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1900 Bradford County Directory
Wilmot Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

Thanks to Carol HOOSE Brotzman for the photo from a 1923 card.
1900 Wilmot Township Directory

Postoffice address Wilmot, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Abrams, Arthur, r 38, son of David

Abrams, David, r 37, dairy 7 cows, sheep grower 40, farmer 150

Abrams, Morris E., off r 37, sheep grower 12, farmer 55

Abrams, Stephen O., r 20, farmer 60

Abrams, Weston, r 38, laborer

Adams, George P., (Sciotavale) r 62, farmer 60

Adkins, William S., (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer on shares for Mrs. Ada L. Holland, 200

Arey, Burr J., r 22, farmer 4, works on shares for Richard Arey 100

Arey, Charles E., (Cummiskey) r 42, farmer

Arey, Ellwood R., r 24, laborer

Arey, Henry W., r 24, dairy 6 cows, sheep grower 24, farmer 106

Arey, H. Wardell, (Cummiskey) r 42, clerk

Arey, James, (Cummiskey) r 42, breeder of short horned Durham cattle, dairy 15 cows, breeder of Southdown sheep, wool grower 31 sheep, farmer 250

Arey, James L., r 24 cor 22, h do., postmaster, town clerk, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes etc.

Arey, Richard, r 24, farmer 100

Ashcroft, Addie, (Sugar Run) off r 16, resident

Ashcroft, Adaline, (Sugar Run) off r 16, widow Joseph H., who was a soldier in Co. B., 112th Reg. Pa. Vol., died Jan. 4, 1899

Ashcroft Brothers, (E.A. & F.A.) (Sugar Run) off r 16, proprs. saw mill, shingle mill and cider mill, dealers in shingles, farmer 150

Ashcroft, Charles W., (Elwell) off r 35, farmer 63

Ashcroft, Edgar, (Ashcroft Bros.) (Sugar Run) off r 16

Ashcroft, Fred, (Ashcroft Bros.) (Sugar Run) off r 16, propr. stone quarry

Ashcroft, Leroy, (Sugar Run) r 16, propr. Blue Stone quarry, constable, farmer, rents of F. Ashcroft 25

Baggot, John, (Sugar Run) r 18 ½, sheep grower 20, farmer 110

Baggot, John Jr., (Sugar Run) r 18 1/2, farmer

Bahr, Daniel, (Hollenback) r 25, retired farmer

Bahr, Lewis M., (Hollenback) r 35 opp. 27, postmaster, general merchant

Bailey, David R., (Hollenback) r 57, farmer

Bailey, John H., (Hollenback) r 57, dairy 6 cows, 35 sheep, farmer 156

Barnes, Carson R., (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer 106

Barnes, Erskine H., (Sugar Run) r 14, dairy 8 cows, sheep grower 15, farmer 161

Barnhart, Charles H., (Hollenback) off r 32, dairy 7 cows, farmer, owns with J. Barnhart 144

Barnhart, Elmer H., (Sugar Run) r 16, stone cutter, proprietor Blue Stone quarry

Barnhart, John, (Hollenback) off r 32, sawyer and farmer, owns with C.H. 144

Barnhart, Maria, (Sugar Run) widow William, bds Church

Barnhart, William M., (Hollenback) off r 32, farmer

Barnwell, Catharine, (Sugar Run) r 18, widow John

Barnwell, John H., (Sugar Run) r 18, farmer 100

Bartch, Jacob, off r 24, farmer 80

Bartlett, Henry A., (Wyalusing) school teacher, bds Main

Bartlett, Orris D., (Sugar Run) widow Dr. Henry A., farmer 8, h Main

Bates, Adelbert, (Hollenback) r 25 ½, laborer

Bates, George, (Hollenback) r 25 ½, farmer 70

Bates, James W., (Sugar Run) r 19, laborer

Bates, Paul Q., (Sugar Run) r 26, soldier in Co. A 9th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, farmer 69

Bates, John W., (Sugar Run) r 26, stone cutter, propr. Birch, Still for Birch, Hemlock and Witch Hazel oil

Beers, Fred W., (Wyalusing) r 3, breeder of registered Chester White swine, grower of Falcaster red winter wheat, tobacco grower 4, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100

Beebe, Joseph H., (Sugar Run) clerk for G.H. Horton, bds Main cor School

Biles, William L., r 22, brick and plaster mason and carpenter

Birney, Adaline, (Sugar Run) r 14, widow Hiram

Birney, Anna L., (Sugar Run) r 14, school teacher

Birney, Frank G., (Sugar Run) r 1, farmer, works on shares for Rev. G.P. Miller, 55

Birney, G. Horton, (Sugar Run) r 14, farmer 60

Birney, Harry N., (Sugar Run) r 14, town auditor, farmer 140

Birney, James W., (Sugar Run) carpenter, h Church

Blenla, John, r 37, farmer 55

Brown, Charles R., (Sugar Run) r 14, farmer

Brown, Ella M., (Sugar Run) r 14, school teacher

Brown, E. Pauline, (Sugar Run) r 14, school teacher

Brown, Henrietta, (Sugar Run) r 14, widow J.L., farmer 98

Brown, Henry K., (Quicks Bend) r 10, farmer on shares for Lucinda Phillips 60

Brown, John F., (Sugar Run) r 14, son of J.G.

Brown, John G., (Sugar Run) r 14, dairy 5 cows, sheep grower 18, breeder of Cleveland Boy horses, farmer 90

Brown, Judd H., (Sugar Run) r 14, laborer

Bryant, Emma F., (Hollenback) r 33, widow Charles

Bulkley, Levi T. Rev., (Sugar Run) school teacher, h Main cor School

Bullock, Mary J., (Hollenback) r 25, widow of John J., who was a soldier in Co. E., 9th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, died April 10, 1887

Bullock, Robert, (Sugar Run) laborer, h Factory

Burke, Edward J., (Sciotavale) r 63, owns with W. Burke 134

Burke, Frank E., (Ellwell) r 36 ½, farmer with Patrick 90

Burke, James, r 36 ½, sheep grower 20, dairy 5 cows, farmer 130

Burke, John W., r 36 ½, laborer

Burke, Lawrence, (Hollenback) r 24, sheep grower 30, farmer 70

Burke, Patrick, (Ellwell) r 36 ½, farmer 90

Burke, Thomas, (Sciotavale) r 63, 30 sheep, farmer 60

Burke, William, (Sciotavale) r 63, owns with E. Burke 134

Butts, John, (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 50, steam thresher and hay press, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50

Capwell, Burleigh H., (Sugar Run) farmer on shares for J.H. Terrell of Pittston, h Main

Capwell, George B., (Sugar Run) laborer, h Main

Carpenter, Earl N., r 20, soldier in Co. K., 11th Reg. Pa. Cavalry, member of Jackson Post 74 of Wyalusing, farmer 5

Carroll, Ellen, (Cummiskey) r 41, domestic

Carroll, James, (Cummiskey) r 41, farmer 100

Castelbury, George, (Sugar Run) r 11, laborer

Castelbury, John, (Sugar Run) r 11, laborer

Chalker, Lou, (Quicks Bend) r 6, widow L.A.

Conant, Emory L., (Quicks Bend) r 8, town commissioner, dairy 9 cows and farmer 211

Conant, Milton A., (Quicks Bend) r 8, laborer

Cook, Mary, (Cummiskey) r 41, farmer 100

Corson, Lucretia, (Quicks Bend) r 6, widow Milton

Cotter, Hannorah, r 37 ½, widow Garrett, farmer 70

Cotter, John, r 37 ½, dairy 5 cows, farmer with Hannorah, 70

Cotter, Michael, r 37 ½, stone cutter

Coyle, Conar, (Hollenback) r 33, dairy 4 cows, farmer 75

Coyle, Conar F., (Hollenback) r 33, farmer

Coyle, Frank, (Cummiskey) off r 40, farmer 100

Coyle, James, (Hollenback) r 56, farmer 50

Coyle, John, (Hollenback) r 56

Coyle, John F., (Hollenback) r 56, farmer 60

Crandall, Cyrena M., (Sugar Run) daughter G.B. Crandall

Crandall, Edward, (Sugar Run) r 11, laborer

Crandall, Gilbert B., (Sugar Run) r 5, Sergeant in Comp. H., 57th Reg. Pa. Vol. and discharged from Comp A., June 10th 1865, carpenter and builder

Crossen, John, (Cummiskey) r 40, farmer 50

Cullen, Bernard, (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 59, farmer

Cullen, David F., (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 59, farmer

Cullen, John, (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 59, dairy 5 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 83

Cullen, John S., (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 59, farmer

Cullen, Mary, (Lovelton, Wyoming) r 59, widow Michael, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Cullen, Richard R., (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 57, 40 sheep and farmer 130

Cummiskey, John A., (Cummiskey) r 41, son of R.H.

Cummiskey, Richard H., (Cummiskey) r 41, dairy 5 cows, farmer 90

Curry, Alice B., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52, school teacher

Curry, John C., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52, farm laborer

Curry, James J., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52, farm laborer

Curry, Margaret C., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52, school teacher

Curry, Mary C., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52, widow Edward, dairy 6 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 150

David, Amasa F., (Sugar Run) miller, h Main

Detrick, Burton S., (Quicks Bend) r 8, dairy 8 cows, breeder of registered short horn Durham cattle and farmer 115

Detrick, Betsey A., (Quicks Bend) r 8, widow Reuben, farmer 50 on road 7, h and lot

Detrick, Peter M., (Quicks Bend) r 10, postmaster, agent for steel aermotors and towers, dairy 8 cows, tobacco grower 2, breeder of registered short-horned Durham cattle, farmer 125

Dickerman, Eugene R., r 37, laborer

Dickerman, Tillman G., r 37, farmer 50

Dodd, Morris S., (Sugar Run) r 11, farmer with Stephen Dodd 240

Dodd, Stephen, (Sugar Run) r 11, dairy 6 cows, sheep grower 35, farmer 249 with Morris S.

Dodd, Thaddeus S., (Sugar Run) r 11, son of Stephen

Dodge, Charles (Hollenback) r 33, farmer 88

Dodge, Erm, (Sugar Run) assistant postmaster, bds Main

Dodge, Maurice, (Sugar Run) farmer, bds Main

Dodge, Theodore, (Sugar Run) laborer, h Main

Dodge, Wallace, (Sugar Run) postmaster, farmer 70, h Main

Douglass, Alexander L., (Hollenback) r 25, soldier in Comp. C 57th Reg. Pa. V.V. in Civil War 3 years and 9 months, farmer 62 owned by wife Sarah Maria

Douglass, Charles A., (Sugar Run) off r 16, proprietor of gray and blue stone quarry flagging and curb stone, proprietor steam threshing machine, feed mill, farmer 65

Douglass, C. Henry, (Hollenback) r 25, farmer

Douglass, Jonathan P., (Hollenback) r 25, soldier in Comp. C 57th Reg. Pa. Vols, farmer 123

Douglass, Perry J., (Hollenback) r 25, farmer, works on shares for Sarah M. Douglass 62

Douglass, Richard D., (Hollenback) r 25, stone cutter and quarryman

Dull, Bessie S., (Hollenback) off r 27, dressmaker

Dull, Dudley F., (Hollenback) off r 27, electrician

Dull, Isaac, (Hollenback) off r 27, farmer 60

Dull, William A., (Hollenback) off r 27, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Duplecy, Peter, (Sugar Run) stone cutter and blacksmith, Church

Eberlin, Barney T., (Norconk) r 50, farm laborer

Eberlin, Jane M., (Norconk) r 49, widow of M.J.

Eberlin, Joseph, (Norconk) r 49, farmer 140

Eberlin, Leonard J., (Norconk) r 49, farmer

Eberlin, Ransom R., (Norconk) r 49, farmer 80

Eberlin, Samuel, (Norconk) r 47, mason

Eckhart, Mary G., (Sugar Run) widow John, h Main

Ely, Daniel, (Hollenback) r 33, carpenter and farmer 67

Ely, Ulysses G., (Hollenback) r 33, farmer

Evans, Olive E., (Hollenback) off r 35 ½, widow Henry, farmer 70

Evans, Reuben W., (Hollenback) r 56, works for Miss Olive Evans, 20

Evens, Scuyler, (Sugar Run) r 26, farmer 20

Fraley, Patrick, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) r 12, dairy 7 cows, sheep grower 50, farmer 200

Farr, Dewitt M., r 22, carpenter and builder, farmer 89

Farr, Leslie D., r 22, farmer 10 and on shares for Dewitt M. Farr, 69

Fenton, Charles H., (Hollenback) r 24 ½, laborer

Fenton, Lewis W., (Hollenback) r 24 ½, laborer

Fenton, Peter, (Hollenback) r 24 ½, laborer

Fenton, William H., (Hollenback) r 24 ½, soldier in Comp. G, 141st N.Y.S. Vol., farmer 100

First Methodist Episcopal Church, (Hollenback) r 35

Fisk, Elijah, (Sugar Run) r 18, sheep grower 40, farmer 32

Fisk, Hannah, (Sugar Run) r 18, widow S.S., farmer 37

Fiske, Arthur H., r 20, farmer

Fiske, Clyde W., r 20, farmer

Fiske, Samuel T., r 20, breeder of registered short horn Durham cattle and farmer 90

Fitch, Claire E., (Hollenback) r 33, school teacher

Fitch, Dora L., (Hollenback) r 33

Fitch, John H., (Sugar Run) off r 16, farmer, leases of Moses Frutchey 4

Fitch, Rebecca A., (Hollenback) r 33, widow George H., farmer 10

Foot, Caroline, (Sugar Run) r 16, widow Simeon, h and lot

Forrest, Delano A., (Quicks Bend) r 9, farmer with his son Leonard B., 44

Forrest, Leonard B., (Quicks Bend) r 9, farmer with D.A., 44

Fox, James A., (Sugar Run) off r 18, blacksmith

Fox, John, (Sugar Run) off r 18, sheep grower 16, farmer 120

Fox, John F., (Sugar Run) off r 18, farmer

Fox, Margaret A., (Sugar Run) off r 18, school teacher

Fox, Mary E., (Sugar Run) off r 18, school teacher

Fox, William P., (Sugar Run) off r 18, farmer

Frailey, Henry J., (Sciotavale) r 59, farmer 55

Franklin, Charles, (Sugar Run) r 19, laborer

Friedeburg, Lewis, r 38 ½, stone mason

Frutchey, Christian E., r 24, farmer 70

Frutchey, George E., r 24, laborer

Frutchey, Moses, (Sugar Run) r 6 cor 7, propr. blue stone quarry, for walks, mgr. of Frutchey’s grove picnic grounds and dance hall, farmer 22, for Urania Frutchey

Frutchey, Reed G., r 24, laborer

Frutchey, Urania, (Sugar Run) r 6 cor 7, widow Sheppard, farmer 22, owner of picnic grounds

Frutchey, William H., r 24, farmer 53

Fullmer, J. William, r 21, farmer 25

Fullmer, Nathan, off r 21, farmer

Furman, Richard, (Sugar Run) wagonmaker, Factory, h Church

Gamble, Joseph S., (Hollenback) r 35 cor 24, dairy 6 cows, wool grower, 23 sheep, farmer 76

Gamble, Judson J., (Sugar Run) cooper and carpenter and builder, Factory cor Main, h do

Gamble, Leander T., (Hollenback) r 24 ½, farmer 75

Gamble, Mandana C., (Hollenback) r 35 cor 24, widow Joseph M.

Gamble, Roscoe E., (Hollenback) r 24 ½, laborer

Gannon, Catharine, (Sugar Run) off r 1, widow George, farmer 18

Gannon, Thomas E., (Sugar Run) off r 1, farmer

Gannon, William E., (Sugar Run) r 1, farmer 50

Garey, Alfred L., (Sciotavale) r 60 cor 62, postmaster, dairy 7 cows, 45 sheep, apiarist 13 colonies, breeder of Shropshire sheep and Chester White swine, farmer 201

Garey, Daniel A., (Sciotavale) r 54, farmer

Garey, Frank P., (Sciotavale) r 54, lumber inspector

Gibbs, William, (Norconk) r 44, farmer

Gibbs, William H., (Norconk) r 45, breeder Durham cattle and Chester White hogs, dairy 7 cows, farmer 87

Griffis, O. Bigler, (Elwell) r 35, farmer 40

Girven, Joseph, (Elwell) off r 53, dairy 5 cows, farmer 67

Hartford, George W., r 21, soldier in Co. M, 15th Reg. N.Y. Engineers in Civil War, farmer 53, owned by wife

Hartford, Hurby M., (Sugar Run) r 3, laborer

Hartford, Samuel J., r 21, sawyer

Hartford, William R., r 21, farmer

Henry, David, (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer 50

Henry, Elmer, (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer 93

Herrin, Asa, (Sugar Run) off r 26, laborer

Herrin, Eugene, off r 26, laborer

Herrin, Solomon, (Sugar Run) off r 26, farmer 40

Hoffman, Jacob T., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 48, farmer 70

Hoffman, Joel, r 21, farmer 44

Hogan, Daniel, (Sugar Run) off r 18 ½, sheep grower 10, farmer 50

Hogan, Daniel H., (Sugar Run) off r 18 ½, lumber dealer

Hogan, Edward P., (Sugar Run) off r 18 ½, farmer

Holland, Ada L., (Golden Hill, Wyoming Co.) r 28, widow John, farmer 200

Hollenback M.E. Church, (Hollenback) r 35, Rev. W.P. Miller of Monroeton, pastor

Honeywell, Ella J., (Sugar Run) r 14, widow Nathaniel, who was a soldier in Co. G, 88th Reg. Pa. Vol., died March 12th, 1896

Honeywell, Sterling P., (Sugar Run) r 14, dairy 5 cows, wool grower 10 sheep and farmer 75

Horton, Ella D., (Mrs. Fred), (Sugar Run) r 3, farmer in Terry 110

Horton, Frank, (Sugar Run) r 18, propr. of stock horse Yankee, sired by imported Stallion Sandy, grade Percheron and Champion English stock, breeder of full Poland China hogs, Black-Breasted Red game fowls, dairy 7 cows and farmer 100

Horton, Fred, (Sugar Run) r 3, agent for the Deering Harvesting Co., the New American harrow, the Buckeye drill, dealer in carriages and wagons, dealer in furs and pelts, dealer in horses, farmer 130 and in Terry 170

Horton, Fern M., (Sugar Run) r 3, son of Fred

Horton, George C., (Sugar Run) r 3, son of Fred

Horton, George H., (Sugar Run) Main cor School, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, wall paper, flour, etc., dealer in Champion wagons, carriages, Minnesota plows, Lansing harrows, agent for Deering Harvesting Co., agent for the Great Eastern Fertilizer Co., farmer 80, Main, h do.

Horton, Nathaniel T., (Sugar Run) r 3, retired farmer, age 91

Huffman, John L., r 37, dairy 8 cows, farmer 62

Hunsinger, Harvey P., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) off r 48, 25 sheep and farmer 100

Hunsinger, Lewis, (Cummiskey) r 43, farmer

Ingham, Joseph W., (Sugar Run) farmer and journalist, h Main

Jackson, John E., r 38, school director, dairy 6 cows, sheep grower 20, farmer 70

Jackson, Matilda, (Hollenback) off r 24, widow A.R., farmer 70

Jackson, Robert E., r 39, farmer 50

Jackson, William S., (Hollenback) r 35, farmer 96

Johnson, James G., (Sugar Run) r 26, farmer 30

Junk, Ralph E., (Sugar Run) laborer, h Main

Justin, Charles R., (Sugar Run) r 5, laborer

Kane, James, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 41, farmer 136

Kane, Philip, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 41, farmer 100

Kane, Philip Jr., (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 41, farmer 60

Kaufmann, F. George, (Norconk) r 46 cor 45, farmer

Kaufmann, Frederick L., (Norconk) r 46 cor 45, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100

Keneller, Emma M., (Mrs. M.R.), (Norconk) r 49, farmer 20

Keneller, Katherine L., (Norconk) r 49, domestic

Keneller, Lena A., (Norconk) r 49, daughter of E.M.

Keneller, Mathias R., (Norconk) r 49, stone mason and farmer 40, and 20 owned by wife

Keneller, Mina V., (Norconk) r 49, domestic

Kent, George S., (Sugar Run) section hand L.V.R.R., h Main

Kent, Joseph, (Hollenback) off r 29, laborer

Kester, Jesse, (Sugar Run) r 19, farmer on shares for Lewis estate, 80

Kinsley, Patrick J., (Lovelton, Wyoming Co.) r 58, 62 sheep, farmer, leases of Michael Kinsley of Dushore, 150

Kintner, Floyd L., (Sugar Run) r 1 ½, farmer 55

Kintner, John B., (Wyalusing) r 2, school director, prop. Gray flagstone quarry, farmer 44

Kintner, William, (Sugar Run) r 1, farmer 50

Kisner, Jesse A., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 50, farmer 50

Knowles, George, (Hollenback) off r 28, farmer 106

Knowles, Philip, off r 36 ½, wool grower 36 sheep, farmer on shares for Ann Miller 140

Knowles, Thomas, r 44, farmer 45

Kuhnle, J. Charles L., (Norconk) off r 48, farmer 50

Lemons, Charles E., (Hollenback) r 32, dairy 4 cows, farmer 103

Leonhart, William L., (Norconk) r 50, works on shares for William Gibbs 117

Lewis, Denton, (Sugar Run) off r 26, farmer 80

Lisson, Christopher, (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 47, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Lisson, Edward F., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) off r 47, farm laborer

Lisson, John W., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) off r 48, dairy 5 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 128

Lott, George D., (Sugar Run) r 5, farmer 65

Luce, Sarah A., (Sugar Run) widow Rev. B.B., h Main cor School

Lynch, Charles O., (Sugar Run) r 26, resident, soldier in Co. B, 109th Reg. N.Y.S. Vols.

Lynch, Francis, (Elwell) r 53, farmer 53

Lynch, Martha L., (Sugar Run) (Mrs. C.O.) r 26, whose first husband, M.C. Oliver, was a soldier in Co. H, 141st Reg. Pa. Vols., died Jan. 7, 1894, farmer 60

Mace, Adda Z. Mrs., (Hollenback) r 33 opp 32, farmer 103

Mace, Austin I., (Hollenback) r 27, laborer

Mace, Daniel H., (Hollenback) r 27, laborer

Mace, Grant, (Hollenback) r 33 opp 32, farmer

Mace, John J., (Hollenback) r 33 opp 32, farmer

Mace, William, (Hollenback) r 27, soldier in Co. A, 141st Reg. Pa. Vols., farmer 48

Mann, George W., (Sugar Run) soldier in Battery A, 5th U.S. Artillery, carpenter and builder, h School

Mapes, Lewis J., r 37, laborer

May, Charles E., r 21, laborer

May, Clinton E., r 21, manuf. Birch Oil

May, Henry, r 21, soldier in Co. G, 9th Reg. U.S. Regular Infantry in 1855, in Co. K, 40th N.Y.S. Vols. in April, 1861, and 1st sergeant Co. G, 32nd Reg. Pa. Vols. 1863, farmer 52

May, John, r 19, farmer, works on shares for the Lewis estate 80

May, Martyn L., r 21, laborer

McCaferty, Harry, (Hollenback) r 24 ½, farmer 65

McDonough, Francis J., (Elwell) r 53, farm laborer

McDonough, John, (Elwell) r 53, dairy 5 cows, farmer 104

McDonough, John L., (Sciotavale) r 63, dairy 4 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 124

McGermot, Henry, (Cummiskey) r 40, farmer 60 in Albany

McHugh, Hugh, (Cummiskey) r 42, mail carrier from Cummiskey to Wyalusing

McHugh, John B., (Cummiskey) r 42, farmer with Margaret

McHugh, Margaret, (Cummiskey) r 42, widow Patrick, farmer 100

McKernan, Phillip, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 41, farmer 100

Meeks, Esther E., r 24 cor 20, widow John, farmer 70

Meeks, Hiram B., r 24 cor 20, dairy 5 cows, farmer 90

Meeks, Thomas J., r 23, farmer 10

Miller, Fred, r 36 ½, farmer 140, owned by wife

Miller, Julia, (Sugar Run) widow S.A., h Main

Miller, William P., (Hollenback) r 34, pastor M.E. Society at Hollenback

Morrow, Alice, (Sugar Run) r 7, domestic

Morrow, Ernest C., (Quicks Bend) r 9, farmer

Morrow, James R., (Sugar Run) r 7, farmer 50

Morrow, William G., (Quicks Bend) r 9, dairy 6 cows, farmer 115

Morningstar, Charles, (Elwell) r 34, works on shares for John Scouten of Dushore 130

Moshier, John L., (Sugar Run) r 18, laborer

Mosier, John M., (Hollenback) r 35, dairy 4 cows, farmer 106

Murray, John L., (Hollenback) r 27 cor 35, farmer

Murray, Michael, (Hollenback) r 27 cor 35, dairy 8 cows, sheep grower 20, farmer 240

Murray, Patrick F., (Hollenback) r 27 cor 35, farmer

Neuber, Christian, r 46 ½, farmer 50

Neuber, Valentine, (Cummiskey) r 46 ½, farmer 60

Norconk, Clarence, (Cummiskey) off r 43, farmer

Norconk, Daniel, (Cummiskey) off r 43, farmer 110

Norconk, Henrietta, (Cummiskey) r 41, widow William

Norconk, Henry J., (Cummiskey) r 41 cor 42, laborer

Norconk, Jesse, (Cummiskey) r 41 cor 42, postmaster, town collector, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

Norconk, Jane, (Cummiskey) r 42, widow Jacob, farmer 70

Norconk, John W., (Norconk) r 48, postmaster, dairy 4 cows, farmer 116

Norconk, Rachael, (Cummiskey) r 41, resident

Norconk, Thomas, (Cummiskey) r 43, farmer

North, Dennis J., (Cummiskey) r 41, farmer, son of John

North, John, (Cummiskey) r 41, dairy 7 cows, sheep grower 12, farmer 175

Oliver, A. Porter, (Hollenback) r 33, dairy 5 cows, 24 sheep, dealer in Chester white hogs, farmer 50

Oliver, Charles G., (Hollenback) r 33, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50

Oliver, Earl J., (Sugar Run) r 26, was a soldier in Co. M, 9th Reg. Pa. Infantry, re-enlisted in Co. A, 28th Reg. Pa. Infantry, now in the Phillipine Islands

Oliver, Edward L., (Sciotavale) r 59, dairy 6 cows, farmer 76

Oliver, John W., (Hollenback) r 33, farmer 62

O’Neill, Ann, (Cummiskey) r 40, widow Martin, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

O’Neill, Frank, (Cummiskey) r 44, farmer 50

O’Neill, James, (Cummiskey) r 40, laborer

O’Neill, John, (Cummiskey) r 40, farmer

O’Neill, Martin, (Cummiskey) r 40, laborer

O’Neill, Margaret, (Cummiskey) r 40, widow Nichols, farmer 100

O’Neill, Mary, (Cummiskey) r 40, widow James, farmer 100

O’Neill, Owen, (Cummiskey) r 40, laborer

O’Neill, Richard, (Cummiskey) r 40, laborer

Ortlieb, J. Victor, (Hollenback) r 24 ½, blacksmith, farmer 87

Page, J. Hilsey, (Hollenback) off r 54, farmer 75

Passmore, Charles, (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer, works on shares for Daniel Holland, 200

Passmore, Douglass E., (Golden Hill, Wyoming Co.) r 14, farmer, works on shares for Patience Passmore, 52

Passmore, John, (Sugar Run) r 14, laborer

Passmore, Nett S., (Golden Hill, Wyoming Co.) r 14, resident

Passmore, Patience, (Golden Hill, Wyoming Co.) r 14, widow William, farmer 52

Pender, John, (Sciotavale) r 63, farmer 27

Pender, Michael Sr., (Sciotavale) r 63, farmer 25

Pender, Michael Jr., (Sciotavale) r 63, farmer

Pender, Michael S., (Elwell) r 53, farmer 274

Pender, Richard, (Sugar Run) bds Main cor Factory

Pender, Thomas, (Colley, Sullivan Co.) off r 52, 56 sheep, farmer 224

Perry, French S., (Elwell) r 53, dairy 4 cows, farmer 58

Persun, Daniel W., r 38, wagonmaker

Place, Charles, (Sugar Run) r 1 cor 1 ½, laborer

Place, George D., (Sugar Run) r 18 ½, farmer 50

Place, George W., r 21, farmer 46

Pond, Daniel, (Hollenback) r 25 ½, farmer 40

Pond, Emma E., (Hollenback) r 25 ½, widow Thomas

Pond, Hannah G., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 51, widow Hiram E., farmer 75

Pond, Nelson J., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 51, farm laborer

Pond, Russell, (Sugar Run) r 26, laborer

Pond, William M., (Sugar Run) r 25, propr. of Blue Flagging Stone Quarries, farmer 115

Potter, Brookins S.H., (Sugar Run) r 1 ½, town commissioner, sheep grower 25, farmer 192

Potter, Emery C., (Hollenback) r 27, town commissioner, sheep grower 18, farmer with Frank L. 95

Potter, Frank L., (Hollenback) off r 29, dairy 15 cows, farmer with E.C., works on shares for C.S. Stowell of Smithboro, N.Y., 250

Potter, Katherine, (Hollenback) off r 29, widow William

Potter, Lelia M., (Sugar Run) r 1 ½, dressmaker

Potter, William L., (Hollenback) r 55, works on shares for Hugh Brady 50

Presbyterian Church, (Sugar Run) Church, T.S. Armentrout, pastor

Puterbaugh, Alva F., (Sugar Run) r 14, laborer

Quick, Arthur, (Quicks Bend) r 10, soldier in Co. M, 9th Reg. Pa. Vol. in 1898, farm laborer

Quick, Asa M., (Quicks Bend) r 10, soldier in Co. D, 171st Reg. Pa. M.A., Civil War, farmer 22

Quick, Augustus L., (Sugar Run) r 5, farmer with his mother Sallie M. 48

Quick, Cornelius W., (Sugar Run) r 6, soldier in Co. A 35th Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 15

Quick, Grant S., (Quicks Bend) r 10, soldier in Co. M, 9th Reg. Pa. Vol. in 1898, laborer

Quick, Miller, (Sugar Run) off r 14, farmer 80

Quick, Nellie V., (Quicks Bend) r 10, domestic

Quick, Paul M., (Quicks Bend) r 10, farmer 58

Quick, Sallie M., (Sugar Run) r 5, widow D.S., farmer with A.L. 48

Quick, Stanley A., (Quicks Bend) r 7, farmer

Quick, William C., (Quicks Bend) r 7, soldier in Co. B, 84th Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 25

Reilly, Anna, (Hollenback) r 32, widow Bernard, farmer 50

Reilly, John C., (Hollenback) r 32, farmer

Reilly, Rose A., (Hollenback) r 32

Robinson, Charles F., (Sugar Run) blacksmith, horse shoeing a specialty, Main, h Factory

Rogers, Burr, (Sugar Run) house painter and paper hanger and butcher, h and lot, Main

Rogers, David M., (Sugar Run) laborer, bds Main

Rogers, Henry A., (Sugar Run) laborer, Main

Rogers, Jacob J., (Sugar Run) telegraph operator, bds Main

Rogers, John A., (Elwell) r 34, 20 sheep, farmer 104

Rogers, John B., (Elwell) r 34, dairy 6 cows, 33 sheep, farmer 110

Rogers, William, (Elwell) r 35 ½, farmer 50

Rogers, William J., (Hollenback) off r 35 ½, apiarist 30 colonies, 25 sheep, farmer 91

Rosencrance, Almon L., (Sugar Run) r 25, farmer with Ernest 65

Rosencrance, Ernest, (Sugar Run) r 25, prop. Blue and Gray Stone Quarries, farmer with A.L. 65

Rosencrance, Jacob, (Sugar Run) r 14, farmer, life lease 50 in Tuscarora township

Rosencrance, Sarah, (Sugar Run) widow Anson, h Main

Rosengrant, Harry A., (Sugar Run) r 16, farmer 50

Ross, George G., (Elwell) off r 53, farmer, leases of Michael Pender 97

Rouse, John, (Dushore, Sullivan Co.) off r 41, farmer 100

Ryan, Dennis, (Cummiskey) off r 41, farmer 125

St. Francis Roman Catholic Church, (Cummiskey) r 43 cor 44, Rev. Father J.I.G. Dunn of Stowell, Wyoming Co., pastor

St. Johns Lutheran Church, (Norconk) r 49, Rev. J.W. Klingler of Dushore, Sullivan Co., pastor

Saxe, Arley B., r 39, school teacher

Saxe, B. Franklin, r 39, farmer

Saxe, Daniel M., r 39, farmer

Saxe, Edward A., r 39, school teacher

Saxe, George, (Norconk) r 47, dairy 4 cows, farmer 56

Saxe, Henry, (Norconk) r 47, dairy 4 cows, farmer 100

Saxe, J. George, r 39 ½, farmer

Saxe, John, r 39, dairy 8 cows, wool grower 12 sheep and farmer 100

Saxe, Joseph Sr., r 39 ½, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Saxe, Joseph Jr., r 39 ½, son of Joseph

Saxe, Lawrence, (Norconk) r 47, dairy 5 cows, farmer 86

Saxe, Lenora, r 39, school teacher

Saxe, Lewis, r 39, dairy 8 cows, sheep grower 24, farmer 150

Saxe, Martin, r 39, dairy 5 cows, sheep grower 55, farmer 200

Saxe, Samuel, r 39 ½, farmer

Saxer, Frederick Sr., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 48, dairy 8 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 125

Saxer, Frederick Jr., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 52 opp. 51, dairy 9 cows, 35 sheep, breeder Chester white hogs registered, farmer 120

Saxer, Lewis C., (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 48, farmer

Schock, Fred, (Cummiskey) r 44, farmer 80

Schock, John, (Norconk) r 47, mail carrier from Norconk to Elwell, farmer 63

Schock, Joseph, (Norconk) r 47, blacksmith

Schrann Brothers, (F.S. and J.L.) r 38 ½, blacksmithing and horseshoeing, wagon repairing, gunsmiths, saw gumming, machinery of all kinds repaired, farmers 37

Schrann, Fred, (Schrann Brothers) r 38 ½

Schrann, Jacob W., r 37, carpenter and builder, photographer, farmer 20

Schrann, John, r 37, farmer 70

Schrann, John L., (Schrann Brothers) r 38 ½

Schwoerer, Charles W., (Norconk) r 48, dairy 6 cows, farmer 52

Schwoerer, Frederick G., (Norconk) r 48

Scott, Joanna (Hollenback) r 35 cor 34, widow Simeon L.

Scouten, A. Deborah, (Elwell) off r 34, widow Solomon W., farmer 70

Scouten, Fred H., (Elwell) off r 34, farmer 48

Scouten, George R., (Elwell) off r 34, farm laborer

Scouten, Grant W., (Elwell) off r 53, rents of Fred Scouten 40

Sharts, John B., (Quicks Bend) r 8, owner of steam threshing machine with W.W. Sharts, farmer, h and lot

Sharts, Joseph G., (Quicks Bend) r 7, farmer 58

Sharts, William W., (Quicks Bend) r 8, town assessor, propr. steam threshing machine with his brother J.B., farmer 55

Sheffer, William M., (Hollenback) r 35 ½, wool grower, 30 sheep, butcher, farmer 100

Shuman, John A., (Sugar Run) grocer Main, h School

Sink, Samuel C., (Sugar Run) mail carrier from Sugar Run to Towanda, h Church

Slater, Arthur S., r 36 ½, farmer 50

Smith, Catharine, (Sugar Run) r 18 ½, widow Alfred, who was a soldier in Co. G, 3rd Reg. Penna Artillery Vol. and died May 23, 1890

Smith, Eli, (Sugar Run) r 18 ½, laborer

Smith, George B., (Sugar Run) r 18 ½, sheep grower 25, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50 and leases of Mrs. Catharine Smith 140

Smith, John, (Sugar Run) r 1, laborer

Smith, William, (Hollenback) r 25 ½, propr. stone quarries, farmer 60

Snell, Ellsworth J., (Sugar Run) dealer in watches and jewelry and repairer, carpenter and builder, h Main

Snyder, George J., (Elwell) r 36, stock buyer, sheep and cattle, breeder of Scotch shepherd dogs

Snyder, Jacob, (Elwell) r 36, dairy 7 cows, wool grower, 40 sheep, farmer 100

Snyder, John I., (Norconk) r 36, wool grower 12 sheep, farmer 60

Spencer, C. Wesley, (Hollenback) r 32, farmer 23

Spencer, Maria M., (Hollenback) r 27, widow Samuel

Spencer, William, (Hollenback) off r 27, laborer

Stalford, Frank R., (Sugar Run) r 25 cor 26, propr. blue and gray stone quarries, farmer 200

Star, J. Clark, (Norconk) r 53, dairy 4 cows, farmer 80

Steel, Ira, (Elwell) r 49, sheep grower 50, farmer 400

Steel, John M., (Hollenback) r 34, farm laborer

Steel, Martin D., (Hollenback ) r 34, farm laborer

Steel, Polly M., (Hollenback) r 34, widow Sylvester

Steele, Clark, (Elwell) r 49, farmer

Steele, Harry, (Elwell) r 35 n 36, postmaster, farmer 50, manufacturer of oil of wintergreen

Steele, Margaret, (Elwell) r 49, farmer

Steele, Orwell, (Elwell) r 36, farmer 70

Steele, Raymond, (Elwell) r 53, dairy 4 cows, farmer 109

Stoddard, Jane, (Sciotavale) r 54, widow William

Stoddard, Joseph, (Colley, Sullivan Co.) r 51, dairy 7 cows, farmer 40

Stoddard, Perry, (Sciotavale) r 54, owns with W. Stoddard, dairy 6 cows, 60 sheep and farm 188

Stoddard, William, (Sciotavale) r 54, owner with P. Stoddard, dairy 6 cows, 60 sheep and farm 188

Sturdevant, Rolland, (Golden Hill, Wyoming Co.) r 12, farmer 100

Sweet, Carrie E. Mrs., (Hollenback) r 35, farmer 46

Sweet, Charles M., (Hollenback) r 35, farmer

Sweet, George S., (Hollenback) r 28 n 29, son of J.N.

Sweet, Jonathan N., (Hollenback) r 28 n 29, soldier in Comp. K 50th Reg. Pa. Vol, justice of the peace, carpenter and builder, farmer 41

Swingle, Elmer V., (Hollenback) off r 27, laborer

Taffe, Richard, (Cummiskey) off r 41, farmer 72

Terrell, L. Jane, (Sugar Run) widow of L. W., bds Main

True, Anna M., (Hollenback) r 25, school teacher

Turner, Jacob S., (Sugar Run) off r 1, farmer 35

Turner, John T., (Sugar Run) off r 1, farmer 46

Tuttle, Jefferson, (Hollenback) off r 54, dairy 6 cows, 26 sheep, farmer 136

Tuttle, J. Herbert, (Hollenback) r 54, farm laborer

Tuttle, M. Jane, (Hollenback) off r 54, widow Marvin

Tuttle, Smith, (Hollenback) r 54, rents of C.L. Tracy of Towanda 100

United Evangelical Methodist Church, r 33

VanDemark, Benjamin F., (Sugar Run) r 28, propr. of steam thresher and hay presser with J.B. VanDemark

VanDemark, John B., (Sugar Run) r 28, thresher and hay presser with B.F. VanDemark, farmer 84

VanDemark, Stephen D., (Sugar Run) r 28, dairy 6 cows, farmer 74

Vanover, Jeremiah M., (Hollenback) r 32, farm laborer

Vargerson, Maggie, (Sugar Run) r 16, widow William, farmer 22

Verbryck, Edward S., r 24, laborer

Verbryck, Ira L., (Sugar Run) r 28, farmer 100

Verbryck, John F., (Sugar Run) mail carrier to Wyalusing, h School

Vose, Charles S., (Hollenback) r 35 cor 24 ½, farmer

Vose, Daniel B., (Sciotavale) r 60, dairy 5 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 63

Vose, John, (Sciotavale) r 60, farmer

Vose, Laura M., (Sugar Run) dressmaker, h Main

Vose, Thomas, (Hollenback) r 35 cor 24 ½, wool grower 100 sheep and farmer 250

Vose, Willie H., (Hollenback) r 24, farmer on shares for Frank Vose 111

Waltman, Lovina, (Sugar Run) r 5, widow Thomas

Wandle, Burley, (Hollenback) off r 27, farmer 70

Waples, John, (Cummiskey) r 39, farmer 100

Warburton, A. Murray, (Sugar Run) propr. of grist mill and feed mill with the John Holland estate, stock grower, wool grower 30 sheep, farmer 192, Main

Warburton, Frances L., (Sugar Run) millinery, dealer in hats and general line of millinery goods, Main, bds do

Warden, Charles H., (Sugar Run) laborer, h Church

Webster, James I., (Quicks Bend) off r 9, farmer 15, and 44 owned by wife

Wells, Gustavus G., (Sugar Run) r 26, propr. of stone quarry, farmer 22

Wheeler, Andrew, off r 22, farmer on shares for R. Bixby of Wyalusing, 210

Wheeler, Erastus M., off r 24, dairy 7 cows, sheep grower 11, farmer on shares for David Whipple, 53

Wheeler, Harriett, r 21, widow Reuben, farmer 50

Wheeler, Willard E., r 21, farmer 50, owned by Harriett

Whipple, Dewitt H., r 23, farmer 40

Whipple, David, off r 24, farmer 53

Whitney, Miranda A., (Quicks Bend) r 7, widow J.C.

Wilcox, Albert E., (Wilcox Bros.), (Sugar Run) r 29, school director

Wilcox Brothers (A.E.W., H.M.W. and O.W.W.), (Sugar Run) r 29, proprs. portable saw mill, dairy 8 cows, sheep growers 75, farmers 300

Wilcox, Henry M. (Wilcox Bros.), (Sugar Run) r 29

Wilcox, Oliver W., (Wilcox Bros.), (Sugar Run) r 29

Wilber, Ira, r 20, soldier in Comp. C, 203rd Reg. Pa. Vol., farmer 50

Wilson, Charles G., (Sugar Run) r 9, farmer

Wilson, Elisha M., r off 39, farmer 88

Wilson, Jabez A., (Sugar Run) r 9, teacher of violin and leader of Wilcox orchestra, farmer 68

Wilson, Urania, (Sugar Run) r 9, widow Daniel, farmer 20

Wilson, William T., (Sugar Run) r 9, carpenter

Winslow, Archie, (Hollenback) r 56, owner with H.I. Winslow, dairy 6 cows and farm 86, also steam thresher

Winslow, Howard I., (Hollenback) r 56, farmer, owner with A. Winslow, dairy 6 cows and farm 86, also steam thresher

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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