 63
Jones, Ernest, cigarmaker, h Second
Jones, Fenton C., pastor First Presbyterian Church of Ulster and Ulster village
Jordan, Thomas, (North Towanda) r 30, laborer
Jordan, William, (North Towanda) r 30, farmer 60
Joslin, Belle K. Mrs., milliner, Main
Joslin, Henry H., trustee, dealer in drugs and medicines, stationery, tobacco and cigars, fruits, &c, Bridge, h Main
Kane, Patrick, h Smithfield
Kane, William, section foreman, h West, moved to Towanda
Keeler, Osmyn E., (Milan) r 4, farmer 83
Kellogg, Floyd, r 24, works on shares for Mather Bros., 300
Kelly, Phebe, r 12, widow James, farmer 50
Kennedy, Alonzo, (Saco) r 29, laborer
Kennedy, Charles M., (Saco) r 29, dairy 12 cows and farmer 100, breeder of pure blood brown Leghorn fowls
Kenyon, John C., barber and musician, Bridge, h Main
Kevill, William, telegraph operator L. V. depot, h Second
King, Clarinda, r 21, widow Andrew, farm 68
King, Ransom, r 16, carpenter
Kitchen, Daniel L., r 11, farmer 93
Kline, James D., (Milan) r 4, farmer 93
Koon, John H., r 18

Lawrence, Frank, painter, Bridge
Lear, Charles W., (Milan) r 10, h and lot
Lenox, Daniel H., (Milan) r 7, farmer
Lenox, Edward P., (Milan) r 7, tobacco grower 5, farmer, leases of Charlotte and Anna Snell of Athens, 130
Leonard, Cory W., painter, h Second
Leonard, Layton, off r 12, works on shares for T. H. Holcomb, 100
Lewis, Evan, (Saco) off r 34, farmer
Lewis, George B., r 35, dairy 10 cows, dealer in livestock and produce, farmer on shares for E. Lewis, 156
Lewis, John J., (Saco) r 34, farmer 37, owned by Evan
Linderman, George, (Milan) r 3, laborer, h and lot
Linehan, James, laborer, h Main
Loomis, Ford W., (Milan) r 7, laborer
Loomis, Henry S., (Milan) r 3, laborer
Low, Frank, off r 13, farmer
Low, Forbes, (Milan) r 3
Mallory, Edmond J., carpenter and constable, h Main
Mallory, Paulina, widow Chester, bds Main
Maloney, Thomas, laborer, h Main
Manger, James W., (Saco) r 32, farmer 100
Marvin, Fred R., (Milan) r 7, meat market
Mather Bros. (James, William and John C.) tobacco growers 6, dairy 25 cows and farmers 300
Mather, James, (Mather Bros.) dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, &c., Main, h Smithfield
Mather, John C., (Horton & Mather) (Mather Bros.) postmaster
Mather, William, (Mather Bros.) bds Ulster House
Matthews, John W., propr. Van Dyke House and livery, Main cor Bridge.  See adv. page 614
McCabe, Dennis, section foreman L. V. R. R., h Main
McCarty, Charles, section foreman, h Smithfield
McCarty, Dennis, Main
McCarty, Frank, fireman Crescent Roller Mills
McCarty, Jennie L., music teacher, bds Main
McCarty, Lawrence, (North Towanda) h 30, farmer 20
McCarty, Lydia L., widow James, h Main
McCarty, Mary F., artist, bds Main
McCarty, Michael, bds Milk
McCaulley, Jane, (Saco) r 27 1/2, widow Peter, farm 148
McCaulley, John, (Saco) r 27 1/2, farmer
McCaulley, William, (Saco) r 27 1/2, farmer
McCrossen, John, laborer, h off Main
McHale, Richard, (Saco) r 30, farmer 100
McKay, Jud S., tobacco grower and farmer, Smithfield
McKee, Robert, laborer, Main
McKinney, Hugh H., r 16, school teacher
McKinney, Huston, r 16, farmer 140
McMorran, Allen J., (Saco) off r 34, leases of Evan Lewis, 98
McMorran, C. Edward, (Saco) r 34, farmer
McMorran, Duncan, (Saco) r 27, farmer 100
McMorran, James, (Saco) r 29 cor 32, grocer and farmer 20
McMorran, James S., clerk Horton and Mather
McMorran, Martha F., (Saco) r 29 cor 32, (Mrs. James) postmaster
McNerney, Patrick, Smithfield
Merrill, H Bruce, farmer 34, h Smithfield
Merrill, M. Luther, shoemaker, Bridge, h Smithfield
Merrill, Nye, carpenter, h Main
Merrill, Orrin O., carpenter L. V. R. R., h Main
Merrill, Sophia P., bds Main
Merrill, William C., r 15, carpenter, h and lot
Merriman, Harriet M. Mrs., h Smithfield
Methodist Episcopal Church, (Milan) Rev. C. D. Smith, pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. C. D. Smith, pastor
Middaugh, Richard, (Sheshesquin) off r 26, farmer 126, owned by wife
Milan Dairy Co. Ltd., (Milan) A. T. Keeler pres. and mgr., J. D. Pierce, sec. and mgr., N. A. Pruyne, treas. and mgr., J. D. Kline, S. J. Morley mgrs., manufrs creamery butter
Milan House, (Milan) Daniel Brown prop.
Miller, Albert, r 24, laborer
Moffatt, George L., cigarmaker, bds Van Dyke House
Monroe, Richard, (Milan) r 7
Morgan, Newton C., bridge builder, h Second
Morley, George, butcher, farmer 40, h Main
Morrison, Andrew, (Saco) r 34, farmer 70
Morrison, Thomas, r 24, farmer
Murdoch, Alex, r 13, farmer 63
Murray, Alex, r 15, tobacco grower 4, h and lot
Newberry, Joseph P., (Milan) r 11, farmer 75
Nobles, Frank, r 27, farmer
Nobles, Levi, r 27, farmer 150
O'Connell, Daniel, (North Towanda) r 30, farmer 130, owned by Margaret
O'Connell, Margaret, (North Towanda) r 30, widow Patrick, farm 130
Olmstead, Charles, farmer 20, bds Second
Olmstead, Charles M., farmer 100, h Second, died since canvass
Olmstead, Herman, r 17, farmer 12
Olmstead, James H., r 11, farmer 75 and 56 owned by wife
Olmsted, Lewis, (Milan) r 7, farmer for L. Elsbree of Athens
Olmsted, Ruth, widow Nathan, Main
Palmer, John, r 27, laborer
Parks, Russell, laborer, h Second
Parks, Charles, r 15, laborer
Park, Thomas, r 25, farmer on shares for J. E. Irving, 200
Pearsall, Emberry A., (Saco) off r 34, farmer 30
Pearsall, L. Belle, (Saco) off r 34, school teacher
Pearsall, Mary E., (Saco) off r 35, school teacher
Phelps, Annie E., school teacher, bds Main
Pollock, Archie R., (Saco) r 34, farmer
Pollock, James, r 17, laborer
Pollock, John, r 22, farmer 120
Pollock, Robert, (Saco) r 34, farmer 65
Pollock, Thomas, (Saco) r 29, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100
Pollock, Walter M., (Saco) r 29, farmer
Pollock, William, bds Van Dyke House
Pruyne, Noel A., (Milan) r 7, treas. Milan Dairy Co. Ltd., dairy 15 cows, farmer 100
Public Telephone Pay Station, (Milan) H. Z. Shaw, mgr., L. V. Depot
Public Telephone Pay Station, L. V. Depot
Record, Almon, farmer 60, h Smithfield
Rice, Frank B., general blacksmithing, Bridge, see adv. page 614
Rich, Bert, r 12, farmer
Robinson, James, r 22, farmer on shares for Geo. Murdoch of Wyoming, 150
Rockwell, Burton, r 13, tobacco grower and leases Alex Murdoch, 63
Rockwell, William H., r 24, breeder of registered Jersey cattle 10 cows, imported Shropshire sheep and their produce, thoroughbred brown leghorn single comb fowls, registered Llewellyn setter dogs and Berkshire swine, tobacco grower 6, farmer 125
Rogers, Dorson, r 15, laborer
Rogers, George, h and lot Main
Rogers, Theodore, r 15, farmer 48
Rolfe, William R., carpenter, bds Ulster House
Rose, Lucy Mrs., (Milan) r 7
Ross, Benjamin, r 24, tobacco grower 3, farmer 100, died since canvass
Ross, G. Elmer, r 11, farmer 100
Ross, George M., r 11, farmer 60
Rowe, John, (Milan) r 7, laborer
Rowe, Morris, (Milan) r 7, laborer
Samson, Crossman, (Milan) r 3, farmer 33, owned by wife
Samson, Herbert M., (Milan) laborer
Segar, Henry, r 14, laborer
Shaw, Cynthia E., dressmaker, McKinley
Shaw, F. Harper, express messenger L.V.R.R., h Main
Shaw, Henry, station and express agt. L.V. depot, h Main
Shaw, Hiram Z., (Milan) station and express agt. and telegraph operator and mgr Public Telephone
Shaw, Lenity, widow Uriah, h and lot McKinley
Shaw, Martha E. Mrs., h Second
Shaylor, Nelson, h Second
Sinclair, John A., (Saco) r 34, carpenter, h and lot
Sinclair, Raymond, (Saco) r 34, carpenter
Smith, Anna E., r 15, widow Andrew
Smith, Benjamin K., r 15, laborer
Smith, Charles D., pastor M. E. Church Ulster and Milan, h Church
Smith, Charles H., r 12, farmer 100
Smith, Fred A., r 12, farmer 200
Smith, George, r 17, farmer 50
Smith, Huron O., architect, h Second
Smith, John G., r 12, farmer
Smith, Miles K., r 12, farmer 75
Smith, Thomas B., h and lot, Main
Snell, Mary E., r 24, farm in Athens 13
Soper and Andrews, (J. E. S. and W. D. A.) blacksmithing, Main
Soper, John E., (Soper and Andrews) h Main
Stiles, H. Arthur, dealer in drugs and medicines, paints and oils, varnishes, wall paper, lamps, glassware and china ware, tobacco and cigars, bicycles, bicycle supplies and repairing, Main cor Bridge, h do
Strope, Arthur, r 19, farmer
Strope, Elisha, r 19, dairy 20 cows, farmer 165
Strope, Levi, r 22, laborer
Strope, Lewis, r 19, laborer
Sullivan, James M., r 24, laborer
Sullivan, John Q., tobacco grower 3, farmer 6
Swan, Charles N., agent, Main
Taylor, Willis, (North Towanda) r 30, laborer
Thomas, Chester K., (Milan) r 7, well driller and dealer in wind mills and pumps, h and lot
Thompson, Charles W., r 19, dairy 13 cows, farmer 150
Thompson, Palmer C., r 19, farmer
Thornton, Charlotte Mrs., farmer 64, died since canvass
Thornton, Nathan W., laborer, bds Main
Thornton, William H., pensioner, Main, died March 1899
Tillman, Virgil W., r 21, prop. portable saw mill, thresher and farmer 50
Ulster House, M. Jeffers & Son props., Main
United States Express Co., (Milan) H. Z. Shaw, agent
United States Express Co., (Ulster) Henry Shaw, agent
Vallilee, James F., r 17, stone mason and farmer 50
Van Dell, William, (Milan) r 3, farmer 15
Van Duzer, Richard D. Jr., successor to A. Armstrong, prop. Crescent Roller Mills, manuf. wheat, buckwheat, rye and graham flour, meal and feed of all kinds, Bridge, bds Main, see adv page 614
Van Dyke, Davis, (Saco) r 32, farmer 80
Van Dyke, Frank H., r 24, farmer
Van Dyke, George H., r 24, tobacco grower 4, farmer 156
Van Dyke House, J. W. Matthews prop., Main cor Bridge, see adv page 614
Van Dyke, James, (Towanda) r 32, farmer 150, died since canvass
Van Dyke, William, (Saco) r 32
Vaow, Grant, r 16, laborer
Van Sickel, Charles W., (Milan) r 6, farmer 40
Van Sickel, Morris G., (Milan) r 6, farmer 100
Van Sickel, William H., (Milan) r 6, farmer 34
Verbeck, Daniel, laborer, h Main
Vincent, Charles H., (Milan) r 3, blacksmith
Vincent, Claude, (Saco) r 29, laborer
Vincent, Joanna E., (Milan) r 7, widow David B., h and lot
Vincent, Lydia M., (Saco) r 29, widow Oscar A., farm 60
Walker, Edmund L., r 13, breeder of Jersey cattle 14 head, tobacco grower, farmer 129 owned by wife
Walker, Mary A., widow Daniel B., h and lot Main
Ward, Levi, (Milan) r 7, mason
Warner, Emma L., (Milan) r 7, farmer 205
Warren, Frank, (Saco) r 32, laborer
Watkins, Adolphus, r 24, tobacco grower 2 1/2, farmer 125
Watkins, Benjamin F., propr. saw and planing mill, dealer in lumber, shingles, lath, doors, windows, etc., also cider mill, Bridge, h Sheshequin
Watkins, Charles W., painter and paper hanger, h Second
Watkins, Electa, r 15, widow William
Watkins, George H., r 24, farmer
Watkins, Oscar, r 15, farmer 14
Watkins, Theodore, r 15, laborer
Weed, Murrey E., (Ulster) r 25, farmer
Weed, Noel, r 25, farmer in Smithfield 100, tobacco grower 5, dairy 20 cows and on shares for F. L, Kinner of Athens, 175
Wells, Charles, h and lot Main
West, Fountane R., r 11, assessor, fruit grower, 500 peach trees, farmer 56
Wiggins, James E., (Luthers Mills) laborer
Wilkinson, Edwin, r 12, farmer 100
Williams, Frank, (Milan) r 3, laborer
Williams, William, (Milan) r 7
Wiswell, Susan, widow William, Second
Witting, John W., (Milan) propr. grist mill, dealer in bran, meal, middlings, etc.
Wolfradt, Henry Von, (Milan) r 2, dairy 10 cows, farmer 250
Wooster, Franklin H., laborer, h Main
Wright, Ann, (Saco) r 32, widow William, farm 7 1/2
Wright, George, (Saco) r 32, laborer

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1907 Bradford County Directory
Ulster Township
Transcribed and Submitted by Joan Kintner
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                                             1907 Ulster Township Directory
Area 16 square miles.       Organized January, 1797.          Seymour Jenney, T. M. Morrison, Assistants.

Allen, James, Ulster, laborer
Alliger, C. W., Ulster, wagon maker
Alliger, Elijah, Ulster, liveryman
Ammerman, Ansel W., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer for Martha McMorran 127
Ammerman, J. F., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 60, dairy, wife 35 acres, veteran
Ammerman, John D., Ulster, bridgeman
Anthony, Clyde, Milan, merchant, postmaster, store, h and lot
Anthony, Frank, Milan, clerk, bds Clyde
Anthony, Samuel L., Milan, carpet weaver, h and lot
Arnold, Mrs. Alvin, rfd 22 Milan, bds Roy Weed
Arnold, Mrs. Angeline, Ulster
Atwood, Rollin C., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 20
Aumick, Herbert, Ulster, laborer
Aumick, John, Ulster, laborer
Ayer, Harry O., Ulster, miller
Ayer, Oscar F., Ulster, miller, h and lot
Barbour, Walter, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 220
Bartholomew, George, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 20
Bartholomew, G. H., Ulster, farmer 150, dairy 10
Beach, Jesse W., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 6
Bennett, E. Fred, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 135
Biles, George, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 95, dairy
Bodine, William, Ulster, section foreman
Bowman, Frank A., Ulster, bds Mrs. Thomas Parkes, veteran
Brainard, Frank R., rfd 22 Milan, farmer, wagon maker, bds H. A.
Brainard, Henry A., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 34, wagon maker
Brink, Elizabeth, Ulster, h and lot
Brooks, Anna, rfd 1 Towanda, teacher, bds D. B.
Brooks, D. B., rfd 1 Towanda, veteran, sch dir
Brooks, F. S., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 25
Brooks, George W., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer, h and lot
Brooks, Henry A., rfd 1 Towanda, clerk, emp E. W. Wheeler Luthers Mills
Brosnan, John, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 75
Brosnan, Nora, rfd 21 Ulster, bds John
Brosnan, William, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 95, dairy 12
Brown, Daniel, Milan, retired
Brown, Isaac, Ulster, retired, h and lot
Buffington, Walter, Ulster, farmer, rents Charles Ross
Campbell, Andrew, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, rents Job M. Campbell 27
Carey, Jason P., Milan, retired, h and lot, veteran
Carey, William, Milan, invalid, bds Jason P.
Chaffee, Frank L., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 72, dairy
Chamberlin, Burt, rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds George W.
Chamberlin, George, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer for John E. Irvine, school director
Chamberlin, George W., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 125
Chamberlin, Justin W., rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds George W.
Chapman, Robert, rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds George E. Jenney
Church, First Presbyterian, Saco, Rev. W. H. Sawtelle, pastor
Church, First Presbyterian, Ulster, Rev. W. H. Sawtelle, pastor
Church, Immaculate Conception, (Catholic) Ulster, Rev. Michael F. O'Rourke, Athens, pastor
Church, Methodist Episcopal, Milan, Rev. Charles L. V. Haynes, pastor
Church, Methodist Episcopal, Ulster, Rev. Charles L. V. Haynes, pastor
Clark, John, Ulster, farmer 100, dairy
Clarke, W. T., Ulster, principal Ulster High School
Cole, Truman H., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, rents James H. Olmstead 75
Cooper, William M., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, bds Mrs. Eliza Newberry
Corby, James H., Milan, retired
Couch, Susan, widow James, rfd 22 Milan, bds Mrs. Anna Kitchen
Creamery, Borden Condensed Milk Co., William Ryan, mgr
Creamery, Black Diamond, Bert Wilkinson, mgr
Creamery, Pennsylvania Creamery Co, Milan, C. P. VanDyke, mgr
Creamery, Pennsylvania Creamery Co, skimming station, Saco, Grant Gordon, mgr
Daly, J. E., Ulster, physician and surgeon, bds VanDyke House
Dayton, Mrs. Frank, Ulster, bds Emma Mills
Davidson, Charles G., Ulster, farmer, h and lot
Davidson, Frank J., Ulster, laborer, bds Charles G.
Davidson, Fred M., Ulster, pharmacist Porter & Co, bds Charles G.
Davidson, Lena, Ulster, clerk P. C. Pierce, bds Charles G.
Davidson, Mabel, Ulster, dressmaker, bds Charles G.
Davis, Franklin, Ulster, veteran
Davis, Lewis H., Ulster, laborer
Davis, T. J., Ulster, veteran
DeKay, Harry, Ulster, farmer
DeKay, Judson, Ulster, farmer 45
Dettra, Charles J., Ulster, undertaker, furniture dealer, 10 acres, dairy.  (See adv)
Dettra, Ethel, Ulster, teacher, bds Lewis
Dettra, Joseph, Milan, section boss L V R R
Dettra, Lewis, Ulster, retired
Dettra, Mae, Milan, teacher, bds Joseph
Disbrow, Theodore C., Ulster, laborer
Dixon, Henry, Ulster, veteran
Dixon, Robert, Ulster, farmer 172, dairy 12, tax collector
Eastabrook, Arthur, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
Eastabrook, W. W., Ulster, farmer 53, veteran
Edminston, Bruce B., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 90 with Henry von Wolffradt
Edminston, Robert S., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 55, state senator, veteran
Edsell, M. H., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 5
Eiffert, Jacob, Ulster, retired, bds Jacob R.
Eiffert, Jacob R., Ulster, barber, h and lot
Eiffert Philip, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 40, rfd carrier
Elsbree, J. L., Milan, farmer 160, res. Athens boro
English, William, Ulster, h and lot, veteran
Evans, M. P., Ulster, agent
Farnsworth, Guy, Ulster, farmer 126
Farrell, Mrs. William, Ulster
Flood, Arthur, rfd 22 Milan, farmer, bds Frank C.
Flood, Frank C., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 128
Flood, Patrick, Milan, farmer
Forrest, George E., Ulster, station agent
Forrest, W. B., Ulster, farmer 60, veteran
Frederick, Abraham, Ulster, farmer 63, veteran
French, Howard, Milan, laborer, bds J. L. Elbree
French, Pearl, Ulster, laborer
Fulkerson, Lott, Milan, laborer
G A R, Gilmore Post No 227, F. A. Bowman, commander
Gilmour, Alice, rfd 1 Towanda, bds Mrs. Mary
Gilmour, J. Arthur, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 50, dairy, bds Mrs. Mary
Gilmour, Mary, rfd 1 Towanda, bds Mrs. Mary
Gilmour, Mary A., widow John, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 50
Gilmour, M. M., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 50, bds Mrs. Mary
Gore, Allen, Milan, laborer, bds J. L. Elsbree
Grant, Gordon, rfd 1 Towanda, emp Saco creamery, bds D. B. Brooks
Gray, David, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 111
Gray, Mary, rfd 21 Ulster, student, bds David
Greening, J. C., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 109, dairy, feed and chop mill; fills silos, saws wood; telephone connection; road sup
Greening, M. V., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer bds J. C.
Griffith, Charles H., Ulster, laborer
Griffith, Herman, Ulster, painter
Hamilton, Samuel, Milan, laborer, bds Emma L. Warner
Harder, William, Ulster, blacksmith
Hatch, D. G., Ulster, harness maker
Havens, Bert, Ulster, laborer
Havens, Jabez B., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 180, dairy 15, road sup
Havens, Leo, rfd 22 Milan, farmer, rents George S. Russell 94
Haynes, Charles L. V., Ulster, pastor Methodist churches
Heath, Catherine, rfd 21 Ulster, bds Walter Barbour
Heath, George, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer, bds Horace
Heath, Harrison T., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer, bds Horace
Heath, Horace, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 93
Heath, William L., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer
Heminway, William L., Ulster, farmer 200, dairy, dealer
Hiltz, Abe, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
Holbrook, Albert, rfd 22 Milan, laborer
Holcomb, Ethel D., widow Guy C., Ulster, h and lot
Holcomb, Grant, Ulster, rfd carrier, h and lot, sch dir
Holcomb, Guy, Ulster, student, bds Mrs. Ethel D.
Hollenbeck, Jackson, Ulster, veteran
Horton, Charles, Ulster, clerk
Horton, George L., Ulster, retired, h and lot
Horton, Mark T., Ulster, h and lot, veteran
Horton & Mather, (R A H and John C M), general merchants
Horton, Reese A., Ulster, farmer 55, merchant, justice of peace
Hosley, Leland E., Milan, laborer
Hotel, Milan House, James W. Mahaney, prop
Hotel, Ulster House, John Marsh, prop
Hotel, Van Dyke House, Ulster, Margaret Matthews, prop
House, Charles, Ulster, laborer
Howie, Mrs. Isabella, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 68
Howie, James G., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 50
Howie, James H., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 115, dairy 10
Howie, John, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer for Mrs. Isabella
Howie, John W., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 195, dairy
Howie, Mattie, rfd 20 Ulster, bds Thomas J. Howie
Howie, Thomas J., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 42, contractor and builder, assessor
Huff, Edward rfd 22 Milan, farmer 107, sch dir
Hyde, Mrs. Kate, Ulster, farmer 64
Irving, John E., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 200, dairy 22
Isbell, James, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 57, dairy
Isbell, John, Ulster, veteran, h and lot
Isbell, Oliver, Milan, laborer
Isbell, P. H., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer, bds James McMorran
Isbell, William, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 86
Jeffers, J. C., Ulster, carpenter, emp Sayre
Jeffers, Moses, Ulster, veteran, h and lot
Jenney, George E., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 55 painter
Jenney, Laura, rfd 22 Milan, dressmaker, bds Seymour
Jenney, Seymour, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 100, carpenter
Jenney, William, rfd 22 Milan, laborer
Jordan, Mrs. Ann, rfd 20 Ulster
Joslin, H. H., Ulster, h and lot, veteran
Kelley, Guy, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, thresher, hay presser, rents Mrs. Phebe Kelley, 50
Kelley, Kate, rfd 21 Ulster, bds Guy
Kelley, Mrs. Louisa, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, bds Guy
Kelley, Michael, rfd 21 Ulster, laborer, bds Mrs. Louisa
Kelley, Peter, rfd 21 Ulster, railroad emp, bds Guy
Kelley, Robert, rfd 21 Ulster, laborer, bds Guy
Kellogg, Emmet, rfd 22 Milan, rents Daniel Dickerson, dairy
Kennedy, Charles M., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 100, dealer in blooded stock
King, Mattie, rfd 21 Ulster, seamstress, bds Ransom
King, Ransom, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 60
Kitchen, Mrs. Anna, rfd 22 Milan
Kitchen, Daniel L., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 93
Kitchen, George H., Ulster, retired, h and lot
Kline, James D., rfd 22 Milan, farmer, dairy 13
Kline, Wesley B., rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds James D.
Lenox, Daniel H., rfd 22 Milan, farmer, rents Henry Huff 125
Lenox, Jessie, rfd 22 Milan, bds Daniel H.
Lenox, Mrs. Mary, rfd 22 Milan, farmer, bds Daniel H.
Lenox, Maude, rfd 22 Milan, nurse, bds Daniel H.
Leonard, Darius, rfd 1 Towanda, veteran, bds Layton
Leonard, Layton, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer for John Howie
Leonard, L. C., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer for John Pollock
Lewis, Earl, Ulster, butcher, bds Ulster House
Lewis, Florence, rfd 1 Towanda, bds John J.
Lewis, G. B., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 148, butcher, sch dir
Lewis, Horace, rfd 1 Towanda, laborer, bds John J.
Lewis, John J., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 126, dairy
Lewis, Mrs. Mary, rfd 22 Milan
Linderman, George, rfd 22 Milan, assistant section boss, h and lot
Lineham, James, Ulster, laborer
Loomis, Ford, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 45
Loomis, Guy, Milan, laborer
Loomis, Henry, Milan, paper hanger
Loomis, John M., Milan, teamster
Lyons, A. B., Ulster, physician and surgeon

Mahaney, Cornelius, Milan, emp L V R R, bds Milan House
Mahaney, James, Milan, laborer, bds Milan House
Mahaney, James W., Milan, owner and propr Milan House
Mahaney, John, Milan, laborer, bds Milan House
Mallory, E. J., Ulster, carpenter, h and lot
Mauger, Mrs. James, Ulster
Marsh, John, Ulster, owner and propr Ulster House
Mather, Edna, Ulster, clerk postoffice, bds John C.
Mather, Fred E., Ulster, farmer, owns 50 acres, also 252 acres and dairy 21 with John C., postmaster of the senate (Harrisburg)
Mather, John C., Ulster, merchant (Horton & Mather), postmaster, owns 50 acres, also 252 acres and dairy 21 with Fred, sch dir
Matthews, Henry, Ulster, laborer, bds VanDyke House
Matthews, George, Ulster, student, bds VanDyke House
Matthews, Jerusha, Ulster, student, bds VanDyke House
Matthews, Margaret, widow John W., Ulster, owner and prop VanDyke House
McCarty, Charles, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
McCarty, Dennis, Ulster, retired, sch dir
McCarty, Jennie, Ulster, music teacher, bds Mary
McCarty, Mary, Ulster, h and lot with Jennie
McCarty, Michael, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
McCaulley, James, Ulster, farmer, bds William R.
McCaulley, John, Ulster, farmer 73, bds William R.
McCaulley, William R., Ulster, farmer 73, dairy 12
McClelland, H. L., Ulster, retired, h and lot
McHale, Thomas, rfd 20 Ulster, laborer, bds Richard
McHale, Richard, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 95, dairy
McKee, Robert E., Ulster, laborer
McKinney, Hugh, Ulster, rfd carrier
McKinney, Leon, Ulster, farmer 145, dairy 10
McNeal, Herman, Ulster, laborer
McMorran, A. D., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 95
McMorran, C. E., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer for John J. Lewis
McMorran, James, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 20, wife 127 acres and dairy
McMorran, J. S., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 150
McQueen, Edward, Ulster, laborer
McQueen, Ethel, rfd 22 Milan, bds Edward Huff
McQueen, Frank, rfd 21 Ulster, laborer, h and lot, bds John Howie
Merrill, M. L., Ulster, farmer 25
Merrill, O. O., Ulster, carpenter, h and lot, veteran
Merrill, William, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
Mills, Emma, Ulster
Mills, Wilson, Ulster, carpenter, h and lot
Mingle, C. M., rfd 21, farmer 50
Monroe, Fred, Milan, laborer
Morley, Mrs. George, Ulster
Morley, Harriet, widow George, Ulster, h and lot
Morley, Judson J., Milan, farmer 18, merchant
Morrison, Andrew, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 67, veteran
Morrison, S. A., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer, bds Andrew
Morrison, T. M. rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 132
Murray, Alexander, Ulster, retired
Murray, Milton, Ulster, laborer
Nagle, George E., rfd 20 Ulster, laborer, bds Samson Smith
Newberry, Eliza, widow Joseph P., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 75
Newberry, Emma, rfd 21 Ulster, dressmaker, bds Mrs. Eliza
Newell, Mrs. Eliza, Ulster
Noble, William, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 150, dairy
Northrup, Fred L., Milan, farmer
O'Connell, Daniel, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer, bds Nell
O'Connell, Mrs. Margaret, rfd 20 Ulster, bds Nell
O'Connell, Nell, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer, Patrick O'Connell est, 125
Olmstead, Charles M., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 93
Olmstead, George, Ulster, laborer, bds Charles Smith
Olmstead, Herman J., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 12
Olmstead, Mabel, rfd 20 Ulster, teacher, bds Charles M.
Parks, Charles, Ulster, laborer
Parks, Gazella, widow Russell, Ulster, h and lot
Parks, Mrs. Thomas, Ulster, farmer 43
Pearsall, L. Belle, rfd 1 Towanda, teacher
Pearsall, E. A., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 30, veteran
Pierce, Hugh E., Ulster, clerk, bds P. C.
Pierce, P. C., Ulster, merchant, h and lot
Pierce, Stanley, Ulster, laborer
Pollock, A. R., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 100, dairy
Pollock, John, Ulster, farmer 120, dairy, carpenter
Pollock, Robert, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 87, bds A. R.
Pollock, Thomas, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 74
Pollock, Walter M., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer dairy, bds Thomas
Pollock, William, Ulster, retired, bds VanDyke House
Porter & Co, druggists, Fred M. Davidson, registered pharmacist, in charge
Pruyne, Claude, rfd 22 Milan, farmer, bds Noel A.
Pruyne, Noel A., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 100, dairy, sch dir
Record, Almon, Ulster, veteran
Rice, Frank, Ulster, bridgeman, h and lot
Rice, George M., rfd 22 Milan, laborer
Rice, George R., rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds Jabez B. Havens
Rockwell, Albert N., Ulster, farmer 124
Rockwell, W. H., Ulster, farmer 128, veteran
Rogers, Dorson E., Ulster, farmer, bds Theodore H.
Rogers, George B., Ulster, veteran, bds John C. Mather
Rogers, John P., Ulster, blacksmith
Rogers, Theodore H., Ulster, farmer 39, veteran
Rose, George W., Milan, emp L V R R, h and lot
Ross, Charles H., Ulster, farmer 99, dairy, rfd carrier, sch dir
Ross, G. Elmer, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 205
Ross, G. M., rfd 21 Ulster, retired
Rowe, Arthur, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 100
Rowe, John, Milan, laborer, bds Mrs. Rachel
Rowe, Rachel, widow Morris, Milan
Rutty, Nellie, rfd 20 Ulster, bds George Biles
Ryan, William T., Ulster, supt Borden Milk Station, sch dir
Sampson, Crossman, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 33
Sampson, Herbert, rfd 22 Milan, carpenter, emp L V R R
Sampson, June, rfd 22 Milan, emp L V R R, bds Crossman
Sawtelle, Rev. W. H., Ulster, pastor Presbyterian church
Scott, Mrs. Hattie E., Milan, h and lot
Scott, Ralph, Milan, laborer
Shaw, Cynthia, Ulster, h and lot
Shaw, F. Harper, Ulster, bookkeeper
Shaw, Henry, Ulster, retired, h and lot, bds F. Harper
Shaw, Hiram Z., Milan, L V R R station agent, h and lot
Shaylor, Mrs. Nelson, Ulster, h and lot
Sheeler, John, Ulster, laborer
Sherman & VanDuzer, (E E S and A T V, Sheshequin) hay, grain, country produce
Sherman, E. E., Ulster, coal dealer, sch dir
Sherman, John G., rfd 20 Ulster, laborer
Sinclair, John, rfd 1 Towanda, carpenter, h and lot
Sinclair, Raymond W., rfd 1 Towanda, carpenter, bds John
Slater, Eugene, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer, dairy 13, rents William L. Hemenway
Smith, Addie M., widow T. B., Ulster, h and lot
Smith, Benjamin K., Ulster, laborer, bds Hornbrook
Smith, Charles, Ulster, farmer 100, dairy
Smith, C. W., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer
Smith, Fred A., Ulster, farmer 75, dairy 14, veteran
Smith, George B., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 55
Smith, Huron O., Ulster, architect, h and lot
Smith, John G., Ulster, farmer 140, bds Fred A.
Smith, Louis K., Ulster, laborer
Smith, M. K., Ulster, farmer 75
Smith, R. Elmer, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 134
Smith, Samson, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer, rents Mather Bros.
Smith, Stephen A., rfd 22 Milan, laborer, bds Robert S. Edmiston
Snell, Mary, Ulster, bds W. H. Rockwell
Soper, Devill, Ulster, blacksmith, agt agricultural implements
Soper, Edward O., Milan, farmer, h and lot
Soper, John E., Ulster, blacksmith, h and lot
Stack, Mrs. J. W., rfd 1 Towanda, h and lot
Stanton, LaRue, Ulster, laborer, bds Mrs. Harriet Morley, emp Sayre
Strope, Arthur, Ulster, farmer, bds Elijah Strope
Strope, Elijah, Ulster, farmer 154
Strope, Levi, rfd 20 Ulster, laborer, bds John E. Irving
Strope, Louis, Ulster, farmer 64
Sullivan, Mrs. John Q., Ulster, h and lot
Thomas, Chester, Milan, farmer 15, well driller, h and lot
Thompson, Charles W., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 135, road sup
Thompson, Palmer C., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer, sch dir
Tillman, Ira, Ulster, farmer, bds V. W.
Tillman, V. W., Ulster, farmer 50
Towner, F. W., Ulster, laborer, h and lot
Towner, T. A., Ulster, farmer, veteran
Tuttle, W. A., Ulster, retired, bds Fred E. Mather
Ulster Mfg Co, lumber, shingle, lath, cider, etc., B. F. Watkins, Sheshequin, prop
Vallilee, Harry, rfd 21 Ulster, mason, bds James, Jr.
Vallilee, James, rfd 21 Ulster, mason
Vallilee, James, Jr., rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 45, mason
VanBuren, Mrs. Henrietta, rfd 22 Milan, bds Leo Havens
Van Dyke, Charles P., Milan, mgr Penna. Creamery Co
Van Dyke, Davis, rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 80, dairy 10
Van Dyke, Frank G., rfd 20 Ulster, farmer, dairy 21
Van Dyke, G. Hampton, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 150, bds Frank G.
Van Dyke, James P., rfd 1 Towanda, farmer 64
Van Dyke, Susie, rfd 1 Towanda, bds Davis
Vannoy, Jacob W., rfd 22 Milan, farmer, rents Leonard Grace 147
Vannoy, Mary, rfd 22 Milan, bds Jacob W.
Van Sickle, Katurah, rfd 22 Milan, bds William H.
Van Sickle, William H., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 174
Vargason, Bigler, Milan, farmer, rents Emma Warner 190
von Wolffradt, Henry W., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 90, teacher of German, bds Bruce S. Edmiston
Vincent, Eva, rfd 20 Ulster, bds Mrs. Lydia
Vincent, Charles, Milan, blacksmith, h and lot
Vincent, Johanna, widow David, Milan, h and lot
Vincent, Lucinda, Milan, bds Charles
Vincent, Mrs. Lydia, rfd 20 Ulster, farmer 63
Vroman, Fred, Ulster, laborer
Walker, Edward L., Ulster, farmer 5, wife h and lot
Walker, Susan, Milan, dressmaker, h and lot
Walker, William, Milan, laborer, bds Susie
Walters, Kenneth, Ulster, laborer, bds Ulster House
Wandell, William, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 15, blacksmith
Warner, Emma L., Milan, farmer 190, dairy 8
Warren, Frank, Ulster, laborer, h and lot
Watkins, Adolphus, Ulster, farmer 128
Watkins, George, Ulster, butcher
Watkins, O. F., Ulster, farmer 15 with Theodore
Watkins, Theodore, Ulster, farmer 15 with O. F.
Weed, Ida, widow James, rfd 22 Milan, bds Roy
Weed, Roy, rfd 22 Milan, farmer 100
Weller, Oscar E., rfd 22 Milan, farmer 91
Wells, Amelia, widow Charles, Ulster, h and lot
Wells, Emma, Ulster, teacher, bds Mrs. Amelia
Wetmiller, Noah S., Milan, buttermaker, bds Clyde Anthony
Wilkinson, A., Ulster, farmer
Wilkinson, Bert, Ulster, laborer
Wilkinson, Edward, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer
Wilkinson, Frank, rfd 21 Ulster, farmer 100, dairy 10, bds Edward
Wilkinson, Fred, Ulster, farmer 23, with William
Wilkinson, Harry A., Ulster, laborer
Wilkinson, Nettie, rfd 21 Ulster, bds Edward
Wilkinson, William, Ulster, farmer 23, with Fred, bds A.
Williams, Fred, Milan, laborer
Williams, Mahlon, Milan, laborer
Williams, William S., Milan, laborer, h and lot
Wood, T. D., Ulster, veteran

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By Joyce M. Tice
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