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1900 Bradford County Directory
West Burlington Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Ruth Decker

1900 West Burlington Township Directory

Post Office address, West Burlington, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Allen, Charles, (Mountain Lake) r 37, farmer 140

Allen, Charles D., (Sayles) r 39, farmer, son of D.A.

Allen, Clarence L., (Sayles) r 39, farmer

Allen, David A., (Sayles) r 39, farmer 100

Allen, Martin C., r 39, dairy 8 cows and farmer 170

Allen, Perry A., (Burlington) r 36, farmer 50

Ayers, Allie C., r 12, farmer, leases of F.L. Stanton 50

Ballard, John S., (East Troy) r 12, tobacco grower 2, bean grower 6, potato grower, dairy 8 cows, 50 sheep and farmer 107

Ballard, Sevelon A., (East Troy) r 10, wool grower 100 sheep, farmer 113

Beach, Charles C., r 22 ½, laborer, h and lot

Beach, Fred A., r 24, miller at J.L. Rockwell grist mill, breeder of single comb white Leghorn and buff Cochin fowls

Beach, Myron, r 10, shoemaker

Beryman, Theodore, (Burlington) off r 33, propr. threshing machine, farmer with wife, 107

Blackwell, J. Delos, r 20, judge of election, dairy 8 cows, farmer on shares for E. Moshier of Troy, 73

Blackwell, John, r 21, farmer 150

Bodine, Frank J., r 22, dairy 8 cows and farmer 80

Bodine, Will J., r 22, farmer

Bolt, Benjamin, (Burlington) r 33, farmer

Bolt, Fremont, (Burlington) r 33, farmer 27

Booth, Eli R., (Burlington) off r 34, wool grower 20 sheep, farmer, leases of Eliza Swingle 100

Bourne, Danverse, (Bourne) r 6, miller and farmer with E.L.

Bourne, Ellery L., (Bourne) r 6, postmaster, propr. grist, feed, saw, shingle and planing mill, manuf. of and dealer in lumber, shingles, lath, flour and feed, farmer with Danverse

Brague, Stephen W., (Bourne) r 6, dairy 15 cows, farmer on shares for E.L. Bourne 140

Bristol, James F., off r 22 ½, dairy 10 cows, farmer on shares for S.M. Bristol of Elmira, N.Y., 101

Brownson, Thomas E., r 21, wool grower 70 sheep, farmer 130

Brunson, Charley M., (Burlington) r 30, farmer 5

Burbank, Dwight, r 22, laborer

Burley, Frank H., off r 15, dairy 12 cows, 60 sheep, breeder of short horn cattle, farmer 160

Burlingame, Alva W., (Burlington) r 5, son of Wilson

Burlingame, Jessie T., (Burlington) r 5, laborer

Burlingame, Norris G., (Burlington) r 4, carpenter and builder, farmer, leases of Almira Tate of Troy 50

Burlingame, Wilson, (Burlington) r 5, dairy 32 cows, farmer on shares for J. Morley 300

Campbell, George W., (Bourne) r 5, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for Margaret 115

Campbell, Margaret, (Bourne) r 5, farmer 115

Campbell, Philetus, (Bourne) r 5, farmer 40

Carey, Frank, (West Franklin) off r 38, farmer 30

Carey, James G., (West Franklin) r 38, soldier in Co. D 106th Reg. Pa. Vol., lost right leg at Hanover Court House, May 16, 1864, farmer 33

Case, Milton A., r 30, breeder of Durham cattle, wool grower 100 sheep, dealer in cattle, sheep and swine, dairy 15 cows, tobacco grower 7

Close, Andrew J., r 32, farmer 80

Cole, Frank W., (Burlington) r 17, farm laborer

Cooper, Frank H., (Burlington) r 5, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for D.M. Campbell 87

Darrow, George R., (Burlington) r 33, soldier in Co. E 52nd Reg. Pa. Vol. in civil war, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Darrow, James H., r 9, farmer 50

Darrow, J. Henry, (Burlington) r 33, farmer with G.R.

Darrow, Josiah, (Bourne) r 5, dairy 41 cows, farmer on shares for J. Morley 200

Darrow, Stephen H., (Burlington) r 33, farmer 25

Davis, Jane A., (Bourne) r 6, widow F.H., farmer 51

Davis, Thomas J., (Burlington) r 16, soldier in Comp. E 97th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol. civil war, his father Gersham S. and 8 sons, John, Lewis, Samuel, Charles, William, Edson, George and Thomas J., were all in civil war, carpenter and builder, h and lot

Dawson, Julia A., (West Franklin) r 38, widow William

Dibble, Henry E., (Burlington) r 20, dairy 24 cows, farmer on shares for Job Morley, 300

Dickinson, Edward K., r 14, carpenter and builder and farmer about 30

Dickinson, Elmer B., r 21, photograph gallery at Burlington, pictures enlarged and copying done

Dickinson, Erastus C., r 10 cor 8, breeder of thoroughbred Delaine Merino and Shropshire sheep, wool grower, 100 sheep, stock grower, dairy 10 cows and farmer 250

Dickinson, George, r 14, dairy 13 cows, farmer on shares for B.E. Rockwell, 400

Dickinson, John B., r 21, painter and paper hanger

Dickinson, Lasel O., r 10 cor 8, son of E.C.

Dickinson, Nathan T., (Burlington) r 17, retired farmer, age 94

Dickinson, William F., r 21, laborer

Estell, David A., (West Franklin) r 38, truck farmer 14

Evans, R. Kelton, r 29, dairy 9 cows, farmer on shares for O.W. Rockwell, 100

Fairview M.E. Church, r 34 cor 39, Rev. H.B. Allen, pastor

Fanning, Alice J., r 32, music teacher

Fanning, Clayton M., r 32, farmer 50

Fanning, Luther J., r 32, dairy 8 cows and farmer 90

Fletcher, Ulysses G., (Burlington) r 34, laborer

Foulke, Philip A., r 15, school director, dairy 10 cows, wool grower 40 sheep, and farmer 200

Francisco, Benjamin F., (Burlington) r 15, laborer

Francisco, William H., (Burlington) r 16, farmer 43

Franklin, Edward L., (Bourne) r 26, farmer on shares for Mrs. J.A. Davis, 51

Freelove, Alonzo, r 22, farmer, son of S.L.

Freelove, Sylvester L., r 22, farmer for Mrs. Abbie Whitehead 100

Gerould, George C., (Burlington) r 18, tobacco grower 4, farmer 50 and on shares for D.F. Gerould, 100

Godard, George W., r 21, dairy 10 cows, breeder of grade Durham cattle, farmer with Ira W., 160

Godard, Ira W., r 21, farmer with G.W., 160

Gorham, John C., (Burlington) r 17, supt. insane dept. county poor house, farmer in Orwell, 98

Grist, Adolphus, r 21, resident

Guild, John A., r 23, dairy 15 cows, wool grower 50 sheep and farmer on shares for John Blackwell, 150

Gustin, Jennie Z., (Burlington) r 16, widow Charles S.

Hall, Adam C., (West Franklin) r 38, farmer, leases of J.C. Buckley of Elmira, N.Y., 62

Hall, Ernest O., (Burlington) r 18, farmer 20

Hall, Stephen P., (Burlington) r 17, tobacco grower 1 and farmer 140

Harris, Fred W., (Burlington) r 30, laborer

Harris, John, (Burlington) r 32, laborer

Havens, Walter S., r 23, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for N. Maynard of Troy, 110

Hemenway, William, (Burlington) r 34, laborer

Henry, George W., (Burlington) r 16, farmer 50

Henson, Mary M., (Burlington) r 18, widow William J., farmer 16

Henson, Wilber O., (Burlington) r 18, farmer on shares for Mary M. 16

Herrington, John H., r 29, dairy 16 cows and farmer on shares for A.C. Blackwell of Towanda 100

Hornbeck, Albert, r 12, laborer

House, Delbert, (Mountain Lake) r 37, dairy 5 cows, wool grower, 10 sheep, farmer on shares for Henry 65

House, Henry J., (Mountain Lake) r 37, farmer 65

Howe, Birney G., (Burlington) r 17, emp. county house

Johnson, David B., (Burlington) r 36, farmer 50

Johnson, Fred B., r 21, resident

Johnson, G. Dallis, r 21, laborer

Kellogg, George, r 21, clerk for Delos Rockwell

Kellogg, Warren L., r 22, retired, h and lot

Kunzman, Charles, (Sayles) r 39, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for H. Spencer 100

Lampson, George H., r 22, dairy 20 cows and farmer on shares for J. Morley 100

Lilley, Edgar W., r 22, laborer

Ludlam, George, r 14, farmer 106

McKean, Dickinson E., r 12, farmer

McKean, George W., r 12, farmer

McKean, Isaac J., r 29, constable and collector, farmer 29

McKean, J. Davis, r 25, soldier in Co. B, 26th P.V.M. in civil war, town commissioner, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle and full blood Plymouth Rock fowls, dairy 7 cows and farmer 47

McKean, John D., r 25, son of J. Davis

McKean, William D., r 12, farmer 100

Meeker, George W., (Bourne) r 6, watch repairer and barber

Megie, Burt W., (East Troy) r 11, son of D.E.

Megie, Daniel E., (East Troy) r 11, dairy 11 cows, 80 sheep, farmer 160

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Burlington) r 17 cor 16, no pastor

Methodist Episcopal Church, r 22, Rev. J.B. Hyde, pastor

Methodist Protestant Church, (Burlington) r 34, no pastor

Monroe, Charles, (Burlington) r 31, farmer 125

Monroe, George, (Burlington) r 31, farmer

Morley, Milton M., r 22, laborer

Morse, Lewis A., (West Franklin) r 38, farmer

Palmer, Clarence E., r 30, tobacco sorter and grower on shares for M.A. Case 7

Palmer, Clarence L., r 30, tobacco grower on shares for M.A. Case 7

Parkhurst, Luman, (Burlington) r 19, farmer 20

Parsons, Ray, (Burlington) r 16, farmer on shares for William A. 100

Parsons, William A., (Burlington) r 16, farmer 100

Patrick, Chester, r 12, farmer 12

Patterson, B. Henry, r 16, farmer 59 owned by wife

Pepper, Emily E., r 26, widow Decatur, farmer 90

Pepper, Frank H., r 26, farmer on shares for Emily E. 90

Pepper, Leon D., r 26, school teacher

Pepper, Raymond D., (Burlington) r 33, farmer 50

Perry, Betsey, (Burlington) r 27, widow George

Perry, Joseph H., (Burlington) r 27 opp. 28, dairy 5 cows, farmer 45

Perry, Seth, r 28, laborer

Perry, Stephen L., (Burlington) r 18, laborer

Phillips, Burdell, (West Franklin) r 38, school teacher

Phillips, David H., (West Franklin) r 38, dairy 6 cows, farmer 90

Phillips, Lena V., (West Franklin) r 38, school teacher

Piatt, Lyman M., r 24, h r 22, (Piatt & Tomlinson) town clerk, agt. Syracuse and all other plows and harrows and fire proof safes for farmers

Piatt & Tomlinson, (L.M.P. & V.E.T.) r 24, general blacksmiths, fine horseshoeing a specialty, wagon repairing

Pratt, Corydon H., r 28, propr. Pratts Log Hotel Summer Resort, hop grower 3 ½, farmer 70

Pratt, Ephraim N., (Burlington) r 28, farmer 53

Pratt, Harriett, r 28, widow H.B.

Pratts Log Hotel, r 28, C.H. Pratt propr.

Pratt, Lemuel, (Burlington) r 28, wagon maker and repairer

Pratt, Luman, (Burlington) r 27, wagon maker and repairer

Pratt, R.D., (Burlington) r 28, farmer

Putman, Edward W., (Burlington) r 17, superintendent county poor house, farm, 267

Robinson, Dennis, r 27, farmer 108

Robinson, Ransler, r 24, laborer

Rockwell, Alvord P., r 22, stock grower, dairy 12 cows, farmer 300

Rockwell, Burt E., r 21, town commissioner, breeder of registered Durham cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer 145 and with J.L. Rockwell and Sibyl McKean 400

Rockwell, Charles P., r 22, lumber and stock dealer and farmer 110

Rockwell, Delos, r 21 cor 14, postmaster and dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots, shoes, etc.

Rockwell, Edward A., r 22, farmer

Rockwell, Eliza, r 21, widow Bingham L., farmer 25

Rockwell, Emma J., r 22, widow Willis N., farmer 100

Rockwell, Gamage, r 29, breeder of Durham cattle, wool grower 75 sheep and farmer with wife 100

Rockwell, George B., r 21, farmer with Burt E.

Rockwell, Gordon F., r 22, agent for rubber collars and cuffs, farmer, h and lot

Rockwell, Irvine A., r 24, breeder of Shropshire and thoroughbred Hampshire sheep 50 head, and of fine Berkshire swine, live stock dealer, dairy 10 cows and farmer, leases of Orlando W., 100

Rockwell, John C., r 22, justice of the peace, assessor and farmer 131

Rockwell, Joseph L., r 24 cor 29, town auditor, prop. West Burlington, roller flour and feed mill, breeder of registered Shorthorn cattle 18 head, and of Shropshire sheep and Hambletonian horses, wool grower 50 sheep, dairy 25 cows and farmer 300

Rockwell, Luther W., r 22, breeder of registered Shropshire sheep, wool grower 60 sheep, dairy 9 cows and farmer on shares for John C., 131

Rockwell, Myra, r 24, widow Marvin, farmer

Rockwell, Orlando W., r 22, lumber dealer and farmer 400

Rockwell, Willard, r 3, dairy 16 cows, stock grower, wool grower 25 sheep and farmer on shares for Orlando W., 230

Ross, Elmer T., (Bourne) r 6, laborer

Rundell, David M., r 27, dairy 30 cows, farmer 140

Rundell, Susan, r 27, widow Lorenzo

Schwoerer, George J., (Bourne) r 6, miller for E.L. Bourne

Selleck, Daniel D., (Burlington) r 38, farmer 63

Selleck, Edsall J. Rev., (Burlington) r 34, apiarist 30 colonies, dairy 6 cows, 66 sheep and farmer 156

Selleck, Mark D., (Burlington) r 38, carpenter and builder and farmer 20

Selleck, Theron H., (West Franklin) r 38, carpenter and farmer 45

Shaylor, Ervine R., (Burlington) r 30, dealer in horses and farmer 20

Shiner, Caroline, r 29, widow Lewis

Simpson, Silas M., r 4, farmer, leases of Mrs. Alice Putnam of Towanda, 90

Smith, Seymour, (West Franklin) r 39, farmer 30

Smith, William E., (West Franklin) r 39, farmer 55

Spencer, Abram D., (Burlington) r 38, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Spencer, Alfred C., r 32, school teacher

Spencer, Charlotte, r 26, widow J.E.

Spencer, Dewitt, r 25, dairy 5 cows, 16 sheep, farmer 56

Spencer, Ellwyn, (Burlington) r 38, school teacher

Spencer, Floyd H., son of Horace, book agent

Spencer, Frank H., r 12, dairy 6 cows, wool grower 50 sheep and farmer on shares for L.J. Ballard, 115

Spencer, Griffin, (Burlington) r 34, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Mary A. Lane, 140

Spencer, Hezzie W., r 26, farmer

Spencer, Horace, r 32, soldier in Comp. C, 141st Reg. Pa. Vol., teacher of vocal music, breeder of fine Jersey cattle, dairy 8 cows, 100 sheep and farmer 250

Spencer, Jay E., r 26, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Spencer, Merritt W., (Sayles) r 39, school director, dairy 6 cows and farmer 76

Spencer, Myra, r 32, teacher piano and organ

Spencer, Willie, (Burlington) r 38, farmer

Stanton, James B., (Burlington) r 16, town commissioner, carpenter and builder, dairy 7 cows, farmer, leases of A.J. Stanton of Troy, 200

Stanton, Joseph A., (Burlington) r 7, propr. portable saw and shingle mill, dealer in lumber, shingles and lath

Steele, George A., (West Franklin) r 38, farmer 40

Steele, James C., (Burlington) r 16, farmer 50

Stevens, Daniel B., r 14, dairy 7 cows and farmer on shares for G.M. Ballard, 100

Strope, Leonard, (Burlington) r 16, farmer on shares for G.W. Henry, 50

Swain, Gorton M., (Burlington) r 30 cor 18, dairy 6 cows and farmer 54

Swartwood, Monroe C., r 32, dairy 9 cows and farmer 100

Swingle, Eliza, (Burlington) off r 34, widow David

Taylor, Martin F., (West Franklin) r 38, laborer

Taylor, Sophia (Burlington) r 33, resident

Thacker, Charles W., (Burlington) r 33, farmer 40

Tomlinson, V. Edward, r 22, (Piatt & Tomlinson)

Truisdail, Ezra, (West Franklin) r 38, farmer 6

Union Church, (Burlington) r 27

Vannoy, George, (East Troy) r 23 ½, dairy 8 cows, farmer 67

Vannoy, Jake W., (Burlington) r 20, dairy 10 cows and farmer on shares for G.C. Besley, 120

Vannoy, Jefferson, (Burlington) r 20, farmer 50

Vannoy, Milton S., r 23, dairy 12 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 120

Vannoy, Miriam (East Troy) r 23 ½, widow John J.

Vannoy, William W., (East Troy) r 23 ½, dairy 8 cows, farmer 57

Ward, Blanche L., (Burlington) r 33, dressmaker

Ward, E.L., r 20 cor 15, dairy 18 cows, farmer on shares for T. Blackwell of Troy 300

Ward, Elijah, (Burlington) r 7, school teacher and farmer with M.P. 100

Ward, Eliza D., r 22 cor 14, widow R.H.

Ward, Eugenia, r 14, widow L.J., h and lot

Ward, Hiram G., r 22 cor 14, laborer, h and lot

Ward, James, (Burlington) r 7 farmer

Ward, Lizzie, r 14, dressmaker Ward, Mark P., (Burlington) r 7, dairy 9 cows, farmer with Elijah, 100

Ward, Milton A., (Burlington) r 7, farmer

Ward, Moses, (Burlington) off r 18, farmer on shares for S.H. Hill 130

Ward, William, (Burlington) r 17, farmer 95

Whitehead, Abbie, r 22, widow Frederick, farmer 100

Whitehead, Andrew T., (Burlington) r 34, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for Samuel 100

Whitehead, Bruce, (Burlington) r 31, dairy 6 cows, farmer 55

Whitehead, Samuel, (Burlington) r 34, farmer 100

Wilber, Ira F., r 14, farmer 40

Wilber, Levi, (West Franklin) r 39, farmer 50

Wood, Frank D., (Burlington) r 17, emp. county house

Wright, Daniel W., (Burlington) r 32, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for W. Burlingame 130

Wright, William S., (Bourne) r 5 cor 6, farmer, leases of Mrs. Dewitt Spencer 21

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